Patch 3.2 SWTOR

SWTOR Outfit Designer Guide

A guide to the Outfit Designer coming with Patch 3.2 Rise of the Emperor. Updated April 28, 2015.


How to use the Outfit Designer

When you first open up your character panel after 3.2, you will see a bunch of outfit tabs on the right side of your screen. Each tab can be used to save a selection of armor for appearance purpose only.  The very top tab is for your gear that modify your stats. What this means is that you can now change appearance without having to swap out gear and augments! The outfit’s tab appearance will replace your gear appearance without modifying your stats.

From now on, you place the items you like the stats into the gear tab, which will function same as before. However, if you desire an alternative appearance, you can place armor pieces into the outfit tab, which will not alter your stats but your appearance.


This outfit designer is not available for companions.


There are 16 outfit tabs to unlock per character. The costs are as follows (placeholders for now for both credits and CC).  You can pay with either CC or credits


Tab Cost (Credits) Cost (Cartel Coins)
Per Character
Cost (Cartel Coins)
Account wide
2 20k 120 CC 300 CC
3 30k 120 CC 300 CC
4 45k 120 CC 300 CC
5 70k 120 CC 300 CC
6 100k 120 CC 300 CC
7 150k 120 CC 300 CC
8 225k 120 CC 300 CC
9 350k 120 CC 300 CC
10 500k 120 CC 300 CC
11 500k 120 CC 300 CC
12 500k 120 CC 300 CC
13 500k 120 CC 300 CC
14 500k 120 CC 300 CC
15 500k 120 CC 300 CC
16 500k 120 CC 300 CC
Total 4.49 mil 1800 CC 4500 CC

Adding an armor to the outfit tab costs money as well. Each armor piece you add costs you 50-5k credits depending on your level. So two pieces would be 10k credits with a maximum of 7x5k = 35k at level 60 if you fill up an outfit tab. Note that there are no weapon slots.

Level Cost per slot Cost for full outfit
1-10 50 credits 350 credits
13 300 credits 2100 credits
16 600 credits 4200 credits
17 700 credits 4900 credits
19 900 credits 6300 credits
23 1300 credits 9100 credits
55 4500 credits 31500 credits
60 5000 credits 35000 credits


To finalize the armor selections for the outfit tab, you first press Apply and then Commit Changes. This will give you another warning that the items you select will be bound to you and apply the outfit on your character.


Each has their own independent hide headgear/show dark side corruption/unify color options that do not affect other tabs.

What gear can you use in the outfit designer?

Any armor can be used, this includes adaptive/light/medium/heavy. Previously there was a restriction that prevented light armor users from using medium/heavy armor but that restriction was removed.

Rarity wise, you can use any white/green/blue/orange/purple/legendary gear in the outfit designer. There are no restrictions there.

As mentioned earlier, there are no weapon slots so you cannot use the outfit designer to modify the weapon appearance.

Once an armor is stored in the outfit tab, you can destroy that armor piece in your inventory if you wish. That armor appearance will remain until it is replaced by something else. You can also use the same armor in multiple outfit tabs.


Dye system is now a bit different. You can apply dyes in one of two ways. You can apply dyes to an armor piece before you place it into an outfit slot. This will apply this dye to all the outfit tabs this armor piece is in.

Alternatively, you can dye a piece once it is inside an outfit slot using the stamp dye window which you activate by ctrl + right click. This will apply the dye to that armor piece in ONLY that outfit tab. If you remove or replace that armor piece in that outfit tab, the dye will be destroyed. The dye get used up with both methods.

So basically you can have the same armor piece in multiple outfit tabs with different dyes but these dyes are destroyed if you remove/replace that armor piece from the outfit tab.


You can unify each individual piece with the chest color in the outfit designer.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

462 replies on “SWTOR Outfit Designer Guide”

Lol. So it costs not only to unlock tabs but then to put a piece of armour into a tab and price doesn’t even change with rarity. So a white armour piece costs 14k same as a purple item. Way to add more ways to milk players out of there creds.

Can’t say I’m surprised tho

True. But mod removal depended on the level of the mod. The higher rarer ones costing more to remove than lower ones

You speak as if making things that cost in-game credits profits Bioware somehow. It’s a credit sink in an MMO, not an extremely large one, and it (in theory) helps keep the in-game economy balanced. I don’t really see a problem.

The game has plenty of credit sinks and this one is insignificant. I don’t have any problem with the way they are doing this, but I doubt it is about a credit sink.

What I think it is about is that to charge cartel coins for it, they can do one of two things: they can also have an option for getting it with in game credits, or they can make it so that you can only get it with Cartel Coins.

I guess some people would scream bloody murder if this were ONLY available with cartel coins. Since they decided to offer an in-game credits option as well, some people will moan about that instead.

And yet thinking about it at the moment, I honestly think it probably should be Cartel Coins only since it is entirely a cosmetic thing, and since it looks like it will be cheap enough that subs will have no problem paying for account wide slot unlocks with their monthly allotment.

As it is, I’m completely fine with it. Bioware’s particular approach to the freemium model, aka the cartel market, has basically saved this game. Prices are mostly reasonable, pay2win is mostly not happening, and while I’m not completely aware of everything out there on the gaming market, it seems to me that overall they’ve done a better job than any other MMO or comparable game product I can think of in implementing a system like this. It is enriching the gaming experience both of the people who are glad to throw money at Bioware for stuff, and for everyone else playing the game as well.

What about dyes? How can noone communicate about an outfit designer system regarding how dyes work? Are they becoming bound to each appearance slot or whatnot?

Mostly, thank you. One more important question: does the dye get locked in (destroyed for further use) if we stamp a dye to a slot in the appearance tab?

any hints on Legacy Armor, you said, it will Bound to teh character, does this also apply to legacy armor ( as in no longer able to share with other characters with the legacy bank?)

My understanding is that as long as you keep it in Gear Tab it works as it worked before. The only change is that now you can customize the look of your alts which are equipped with the legacy gear. To customize you use Outfit Tab, so your legacy gear in Gear Tab is not affected.

This system is just an overlay of the armor you wear, so legacy armor will continue to function as it always has, but now you can make it look like other armor without pulling the mods out.

selection of armor for appearance purpose only

uhm.. does that mean?? where are stats now? still in gear piece or?

What I expected it to be. Nothing mindblowing, but a fine adition. Ever since release I saved cool looking white, green and blue pieces if they ever did something like this.

While it’s neat, it’s sort of exactly the OPPOSITE of what most of the playerbase would prefer: save gear sets to swap in their entirety, for different specs, PvP instead of PvE, etc. I really hope they expand this Outfit Designer to include such capabilities in the near future.

Exactly my feelings on the subject. Was hoping for gear swaps, draging relics and implants into the slots is still bugging me every time

While I would also love an equipment manager, the amount of people asking for an appearance manager on the forums, and the over 3 year old massive thread on it, and the lack of the same for an equipment manager, tends to suggest you might not have as good as grasp at to what most of the player base would prefer as you think you do.

Well, it’s pretty much what we were all anticipating in terms of just being appearance slots, but I kind the multiple tabs options. As a person who uses a number of different costumes, this actually cuts my costs by fair bit, since I’m not wasting commendations on alternate costumes.

So, for me, this is a welcome addition. Less sure about other people, though.

I’m very satisfied with this system. I don’t often change the appearance but after 3.2 I think I will be using the outfit designer to go back to a few of my old looks 🙂

As mentioned, player only. I did post an suggestion on the PTR forums to give companions at least one slot each for this very reason. Maybe if enough people ask they will add that in.

So…if I pick some specific armor as my chest piece with this system, will every piece of chest armor I equip from then on have that appearance, but with their own stats? Say I pick a Cartel Market chest with the designer, then put on some level 60 PVE piece. Will it have the Cartel things appearance and the PVE things stats?
Sorry if that’s a dumb/obvious question.

Does it also maintain the ‘hide head slot’ values on a per-outfit basis? There are a few helmets I wouldn’t mind having appear, but most of the time I keep them hidden, or wear an eye patch.

lol, how is this any different than now? besides the fact that it saves you the trouble of keep re-swapping mods in and out.

Just to clarify, the cost is to set outfit appearance but you don’t pay if you swap out gear you are actually wearing. Meaning I can set different outfit appearances on two different sorcers and Mail one set of legacy gear back and forth without paying each time. If that’s the way it works I’m happy as can be. All the legacy gear looks like junk so now I can make it look how ever I want.

OK peeps, This is so awesome!!!! Here is how it works. You will put on your armor. That armor is where you get your stats from, because it has the mods and/or whatever. Let’s say that armor rocks the good stats, but is super ugly. Now you can go to tab 1, put in an armor set that looks super cool, and apply it. That gear will then be bound to you as if you put it on. Now you have the good stats from the ugly armor, and the cool look from the armor in tab 1. If you have legacy gear, simply give it to you other characters to get the good stats, and apply another cool looking outfit from their tab 1. Legacy gear is legacy bound, and can always be used by all of your characters. If you don’t want the look of any of the tabs, then simply don’t apply them. If you change your armor from PVE gear to PVP gear, then your stats will change, but your appearance will remain what is on tab 1. Your stats will always come from what you have on the gear tab, not the appearance tabs. They are doing this because legacy gear has taken over (rightfully so. it rocks!!!), and as a result there is less interest in any crap they send out in the packs. Now we have a reason to want the sets from the new packs. No need to transfer any mods/whatever to the new outfit, and the cost looks minimal. I can see me getting maybe 2 of these slots per character.

So it’s like Lord of the Rings Online’s appearance tabs, except you have to pay to put stuff into the tabs (presumably to try to negate the now-missing credit sink of swapping mods around). Cool, I always liked how LOTRO did it.

Although it’s a little weird that they bothered with the light/medium/heavy restrictions. I mean, it’s fine, but there’s enough Adaptive armor that looks heavy/medium/light that there’s no real point … unless class-specific armor doesn’t count as Adaptive and they wanted to prevent class A from wearing class B’s PVP armor or something.

Cause certain gear still have armor type to it, so it would be weird looting a heavy gear item and not able to equip it but still put it in the outfit designer to wear it anyway.

The name is misleading. It should have been called “Outfit Changer”. Outfit Designer implies that you can… you know, DESIGN something. I’m not saying this isn’t cool, but the name conjures up images of some kind of armor building platform, not a wardrobe closet.

give you that one, thought it would be some sort of way you could design something like hey remove those shoulder pads on this gear and add said cape to it. But still a neat feature.

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It all looks good, but there’s 2 more things I want for this system:

* A 2nd gear tab for our PVP gear set!
* A costume tab for our companions! They give us these great Yaven 4 sets, but now all our companions look the same, wtf…..

*Your* companion does. Mine would never wear such ugly outfits. *preen*

(just kidding. I’m a cybertech, I can’t be trusted.)

“* A 2nd gear tab for our PVP gear set!”

