SWTOR Patch 3.1.2 PTS Patch Notes

SWTOR Patch notes for the 3.1.2 PTS build.

Cartel Market

  • They updated the Master’s Shadow Pack with a few more images but it is locked for viewing so I was only able to add a few images
  • The next shipment of packs are called Explorer packs


Jedi Consular

  • The range of Mind Crush has been reduced to 10 meters (down from 30 meters).

Kinetic Combat

  • Force Break now increases the damage dealt by Combat Technique’s Force Breach and Slow Time by 40% (up from 30%).


  • Force in Balance and Vanquish now have a maximum range of 10 meters (down from 30 meters).
  • The life redistributed by Psychic Absorption for Sever Force and Force Technique’s Force Breach has been reduced to 10% of the damage dealt (down from 25%).
  • Serenity Strike no longer benefits from Mind Quell.


  • Force in Balance, Vanquish, and Mind Crush now additionally receive a 20 meter range increase from Force Reach.


  • Abilities affected by Telekinetic Momentum now have a 25% chance (down from 30%) to trigger a second telekinetic blast that deals 25% damage (down from 30%) to a target.
  • Mental Momentum now grants a 25% chance for Mind Crush to tick twice (down from 30%). Additionally, Mental Momentum now grants Turbulence a 25% chance to produce a second blast that strikes the same target for 25% damage (both down from 30%, respectively).
  • The damage dealt by Telekinetic Gust has been increased. Additionally, the cooldown of Telekinetic Gust has been increased to 15 seconds (up from 12 seconds).
  • The damage dealt by Telekinetic Burst has been slightly decreased. Additionally, Telekinetic Burst now costs 33 Force (up from 30).

Sith Inquisitor

  • The range of Crushing Darkness has been reduced to 10 meters (down from 30 meters).


  • Mounting Darkness now increases the damage dealt by Dark Charge’s Discharge and Wither by 40% (up from 30%).


  • Death Field and Demolish now have a maximum range of 10 meters (down from 30 meters).
  • The life steal granted by Imbibe to Creeping Terror and Lightning Charge’s Discharge has been reduced to 10% of the damage dealt (down from 25%).
  • Leeching Strike no longer benefits from Dreadful Nightmares.


  • Death Field, Demolish, and Crushing Darkness now additionally receive a 20 meter range increase from Transmission.


  • Abilities affected by Forked Lightning now have a 25% chance (down from 30%) to trigger a second arc of lightning that deals 25% damage (down from 30%) to a target.
  • Forked Darkness now grants a 25% chance for Crushing Darkness to tick twice (down from 30%). Additionally, Forked Darkness now grants Thundering Blast a 25% chance to produce a second blast that strikes the same target for 25% damage (both down from 30%, respectively).
  • The damage dealt by Lightning Flash has been increased. Additionally, the cooldown of Lightning Flash has been increased to 15 seconds (up from 12 seconds).
  • The damage dealt by Lightning Bolt has been slightly decreased. Additionally, Lightning Bolt now costs 33 Force (up from 30).

Assault Specialist

  • Incendiary Round and Serrated Bolt no longer benefit from Assault Trooper.

Bounty Hunter
Innovative Ordnance

  • Incendiary Missile and Serrated Shot no longer benefit from Ordnance Expert.
  • BobbyOrr

    yay, now sorcs have to be melee:)

    • Vagabond66

      No, Sorcs and Sages get a 20M increase. Its keeping Shadows and assassins in the 10M range.

      • sentientomega

        Didn’t that used to be the case for shadow/sins?

  • John Kosto

    It was expected that Lightning Sorcerer and Telekinetics Sage would be nerfed. Let’s hope they did not go over the top with it, I wanna see what dps they’ll be able to do now.

    • Pacman

      Its the cry babies that caused that.
      And let us know what class you play so we can understand who wants sages to be nerfed like crazy.
      Damn pacman lovers.

      • John Kosto

        I play a lightning sorcerer, among many other classes and roles.

  • Castor’troy

    Ya lets nerf bounty hunters dps cause their defensive cooldowns more then make up for it…. oh wait

  • Cyanocitta

    Well, as a Serenity Shadow main, there goes my usual opening sequence, as well as some of my best attacks. Will make me really sad on this one.

    • AdjeYo

      It does kinda make sense, since sins are basically a melee class with a few 10m abilities, not a ranged class.

      • Lumi

        That only makes sense if they had other, better ways of keeping threat on the initial pull, besides taunt spamming. The practice of taunt spamming is one that I, as a tank for more than ten years now, am severely disgusted by. Taunts are for when you LOSE threat, not for keeping it.

        • Max de Sutter

          You mean force pull ?

        • Ryan A James

          If you are opening a fight with a taunt, you are doing it wrong…if you are on MT duties and no tank swapping, you should only have to taunt a max of 2 times to maintain top threat on said boss. This enables you to do the nice DPS that Sin tanks can do…as stated below, your main opening move should ALWAYS be force pull to generate the max amount of threat

          • Lumi

            Read closer. That’s exactly what I said. It is even what I said in an earlier post further up. Bioware is forcing us to play the taunt spam game by reducing the range and adding things like taunt CD reduction on set bonuses. Not cool, man, not cool.

            • Cyanocitta

              I guess I’m confused. I was specifically referring to the Force in Balance/Death Field ability of Serenity/Hatred Shadows/Assassins. As these are abilities only accessible for these DPS builds…….. how get discussing about tanking?

              • Lumi

                Oh lol. I play sin so I’m not familiar with the shadow mirror terms 🙂 Thought you were referring to the tank opener which will he getting nerfed hard if this tanking change happens

              • AdjeYo

                Not really, losing crushing darkness means you lose a little bit of stealth at the start of the fight, however, it makes very little difference. Sin tanks can still open with good enough threath to keep the aggro over any dps. Many sin tanks don’t even use crushing darkness, since it does feel a bit cheeky.

          • Lumi

            And actually, CD+Pull is the maximum initial threat, hence the range nerf.

        • AdjeYo

          Okay, so you can’t open with crushing darkness anymore, wow very nerf. Just open with force pull and get a ludicrous amount of threat at the start.

      • Cyanocitta

        *Sigh* Yeah, I guess it does make some sense. Still, I’m going to miss the utility of Force in Balance at its longer range and the added self heal.

      • B2

        Suppose that Melee do a lot more damage than the ranged ones which is not happening.

    • sentientomega

      Shouldn’t really be opening with MC, it should really only be used when it costs nothing under the Force Strike proc.

  • Luke Farmer

    Assassin nerfs make sense, it’s a melee class

    • Lumi

      Except the CD change to Darkness, seeing as the only time tanks use CD is to front-load threat prior to pulling followed up by a Force Pull (which will no longer be possible). Nerf sin threat some more, why don’t they? Not like the other tank classes are already destroying Sin TPS – Oh wait, they are.

      • Robert Hindy

        You can still use Crushing Darkness in Darkness stance to open: you just have to be 10m away.

