SWTOR New Items from PTS Patch 3.1.2

A couple of new items were found in the PTS Patch 3.1.2. They are likely to be part of the upcoming Explorer packs arriving in April.





Companion Customizations


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Interesting the pistol, rifle and sniper rifle all look like they may have an extending barrel. Seeing another Scorpio customization is also awesome.

Those weapons look pretty nice. I hope that Scorpio customization is going to shine ingame as well (not only on the screen). 😀

*potential spoilers* Synopsis is that daisy ridley’s character got it from the junkyard where she lives. It COULD be ancient.

Well, SWTOR is around 4000 years in the past, technically. That said, given that the Star Wars universe doesn’t change at all within those 4000 years it’s a weak argument at best.

Aside from that I got nothing.

yeah, I get why people want things that look like the movies – but It actually makes me think twice when i see things that look too similar to the movie era. Because in terms of Earth 3600 years ago, we didn’t have anything similar to items and weapons that are common today lol. So it does seem weird that it wouldn’t change much in the starwars universe….

So in this game, by your logic, we should be running around clubbing shit with a stick wearing our dead animal hide armour and riding mastadon? Get real.

My problem is that this game looks so not like Star Wars that it doesn’t even resemble zKOTOR.

No, no sticks please lol. but I agree that kotor felt different. So did the “tales of the jedi series” that dark horse did some 20 years ago. It had a dirty rough edge about everything that made it still feel like it was ancient.

Yeah, it’s no wooden pirate ship with wings…
so, maybe someone of the art team stopped copy and paste LotR and WoW stuff and watched a Star Wras movie? A new hope that this game will turn and become a Star Wars themed game? It’s about time!

Aw come on, nothing says Star Wars more than those frigging pirate costumes and freaking boat-speeders!
People that want that WoW crap are playing the wrong game. And someone on that design team would be out looking for a new job if I was the producer of this game.

hahaha xD i was totally thinking the same stuff when i saw it thats the speed from episode 7 trailer xD

They should all be arrested for crimes against loar, punishable by a life time watching endless loar. Who cares about the loar, this speeder looks like crap anyway. lawl.

This KOTOR era “lore” sucks, the look sucks and 98% of the armor in this game suuuuuuckks. This game looks so little like Star Wars sometimes it’s sad that it’s even called Star Wars. More movie-era stuff is good. More “look that these giant f***ing spiky steel shoulder pads that are bigger than my chest armor and my enormous freaking pointy hat with horns that even WoW wouldn’t add to their game, and my stupid dinosaur mount” stuff….well, it’s stupid and “lore-breaking” (hate that term) for a true Star Wars fan. Even if it’s “old republic” it’s still not “world of warcraft space adventure”… time for the design team to get with the program and make this Star Wars game look like Star Wars.

There’s a touch of similarity, but it is not the same speeder. Ep 7’s model looks like the kind of thing you’d find designed by John Deere, very industrial. All the vital bits clumped up on one section, and “oh yeah, we need someplace for the pilot”. The one in the mined data shared a basic shape similarity at the front, but that’s it. it’s a lounging/reclined speeder with plenty of mass at both ends.

Hmm the weapons on first glance I wasn’t so keen on but coming back I do kinda like the look. They do look a little like the weapons we know and love from the films, which is nice to see a tie-in. And I’m especially keen on the asssault cannon. I loved the ones from the Nightlife packs cos one looked like an M2 heavy, and one like an MG-42, and then you had one of the more recent ones looking a bit like a minigun, and now this looking a bit like a chopped down Vulcan. NICE! . And am I wrong or is the speeder bike almost identical to the “flying hotdog cart” featured in the Ep7 teaser? 🙂 Coincidence, no?

My Commandos all rock the Ma Deuce. If more of the minigun assault cannon spun their barrels, that would change, but until then, it’s old school.

Weapons are ok. Only the blaster is boring. (but is still fear they ruin them by using the same boring blaster sounds they always do). I really like the mount, except the color!

Isn’t this SCORPIO customization already in game?

I am loving the new blasters! They look like they came straight out of the original trilogy. Same goes for the speeder, it looks just like the one from the Episode VII trailer. Wonder if ther’ll be some references to SWTOR in the new films? I hope so!

Ok, I’m finally looking at my new Assault Cannon. That thing is nearly perfect. First of all, it’s a minigun, enough said. It’s a simple, practical design, no weird colors, it’s not huge or oddly proportioned, and there’s no weird things sticking out of it. The only thing that I wish were different were the venting pieces covering the barrel. I would put them on the other end, closer to the body instead of on the tip. The thin part of the barrels makes it look a bit front heavy, but I’ll be getting that in a heartbeat.

Those are some very Star Wars-looking blasters. I’m not keen on the look being carried over to the sabers, but the guns look great!

I’m just looking at that saber staff and I’m convinced it’s going to drag on the ground. Whatever happened with the rescale on holster thing they had going for the vanilla and early cartel purple sabers?

I guess somebody send a Star Wars Bluray to BioWare and they finaly had a look into it. They should have done this in 2010 I think.

