SWTOR Relics of the Gree event from Feb 24 to March 3

SWTOR Relics of the Gree event has returned for one week from Feb 24 to March 3.

The Gree event has returned to SWTOR for one week from Feb 24 to March 3. If you have not experienced this event before or need a refresher, you can consult this guide to the Gree event.

This event is for level 60s but there is a Bolster that will boost your stats while in the Ilum Western Shelf. This bolster buff appears to only work if you are level 50 or above.

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154 replies on “SWTOR Relics of the Gree event from Feb 24 to March 3”

Bolster is only from 50? I thought it was from like 15 or 35 last time? Not that I personally care, since all my characters are 55 or 60.

Before SoR I was at max level when the Gree Event happend. I don’t know if I remember it right… but lvl 45-50 are also bostered. Or am I wrong?

Everyone used to be bolstered when it came out. People abused it to powerlevel.

It was then changed to level 45-50 bolster only. When the level cap raised, it changed to level 50-55 only. Now, it is level 50-60.

Missions can be picked up at level 45 though: the original target was level 45+.

Bolster has always been from level 50 in Ilum, from way back when the game launched and the pvp area was filled with walkers and soldiers.

Not true. I recall lvling a commando by using the bolster at lvl 29 during a Gree event. Coupled with double xp, I was able to get lvl 50, the cap back then, in about 4 or 5 hours grinding the heroic with about 24ish other sub 50s.

it was 1 time. people abused the hell out of it, by grouping for heroic with max level and just killing mobs/ resetting/ killing again and basically power leveling their lowbies to max level in hours. for whatever reason bioware didn’t like it so they nerfed the bolster. and then of course, gave us 12 xp month, but hey…

Maybe you’re thinking of the rakghoul event? This is my 3rd or 4th Gree event and bolster has always been from lvl 50.

It never had, only event with OP bolster in SM is THORN’s Eyeless.
The bolster in Gree is there because that map in Ilum has “PvP bolster” year long, it’s not part of the event itself.

Uh. I’ve never done this on a healing character, level 55, before.
The companion isn’t bolstered! So my healing character goes up to lvl 60, but the damage companion stays lvl 55 and deals almost no damage on lvl 60 enemies.

It’s nearly impossible to solo the daily quests with a lvl 55 healing character.


I’m sorry but 1 week is absolute nonsense. This used to be a 2 week event. The only way 1 week makes sense is if the event occurs relatively frequently, like Bounty Contracts. Don’t most games do like a full month for big events? Probably won’t see this one again until 2016.

That’s why these Blue Spheres are so much more valuable to me 😉 If everyone had them, I wouldn’t feel so special anymore ;P Not as special as Wings of Architect, but close…

And in the second week there were less than half of the people from the first week. In the last few days it was nearly impossible to get a WB or Xeno group together. Changing it to one week was the right call.

The heal check is minimal, I did it on a PUG with 2 healer, one was lvl 59 we breezed through SM and managed HM just fine.

The tanks need to know their job and the dps needs to be fast on cores and panels, heals job will depend more on others mistakes/speed then heal amounts.

Yup, Tanks need to know their job, Tanks need to kite rancor, and we managed HM just fine as well 😉 Also grouping up under Xeno for final burn really helped. And having two operatives who can stealth-rez was extremely helpful 😉

I’m a little bummed there’s no new stuff on the vendors, since they said there would be new rewards, but the old stuff is still cool.

“Relics of the Gree is back! The Gray Secant has been spotted on Ilum, which means only one thing: the Relics of the Gree Event is back and now available for Level 60 players! From February 24th at 4:00PST/12:00 GMT to March 3rd at 4:00PST/12:00GMT, Black Bisectors are called upon to complete missions for new rewards!”
From the 3.1 patch notes, the last sentence says new rewards. And the gree mount from lifeday isn’t new, so I don’t know why you would even mention that, I had that last year.

“I know there was concern around the Cyan Sphere and its cost. We are going to be moving the Cyan Sphere vehicle onto the Gree event vendor with 3.1. Also, just to make sure the vehicle can be attained by both the Gree and Life Day participants, you will find two separate ways to buy the vehicle. You can either buy it with a mix of Snow-covered Parcels and Grey Helix, or just Grey Helix alone. This way regardless of which event you tended to participate in, it is still accessible to you!”