It blows my mind they were implement this without a way to store PvP/Offspec gear. Something could have been an awesome QoL addition, instead is dolly dress-up.

well…. i’m happy for it, but also annoyed we don’t get weapons with it too… at least for this first pass at it. Definitely not a lot of “design” as much as it is a wardrobe. Wish we could swap stat gear sets too for people who keep a PVP set…

I had quite a large expectations for this feature and somehow, even when it is cool, I feel sad. I hoped that also lowering/raising hood would be part of this appearance manager and it is not. So in fact, it makes easier to swap one gear for another, but not modify current one.

actually, if you find a chest that has a hood up and a hood down version, then bingo, they actually did give us a ghetto way of hood up/down toggle, lol

Well I personally (and a lot of other people) had bigger exceptions but this is just as cool I guess : x

I am very disappointed in how they are building this, especially the bullshit about charging you just to wear the damn items after you bought the outfit slot. Seriously, what kind of crap is that? Then again, it’s BW so I am also not surprised.

If you had large expectations for this feature, you must be new to SWTOR. At this point, you should be thankful that it doesnt cost Cartel Coins every time you use it.

Actually, I am not new to SWTOR at all. Although I am not a Founder, I am one of the early joiners.

There has been a lot of talks about lowering hoods feature, I even remember BW telling that they would made it at some point, so it seemed only logical that it should be part of Outfit Designer when announced. But this is not designer at all, as you do not design anything. This is simply “skinchanger”.

I too really wish it was going to give us the ability to redesign their awfully designed gear but you have to realize that it would inevitably hurt their cartel shop sales. Why give players the ability to put a hood down when they can just sell you a version with the hood down? I knew this was going to be just a “skinchanger.” I’m just glad they aren’t charging cartel coins for it like they do with the appearance customizer.

Not as hard as you’d think. Most end-game raiders don’t augment their gear until they’ve picked out their favorite outfit first. If anything, you’re going to make more money because now they won’t be augmenting their outfits; they’ll be augmenting the actual gear itself so every time they get an upgrade, they’ll have to augment it while disguising the gear using the outfit “designer.” Or they’ll just swap mods which won’t be any different than how it is now.

Guys guys guys!

Yeah, we are disappointed we can’t actually “design” armor, I wanted to be able to mport my own armor meshes into the game, b-b-but, what you’re not seeing is……now we pay LESS to the game!

A 186 mod costs 12k to remove, so 5×3 + 2×2 = 19, 19*12 = 228k.

Thats if you don’t like the default gear you get from, say, PvP or vendors, but now, with this feature, at most you pay 118k!

Yeah, its not perfect, nobody’s perfect.
Lets find a use for it!

So how does this change the current gear? If you have legacy sets that you send to alts, will that ability be lost?

No, that ability is being improved upon with this designer, allowing you to still utilize the efficiency of BoL gear, while also allowing you to customize your appearance with pieces that aren’t BoL.

What about class bound gear, like sith champion set? Will another classes be able to use it? And do they have any intents to make this “designer” affect weapons?

As far as I know – NO..! Such restrictions still seem to apply… Like Dulfy wrote in her Guide “Restrictions regarding the armors you class is able to wear (Heavy/Medium/Light) are still in place!” and the same goes for class restrictions e.x. “Only wearable by Inquisitor” etc. ..!

I’m sure you can still legacy gear. But now your character can LOOK like you’re not using legacy gear?

As it appears from the guide that is correct, you can utilize BoL gear for the stats only and replace their appearance on each character with something more appealing.
ie. You have a set of Sage/Sorc dps gear using the Blue Scalene BoL set, you can send that set back and forth from your Sage DPS to your Sorc DPS to use it’s gear stats, but you can use the Outfit Designer to bind the Battlemaster Force-Master’s appearance to your Sorc, and the Voss Mystic’s appearance to your Sage. This allows both characters to look unique but still be able to work on upgrading the same set of BoL gear.

So how does it work for players who have both PVE & PVP gear? If I want to use different looks for both my pvp stats and pve stat, how does it work then?

Use 1 BoL set for each spec/style of gear stats you need. So as a Sage/Sorc you would need:
PvE Healer, PvE DPS, PvP Healer, PvP DPS, which translates to 4 sets of BoL gear. Then you find outfits you like for each of those specs and bind them each to a new tab in your gear sheet. PvE Healer appearance on Tab 1, PvE DPS on 2, PvP Healer on 3, and PvP DPS on 4, while still keeping the basic tab free to change out your BoL sets that carry the gear stats for each of those specs.

so its basically good for lvling and lazy ass who don’t want to mod out the gear … at lvl 60 will that help me for whatsoever ? I mean by that I have already the outfit I like on my toon and I will continu moding it out when getting better gear then 198 why would I use the outfit designer ? won’t that just complicate thing ??

The outfit designer lets you set up 1-16 outfits that overlay your gear, getting new gear doesn’t change this.

That said, it doesn’t really help with saving on mod pulling costs at max level, because of how the augment/augment slot system works. If I recall correctly is cheaper to pull mods then to reslot and pull/move the augments, so you will still be pulling mods and placing them in your base gear unless they make some other change to how Augments/Augment slots work.

Once an outfit preset has been created, do you still need to have the armor pieces in your inventory? Could you, potentially, also sell the pieces without losing the costume preset?

You cannot sell pieces that have been preset on the GTN. They become bound to you when you set them as a preset. Any gear you want to have for looks you do not need to keep in your inventory. Gear you want for stats (PVE or PVP gear) you’ll need to continue to have equipped on your character or in your inventory as you do now.

I figured that they would become bound. But once I have used the armor pieces to create a preset, I no longer need to have them, yes?

Correct. You can get rid of them. I should say currently on the PTS the items are NOT becoming bound to you, but from the dev post the intention is that they will bind to you. I’m sure they’ll fix it shortly.

If like me, you clicked on the link before seeing perringo’s warning, report the issue in-game using an “Account/Billing/Subscription” category ticket and ask for the referral to be removed from the account that appears on the page you will be redirected to.

People like this make me sick. Hopefully he gets banned.

You have to confirm referral links. They don’t work like they used to in that you just had to click on them. He’s not getting anything for tricking people to into clicking on it, so I’m not sure why he’s spamming. But I just wanted to let you know, you can close your ticket.

He is able to get around this confirmation thingie for some reason and hence why he is spamming. I have been banning him left and right but he is pretty persistent and changes IP.

Dulfy (in the post below this) is right. He somehow is getting around the confirmation.
I’ve received the “subscription changed” e-mail and in-game my characters are all receiving the “Friends of SWTOR Preferred Friends Bundle” e-mail. 🙁
I really hope this guy gets his ass banned from SWTOR.

After playing with it a bit on PTS, this system has its greats and way way lows.

The great is, the ease of gear outlook swaps, and if you wish, you can save a set, then go destroy the item, effective freeing up slots in inventory.

The lows, which is sadly much more than the greats, that it is /character unlock for each appearance slot. You have to pay a fixed amount of creds to “store” an item in an appearance slot. Currently it is 14k creds /armor piece.
This new system puts much more focus on the absurd, outdated, limited dye system, because ppl will most likely use dyes on each appearance slots, meaning the demand for dyes will jump up suddenly. Another joke, is that the dye is destroyed once you “use” it in an appearance slot. They could’ve introduce a dye palette along with this new system, where we could pay for each dye cartel coins. This could’ve kept the GTN market up, while making long unavailable to acquire dyes accessible to everyone, along with certain dyes that only appear in the CM every half year…
Weapon slots are missing, I have no idea why, or if it would require any different programming than the armor appearance slots or if they were tight on schedule.
Companions cannot be fitted with an appearance outfit.

All in all, the new system will benefit most those players, who frequently change outfit just for the looks (because they can keep 1 gear augmented now, and apply outfits for much cheaper), and those who play multiple characters of same classes, because they can finally look different than those few legacy armor sets that is available in the game.

Outfit designer seems half-baked, dare to say rushed, while it may not directly connect to Cartel Coins, it sure will boost their Cartel income (as there’ll be players who will still unlock appearance tabs with CC, and this system will boost their dye sales, either from direct dye merchandise or increased cartel packs purchases).

I expected more and feel disappointed all the while being glad that it will be implemented finally…

I would assume that weapons were not included due to some issue or complication in a system that overwrites the sounds of different items. Just a theory though, seems like it’s slightly more involved to implement along with this first iteration, but possibly an easy update later on.

Finally we get to spend all the inheritance/birthright legacy gear tokens and not buy thier rip-off versions in the means of good looks. It’s a win-win

I like it, but I thought that there will be a colour crystal slot as well. A bit less of a shame for that, but still a nice and usefull feature.

BTW: are armours level restricted as well? For example: can I pul lvl 55 chest piece on my lvl 1 character (in appearance tab ofc)?

If I make my costume out of light armor shells and wear it on my mercenary for example will I lose armor rating? To clarify I have adaptive legacy sets for the stats on my characters but would like to use some light armor shells via the outfit designer feature for the appearance. If I did this would the game take the armor rating from the outfit designer outfit or the adaptive shells I’m wearing for my stats?

Thank you very much 😀
One other thing, how does the system function for gear like the old battlemaster shells? They change appearance depending on faction in-game, so does the outfit tab show the gear in the same way? Or are you able to get republic battlemaster shell appearances for imperial characters and visa versa?

Aah ok, that’s what I think too but you never know lol
I’ll probably test it out later on anyway, thank you for your help 🙂

Awww what, so my sorc can’t use heavy armour appearances? Seriously? Been waiting so long to be able to wear one of my favourite heavy chests on my sorc, and now this dumbass restriction. Wonderful :/

Really keen on this. Only thing I don’t like is that you can’t buy account-wide appearance slots, but with luck and appropriate pressure on BW, that’ll be a temporary limitation. Won’t need to constantly remod while leveling; you can just craft/quest/flashpoint gear in the primary slots, and put your appearance Cartel set in the mask slot and look cool all the way from 1 to 60.

Also, greens and blues have a huge number of dye and permutation schemes that aren’t available in modded form.

With the addition of the outfit designer which makes using light armor on a tank a viable option for appearance, WHY NOT DO THE SAME WITH HEAVY ARMOR ON LIGHT ARMOR USERS?

That’s really soured the addition for me. Ever since my first toon way back in early access I’ve wanted to use a particular Juggernaut chestpiece. Seems that’s never going to happen 🙁

That did raise an eyebrow for me as well. My guess is that it has to do with a gear hierarchy that was originally built in the game before we even had adaptive gear.

Wow; I can even wear the greens from the starter planets and have my endgame stats :O Glad I kept them on most of my toons.

Booo! The old system had everything you needed. There was no need to copy this system from another MMO. They could keep the old system and simply remove the extraction cost of mods, enhancemant, and so on, and you have the same result (changing appearance) without wasting developer time on this.

