GW2 Revenant Weapon skills, Legendary skills and Traits

GW2 Revenant weapon skills, legendary skills, and traits shown from today’s Point of Interest Livestream


Video of Revenant skills in action from Point of Interest


Link to full Point of Interest

Weapon skills

There are only 3 weapons right now, more will be added before expansion release.

Hammer (ranged)


Mace/Axe (Melee)


Legendary Skills

Only two legends right now, more coming soon before expansion release

Jalis (tanky)


Mallyx (conditions)


Downed Skills



Only 3 trait lines are shown right now. Trait pics are provided by /u/lediath on reddit.

Corruption (Mallyx and conditions)


Trait Name Description
Minor Trait (Adept) Rampant Vex Critical Hits have a 33% chance to cause Torment (3s)
Minor Trait (Master) Opportune Extraction Striking a Foe has a 50% chance to remove a boon. 15s CD
Minor Trait (GM) Yearning Empowerment Torment lasts 33% longer
Major Trait  I (Adept) Replenishing Despair Incoming conditions heal you for a small amount
Major Trait II (Adept) Demonic Defiance Using a legendary demon stance skill grants resistance for a short duration (2s)
Major Trait III (Adept) Venom Enhancement Poison lasts 50% longer
Major Trait IV (Master) Bolstered Anguish Increased damage for every condition on you (3% bonus dmg per condition)
Major Trait V (Master) Frigid Precision 50% chance on critical to chill your foe for 2.5s.10s CD
Major Trait VI (Master) Spontaneous Destruction Use Banish Enchantment when striking a foe which has boons equal or greater than the trigger amount (boons to trigger: 2). 25s CD
Major Trait VII (GM) Diabolic Inferno Burn nearby foes (max 5) within 360 radius for 3s when using an elite skill. 10s CD
Major Trait VIII (GM) Maniacal Persistence Increase your critical chance by 2% every second in combat. When you critical hit this bonus is reset
Major Trait IX (GM) Pulsating Pestilence 15% chance when struck to copy all conditions currently on your to foes (max 5) within 240 radius for 3 seconds. 15s CD

Retribution (Jalis and tanky)


Trait Name Description
Minor Trait (Adept) Enduring Recovery 50% chance when struck to gain endurance (15). 10s CD
Minor Trait (Master) Unwavering Avoidance Gain stability for 2.5s after you dodge roll
Minor Trait (GM) Determined Resolution Take 5% reduced damage below the health threshold (50%, 10,396)
Major Trait I (Adept) Planar Protection Create a field of the mists when you take falling damage. Take 50% less damage from falling. 5s CD
Major Trait II (Adept) Close Quarters Foes that strike you from further away than the range threshold (600) deals 10% less damage.
Major Trait III (Adept) Improved Aggression Taunted foes deal 20% less damage to you. Taunt has an 100% increased duration when applied to non-player character
Major Trait IV (Master) Eye for an Eye When disabled (stun, daze, knockback, pull, knockdown, sink, float, fear, launch, or taunt), taunt that foe for a short duration (3s). 45s CD
Major Trait V (Master) Retaliatory Evasion Gain retaliation for 2s after you dodge roll
Major Trait VI (Master) Redeeming Protection Gain 3s protection whenever you are disabled. 5s CD
Major Trait VII (GM) Empowering Vengeance Gain 8s might when struck while under effects of retaliation. 1s CD
Major Trait VIII (GM) Destructive Hammer 25% on hit to spawn a destructive hammer that will circle around you and inflict damage (240) and weakness to impacted targets within 180 radius for 10s. 30s CD.
Major Trait IX (GM) Rejuvenating Steadfast 50% chance when struck to heal yourself (503). 4s CD.

