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SWTOR PTS Patch Notes for March 13

SWTOR PTS Patch Notes for the March 13 patch

3/13/15 PTS Update Notes | 03.13.2015, 08:46 AM

Combat Changes
Jedi Consular

  • The damage dealt by Forcequake has been reduced.
  • Forcequake now consumes 60 Force (down from 120) over the duration of the channel (3 seconds, down from 6 seconds). Additionally, the snare on targets damaged by Forcequake has been removed.
  • Balance
  • Targets affected by Force Suppression now receive 15% additional damage (up from 10%) from your next 15 periodic damage abilities.


  • Targets can no longer suffer from the periodic effects of Mind Crush and Vanquish simultaneously.

Sith Inquisitor

  • The damage dealt by Force Storm has been reduced.
  • Force Storm now consumes 60 Force (down from 120) over the duration of the channel (3 seconds, down from 6 seconds). Additionally, the snare on targets damaged by Force Storm has been removed.


  • Targets affected by Deathmark now receive 15% additional damage (up from 10%) from your next 15 periodic damage abilities.


  • Targets can no longer suffer from the periodic effects of Crushing Darkness and Demolish simultaneously.


  • Adrenaline Rush now triggers when your health is reduced to 40% or less (up from 35%). Once triggered, Adrenaline Rush heals you up to 40% (up from 35%) of your max health for 8 seconds, but will not exceed 40% (up from 35%) of your max health.

Shield Specialist

  • Soldier’s Grit has been updated to match the changes to Adrenaline Rush.

Bounty Hunter

  • Kolto Overload now triggers when your health is reduced to 40% or less (up from 35%). Once triggered, Kolto Overload heals you up to 40% (up from 35%) of your max health for 8 seconds, but will not exceed 40% (up from 35%) of your max health.

Shield Tech

  • Coolant has been updated to match the changes to Kolto Overload.

Combat Bugs
Jedi Consular

  • Fixed tooltip of Upheavel to properly express damage dealt.


  • Fixed a bug that caused Tremors to prevent interrupts from Jolt and Disruption.

Sith Inquisitor

  • Fixed a bug that caused Convection to prevent interrupts from Mind Snap and Force Kick.


  • Fixed a tooltip bug that caused Hail of Bolts to display a lower damage score than its mirror ability.


  • Fixed a bug that caused Force or tech attacks to consume all charges of Decoy.

Bounty Hunter

  • Fixed a bug that caused Force or tech attacks to consume all charges of Decoy.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

149 replies on “SWTOR PTS Patch Notes for March 13”

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Kidding aside, it seems like the BH/PT’s are more incensed about losing Unload than the Sages/Sorcs are about the Force Storm nerf. Anyone who didn’t expect that change is probably also surprised when the sun comes up in the morning.

I think it’s more about losing the skill for most, as in it could have ben nerfed to the ground and they would have being happier.
The animation was a fav of many PT players it seems.

Yeah, I liked it myself, but I can live without it. Have to move something into that spot, though; can’t have a gaping hole in my primary quickbar!

Any game that constantly nerfs nerfs and more nerfs is going to fail. plan and simple. Either buff the under performing classes or go home. If they can’t do the hard work.. they suck. It’s always easy to nerf and it’s that’s how the game loses players. it’s fairly simple. it’s logical. which is biofail will never do it. this game has become a running nerf fest. every 3 months someone or something is getting nerfed. they can’t fix bugs in the game but they can come out with more cartel crap than I you can imagine.

game doesn’t even have a million subs .. game doesn’t even have 500k subs.. so where is this million outcry come from?

Game had 500k subs in 2013: no numbers after that. It currently has 1 million+ players every month, but not all play Sage / Sorc.

Sarigar was making a joke though.

game was under 500k subs in 2014 so… yeah.. and subs have only been dropping more and more recently with 3.0 fiasco even made me drop my sub. now i just play (if i do at all) as preffered and get ops passes from guildies

im guessing the million a month players is mostly F2p and gold spammers make up probably 70% of that number

“I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly
cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. I fear something
terrible has happened.” – Obi-Wan Kenobi

It’s from the movie “Star Wars”, it’s worth watching if you haven’t seen it.