But, ok, now they realize everything whiners want, without analizing what they have done, and what they could do instead of…

Actually removing costs for mod extraction is not the same. You might have been right about that before legacy gear but I as you can send mods to alts it’s not the same thing. I would’ve liked a bit more modification possibilities on the armour pieces themselves but for what this is, it’s not bad. You can unlock tabs with credits and you can create different looks. I doubt they wanted to make moving mods to alts completely free. That would make things too easy I would think. Also the fact that you copy an armour piece into a slot rather than having to equip it for a look allows you also to use a single armour piece multiple times. So, all in all I think it’s not bad at all.

So the next time I want to switch looks using your system, YOU’RE going to come over and take the 10 minutes to pull out all the mods and put them into the new gear for me? Or I can just use this fine QoL system and save myself time, while adding a bit of flare to my normal gaming experience. Hopefully next time you stand by your name and give noreply.

No, it’s a per-character affair. Other than belt/bracer, everything I have on my jugg can be used on the other classes, but finding the right models for stand-in parts can be damned tricky.

What the hell? I couldnt care less about a fancy stlyling function that allows people to look like crap (when and however they want to).

Since the Outfit Designer was anounced at first I hoped they’d give us a menu to more easily manage different gear setups (e.g. PvP, PvE, Heal, DD).

It also kinda ruins the inGame enonomy – You want a fancy new l33t Sith Mask? Just buy it. No need to pull Mods and buy new aug kits.

And why again am I supposed to buy and enjoy 16(!!!!???) different tabs for 16 different outfits? lmao … this is just downright crazy and so far away from reality… . Who ever designs this stuff for BW – they really should look for another job.

why didnt you ask yourself why you still play games for children with your all-seeing-eye-of-critique? I mean c’mon! rly?!f wtf?! hashtag internet acess to true wisdom hashtag yolo hashtag thug life


… or just stfu and enjoy your doll characters in 16 different princess leia outfits. You could also paint them black if you’d like to, metalboy.

Well as you can see in the response there are people who want features like this. Also you’ re not supposed to use 16 tabs, you can if you want to. It doesn’t really ruin the economy, in fact the added credit sinks will probably be good for the economy. What you call economy is your ability to sell items for a higher number but when people spend more on credit sinks there will be less credits going around and few people will have 16 million to pay for an item. Well, guess you’ll have to do it with 8 million or whatever….poor you. And trust me, if anyone does use 16 tabs with different armour looks you probably don’t want to have to keep the armours in your inventory. Not wanting to be rude but you are completely lacking any empathic ability. Just because you don’t get it doesn’t mean others don’t want it.

It’s not a matter of greed (but its so simple to throw this at anyone, right?) or jealousy. I’ll make it very simple for you to understand:

This new feature is cheap. The design is simple and actually I can’t see any innovention in it. It could be more. It could even be useful to a point on which I’d eagerly spend a lot of cartel coins just to be able to use it (e.g. gear management).
Yet it is only a pure cosmetic thing and imho it has no other purpose. Are you really telling me you’d prefer any cosmetic feature over game changing updates? Poor you.
Besides – calling the “loss” of 20.000 credits the first 4 Tabs an economy changing sink and ignoring the fact, that this feature will make augmentations a one time buy each gear setup is just downright ignorant and simply: wrong.

At the end I am simply not willing to renounce a possible useful feature which could change the gaming experience for the sake of some cretins who are crying out for a f… puppet doll locker.
There is absolutely no point in not letting us change gear setups like this, but only allowing some freaks litterally different cosmetics for any different day.

1. It will save people time and credits to constantly switch between gear and mods. So its not just pretty appearance
2. there are people who still constantly keep using each new gear and smack augments in them so not all is lot. Yes we will be spending less credits on swapping mods out and spending less money on augment slots but i don’t think it would be that much of a difference. depending what server you are since prices differ.
3. If you are really sore about this feature i would suggest to go to an actual cantina tour and throw an idea in their face since that’s ho this feature came to be
4. If selling less augments is your only reason to complain then you neat to take several seats. I sell augments too yes, it will make less of an income but selling augments is not the only way and not my only way of making credits, dailies, selling decorations and allot of other ways, so i would suggest that what ever credit you would be missing as to what you make of now, go do some dailies if you aren’t doing it already. Not the end of the world.

It would be much better if they let us change tabs with gear stats to rapidly swap tankdps or healdps instead of swaping looks like 8yo girls on their dolls

I think the idea of being able to toggle between gear sets for dual spec or pvp is a good idea. However, that is not a costume design function. That is another function that I would also like to have. Also it’s completely unnecessary to act like a five-year-old about eight-year-old girls, but your prejudice is noted.

I just spent hour messing around with the designer , gotta say.. with this and the story content its a dam fine patch. Short but sweet

Just hoping we don’t get the same crappy cop-out we got with SOR. Pub and Imp stories should not be the same.

I have to admit, this would actually be useful … IF there were three GEAR tabs, so we could swap between different sets of mods, like swapping from dps to tank, or from PvE to PvP mods.

But SIXTEEN outfit tabs?? That’s just super crazy go nuts.

Okay, so after a few minutes of consideration, it is kind of neat that we’ll be able to apply mods to gear that otherwise wouldn’t be able to have them applied to it.

But paying for sets – and THEN paying for EACH piece you put into a set too? And here I thought having sixteen outfit tabs was super crazy go nuts…

well you could stick with the current system where you still would keep switching mods constantly between gear so there’s that.

Yeah, pretty much. Not saying I WON’T use this new outfit designer, just that I won’t use it nearly as much as I would if it allowed you to swap specs.

As it is, I’ll just be toting around a spare set of gear or two on the toons I really care that much about to do so with. Which really isn’t that big a deal, but some extra gear tabs in this feature would make that a LOT easier.

yeah the same, will be using perhaps 1 or two tabs and use legacy gear as stat to switch back and forth between alts. but it will save me the time and creds to swap mods out

DUDE, role playing is tiny part of this game, while nearly all of players would use dual spec (yes thats how its called) or even triple as Michael mentioned before.

I don’t think that after creating the concept of these tabs it took them much to make 16 of them. Whether it was 3, 10 or 16 probably didn’t make much difference in development. I am pretty sure that 16 tabs for looks is not the reason why they didn’t give tabs or toggles for gear sets for dual spec or pvp gear

people are never satisfied and RP is not a tiny part of the game, ive seen over hundreds of people if not more RP everyday regardless what server type it is. This is even usefull for None RP people as well. Dual spec is overrated with the new skill system we have. All you need is field specialization which save you the time to run back and forth the the fleet to reset skill. And only are left with the 8 perks to choose from, Considering its not too much of a task to remember which perks are useful for heal, dps, tanks and pvp or pve

dude, how can field respec save me time with just one click respec? pls 😀 also if someone have lots of toons, he can set them once, and dont worry about rememering all those perks, + free inventory slots. WTF, how can you say that dualspec is overrated? HOW?

cause it is, i already gave you option to put your gear on companion or in cargo bay since traveling back and forth to guild ship and stronghold is rapidly easy since it brings you back on the same spot you are. Field specialization saves you time by not having to go to the fleet, drive around to the dude, talk to him with the mini cutscene go back to your ship fly back to the planet you need to be and drive back to the place you were or take speeder path which still takes a few seconds. that’s how it save time.

and remembering a few perks isnt that hard, hell its not even bout remembering when i switch between specs on a char and do it on a multiple chars i do it in 20 sec. cause its not that hard and i dont need to think bout it or try to remember. Just like how typing without looking to your keyboard works just as the same clicking perks work, If you switched enough specs back and forth its imprinted in your brain and is easy enough to switch.

In other games where it would require allot more to choose allot more skill dual spec is handy but right now here in swtor as it is, its overrated. But thats just my opinion, never had problems switch specs on every char i have

Which means you don’t have to use all of the slots. I’m failing to see what the problem is with 16 slots even if most people only use 2 – 4.

I’d given some consideration to that. Maybe you really want to switch that slave dancer costume to something else when you get to Hoth, right?

For my characters, I change outfit really often. So I can see this as being useful, especially if I can reuse the same outfit over and over with just different coloring.

as a pve and pvp player am i right to say that this does not affect me? because it looks like ill still need two different set of gear for pve and pvp stats and the outfit designer does not save stats right?

also does this apply to my entire legacy or is it separate on every single toon?

Yeh I think it would be great also to have a toggle for a pvp gear tab for stats. It’s one of the reasons I don’t pvp much actually cause it annoys me to have to carry a separate set of gear around for that. Perhaps a great addition to this in the future?

and @disqus_rz2GoM6boc:disqus just equip the extra set for pvp on a companion you dont use often or at all and just summon the companion and switch the gear out if you decide to pvp

“Adding an armor to the outfit tab costs money as well. Each armor piece
you add costs you 14k credits. So two pieces would be 28k credits with a
maximum of 7x14k = 98k if you fill up an outfit tab. Note that there
are no weapon slots.”

Please clarify: Is this fee for a one-time unlock of that tab’s outfit slot, or does one need to pay this fee every time they change the content of any given slot?

It’s a fair question but I would think that you have to pay the 14k each time. The game does need credit sinks I guess but to be fair, when I do the Ilum dailies in about 15-20 mins tops I can pretty much fill a full gear tab. At 14k a piece I think it’s something that is not too demanding. All in all I find this costume designer much more balanced than a lot of other things BW has done in SWTOR

IDD, plus this is less of a credit sink then the current way people constantly switch appearance. Lets say i use 5 different sets, then i need to buy 4 tab given the first is free, then pay i pay 5 x 98K a total. But like i said since i got the main tab with gear stat and my 5 with the out fits i like, it saves me numerous credits plus time wasted in the future to constantly switching mods out between gear with better appearances i like, specially if you are into roleplaying.

Yes, you need to pay 14k every time you want to change a piece in your outfit set. For instance, you have Revan set in Outfit Tab 2, but after a while you get bored and change the belt to something else. You pay 14k.

So in 3.2 i still have 2 tanksets 1 dps equip and 1 pvp set in my inventory…again only a half finished tool which is praised by EA as a holy grail but will fail miserably because it is nothing more than a credit sink and a motivation to buy more packets…

The packets aren’t that expensive imo… I find it funny how BW decides to give us something cool and there are still people in the mindset that everything BW does is bad…..

uhm how is this credit sink with the current way we constantly swap mods out from gear we dont like into gear with a better more appearance, or constantly swap mods out from gear we wear into legacy gear to bring over to alts, remove mods from legacy into the gear we like on alts, do ops with those, remove again from alt into legacy gear again, send back to main character, remove mods again and put them in the gear you like for the main.

Or simply leveling an alt and you dont like the reward gear so u have to constantly swap mods out from those gear into the one you like as an appearance

the fact that you want to participate in every roll of your class and aspect of the game as pvp and pve is your own choice so yes some of us walk around with multiple gear set for different role and different parts of the game, but you still have companions so smack those gear set on each companion. Gear you use often, on your self. Tank gear on another companion along with ear implants and such on another companion and if a tank fails to show up for ops and you need to fill int he gap, summon your companion, take the gear, equip. voila
more space in inventory.

or simply put them in your cargo bay or legacy cargo since jumping to GS or Guild ship is pretty fast and easy. No need to bash a new feature

Dulfy, I’m not sure I saw this answered in the article. Does each tab blank out your actual whole equipped armor set or just overwrite the slots you apply gear to in the tab? That is to say if I have some monstrously huge armor set equipped and I throw a dancer’s set chest and legs in an appearance tab, what will actually be visible? Will I be in just the dancer outfit or will the helmet, gloves, boots and belt of the equipped set still be visible?

