GW2 Upcoming Gemstore Items from Feb 24 Patch

A number of gemstore items were added to be game with the Feb 24 patch but they are scheduled to be released in the next few Tuesdays.

Info and images  taken from that_shaman’s post.

Note: I will make a more detailed post on the various items once they get released. For now enjoy the preview!

Black Feather Wings Backpack -[&C/YWAAA=]





Crystal Nomad Outfit – [&DBIAAAA=]





Mini Golden Pig – [&AgFLDAEA]


Mail Carriers

Raven Mail Carrier


Snow Owl Mail Carrier


Parrot Mail Carrier


Martial Finisher

  • Bro Cake

    those wings… they would look wonderful with my raiment of the lich

  • Bryan Lykins

    Great, now we are going to see those giant wings everywhere, in all their clipping and crowding glory.

    • Lumilicious

      Yeah, I cannot wait to see some giant ass Charrs with giant ass wings jumping around infront of me when doing jumping puzzles. …

      I’ll prolly get them though. xD

  • Teraphas

    shame they didn’t keep the wings and then make the hangglider skinable. you know how many people would have gone for it looking like you had wings pop out when you were gliding?

    • Takahami

      there can be both, you know 🙂 anet knows how to make some bucks.

    • shodannet

      The Aion developers would tap Anet on the shoulder and politely cough

      • IchbinVol

        If that were the case, umteen companies would be breaking down Blizzard’s door.

        • thatdamnrat

          Hell, if gaming companies turned on each other for being derivative, the entire industry would implode, there’d be no survivors.

      • Seth

        I wonder how many people bought Aion because the GW1 unlock code for wings was inside the box?

      • Teraphas

        seeing as they are both ncsoft published i doubt it would be a huge issue. espesially as gliding is not a unique mechanic to just aion.

  • Karl K-

    nice wings, only wish there were white ones to go with the halo potion to make a cool angel look 😛

    also, am i the only harry potter nerd looking forward to the Snow Owl Mail Carrier 😀

    • Vicki

      nope. based on some of the other comments here, and my own FIRST thought upon seeing the white owl mail, you are not the only Harry Potter fan XD

  • Rizza

    Oh my. They’re giving me Hedwig. ::hands Anet all of the money::

  • Corran

    What outfit is that on the black feather wing human picture?

    • Nanoskaa

      Ancestral outfit

  • IchbinVol

    Holy crap, dem wings. Guess I’ll be donating to Anet, soon.

  • Guest

    I hope the hairstyle in the gem store wing picture is something they’ll be releasing soon too.

    • sandstar

      The human one? It’s already in the game, one of my mesmers uses it.

      • Syreadisa

        Which one?

        • gooselovesmaverick

          sandstar is mistaken….They’re talking about the pictures of dulfy modeling them, not the “gemstore wing picture” as the OP wrote. The hairstyle featured in that picture is not available.

        • sandstar

          The one with the braid in the middle?

    • DarkChaosGames

      Is that not a Norn character?

  • narg

    that aion 😀

  • narg

    i must have it

  • narg

    can i fly with it like glider ?? I WANT!

  • |3lack P|2ince

    cant wait for my wings >.< finally I can get rid of my blue shatterer wings xD

    • Lithotheil

      haha me to, those dragon bash wings lived on my back since the event. now they can go away for a while 😀

      • |3lack P|2ince

        they go well with the luminescent set but not with my main gear

  • sandstorm

    playing behind that will be.. -_-

  • Reyoku

    uugh the kids loving this angel stuff gonna go crazy now.. i can see tons of this wings already

    • Stealthnugget

      Inb4 the sephiroth name changes.

  • Nearo

    Owl Carrierrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • Lord

      Yep Harry Potter comes back

  • Andrew McCunn

    sooooo… no mini-dragon then….?

    • Taiwan Wolf

      no response about it either. guess it’ll be a long time. 😮

    • Pyxelmajick

      If they release a mini dragon I hope it looks like a flaming Kuunavang!