Do we think think this will actually give PTs more survivability in Ranked? I’m doubtful. Kolto Overload allows me to live for split second longer than I normally would, but will still splat pretty quickly once focus-targeted by the opposition. I don’t know about others, but I would be willing to trade some of my burst for some actual survivability. PTs with a dedicated healer can be ok, and do fine in reg 8’s, but all of that burst that everyone complains about is worthless in ranked when you only live less than 15 seconds into a match.

Well, the nerf to force storm/force quake was a long time coming and i tended to only use it against 3+ enemies, i never used it for single targets, never saw the point, i never cared about the min-max style.

I personally welcome the nerf of those abilities.

Well we know storm nerf was coming hoping when BW say reduced damage its more like 3.5k ticks not any nerf to the ground 2k crap ^^

Wow. They killed the most iconic Force ability in the game, Force Storm. Cut its damage in half but at least let it last 6 seconds just for the visuals.

And gratz on buffing Madness, the most powerful spec in the game. Bioware Austin has got to be operated by the dumbest game designers in the industry. I bet they bring their guns to work and spend half their day polishing them instead of working on the game.

In PvE madness was the WORST spec in the game by a considerable margin.

And if you think Force storm was fine then I don’t know what to tell you.

I Would argue that Foce Lightning is the most iconic ability in the game myself and since the end of hybrid builds (with Madness being pretty aweful in general) it doesn’t get much of a spotlight…
Force Storm lost it’s snare and now uses up Recklessness charges faster, that’s all.
Still hits like a truck, only now the auto-crits with Recklessness will only last 6 seconds rather then 12 and you won’t be stuck at snail speed on top of that.

Yeah, I’m disappointed just from an aesthetics standpoint. At 3 seconds it’s barely a sneeze. I’d prefer it if they just made it consume 2 recklessness charges to use it once, but maybe that’s too hard to code.

Madness? Most powerful? Hahaha. Were you sleeping under a rock since 3.0? Did you ACTUALLY try to play Madness Sorc in 3.0+? It is 2-3 times weaker than lightning… You can have the best gear possible and you will be on the bottom of dps charts with your Madness… The buff they made is not enough at all. Except for nice self heals Madness sorc has NOTHING. Lightning beats it everywhere.

Wow talk about over kill on the Forcestorm nerf. I would off been happy if the ability had its damage reduced by like 15-20% and probably had a 12 sec cooldown (so stop that nonsense spamming over and over).

But to make the durating 3 secs and ESPECIALLY removing its snare effect? Hmm… I’m not so sure about that change.

Still has no cooldown so you can spam it twice for the same cost for 6 seconds. It will just use up 2 charges of Recklessness this way.

Keep in mind these are PTS notes – all points are subject to change. Leave your QQ on the SWTOR forums, not here where Bioware doesn’t care what you think about their changes to Forcestorm.

like PTS is to test out a patch and report bugs, but still the same bugs manage to get in on live, time and time again. If BW reads or doesnt read it, opinions will be voiced, some more drastically over exaggerated others more of a “standard” valid. thats hat comments section is here for. voice your opinion

so, buff jugg/guardian self heals. Nerf PT burst, fair enough. Try an make mandos/mercs harder to kill, but a 5% increase to kolto-overload was too little. Orbital strike nerf to force storm. Then buff serenity/hatred shadow/sin….
yep, Bioware has NO idea what the fuck they’re doing

“Then buff serenity/hatred shadow/sin….”
Humm, sorry but what buffs are you talking about?!
It gets nerfed in this patch and the previous one had a tank passive skill actually do what it says, same with the utility.
They had zero buff, 2 fixes (one that doesn’t even affect serenity/shadows) and upcomming nerfs to a dps skill and the range of their abilities.
I don’t know what notes you’re reading or what game you play but serenity/hatred is getting nerfed a little more each patch, *NOT* buffed

not at all.. they need to learn that some balancing techniques dont always work well for pve compared to pvp or the other way around.. these morons just do a global nerf or buff and expect everything to be A okay… yeah well bioware u got mercs in pve pushing nearly 6k single target no1 else can even come close to unless u aoe spamming adds.. yet mercs are squishy squishy death on site in pvp.. so yeah nerf every1 give mercs another 5% survivability in pvp yeah this makes perfect sense.. or hey lets nerf the PTs dps cause u have a bunch of PVP babies crying, now is pt dps even gonna be viable in a raid? i mean compared to the merc whos gonna be putting out around 1500 more dps now.. not sure what is going on inside of biofail creative but.. its far from anything good

