SWTOR Boston Cantina Tour Canceled due to Bad Winter

The upcoming Boston Cantina Tour has been canceled due to bad winter for the Northeast area of the states. There will be a livestream however to present the new information.

*Cancelled* The Star Wars: The Old Republic Community Cantina Tour Arrives in Boston, Massachusetts! | 02.20.2015, 03:10 PM

Hey folks,

Unfortunately I am here to deliver some bad news. Due to the crazy winter the northeast has been getting hit with, we are going to cancel our Boston Cantina Event. I know this may impact plans that some of you are having and so we tried to make this decision ASAP based on what the weather conditions looked like. I will make sure our news article and Facebook event also reflect this.

However, as you know, at our Cantinas it has been our goal to change up the format a little bit. Focus less on the Q&A and more on a presentation or something akin to that where we can deliver new information. Well, we are going to take our plans from PAX East and wrap that into a live stream. I don’t have an exact date yet, my guess is we will do a livestream the week after PAX where we will talk about what’s coming in the future!

I will post more information on the livestream once I have it. Thank you all for your understanding.


  • SpideyBry

    If tauntauns can handle Hoth they can handle Boston.

    • Jo

      Tautauns only have wampas to fear, Boston has Bostonians.

      • Bunsen

        Just say ‘Yankees Suck’ and you’ll be welcomed warmly.

        • Jerac

          Anyone living north of the Mason Dixon is a damn dirty Yankee. Johnny Reb got no love for Billy Yank that’s for sure.

          • Go Red Sox

            And You Sir are an out of date Troll lol

    • miscellaneous

      plus tauntauns freeze before you reach the first marker. it’s a big problem.

      • Connor Macleod

        Well, if they get stuck they could just cut it open to keep warm, just beware, they smell worse on the inside.

  • guesy

    That global ‘warming” sure is cold.

    • TWO Lightsabers

      You’re either an idiot or a troll.

    • Jerac

      Yeah they really screwed up by ever calling global climate change “global warming.” Crazy that you can see extreme temperature changes in hours these days and no recognizable seasonal patterns to any of it. But, you know, it doesn’t exist, and its all under God’s control…………….

      • Sadriel_Fett

        Global Warming and Climate Change are two separate things. One is a cause, the other is an effect. The media always mucks it up and confuses the two.

      • Suntan

        Its under the Sun’s control you crazy and guess who controls the SUN, well its not you.

    • I found an article that might be interesting..

      Averaging out all of the hot and cold spots so far in February, global temperatures are still above normal as compared to the 30 year average from 1981-2010. So the bottom line is that a cold snap or warm spell at a given time in a given part of the world means nothing in the context of climate change. The big picture must be considered – in both space and time.


      • Joe W.

        in the 70’s and early 80’s they where talking about a new ice age coming. cool huh.

        I wouldn’t trust the weather network to tell me it was raining during a thunder storm i was standing in. Reasoning.. The Weather Channel (US) is a minority (but apparently large) share holder in TheWeatherNetwork (CA). The Weather Channel is owned partially NBC universal.. Brian Willams.. nbc.. nuff said 😀

        before anyone freaks out about a climate denier.. … just having fun geez.

        • guest

          The nature nazis and whoops don’t call it global warming now call it climate change to cover our asses folks are their own religion with their own high priest nut jobs. Arrogance indeed. If you disagree with them off with your head!

      • Darth_Ziltoid

        Fine, they can reasonably establish that the climate changes, and has been steadily warming through the years, and that there is not always a direct correlation to weather. I think most reasonable people can establish the the climate has been changing steadily over the years. The problem is the spin that people put on that information. A steadily rising climate, might not be all that surprising when you compare it to the life cycle of the planet, which numbers in the millions of years. But people want to blame coal fire and fuel emissions, and that the change in climate will wipe out our civilization. This is arrogance on a level with theists claiming that the earth was the center of the universe just a few centuries ago. Giving my money to Al Gore is not, in any way, going to stop an inevitable change in climate. Plus, we have only had the equipment to take accurate readings of our weather and climate for that last hundred years or so, doesn’t really prove what climate change is normal in say a cycle a thousand years, which to us is a long time, to a planet as old as ours, its a blink of an eye. I am not saying that chemical emissions wont have a damaging impact on our atmosphere, and I support the research and development of technologies that emit nothing harmful. But we have time, and I doubt that our coal fire plants are going to initiate any significant change on our climate, something that for all we know is nothing more than a hot day in the long, long, life of our planet.

