GW2 EGX WvW Desert Borderlands Map Reveal

GW2 EGX WvW Desert Borderlands Map Reveal with notes and pictures from the livestream.



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  • The Desert Borderlands Map will be replacing the old Borderlands map (Alpine Borderlands) when the expansion releases and we might reintroduce the old map in a rotation or tournament.
  • New event in the center of the map.
  • New tower and keep layouts
  • New objective type called shrines
  • New siege weapon

Aesthetics and Design

  • General theme of the map is a desert but that is not all that is to it.
  • in the desert you can find entryways that lead to the underground keep – fully subterranean layered environment.
  • Center of the map is a lush oasis full of dinosaurs, tall trees, and dinosaurs.
  • One corner is spooky themed with undead lich
  • Canyon system in one part of the map with walkways going up and down and a keep built deep into the walls of the canyons


Objective Design/Terrain Variation

  • Normally when you are defending a gate the defenders have to stand in a line on top of the gate. It is pretty hard to defend as the attackers can see where you are are. Now we have added more pathways to surround the keep/tower gates so defenders have more space to defend and attackers have to get under you to attack the gate.
  • Tower Design: Current tower give you points and allow you to treb enemy objectives. However, enemies can just run circles around it and attack from any side. New towers are designed to take advantage of their terrain and there are things like mountains on the sides to prevent you from attacking there.
  • Owning objectives in this map is very important, owning keeps/tower allow you to get to places on the map faster than running all the way.
  • Map has a greater depth of play – there are narrow chokeholds and more space for players to play on different layers with hidden paths and secret passages. People who play on this map learn this map and are rewarded with the knowledge of getting through the map faster.


Keep and Shrines

  • 3 keeps in this borderlands map like existing borderlands map. Air, Earth and Fire Keep.
  • There are 3 elemental shrines surrounding each keep. They are placed outside the walls of the keep and can be claimed to provide elemental bonuses to defenders.
  • Shrines can be captured by attackers to disable them from usage by the defenders.
  • Shrines are soloable objectives.
  • Shrines will also grant a 5 minute blessing buff when you interact with them (regardless of who owns the shrine)  that give you movement speed, 10% damage bonus or damage reduction or increased critical strike depending on the shrine.

Air Keep

  • Capturing the first air shrine will activate jump pads on the canyons surrounding the keep allowing defenders to escape or flank attackers
  • Capturing the second shrine will activate Bird statues on narrow passages, bridges and top of staircases. These are wind turrets that will try and blow players off periodically. Attackers can use stability or dodge through these. A lot of zergs are mindless and will run blindly towards them and get knocked off.
  • Capturing third shrine will allow your side to not take any falling damage while in the canyon surrounding the keep. Coupled with jump pad you can boost yourself to the top of the cliffs and jump down to surprise enemies.
  • Air keep is Guarded by the Tengu Lord. Has skills like where he will jump up in the air and create a wind prison, fire projectiles, teleport around and knock players around. The Lord now matters in a fight and can do some serious contributions.
  • Bird statues also exist in the Lord room, they are not tied to the shrines but will blow wind periodically to knock off attacks.


Fire Keep

  • Fully underground keep with lava everywhere
  • First shrine will activate an altar in the center of the keep that will spawn inferno egg periodically. Player interacting with the egg will turn into Inferno Hounds that are super tanky with increased health, power, toughness, and can leap into the sky to unleash fiery destruction on enemies.
  • Second shrine will activate gargoyle statues all around the cavern where the keep is at that will launch fireballs at enemies.
  • Capturing the third shrine will grant your team fire immunity, allowing you to walk on lava all around the keep to use it as a shortcut or pull enemies to it. You can also use lava pools as portals to dive in and out of the keep (there is one lava portal around the outside and inside of each gate of this keep). 


Earth Keep

  • Asuran complex ripped apart by earth elemental forces
  • First shrine will give your team rock walls. They are buried in the sands of the canyon surrounding the keep (kind of like a moat). When enemy invaders pass through these narrow canyons, the walls will spring up and block their way forcing them to take a longer and maze like route.
  • Second shrine will spawn earth turrets at chrokepoints along the maze. They pulse an AoE cripple effect.
  • Third shrine will grant you sandstorm – allies are permanently stealthed while in sandstorm but you will be visible once you start combat.


Towers – Mage College

  • Magical tower surrounded by a village Guarded by disciplines of Fire and Ice and a Mage Lord, she will uses a lot of fire/ice themed AoE skills. She will also turn to mists and pop to one side of the room.


Towers – Ogre

  • Ogre Lord is a thief, she has lots of stealth abilities and will disappear and randomly appear to stab someone


Towers – Charr

  • War Depot guarded by bunch of chars. Lord is a big charr with a big hammer with lots of crowd control abilities. Will pull, immobilize, and explode on you.


