SWTOR CM weekly sales for Mar 3 – 10

SWTOR Cartel Market sales for the week of March 3 -10.


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  • Confusion Incarnate

    Wait so they embargoed the stronghold packs??? Or…?

    • Tristram

      Only those specific packs. They embargo packs as new content comes out and generally rerelease them for limited periods of time later. They didn’t embargo all packs though no.

  • Secundum Ave

    Still stupid money for a mount.

    • idnewton

      Best way to handle the Cartel Market is to A: Find the best method you can for earning credits and spam it, B: always be looking for better methods to earn credits, and C: save your sub coins for coin-only things like Appearance Designer.

      I’ve been using that strat since CM came out and it works fantastic, you can buy whatever you want with credits on GTN, and you can still get the coin-only stuff provided you save appropriately. Never bought coins, never gave out or clicked a refer link, and I’ve had no problems.

      • Secundum Ave

        Yeah, I try and do that, but I’m horrific at finding ways to earn money. The only reason I have as much as I do is because I got lucky and got a Vorantikus from a pack and sold it. As for refers, I’ve given out 4, but that’s because I want the pets. =)

      • Secundum Ave

        As for sub-only coins, I save them for things that are stupid money otherwise. e.g. I really wanted improved mounting-2000000 credits, or 300 Cartel Coins? Easy decision (even though it’s a useless perk-I’m THAT lazy!).

  • Rompe Himself

    If only the rest of the game and bugs got as much love as the Cartel Market gets. 🙁

  • Naq

    Little disappointed seeing the sabers back up for sale again so soon at a less than interesting discount. It would be really nice to see another legacy unlock sale though, yes please.

  • Rangers

    Hoping for some Pink purple crystals discount offers on the GTN too.

  • Havik79

    LOL, I was right, just like they had xp boosts on sale a week after 2x xp, a week after gree event they have the gree stuff on sale.

    • Nemo

      Cant get these from the Gree anyway its Cm only versions

  • Ben Fuller

    Finally I been waiting for the solus secant. I always seemed to missed it when rl got in way

  • Pinkers

    Any chance we can see a Scalene in Pink too ?

  • Seth

    This blows.

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