That has nothing to do with anything new, which is what my whole comment is about. The vehicle is not new, it was also out the year before as well, I still have no idea why you bring it up in response to my comment about the vendors not having new items, just because an *old* item has been moved to one.

It has never “required” PvP, and I don’t see why people ever feel like they “have” to participate in every quest of the event.

Thank you all for your moderately informative responses. I haven’t done the Gree stuff for a couple of years, I remembered it took place in PVP areas, but I didn’t remember to what extent.

There are two quests which take place in a open PvP area. You don’t have to participate in PvP to complete the quests, but you’ll be flagged.

I normally weasel my way into whatever server is under-populated and sneak in the pvp quests to finish off the set at the end so I’m not flagged. It was pretty decent last night, there was Ilum 3, full of rabid blood hungry lunatics and their whiney victims. And then Ilum 2, full of imperial and republic players just looking to get things done, even forming a line for the orb turn ins.

That sucks. So unless you want the mount or rep – not much of a point then. Maybe if HM dropped 198 non-optimized gear people could save a few ultimate comms.

Well, you do get the gray helix components or whatever they are. They by legacy mh/oh. So it’s not entirely worthless.

You know, they make us wait forever to bring this event back, and then they fail at their 1st attempt. Causing us to wait longer. Then when it is brought back, it’s the same old event. Nothing new. No new missions or rewards. Just the same old gear, mounts, decos, and pets. They could have at least added some new content when brining this event up to lvl60. God knows they’ve had plenty of time to do it. Am I the only one annoyed by this?

yes, because BW is really into adding content that is playable twice a year..
even the bounty event isn’t getting any updates pretty much, so why be surprised?

I’m suprised because of the time they have had to add new stuff with upping the lvl cap. Same missions every time get boring after a while. Even something little would have been nice. But that’s just me.

I totally agree something new would’ve been nice, but I prefer them to prioritize differently, prefer more general content (especially pvp lacks new stuff)

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JUst a heads up Blue gree pillar is still broken after 7 months of reports . place it down and pick it up and it will destroy its self.

I get the point. It’s a group event. You want Helix, you find a Xeno or H4 group – you’ll get Helix.
But it wouldn’t hurt if there would be a ‘meta daily quest’ that gives you 1 Helix if you complete all daily missions (except the H4, WB and PvP quests).

its a very ancient species from the force knows where

there are 2 of them that act as reputation vendors on ilum and there is 1 on ziost shadow where you go talk to a moff regarding the intro quest for terror from beyond

Wtf do you care? You already “deleted Swtor from your SSD”, claiming Warsuck 6.1 is going to kill Swtor by March like every other Chicken Little since December 2011. For someone that doesn’t play the game, you sure have a lot to say about it.

Just flag this trolls posts until Dulfy takes notice.

You are the epitome of “the pot calling the kettle black”. Take your own advice, hypocrite, and just stop posting.

Again another reading comp fail by one of swtor’s 350lb basement paladins, lol. Good luck with ur grocery bagging career.

“one of swtor’s 350lb basement paladins”

I laughed do hard I almost spat out a lung.
Your still a complete dick……but occasionally…now and again….funny.
I feel dirty now, need a shower.

I like how you feel the need to correct people’s spelling on a webpage for a game that you “deleted”.

“Wtf is a gree” Once again your ignorance shines through. Either you have never played the game or you are asking the question just to be an ass.

It’s not lore assclown. It’s in the game. There are mission you do for the Gree while leveling. “Only the basest losers give a damn about Star Wars lore.” I think you need to step back and look in the mirror because only the basest losers read about and post about games they claim they don’t play. To quote Shatner ” Get a life!”

^cannot figure out what the word “lore” means and how it pertains to a game built on such things. Also, is a moron.

It wasn’t “lore” before this game, it is a part of the game. Do you just sit at home and get off by trolling webpages for games that you don’t play? WTF is your problem? Didn’t daddy give you enough attention? If you look in the urban dictionary under troll you are the definition. Go play with your panda.

They were asking a simple question. You know? just like everyone else does when they first play the game. “Where is the GTN?” as I’m sure you’ve asked yourself the first time you rolled an alt.

Troll so hard mofo’s wanna fine him!

