Patch 3.2 SWTOR

SWTOR Developer Patch 3.2 Livestream Notes

SWTOR Developer Livestream Patch 3.2 Notes.


  • Michael Backus – Lead Designer
  • Eric Musco
  • Bruce Maclean – Senior Producer

Development Team presentation

  • State of the Galaxy
  • Coming soon to SWTOR
  • Cool stuff  – Digital Flash Drive
  • Gameplay Trailers and Announcements


  • Patch 3.2 is now live on PTS

Story Cinematic (spoilers)






Patch 3.2 Story (Spoilers)

  • Game Update 3.2 – Rise of the Emperor. Going live April 28.
  • Ziost – Former capital of the Sith Empire. First reference in our game is in Tatooine during the Czerka World Arc. Rakata technology allowed sith empire to expand to ziost after being defeated in Korriban
  • Icy cold place, very immersed in the dark side.
  • This is where the Sith Emperor resides, he is alive!
  • The emperor is not Kephess, or is he?
  • Ziost is a large city like Dromund Kaas inside a large cavern area.
  • Rise of the Emperor story cinematic intro for Empire/Republic shown
  • Introducing a new group of Jedi that is super militaristic, they are called the Sixth Line. There is no contemplation, only duty. Their master is controlled by the Emperor.

New Travel options

  • All speeder points will be unlocked once you arrive on the planet
  • Cooldown for quicktravel reduced to 6 mins without perk. With all 3 level of perks it is reduced to no cooldown.
  • Quick travel points will unlock once you get close to them, without needing to interact with them.

Outfit Designer

  • Max of 16 slots, that are unlockable.
  • Each slot can fit a selection of outfits but your base gear stays the same.
  • More info once the PTS goes up and you can play with it


Cantina Tours

  • New Cantina Tour Reward system
  • New vehicle rewards, these vehicles are only obtainable at Cantina Tours. Those who go to the Cantina Tours get a vehicle and a link they can share with 5 friends to get them these vehicles too.
  • First hour of Cantina Tour at Star Wars Celebration will be streamed with ESL


May 4th Reward

  • M4-1S Astromech Droid given to all players, and more on May 4th.


Choose Your Path Promotion

  • Lasts until March 29. Former subscribers can come back for 7 days of subs for free.
  • Current subscribers get a Black-Purple Striated Color crystal ingame (all 4 versions)


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

124 replies on “SWTOR Developer Patch 3.2 Livestream Notes”

I absolutely LOVE the outfit designer feature. This is so long overdue. And for people like me who like to change their outfit constantly, this saves literally millions of credits having to take out mods and having to re-augment slot gear etc. Super excited about it

If it really does what it promises, it would be a great thing. There are plenty of unmodable armors in the game that really deserved this kind of feature. Great!

that’s the part that has me most excited. there are several green/blue/non moddable items whose look I really liked, but couldn’t really keep wearing, but now – I’ll be able to

Sad thing is that there’s no way to get the starter gear again for old characters.. The inquisitor starter gear is awesome and simple.

So is live stream over then?. So much for the livestream covering bits of what’s to come beyond 3.2

A date on togruta still unknown I think that’s what he wanted to know. And plenty people care about pvp not so much gsf tho

Its a mostly Pve game and thats not bad.
It has its pvp options as a break from the Pve if anyone wants to take it but its not only for PvP.

That is your opinion. While I don’t enjoy pvp as much as I used to as it’s been about fotm classes for ages now and people rerouting to most op class and a lack of real incentive to pvp. But to other players they only play for pvp and couldn’t care about pve. All mmos are like that

If u had bothered to read what I said you would have seen that I said I don’t enjoy pvp in this game as much as I used to. And I already have another mmo I play when I feel like pvping but there more to this game than pve. There is still pvp in this game not as good as other games and currently being ignored by devs but still plenty of people still play pvp

“Its a mostly pve game” but pvp exists, and you just admitted that. Pvp is an option in SWTOR, yet they officially announce next to nothing for it. Decorations? Seriously? So trivial that it does not count.

It’s periferal content. PvE is the reason the game exists. You can wish it were otherwise but the content focus is never going to be PvP. It’s bad enough PvPer whining keeps causing a thousand class nerfs every update.

