SWTOR Operation Victory Tournament

SWTOR is hosting an Operation Victory Tournament with ESL for 8m storymode operation speed runs from Shadow of Revan.

Operation Victory Tournament – Coming Soon | 02.23.2015, 04:30 PM

Hey folks,
BioWare is partnering with ESL to host our first ever “Operation Victory” tournament. It is a contest to “speedrun” our 8-man story mode Operations from Shadow of Revan. We wanted to give you about a week’s notice so you have time to get your teams together and establish your strategies.
We will announce all of the details within the next week but here are some of the key pieces of information:

  • The competition will be team based and all Operations run will be 8-man story mode
  • The qualifying heat will be one week – starting next Tuesday
  • The entire tournament will run over a few weeks with you submitting your timed runs to ESL
  • The best teams of the qualifying round will advance to the final round – winners based on details we’ll provide
  • There are some serious rewards up for grabs including, but not limited to, cash prizes for the top two teams, in-game items, and even a trip to be our guest at STAR WARS: Celebration!

Look for another post within the next week detailing everything about the contest. I know many of you will be showcasing your practice, and real runs, on Twitch. I will make a separate thread closer to contest where you can post your twitch channels along with dates/times! I am looking forward to seeing all of the great Operations runs.
Thanks everyone.

Operation Victory Tournament – Coming Soon | 02.24.2015, 05:25 PM

Hey folks!
Just to address some of the questions I am seeing…

  • Cortanni Encounter – We are working on some fixes around that encounter and intend to deploy them on Tuesday to ensure the encounter is in a better place before we head into the competition.
  • Rules Specifications – I have seen quite a few questions around things like skipping trash, boss mechanics, etc. We will be publishing all of that information in the full rules announcement with ESL by next week’s start of the competition. We want to make sure the competition is fair, but also understand the nature of speedrunning.


  • KShrike

    Bad time to not be in a guild to raid….
    You guys have fun though 😀
    This sure looks fun.
    (Looking for a prog guild on Pub Side shadowlands who will take a Scoundrel who has done some nightmare content pre-3.0)

  • Spruce Cycle

    WoW 6.1 drops tmr. They will allow all ppl to log in whether they have a sub or not. Swtor is dead by March.

    • NillaWafer

      If it’s not will you fuck off? Wait…just fuck off anyway.

      • Spruce Cycle

        Already deleted swtor from my SSD but will hang around here to watch as swtor gasps its final breaths 🙂

        • Cloudz

          Didn’t people say swtor was dead last year and the year before too?

          • Spruce Cycle

            It was and is. Better words are life support which will be snatched away tmr.

            • Vendrimair

              Obvious troll is obvious, lol

              • Truth

                More than a troll. A pathetic waste of space. A keyboard warrior who wastes time posting on a website for a game he claims he doesn’t even own anymore. I can guarantee people who know this guy in real life can’t fucking stand him. You probably see him through the small window of a drive-thru as he hands you your bag of food that costs almost as much as he makes an hour.

            • Nomar

              Yeah a game with a million active players is dead

              • Spruce Cycle

                Lol, million F2P players u mean lol

      • GSF4Lyf

        Flag all his posts. He won’t go away on his own, so report him and move on with your life. That goes for everybody else reading this.

        I don’t care if he has actually violated any rules, report Spruce Cycle anyway.

    • Jose Velez-Martinez

      Yeah but so what if you can log in.
      Accounts with an inactive subscription are now able to log in with the same restrictions that Starter Edition accounts have with the additional perk of being able to join guilds that characters on the account already are a member of.
      I really don’t think that is going to break any game out there 🙂

      • Spruce Cycle

        Being lvl 20 in full looms is AWESOME. I always stop my xp at lvl 20 so for me this is PERFECT. For me and I suspect MILLIONS of others will be glad they can romp around on ‘loomed cover alts whether they sub or not. #JellyMuch haha

        • Jose Velez-Martinez

          Ah, never mind. A troll will be a troll I guess. Personally don’t get it, but if that’s all you have going for you in life, have fun w/ that.

          • Spruce Cycle

            Enjoy ur reskins!

            • Jose Velez-Martinez

              And enjoy a pathetic life in which you post and troll on a game you supposedly hate 🙂

              • Spruce Cycle

                Enjoy urs where u “post and troll” in reply to a random internet person! haha

    • Nomar

      Yeah just like ppl said it was dead when GW2 came out……. Or ESO…… or Wildstar right?