Invocation (Profession related)


Trait Name Description
Minor Trait (Adept) Swirling Mists Summon an orbiting globe of mist when you spend energy. The globe is destroyed upon legend swap.
Replenishing Globe: The globe heals allies and is destroyed when it passes through them (10s duration, 240 radius, healing: 430)
Minor Trait (Master) Revitalizing Breath Pull in and absorb all active replenishing globes when you invoke a legend. The healing from the globe has 50% more effectiveness.
Minor Trait (GM) Empty Vessel Invoking a legend is instantaneous and breaks stuns
Major Trait I (Adept) Cruel Repercussion When one of your attacks is negated, your next attack within 10s will deal 50% bonus damage. 15s CD.
Major Trait II (Adept) Cleansing Channel Invoking a legend removes a condition
Major Trait III (Adept) Fierce Infusion Using a heal skill grants you fury for 8s. 20s CD
Major Trait IV (Master) Equilibrium Invoking a legend triggers an outburst of mist which heals allies (503) if your energy is below the threshold or damage foes (738) if your energy is above the threshold (50 energy).
Major Trait V (Master) Invigorating Flow Heal yourself (370) when you use a skill which has an energy cost. 5s CD
Major Trait VI (Master) Incensed Response Gain Fury for 10s when you break out of a stun. 10s CD
Major Trait VII (GM) Rolling Mists The critical hit rate of fury has 50% increased effectiveness on you
Major Trait VIII (GM) Charged Mists Gain 2x might for 12s when you use a skill which drops you below energy threshold (50%)
Major Trait IX (GM) Shrouding Mists While your energy is above the threshold your outgoing healing is increased by 25% per target. When your energy is below the threshold the incoming damage to you is reduced by 10%. 50% energy threshold

Other changes/mechanics

Energy Bar


  • There is an energy bar (blue if you are in the Jalis stance) with a % indicator and regen pips to indicate how fast you are regenerating energy.
  • Weapon skills costs low energy compared to the Legend skills.
  • Energy bar goes to 50% when you swap legends or get out of combat and the color of the energy bar switches as well with an animation on the skillbar.

Stability changes

  • It will no longer stack in duration and prevent all CC. It will now have stacks with each CC taking off 1 stack.

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110 replies on “GW2 Revenant Weapon skills, Legendary skills and Traits”

How are the skills affecting the energysystem? msot of those skills have a new icon ranging from 5-50. is that adding energy or using up? i didnt watch the livestream o:

when you are not in combat, you stay at 50 energy and when you enter combats, your energy bar will charge to 100%. every skill except auto-attack cost energy and some drain it over time. It’s a bit like initiative but mostly built for utility instead of weapon skills

When the game launched, I saw so many people saying that everything about every profession was so strong, and they were actually using it. Only time and a lot of players trying a lot of things in a lot of situations will truly determine how good things are.

Stability Changes were mentioned also.
Stability will be a stacking Boon, that will Counter 1 CC effect, instead of stacking duration and Making you immune to them.
This change will have Huge effect on Stab in WVW and effect some classes (Guardians) a ton.

This is a joke right?

“Minor Trait (Adept) – Enduring Recovery – 50% chance when struck to gain endurance (15)
Minor Trait (Master) – Unwavering Avoidance – Gain stability for 2.5s after you dodge roll”

Not so much about the Stability, but the fact that they are minor traits. With taunt, Rev can have an endless supply of endurance which allows for a constant stream of stability. :/

That has a 10 second cooldown, so it’s basically just 10-15% faster endurance regeneration if you’re lucky and constantly getting hit.

are you adding cooldowns on the traits and the grandmasters aswell? <3
And yeah this might get quite powerfull O_o

Ok so wow, the strength of the new profession is an order of magnitude higher than all other professions. I main Ele, and seeing two rather powerful looking Elites with seemingly great utility on ZERO cooldown and able to be used every 5 to 10 seconds is just plain ridiculous. After watching the stream, it is pretty much a given that all of the existing professions are going to have to be re-worked so that the Revenant doesn’t instantly outclass them, or the Revenant will need to be insanely nerfed to bring it in line with even the Warrior.

I mean, at launch I picked the Ele for the interesting mechanic, a similarity to Avatar, and good mobility and pyrotechnics! After watching the Revenant in action with a HAMMER, its likely I’ll be substituting Rev as my new main.

Looks like we’re incredibly likely to get 4 legends. Since most classes have 5 trait lines and the Revenant has 1 trait line dedicated to each legend + 1 profession trait line.