AGAIN only subs to PTS ? who will do all the testing then ? and when bugs come out players will be at fault and banned because of bugs

Exploiting bugs is players, not developers fault. It is gamebreaking and aginst EULA (which u accept when u log into the game).
Such players should get banned, and i personally think those should be permanent bans, not just a few days long.

Never gonna permanently ban subscribers for bugs like this. Harassment, hacking, things that affect other players maybe. Getting some money and gear, nope. Plus most exploiters are cartel market spenders….

Only subs to the PTS is fine. The problem last time was that it was a select few of subs invited, why would anyone need the F2Ps testing it?

They should release the PTS at least to the preferred status players too.
More testing needs to be done and the more they try it the better it would be.

Wasn’t able to catch the live stream, but judging from that picture I am guessing legacy gear is now obsolete?

it looks like Legacy gear will be the thing. Base gear remains the same, the appearance changes. Like legacy underwear, and your style of choosing over.

Not really because you can still use it to send to another lvl 60 alt that uses same stats for end game rather than gear up an alt. But for players who play one faction and 1 character yeah it will probs be obsolete

I don’t think it’s excessive amounts. I remember the early days of the game where you couldn’t send stuff to alts and pulling out mods was a LOT more expensive…this is peanuts in comparison and at 10-12k per mod it’s still a lot cheaper than buying a new mod…honestly, it’s not that bad at all. Especially since they removed skill costs and any new level 60 starts with about a million credits from leveling and level 50-55 dailies are so easy and still reward good amounts of credits. I really don’t see how you can call it excessive unless you’re the type of person that wants everything for nothing.

So what exactly was the point of this livestream? Most of it was already known with the exception of item designers details. But we could easily have found that out with it on pts now. There had been rumors of cantina tour specific mounts so not anything shocking. Astromech droid was not a surprise either. Choose your path was already know so nothing new with that. In the article above it seemed to suggest there would be info on what’s to come beyond 3.2 but we got nothing. Nothing new on togruta nothing about expansion or expansions this year.

So all in all a waste of time imo

No more complains !
I don’t know if you were waiting to see the new Superman movie but it was your option if you wanted to watch that or the M-tv sht instead.

So complain to yourself only.

I can complain where ever I like. That’s the beauty of freedom of speech. Secondly I didn’t watch it I only read this. Thirdly above it says and i quote

“Development Team presentation

State of the Galaxy
Coming soon to SWTOR
Cool stuff  – Digital Flash Drive
Gameplay Trailers and Announcements”

And yet there was absolutely nothing about what’s coming soon to swtor other than a crappy colour crystal we already knew about and a crappy Astromech droid pet.

I wanted to know and was hoping they would at least mention a time frame or date for togruta release. And while it was always an outside if not extremely unlikely chance I was at least hoping a mention for next expansion.

Again I have a right to complain. Especially when they blabber on about more communication with us and yet continue to only repeat stuff we already new. None of this stuff from live stream was even worth it with it on pts right now

You didn’t get what you wanted …I get it. You think it’s a waste of your time…got that too, Why you are wasting your time then whining about it…that I’m not so sure about if I get it, but yeh you do have that freedom. If you think they blabber, you certainly have the right to blabber back.

From my experience, other than a slightly higher armor rating and a little bit of HP the devoted allies gear isn’t any better than what you can build with Yavin comm gear. The tank and DPs stats suck on those sets if you don’t replace at least three pieces in my opinion.

The point here is that it’s very good companion LEGACY gear. Being able to change the looks of it would be amazing. It’s better optimized than the shitty 186 token gear too.

Simple solution: Spend your elite commendations on companion equipment. They are easy to come by via flashpoints and operations both. So even if you’re not a hardcore raider, you’ll eventually have more elite comms than you know what to do with. And at that time, start gearing your companions up with custom armor shells.

Really, you should be grateful they give you an entire set of level 60 companion gear at all. If you don’t like it, you’re not obligated to use it.

That’s in no way a simple solution. The commendation gear for SoR is tremendously terrible. It is absolute horsecock.

The reason people are asking / complaining is because they’ve given us legacy gear; great. They’re now releasing costume designer. It’s a greatly missed opportunity to not include companions considering they seem to be including them a bit more this expansion anyway.

What does it matter? You only use your companion to solo dailies and run old content like low level flash points anyway. You don’t exactly need optimized raid gear for your companions.