      • Spruce Cycle

        A reskinned corpse is still a corpse…

        • Thyreesa

          And a troll stays a troll, just sayin’

          • Spruce Cycle

            U watch too much TV, go read a book. Preferably FtM transitions, lol.

      • Spruce Cycle

        And just for clarification NOONE said that in relation to SWTOR it has acknowledged to be already dead. Ppl compare new mmos to WoW all the time but not to lowly swtor, keep dreamin son.

  • Spruce Cycle

    “Serious rewards” lol. The only ppl who wld want to even participate in this crap are the Ravager’s exploiters. Serious rewards indeed.

    • Plasko

      True that, true that… The same that were releasing exploit into the wilderness and across the servers now will be rewarded for speed runs. Zorz, Yes, Hatred, Nge and there you have it… no need to waste time on something that you already know who will win anyway

  • EyesOfGehenna .

    I dunno, I think everybody knows those handful of guilds that are server first for everything. Competitions can be nice but what’s the point if you already pretty much know who’s going to win?

    • Ben Gimson


  • Jacks Smirking Revenge

    /watches while zorz try hards win

  • Vendrimair

    Yet Coratanni and sometimes the UL still bug out… Meh, better make a tournament before fixing content.

    • KShrike

      Maybe your tank should hold still before the cross happens.
      To add emphasis to the point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w32SvNi0MVA

      • Vendrimair

        My guild is pulling again tonight, I’ll have to try bthat out (:

    • Vendrimair

      He was, were having issues with getting green crosses but still having one or two people die with 40k damage

  • Margarita

    It is sad to see they’re organizing a pve timed run competition in a game that used to have 8v8 ranked warzones and while Ranked season 4 is still running.

    • Not everyone cares about PvP.

      • JedixJarf

        And not everyone cares about PVE speed runs…

        • Rawrgna

          Considering there have always been exclusive rewards including gear, mounts, and titles for seasons of ranked pvp, it is good to see they are actually rewarding pve with something special outside of titles for NiM power buffs. Its sad they needed the push of an outside partner to do something like this.

          • God

            HA! PvE has always been the recipient of the gear, mounts, decorations, titles, legacy titles, and pets that Bioware has given. Think of Ranked as PvE NiM. Its so arrogant to think that PvE needs more and PvP gets everything. PvP has been given ONE huttball map in nearly a year. How many FPs, Hm/NiM/Sm Ops have there been since then?

            • Rawrgna

              None of these things are timed. If I wanted the Girada Rancour now I couldnt get it. You want the architect mount from nim df? you can still get it. Nothing outside of the Nim Pwr clear titles are like that for pve.

              • Guest

                actually, many of the PVE titles require clearing the op in a specified amount of time. the mounts may not, but the titles do

              • Sciclex

                I will “never” be able to receive Giradda’s Rancor mount as long as I play the game, no matter how great or over-level I get, it will never be available again. If you still want the “Dragonslayer” title out of NiM S&V you can wait until you over-level and gear it and still be able to obtain it, the only exceptions are the titles from 1h clears of DF/DP.

                Things never obtainable again for PvE:
                Title: Gate Crasher “Character Name”
                Title: Dread Master “Character Name”

                Things never obtainable again for PvP:
                Title: Character Name, S-1 All-Star
                Title: Character Name, S-1 Champion
                Title: Character Name, S-1 Professional
                Title: Character Name, S-1 Rookie
                Juvenile Rancor mini-pet
                8 – Season 1 Ranked Armor Sets
                6 – Season 1 Ranked Weapons
                Giradda The Hutt’s Rancor Mount
                Trophy: Season 2 Bronze
                Title: Character Name S-2 Professional
                Trophy: Season 2 Silver
                Title: Character Name S-2 Champion
                Trophy: Giradda’s Pleasure Barge (Replica)
                Trophy: Season 2 Gold
                Title: Character Name S-2 All Star
                Baron Deathmark’s Huttball Helmet
                Title: All Galactic *Class Name* Character Name
                Title: Character Name, Just A Little Furious
                Trophy: Season 3 Bronze
                Red-Yellow Eviscerating Crystal
                Red-Yellow Hawkeye Crystal
                Red-Yellow Indestructible Crystal
                Red-Yellow War Hero Crystal
                Title: Character Name, Fairly Furious
                Trophy: Season 3 Silver
                6 – Furious Weapons
                Title: Character Name, Fantastically Furious
                Trophy: Season 3 Gold
                8 – Furious Armor Sets
                Baron Deathmark’s Furious Walker
                Title: Character Name, Famously Furious

                You can promptly stop arguing this now.