The thing is, most the time these things are hard to balance as one side wants this, another side wants that. SWTOR though should be easy. Most the classes have decent dps specs right now. You just have some classes in PvP that have a ridiculous amount of survivability/dcds compared to OTHER classes. How you balance PvP right now is make the squishy classes on par with the not so squishy classes in terms of survival. Then in PvE, you know, nerf the merc a bit. I would GLADLY take a small nerf to dps in order to have greater survivability in PvP. The dps I have now is wasted in PvP because the class gets piled first an foremost every game, you never get a chance to work your rotation. So, yeah. Nerf us some. NOT a heavy nerf. Bioware needs to understand not to decimate skills when they nerf them. Orbital strike is virtually useless now. And a skill called ORBITAL STRIKE, where a giant laser comes down from the sky to pulverize…doing less dmg, FAR less dmg than say, suppressive fire. It’s a joke. This nerf to force storm. Tbh, you could take away the utility that increases it’s dmg by 25% away. Make it a passive for Lightning/TK only, make it 15% instead of 25, leave the slow and boom. Balanced.

The should stop listening to all those fck up whiners and complainers if they want to save the game otherwise they will throw it down the drain for good.

Had no idea they were also buffing jugg/guardian self heals….as if they didn’t already have the best DCDs in the game.

Its the damn Nerf box once it opens up all hell breaks loose.
Blame the whiners and Nerf lovers all over the forums.

wait.. so.. this ‘nerf’ to force storm.. they cut the damage.. and cut the duration.. so if you half the damage when halving the duration.. you’re still getting the same damage per second, just means you have to push a button twice instead of once.. seems like smoke and mirrors on the nerf front. Up the force cost, call it a day.. every other AOE class runs out of resource spamming their GBAOE.

duno, my pt spamming flame sweep, takes quite awhile to run out.

removeing the snare will make leveling a little more tedious though.

The big problem with Force Storm in PvP was the 12 second auto-crits with Recklessness while snared, now it’s a 6 second auto-crit wihout any snares.
Pretty big difference.

Less crying from the quiters in Pvp now ?
Probably not once a whiner always a whiner they will complain about the air in the arenas now how thick it is.

aww poor sorc, don’t cry… it’s not a nerf xD
my lvl 57 sorc storms for 7242/6s on live & 5317/3s on pts
soooo.. yh… lolz

If any sorc actually thought it was going to stay untouched as it was, they must not have played many MMO’s

Too many useless quitters around in the Pvp arenas that were complaining about.
Maybe they should stop playing too many mmo’s and get a chance in real life too.

See in what way the Nerfs apply there

its mostly class changes. really hoping they would also fix the graphics for the rishi bridge in the begining area, or maybe the bases for the holo trees on imperial fleet. Not quite sure if the same can be said for the republic fleet, but odds are, they’re funky there.

they halved the channel cast time, but its dmg didn’t undergo same alteration, it is 50% higher than it would be if they’d have simply divided it by 2

It can say it shoots magic rainbows out of the ground while you channel it, that still doesn’t make it true.

“The damage dealt by Force Storm has been reduced.”

Clearly says reduced. But if the channel time has been halved and channeling Force Storm/Quake two times you will achieve a higher number of DPS considering if they haven’t reduced the damage dramatically.

as for now

from: Handsome Stranger
“my lvl 57 sorc storms for 7242/6s on live & 5317/3s on pts

soooo.. yh… lolz”

come on, it’s not hard xD , ofc they reduced it since they reduced its channel to 3s from the previous 6s, but its Damage Per Second is ~50% higher on pts atm, so overall it’s a buff from the pov of damage

Dont cry now get a glass of milk.
You will still loose a lot in pvp games the problem is behind your keyboard.