You do missions for the alien race called the Gree throughout the game including the TfB Operation. It’s not really lore as the Gree are a race of beings that pop up in your questline throughout the game and endgame. What’s not to understand? This “event” is just the re-emergence of the species who happen to bring along some tech, creatures, and pirates to Ilum. Pretty simple.

In case you’re genuinely ignorant rather than willfully ignorant, “lore” in the context of the game refers to things referenced but not encountered directly in the game. In this sense, the Gree are not just lore but a race that has an active role in the game as it is played. In the context of the real world, of course, “lore” would refer to everything in all of the Star Wars stories. E.g., the Old Republic is lore, the Death Star is lore, Luke Skywalker is lore. So arguing over whether this is or isn’t “lore” is pointless.

Your original question (“Never really understood this event…wtf is a gree?”), though, is confusing because saying you “never really understood” it makes it sound as if this is something you have struggled with for a while but never managed to figure out. Like, if I said, “I never really understood potato chips…wtf is a potato?” people would probably say, “Uh, why don’t you just look up what a potato is?” Similarly, you could have easily looked up what a Gree is. Hence people’s assumption that you are trolling. If you are trolling, then troll better. If you aren’t trolling, then think before you post.

Well hes getting what he want, Trollwise that is!, just keep it to one sentence: Look on Google!
(i do think your wrong about Lore in the game though) , i see it as background information, some you see ingame some not.

No, in other words, RACE OF BEINGS. If they were just lore, it would be a story about something that you do not get to see or talk to or interact with. Lore is story. Definition: “a body of traditions and knowledge on a subject or held by a particular group, typically passed from person to person by word of mouth.”

Gree are a race of beings that exist in SWTOR. Your toons interact with them. They exist in a physical manner within SWTOR. If Gree were simply Lore, you would hear a story about them while in your game having ZERO interaction or connection with the actual race. So troll harder next time. 😉

So, in other words, due to weekly reputation caps, there is no way I’ll be able to buy the Red Scalene armor this time around. Because it requires friend status and this is the first time I have done the Gree event and starting with no rep. Sucks.

Yeaa me too. :-(((((((
Damn we need bigger reputations cap limits.
And more Helix components each daily should drop at least one.
Give Helix components to the people !

Run the event on every character you can, and bank the items. Even if you cant buy the armor this week, you can use the banked rep items after the reset and maybe hit friendly next week. If you have enough alts, and put in enough face time, you could probably bank even more.

As was said earlier, the vendors are always there, so you can come back when you have what you need.

Cant play 24 fckin hours couse thats how long it takes to run it trough all my alts.
And meanwhile this happens I dont que for Flashpoints Wazones or any other Operations and sht cant even sell and buy on Gtn or craft no time for that..
So its a waste.

It’s an event that comes once a year. Who cares about OPs FPs and WZ and selling on the GTN for 1week?

so far the event is not really that good for me, sure i have maxed my cap this week and im saving up the thingies for hero status and such but the 1 grey helix per day is retarded

i remember getting 2 of the herioc

this event needs a massive update since it doesnt come alot per year

first and foremost remove the operation pass requirement for xeno op boss since he can only be done once on sm and hm and he only comes maybe once every 6 months give or take

update the herioc regarding the amount of helixes it gives to 2-3
then update some of the actuall daillies to maybe give 1 helix
why cause alot of the weapons require a shitload of those helixes

this will not only increase the amount of people doing this event but also makes doing the daillies worth a damn

my opinion offcourse

Did you do the one time quest Inside the Gray Secant?
It gives 2 Helix, a purple rep and a droid pet per character.
It’s worth doing if you can’t do the OP.

I think you might be exaggerating a bit, it takes an hour thirty tops, I’ve done it 6 times.

Also I have 124 helixs in my bank, I already have all mains, both mounts, pets, an off hands and a couple armors sets (this was before they gave 4 sets of legacy armor sets).

They could give a helix for every daily, 2 for the heroic and I *really* couldn’t care less, since they became legacy bound I suddenly ended up with too many of them and so did many others who did the event before.

I understand what you say but think about all the new players that this is their first time with this event, they will need 2 years to be able to buy a mainhand or offhand item
With the event coming up once a year.

I 100% agree, and i dont want to get the stuff for free, but the amount of time for getting at least 1 mainhand is ridiculus, run it for 2 weeks or more times a year.
Not everybody has a zillion alts to run through the quests!