            • Cloudz

              Until PvP becomes the majority you can’t honestly expect a company to pander so it’s lowest common denominator can you? It may be a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy at this point, but as a business it doesn’t make much sense to spend any time more than the bare minimum for PvP.

              This isn’t a PvP focused game, that’s just the reality.

            • Thyreesa

              2 ops and 2 FP, with last expansion to be precise. Plus Manaan and Rakata Prime.
              Playerbase that plays PvE is a multiplication of ranked PvP.

              Be frank about it, game lacks new content on a regular basis, be it PvP or PvE.

        • John Kosto

          In which case, you can always not read this article and not participate in the operation speed runs… no one is forcing you.

        • I don’t either, but as I prefer PvE, I’m more interested in the outcome of the Speed Run than of any PvP Season. Just for the sake of knowing what is possible and where we (My Guild and me) stand.

        • Blshts

          Then don’t bother writing under that subject as you are.

      • Biler

        Especially when its full of quitters !

    • Secundum Ave

      People who care about ranked PvP are in the minority. Stop whining.

    • JedixJarf

      I agree : /

      At least they gave us Rancors for S1, that’s at least cool.

    • Bors

      Forget about 8v 8 ranked, pugers cant even handle 4v4 its a madness out there.
      They should make it a 2v2 and 1v1.
      People cant play anymore.

  • Vendrimair

    I hope BW makes it so that you don’t have to be on a leaderboard to get rewarded. For example, maybe just give rewards for beating the operation in under an hour and a half or something like that.

  • Vodorlo

    Looks nice to hype up the community. But this will easily blow up in their faces if they don’t fix the bugs in the ops.

  • darkfather

    They might want to fix the Coratanni and Underlurker bugs first. Really a stupid idea to have broken content be part of a tournament. Laughable actually.

  • Micc

    This adds little to what is needed for the game. I’d like to see them need to fix operations group finder so it actually serves a purpose other than a bonus for already filled/premade groups.

    • Caveman

      It used to be serve before people stopped using it as a tool to find people. Give a caveman a telescope and he’ll use it as a club…

  • Dannielle Sommers

    hands up or like who ever thinks this is a bad idea from bioware?. should fix bugs over making new comps for ppl to do

    • holyfrog

      Yes, because the players compeating in a tournament takes away from fixing bugs! Did your mom drop you on your head?

      • Vodorlo

        He’s talking about the bugs that are in the ops right now.

        • Dannielle Sommers

          Yes thats what i was talking about

      • Dannielle Sommers

        I was talking about the bugs that still exist in the ops that they are planning to use for this comp. Whats the point of doing these comps when the bosses may f up during a timed run due to 1 tiny mistake make by a raider. And for the record you idiot i was not dropped on my head at birth. Were you?

        • STOPQQING

          Geez everything works fine in ops ever have any problems not on sm or hm.

  • John Kosto

    You guys have fun trying to complete these ops as fast as possible when I will be enjoying the Gree event and leveling another toon, or casual raiding and flashpoints…

  • Sarigar

    Sounds like fun, should be a good challenge for the most skilled guilds out there!

    • Spruce Cycle

      :”skilled” pressing button 1 rapidly is a skill now. Wow.

      • Deshik

        skilled in team coordination silly.

        one button press is higly dangerous when multiplied by x16

        • Spruce Cycle

          If yall r so skilled how can any class be nerfed?

          • Decadus

            Just “Spruce” it up 😛

      • No More Spruce

        WOW is calling you so go troll there Since you will be one of thousands there Have fun and Good bye 🙂

        • Spruce Cycle

          “No More Spruce”, lol.

  • Deshik

    Honour has this 😉

  • noobsshadow

    Sigh, “including, but not limited to, cash prizes”. And they wonder why people use exploits and hax.
    I agree they need to fix all the bugs in the game and balance pvp. Silly crap like this is not necessary.