I started having an inkling of hope when they did the kingpin pistols. Then they came out with all the crap weapons at 3.0 and I lost it. Now I’m very cautiously starting to feel it again.

They’re not gas ventilation holes. That is a barrel shroud, designed to keep a user from burning himself on a firearm’s heated barrel, and also allowing heat to dissipate. It’s a visual callback/homage to the E-11 blaster rifle from the original trilogy, which was based on the Sterling SMG, which featured a similar shroud.

Star Wars blasters (or the majority of them) are not lasers. They fire what is essentially a charged-particle (or sometimes plasma) bullet, rather than a beam of coherent light. Presumably the barrels of such weapons can get very hot. This is also why SW blaster bolts are visible in flight, they travel much slower than a laser would, slower even than a chemically-propelled bullet.

Those ARE ventilation holes dumb ass. Those shrouds are just as warm as the barrel itself it is designed to COOL the firearm which a laser gun has no need for. #moron

Best not to reply to his troll posts, Luis, that’s exactly what he wants. I only replied above because it sounded like an honest question, and there may be other people wondering the same thing. The rest of his belligerent braying is a waste of everyone’s time, including his own.

Moron those vents r HOT and y do laser guns need them? Guess, what they don’t. Design fail EA.

They are ventilation holes indeed but calling him dumb ass when you are the one making an error makes you nothing less then what you are calling people.

“Why do they need gas ventilation holes? Theyre lasers.”

So Sarigar stands corrected, They aren’t gas ventilation, Heat? Yes, Gas? No. know the different?
anyhow. no point responding to me, wont reply and or read.

Why do they need barrels at all? They shoot beams of light, not bullets. All they need is a powerful friggin bulb of some sort. Then again, a powerful friggin bulb would get really friggin hot…. Thus: ventilation holes.


It’s a game. It’s science FICTION fantasy. Let it go.

It’s fictional. There is no need for anything. It’s just about the look and style.

And I think this looks way better than yellow-gold-green pirate canon barrels.

Well, no, they aren’t lasers. They’re blasters, they are expelling charged gas plasma. That’s a lot of heat, and probably as close to Science as Star Wars really gets in the Sci-Fi category. (SW is Fantasy).

Correction: All lasers are blasters. Not all blasters are lasers. Some are plasma based, others are particle beams. Much more infrequently, you can even find sonic-based blaster tech, although those were far more popular in the Corporate sector.
Main point: Not always lasers.

*spreads the legs on her folding chair* These items are so much of a sell out for the upcoming movie but… MY BODY IS READY.

SWTOR miner just released an image on his twitter, it doesn’t look anything like the picture, it actually looks very C3PO-ish with the gold plating and exposed wires in the joints.

SW Saga era weapons. GOOD. Now if they start to move toward saga era armor and away from the the freaking WOW reject armor this game may finally start to feel like the Star Wars game it’s supposed to be.

Anyone noticed there’s 5 different blasters while there’s only 4 categories of blasters? (excluding scattergun)

Weapon image 2 and 6 are both blaster rifles, 6 has a barrel extension. Expect this backs weapons to follow the format of either: 1. Base weapon, weapon with barrel extension, base weapon with holo sight, barrel extended weapon with holo and laser sight. Or 2. Base and extended barrel variants with different color plinky lights.

Looking at the blaster pistol, rifle and sniper rifle, and I can’t help but notice they all share elements placed in different configurations – the trigger section is exactly the same for all three. Now I need to go back and check the other designs and see if it’s the case for them as well.

Lazy? Maybe. Clever? Absolutely. Kinda dig the idea of a modular blaster. Reminds me of the DC-17m from Republic Commando, conceptually.

Not only that, but the E-11 and DH-17 (used by both the Rebellion and the Empire)’s basic parts were supposed to be interchangeable.

A double-bladed sword design is very strange. Mesh elements remind exhaust pipe and ventillyatsionnye holes, but why are they located where we hold a sword?

Long-barreled sniper rifle is nice, but this “vent”-elements is too bulky and placed when user holding a rifle. Single-bladed sword is nice too, I think, it’ll be great if a faint smoke will coming out of vent under the blade, making it looks like overtuned or overheated.

Its vents like the older video game controllers for people that get sweaty hands. Air blows out the vent holes for the sweaty handed jedi.

It puts me in mind of a lightsaber built from scavenged components. Kind of like how Corran Horn used a speeder bike handle for a hilt in that one book IIRC.

Some weapons in the original trilogy had them, like the blaster rifle that IG-88 has. Not sure what the purpose is for them on the lightsabers but they do look quite nice!

Cool mount, very Episode 7-ish 🙂

I really dig the sniper rifle and the cannon. Saber looks cool too.
Though DBSaber is probably the size of a walking stick.