And even though I would not really need it, I have to agree that this is a huge fail on the part of the design team for not making at least one equipped set slot for people to switch between PvE and PvP sets or between DPS and tank sets. Three would be ideal, two would be great, none makes the whole thing pointless to many players. And seriously, 16 RP targeted tabs? Come on, like all those are necessary.

Important question I didn’t see answered; does stamping an unbound item of gear to an outfit slot bind that piece of gear to that character?

Hey all! i’m just wonder that this outfit designer will be usable on companions too or just the player charater/s ? Sorry, haven’t read all the comments, and i didn’t find the answer for my question…..
So I’m just wondering about the companions….. that ilvl 192 comp. bound gear is nice ……but the looks…. totally the same, and to be honest not really good, so will we able to change their appearance with this outfitter ?

:l I was hopping this “Outfit Designer” to be more like an “Outfit DESIGNER” you know to design our own new gear not just slots to use the gear we have. Yet it is an interesting add to the game.

I’m good with what this does. The name of it is misleading. Like the “Custom” companion’s appearance slot. It’s not like I can customize what my companion looks like, but instead I have options to choose from. It is what it is, and we’ll have fun playing with that.

Yeah but BW exaggerate and overhype everything they do. Figured people would be more aware of that nowadays.

yeah, just look at stronghold which they called an expansion 😛 ROTHC is an expansion, Shadow of Revan is an expansion but still you will always try to guess what it really is if you only get a name

“Bioware is having a ‘Choose Your Path’ promotion? That means they just announced faction changing!”

“SWTOR is adding an ‘appearance designer feature? It must be an in-game 3D modeling program that we can use to make totally new skins for our gear!”

I suppose when 3.2 drops people are going to be outraged that Ziost isn’t an acronym for “Zero Interest loans On Starship Terminals.”

I don’t know why there’s so much hate on this fantastic feature. You can finally change the appearance of your character without the annoyance of rebuilding all the mods etc.. And it’s much cheaper than the current system, especially if you switch your outfit regularly, for RP or the like.

I don’t understand why this purely cosmetic feature is praised so high. It’s fine if you really have more than one character of the same class, using exactly the same gear setup so you can move your legacy armor around. But hey … how many people do you think benefit the same way? How many players are playing the same f… class with the exact same f… item customization simultaniously?
Wouldn’t it be much more useful if this feature actually had another purpose like … let’s say anything meaningful as making gear toggling more comfortable…? No? Ok. Than I guess you are right by praising this more than cheap way to put the paying community of. I mean … it does not seem to have taken them more than one or two working hours by a trainee to implement “this”.

I am not paying for the benefit of some freaks while getting exactly nothing. Sry.

Fine… You can pay even more every time your switch your look and spend 30k extra per piece taking out mods….

allot of people switch appearance on one character a lot so this helps them as well, and if you don’t like the feature don’t use it. No harm done

For every character and spec I use on the Republic side of things, I have a character with the exact same setup on the Imperial side.

I think we just had high expectations for what this could be – mainly, new appearance options. RP is about all I do in game this late in the content release cycle, but I likely won’t use the feature much for it initially: I change outfits constantly, but since stats don’t matter for RP, I don’t currently pay to replace mods whenever I change outfits (if I did….I’d be bankrupt :P)

So it’s an awesome option, and I’ll use it more when new content comes and I get back into PVE or PVP…but for me in the near future, it creates a new credit sink for RP bag space that I’ll take my time gradually unlocking. The exception would be dying the same piece of gear twice in different tabs, which would be nice for rather expensive pieces.

Good to finally have different outfits for chars sharing a legacy gear (like jugg/guardian). Too bad weapons are not included (yet ? :D)

Hoping it gets updated one day

I agree, adding it for companions & weapon slots would be great. But maybe they will in the future *keeps his fingers crossed*:)

Any word on how old pvp-gear is allowed to be used? does that mean that the “valor-rank 60”-restriction will be gone?

(Psst: don’t ask just yet – if they don’t see the restriction work arounds initially, I doubt they’ll delete slotted outfits from players who equipped such gear before the first round of hotfixes)

Not gonna lie, am disappointed somewhat. Only really because Imp Agents and Inquisitors (and their Rep counterparts) can’t even look as if they’re wearing heavy armour which, as someone who RP’s quite a lot, in a massive kick in the teeth.

His point is he can’t be assed to grind for level or credits, and to be honest I have no sympathy for laziness. RP or not, you want something bad enough you should be willing to work for it, no? Easy to tell which generation Mr donut belongs to.

I’m glad to know which of the two of us is a judgemental prick (hint: It isn’t me). I just prefer RP over gameplay because I find the latter boring (god forbid someone doesn’t like the gameplay). So no, it isn’t because of laziness, it’s because I don’t like how the game plays. I’m here for the RP.

So, I throw out a legitimate complaint about the ‘Outfit Designer’ and it’s labelled as bitching? Great fucking logic. I can see why (maybe) it kept the armour classes (so as to, as someone said, not get rid of the incentive to get actual adaptive gear) but, honestly, with all the new adaptive gear… there is little to no point in keeping the armour classes. Hell, I just grinded to 50 for a Sniper Rifle. So, as to refer to your previous comment, I’m not ‘lazy.’ I’m just aware there are certain (silly) little things that can be taken out and/or that should’ve been added. The armour class restriction is that for the ‘Outfit Designer.’

Attack me all you want, but with other RPers, as you claim to be, telling you to get over it and play the game if you want the benefits, you may consider you are actually wrong. The game is set up for players to progress, as they do so they achieve new benefits (abilities, armor, credits, rep, etc); the problem is you don’t want to progress and earn things like other players and because you won’t conform you claim it’s ufair. Well, it is not. You have the same opportunities and refuse to take advantage of them, so it’s your own fault. You are lazy, childish and stubborn and here’s a shock for you… the world won’t cater to you just because you want it to. So get over yourself and move along.

You’re the one that attacked me (“Easy to tell which generation Mr donut belongs to”)! I merely retaliated (with the truth) so you might want to rethink about who is childish before you try and act patronising. I’ve progressed just like all the other people, I have quite a few high level characters (50-60) range. I’m just saying (along with a lot of people I both do and don’t know) that it would’ve been preferred if the armour restriction was taken off. There are some really cool looking pieces of armour (like Bounty Hunter heavy armour that looks Mandalorian as well as the beginning armour you get, also in the BH story) that the Cartel Market doesn’t have (save from the ones that require Reputation from the Cartel Packs that aren’t even sold). That’s why we’d want the armour restriction to be taken off. It has nothing to do with being lazy, it has to do with the fact that there are some armour pieces that classes without the required armour skill simply CANNOT get!

Yet, you’re the one that provides no counter points and instead relies on insults. Might want to have a rethink on who’s the “dumbass” here.

I guess you didnt know that most lv 55 and 60 gear is adaptive?
Knock yourself out with a nice heavy armored looking powertech 180-186 item for example 😉

I do know about that. Problem is… most of my lighter armour chars aren’t 55 and 60. Plus, the Mandalorian shit that you get at level 30+ looks pretty cool. >.<

Because maybe I like the play-style of a Sorceror but want him to look like he’s using heavy armour? Or, maybe, I just want a Bounty Hunter-ish character… who uses a rifle. Both are plausable. Plus, I said I RP quite a lot… not that I RP using both of those classes a lot.

Because a Bounty Hunter NEVER uses a blaster rifle in lore, right? They ALWAYS use one or two blaster pistols, right?

Thus, why someone RP’ing a blaster rifle-wielding Bounty Hunter would be an Imperial Agent with heavy-looking armor.

Really? Aren’t their literally dozens of identically skinned adaptive sets available from cartel market and packs and rep vendors? Wait a tick, yes there are! You’re obviously not looking in the right places, you need to seriously look at because there are very few old-school light, medium or heavy skin that aren’t available as adaptive.

That’s my problem. Rep vendors. As someone who doesn’t really level and grind rep all that much, it’s a problem. Also, let’s not forget the ‘Mandalorian’ looking gear, which have three adaptive sets being sold for high as hell prices. Admittedly, the Inquisitor can find a load of shit that looks heavy if they want that sorta thing but for Imperial Agents who RP as rifle-wielding bounty hunters etc? It’s a bit more difficult, purely due to the lack of… rugged (but not overly heavy) mercenary armour.

I understand your point, specially the way imperial agent start and you can use them as imperial troopers so wearing heavy gear and such will be a request. Just as SW and SI are both force users and lore wise a force user can specialized both the way the SW does and still be proficient in the way SI is.

With that being said, you got to understand that games will have mechanics, such as SW can’t wield staff lightsabers, For your RP it would be excellent but you can’t come in a game and start demanding things to be mixed up and screwed over for RP.

I RP too, but instead of making things hard for myself, i stay in the line within the game so i don’t corner myself playing BH in RP but decided i will snipe people from afar so i need to equip a sniper.

Can’t be mad at this new feature for not allowing what you want, since its the current way that already preventing things.

Also you can’t come in a game and not barely level and just play solo for the use of RP and then complain that you can’t get the stuff because it is too expensive or you don’t have the reputation for it.

Unless you got some rich friends and friendly and giving, that will provide you with the things you need, i would suggest either finding those friends or actually start playing the game, getting the rep and credits to satisfy your RP needs.

On the other hand, start leveling as well since most gear now are adaptive. And play within the range the game allows you to play, so you wont find yourself again in a situation where you can’t act certain parts of the story you planned out.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the idea of this. Just that thing is a minor disappointment in my eyes. I’m sure I’ll find a way around it, though.

Yeah, but i will tell you once you get passed that obnoxious feeling for leveling alts constantly or grinding rep, it is pretty satisfying to finally get what you wanted. So either just get passed that feeling or find some alternative for the things you want.

This is a little bit of a credit sink, but it’s not terrible. My only real problem is the armor restrictions deal. That needs to just go. The restriction should only apply to the base gear stats.

Otherwise, this is a closet, which is kind of nice. No more high cost for appearance changes is a plus. I do wish I had a quick button for PVP gear. Maybe they could make two gear tabs so that can be switched on the fly as well (It would need implants, ear, relics and weapons though).

Without this, it will probably be a while before there is a set I want to burn the credits to add.

slightly (very slightly) of no hood down or up options, but MASSIVE plus is now whenever my character goes to Hoth or Illum they have their cold weather gear on!!!!!!!

How disappointing. As a roleplayer this feature offers me nothing new, since they have made the foolish decision of restricting the old light, medium and heavy armour when this feature could have made it all adaptive. So bloody disappointing.