  • ObliviousDude

    Why the golden pig mini? Is there something it relates to? I ask because I’m typically oblivious XD

    • Sarigar

      It’s most likely a nod to the Chinese zodiac. The “Year of the Golden Pig” is supposedly a very rare confluence, once in 60 or 600 years (depending on who you ask); being born during this year is supposed to signify abundant good luck, wealth, etc. 2007 was the most recent Year of the Golden Pig.

      • NoLongerOblviousDude

        Wow, well I learned something today. Thanks for letting me know!

  • Mylicat

    Will the black wings be a limited skin or will it stay in shop for a while? Anyone know?

    • Dark Blue

      I’d say, like with the other gem store items, they’ll be available for a good while.

  • Rc

    Best not fall to death with those wings. Lol

  • Lord

    Does Crystal outfit means we should get access to Crystal Desert ?

    • Eternum

      Seems more like a zephyrite tribute.

      • Lord

        Yep but zephirites come from Crystal Desert

        • Eternum

          And they are dead. And we are moving to Maguuma.

          Harsh reality, I know.

  • those wings are epic as fuck o.o

  • Sacro

    Wow! I reall want those wings, please arena net take my moneys! I wouldnt mind them in white tho.

    • The Spirit Molecule

      OMG YES DUDE in white!!11 the same wings but in white!!! DUDE YES!! exactly what i need for my guardian that’s fkn genius write that shit on the forums pls kthxbai

  • Connor Macleod

    Charr + Wings reminds me of a Griffon, just without a beak. 🙂

  • Eternum

    The hair we can see on the concept art with the wings, with flowers in it… which one is that? Norn, human? Even aviable at all?

    • Ose

      I saw some new faces were datamined, so I’m assuming there will be new hairstyles along with the faces. They are about due now.

  • raisagorden

    omg that wing are aweful >:u

    • silly_grammar_nazi

      technically, you wrote that the wings are “full of awe” which is a good thing. If you didn’t like them you would have written “awful” :P.

      • Hanatash

        “Awful” technically means “awe-inspiring” as well (in fact, “aweful” isn’t really a word). It came to bear negative connotations in more modern times, but its original meaning still stands.

    • The Spirit Molecule

      bitch pls those wings r fucking badass dude i fucken luv em cool as fuck

  • Korey Garabed

    Now if only we could fly in the game

    • HadesClutch

      Not flying – falling. Falling with style.

  • commentor

    Can’t wait to put those wings on, it will look awesome while using a glider…. … ..

  • Doronjo

    Yes, Isis outfit!

    • Moderator


      • Eaglebach

        Why report?

      • commentor

        hunting dog with so much time in their hand. Miss your third grade recess patrol officer job much?

        • gigolo_for_moms

          i have a job, your mom pays well.

    • The Spirit Molecule

      das raycyst!

  • Krystal S. S.

    i like the wings and the golden pig (extremely disappointed that the dragon mini wasn’t for the US/EU) it doesn’t look like the wings with be dye-able. i also don’t trust anet with items like that, they ended up releasing other colored versions of the glowing mask, so i’m sure they might do the same with the wings.

    • Doronjo_loves_Isis

      you can bet your two pristine front teeth that they’ll release an “angelic” white wings set ala Aion.

    • Backpacks are not dyeable and you can bet Anet will try to monetize it as much as they can be releasing different colors

    • Dark Blue

      It’s like with any company out to make money from their product. Put everything out at once, people will just buy one thing. Make it collectable or the next new thing, people line up to buy it, even though that just bought something similar. It happens with everything from fashion to music. Phones to games. Can’t blame them for doing it this way.

  • Nadijeh

    Hideous outfit. Again. I’d love them to hire a fashion & design graduate for their cosmetic items team at this point.

    • Empress

      Oh my gosh, I couldn’t agree more.