Have to say, for once I’m actually happy with what I’ve seen. The dialogue seen in the cinematics is far more believable than we’ve seen before, A-tab details and QT on tap. Good times 😀

“The emperor is not Kephess, or is he?” Inb4 new operation sometime in July with Kephess as a boss….4th time’s the charm I guess?

Outfit designer is cool. But it would be even better if you could have multiple base gear and toggle between them. Like a set for pve and a set for pvp. Then have the cosmetic layers ontop of that.

Yes, this is something I’d much rather have than switchable “visual only gear”. They should at least let you choose whether or not you want the stats of that outfit tab so we can actually use it for re-equipping too.

Got to love the new Travel options makes gaming much more easier and fun, saving time for all of us.
Something the game needed for a long time, quality of playing increases by much good job on the Devs team.

“Cooldown for quicktravel reduced to 6 mins without perk. With all 3 level of perks it is reduced to no cooldown.
Quick travel points will unlock once you get close to them, without needing to interact with them.”

oh sweet milking cows……dunno

but this is sooooo amazing.

to bad its only for ziost 😛 maybe they realized ziost was huge so this is their solution for us XD

I really hope not. @dulfy can we get this tested? Or anyone else who is on PTS. Unless Darth robin already did

havent tested it yet but with the way it was worded it would appear to me atleast its just for ziost, if dulfy can do it faster then me and shed a answer awesome:)

Just watch the powerless cinematic… hope someone really kills supreme chancellor Suresh.. annoying as hell since Taris

No new Op: there will be a brand new Op by the end of the year though.

This is just a daily zone with a fairly long one-time story and a bunch of QOL improvements.

maybe its not there yet, hopefully 1 new op or at the very least a flashpoint regarding the emperor eh i mean kephess in disguise 😛

By the way, may god bless me if I’m right because I swear they’re going to mix classes’ story content by the decissions you made by OTHER classes you played, despite whichever you play. Proof of it?

I saw a certain Sith that you were supuosed to hunt down … but instead, all I saw was poking aorund there … (she’s red haired by the way).

Casuality? I don’t think so., 😀

They will never do this, because of the simple fact that you can have multiple characters of the same class, and have them complete their story missions in different ways.

It doesn’t. You will still have to augment and/or mod swap when you get new gear. If you were only over going to use the outfit you wear as the cosmetic outfit, this system gives you no additional benefit. If you like to change the appearance of your outfit on a regular basis, for whatever reason, then this makes it so you can create those outfits and save them.

The system acts as an appearance overlay for your actual armor.

You only have to augment once, when you set your “stat” gear up on your character. Then you can overlay whatever armor you want over it, never having to augment that gear or swap mods. The only reason you might swap mods out is if you were moving it between characters, which you should just use legacy gear for.

This will definitively decrease the demand for augments.

I don’t think it will affect augment demand that much. New players will still need them people leveling alts and don’t have legacy gear or care about legacy gear will need them plus even with legacy gear you would still need the right augments for that character

It’s hard to say. On the one hand I do not know how many people actually change looks a lot and re-augment a lot as a consequence and on the other hand people who previously let augmenting alone because of the costs involved in changing looks might now start buying augments now they know they only have to augment their characters once, no matter how often they change their look

You wouldn’t need to buy new augments though. They can be removed from your gear just like armorings, mods, and enhancements, and put into a different piece of gear once you create an augment slot for it.

It will have a bit of impact but you still will be required to augment your new stat gear everytime you get a better one. Unless you swap mods out from new one into the legacy gear.

So it is either swap mods from better gear to legacy gear everytime you get something new or augment every new piece of gear with better stat

“Cooldown for quicktravel reduced to 6 mins without perk. With all 3 level of perks it is reduced to no cooldown.”

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So what I see. Coming from this is:
– More RP crap…blah
– New planet (which I expect at its very best will just be a new Oricon, though most likely will be the new Manaan)…men
-Lazy players no longer have find and activate stuttle and QT points…eh
-Shuttles are now pointless due to zero-second QT CD…yay
-Dev team likes people go out of the way kiss their butts in person

Not very impressive

RPG=role playing game, ie:tank/healer/dps. Not I’m a dude in real life pretending to be a chick online role playing game.

No ur wrong. RPGs come from the paper/book/wargaming world and that means wizards, clerics, magic users, theifs, knights NOT tanks, heals or dps.