Since you seem like a clueless assss try to learn your rotation better.
Maybe you will complain less afterwards.

Anyone who believes that Nerfs should be done according to how much pugers and useless players complain on Pvp forums should be playing the amazing spiderman and nothing else.

I would respond intellectually, but it’s obvious you saw “nerf” and jumped all over it, and didn’t actually read the comment.

They’re removing Forcequake’s snare? Did that work in PvP (I never do PvP)? I understand removing the snare if it worked against other players, but in PvE–whether while leveling or doing dailies–it’s just a quality of life feature. I’m making the ground beneath them crack and shake, after all, so why shouldn’t it make standard and weak enemies fall down?

Forcequake was the ability that sold me on the Sage ages ago in the promotional video. I don’t mind nerfing the damage, but turning it into a Force hiccup that doesn’t even knock people down is disappointing. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the nerf, or maybe they’ll make it just apply to PvP. I hope.

Agreed. I’m happy forcequake/Forcestorm is getting a damage nerf. It was waaaay to powerful before so this needed to happen. Even the 3 second channel makes sense since most AoE’s from other classes last 3 secs not 6 so it brings it equal to other classes AoE duration. However… I, for the life of me, do not understand the removal of the Snaring effect. Absolutely dont see why they had to kill that skill like that and im not even a Sorc/Sage user, my main are Operatives and Powertechs.

A lowered duration and damage nerf is great and all, but removal of snare is a “hmm, I hope Bioware isn’t trying to go on the deep end on this one” moment.

Chain Lightning proc with its snare thingy could actually replace the removal of Forcestorms snare…(which I honestly never noticed in PvP situations)

Way to powerful for who, the Pvp cry babies or Bulo and Coratani ?
Where is the world going to with people like this……

Wait for Nerfs on your classes too see how happy you would be then.

Oh, so that’s where crybabies have to kick in.

YES, it was too powerful for operation bosses, too. AOE ability which is included in single target rotation is just badly designed.

Enjoy your nerf, you totally deserved it. Time to actually learn smth.

Kinda knew that Forcequake nerf was coming sooner or later. Doesn’t seem too terrible and still suitable for trash burn down for PVE.

Because of all the pvp whiners !
They have fck up the game because of them.
They are making classes useless for Nightmare content.
Sht all over the place

what nightmare content will you not be able to do? NM DP should be easy mode given our level and gear now. There isn’t a NM for the two new OPs. Besides the fact you think pvp wants all these changes is there anything useful in what you are saying? BTW force storm does need a nerfing.

The future one smart assii
Not to mention the current HM ops have you tried them ?
Unless you spent all your time trying to kill kiddos in Pvp warzons.

Pvp newbillies are constantly complaining and asking for all these Nerfs shts and thats a fact.
So that is the problem by itself and not any ability of any class just the sht heads that don’t know how to play.

Exactly… Wanted to play a Sage after getting Sorc to max level but I am not doing it until they fix it. Looks so stupid.

Force Storm on live in full 174 pvp gear does 11500 damage according to tool tip. Same character on pts it does 9265 according to tool tip. So over 6 seconds i would do 11500 (live version) and 18530 (pts version). I don’t get it.

Maybe it sucks cause with force recklessness the live version averages more damage, but for pvp in ranked arenas being able to do 40k aoe in 6 seconds is pretty good…

Damn more Nerfs again, the Nerf box has been opened up for good, the game goes down the drain and all of this because of a few clueless pvp whiners that complain more than they play.

Geez, just leave lightning storm and force quake exactly as they are now but give them a 20-30 sec cooldown so people can’t spam it. Boom. Problem solved.

Merc/Commando and Sniper/GS have 2 aoe’s 1 with a cool down 1 that does not sorrc/sage have 1 aoe so why does that need a cool down?

Well I don’t have a slinger, but I do have a commando and their aoe with no cooldown doesn’t do nearly as much damage as storm/quake does. Mortar volley is pretty powerful, but no one complains about that being OP because it has a cooldown.

