GW2 Crystal Nomad Outfit now available in gemstore

GW2 Crystal Nomad Outfit is now available in the gemstore for the next 24 hrs. It costs 700 gems.

The sale will last until 11 am EST (8 am PST) on Friday March 6.

Dye Patterns











Asura (Male and females uses same model)


Charr (Male and females use the same model, note the crystals on the tail)


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35 replies on “GW2 Crystal Nomad Outfit now available in gemstore”

the crystals ruin it, and overall subpar to the assassin-looking outfit previously released.

The exchange rate is usually between 49 and 57 gold for 400 gems, except when these 24 hour sales go on. Then it’s around 75 gold. The moral of this story is to buy your gems mid week when the price is the lowest…when there are no 24 hour sales of course. I try to keep 800 gems stocked at all times, in case they decide to release skins that are worthwhile. That way I avoid the sting of market manipulation.

They need to space this new stuff out more. I spent all my gold on wings and looking at this I think I made the right choice. If you could break the outfits up more like regular armor it would be so much more awesome.

That is true I forget that early quests don’t drop the crystals like they used to do. I will have to run through four or five cities to get the crystals back for this one.

In that case the outfits are great. That is the same reason I will occasionally find myself in GW1 grinding HoM rewards for those free armor and weapon transformations.

If they would stop with the hidden boners on these outfit robes I’d cosider buying one, but not before. Can’t unsee -_-

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