I don’t know why people think this, the skill selection tabs are a standard part of the interface, they mean nothing, whereas the way they’ve described the legends says just the opposite.

they do have a bunch of new tech, so what if the trait lines change according to the legends selected ? they did say new legends would be introduced at a later time.

You’re forgetting the specialization which would probably get another profession trait line giving a 5th legend… (maybe…)

well, right now every profession got 20 utility and 3 elite. but since HoT will be and expansion, that might be lifted a bit (maybe 25-30 utility skills and at least 1 more elite skill) so there might be 5 legends. also they didnt say, that you can only have 3 utility skills per legend. wouldnt be surprised if there were a few utility skills which work for every legend, like Signets which every profession got at least 4 so far. right now, every profession has their utility skills split into 5 categories with 4 skills each. i doubt that they’ll change that pattern. giving each prof. at least 1 more skill per category or stay at 4 skills but add another category (why not both?).

and it seems that each trait line has a certain wep in mind (corruption and the axe/mace combo) so im thinking 5 wep sets?
that and 5 legends? lets see….
1. Mallyx (condi) (mace axe)
2. Jailus (tanky) (hammer)
(my guesses)
3. Shiro Tagachi (melee dps) (sword/???)
4. Glint (staff maybe?)
5. ??? (healing) (got nothing)
know its mostly speculation but hey someone gotta give it a try lol!

good point, but the only reason i say glint is the dragon that rytlock summons ( or channels) doesnt resemble kunnawang.. tho might just be a rytlock only thing

Shiro was a dagger wielder..and they said the Rev. is a brawler class. So I would be willing to bet Rev. is getting daggers. Assuming they do go with Shiro.

Given that they haven’t given a release date, no. I’m sure that the other weapons/legends are well in development, these are just the ones that feel are in a finished enough form to show.

*Devs show a sneak peek of an expansion that will be released in several moths time*
“It’s clearly unfinished! ;__;”

Excuse me, what?

im sure it IS unfinished. or atleast the won’t show us the whole thing. only 3 traitlines, last traitline also just gives one stat instead of 2 but HoT release is still TBA so i’m sure the class gets a lot of tweaks till then. and when people think his number are op that might be true, but internal testing is always bad for balancing. so i’m sure they’ll polish the revenant 2-8 weeks after release to align him with other proffesions.

totally fine with that, stability is damn op right now. also it looks like they some more ways to gain stability; revenant can pretty much spam stability as jalis with the right traits

You actually have to make the effort to come in here and read everything… and THEN you complain about spoilers. Go away idiot troll.

Seem a bit op doge roll stability (2s no colld) and retaliation (same) last fury(+ fury increase effectiveness +50%) = rip guard rip necro

They really need to add a class change item for the gem store. I mean, sure we can prepare with tons of level up scrolls and gear from dungeon tokens or pvp, but in the meantime, it would be good to do it with a new character. I mean, I have 4 sylvari and one norn (soon to be deleted) character and the only thing after all this time that is left for me to do after multiple pve world completition and getting tired and bored of wvw and pvp and dungeons, would be experiencing with a new race and the personal story tied to it.

But how could I? When I create a new character I can put even an hour or more into perfecting it’s looks in the character creation, making it really a personal thing of mine. And it feels such a waste, a throwaway item when all I can think about it that I’m definitly starting a Revenant on HoT launch. So why not add a class change item to the gem store? I’m willing to pay extra, even 1000 gems.

If youre willing to pay 1000 gems to make sure you wont have to delete that character, why not just pay the 800 gems to get an extra toon slot?

im also willing to bet that the expac comes with a slot. i think lvling a char is importand to see how the class works

Wasn’t until last patches. Either way it is only the first 10-20 levels to unlock stuff. That’s even fun, I like it. Grinding the other 60 is not so much. Collecting traits are not fun either if you have multiple characters already (especially if they are from the old system), not to mention what if you don’t have skill scrolls anymore.

a) for the expack they will revamp the leveling/trait collecting system again. i made all my characters in the old system and im glad i only had to collect the newer grandmaster traits. its a a pain. everyone i know has still stacks of skill scrolls btw. they are dropping everywhere. so the assumption of “what if…” is kind of pointless. (except for the very very beginner).
b) i invest much in my characters too. still i cant feel the urge to change their classes. i never deleted any char, got them all since gw2 started. and i will be happy to welcome a new character that will be the revenant then. does it make my other characters less worthwhile? nope. wont it be thrilling to have a new char with a new class? yep. you sound as if you think noone gets to be invested in their chars. thats not true. and i dont get why you dont want to welcome a new character into your flock.

