GW2 Shadow Dyes Now available in gemstore

Shadow Dyes that was added with yesterday’s patch are now available in the gemstore. 125 gems each, 5 for 500 gems, or 25 for 2500 gems.

Each dye kit draws a pool of 25 random colors, with 10 of them being the exclusive shadow dyes.


Shadow Purple


Shadow Red


Shadow Turquoise


Shadow Violet


Shadow Yellow


Shadow Blue


Shadow Green


Shadow Abyss


Shadow Magenta


Shadow Orange


  • Morsus98

    40% chance for a new dye, costs roughly 20g for the 125 gems. Seems a little risky to me, but maybe Midnight Ice will come down in price 😀

    • Josef Tauser

      Midnight Ice is the best black dye; dunno why people like Abyss, its way lighter.

      • Morsus98

        I feel like Midnight Ice looks slightly blue when you cover yourself with it. I’d just use it as a minor color with a golden dye covering the most of my armor.

        • Tinkdnuos

          It looks slightly blue on some textures, jet black on others.

          But Shadow Abyss looks jet black on EVERYTHING.

      • Sina

        Midnight Ice used to be the best black dye 😛 Shadow abyss wins now.

  • Halvora

    Haha dat Shadow Abyss, omg! It’s…it’s a black blob!

  • Krystal S. S.

    i can see shadow abyss for quite a lot, though i’m liking red, green, and violet abyss more n_n

  • Sarigar

    They all look nice! I don’t usually buy dye packs, but I’ll roll the dice on a few of these, maybe get Green, Blue, Violet, or Abyss.

  • rc

    shadow abyss already one of the top 5 most expensive. nice. i brought 50 dye pack and got 1. considering keeping it since its darker than dark and i have almost all the dye.

    • rc

      i also want to see these dyes on lumienscenes armor… i know with juggernaut.. they just look like… dark metal.

      • Holly

        they look awful on lumi armour, don’t bother. They all look identical to just putting plain abyss on it.

        • rc

          oh, good, well i guess they can be used for everything else buy my soon to be obtained lumi gear.

  • Ugh! I want them all! My wallet hurts. I need to farm gold ASAP!

  • SirTankalot

    The normal Abyss should get lower in price now?

    I can just imagine the demand for Shadow Abyss.

    • Taiwan Wolf

      Buy it now and sell it in 3 months for 400-500g, or 6 months for 700g~

      • The Spirit Molecule

        It’s permanent. The price is just gonna go down. They’re not time limited. They will always be in the gem store so the price will only go down from here on out.

        • Sterling


  • Misty Jenkins

    Actually surprised how relatively cheap most of these are on the TP…I snagged quite a few of them. Finally have a nice rich “wine” color for my mes with shadow magenta

    • Bark Obamma

      The Shadow Magenta is so close to the Shadow Abyss, I bought a few at a fraction of the price.

  • Isles

    Shadow Yellow is perfect for a Necro.

  • Yuki Snow

    Bought 35 dye packs, opened em all and no Shadow Abyss Dye. GG Anet. Q.Q All 3500 gems wasted :/

    • Taiwan Wolf

      You coulda bought 2 of them for the price of that many gems. =/ Why bother with RNG? It’s not designed to give you what you want.

    • rc

      i got 2, (all 8 actually and 5 of the red ones and almost 2-3 of every one but i opened 50 packs) sell the other ones you got to buy the one you want. easy.

  • shadow assassin

    Hey Dulfy, it would be great if you can do a little video comparison of the shadow dyes on actual field, since sometimes the preview window can look little different from actual lights. Just a suggestion. 🙂

    • rc

      It’s more accurate in preview. In action… they barely look any different. I cannot distinguish shadow blue and shadow abyss.

      • shadow assasin

        Actually, that is what I am looking for. If cheaper shadow dye looks the same in the world as the shadow abyss, I wouldn’t waste so much gold. Btw, thanks for the info. 🙂

        • Sarigar

          Personally, I prefer Midnight Ice and Shadow Blue to the straight Abyss and Shadow Abyss. The blue highlights look better on both armour and material, and the colours are so dark that they don’t clash with brighter accent colours you may wish to use (red, gold, orange).

  • Matsu-p

    so abyss was already slightly darker black, now shadow abyss is more then slightly darker black?

    • The Malkavian Villain of Tyria

      Abyss is more like a darker shade of grey. Shadow Abyss looks jet black to me.

      • tinyzoo

        Yeah shadow Abyss looks jet black to me too!

  • Pockets

    Bought two dye packs with some left over gems I had. First one was shadow abyss. Can’t decide if I should use it sell it…

  • Mina

    Soooo I bought two dye kits with some leftover gems… and got two blue 1s50c dyes. GG.
    Thanks I will never buy such items again. At least learned something. Never buy rng items. Stick with true items like costumes, toys, minis. -.-

    • Xard

      I wasted 500 gems on this garbage. Got about 20 silver worth of dyes.

  • theone

    I splurged and bought 3×5 dyes. I got shadow green, turquoise, purple, violet and abyss. Not bad. I would say that that is far beyond the normal RNG for me.

    • Sarigar

      Good pull!

    • Bearodactyl

      Were you not playing the game for a while then just logged back in? I’ve notice RNG gods favor the ones who do not take a shot at it.

      • Grok

        You also believe in Astrology right?

        • Bearodactyl

          I’ve also notice when the stars align trolling begins. 🙂

      • tinyzoo

        You may be right about this. I used a key on a Lion Chest and got Shadow Abyss dye and Pyre yellow dye. Had NO IDEA at the time that Shadow Abyss was so rare. Either I was divinely blessed or had beginner’s luck. Now my husband wants it too so we may have to buy some RNGs from the gem store for him. 🙂

  • The Spirit Molecule

    Shadow Abyss is now the blackest black dye in the game.

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