        • Lumi

          No, the point is you can’t use Force Pull to follow it up. You are now forced to use one or the other, not both. FP has significantly higher threat, nixing CD altogether.

          • sentientomega

            CD shouldn’t be used in Darkness, anyway, the pushback isn’t worth it.

        • WakeUp

          Its a fck up like this, 10m the mob is already attacking you.

      • Luke Farmer

        You make a valid point, I was only thinking of the dps sins

      • AdjeYo

        I doubt crushing darkness will really affect your tps, since it’s an ability you would exclusively use at the beginning of a fight, not during it. Also, in the assassin guide on Dulfy, there’s a very good opener not utilising crushing darkness, with which you shouldn’t have any problems keeping aggro.

    • BookerUnited

      Blshts Try to play melee on the new ops and come write later.
      Its a total fck up.
      They will make people play only one ranged class and that would be the result of that sht.

      • BrianDavion

        the new ops being unfriendly to Melee is a whole differnt kettle of fish

        • Bk

          Its on the same subject, cos Melee class players is more than half the total population of the game and at least should give them a few ranged abilities to survive the fck up of the new Ops

      • Luke Farmer

        I retired my sin out of raiding due to this issue. These changes won’t really make it that much worse, if they were to fix it so melee isn’t fucked over they have a lot of other areas to work on.

  • Ravarah

    Still no fix on the forcequake animation … dammit.

  • Connor Macleod

    Hmm…any new CM previews incoming? 🙂

    • Just a few more images in the Master’s Pack, I updated the post. They locked it for viewing so I couldn’t get much

      • Connor Macleod

        No worries, just wondered, thanks!

  • Przemysław Narbutt

    YES BW GG, nerf sage that is just right, leave sniper that has crazy dps unnerfed. GG!!

    • pikachu

      eee, have u seen lightning parses?
      and they balance around combat perfomance, not dummy parses

      • Jerry

        Parses don’t mean a thing its only the best a player can make after 100 or more times of trying with buffs stims adrenals etc…..

        Just people need to learn to play their class good nothing else.
        Spending time on the forums is not helping that.

    • zenight

      Snipers? You mean the guys that need to stay still while dpsing and are rendered useless by a push or a stopped channeling attack and are considered free kills in PvP?
      What’s next? “Commandos Op!”?!
      A Lightning sorc if left alone will melt a whole team with just Lightning Storm and Chain Lightning on the other hand, and will kill a melee in the time he gets to him with the alacrity buffs from gear set and passive skills.

      • Lbr

        If you don’t like the char you are playing change it.
        Asking for Nerfs wont save you or make you better.
        Either learn to play or leave the game.

        • zenight

          I’m saying sorcs have way more PvP power then Snipers at the moment, so nerfing them makes far more sense then nerfing Snipers like what he’s calling for.

          Your “learn to play” argument makes no sense whatsoever and just makes you sound arrogant and ignorant, also I didn’t even call for nerfs, unless pointing out facts is calling for nerfs in your book?

          I play sorc, Pt, Commando and Shadow in PvP.
          I’m okay with all the nerfs my characters are getting, because they *did* have too much of an edge over other classes, Hell shadows/sins still shouldn’t be able to spread DOTs.

          • Jen

            What would make sense is to buff up snipers not nerf another class.
            I understand that some classes are less than ideal and need to be buffed up.

            Wont help if another class gets nerfed wont make the class you play better.
            They just need to buff up weaker classes no big deal and very simple to understand

            People always ask for the wrong solutions to simple problems.

    • Tholric

      LOL! Snipers killing you? Sounds like a l2p issue mate.

  • Bob Bilbert

    minor nerfs are better than no nerfs…I guess.

    • Zen

      What a stupidity talk.
      Nerf stupidity is better I guess.
      Ridiculous cry babies.

      • 57th Street Incident

        At first I thought this
        was a haiku response here
        but alas, not so.

        • Holyfrog

          LOL I laugh so hard crap came out of my butt!

          • Frogass

            I understand it happens to you all the time

      • Bob Bilbert

        Guess that means you need a nerf?
        …or rather, a buff.

        • Bslhtssss

          Learn to play first cry later.

  • Corwin

    Good changes overall. Sage/sorc needed some nerfs on Tele/lightning for sure. And changes to sin/shadow seem really appropriate. Would love to see a bit more changes, may be someththing like nerfs to sniper/slinger.

    • Shmiila

      “nerfs to sniper/slinger”……..





      • Tholric

        Yeah, nerf those Slingers and Snipers that are CROWDING the top of the pvp leaderboards! Nerf Operatives and Marauders while you’re at it! Cheeky fuckers!

        • sentientomega

          Yeah, meanwhile, let’s remove all player damage while we’re at it, so no-one will level or do anything.

        • Shmiila


          call me when you see a sniper/slinger CROWDING the top ok?

          do you even play the game dude?

          • Tholric

            Shhhh… it’s called sarcasm… Now take these pills and go… to… sleep…

  • Jeid

    My Sage!!! 🙁 My poor “overpowered” telekinetic sage 🙁

  • Alberto Trujillo

    well sorc it was good wile it lasted 🙁 not like the sorc is target numb 1 every time you go in a wz even more if your the healer but hey why not down grade him some more right? is not like his the face of the Empire and is the most powerful thing in the swtor Galaxy and even death can’t seem to stop him but lets not have him be like that in game 😛

    • FckDevs

      Damn these Devs if they keep on nerfing like these and destroy the game for us there will be none left to play their sht only a few Kidiots.

      • Secundum Ave

        I still don’t know why Dulfy hasn’t banned you already…You and your changing names are so annoying.

        • Secundum Ave2

          You and your stupidity remarks and whining and crying and everything else.
          Dulfy should ban you first for life.
          What class are you playing and you keep on crying like crazy for years now ?

          Flaging the comments of other people that you don’t like wont help you keep on complaining for everything on these forums.

          Be a real boy and start talking with some sense instead of just crying and whining all the time.

          • Secundum Ave

            Cry moar.

            • Nemo

              If you don’t like the Mara class at least make 2 more alts to play so you don’t have to complain when they mess with your class because they do this all the time with all classes sooner or later.

              Just so simple guys, to have a few alts around.
              Come on people it’s not that hard.
              12 xp will be back soon get ready for it.

              • Secundum Ave

                Nah, I still main mara. I’ve got 4 toons all fully geared in 192 gear. (with the mara a couple 198 bits).
                And how are you so sure that 12xp will be coming back?

        • kabamaru

          Wasting your time and ours over here and on the swtor forums posting about the same subject and whining all the time.

          Have nothing better to do than complaining ?

          • Secundum Ave

            I don’t post on the SWTOR forums. =D

            • Secumn

              You do just with another name.
              Stop the bitching and whining already.

              • Secundum Ave

                Nope, I don’t. Stop assuming. Go back to 4chan.

              • Secundum Ave

                Stop being so mad that people upvoted my comment saying you should be banned.

  • Doc81

    Incendiary Round and Serrated Bolt no longer benefit from Assault Trooper.

    What does that mean exactly?