  • Guest

    Seriously the most stupid thing I have ever heard of

  • KShrike

    Disappointed to see nothing but whining on here…
    I feel like I’m the only one excited, and I’m not even in a guild to do any raids with…

    • ESO raids had a leaderboards for the fastest clear. It was pretty fun back then to compete on the leaderboards with a decent group of people. Unfortunately the raid leader burned out and that was that 🙁

      • Seskahin

        Are you going to pick ESO up again Dulfy, as soon as it’s going b2p? Game has been great and getting better since you left due to your guild. Loved your content for the game

    • darkfather

      It’s a great idea, but both the ops have bugs that would ruin the timed runs. Coratanni is completely bugged out right now. She bugged out for my guild tonight in fact.

      Fix the bugs before you have content that is part of a Tournament. If saying that is “whining” then I suggest you get a dictionary. It is like having a car race but you get random flat tires because the road they put it on has nails in it they wouldn’t remove. Fix the road before the race. Simple Logic.

      • Tacters

        She is fine, if you don’t know how to tact her then don’t bother to do the op.

        • IdiocyIsBliss

          Bullshit remark. Even if you KNOW the tacts, she MAY still bug out.
          She is not fine, she still is bugged after several fix attempts.

          BioWare knows this, but apparently you do not ….

    • Nemors

      People are crazy and a bunch of cry babies don’t even bother reading their comments.
      Its a waste of time, go playing instead of foruming.

  • Seung Jun Justin Choi

    quick! we must recruit Koreans into this event!

  • Pata

    It is not for me, but it is a good idea.

  • p4v7

    People complain about Coratanni but I haven’t run into any bug while doing this ops every week.
    People complain about exploiters having the advantage, but that’s only one piece of gear when everyone had 12 weeks to gear their characters to a full set.
    People complain about that tournament being PVE instead of PVP.
    People complain!
    People complain like always!

    • bubu

      Coratanni – I have this bug every damn time im there!
      But wait its not bug its feature.

      • p4v7

        Dunno, my guild always focus all dps on her, so she escapes when Pearl is on 90% and gets enrage. We find this much easier to deal with than to endure every mechanic of that fight.

      • Stanley White

        i done this boss fight so many time it’s unreal with no bugs. the only bug is when there is a door there or no door there but even then we have no problem. whether we burn her down first, do both to 25% or even get the bird past 25% then focus on her, never had a problem. I’m on shadowlands server and my guild is Galactic Slave Traders so you can check with all of them if you want.

        • Jerac

          Well good for you. Our guild isn’t as fortunate. Even with all the know fixes to not have a bugged encounter, it still bugs on us in some fashion about 60% of the time. We don’t understand why? It just happens & it sucks, is demoralizing, frustrating, and costly.

          Like I said, we make sure to proceed as stated to make sure it isn’t bugged. Yet still bugs about 60% of the time. I only have about 4 clears of the op since release, because we just quit after the 2nd bug on any given attempt.

    • writinwater

      Coratanni,, aka the “lady-who-resets” ? The lady who starts killing the escape pod ? Guess that’s all hidden-features to provide us players with comic relief……

    • Cora

      Damn complainers even Coratani is asking for more mechanics so she can wipe the raids in record times.
      Complain to that you crazies !

    • R315r4z0r

      Are you freaking serious?
      Bug list for Coratanni:
      1. Door might be there or it might not be there. (This is really no consequence though).

      2. Sudden start: her encounter occasionally starts before people even
      have a chance to kill the mob right in front of her boss room.

      3. Auto-evading after the sudden start glitch will also teleport all phased players to her room. If the mob in front of the door was pulled, they still attack people in the room through the wall.

      4. Sudden evade glitch. The boss encounter randomly resets and restarts itself.

      5. Deck Cannon mechanics are inconsistent. Sometimes they spawn early, sometimes they spawn late, but most of the time they don’t spawn at all (causes players to not be ready for them when they do happen).

      6. Immortal/Enrage bug: she ignores her scripted behavior to use the escape pod to leave the fight, causing her enrage shield to go up making her immune to damage and therefore making the fight impossible to complete (you can’t use the escape pod if she doesn’t use it first, so all you can do at this point is /stuck or wait for her to kill you.) This can happen while Pearl is STILL ALIVE.

      7. An alternative version to #6, she still pops her immunity shield, but instead of attacking the group, she just randomly stands at the escape pod trying to kill it. Also making the remainder of the fight impossible to complete.

      Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve done this fight plenty of times. A lot of one shots too. But the majority of my encounters with her get bugged to hell and back. You have to be completely moronic to ignore these blatant bugs in the fight that obviously exist. I’ve also noticed that she tends to bug out more frequently on 16m as opposed to 8m, but that might just be a coincidence.