Its not 6 hours, you can do this easy in max 1,5 hour, if you follow the guide you dont have to search for them.

i know about that quest did that one on my commando and turned it in yesterday but till its a 1 time quest only then you are back to the 1 helix per day from herioc and with the weapons requiring in between 18-24 helixes *mainhand weapons that is* you need atleast 2-3 weeks to earn enough, even the quest for finding that jawa in the rakghoul tunnels can be done everytime the rakghoul event comes back though 1 time per event

maybe if the world bosses you know gravak’k and the other one had 2-4 helixes that would be worth running.

Totally true 1 helix per day is a Nightmare.
And to kill the boss you need an ops pass sht you thought about that ?
Thats why we cant find good players to do it on HM not even on Sm just random pugers who dont know what rotation is.

Deeevssssssssss come on free the Helix and the Xeno boss for the people !!!

i did think about that part, my marauder has done story mode so now im searching for a group to do hm *hm is a bit harder but not impossible*

the other 1 time quest for aquiring date from several planets is nice to do, gives 2 helixes a pet and a purple rep item but so many space stations to go through:P

but yeah without ops its just 1 helix per day, with several of the mainhand weapons requiring 24 of those things its not looking good for any new player or players who werent able to do gree event before

It’s really hard to get a weapon in one go around of this event. It takes a lot of time and alts to do it. Not impossible, just takes alot of work.

Amount of helix components is ok as it is now, also newcomer requirement for op pass should stay too. What they should update is prices of items and items themselfs, they should give us something new, rly new.

The event is almost over and I cant see getting enough reputation items to reach the Champion level for getting a Weapon item.
They should have put the weapons in the Friend requirement so more people can get them.
And only 1 helix per day it sucks.

Its not nice to be like this when this event comes up once a year.
Don’t even know if I would be playing that game next year.

The Gree event is awesome. The rarity of the event and of its rewards makes it more special. I think it’s intended as a reward for those who play more. If you see someone on the fleet in White Scalene, you know that’s a player who has worked.

Bolster, shmolster… My level-55 dps comp with 180-rated augmented gear has become completely useless; I have to do all the work myself. He can’t even scratch the paint of the mobs. And in the heroic, if the other 3 members are level-60, my healing is practically useless, too. Bioware have managed to screw up yet another part of the game for me, sigh…

You must really not know what you are doing then my 55s had no problem and the 55 healers I had in my groups did just fine.

Cant believe the event is over guys haven’t manage to collect a lot of Helix’s as only 1 per day comes out.
Really sad that we wont see the event for some time now probably more than 6 months.
Will miss my dailies here at Ilum and all of you that we grouped together for the quests and Heroics.

hard to collect enough helix’s when all your toons have been bugged the entire week from getting the xeno mission. 1 per day per toon form heroic is all i could get. sent bug reports and posted on forums about it with no replies.

yes i did it previously way back in the day. but this time don’t have access to the ship so can’t get to xeno. hence the bug.

yes i did it previously way back in the day. but this time don’t have access to the ship so can’t get to xeno. hence the bug

well event is over, managed to get enough rep tokens to hit champion lvl in 2 weeks, also have enough helixes to get me maybe 1 weapon 😛 but atleast i will be able to buy all 3 scalene armor sets, the blue, red and white one

was fun killed the worldbosses atleast 10 times each, got myself the archievement for destroying 1k droids and did the herioc plenty of times for that 1 helix:) and my merc lvled up to 59 so all in all wasnt bad but it could have been so much better

side note the so called decoration that supposedly should drop of the tonvar pirates never did so bioware didnt put it in

“Could have been so much better?” Dude at least you hit champion, that’s awesome. I’m stuck at Hero with 4k left to Champion… Ah well, next year i will hit Legend for sure,i will grind the shit out of everything,lol.

lol bro i know the feeling 😛 but still it could have been better with more daily quest rewarding gray helixes:P but still it was a fun event dont get me wrong on that part 🙂

So did anyone get the fuel tank drop from the Pirates, or is it another deco that we won’t see like the Voss shrine deco?

im afraid you are right dufly, some said they had one but when asked to link it or give key for their stronghold they quickly logged off

it simply wasnt on the loottable, even funnier when bioware said they would buff the drop rate of that red gree mount in hm xeno, they lied about it, cause that one was simply not there or it was there but only once in a blue moon

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