        • Freezer

          Its not warming at all but freezing..

        • John Kosto

          Actually the emissions of carbon dioxide and the level of that specific gas, which is a greenhouse gas, are at the highest level in the last 500000 years. If you think that this is not a serious problem, you know nothing about climate change and how it works.

          If the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases even more, it could have a dramatic effect on the planet in the next 100 years. You will be dead of course, so you will not care that much, so why not get your car and spread gas emissions all over the planet, so that our grandchildren live in a hellhole?

      • Neg Sani

        Thanks for trying Dulfy, but it’s probably a waste of time to engage climate change deniers. It’s a uniquely American phenomenon. ‘I look out my window and see it’s snowing so climate change is a hoax! I know better than nearly every climate scientist in the world based on my personal observation. Oh and what I read on some blog.’

        • BrianDavion

          eh most people when they make that comment are joking.

      • Spruce Cycle

        Climate change is merely liberal endtimes religion. In other words: complete bullshit, (expecting the ban hammer at any moment)

        • Games

          Its just the new world order agent so they can tax everyone for blshts.

      • Sun

        Damn the whole planet is freezing.
        And the crazies think its warming where is this world going to.

        Unless the sun decides otherwise the planet will start freezing to total ice cube.
        Its a matter of the Sun and not what people do.

      • Zaitana

        acording to what i learned in geology class, Terra’s climate changes over time period. looking at climate stats from a 30 year span, or even a 300 year span are meaningless on geological time scales. if you’re that worried about ‘climate change’ then go learn how solar
        panels are made, why they are so inefficient, and figure out how to fix that! that is how you save the planet.

    • Bears

      Its a global freezer and not warming at all.

    • John Kosto

      The East Coast is colder during winter in the last couple of years, because of the polar vortex. Look it up. This whole thing is actually caused by the global warming. If you are one of these people that deny global warming, you are no better than the people who thought that the Earth is flat and that Earth is the center of the Solar System. Please educate yourself before commenting.

  • ChooseYourPath

    They canceled this event so they could work on the latest “Choose your _____” video.

    Rumor has it that this new video will be called “Choose your drink.” and will feature footage of the Cantina Whales beached by the podium, more prominently featured however will be the amount of alcohol consumption by customers whilst listening to Bioware drone on about “latest, greatest, reskinnned” items from the Cartel Market.

  • Sadriel_Fett

    Meanwhile, on Hoth…

  • Xorras

    Bad weather… Really… Some people live with this weather all the time. Americans so weird.

    • Polar

      Its not the South Pole.

  • Naq

    Its -30 outside right now. Outside this Tauntaun I hollowed out. Anyone that wants to Cantina tour with me feel free to climb inside.

    • Captain

      Omw bringing some Rum too

    • Kamikaze

      I found the Myth Busters episode where they put the tauntaun to the test rather interesting. If you haven’t watched that one, I won’t spoil it, but they did get to the bottom of whether it would make sense to dive into the gloopy mess… 😉

      • Naq

        Going to check this out as soon as I get home.

    • Darth lol

      Everybody knows that the interior of Tauntaun is Luke warm

      • Naq

        How could I not +1 this? I could actually hear the rimshot.

  • Holyfrog

    They had no choice but to cancel it. The beached whales in front of the podium would have frozen to the floor.

  • QQ

    QQ!!!! They cancelled it! I’m unsubscribing!!!! Bioware!!!!!!

    • willa wonka

      Weather bro stop the QQ we will hear from there livestream shit happens its called mother nature hi Dulfy 🙂

      • QQ

        The ability to sense sarcasm is not strong with this one….

      • Slinky

        willa i lik e your husbands candy. that everlastingglockstocker is hard on teeth tho. you should start that gold ticket promo again cause id eat up candy like a FIEND to meet some oomplas #candy2good #willywonkachocomaster

    • Berry

      Yea me too and I’m going to cry like a river on the forums day and night.

      Drove all the way form North Pole, had Polars Bears chase me all over the mountains and then when I finally arrived passing through a crazy blizzard the cantina is closed, damn these people, not even a glass of Rum for the travelers.