  • Guest

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  • Steven Newton

    I wish the Crystal Nomad wasn’t an outfit, if it was an armor set like the Trickster’s or Phoenix I’d get it in a heartbeat, those shoulders are amazing looking.

    Even still it would look great with a zenith/pinnacle weapon.

  • HadesClutch

    Arenanet, please change your outfit design. Make it a five-slot’er so we can mix and match. Screw the clipping issues, sometimes I just want to wear the helmet of one thing and the rest of another. PLEASE!

    • The Spirit Molecule

      +1 i concurr, i only like the shoulders from the nomad outfit cause they would go well with a frac backpiece

  • Ainseland

    ooo yeshh,,, i knew anet will start releasing ugly items first then da finale will be an awesome gundam wings something like dat butt nut exactly =(☉̃ₒ☉)=

    my credit card is ready for the upcoming items in gem store xcept for da mail carrier those r rip off!!

  • The Spirit Molecule

    the black feather wings backpack is amazing, the crystal nomad outfit goes well with fractal backpiece and the golden pig is just kinda neat, reminds me of that year 1 golden pig in gw1 that increased droprates, i think it’s costs like 950armbraces nowadays LOL as if anyone still has that kind of moniez in gw1 since the duping scandal in 2007 that fucked up the entire gw1 economy lolz

  • Alba

    how much gems will the wing cost?

    • Kuma

      no price known yet but i guess around 600gems

  • kovidavid

    Where are our mini mystical dragons??????

    • rc

      in China, go get em!

  • Mario Shadbox

    I can’t remember if there is a face customization like The Crow Movie or Joker. With those wings, plus black leather jacket, would be an amazing Brandon Lee tribute

    • imbatido

      how about the mesmer starting mask?

      • Patrik Andersson

        If you start a new mesmer it will be added to your wardrobe.. I assume you have an “old” mesmer before the wardrobe system was implemented. Before that you could even do the same thing with the exception of using a transmutation with it.

    • RainbowMcFuzzy

      You’re thinking of the Bloody Prince’s outfit. It has a black ring around the eyes and a black smile.

  • Shifted

    Wings? Really?
    Someone’s running out of ideas.

    • DarkChaosGames

      To be fair it is better than those piddly holo-wings.

      These actually look substantial.

    • Jara!

      *Guild Wars 1 wings.

      Yep. It’s a reintroduction of a part of the Lich outfit several years ago. (The more you know!)

  • tinnic

    I previewed the wings. I don’t know about them… wished they moved or something. But they just sort of hang there and of course you can’t dye them. Kind of disappointing really.

    • Jara!

      They do have a passive animation, a gentle sway up and down, also to the sides. Any more than that and you get complete clutter.

      I dare say their solution is quite classy.

      • tinnic

        I didn’t notice the movement in the preview. I look again since I do like the concept.

    • LocoMan

      I prefer that they don’t move.
      I’d be willing to pay gems for a version of the shattered holographic wings that don’t flap.

  • I think that back pieces on Asurans are too low. They would look better a little higher in my opinion. Also, I wish that these wings could be dyed. I’d like white ones.

    • AsuraAlwaysClipQQ

      I agree, but then again they never seem to get the scaling or positioning on these things right for Asura. Any of the glowing eyes make my character look cross-eyed and I think we all remember the teeny tiny halo we got with the tonics from The Battle of Lion’s Arch.

  • Anon

    Really, really wish you could dye the wings… Any chance they’ll release a regular ol’ white pair of wings?

  • \///

    At least wings aint so annoying as those dragon ones.

  • Luke Bailey

    When the wings? need the wings must have them must now yes finish my devil necro look it will need must own now please yes?

  • VSAngel

    Just gimme that raven mail carrier whilst I still have some spare gems! ;_;

  • Carol

    Are the raven, snow owl and parrot mail carriers ever be available? 🙁

  • Liz

    Pissed the wings were only for 24hrs.

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