Don’t take this offensively, because it MAY sound offensive, but I am conveying what you mean.

The Character is like a significant other to you, you don’t want dump this Character and find a new one, you also don’t want to cheat on this Character with another Character, therefore you’d like to keep one character and do everything with it including trying all classes. I am pretty sure I hit the nail on this one, and no one understands it. (I do not have this problem because I enjoy playing all 8 of my character and have a 9th one reserved JUST in case the HoT FOR SOME REASON OR ANOTHER, decided to not give extra slots.)

But how about this, sit back and think long and hard… what MMO rpg have you played that has allowed you a class change? I am not very game savvy, I just play GW2, I have never heard of such game mechanic even in WoW (Mother of all MMO some may argue?). Potentially, you would be missing out on some HoT story if you don’t start a fresh Revenant… but maybe it can be back filled, who knows? Everyone has their issues with this game, but everyone still keeps playing… which brings me to the next point.

It is best for us all to accept each other’s differences, and for us to move on and embrace what is to come, for HoT will not come for a long time anyway (pretty apparent since the Revenant has only half its build confirmed, this will also rule out all those people expressing their opinion on how Revenant can make other classes obsolete).

-rc: friendly lurker who loves to feed trollers 🙂

Nice to see someone having an open perspective.

You are right in the first part.
Second one, well… pretty sure there are some out there (firefly or something, that TPS / FPS sci-fi mix is just one example coming to my mind now), but GW2 was and is successful for being very different in many perspective compared to the “set in stone” design WoW’s succcess caused on the market with everyone trying to copy it. Now everyone copies the dynamic events that are world changing. I don’t see why shouldn’t they also take one more step and allow class change, after so many innovative changes.

Which brings me to the third point (:P), where I have to agree and disagree with you. Acceptance is indeed important and I can stand behind that completely. Still most of the time I dare to write here some overagressive b@stard (no better word for it at this point) literally feels himself challanged by me for daring to suggest an idea that does not fit his perfect imaginary world. For god’s sake it’s an idea, which if even actually happens is just an alternative, an optional thing to do. And for this I got enough hate in return from this miserable sh*thole of some people than I’d ever imagine.

“what MMO rpg have you played that has allowed you a class change?”

Everquest, DCUO, FFXiV, Lineage 2, Guild wars 1 (to an extent).

Okay I’ll explain it again. I’d like to play GW2. To do that, I’d need new characters. Currently I have 5/5, with one getting deleted soon, and that leaves me with 4 sylvari characters. I don’t want to play Asura, maybe Charr, definitly humans. Now, I have a thief, a ranger, a mesmer and a guard, and I don’t care about the rest. Most specificly, I’d like to have a medium armor human class, and since engineer is not for me (nor giant backpacks are for female characters), and I have 2 rangers (one to be deleted), that leaves me with a thief as an option. Which, I’m fine with, but I already have a thief. Why not have an option to play a new character NOW (you know, NOW means no expansion in my hands currently) that is a class duplicate for me, with the possibility to change it to something else later on? When I hit 80 with the new thief, I won’t need 2 thiefs. But by the time I reach 80, I’ll propably love that character too much to delete it. THEN the expansion comes out, and I’m there 5/5 full with 2 of the same class. Why would it hurt anyone, any balance of microtransations or ingame balance to give me an option to change one of the duplicates to something else? Why does it have to be frustrating? HoT launches, lv20 scroll, 60 level up tomes, gear bought / transferred, same resault. Except that character is a new one without this special tie to the player. Yes, I do invest a lot to my characters in an emotional way, and I don’t want to start with a “blank page nobody” just to play a new class.