Thats blshts only clueless people complain because they cant avoid an aoe and they want to be called PvPers instead of Tarders.

Where is this world going to with people like this >?

The only needed change for Forcequake/storm is to remove the 25% damage boost utility and BAM the problem goes away seeings how it parses 25% higher on avg than similar aoe’s. no need to tinker with anything else just our utilities, replace it with something along the lines of “cloud mind now drops threat”

There is already one with cloud mind. Though speaking of quake/storm, I wonder just how much they’ll reduce the overall damage, and does the snare effect removal include the chance to stun the affected targets?

who the fuck is dumb enough to stay in the force quake for 6 fucking seconds just go home and play hello kitty online
SWTOR is so fuckng easy already compare to WOW so STFU and learn to play

Because recently the IQ level went down massively and the Pvp arenas are filled with clueless newbilies.
Thats the games problem and not any class abilities.

I would hope they would’ve learnt a rotation before storm/quake dealt the kind of damage they do?, after all; quake/storm is really only to be used for trash mobs, I do spam it on my healing sage/sorcs, when I’m not healing a companion, or anyone else that is, along with disturbance/lightning strike (for the insta-activated dark heal/benevolence). By roughly what percentage, has the overall damage of storm/quake been reduced on the PTS?

I do not, however, think the snare removal is a good idea (I’m assuming the stun chance will be gone too?), that is clearly another exercise in pvp-pandering.

I’ve got a much better idea, keep the original quake/storm dps values and snare/stun (half the force cost and 3 sec channel is actually better) for seer/corruption discipline, but reduce the overall damage for telekinetics/lightning and madness/balance (make it half the current live damage).

To those of you who might say that we’ll have a whole bunch of storm/quake spammers masquerading as healers, I say this: if they don’t heal in a group, and that their lack of healing causes wipes, kick them.

When they say the damage for quake has been reduced… is that a flat our damage nerf or is that a result of the cast time being cut in half? Cause if it’s ticking 50% less, then it’s going to do 50% less damage as well, even if you don’t change the numbers.

So… is it a double nerf?

I think the amount of ticks has been cut in half, as well as damage reduced. Cuz cutting it in half but keeping the amount of ticks would be insane.

Insane for who the Droids or Coratani ?
Unless you mean the Tards that try to play pvp without success.

Their problem is behind their keyboard and not some other classes abilities.

No the point is that IF they halve the cast time of force storm, but keep the amount of ticks, it would do insanely high dps especially with recklessness. Because it would deal the same (already quite high) damage, in half the time. Therefore I think they will also halve the amount of ticks.

all the crying baddie sorcerers/sages is awesome there was no way this ability could go on as it was, just look at orbital strike for snipers. not to mention the 50% snare had to go with 3+ sorcerers/sages spamming it there was no way you could avoid it so im glad its getting adressed.

The only cry babies are the PvP ones that filled out the swtor and a lot other forums with complains and whines because they didn’t like that ability and because they were loosing like crazies the games and wanted to blame something else than their clueless selfs.

lot of qq without testing the actual changes to storm/quake on the pts.

as it is now the new 3s chanell has ~50% higher dps than the live version, so casting 2 storms back to back over 6s will result in ~50% more dmg than the 6s channel currently on live

the reason the duration was reduced was to discourage using force potency charges on them, as 6s of auto-crits x2 was a bit excessive. Might be more damage overall but less burst, so better for PvEers and PvPers alike. The weak/standard knock-down being removed was not necessary, as that only really affects non-ops PvE, which isn’t heavily weighted by balancing.

Agreed, i only really felt the stun involved was useful during 12x xp when i was leveling my extremely squishy sorc healer 😛

They only removed the 30% snare, according to these notes. Doesn’t say anything about the chance to knock down/stun.

A lot are because they didn’t expect that a few cry babies and whiners would make the company open the Nerf Box and start messing the whole game.

Damn complainers

I don’t mind about FS damage nerf. It was predicted.
But removing snare for PVE players is stupid.
Nerfing something just becouse “duh, im a PVP’er and storm is op” also not very good decision.
We already have discipline system.
Why can’t PVP’ers get their own?
I mean it would solve SO MANY troubles for both sides…
Of course it would take more time to create it but on the other hand it would save a lot more time in the end.