    • Boris

      A total fck up let me tell you.

    • Void

      Assault Trooper currently raises the critical damage bonus of those abilities by 30%. Removing that means their critical ticks do less damage.
      Does almost nothing to balance the class tho.

      • Doc81

        Ok, thank you!

  • Arby

    So…. Who’s the ass clown that thinks IO BH’s are overpowered? I mean maybe there’s some awesome PvP thing going on I couldn’t care less about, but I don’t see how they’re gonna once more Nerf IO and do nothing with arsenel. Do they never, even just out of idle curiosity, play this fucking game?

    • bamm12

      IO BH’s are overpowered in PVE content…

      • Bird

        Yea Coratani complains.
        Wtf is wrong with these people, stupidity went up last Year ?

        • bamm12

          yeah i guess lol highest parsing AC in the game and people say its not OP

          • JFK

            Yes, totally retards, where is this world going too, don’t even want to think about that with all these empty headed people out there

  • darkfather

    What in the hell is the point in all these changes? o_O I fail to see why Sage/Sorc needs any nerf at all. Try being a Sage/Sorc against the Powertech or Vanguard…with these changes you may as well forget it all together.

    • Jill

      Cos of all the kidiots cry babies that ask for nerfs day and night on the forums.

  • Yeah, screw that

    Nerfs! QQ

    All the Jugg whiners are gonna be happy…their competition is now eliminated.

    • Blshts

      Go play your dck in the corner you Nerf lover.
      Pacman is there for you.

  • NoMoreKidiots

    For fck shakes we said no more Nerfs !
    You going to make the game a piece of sht and a kidiots paradise.
    Kidiots dont do ops and Hm content so the game will go to the bottom of the pit like this.

    No more fckin Nrefs just upgrades, why is it so hard for Devs to understand that and stop listening to the Kidiots.

    • Holyfrog

      “We said no more nerfs!” I really thought because you told them “no more nerfs” that they would do what you said.

      • NoMoreWhining

        What class are you playing, world wants to know……….

        They do wtf the crybabies are asking on the damn forums.
        And you cry day and night in here too.
        Why shouldn’t they do what other people say ?

        Go to the bottomless pit cry babies get your toys with you too and don’t come back.
        They are going to make this game totally unplayable.

        • Holyfrog


          • NM

            Learn to play first then complain.

    • Sayir

      Quit acting like a child, you sound more like a “kidiot” than anyone else.

      • Beer

        Feed up of all the complainer and whiners asking for Nerfs.
        If you don’t like your class change it or suck it up.

  • swtor420

    That’s awesome, they are nerfing the rotation damage for sages,even though its not the part of sages that is OP. Everyone is complaining about forcequake being OP and Bioware decides to nerf other skills and not forcequake? much logic. 2015 – The year swtor died.

    • Unbelivable

      If you don’t like your class change it.
      What class you play let us know.
      Asking for nerfs wont make you better.
      Go cry somewhere else.

    • Less QQ Most Pewpee

      Just because people complain doesn’t mean there is any validity to those claims. Forcequake/ Force Storm isn’t as OP as people make it out to be.

      Look at any top Tele/Lightning parses and see where the bulk of the damage is coming from: the skills nerfed here in these notes. If you are using FS/FQ as part of your single target rotation, you are doing it wrong.

      • Less QQ Most PEWPEW LOL

        Autocorrect “Pewpew” FTL. That should teach anyone to comment on their phone.

        • Dannielle Sommers

          lol poor you

      • sentientomega

        Hear Hear!

        Though I do use it as a healer alot to speed fights up, when I’m not healing my dps comps or other players.

  • Secundum Ave

    What’s the point of reducing the range of Crushing Darkness? Why not just reduce the duration of Force Barrier instead?

    • AdjeYo

      The point is hatred sins were pulling from too far away

      • Secundum Ave

        Ah. What’s the equivalent tree on the rep side?

        • AdjeYo

          Serenity shadow I believe.

    • ZeroB

      Why not reduce the class you play to total zero and free us from your ideas.

      • Secundum Ave

        They already did that to Marauders.

        • Gerge

          So make a damn alt Toon big deal.
          So you can stop whining any more.
          Nerfing is destroying the game no matter on what class they do it.
          So hard to understand that.

          • Secundum Ave

            I have 16 toons-one for each class. (Though tbh the rep ones don’t see much usage).

  • Havik79

    So in order to use part of your your key rotation as a lightning spec sorcerer you now have to be with in 10 meters, why, what is the point of being ranged in you have to be that close into combat.

    • NN

      pls read

      Death Field, Demolish, and Crushing Darkness now additionally receive a 20 meter range increase from Transmission.

  • prdc

    “The range of Crushing Darkness has been reduced to 10 meters (down from 30 meters).”

    Oh, so have my ranged go into melee distance.

    • Radina

      Death Field, Demolish, and Crushing Darkness now additionally receive a 20 meter range increase from Transmission.”
      You should, like the guy below, start reading a whole article before starting to cry about one part of it.

      • Tholric

        So much love, Radina!

  • Darth-Robin

    that explorer thing lol are we going to see more planets that are in well you know the core worlds and outer rim and wild space and mid rim and such?

  • Spruce Cycle

    Devs r freakin morons for nerfing sages.

    • Purre

      “Whine moar”

    • Przemysław Narbutt

      this guy have some mental problems…

    • _viwe_

      Oooh. FOTM is no more? Pitty!

      • Spruce Cycle


    • moronalert

      He is totally right because only 1 playable character in this game…oh wait NOPE
      Make a toon.

    • Tholric

      And nothing of value will be lost.

      • BooHoo

        Your class is coming next for Nerfing.
        Lets see what you will say then.

        • Tholric

          He’ll keep whining because Mommy locked him in his basement.

      • Spruce Cycle

        Quite true. Swtor must have value for it to lose value. #burn

  • Amodin

    Oh my god it’s one ability – so what? They didn’t nerf damage, they nerfed the range. Boo-hoo, I will still play my sage and sorc and still whip the hell out of anything I come across…

    you guys really need to figure out that this is not the end of the world.

    • Spruce Cycle

      When it ticks less then its less dmg moron.

      • AmyAuditore

        Boohoo, I cant spread my dots from range, or have a huge spread range on them, and they tick far less than yours. Get off your high horse, your class ‘needs’ a nerf.

        • BlueGhost

          Go play pacman because you cant handle anything else.

      • Vendrimair

        Just curious… Didn’t you say you were quitting this game…?

        • Tholric

          Trolls say whatever is the most convenient for them at any given time. They are immune to logic.

      • Amodin

        “The range of Mind Crush has been reduced to 10 meters (down from 30 meters).”

        The range of Crushing Darkness has been reduced to 10 meters (down from 30 meters).”
        Hey, Spruce Cycle, you fucking tool, where exactly does it say damage there was reduced? That’s right – it doesn’t. People are complaining that this one ability had its range reduced.

        Dulfy, when exactly are you banning this troll again?

        • Spruce Cycle

          Amodin is Huttese for cannot read a patch note. Again, idiot, when it ticks less there is less dmg, just as it says in the patch notes.