Perhaps they didn’t want to completely nuke incentive for people to buy adaptive gear from the market.

Huge upgrade for cosmetics and I’m looking forward to it but *facepalm on two counts.

1. How could there have been more demand for this than souce stat-gear tabs? Anybody who plays PVP or swaps specs often (a whole lot of us) is tired of swapping sets of a dozen+ items in and out regularly.

2. Why on earth would they add all of this competition to their cartel market adaptive gear?

On the other hand. w00t at @ remembering that I actually held on to those Jawa robes. Probably ugly as hell. I don’t even remember.

Ad 1, I agree, having at least 2 “stat” slots for PvE/PvP would be great. Still, it is a matter of few seconds to switch armor the old way

Ad 2, I think this will lead to more sales of CM gear. I personally have thought many times, “man, this looks great, but I like my current set as well, and i am too cheap to get new augment kits”. With this, I can just grab the items, and go nuts (yay Winter gear on Hoth)

And i also did hold on to the Jawa cloak, and I can confirm, it looks ugly

I was looking forward to this being a way for quickly change gear sets, instead of it being cosmetic. It is already a hassle to re-spec and have to set-up my abilities, and change my gear. I was hoping this would be a 1-click way to respect/equip gear, like other MMO’s do. This holds not desire for me at all, as I do not really care what my character looks like.

Basically I agree. You still have to respec which takes a minute at least, the extra 20 seconds to change gear isn’t game breaking. I don’t know what everyone else carries in their inventory but even with a regen toy and a couple stims I still have well over 70 slots of inventory left, even if I carried 3 full sets of gear + earpiece, implants and relics I would still have over 30 empty inventory slots. How much loot do you need to have in your pockets?

However, for the purposes of organization it would certainly be awesome. I think they did a good job with what they did this time out, now people that want it should be going to the official forums and pushing for equipped gear tabs. It is a good idea, they just need to hear it from the community.

And it’s horrible! A total UI fail. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, it shoulnd’t be necessary! That’s a QoL question!

If you have fun doing this every time, fine! But after 3 years this situation should get an improvement.

At 3 yrs into a game like this, having a secondary spec and secondary gear set does seem reasonable. But I never thought the Outfit Designer could or should be used to accomplish this.

Finally! Though I’m disappointed by the lack of gear-set tabs (To easily transition from Tank/Heal to damage or PvE to PvP) I’ve got to say this will be a really nice addition. Also I can use this to have legacy gear that can be used by characters on both sides, which will really help encourage me and my guildies to do more raiding while still not having characters who look like identical derps.

To the whiners in the comments about how it’s “just a credit sink”, tell me how spending 118k to change your look is more expensive than spending damn near close to a mil to rip every armoring, mod, enhancement, and augment out of your gear and put it into a new piece? Also, don’t forget the MK-10s that get burnt. Even bigger plus is that I can have multiple looks for what I want. If I later decide that I want my DPS set to be the one I use while Tanking (which is the case on my Guardian), it won’t cost me a week’s worth of dailies in creds just to swap gear.

It’s not perfect, but how can you complain about a feature which has purpose and is useful?

And you can delete armor pieces from your inventory after putting them into the slots to save storage space!
Augmented gear shells need to be stored in the cargo bay, if you want to use them again.

I think quick-switching between roles would benefit more from the ability to save specs and keybinds. Changing gear is the least problem. As I understand it, you can now switch the gear but maintain the look, that’s pretty decent, too, especially with regard to rare/expensive pieces.

Is literally your only argument against Spruce about how he should “go back to WOW and suck Panda knobs!” ?

I find it ducking hilarious that Dulfy allows this shit to last for so long on her sites.

Umm so I guess you have no interest in Strongholds, either? Because I guess in a sarcastic way you could describe them as dollhouses, too.

People like to do stuff like that in MMOs. So developer catering to that is not surprising.
And yes, the amount of people who will appreciate Outfit designer is larger than PvP crowd.

“People like to do stuff like that in MMOs. So developer catering to that is not surprising”

Swtor’s low population numbers belie ur assertions.

Wait, I hear something…

“I have the right to play as I choose? I can dress up my character awesomely if I wish?”

You don’t say.

Not as desperate as you..”I’m spruce show me attention even bad attention just attention pleeeeeeeeeeeeese”

Since there has long been adaptive armor now, limiting the outfit designer for light and medium armor wearers is annoying. What’s the point? It doesn’t affect the stats.

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@dulfy:disqus have you tried having a set gear in gear tab with helmet showing and in outfit tab a full outfit showing but this time without the helmet. If you use the appearance from outfit 1 will the helmet from gear tab show or will it be exactly like outfit tab one without helmet. if you can understand what i mean

each and every costume slot has its own ‘hide head slot’ and ‘show dark side corruption’ tick boxes- so you can set up each individually. And it seems to remember your choices through log out and such.
If you’re asking if you leave a specific costume slot empty, whether or not it will display whatever gear you currently have equipped in that slot- yes.
To clarify that second bit- if you have a full set equipped in your gear tab, and you make an outfit tab that only has a chestpiece- then when you ‘apply’ that outfit- all you’ll see is the chestpiece. nothing else will change.
Did i answer your question?

Yes you did perfectly. This was more towards sub going preferred with the helmet still being visible so this is my new way to hide it completely 😀 so cheers. (Unless BW finds away to crush my hopes)

Not surprised that this is a credit sink but on the other hand, it is MUCH less of one than pulling mods every time I want to change appearance without losing functionality. 16 tabs is a good number, too – I always ran out of tabs in LotRO. All in all, a decent QoL upgrade.

i would’t call it credit sink really, in the sense of saving up more credits then the current way as you just mentioned.

Holy crap, I’ve been waiting for this system since day one. I absolutely hate having to transfer every single mod in a set of armor to a different one if I want to look different. Right now, I’ve just quit trying because it costs so much. It’s hard when you have a credit limit. Now I can finally go back and find some of that armor that I liked the look of, even if it’s not top quality. As a Commando with a ton of armor variations, including many early green sets that look better to me than most high level ones, I appreciate this update SO MUCH!

I’m still not spending any money on it if I can help it, just like everything else that should be free anyway, but I’m glad it’s been added.

Actually, I take some of that back. It costs credits to put something into a slot? Are you kidding me, Bioware?! There are such things as free features! Learn what they are and include them instead of putting a fucking price tag on literally everything in the game!

dude. it’s cheap. WAY cheaper than moving around mods + augmenting.
A full set is only 100k. and the costume tabs are cheap until you’re buying your tenth plus one.
The game needs more credit sinks- and that fact is exacerbated if they’re effectively removing one of the biggest credit sinks currently in-game (changing appearance because of vanity reasons).

MORE credit sinks?! Almost every single aspect of the game involves grinding credits at this point. Credits, real money, or time, you decide which one you want to spend a ton of. Usually, it’s down to the first two.

This is actually an ideal credit sink. You pay for what you use. So someone who has credit issues may only use about 5 pages of gear, but someone with credits to burn is going to drop 2 mill on buying up pages and slapping gear in all of them. So you drop about 200k out of the system, no big deal. The other guy drops 2 million, gone, never to be seen again, and the value of credits stops going crazy. Its proportionate to what you can afford so long as you have the willpower not to spend yourself to death, and who benefits? New players, so they don’t go to the gtn and find every green item priced at 30k plus, which is the inevitable result of credit bloat, because when everyone has 12 million credits…suddenly the minimum value of everything becomes crazy.

Because not every single thing in the game requires a price tag. Some things should just be features, nothing more.

i’m sorry but its been like this for almost every mmo so should not be a surprise, secondly would you rather stick to the old model?

100k credits to fill an entire gearset is pretty trivial and is comfortably doable in an hour’s worth of dailies.

It’s not that easy when you’re free to play, with a limited number of activities and a severely limited maximum credit number. A full set will take almost 1/3 of our max, and that’s quite a dent if you want to do anything else. Plus, it’s just more grinding of dailies, and I’m frankly tired of that.

IF your F2P you’re not paying a dime for what you’re getting. I get it, you want more for nothing but damn. It’s a decent system so everyone can start looking different instead of wearing some version of legacy armor.

I don’t want more for nothing, that’s not the point. Dozens of online games barely charge at all, if anything, for things like this. Off the top of my head, Star Trek Online lets you change your appearance whenever you want, even your character’s physical appearance. Lord of the Rings Online gives you multiple “outfit” slots to put cosmetic items, and even gives you a system that lets you put gear that you can’t normally use in those slots if you like the way it looks. Both of those systems are FREE, even to players who don’t subscribe. SWTOR can learn a thing or two from games like that, games that have subscription fees that aren’t on the verge of being requirements.

It’s not that easy when you’re free to play…blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah cry blah blah blah blah blah gimme free stuffs blah blah blah blah blah.

^ what I heard

Good for you, assuming that I’m just some idiot ranting about getting things for free. Just how are you so good at seeing emotion through text? Really, I’d like to know.

1. It’s still much cheapier than the current price of swapping mods to a new gear at 50 lvl and beyond and you can go back to your previous look for free instead of swapping mods again. Hence, you will actually have more savings.
2. There is crafting that gives you enough credits to fill your credit cap. You don’t need to grind dailies at all.
3. Gathering tons of credits is easy in this game. Even a casual player gets nearly a million after finishing Rishi and Yavin storyline.
4. What others have already said, f2p opinions don’t matter. You didn’t contribute a dime to the game.

My opinion doesn’t matter? Really? I’ve been playing this game since the beta, and I went f2p after the option was given. Does that make my opinion any less valid than yours? Why, because you spent more money than I did? Because you have more money in the first place? We play this game just like you, and our opinions and feedback should be listened to! We can’t even use the god damn forums! I’ve never seen a game that puts so many limits on those who can’t pay.

“I’ve been playing this game since the beta, and I went f2p after the option was given. Does that make my opinion any less valid than yours?”
Yes, actually, it does – if the other person is still subscribing. They’re paying to support the game, you’re not.

Exactly, if you don’t want to pay a dime and be a freeloader, your opinion is jacksquat.

Your opinion doesn’t matter because it’s mostly ignorant which I proved in the points 1,2,3. Have a nice day. Despite the fact that you played the game you talk nonsense. You profit from the Outfit Desinger too, end of the story.
Btw, you’re not f2p then, but preferred. That’s a difference.

Fuck it, no one ever listens to things like this without assuming that it’s a rant about wanting free shit. Think whatever you want of me and my opinions, pay whatever you want for shit like this that should be free, I don’t care.

right there with ya man! haha I hated that you cant have outfits separete from your actual gear especially since i used to play LOTRO which has an outfit system in it too

If you hate the cost of transfering Mods, why not removing the cost instead of building that monster of costume designer… wich makes you waer a visible set ans a invisible (what makes no sense).

And changes in the Costume Designer aren’t free!