      • R315r4z0r

        Oh yeah, one more bug I forgot:

        -Return to medcenter glitch. Occasionally if your group suffers a wipe at the hands of one of the previously mentioned bugs, you will not be permitted to revive in-phase. Instead, you will have to leave the ops and phase back in (but only after everyone phases out or else it thinks you’re still fighting her).

      • p4v7

        I always do Ravagers in 8 and believe me, I haven’t run into any of those bugs except the lack of doors.

  • Ryu

    Hello! Does anyone know if there will be releasing any new costumization options for sith pureblood in the near future?

    • Decadus

      The Sith Pale eyes are just one of many dear sir.

      • Ryu

        Yea I saw that, but there are no new costumizations for the face right?

  • Shootdatroopa

    I love the idea but they really should fix bugs before announcing an event like this.
    Hopefully can convince guildies for Rav speedrun.
    Ps:I’m happy t’s not HM so even casuals can try.

  • Knows How Not to Bug Coratanni

    People should try learning what ESL actually is – a Pro Gaming League facilitator. Competitions are what they do. Just because it says “Bioware is partnering with ESL” doesn’t mean Bioware has any hand in the idea, aside from providing sponsorship and support. Chances are, it was ESL’s idea, and Bioware gave them permission to link their name with it to lend credibility and interest and vice-versa.
    ESL was undoubtedly already going to do the competition regardless of whether certain “bugs” were present or not.

    Oh and btw – most guilds that clear the content regularly know how to minimize the possibility of a bug out. Only the casual players find this annoying because they don’t bother reading forums or listening to other people that have tried and tested these workarounds week after week. Smart people, help the dumb people.

    • Spruce Cycle

      The whining by the top exploiters–er…I mean guilds when the game does bug out will be INCREDIBLE.

    • I don’t know

      Da Dada thankie Mr Smaaarrt peeooopllee

    • Knows bullshit when see’s it

      Bioware has no hand in the idea, you say?

      Do you work for bioware? Do you have any information to back this up?

      Who are you to make such a statement?

  • Unoshi

    Glad to see such event being put Up.

  • Justin Melendez

    My money’s on Zorz

    • ShadowFat

      Zorz is a bunch of hyper-elitist jerkbutts who say that bioware should ban players who as much as skip trash, and at the same time kick players who have gear that isn’t fully augd 198 with set bonus (even in SM) if the run takes longer than 20 minutes

  • Zulu

    Nice idea but the winners will be the usual suspects

  • Sarigar

    It occurs to me that a particularly crafty developer could use this tournament to very meticulously research the operations metrics of the best guilds under controlled conditions, and see if any of them are using any dirty tricks that haven’t become general knowledge yet. But I’m probably just being cynical. 🙂

    • Spruce Cycle

      All for what? So they can then give violators a slap on the wrist? Pffft,,,BW don’t care one crap abt the fairness or quality of their product on that the CC market keeps functioning.

  • R315r4z0r

    They better fix Cortanni. So many times have I done perfect runs on Ravagers only to be spit on by broken and buggy mechanics in the final boss fight.

    I think I’ve lost over 2 million credits in repair bills just on that last freaking fight alone since the ops came out.

    • cmreis

      Are you serious? I clear it like 5 times a week and I think I’ve wiped to bugs all of 3 times that I can remember.

  • KShrike

    >”But also understand the nature of speedrunning”.
    So honestly, in my opinion, considering all the other speed runs out there, I really doubt they’re gonna ban full stealth teams that skip trash.

    This is everyone’s chance to prove that scoundrel and assassin DPS is “inferior” by pulling numbers so high that it doesn’t matter that you can’t skip trash like an all stealth team.

    Not exactly trying to make any points here, just trying to say that there really shouldn’t be any reason to ban stealth teams. And if they do, no biggie. The point of the competition isn’t to whine about what’s allowed and what isn’t.
    I’m just excited to see the runs.

  • Pata
  • Rainer Prauer

    To make this realy fair they should have a special event gear so that everyone has the same lv gear otherwise it will be a HM geared Guild event

  • BioFAILware


  • ijustwantgoodswtor

    how can we speed run when your instances are fucked up and people need to phase out just to get to coratanni … really bioware u guys are just really really stupid.. as months go on your stupidity knows no bounds.. im happy i unsubbed this shittastic crap back in dec.. not gonna pay for their dumbasses to keep fucking the game up

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