          Try and grow a brain next time, k? #Tard

        • GSF4Lyf

          “Mental Momentum now grants a 25% chance for Mind Crush to tick twice
          (down from 30%). Additionally, Mental Momentum now grants Turbulence a
          25% chance to produce a second blast that strikes the same target for
          25% damage (both down from 30%, respectively).”

          Not exactly ticking less, and only for one spec. Not balance.

          Again, report everything Spruce Cycle posts and move on with your life. Feeding a troll like him is not worth the effort.

    • Darkojin

      The funny thing is, the range was only shortened for Sin/Shadow. Picking Sorc/Sage gives you the 20m range increase, which keeps the ability at its normal 30m range.

    • Bshts

      Was it you that were crying on all the forums about Nerfs day and night like a bitch ?

  • relasine

    I guess my question is do the changes to Serenity bring it more in-line with Infiltration, or will Serenity continue to be the stronger PVE discipline?

    • zenight

      Serenity is still the stronger of the 2, numbers will go down only slightly with changes to Serenity Strike but that’s it.

      It will still have more damage, more range, without needing to get behind a foe, can spread dots, has good AOE and be overall better then Infiltration in PvE, heck the only change to PvP is that now I’ll actually need to use to use stealth to start a fight rather then just burst from afar then move in for the kill…

      • Pearls

        Then they really need to upgrade the Deception side because it sucks as it is nobody plays that now.
        They destroyed a class.
        What the sht are they thinking ?

  • Kel

    i don’t understand why they feel the need to nerf everything. quick, someone else give bioware some more ideas on how to make this game less fun!

    • Dolso

      When you nerf something it’s usually done when something is overpowered.So I believe they’re trying to make more balanced gameplay.

      • Xspot

        They try to fck it up because of the cry baby whiners.
        Ridiculous people.

  • Eban

    And the PVP nerf stick strikes again..next patch juggernauts i bet 1 credit.

    • Karl Hungus

      Juggernauts aren’t really overpowered though. They’re strong, but once their defensive cooldowns are up, they’re easy to take down. Pro tip: instead of beating on them while Enraged Defense is active, stop attacking them and let it expire.

      • Spruce Cycle

        Yeah way not to proc anything dumdum

      • Bs

        Once they start they will Nerf everything.
        Suck it up now because some Pugers keep on crying on the forums for Nerfs.

        Devs will Nerf everything and every class now to total trash and suck it up.

  • The Watchmen

    This is only round 1 of these. Bet they will not touch Forcequake/Force Storm though lol. The WTFpwn machine is still alive!

  • Pata

    Forcequake should be changed. I would not nerft it in general, but you can do more AOE damage with a sage HEALER than some DPS classes (for example scrapper scoundrel). It is simply ridiulous.

    • Spruce Cycle

      Whine moar.

      • Dolso

        Always that one poor fellow that always needs to QQ on people. Get happy, Spruce!

      • Holyfrog

        More. Ironic that the guy that goes around correcting people when they use “your” instead of “you’re” can’t spell “more”.

        • Spruce Cycle

          ^does not know the meaning of the word irony.

          • Holyfrog

            It’s called grammatic irony.

            • Spruce Cycle

              It’s called being a retard which in ur case is congenital. Haha.

          • Spruce needs to go

            doesnt know the meaning of the word tired, as in your act is so fucking tired

            • Spruce Cycle

              ^needs the words stalking and obsession thoroughly explained to him as well as his meds, STAT!

      • Spruce the asss

        Sounds like you.

    • NunyaDangBisness

      I just created a Sage the other day because I’m light on Pub side healers…and holy crap, the 1st thought I had when I got Forcequake was “this is some totally OP’d shit”. Ran KDY with a group and I was out DPSing the DPS with ease. (and yes, I know, healers should heal, not dps…it was KDY, who cares)

      Don’t get me wrong – it’s AWESOME taking down entire mobs with one ability, but…it’s kinda ridiculously OP.

      • Naq

        If everyone is stable, you should absolutely feel free to throw some rocks or lightning around, shake it up etc.

        Every point of damage you can do while the group isn’t in direct peril, is a point they don’t have to do, which ends the fight a little quicker, adding up to less healing to do overall. Just don’t endanger your own resources doing it : )

        • NunyaDangBisness

          Oh I know…I just tossed in that comment to fend off the inevitable cries of “you’re a healer, why were you dpsing?”.

          • Holyfrog

            Well sometimes as a healer you need to do a little DPS because you may have a crappy team. Just like when you are a DPS Jugg and the tank Jugg doesnt know what he is doing and you have to taunt the boss in the sand storm to the generator.

            • Secundum Ave

              Oh god…I had that once playing on my Shadow.

      • George

        Yes the Mob’s are complaining.
        So lets make it a total fck up class unable to play any real Nightmare or HM content.
        Because some Pvp whining bitches.

    • sentientomega

      My healer sage AND healer sorc pretty much uses that/storm and disturbance/lightning strike for solo stuff, anything else doesn’t fit on my quick bars the healing abilities take up.

      Plus, am I the ONLY one not spamming quake/storm for dps sage/sorc specs?

  • AmyAuditore

    Still nothing more on Sents/Maras

  • Ah, a Lightning nerf without a) touching Force storm b) buffing Madness damage output to make it PvE viable. Bravo.

    • Joe W.

      duno why they would NOT touch force storm.. maybe thats next? I hope(?) I like my fix for it.. drop its damage, but make it spread/refresh affliction that way it is only viable for aoe situations (like it is supposed to be)

      I dont’ see a sorc madness buff?
      The only change for them seems to be reduced range until you get transmission.

      • I said “without”.

        • Joe W.

          ahh read that wrong… good deal

    • Arby

      PvE viable? Screw that… all classes are intended for PvP only, haven’t you learned anything since you’ve been playing TOR? It’s like they only have PvE content for leveling purposes and wasting time between WZs. BW doesn’t give a flying stinking crap how effective any classes are in PvE as long as nobody can dominate PvP too harshly.

  • 123123123

    As far as PvE goes assault spec and IO needed a slight nerf in sustained dps, dont they? As for sage/sorc I have no idea why they decided to nerf their single target damage because they were getting their numbers from aoe, you can even use force storm/quake in your single target rotation effectively. Looking at how BW nerfed flyby/orbital for example they argued that it wasnt meant to replace abilities for single target rotations too thereby it was OP according to them. But what they are doing now doesnt make any sense, unless it comes striclty from pvp.

    • #thnxbiofail

      none of what biofail is currently doing makes any sense.. they are in all respects ruining the game

    • sentientomega

      Nerfs happen for PvP reasons, period. On that basis, there should be separate PvP characteristics for every spec, and what should show on the tooltips for passives and all abilities is is PvE: Does blah.

      PvP: Does blah. so that whenever you’re flagged, or in a WZ, it’s the player’s fault they stink at it, and not the game’s, and everybody would know that.

      But no, diehard PvPers invariably say “Screw PvE, we’re the master race!”