I’m really looking forward to it. I was disappointed that I couldn’t already save all the outfits I had in mind on pts cause for some reason I couldn’t reclaim any armor sets from my collection and I have the bad habbit of destroying the outfits after I unlock them. It is much cheaper than what I expected it to be, although paying extra to commit the outfit to the tab seems unnecessary. Can’t wait for the equivalent of shared wardrobe of LotRO, a legacy wide outfit designer, which I was hoping it would be implemented along with the outfit designer.

Seems like the answer’s no. Any gear that you otherwise couldn’t wear, you can’t put in appearance tabs. Any gear you can wear now, you can put in.

So class restricted stuff is also out? Im talking about gear from vendors on capital worlds.

Why wouldn’t current restrictions apply? It’s still going on your character, they should apply just like equipped gear.

What’s the goal of the Costume Designer?

What part of the game should be improoved and how and why?

It’s a feature that is barly useful. It has many restrictions that destroy what they may try to add to the game (but I don’t get it what this could be, maybe BioWare itself never thought about that point?).

BioWare should think about this question:
How does our new idea make the game more awesome for the player!?
before starting new features.

Costume Designer ist more confusing than helpful.

And don’t get me wrong: I am a cosmetic player. I like styling my chars. That’s why I don’t understand why they did it that way!

They just copied features of other MMO, threw them together, without thinking further.

It is a great idea being able to change appearance without having to re-mod every piece. At level 60 each mod is over 11000 credits to remove from old armor, not to mention the cost of re-augmenting the new gear. The savings would be about 50000 credits or more per piece.

Based on your complaint doesn’t sound like you’re a cosmetic player? That or either you like spending credits transferring mods and re-augment all your gear then maybe that’s what it is.

He’s a troll. Look back through his comment history. Just another loser who gets off coming into every post Dulfy makes and bitching about the game.

I… am very confused as to how this works. Does it only work for Adaptive armor? Or can Green/Blue armor have their stats completely changed now, too? (Which would be kinda great, actually, because there’s some basic/non-Adaptive armor that I really like, color-wise)

Sheesh. Leave the game for a couple months and then come back to all of this. I’m gonna wait to see how this all works before I even think of resubbing.

You can equip most anything, that being said, only heavy armor users can take advantage of everything, med and light armor users are restricted using armor above their respective ratings.

The good thing is most things are now adaptive. I’d like to see that restriction removed but I’m also glad there are so many adaptive armors. I can still make a cloth wearer look like a trooper if I want.

This is mildly disappoiting, as only Med/Heavy armor users get the traditional “Sith” facemask breather unit, and my assassin would absolutely rock that look better.

Does a piece of gear have to be bound to make it a part of the outfit?

Does adding a piece of gear to an outfit bind it?

In other words, if I get a bind-to-legacy piece and put it in an outfit on another character, can I then transfer it using the legacy storage and put in an outfit on another character?

Any Outfit that put in the designer would be bind. But that outfit in the Designer is only a copy. So Bind on legacy are transferable

I also found out if you add something to the designer it removes the sell back timer as well. Such as, if you buy the jedi knight outfit off Coruscant for 1.2 mill. You cannot add it to the designer and then sell it back. You remove the sell back timer and you’ll only get 9K for each piece when you try to sell it back.

People have been coplaining about armor restrictions since launch. That’s one reason why there are now Adaptive Armors. And now they revive the unwanted armor restrictions with this Costume “Designer”?

Honestly I believed the complaints were more in the line that the gear at end-game at the time looked like garbage (I’m looking at you Inquisitor pointy Hat and football shoulder pads) and you had no way of having another appearance without your own stats going down under. Not to mention crafted gear were gimp in comparison. That and pretty much everyone just wanted to continue wearing their Princess Leia Slave Girl Outfit over that crap (which was one of the few if not only adaptive gear available that looked great if I recall) cause believe me I didn’t want to either. It’s not that they removed the restriction in my eyes but instead relaxed about it. They made more adaptive gear here and there and then a lot more once the cartel market was going to be a thing and the adaptive gear wasn’t all armor type restricted is all they did.

I for one are probably one of the very few that completely dislike classes wearing gear that’s outside their class restrictions to be honest (Assassins in bounty hunter gear, Marauder in heavy plated tanking gear) I just like when a class is still functioned and looks like their class but of course that’s just my opinion (hate that shyt in PvP LOL!). Besides if the adaptive armors continue without those restrictions on the armor itself it’s not like you really have much to worry about if you still want to wear armor that looks like it’s outside your class restrictions anyways right? Hell Shae Vizla’s Bounty Hunter armor can be worn by any class right now, I think you’ll be alright.

the only thing i dont like is that you have use credits to apply the change for your outfits. people already spend there credits in the gtn or use there cartel coins for new outfit pieces. in my opinion the outfit designer shouldnt cost us anything when applying these.

Give them a finger, and they’ll take the whole hand…
I wonder how you could endure the current system which forces you to spend five times more. Before the Outfit Designer we were spending over 500k to change and augment new gear. Now it’s only 98k which is ONE TIME payment and you can go back to your previous look for FREE instead of swapping mods back for over 200k. You will save lots of credits in comparison to the current system.

Played with the designer for about 2 hours last night. Setup 5 quick tabs, some gear slots I didn’t even need to pay for because under a sage robe, you cant see the boots and many times I don’t show the helmet. So for less than 100K I got to look different not only on my main, but my Sorc alt gets her own look now too while wearing my legacy gear. Sure, its a minor credit sink but damn it’s useful and something SWTOR needed.

Yea, if you got the look you want there’s no need to spend you hard earned(or ill-gotten gained) credits on other armor slots that won’t be seen. I’m really looking forward to this.

Yup, I had one outfit that only needed chest and pants. That on only cost me 48K as it used the rest from being copied from my gear tab and it work out pretty well.

I really love this idea and this is a great feature, it’s really a shame that they didn’t do this from the beginning rather than screwing all armor crewskill crafters back at launch by implementing the adaptive gear. But what’s done is done and we can now just stick with only making augments rather than crap armor(or adaptive if it wasn’t all just thrown in cartel market). This is a great solution to those, including myself, who want to have multiple appearances without the constant modding transfers and re-augmentations of your next desired look even though I don’t tend to change my set often it’s a welcome addition to look forward to.

Really though? I don’t see why there’s all this complaint about the costs, I mean did you really expect absolutely no costs at all? And you have been playing SWTOR for a while right? Honestly what hand full of features can you think of that didn’t cost at least credits for QoL features? I mean these credit costs are literally nothing at all. Sure you’re not probably going to be able to have all 16 slots decked out with gear right away but do you really need that many? and if you did wouldn’t you have the credits for it by then? I mean hell all 16 slots are cheaper than Treek unlock come on… and 14k an armor slot? you want to pay 47k per re-augment instead? If you’re really stressing over credits looks like you got some time to work the GTN/Daily Missions until then (don’t care about the cartel costs since I wont pay it most likely). The only way this feature could be anymore perfect would be if it was released 2.5 years ago XD

Will you be able to design outfits for your companions as well?

IMO: Kinda meh feature with adaptive armor around but it has potential. Will be great for leveling and for sending around BoL armor while keeping each character unique.

Currently not on the PTS but hopefully this overlook will be triple checked and made available by it’s release in April first hand. Everyone cross their fingers… CROSS ‘EM I SAY!

Hopefuly, we now have legacy companion gear from Yavin but it looks same and ugly. My main comps are going with crafted gear and some comms + ops gear. But others looks meh. So outfit for comps would be very great

you dont get the point, the whole idea is that you dont have to move mods around to that adaptive armor, just copy the look and you will save your self some trouble getting a new upgrade piece of gear and having to rip the mods out again to that adaptive armor

You still have to buy the augmentation slot for the new armor – so it’s 50k (mk-10)+40k to apply vs. just ripping out the mods (around 30k afaik). That’s why I said, it is great for leveling or sending gear between alts. Not so much for endgame gear that needs to be augmented.

Right, I’d forgotten about augments… yes, that does throw a bit of a damper into the system, doesn’t it.

20K ish for a single mod and thats like 2-3 per item thats 60k ish. i take augment slot price over rip a mods completely off from a gear every single time.

If I use let’s say the grand inquisitor top will it put the armor peace it self in the slot or use it and keep it in my inventory?

Your armor will still be in your inventory. You are simply using it on the appearance tab. Once that is set, you can do whatever you want with the armor piece.

As someone with classes on Imp/Pub side, I use legacy gear to help with gearing. Legacy gear is great but the downfall is not being able to customize the look to the character. When Costume Designer was announced I was hoping and crossing my fingers it would at the very least include a wardrobe tab. I was willing to pay whatever cost they decided on (this is SWTOR, anyone that didn’t think there would be a cost should probably go back to elementary school to learn about patterns :)) To my delight, the system does have wardrobe tabs, and the first one is provided for free XD. This is perfect for me, I am a happy subscriber right now.
NOTE: It would be nice if companions also got a wardrobe tab. It would also be nice if MH/OH were added to each tab.

The only reason I don’t currently use BoL gear is that I don’t like most of their cosmetic appearances. When this reaches live, I’m definitely gonna change that though. (I use corresponding classes & specs across both factions.)

I get 4 free sets per character because I was a subscriber when GSF launched. With 16 characters, it adds up. Up till now I haven’t used them endgame due to the look. CZ-198, Yavin, Rishi, Oricon, BBA, KDY, and Gree all have sets you can purchase with enough rep. Some are easier than others to grind out.

oh! That GSF armor is legacy bound? I never noticed. That is cool, but it would look odd on a light armor class.

I get 4 sets of legacy-bound equipment every time I create a character. Plus all my scalene armor in cargo, plus the sandpeople armor, plus the old Imperial Containment set, etc.
It’s a pity the fashion-tablet didn’t include weapon slots. I almost never actually use my gray helix sabers any longer, but if I could make it part of a specific look, absolutely.

as i scroll thru the posts i cant find and answer to the question i have so here it is..
if u want to switch gear say from pvp to pve or dps to tank its the same as it was? and u still can use all designs u have setup?

Yep, the active look doesn’t change when you switch your gear unless you use your base gear as the active appearance.

Honestly if it doesn’t affect your stats shouldn’t you be able to use whatever armor you want? like on my sorc I want to use the Battlemaster Weaponmaster armor but I cant because its medium armor. I would love to use that functionality to be able to use that armor and I think you should because if it doesn’t affect stats why is there a restriction in the first place

And a thing I thought of just as a side note to that will the armor like battlemaster look like the pub/imp version or will there be a way to have the imp version of the battlemaster armors on your pub toons even if it still required the valor I would pay to be able to do this 🙂

No, it switches to its correct appearance depending on which faction it is. Your best bet is hope they make an adaptive version for it and sell it on CM

900k per Toon,if I get it right.That’s kinda expensive in my Opinion (If you think at People with 8-12 Toons) but well,a few Weeklies/Dailies and you get it.