The “paper” meaning of RPG is what is meant by rpg in mmos NOT ur misdefinition.

Yes, you are correct. It is a new Oricon. I spent some time on the test server to check it out. There is maybe 2 hours of new content, and I am assuming it is a daily area after that. It was unimpressed, but I do like to do dailies between warzones so at least it offers that.

Yeah, exactly. It will be nice. I’m just a little confused as to why this is being billed as one of two “major” updates. Oricon wasn’t, and I don’t see a significant difference between the two. Maybe it is the inclusion of the costume designer that makes the feel this deserves to be called a “major” update.

Swtor Major update = world of warcraft hot fix? 😀 I hate lazy developers, this planet is again small, but is true that Manaan is smaller (Manaan is bus stop no planet :D)

It’s a major content patch because they’re laying the ground work for the next operation(s). Oricon was this exact thing because it brought a new planet with a dailies hub, and 10 new boss fights to play through.

I doubt 3.2 will have a new raid given that Rav and ToS are both still relatively new and there’s no word on their nightmare versions being released yet…but there is a strong possibility that Ziost will the planet where we finally get to finish off the psychotic Emperor for good, and probably end up getting some help from Revan along the way, ala Tirion Fordring during the Lich King encounter in World of Warcraft.

Yeah, I see where it is going. I guess I’m just use to a “major” expansion either introducing a new planet + level increase or a major new system to the game like strongholds or GSF. I imagine they have something big planned for later in the year to coincide with the movie release. Hopefully it’s a little more along those lines. As far as this goes, groundwork or not, I still think it is lacking the content to be called “major,” but it will be nice nevertheless.

Rumor does have it that there will be a 1 boss OP in this expansion + a new arena. That’s good, but still not an abundance of content, IMO.

– New planet (which I expect at its very best will just be a new Oricon, though most likely will be the new Manaan)…meh

Ziost is actually bigger than Oricon. It’s a pretty goddamn big planet from what I’ve seen so far doing the quests.

-Lazy players no longer have find and activate stuttle and QT points…eh

This is a good quality of life change. Why do you want to spend more time flying on a bird than just get on with your quests?

-Dev team likes people who go out of the way to kiss their butts in person…big surprise

I’ll give you this one. The devs fellating themselves like that made me cringe during the entire stream. It’s horrible.

gotta say,interesting,the developers impress me more and more,swtor is such a great mmorpg…great place for hard core rpers as me aswell…

but i must ask,does anyone know the date this comes out?

Cant wait for the Ziost Ninja n sht.
The travel option is something that was long needed in the game saving all of us precious time, GJ on that Devs we love it already.

I do like the changes to the traveling, there have been times i have forgotten to get the quick travel terminal……now i won’t have to worry about it again, unless its just a Ziost thing.

Not bad,but the QT-Changes come a little late.(Better late than never,I guess.)

Do the Dev’s finally wake up?so far,this Update is great (and probably the best update in Months/Years) I just hope they won’t make a -Bug Fest- out of it (as they often do).I actually expected more Class-Changes to Classes like : The pathetic overpowered Shadow/Sin and/or to Sorcs which hit pathetically high in PvP / PvE + Merc’s Bodyguard Tree (which makes the other 2 Healing Tree’s look like a piece of sht in Rain).

Overall,there’s some nice changes and additions to the Game.

on that note, why can’t they have any hats without some weird, ugly extra thing going either over your eye(s) or mouth or chin or hair…

Katana would definitely be nice. Though I could make do with a slightly bent light saber for now 😉

I don’t pvp a lot but that’s partly because there is little reason for me to do it. I agree that pvp needs help. I would love to see a system like they had in GW1 where guild battles could be set up with other guilds or teams from the same guild. You could even choose to have less players so you could do 1 vs 1 battles as well as 4 vs 4 or 8 vs 8 ….And there was even a camera mode so people could watch ongoing guild battles. The reason I bring this up is because it gives guilds something else they can do and they can train people on pvp in house rather than just some random groups in the queue. I have no idea why Anet didn’t use this in GW2 because guild battles were awesome…but I’d love for something like that to be added to SWTOR.

More arena (more type and more map) would be better so as an open world pvp map like Ilum used to be before they ruined it. Something like Ashran in WoW. Or even a new kind of pvp like conquest in Rift would be awesome.

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