Good for you. But looks like you guys still don’t get it what I’m talking about and just grab something out of context. I don’t want to have more than 1 char of 1 class, “bro”. But I want to play right now, because whenever I log in I feel like the only thing left to do is log out. Leveling another of the same class is a waste, but the only class that is fun for me is one I already have. So, why not be allowed to play any class normally, then when HoT relases, change one of them instead of having to delete one of them (or buy ANOTHER slot on top of that, bought for the second copy), or even if I have a free slot, just continue to play with that “person” I build up and had fun with for hundreds of hours, but as a revenant? It makes no difference from devs / balance / money perspective. Leveling up a revenant in seconds day1 minute1 with tomes, or changing and already existing character to it (you know… Rytlock could do that). My bad, there is a difference. ANet gets my money, and I’m happy.

Mate stop being pedantic. You’re complaining that you’ll have to delete characters to try new classes yet wont possibly buy a new character slot? People like you only live and play to complain and say ‘ooooh add this!!1!’.
If you’re honestly trying to sell that you dont want to delete characters because youre attatched to them you need to get out more

And what are you, instantly going on an offense and actually saying what is my entire life’s worth? Stand up from that chair, walk out to the bathroom, look in the mirror, touch your face if you need to. You know what is that? A human being. Guess the fuck what? There is another on this side of the comments too. But after this action of yours I’m not sure if I should say you are equal, instead of something less.

You’d be wiser to stay silent if you have nothing to say but proove you are being a plague. In form of not responding at all or actually something like “hey dude, overshot, sry”, you might proove otherwise.

And I actually did buy character slots, but it is not a solution. You are unable to understand the very basic idea I’m talking about here as it seems. I advise you to scroll up and read Majoe’s post, just a few above. If you are willing of course, instead of already thinking about how to say something bigger and more offensive to win a needless, pointless argument on the internet you started for no reason.

Just buy a new Character slot for 800 gems if the Xpac doesn’t provide one. It’s unlikely they’ll allow a full class-change, something I’ve yet to see in any MMO btw, yet every community begs for one. You’d have issues with gear/weapons other classes can’t equip, it likely clashes with some RP’ers feel, you’d have to adjust the personal story (same for race-changes) and likely more I can’t think of since like I said before, community always begs for it, I’ve never seen it implented. GW2 is friendly enough on this aspect; the best gear (legendary/ascended) is accountbound and they practically throw ToKs at you.

I mean, I played a ranger to 80 twice, a thief once (first and main), guardian, mesmer too. The others didn’t really fit for me, and with the exception of the ranger all the above are really boring for me in comparsion to the absolutely superior fun-source, the Thief. I’d like to start another but a human this time. I don’t want to pay for a character slot just to have 2 of the same class. I don’t want to delete her after being done with the human only story part either. Nor I want to delete my first ever character, the first thief, who’ll always have a special place in my heart as the character I got to know this amazing world and game with. A perfect solution would be to have a class change gemstore thing for me so I could change the second thief to a revenant later, and I’m even willing to pay more than a character slot’s cost for it. What difference does it makes for ANet? Everyone who wants to play a revenant propably collects level up tomes and will transfer ascended gear / buy exotic gear and they are done. I don’t see why ANet wouldn’t want to work around this by a simple class change that costs more than a character slot. More money for them, less frustration for the player, still no pay to win included, everyone wins.

Sound like a personal problem to me. Profession change option seem stupid, especially when you only play only a few. And just buy an extra character slot, your whole post is, imo, stupid. Spending X amount of times on a character only to delete seem such a waste to you? Then don’t delete it. But nope, you STILL decide to delete your character and afterward complain about it?! Dude really? 800 gems will solve your whinning.

I’m not whining ( or if this is the only word you know for it, learn the language ), I’m expressing a need, coming from an average player hoping to see some support so it may actually happen.