It’s nothing special tho and not really necessary,but well,it’s still great to have it.

thats assuming people will use all 12 -16 slots also its not exspensive considering it will save you time and credits to constantly remove mods from that ugly armor and put it in that set you loved for so long and never removed it from your char.

Or simply modding legacy gear send it to alt, remove mods, put in alt gear. do ops, remove mods from alt, put in legacy gear , send to main and remove mods again and put in main gear.

on a mid – long term basis this is cheaper.

Well,in my Opinion it’s just one of those ‘Didn’t think it through’ Projects BW seems to throw in every 3-4 Months.This is an Option for those GTN-Huggers,but once again,they didn’t think about New Players who can’t afford anything in early Levels.

That’s because this isn’t for new players in the early levels. A new player shouldn’t worry about credit sinks at all, they should worry about leveling, learning their class, learning what mods they need to use,figuring out flashpoint etiquette. This is meant for players who want to keep their appearance without constantly tearing out mods for 20k (roughly the cost for a non-subscriber at 60) each and putting them into adaptive gear.

precisely, and that each tab is a one time payment, and adding gear in each tab is also a one time payment unless you used all the slots and decided you will change on of the slots appearance. People are just mad cause they were hoping for a total free feature, dual spec or a quick equip tab for a second set. Which can be handy but i dont have inventory issue, i just smack my second set on a companion and summon it and re-equip it on me if i need that set.

You did read what I’ve said,right?I wasn’t specifically talking about this,I was talking OVERALL! not just about the Outfit-Designer that’s coming in 3.2

*it’s just ONE! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< of THOSE! <<<<<<<<<<<< Project + S!*

It's just a overall process,that keeps moving forward and forward.

Learning their Class at early levels?sure.If learning 4-5 Skills = Pro,then I must be Master level by now.

you do know the first tab is for free right? and that even new players would want that awesome style but still have to constantly pay to remove mods from mission rewards to put it in the gear they want as appearance?

And secondly this whole “Project” was suggest by a majority of players who went to a cantina tour from BW and talked about it so yeah, kinda makes it a thought through project. If this wasn’t added, we still would be spending more credits every single time we get a piece of new item and we don’t like the appearance so we rip mods out and put it in the ones we actually, like . Each tab is a one time payment so kinda beats the whole “credit sinks” talk when this reduces the cost more then the current way we do appearance gear

With so many legacy sets out there, I made a set for each stat. The legacy gear rocks. This feature augments the legacy gear by giving you the flexibility of the legacy gear while allowing a unique look for each character. If you can’t afford this option, then your priority probably isn’t looking good, but leveling up.

Not sure what you mean, my priority isn’t looking good. Might miss read my post but i said this feature saves you a lot of times and credits. And yes with this, no more hassle with legacy back and forth then remove mods again to put in the correct appearance gear. Simply just equip legacy set and apply one of the outfit tabs.

I see now that I misunderstood how it works. I thought it was 800k to be able to set up a full outfit, and I see now it is 98k, which is still too much for a low level player.

98 k are the costs to add the Armours .880k are the costs to UNLOCK! the Tabs in order to be able to add all the Armour-Parts.

So unlocking all Tabs + a Full-Set = almost 1Mil Credits.

I think they set it to 16 just because it was easy to do. People may not need it but at least there are lots and it probably took them virtually no effort to add those tabs. But who knows….once you start getting into it….

But you don’t have to unlock 16 tabs now do you? 98k might be a lot for a new player but you don’t have to get everything right away. Instant gratification is generally not a good idea for an MMO. But as soon as you have a level 50+ running dailies it gets easy. Doing ilum dailies gives you 60k+ and can be done in 15 mins and are totally easy to do. you can skip the H2. So then you do the black hole ones as well without the H4 and in just about 40 mins including travel time you have made well over 100k. And because the skills are free now all my new level 60s start off with over a million credits. It’s also about playing smart in that sense.

your skills in this game are now free, low level players have more money now than they ever have. there isnt anything else to spend money on other than looks and repairs

No one says you have to use every single slot in every single tab. For example, I don’t see believe the costume designer will cost me anything. It’s only going to cost that much if you let it.

I think they need to start recycling dyes in the packs rather than introducing new one, this update is going to spike prices sky high.

Sure, but who the hell needs 16 different outfits at all times available for one character? I don’t think many people will be spending 900k per toon, most aren’t going to care about having more than a few outfits to swap between on the fly

I have put together a great looking legacy bound outfit for my mercs, I hope I can still use its look when I want.

This is a very nice feature. I’m happy I secured a complete covert armor set I will be using as my base gear set so I can have gloves (etc) optional for all my outfit design. Time to secure your covert set before they vanish of the gtn.

We need to be able to change from a PvE to PvP set simply. Or change between a DMG and HEALS set for example. I would have 4(ish) gear sets for most of my characters if it wasn’t such a pain in the buns. 4 gear sets also take up most of your inventory. Am I missing something here? This is just a cosmetic change?

Yes It’s just cosmetic change. Some people already posted the sugestion in the pts forum to have multiple gear tab also for this very reason. You might want to go in the tread to support it.

As always, an almost useful feature… but misses the mark of what it should have been.
A gear swap button for different sets. Damage gear to Healer gear for example. This along with a one button tab to switch saved utilities (again, dps to heals) for example.
Little things are missing too. Why no weapon slots? I would agree on the gear type restriction if it weren’t for one thing. You can be a Sorc in Trooper gear thanks to the CC market anyway. So what’s the point?
These are all features WoW and other MMO’s have had since before SWTOR launched. So why has it taken over 3 years to implement them.
Don’t get me wrong, I really like swtor. I’ve been a sub from day one. Like I said it’s a nice addition, but it should have been better.

Would been nice but its unnecessary, it only takes 20 seconds for you to set your utilities.

I don’t think the gear type restriction was a conscious choice. I think its more like they are working against the damning seeds planted by the old dev team and it would difficult to reverse it.

1. its a completely different features. apples to oranges and all that. this is appearance tab. not gear swap tab.
2. the point is that quite a few of us have multiple characters of mirror spec. its much easier and faster to gear them when they share a legacy set. the problem is – there are very few legacy sets out there and most of them are butt ugly. so your characters end up looking identical AND ugly. now… you can continue to swap those legacy sets AND have unique looks for each and every character.

now. would I love ability to save gear sets and swap between them with a single click? hell yeah. should bioware implement it? hell yeah. does it suck that they do NOT have it implemented? yes. do other MMO’s have it? some do yes, but far from every MMO on a market and it took WoW years before they added it into the game, years of outfitter being extremely popular addon that they pretty much swiped instead of writing code from scratch.

but to bring me to my initial point? this feature was never advertised as outfitter. it was advertised as outfit DESIGNER, heavily implying that this would be appearance focused, not spec swap focused. and to be honest? I expected far worse than what we are getting. I figured that we’d get a single appearance tab that will cost cc to unlock and that’s that. so.. /shrug

Awful thanks for this pretty neat guide. For a change, I am looking forward this implementation to the game. Very sweet.

MIT? I think you remember the name of the community college in the strip mall by the bus depot completely wrong.

long? its been out for 3 years. WoW has been out for 10 years and they STILL don’t have a wardrobe system

Wow HAS a wardrobe system – it saves gear equiped, you can give it an icon, name, and put it on your bars. It even shows you how many and which pieces are missing in your bags if you want to equip it.
This system is in WoW since WotLK expansion – so 4 years after launch.

no WoW has a gear set system not a wardrobe system. At best it has transmog which is not even close to the same thing

Seemingly that’s a way to encourage us to buy more cartel outfits. However, BW didnt really thought out the new costume system. Try to imagine how much sets a player will have if he plays both tank/dps classes. He will probably have 3-4 sets of armor for pve and pvp contents and it is very annoying to swap it every time before queueing.

Well since it also allows you to equip low level gear that people like the look of it’s not just for cartel outfits. It might increase the account unlocks for collections. I do agree with your point on people having different gear sets for pve/pvp and spec/off spec. That however is not a costume designer issue but another functionality which I think will be great to have.

This really doesn’t change anything in relation to what you are talking about.

What you stick in the costume designer doesn’t take up any inventory slots since you can destroy it out of inventory once it is locked.

Swapping out the gear set you are using for stats is not going to be any different than it is now.

The only additional question you will have is if you want to keep the same appearance regardless of the stat set you are wearing or if you wish to change those looks to. Either way you now have more ways to change the looks. It changes nothing about what you are talking about for multiple stat sets

How do you figure that? It’s not going to be any deader than it is at the moment; people seem to have their favorite outfit, they aug it, and they move mods as needed.

exactly, the underlying outfit still needs to get augmented

if anything this might encourage a few of the people who like to outfit swap frequently to at least aug their base gear if theyd been avoiding it due to always changing what they wear

I dunno. This has been brought up already but in the end I know there are a lot of players that have commented in the past that they don’t bother with augments because it’s important to them to be able to change their looks regularly. These people could start buying augments now because they know they don’t have to buy them again for each look change. Also you still have a need for them for implants, earpieces and relics and weapon sets I guess. So to me it seems like a win some and lose some situation. But really I am not convinced lots of people actually change looks and re-augment a lot. Personally I don’t change looks much because of the augmentation cost so I just accept the look I have. So when this comes out I will change the look more often but I won’t need less augments than before. So it really depends on where the numbers lie so it’s just wait and see, but my feeling is that it won’t be as bad as you say.

I have to say, that I like the general idea of the outfit designer a lot. At last an update I’m looking forward to! 🙂 I hope they will one day allow the same for weapons. One question: can you freely replace the look tab contents with a new armor set?

As far as I understand it, it costs 14k each time you put something in a design slot. So to me the answer is no. Of course you will have the choice to unlock up to 16 tabs and you can reuse armour pieces for multiple tabs so you can swap between tabs to change the look in an instant after different looks have been added. For some people credits are short but for those who know how easy it is to make credits with level 50-55 dailies on your level 60 characters it will be quite easy to pay for this.

This sounds incredibly stupid. I’ve used other Outfitters in MMOs and they do it so much easier. Why does everything always need to cost credits. Why can’t something be free for us once?

And we’re still going to have to play the Mod dance game, and that costs credits too. Ugh. Sure, credits are easy to come by…but I am already bored with having to grind random mobs and easy FPs for cash.

Surprise, surprise. Someone didn’t read the article. “Mod dance game” is what this eliminates entirely. Same mods, different skins.
As for it costing credits – WoW Transmog costs gold, Guild Wars Outfit costs Gems (real money or in-game coins), ESO requires nauseatingly endless crafting…. What “other Outfitters in MMOs” besides the free-for-all Wildstar are you referring to?
The credit costs are ridiculously low, and are one-time for creating one outfit. Not like WoW where you have to pay every time you want to change an outfit… Don’t like it? Don’t use it..