      • Loosers

        They are all ridiculous cry babies.
        And they complain for everything too because their life sucks big time.

        Unless they go outside to play in real life a bit it will continue to suck so all they can do is complain for everything and anything they can.

      • Arby

        Each skill should have a PVP and PVE effect. If it screws up PVP then that is the effect that gets changed. But you’re right, everytime some assclown sucks at PVP he cries and somebody else gets nerfed and all it really does is fuck the affected class’s PVEers in the ass… every time, since the game started. PVP should be completely separate classes on isolated servers so they can’t bother the rest of the players, tbh… or it should just be eliminated.

        • bigjohn

          then the losers will start crying they cannot get used to the diff mechanics between pvp and pve battles

  • Geoff

    Put a cooldown on Force Storm/ Force Quake and balancing sorcs/sages = Done.

    • Flyer

      Can put an ice cream on top of your toon too just in case.
      Any other Ideas ?
      What class you play ?



    • Jerac

      Cool story Bro!

      • Web

        If you dont like it go complain on the forums like you always do.

    • Dogers

      I agree with that 100%.
      They have started fck up the whole game because of a few whining Pvpers worthless pugers.

      Preferred status for me too till they abandon the Pvp mindset and stop listening to the whiners.
      We are in this game for the Pve and the story content and not for the Pvp stupidity.

      • InterWebsHardassWarrior

        You are quite possibly the dumbest person I’ve seen yet on these forums. They’ve have done NOTHING for PvP since…I can’t even remember. They’ve come out and said their ENTIRE focus this year is around story-based expansions and PVE. When pressed for info on PvP they just say they are balancing classes and working on things. All I play is PVE and I can see this. Just go crawl in a hole with the other simple creatures and wait for a more intelligent life form to come along and end your worthless existence.

        • Simple

          The biggest problem is that hey do the Nerfing Fckin system according to the PVP whiners !
          Because I haven’t see Sparky complain on the Forums for Nerfs !!!!

          Its not about the content that they haven’t add on the Pvp for some time which is a whole different issue

          The problem is the Nerfs and they do the Nerfs only for the PVP and no one else.

        • Dogers

          A more intelligent life sht is coming and will eat your ass big time.
          Because you don’t know what are you talking about.
          You reply to a comment without understand the concept that its based on.

          If you play Pvp why you ask for Nerfs then ?

          Because you kill the Elite Mobs too fast and you cant handle it ?

    • Mr. Norris

      can I have your stuff?

  • Astyra

    Interested to see what the new packs will look like.

    • Sarigar

      Most likely a small box or container that drops from the sky and opens up in front of your character. 😀

      • Kidiot

        Would Batman be inside it too ?
        Because I’m going to cry day and night in the forums if I don’t see that.

      • Astyra

        LOL yes, probably. Maybe what the box contains as well. xD

      • Slinky

        BAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! owned that kid. he stupid like my gramsma on roller skates.

        • Sarigar

          Not really, I’m well disposed towards Astyra, it was just playful teasing. I’m glad you found it so entertaining, though.

        • kalcutta

          Wow, you sound like a stupid juvenile delinquent…
          How does that feel, worm?

  • SupRun

    That’s going to nerf my Hatred opener.
    Oh well, I didn’t like that class much anyway.

    • @#432

      OK lets all start playing Mara’s and Juggers.
      Damn Pvpers always complain for something.

      • SupRun

        I played PvP a grand total of one time on that toon.
        My Sentinel is still at level 57 after doing the FA FPs. I’m not bothering with him.
        My GM doesn’t seem real interested in me leveling my Jugg tank, so he’s still at 55.
        So what’s your point exactly?

        • PwnerOfMoms

          You only level what your GM wants you to level? What a scrub.

          • SupRun

            I thought I’d help out my guild by making a tank to use in our progression group….so that makes me a scrub?
            If that helps you sleep at night, fine.
            It was actually nice not to make a 10th 60 to min/max and augment.

        • Coolers

          The point is that they should make an entirely new Pvp only class.
          So all Pvp games would be played only by that class.
          1 class for all to have like counter strike games etc.

          So there would be no complains and Nerfs whiners then.

          • SupRun

            Sure, that’s a great idea (not that I care because I don’t PvP) but anyone who actually believes that BioFail is actually going to do that is kidding themselves.

  • Random Lightning Spec

    Sorcerer is a ranged class. Putting one of my spec’s abilities that I use on cooldown to a 10m range is a little harsh. 🙁

    • Anon

      Death Field, Demolish, and Crushing Darkness now additionally receive a 20 meter range increase from Transmission.”
      So yeah, only affects the Assassin class, not Sorcerer.

      • Random Lightning Spec

        Oh. Okay. I guess that’s fine then?… if a little weird… since people have been crying for sorcerer nerfs not assassin nerfs. (Personally I’d rather they re-do the PvP system entirely, so my PvE doesn’t get screwed up, but meh.)

        • sentientomega

          I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; EVERY nerf is for making PvP animals happy, and screwing PvErs like me.

          • Batman

            Damn these Pvp whiner cry babies Kidiots they have messed the whole game because of them.

        • PvpJunk

          Why should they care about a bunch of Kidiots that cry night and day on the forums for Nerfs because they don’t know how to play their class.

          Give 1 class only for the Pvp so everyone would be happy.
          Just 1 class for all to play and nothing else like counter strike.
          See what the Kidiots have to say then.

          • VelRathis

            I’m with the you on this 99% of class issues dont need nursing. If you find your class ducks it’s probably a ‘behind the keyboard’ issue.

            • VelRathis

              Nerfing( bloody predictive text) oh and sucks not ducks! Grrrr

              • JK

                Yea I hope this text predictive sht can predict the future some time soon.
                It would be more useful then.

            • 1Republic

              Totally true.
              I’m also 100% on the 1 class system for Pvp so there will be no excuses then.

      • Nerfers

        Ridiculous shouldn’t have done that it destroys the class.
        Nerf Mara’s too they are too much OverPowered !
        Come on people lets start whining and maybe the devs will do it.

  • Spider

    When are the Coratani Nerfs coming up ?
    Tired of all the Pvp sht nerf talking.

    • Secundum Ave

      Why would Coratani need a nerf exactly?

      • AveAse

        Because complainers and whiners like you keep asking for nerfs all the time.
        Instead of asking to Nerf other classes because you cant win them at least start asking for useful Nerfs

        • LaLaLa

          Stop saying “nerf” so much…you fucking nerf herder.

          • POstman

            You stupidity has no limits !
            If someone need a Nerf thats you !!!!!!!!!!!
            Quit already.

        • Secundum Ave

          *Sigh* This is why I hate stupid people. Nothing really needs a nerf. All I said was that if anything needed to be nerfed, it wasn’t Crushing Darkness.
          And this is the internet. Complainers exist.
          But seriously, only Sparky is easier than Coratani-why would she need a nerf?

          • Bigs

            Because the Parrot does huge amount of damage to the under geared new players and the wipe like crazy on that phase.

