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GW2 Ready Up Livestream Upcoming Camera Changes

GW2 Ready Up Livestream notes and pictures on the upcoming camera changes



Collision Sensitivity

  • Enabled at the lowest functional setting by default – half of your screen need to be filled with collusion objects to cause the camera to snap on your character. However, you can adjust so that more objects are needed before the camera snaps. Troll’s End jumping puzzle is a good place to experience collusion sensitivity.

Field of View


  • FoV slider. You can reduce or increase your field of view beyond the default values.
  • WvW concerns – As you extend your FoV, you are able to see over walls. However players have been able to this for a while now by going to window mode and stretching out their screens.
  • Traditional FoV is 50 degree vertical/diagonal. Now you can get to a minimum of 20 degree diagonal and a maximum of 70 degree diagonal.

First Person Camera


  • Similar to how first person camera in GW1 worked, you can see your skills activate and projectiles coming from you.
  • Makes fan creations such as machinima easier

Enhanced Camera Settings


  • New option to adjust the vertical camera to ensure your character is always on screen but you can see more of the sky etc.

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16 replies on “GW2 Ready Up Livestream Upcoming Camera Changes”

doesn’t look so. which is good since it would be terrible with legendary weapons, blocking your vision with their effects

I wish they would add the option to show enemy avatars in the bottom over the the healthglobe. That would make the worldbosses alot more visible!

first i was really disappointed, that it actually took them 2-3 years for this feature, since the default camera settings suck hard. fighting world bosses like tequatl is always like : wow check me out beating the shit out of this huge ass feet of an unseen creature and look at those beautiful dirt and water, which covers 40% of my screen.
and maybe we can finally be able to look into the sky and see the daytime circle.

but giving us so much options to adjust, they really make up for the wating time

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