  • Konoha the Wiper

    Come back to England pls

    • Shartz

      We need you in Sweden too !

      • Arby

        *cough* Italy or Austria *cough*

    • Sandis Rozuleja Dvorovs

      YES!, last event in London was incredible, please come again…

  • Spruce Cycle

    Lol, cancelled cuz nobody attends them!

    • Blshts

      Cos they are busy writing on the forums day and night.

    • Guest

      2 people died in Ontario because of the weather yesterday. It’s pretty bad…

      • Spruce Cycle

        Prolly commited suicide living in Canada is so bad…

        • BrianDavion

          ohh no your mean comment about my country hurt me! I guess I’ll go see the doctor… WITH MY FREE HEALTH CARE 🙂

          • Spruce Cycle

            I have a job my healthcare is free.

            • Kelborn

              I’m not entirely convinced you are above the age of 12.

              • Spruce Cycle

                I am not entirely convinced you have a working brain, so there.

              • Kelborn

                This is why 8 yr olds should not be allowed on the internet.

              • Spruce Cycle

                I say 50yo shutins who havent bathed in weeks shld be forced off the net too but then ud prolly off urself…

          • Holyfrog

            Yeah, that free health care that sends your wealthy people south to get quality health care.

        • Arby

          So how is emperor obama these days?

          • Spruce Cycle

            Busy telling his Canadian lackeys what to do.

    • John Kosto

      There were a couple of hundred people at the event in New York, which was October and the weather was nice. You are as ignorant as idiotic, like all your comments. And a troll of course 🙂

      • RoosterFish

        Spruce was one of the hutts laying right in front of the podium at PAX South. He only thinks nobody attends them because he couldn’t turn his head to see the people behind him.

      • Spruce Cycle

        Whoa, “a couple hundred” you don’t say!

  • Jacks

    Damn and I brought so much rum for all of us to drink.

  • darkfather

    All the money wasted on these pointless “events” should be spent fixing the bugs in the game.

    • BrianDavion

      pretty sure the bugs won’t be magicly fixed just because they throw the PR budget at it.

      • Jack Bean

        Depends on the size of the team addressing the bug. Hiring just ONE competent or above average person for the job can have a HUGE difference.

        • iceberg265

          Sometimes hiring people can actually slow work down, as the new people have to be trained and fit into the team and the work.

    • DS

      Fixing the bugs probably means redoing the engine or scrapping it and getting an entirely new engine. Neither of which will ever happen.

  • KShrike

    Oh, so that’s why there was silence the entire week. They were gonna make up for it with the cantina event.

    …. dang that really sucks though. Not only are we news starved (the least of our worries, we’ll live….), now Bioware’s gonna get a ton of backlash for not giving news on upcoming content or Q&A.

    I’d really hate to be in their position right now, but at least now I know why there weren’t many announcements this week.

    • STFU

      News starved? They just laid out a basic plan for the first part of this year recently. What do you want? Personal text messages every other day?

      • Kelborn

        I mean… I wouldn’t mind Musco texting me “Hey! Gree Event is up! PLAY NOW!!!!!!!”

      • Ben Gimson

        ‘Plan’ is a stretch methinks.

  • Help me, Snowbi-Wan, you’re my only hope!

  • Slinky

    They cancelled event since new game Chjose You Path is droppping now! DUH! Boston is nothing but cheaters anyway. takin air out of balls and videotapin folks. id go someplace else my damn self. You peops on here make me laugh. all cryin and shit. get it tOGETHER!! bet you cried on Halo and my fave game ever TWO CRUDE DUDES!!!!!! that would make a good mmo in this world. #crudedudeworld #moscomakeithappen

    • Arby

      Oh my god! Go back to school and learn english.

      • Slinky

        ARBY!! I like the sandwiches you make and the mints shake. kinda weird that you say WE HAVE THE MEATS…lol hey whateva you like kid. and i know english just fine no skool needed with my cash money. #arbylikeshismeats

        • abaddonsmummy

          WOW…….just wow.

        • Holyfrog

          Yeah you don’t need no skool to look like a fool! Put the bong down!

    • Kelborn

      What the hell did I just read? Someone please translate.

      • Slinky

        Translate this: Slinky got ya girl kid…lol. #sickburn #youcantunderstandnuttin

        • Kelborn

          “nuttin” so i assume you are something of a brain damaged squirrel?