            Its not Puger friendly.

            • Secundum Ave

              Well, I guess that’s why everyone always needs to show the achievement then.

      • Vodorlo

        It doesn’t need a nerf, it needs a fix.

        • Secundum Ave

          Again, why?

          • Vodorlo

            Good question, why should there be bug fixes…

            • Secundum Ave

              No, what’s the Coratani bug that needs fixing? Do you mean the door?

              • Xundiin

                During the fight when she’s suppose to use the escape pod. Sometimes she bugs out and starts attacking the group again making it impossible for you to progress to the next phase of the fight.

              • Secundum Ave

                Ah right. Never had that happen to me.

              • Vodorlo

                Yea, the door and Coratani attack the escape pod.

  • Nate

    I am surprised they didn’t do anything to maras/sents … I mean making camo cleanse CCs and able to activate anytime would likely be all we needed to be viable again in pvP right now…

    • Late

      Opening the Nerf box and all kinds of crazy things happens they will Nerf everyone soon.
      Because some pvp guys cant play their class.

  • A fan

    RIP Leonard Nimoy (Mr Spock)

    • sentientomega

      He has been, he shall always be, my friend.

      • THEQuoteMaster

        Get the quote right, you insensitive SOB! What? Your Google broken? FAIL! You suck at life.

        • sentientomega

          With your manners, you must be an hardcore PvPer.

          • Douglas


    • Slinky

      Ummmmmm…HELLO! This is Stars Wars here, buddy. But seriosly, the Spock was great and too young to perish. I liked him on Heros.

      • Theminiature Painter

        80-something is to young, r u serious lol?, we would all be lucky to live that long

        • TheHarbingersKwerty

          He’s confusing Leonard Nimoy with Zachary Quinto (Spock in the new star trecks, also played Sylar in the TV Series heroes, the serial killer who could steal the powers of those he killed)

        • Spockers

          80 is the new 18 haven’t you heard that ?
          Bring back Spock we want Spock !

    • Kerk

      When are they Bringing Spock as a star wars character ?
      Would love to see that, merging both worlds into 1, why not Devs give it a thought.

  • sentientomega

    As for assassins/shadows, creeping terror/sever force should also be at a range of 10m.

    • AdjeYo

      Nah, they can have a 30m ability, just about every class has one.

      • sentientomega

        But it makes no sense, for melee classes to use 30m abilities. I was happy with incendiary round at lvl 10 for vanguards pre-3.0.

        • MegaPug

          It doesn’t matter if you are happy when thousand others are not.
          Change game if you cant play this.

          • sentientomega

            Or, maybe just someone with a thousand faces, you.

            I’ll change game when the game itself is closed, and not before; your personality stinks, but will not make me leave any more quickly.

            But as for 10 meter max range for melees ACs, that itself was BW’s idea.

            So shut up, and take Kindy again.

            • GoFish

              Then stop your stupid complains and whines.
              Spend some time to learn to play your class better instead of complaining on the forums like a cry baby.

              Go play some Pro football sht and complain there about how much overpowered the goal keepers are.

              • sentientomega

                Oh it’s you, you’re due some time with Guidance.

        • AdjeYo

          Well it’s nice them to have at least one 30m ability, so they can at least do something when they have to be away from boss.

    • SNipers

      And I suggest that they should reduce your abilities to 5m range because they are overpowered as they are.

  • Sadsage

    Balance / Madness Fix in 4.0 ?!

    • AdjeYo

      Nah, Balance/Madness will get fixed when Kotor III comes out.

      • sourkun


    • Reds

      Maybe change your class or learn to play before you ask for Nerfs ?
      Once a puger always a puger

      • Sadsage

        Balanceadness need huge buff . Its absolutely far the worst class in pve.
        I dont care bout pvp shit

        • John Doe

          Balance/Madness is one of the finest pvp specs , so yea we don’t care about ur pve shit either just a reminder.

          • Sadsage

            So you pvpers are not happy and us pvers too. I dont know how to make both fractions happy but i know a sure way to fail – by trying to please everyone.

            • Mnm

              Totally true.
              A big solution would be a Pvp only class so everyone will play with the same class.
              That would end the complainers.

              • AdjeYo

                It would end complaining sure, but it would also be incredibly boring.

          • Gerorgi

            Then stop complaining.
            Nerfing classes wont help anyone.
            Maybe just the pugers a bit for a short while.

            They will Nerf all of them no matter what if complainers keep on whining around like babies because they cant play their class properly.

    • Swt

      Worst class in pve maddness and Balance need boost !

  • Zalman

    If EAWare just could kick the Hackers and Greditsellers, then SWTOR would be alot more fun for the Exploit… eh, I mean for the Players.

    • BjMan

      Something should be done for all those spams in the general chat from the Gold diggers.

  • Tal Rasha

    They shoudl fire the dev team, and close the ehole game project and give it to some other geame developer team, who can actualy abel to fixing this game. Sages are fine, they don’t need nerfs, they need Boost. Idiots…

    • AdjeYo

      Sages hardly need boosts, telekinetic Sages can take these nerfs, but I’d rather see forcequake get nerfed a bit not the rotational abilities.

      • Mario

        Then go play Super Mario land because you have no future in this game.

        • AdjeYo

          Such a beautifully articulated argument. I’m impressed by your discussion skills.

          • Jacks

            Your skill in complaining is much better than your playing skill

            So instead of wasting time crying and whining for nerfs spend some in game time to learn to play better your toon or level a new one if you think the one you have is weak.
            Plain and simple.

            • AdjeYo

              What the hell are you talking about? I didn’t ask for nerfs, I simply stated that telekinetic sages aren’t doing too shabby and can live with these nerfs. I also find it hilarious how you immediately seem to assume I’m a shit player who whines because he’s getting his ass handed to him.

      • Grizzly907LA

        It what reality are you living in?

        • AdjeYo

          I don´t know, maybe the one where my lightning sorcerer is doing mighty fine in raids? Also, try not to cry, these nerfs aren’t so bad and they were to be expected.

    • Bulo

      Because of all the retard whiners that expect to start wining games if all the classes are nerfed except theirs.

      Chicken heads for life.

  • Viktor’s mask

    How about fixing Earthquake animation for Sages? :/

    • AdjeYo

      Yeeeessss, we needs that.

    • sentientomega

      NO! That repeated shaking played hell with cutscenes…

      • AdjeYo

        It looks so stupid now, one quake and then nothing. And your char is just standing there like an idiot “channelling” a one time quake.

        • jtyyj

          Nonono, to hell with those damn quakes, messes up the screen. The sound can still be there for all I care but please god not those screen quakes

          • BM

            Its a madness out there.
            Who can save the world form all that sht ?
            BatMan can.

        • sentientomega

          I don’t think you realise this, but when I first tried 3.0 forcequake, I saw that it worked properly because the ground still looked liked it moved abit, and the pre-3.0 one was messed up.

    • Spiders

      And make it a bit like spidermans web style something.