This might not be the place for this and if not I apologize, but what ever happened to the Dread Tower HK skin they teased us with like a year and a half ago? I thought if they weren’t gonna put it in the rep vendor like it was on the PTS that they would have at least put it in a CC pack by now >.<

(Seeing the customization for Scorpio made me think of this)

As far as I know, that was never an advertised feature, it was something datamined by players prior to the Oricon content release. For whatever reason, the developers chose not to make the Watchtower droid skin available. I’m not sure it ever existed as usable content; someone who played Oricon on the PTS might be able to confirm that.

Yea, that’s him. A shame, really, that looks like the one HK customization that’s sick (save for the fraction droids)

Yea I knew it was on the PTS and just never released. Just wondered why after all this time it STILL wasn’t released even in a CC pack 😛

Its such a cool customization skin. I’m quite unimpressed with all the other HK skins out there so my HK still has his default skin. I may get the Yavin 4 HK rep skin. I’m not a fan of camo though

I like that they put some genuine variety between the different Shipments’ weapon designs, but looks like these will be a ‘pass’ for me – just not my style.

The red Vette customization you get when Vette joins your gang is luckily without headband.

Headbands suck, they should be a headpiece armor item, not part of the appearance.

I think that was literally their only influence when making that speeder… One of the many things that I already hate about JJ Abrams sick, twisted movie.

After what he did to Star Trek I don’t need any more reasons to hate him or his movie. Been a fan since the first movie came out when I was six, but I think I’ll never see the new ones. And that is one stupid looking speeder, where’s the step ladder to get on and off?

I’m not defending Abrams here, but what he did to Star Trek is something that – theoretically and absolutely hopefully – he’ll never be able to pull off for Star Wars.

Star Trek was a full-on reboot and refresh. Whilst it was a bold (perhaps even unnecessary) move, it did enable him to think that he was able to get away with rewriting beloved characters from step 1 and, even more unforgivably, that Wrath of Khan remake which everyone wishes he didn’t do.

Star Wars VII is going to be a continuation; whilst his design team can create – and have created – a fair amount of questionable designs (that speeder, the football-Droid), his story writing is thusly limited to continuing as opposed to rehashing. Thankfully, he can’t rewrite any of the older Star Wars films and dress it as up being new and spangly as he did for Khan. Nor can he “justifiably” completely rewrite characters from the ground-up.

Don’t get me wrong, I do admit that there is a chance that he can cock everything about this up massively, and I also don’t want to see ‘Abramisms’ in this film. I personally detach his name from my optimism for VII and instead look at it as a potentially-decent Star Wars film without any considerations for who wrote/directed it until after the event.
Will it be the same quality as IV, V, and VI? Of course not. Will it be as awful as I and especially II? Hopefully not, but only time will tell.

TL;DR: Star Wars shouldn’t suffer as Star Trek has done under him, but there is an undeniable chance that it can.

With a little luck Kathleen Kennedy took the comments and feedback regarding JJ and the new films that she received during her visit to Celebration Europe last year to heart. Supposedly it’s going to be more “models and locations” and less CGI, there was quite a bit of the “may the flare be with us” scuttlebutt on the CE’s twitter page as well… maybe she can reign him in and keep it respectable. All to be seen, Lucas chose her to be in charge for a reason so hopefully she won’t let us down.

Let me start by saying that I hate all of Abrams big screen projects thus far. However, he can’t “cock up” Star Wars any more than George did with The Phantom Menace. Nor can he cock up the expanded universe any more than the BDSM Vong that the novels introduced.

I don’t think that speeder in the picture is that bad. I mean I wouldn’t be caught riding it, but I can see it fitting in to the old feel of Star Wars and how many things were just junky looking. I mean come on, there was a freakin garbage can for a robot… You could easily put a Rubbermaid stamp on that thing…

So, are the first two weapon pics of the same blaster? Looks like it extends out the front when activated. Kind of neat.

I love extending weapons in this game, and these are the first ones since the Infiltrator’s Sniper Rifle that look really good. I love Mass Effect’s compact weapon folding, so any similar weapon in this game catches my interest. I hope the cannon in this set compresses the barrels into the body, just so it doesn’t look abnormally huge on my Commando’s back.

I’m guessing no, since these pics are what you see in the cartel market/collections window. Also the second picture has that ring at the end of the support rail. That wouldn’t just appear as the weapon extended. More likely it’s just the ‘level 2’ version of the weapon, as we’ve seen previously in aurek, besh, grek, etc.

I’m missing a new pink dye module and color crystal. They flood us with such crap in every pack, because everybody knows: pink is the typical Star Wars color. Not gray, black, brown, olive or other muted colors. No loud green, blue – thats Star Wars… like my little pony… BioWare knows that…

But… ok, we already know BioWare’s art team ist color blind.

You are really dumb and stupid, both jedi and sith have for centuries used different color crystals, have you even seen a star wars movie? I don’t know but the cities seem to have very colorful bright areas, specially cantinas, seems like you picked your name right DUMBSTARWARSFAN.

I really do like the weaopns here (although not a fan of the first Sniper Rifle, love the second one).

I do hope there are some good armor sets with the explorer’s pack, maybe a new dancer set without the loin colth.

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