There isn’t much else to spend credits on in this game

They removed the costs for training skills, they removed the costs for respecing, they removed all the costs associated with leveling up entirely

The only functional cost in this game is for adding augment slots end game and repairs

Everything else you will ever spend credits on is purely for looks

The removal of so many costs in this game has already created hyperinflation, you make millions just leveling up from 1 to 60 and not needing to buy skills or gear anymore. All your skills are given to you and your gear comes from coms not credits

You also wont need to be ripping as many armorings/mods anymore, you can use the default ugly stuff and just customize over it and keep the same appearance even when swapping out underlying gear with no mod ripping

Did you fail at reading? I’ll quote myself: “The only functional cost in this game is for adding augment slots end game and repairs”

And quite frankly augments aren’t that terribly expensive. On top of the fact that these were always a necessity. You aren’t looking at all the costs that have been removed. The augments are the only one they left in.

I make and sell about 500 augments a week, they aren’t hard to get.

It’s inexpensive (also lower cost at lower levels) to the point that it’s kind of silly for it to cost anything at all.

This seems to be very similar to what Star Wars Galaxies once used once it allowed appearance overlays to visually change your outfit without changing the armour.

1 thing i hope bioware doesnt do is removing the armor restrictions on certain gear that isnt adaptive im sorry you little light wearing sorc/sage but you dont deserve medium or heavy armor or class restriction again it should not be removed, let people use the adaptive but leave the other gear that is in game that have class or armor restriction alone no need to kill off unique looking gear for classes

side note im sure people will disagree with me over this but F you;)

I agree with you, however, i think this appearance option wont ruin the unique class looks more than the hundreds of not-swtor-looking sets. It may be a ‘salvation’ for those sentinels who cannot use Jedi Stormguard gear since it doesnt exist and now they might be able to use jedi battlelord to get the same looks. The only problem is that bw ignored the toggle hood issue again.

They didn’t ignore toggling hoods. They’d have to go back and retroactively re-design every single piece of gear with a hood on it, whether it’s up or down…and create another texture for it in the opposite direction. That’s a lot of work for a relatively small group of the player base that wants it. It’d be a cool feature, yes…but I don’t see it happening unless they run out of other things to make first.

Besides, with this new system you might start seeing variations of hooded gear on the Cartel Market, to increase pack sales. Like your outfit with the hood up? Get the chest with the hood that’s up on it. Want the hood down? Buy the one that has the hood down and make a second outfit for it.

Right, it just removes it completely. Which is fine, if you don’t want to actually toggle it up or down…but I think most people want it to show hanging off their back if the hood is down. And that still does nothing for chest plates that have hoods hanging off the backs already, that can’t be put up.

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…..what a mess, but it’s at least a step in the right direction…a couple more lightyears and they might get there.

yeah, kind of a mess… I’ve seen simpler ways of doing it..

But I guess they have to account for a great many things about their cartel market profits and dyes, and looking at some of the speeder prices, it looks like they do need a credit sink…

How does inspecting another player work now with outfit designer?
Does it only show the character’s modded gear, or does it only show the character’s active appearance tab, or does it show you everything they have available?

in SWG it was free you added and removed appearance items cost free… save for the cost of the item itself…

Seems like a huge credit sink. This would be only worth it, if it was all free. May as well just copy double sets and put the mods and change on the whim, save more credits than spending 4mil plus 35,000 + every time you want to swap a look.

This is just another way for EA to charge for cartel coins. Joke…

No one is requiring you to spend the full four million on all 16 tabs. The cost is negligible for the first five or so. It is 35,000 to SET the appearance for a tab, it is FREE to switch between them once “stamped.” The biggest savings is in augment costs, as you can now use fugly legacy gear, augment it, and trade it between mirrored Imperial/Republic toons. I now have to augment only 1 dps and 1 heal set for my sage/sorceror, my mercenary/commando, and my operative/scoundrel. That’s a savings of millions of credits for me.

You do if you want it. Which in most cases is want, and since I play both pve and pvp, I am not really saving on augments in the long run.
If you ever played DCUO you would understand more. Free is better than an illusion that is suppose to save you credits.

What I’m looking for is the option to save two sets of gear. Being able to switch over from preloaded PvP to PvE gear with a click would be nice.

I think it’s clear that we all want a system like this, but for now, we’re only getting access to appearance modifications. Fingers crossed that they work it in at some point! 😛

I’d like to know if they finally fix cloaks from hanging to the floor through your speeder’s seat and engines etc…

Can i let some slots without any armor piece (for example without gloves) or must every slot be filled with some armor?

I can’t find this anywhere. If I am playing a Republic toon, can I use Imperial armor in the outfit designer? Some pieces of armor also have class restrictions, can I use those in the outfit designer?

The way I see this is: You set a “appearance mod” on an appearance tab; and then while you have that “appearance” equipped, your character’s appearance is like Treek/Bowdaar – where no matter the functional gear you equip, the look doesn’t change. But you have up to 16 appearances that can be created.

Now if only you could get this for companions. And I hope it carries over into shipboard cutscenes; unlike now where you see “hidden” head slots on comps and lose the “unify color” options…

Maybe a hide hood option, or hopefully, weapon choices for the bounty hunter will be added with this, (I read the above stating otherwise.) I just wish that bounty hunters could use carbines like Boba Fett. But that’s probably just me. But it’ll still be nice to stop having to use 11k credits for each mod I want to take out and put in a new augable armor. And can we use opposite faction gear i.e Can I give my evil Jedi spy thing man guy Imperial gear? Know this I must.

I like this feature but not making it in a way that also allows you to change gear stats (pvppve for example) was a total waste of resources, specially considering that they rarely fix/change features coded in the past.

As I see it having gear stats on tabs would have been more important than having appearances on tabs, still the ideal would have been to have both stats and appearances on tabs.

That would lose the value of disconnecting appearance from effective gear. More ideal, IMO would be to hold on to this but have PVP, PVE, and alt spec tabs for effective gear with the appearance tabs overlaying all of them. Speaking as somebody who hates changing from PVP to PVE constantly I would have liked it if they did the PVE/PVP/Spec tabs first but if I got a piece of the action from packs, I would have favored this first. Either way it’s a good feature and the game is better for it, IMO.

So if you have legacy gear and you want to use that piece in your outfit. Could you say, put it into outfit 1 of Toon X, and then save that outfit, and then transfer that legacy chest piece to another toon and put it in their outift 1 also?

That would be awesome I got the season 3 PvP gear rewards and I was always bummed out that I couldn’t put it on more than one toon, this way I can mix and match those to put it on the PvP toons I really enjoy playing thanks for the guide like always 🙂

Any word if they’ll be running an unlock discount on sets concurrently? I’d pretty much spend all my Cartel Coins unlocking armor sets for my alts, if this happens. As it is, my main gets most of the bells and whistles with my other characters getting a single “signature look” (assuming the set isn’t so expensive that I need to have it on my main, just in case…)

Is this legacy wide after you pay 4.49mil? Or do you have to pay 4.49 per every single character on your server? If that’s true, this whole function is garbage. Looks like it’s designed to make you pay double the cc, rather than let people change their looks without paying credits for switching mods.

Damn it .. –_– Why can’t we just get free stuff for once? Well at least they are all tabs, for a moment I thought they were slots. So preferred can get at least 9 tabs, which is quite good for one character if you like switching a lot.

“Any armor can be used, this includes adaptive/light/medium/heavy. Previously there was a restriction that prevented light armor users from using medium/heavy armor but that restriction was removed.”

Does that mean heavy users can wear light, and medium?

Just thinking that I could put those legacy Imperial agent goggles on my sin or bounty hunter. And does level restrictions matter anymore?

That’s so dumb, I wish they would have removed those two. There’s no point of those for appearance, especially this late in the game.

I think the general rule is that weight classes are unrestricted. All other restrictions like class-specific/cross-faction, valor, level, etc… still apply. Given all the remakes of same/similar armor there’s a lot of elbow room to work around most of those. But mostly it’s the greens and whites that never got duped for cartel market or other purposes that I’m excited about.

Oh damn… I was really hoping to be able to use those goggles. Yep, I stand with my initial response “garbage”.

You don’t have to pay 4.49 mill on every character. That’s only if you have to have all 16 tabs on every character which seems excessive to me. I know not everyone has the same play style but I can’t imaging having more than 5-10 different outfits on a single character and I suspect many of my characters will be 100% fine with just the free one. It would be nice if there was a buy for account option for each slot, but if there isn’t that doesn’t suddenly turn a good system into garbage…

It is if you compare them to all the other popular MMO outfit style wardrobes out there. Some of which are actually totally free, and require little effort to find funds to use them. Almost none require additional money fees either.

Some players like to have lots of different outfits, one of my guild members loves that, and is trying to buy them all. You might find it excessive, but she likes that kind of stuff. All she does is rp all day.

Also if I call something “garbage” or “ugly” It’s my opinion.

I love designing but Ive only used prolly 5 slots for one character. 16 can start being excess but its not that hard to find money for it.

But honestly I see VERY few mmos that have this function. The only thing I know of is DC Universe where as soon as you equip one it saves the style.

But i think this is more than sufficient.

There are a lot of mmos that don’t charge you cash to change your appearance (only cosmetics outfits). But apparently EAware way of making quick bucks is now the norm.

I will never openly praise their trash polices or accept any reason other than pure greed as a business prospective. This is not luxury function, it’s basic features of a game with principles. Sadly SWTOR has none of the above.


* Unify Color works fine but only on items stamped in a given tab.

* Draw weapon on the other hand is totally busted in previews tied to design tabs.

* Once you’ve stamped an item you can chuck it or sell it. You don’t have to keep it anywhere unless you’d like to be able to stamp it in another slot later.

* Don’t forget those formerly useless white armor vendors on many of the older worlds (what the heck was that all about anyway). I think some of them sell stuff that can’t be acquired in many other places.

* Stamping an item binds it but if its legacy you can keep on stamping it on other character’s tabs.

So… I need to stamp an outfit on my (non-gear) look. in order to unify color it? I was about to post what’s wrong with unify color; as it wasn’t working this morning! I was starting to get upset. … Is there a way to stamp it without a color dye? I’m at work now and can’t check it, but a reply would be appreciated.

Valor is still an issue, i tried to equip the orange battlemaster chest but valor requeriment waws not meet

My favorite part about all this, is this is a feature I suggested two years ago, and people did their whole “You’re stupid, this will never happen, because it would _____ and ____ and kill ___ and make _____ irrelevant blah blah.”

To all of them, I humbly bow my head, tip my had and quietly say:

“Suck it.”

It’s a shame you didn’t post it on Reddit, then you could’ve come back when they announced it showing your last thread and they would’ve had to eat every last bit of your shit that you gave them for calling you crazy etc.

Wow! Seriously thanks for this info. Until I read this I had no idea they removed the armor restrictions. Already opened up 13 slots and I’ll be amazed if any are open by the time the next pack comes out.

Woo hOO!!!

Hey I was reading this guide and I realized it considers 60 to be max level, thought you could want to update it. At level 65 it costs 5500 credits to add each piece to the outfit designer, so it’s 7×5,5k = 38.500 credits to fill a tab at max level 🙂

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