      • To Puny Spiderman

        I think Hulk Smash write into it be better

    • BrianDavion

      I think it’s working as intended

  • Lynndiana

    Now if hatred sins could have their immunity toned down, self-healing toned down, and dot spread strength toned down, then that would put them back in line with other classes.

    • EatSHt

      Anything else you crazy puger ?
      Maybe make them unable to walk and only crawl like lizards would that be good for you ?
      So can win a game in Pvp since you don’t know what rotation is.

      What class are you playing anyway ?

      Because when the Nerf box opens up nerfs are coming for all your class too.

      • Lynndiana

        I said “toned down”, not “removed”. And if you can call hatred sin’s facerolling “rotation”, then how sad it is for the this game to cater to casuals.
        I play concealment operatives, one of the most balanced specs in 3.0 at the moment. Neither overpowered, nor underpowered.

        If you have a pair, play deception. For die-hard hatred players, they will still play it well, they will stick to the spec no matter what happen to it.

        • abaddonsmummy

          I think you hit the nail on the head here Lynndiana.
          Sadly this is yet another PVP driver Nerf that has hit the PVE community with a bang.
          True we dont need 30m being a melee class however during a boss mechanic when we have to pull out of melee range it was good to have a ranged option available seeing as RDPS can just stand anywhere and fire through their rotation with ease.
          *sigh* 🙁
          O and btw I have been a hatred sin well before 3.0.

          • Qrl

            Thats the problem with all those Pvp nerfs that affect everyone either they play Pvp Sht or not.
            Thats why we suggested a new class for Pvp only so everyone will play only 1 class in Pvp and they will stop whining like bitches.
            Ruining the Pve content of the game.

            Lynndiana doesn’t understand that and only cares about how she will win easier on Pvp.

        • Rolldeep

          I play operatives too but I never cry whine or complain that another class is Overpowered and similar Blshts.
          If I believe that the class I play is weak for some reason I ask for Buffs not to Nerf all the other classes.

          Wtf is wrong with people these days cant even understand what they need.
          Pugers for life.

          • Lynndiana

            Buff operatives then suffer the wave of QQ and get nerfed to the ground in 3 days? No thanks. Concealment operatives are fine as they are, please don’t touch them.

            By your logic, we should buff all other classes to have 12 seconds CC immunity, snares immunity, phase walk + stealth out for 2 ways to escape combat then h2f, dot spread from 30m away + self heal like a mofo, multiple CCs and snares, at the same time hitting like a mofo and putting out more burst than deception…which is supposed to be the burst spec? Oh and did i mention that they are…you know…stealth class?

            Even AP powertechs can shit on people with their bursts, but at least they are glass cannons to compensate. For hatred sins? Nope, they are the best of both worlds.

            Oh and what takes more work? Nerf one class, or buffs other 7 classes with the risk of an even bigger wave of QQ?

            Seriously, any hatred sins cry at this time is laughable.

            • LynnNerf

              The only stupid people that cry all the time are the ones that cant play their class.
              No Nerfs should be done in any class from now on.
              If pugs don’t like it they can change class but they will suck anyway no matter what class they choose.
              Go check the forums and see who is complaining and whining all the time for Nerfs and you will understand.

              You think that class is so much better than yours level up one then and suck it up already.
              Play more comment less.

  • Jon Farva

    Can someone tell me how to solve equatic fraction formulas?? I need them done before 3-1-15 at 11:59

    • BluBerry

      Use some yogurt and some red pepper and you are done baked in th oven for 17 minutes and ready to be served.

      Your guests will thank you.

      • thisguy

        instructions not clear enough i got my penis stuck in the ceiling fan

        • farvaLava

          Good Job then.
          Use some soda and you will be fine.

  • abaddonsmummy

    PVP nerfs shafting the PVE community.

    • sentientomega

      All the more reason for every discipline to have separate implications for PvE and PvP, same for all class abilities.

      • Spruce Cycle

        Way to make already complicated class mechanics even more so.

      • Pj’s

        The only solution to all the stupid complainers unable to play their class and asking for Nerfs is for only 1 class to be able to Pvp.

        All have to use 1 and single class and thats it.
        Because the idiots cant handle anything else.

      • Secundum Ave

        This. A 4th tree purely for PvP, and only getting expertise benefits if you’re IN that tree, would be awesome.

        • Burp

          It doesn’t have to be like that, what OP meant was that every spec with it’s skills has different effects in PVP and PVE

          • Secundum Ave

            Hmm…That seems a little too complicated.

  • Badenglishiknow

    Are there any subs left or all free2play now ? Too sad that 3.0 ruined the game for many people that quit the game and leave several 2-4ppl guilds behind. Matter of time that those ppl will quit the game too if there is too less live in the game.

    • Corwin

      Dunno what you are talking about. Today’s DK chat was pretty with tons of people there. And my new guild is growing pretty well, don’t see lack of activity.

      • Corwin

        *crazy – after “pretty”. Stupid phone.

      • Spruce Cycle

        Corwin and his delusions. U shld have those checked out man! lol

    • Spruce Cycle

      Games been on life support for ages, it’ll be officially dead by the end of March.

      • Wondering

        Thought you said March 1st since wow patch 6.1 dropped

      • SpiderMan

        Why you are still here then ?
        Because even if the game dies which it wont you will go to another one that would be worst or the same so whats the point of all the blshts ?

        • Spruce Cycle

          I’m here bc this is the comment section u non-smart person.

          • Think

            So instead of commenting and writing sht all the time maybe you should be playing.
            Unless you think comments are a game too.

            • Spruce Cycle

              Unlike you I can manage walk and chew gum at the same time. smh.

              • ComplainLess

                Maybe thats why you suck so much.

    • Var

      People have been claiming this game is dead since 1.2 came out. Its not going anywhere, still plenty of people playing.

      Totally disagree on 3.0. I think it saved the game. I see more people playing now than at any moment during the 2.0 phase. Maybe you just play on the wrong server. I always see activity at most times of the day or night. Maybe queues arent insta-pop, but name a game where it is. Nothing wrong with this game aside from the self-entitled whiners who want everything their way right away.

    • Secundum Ave

      “The sky is falling!” Seen that in every single update since the game launched.
      Both of my guilds (Rep and Imp) are full of subs. After all, F2P essentially can’t raid, as unless you’re level 60 in full artefact gear, you’re useless.

  • John Doe

    Sins/Shadows is the new FOTM , they finally toned them down before a year’s time im impressed with the dev team 🙂

    • ComplainersAllover

      Maybe you are impressed with yourself being unable to play your class properly and always asking for Nerfs to support you.
      Quit already.
      Damn cry baby complainer.

      • Try

        you must be a sin/shadow… you mad?

      • VGbecause’its’fun

        yup he’s a sin/shadow player. only reason he’d be mad. im surprised they weren’t nerfed more, sad.

  • Heist 101

    Still no free roam space in sight.. im trying out eve online again for the time being to supplement my space battling urges, until Swtor spices up again with Ziost etc. (not unsubbing)

    • AriesCZ

      GSF is free roam (in a limited combat area). Do not expect full free roam galaxy any time soon, that is just not how the game was designed, it was build around story, and that usually has to happen on the ground, not while dicking around in empty void.