What they should do is when they nerf abilities make it so there are two variations for it. Such as FS. While in pvp areas or a wz forcestorm has no roots and lasts 3 seconds. But while in pve areas roots are there and it lasts longer

They should have made it separately and don’t sht up the whole game because of a few pvp tard whiners.

Cant believe what they are doing with all these Nerf shts again.

So they buff Forcestorm’s damage and they buff Troopers/Bounty Hunters. Why buff the most overpowered abilities and classes? They really are clueless.

the actuall damage and cast time has been nerfed yes but here comes the kicker if you spam it twice it will do more damage then before 😛

I doubt so, halving the duration means half the ticks, and it seems like the ticks themselves will do less damage too. So spamming force storm twice won’t be the same as one force storm now.

Its Nerf box, when it opens up damn………..
Nothing will work as it should anymore.

Bottom of the barrel for the whiners sht just plain sht !

So being a 3 second channel, does Forcequake do more damage over time, or did the damage nerf offset the fact that it channels faster?

So are smuggler’s going to see any love anytime soon? You know like making scoundrel’s backblast be able to hit from the front side after the initial pull like it was PRE-SHOOT FIRST-NERF.

Is Blaster Volley EVER going to be improved? Like EVER? BY improve I mean redesign the whole damn thing.

How about reducing the energy cost of thermal grenade and quick shot. You think I like spending 20 energy on an ability that will damage something for ~2.5k (3k if lucky)?

No love at all

How does a game that is 4 years old need it’s 8 classes to be “rebalanced?” I don’t get it. If Full-Auto/Unload was so OP on Vanguards/Powertechs, then how come it has been part of their move set since before launch? It’s only now, in 2015, that suddenly having this attack is a problem? I just don’t get it.

Well, since they redesigned several specs in 3.0 it was to be expected there would have to be some rebalancing. Channels also got some love in 3.0, with the energy cost being per tick rather than the whole thing up front + channels don’t get pushbacked like activation times anymore, this all made unload better for PT’s in 3.0.

Its all for the whiners and the cry babies of the Pvp world that cant play their class that are asking for Nerfs all the time and try to justify it as blsht “Balancing”.

They will lead the game down the drain of they dont stop listening to these clueless fools

The short of it is, in 3.0, they changed literally everything about the class balance, by adding a bunch of new flashy stuff all at once, and reworked every single class and their utilities.
This plus the new disciplines system completely changed up how balanced played out.

Regardless, balance in the game isn’t as bad as everyone keeps whining that it is.

Real PvPers adapt, and learn to deal (just ask any experienced PvP Merc).

Sw: tOR “PvPers” whine, cry, and then throw their toys out of the pram and threaten to stop buying Craptel Packs, getting everyone else’s game ruined so their pathetic lowest common denominator can keep being pandered to in the name of monetisation/mindless consumption.

This is what happens when MMOs go mainstream.

Here’s an idea that keeps both PvP’ers and PvE’ers (I do a bit of both) Happy.

Instead of screwing with disciplines and classes the way they are why not add a second button to the respec tree (one which you can set to auto switch when a WZ pops) between a “PvE” and “PvP” version of each descipline. Where in the PvE version you get no bonus from Expertise. That way you can make changes to one discipline without affecting the class in other content, eg when entering PvP shoulder cannon goes to 1.5sec CD & force storm gets a nerf, you lose full auto etc…

It’s a win-win with the auto switch on WZ join you can switch from one to the other seamlessly and to top it off it stops the complaints from “over nerfs” or “over buffs” as one game aspect can be changed without affecting the other.

Just trying to get a useful idea out there.
Thoughts? any possible improvments?

I had a similar notion, have every ability, passive and spec trait to list separate implications for PvE and PvP. Like: Force storm: this does: PvE: etc, and PvP: etc. so that whenever you’re flagged for pvp, your PvP spec characteristics kick in, and when you’re unflagged, they do not.

We need some more buffs for Balance/Madness.. The 5%.increase in Dot damage is not enough at all… 🙁

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