And for the 5th and last FUCKING TIME. I have a problem with a shortcut, not slots. I want to play the revenant right on HoT relase, but not with a new character I built up 0 “relationship” with. You know, roleplay. For me they are not just a bunch of item slots working together, to me my characters are individuals carefully planned, even making decisions in the story to fill a fantasy of a badass one or a lovely one etc. A gemstore item to change class could solve this problem, so I don’t have to start with an empty blank paper ( from your words, propably how you see your characters ). It’s not about the gear, or the character slots. Gemstore class change for equal or higher price than a character slot is a solution, and a good way for ANet too to make equal or higher profit.

If you are unable to understand this after the 5th post explaining the same thing over and over again, learn to read.

so, you want an option to enter the mists with any of your characters, and get out of there as a revenant right? it would be an intro instance, like any other… but you would be accidentally Revenant instead of Warrior.
This seems legit. Even into lore that rytlock have set up.
You could easily do some instance inside Edge of The Mists for example to become Revenant with your class…
But its waste of gear if you think about it. ofcourse its a choice. nice idea.

800 gems will get you a character slot that you can then use for your revenant. Level up your revenant up and build your overly emotional attachment from there. No need to whine and write an essay in the comment section. Also, using “FUCKING” only enforce your whinning.

Dude. You’re ducking weird. It’s a game. Other guy is right. Buy gems and start a new character. I have 9 myself with the remnant making 10.

Pointless there too, you can just interrupt the Mordrem CC skills. Hopefully the defiant rework will allow us to interrupt them on the champs too.

in my opinion anet will modify all traits and skills to the new stability standard. there will be skills with a different amount of stability stacks i think.

Everybody complaining about the stability change. As a Necro main, I say suck it up. People like me have had to live with little to no stability for years now so we’re use to it.

So if they were to lower the condition cap, as a Guardian could I say “Suck it up. People like me haven’t been using stacking conditions since launch!”? The argument “My class doesn’t use that, so your class shouldn’t use it either.” doesn’t make much sense when you get down to it. Guardian doesn’t use Death Shroud, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be nerfed on Necromancer.

Very possible, but I’m kinda doubting it at this point. I see it as possibly being like Mesmer with pistol only being offhand.

Hmm… I have a major aesthetic problem with mace/axe, but if there’s no mainhand axe I can probably learn to live with it. 🙂

well there are some nifty mace skins out there i just think its not as popular of a wep so the skins arent seen as much.

Will his termate like nerop who can draw conditions from him or guardian’s AOE conditions clearing affect his conditions. If yes, How can they work togetter?

This skill always were trash. I hope they change to be something useful on HoT release, if not, give up, this will be trash for the eternity.

oh ty this reminded me I still haven’t unlocked all the ”new” traits, better do it now while it’s still free

From a glance, Rev. seems like a random hodge-podge of conditions. Would Rev. be any better than any of the current condition based builds? It doesn’t seem like it to me. Also, how viable would it be in PVP? Thoughts?

As it stands right now we can only speculate, with new boons and conditions/ play styles coming there is no telling what the “viable meta” will be, but from what i can say i think this class will be strong with celestial in pvp. I can see them being able to make use of every stat there is.

I haven’t played Gw2 in ages, but I might have to come back for this.

Class looks really interesting. One thing I will point out though, does anyone else feel like the “energy management” doesn’t really need to be managed at all? it seems to regen so fast and go down so slow…

Rolling mist : +50% for Fury so…it will be 100% crit!
Switch legend = breaks stun
Dodge roll = stabilty

Wow seems the rev will be a killing machine

Fury will be a 30% chance to crit hit. Not 50%. It says
“The critical hit rate of fury has 50% increased effectiveness on you”
Fury is normally 20% so it would be 20+10% = 30%.

5 point trait to break stuns on Legend swap isnt that OP. They currently dont have anything that allows them to break stuns and forcing them from say Mal with plenty of conditions into another Legend could be very useful.

2.5 second stability. So basically don’t use your stuns/interrupts too soon after they dodge roll. Again, i dont see anything that will make them a “killing machine”

Also, They had a stream where 2 Rev lost a 2 Vs 1 against a Necro and apparently the necro was rather poor.

Hey dulfy or anyone who may know when they will start telling what weapons are confirmed besides:mace(mainhand),axe(offhand) and hammer.

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