    • Bunsen

      Only funny when they (i.e. Slinky) is thrown down stairs.

  • _viwe_

    Truth is: Boston had too many chairs at the venue, so BioWare cancelt it. They want people lay on the florr, not sitting.

  • Guest

    So… they’re canceling an event based on weather that happened two weeks before said event is scheduled to take place? Does BioWare not know how to check the weather forecast?

    If people in Boston can go to work on a daily basis while the place looks like Hoth on a bad day, I think BioWare can show up for one weekend in March.

    • Arby

      From what I’ve seen the only people working in Boston are the snow removal crews, and there’s more to come. Minimize the porn and forums for two minutes and look at a news feed once in a while

      • Guest

        From what you’ve seen… from a different state, in the comfort of your parents’ basement? I live in Boston. People started going back to work as soon as the travel ban was lifted after the first storm and with the exception of 2 or 3 snow days, every other day since.

        Nice internet references, but try real life once in a while.

      • DS

        If the T is back up, the rest of Boston is definitely back to work. I don’t know where you live, but I live in the Worcester area and it’s been much worse here than in Boston. We’ve had around 80 inches of snow so far this winter and my kids’ school district has used a total of 3 snow days. If it isn’t bad enough to cancel school, it sure as hell isn’t bad enough to cancel work.

        If you do live in the Massachusetts area, how about you get out of the basement and experience the fresh air. Maybe then you’d know what the hell you’re talking about.

  • Arby

    Cancel all of them tbh! EVERYONE can participate in livestreams for free. And if they want to look like filthy slobs while rolling around half drunk during it they won’t bother the normal/decent human beings in the room (yeah I’ve seen the videos, I’d say you should be ashamed… but obviously some people have neither pride nor shame).

    Anyway…. Livestream events! I mean, if you don’t give a fuck to do Q&A why even pretend to make an effort at all? Let ALL of your customers participate.

    • Karl Hungus

      You’re missing the point. The events are really about a small handful of apologist fanboys getting drunk and inflating the developers’ ego.

  • SerenaMorrigan

    I get the anger coming from a lot of people about the cancelation; however, after moving to the Southern states from Canada, I also get why it was canceled. I used to laugh when the city would shut down due to a few snowflakes, but people who don’t grow up in Hoth-type weather, aren’t as well equipped for it. I understand that Boston is equipped for it, but people traveling TO the event, really might not be. I get the disappointment, but it’s not always about us, when it comes to actual safety.

    • X

      But living here it really looks like we are not able to handle the snow per the news and well the roads. But to be fair we got hit with two blizzards and one nor’easter in the span of three weeks in a row. but come on does that mean the Swtor is not going to have a presence at Pax East as well which is only a few underground subway stations away from the meet.

  • DS

    Since it doesn’t look like Bioware is going to be at PAX East anyway, this seems like not a big deal.

  • sadday

    awl we dont get to listen to them about how they intend the screw the game over more? Total bummer man

  • wicket

    Yub Yub

  • Oh Well

    Global warming/climate change/climate disruption/whatever etc etc FTL!!

  • Xzelsius

    hrhr xD

  • Klol
    • Spruce Cycle

      Trojan link

      • Vodorlo

        Referral link, good catch.

        • Spruce Cycle

          then y disguise it? cuz its a trojan.

    • Rondowar

      http://preview.tinyurl.com/screenshot-2111 right.. sure.. I really gotta agree a referral link is kinda wtf

  • Iceberg

    Get over it already people…
    The new Ice age is on the way !

    • Heist 101

      Global warming melts Ice caps = sea level rise = more total water to be absorbed Into atmosphere = more rainfall/snowfall/tornadoes/and larger hurricanes.

      • Frosti

        Totally blshts !

        Has nothing to do with that sht that you probably read in a new world order site.
        The ice caps are not melting but getting even bigger these days.
        All are freezing cold.

        There is a big difference between the hot rain-showers like the ones that occur in Amazon and a big difference with the Blizzards that are freezing the states and many more countries around the world.

        And all the weather changes have to do with the SUN and nothing to do with the Monkeys of this planet.

        Wake up already the new Ice age is coming !

  • Darkredwing

    Maybe people should get a one day ban for taking advantage of the weather situation.

  • Frosti

    When is the snowman coming ?

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