Towers – Lich

  • This tower is in the spooky forest area of the map. The Lich Lord will pull conditions off himself and apply it  to random players. Also apply AoE explosion damage via a beam to random players forcing them to get away from others.


Oasis Event

  • This event occurs every 3 hrs, the Oasis event in the center of the map occurs.  In the center of the oasis is a golden temple with a huge energy weapon. You will need to recover energy cores from nearby Dinosaur wildlife to turn them to three Priory camps nearby to be able to charge up the weapon (any team can turn cores into any camp, it is not color coordinated)
  • Once the weapon is charged, it fires into the sky repeatedly and land in every enemy objective. This will gradually destroy the outer gates of every enemy objective. Towers only have one gate while keeps have two.
  • This offer you a comeback mechanic if you lost all the keeps and towers as this give you a chance to get them back if you manage to win the Oasis event.
  • The dinosaur wildlife containing the cores are not hard to kill so you can do this event with a small havoc squad before the big zerg arrives.


Shield Generator – New siege weapon

  • This new shield generator has the range of a arrow cart. It is the first control and support siege weapon.
  • First skill is Force ball that smash into enemies, knockback enemies caught in it and bounce around a couple times. With the stability changes the bounce will help soften up the zerg.
  • Second skill is a Force wall – will block off sections and prevent enemies from passing through. You can use a couple of these to make a chokepoint or spawn them in the middle of the enemy zerg to split the enemy group.
  • Third skill is Force Dome – huge projectile dome that will block incoming projectiles from other siege weapons (including other shield generators) and provide stability to everyone inside.


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29 replies on “GW2 EGX WvW Desert Borderlands Map Reveal”

I guess this explains why they removed the WvW component of world completion… looks like it’ll be fun. 😀

nah not really, if the map is fun and competitive, then it would suck if people join just to get map, and creating a queue for players wanting to get in.

i’m not a fan of WvW though i’ll definitely will be testing out the new map, it actually looks fun.

Problem is they made a map for people “not a fan of WvW,” instead making one for the ones who play wvw everyday now.

Dont think thats true, this map looks like it is making every effort to weaken the zerg = win mentality wvwers maintain at the moment and that is a good thing both for people who currently play wvw and for those that don’t.

I’m personally “not a fan of WvW”. Not because I don’t like the concept, but because it’s just a zerg fest. It’s incredibly boring, with a single dynamic of “Capture de Keepz”. Having more going on, is a good thing. Honestly, for those who do WvW everyday, I have no idea why? Don’t really see the victory in taking the same fort a dozen times, in one day.

The players who populate the zerg is not defining the core of WvW. People I allow to be defined as WvW players are two kinds of players. The first is the small scale roamers, players who run around the map looking for other players to fight in 1-8 man groups. The second is large scale groups, who do focus on either enemies or objectives for battles in groups of 9-20. If a single group reaches above the 20 man roof, they become a zerg no matter how well-organized a guild they may even be. In a zerg your own actions as a player are not significantly noticeable, and that is why Anet is working against those large groups of people, no matter if it is the 30-man guild-groups who call themselves “skilled” or the EB sized skillag blob.

I disagree. If you’re a Guardian and don’t use stability at the right time, you might get your entire group dead. If you have a mesmer, you can make a lot of difference with an strategic portal and/or veil. Elementalists are valuable to provide fields and it’s important to do it at the right time. People could go without noticing you’re doing your job (like when you don’t care about the postman when you have a package delivered, because that’s what he is supposed to do, but you will be mad at him if he didn’t do it right), but if you don’t, they will notice.

If it is same at all keeps (not stated, only Air)
Cap 2 shrines and they might/will attack the lord. Damage unknown. Health of statues unknown.

Air: Knockback the lord
Earth: Cripple the lord
Fire: Burn the lord

Rewatch the video… thay said that statues in the lord rooms are not connected to the shrines. They belong to the team which own the keep all the time.

Too much effort went into visual details that only an exclusive handful of ppl will ever admire because everyone else will have their graphics turned down to low. Why bother making cool stuff if u don’t have the optimization to offer it to more then 2-3 ppl.

Performance of a game is not fking “anything” it’s one of the most important things in ANY game.

Is that catch-line u used literally the only thing the “white knight conglomerate” of this game has to offer?

I think you just might be jealous that you got a crap PC and others….ie we have a decent PC that can actually run the game as it should be run.

Game runs fine for me on high settings, and I don’t have that great of a card. (Damn thing won’t even take LoL on very high settings lol)

But here’s something you can try: keep your shadows off and particles low but turn your models/textures/environment up. Used to work for me on my old PC.

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