    • Secundum Ave

      Pretty sure they said a couple of years back that that was never going to happen, and they’d have to rebuild large portions of the game from scratch if they wanted to do it.

  • Isilith

    Wait, wait… BioWare’s nerfing Sorc DPS… when Commandos/Mercs are the top DPS in the game right now and changed not at all. Where the fuck does this logic come from?

    • dwas

      Assault Specialist

      Incendiary Round and Serrated Bolt no longer benefit from Assault Trooper.

      Bounty Hunter
      Innovative Ordnance

      Incendiary Missile and Serrated Shot no longer benefit from Ordnance Expert.

    • Spruce Cycle

      “Commandos/mercs top dps” BAHAHAHHAAHAHAA!

      • Corwin

        Yes, they are. But well, you don’t play the game anymore, so you don’t know that. What was the last patch you actyally played? 1.2?

        • Spruce Cycle

          My sub runs out in 13 days. Thank God too, wont have to deal with these needless Sage nerfs. But swtor is wiped from my harddrive as of 4 days ago to make room for WoW.

          • Junkers

            The problem is if you haven’t understand already that wow is a total garbage now.
            So don’t even bother installing it because you will quit it very soon.

            • Spruce Cycle

              Been playing WoW since 2010. It has its issues but unfixed bugs. server lag and general neglect isn’t one of them.

    • VGbecause’its’fun

      First of all I agree Mando/Merc has top dps Parses in the game. HOWEVER, sages have more mobility and better group utility. I’ll be happy to agree on removing all op sage utilities and removing force speed from the class if you wish to keep your damage.

  • Gyulusss

    bad bad or end

  • Dream

    As an assassin, I somewhat feel untouched. I thought the spec was good in +2.4 Coming in top 4 dps, or just wrecking people as they came to my node when I defended, It’s just a lot better now, both fun and more effective. But the changes will change hatred sin by a lot.

  • MatiS

    And they nerfed shadows :(. Pity. 30m range was really usefull for ops bosses fights, and self-healing allowed to compensate light armor :(. I hate this damn pvp’ers – from balance reasons mdps should look like this:
    1.) shadow – best damage, worst armor
    2.) sentinel – medium damage, medium armor
    3.) guardian – best armor, worst damage
    4.) vanguard – best armor (equal to guardian’s), worst damage (little less than guardian due to more ranged abillities)

    by ‘worst damage’ I mean much more than tank’s damage, just less than other dps 😀

    • AdjeYo

      Still, with the selfhealing serenity shadows have a much better survivability than sentinels. Add to that the stealth out, phase walk, self cleanse and single target taunt and you see why you shouldn’t be dealing much more damage than sentinels or guardians or any other dps for that matter.

      • Siren

        Go cry and complain at the PacMan forums.
        If you cant play your class well then the only think that needs Nerf is the complainers.

        If you think you cant perform well change your class not all classes are for everyone.
        Each play style is different and not all people can play equally well all classes.

        So stop complaining about Nerfs and fix yourself first then see what else is broken.

        • AdjeYo

          Wow, way to completely miss my point. I’m not asking for nerfs, I’m saying that making the height of dps depend on armour type is not a very good idea imo. Survivability is much more than just your passive damage reduction.

          • Cherry

            It all depends on the melee ranged categories.
            Melee need much more self heals than the rest.
            They eat all the circles knock backs and aoe’s form the bosses etc

            • AdjeYo

              If you’re eating all the knockbacks, circles and aoe’s, you’re doing something wrong. Besides the hatred assassin is together with annihilation marauder the only melee class with rotational selfhealing, but it’s besides the point. I was pointing out that they are most certainly not the squishiest melee class and giving them higher damage than the others due to their light armour would be foolishness. Also they have 10m range on a lot of their abilities, a luxury a lot of other melee specs do not have.

  • grimmRIP

    Pls Coratanni stop whinning that this or that class hit to hard and need nerf..3 years nerf buff nerf buff fucking every class every fuckin time …!!!Coratanni should be banned for life with all those crying bitches…no offence intended

    • BanntheComplainers

      I get sick from all these complaining Nerf loving bitches that whine and moan and cry unstoppable.
      We do they even listen to them ?

      Now sparky started complaining and wants extra buffs and extra long ranged abilities so he can wipe all the pugs.

  • Par

    Really? If there’s any class that doesn’t need nerfed is Mercenary

    • Noroxus

      You’re funny.

  • Grizzly907LA

    The sorc nerfs are so bad. Its a nerf but it could have been worse.

    • Bookr

      Its ridiculous that the devs are even listening to all these useless complainers that have no clue from Pvp and always asking for Nerfs.

      They will lead the game to the bottom of the barrel the way they are going.

      • VGbecause’its’fun

        First of all, sages need more than just what they’re getting in terms of nerfs so be grateful it isn’t an overhaul. Sages/Sorc healers/Nuke specs are 2nd only to serenity/hatred shadow and sin specs respectively. And yes they are the most overplayed classes for a reason, they’re simply overpowered and outshine all other classes. If anything, I expected way more nerfs.

  • Angry@swtor

    Thank goodness more cartel packs are on the way!

  • Angry@swtor

    The whole range reduction thing for shadows/sins really blows. I can’t tell you how many times I have stopped a node cap / bomb plant by running in just in time and dropping a force in balance and stopping everyone from planting. We have always been able to do this ability from range; ALWAYS! Now the ability to do that from range is gone. EVERY other class has some sort of attack that they can unleash at range that will aoe multiple targets and can stop a bomb plant/node cap at range. Now sins/shadows don’t. Sure, take away the vanquish range, but cutting down that ranged aoe is pretty crappy when you consider all other classes have some sort of ranged aoe. Bad move.

    • AdjeYo

      All classes have ranged AoE’s? Juggernauts would like to hear more about this, and so would deception and darkness sins.

    • Darth-Robin

      troll keep playing that OP spec some more would ya, it is finally getting its ranged nerfed to were it should be, but bioware should not stop there next up is the removal of the 12 seconds of CC immunity that your op class is enjoying, then the root on overload, then the damage output of hatred spec. then finally up the burst of deception a little

  • Divona

    Dissapointed about sage dps nerf but at least they didnt also nerf forcequake. It is strange since with this change single target dps will go down (less procs less damage).

  • ManDingoCC6901

    This is all very interesting…

  • dexter-v

    Any news on performance fixes?

  • rompz

    Boost lethality sheesh… just gimme orbital nack

  • GetRekt Hie

    So,Sin’s have been Boosted once again (and no just DPS-wise).30M Root for A MDPS ? BW gotta be fcking kidding me.

    Mara’s remained sht since 3.0 (even with all those Bullshit changes) and with a 10m Root and Sins who HAVE BEEN OP since 3.0 launched are getting Boosted in every fcking Patch,epic.

    Time to roll a Sin.They’re the most Immune-to-Nerfs Class I’ve seen in any MMO over the Years.

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