Patch 3.2 SWTOR

SWTOR New Decorations from Warzone Commendations in 3.2

SWTOR Patch 3.2 will bring a number of new decorations to the Warzone Commendation vendors. These decors range in cost from 100 to 2000 warzone commendations.



Decoration Costs Animated
Ancient Hypercrate Energy Orb 750 ranked comms YES
Flag: Frogdog Banner 1k regular + 1k ranked comms  
Flag: Rotworm Banner 1k regular + 1k ranked comms  
Holo Sign: Frogdog Logo 500 ranked comms  
Holo Sign: Rotworm Logo 500 ranked comms  
Hutt Potato Stand 2k regular + 2k ranked comms YES
Makeb Canopy 300 regular comms  
Makeb Pod 100 regular comms YES
Quesh Huttball Pit Chandelier 750 regular comms  
Voidstar Bomb 1250 regular comms YES

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

87 replies on “SWTOR New Decorations from Warzone Commendations in 3.2”

I cannot express how excited I am to see new decorations going to ingame, non-CC vendors, that are not limited time or availability. I had honestly expected to see all furniture in CC packs after the innitial roll out, other then the odd ones added to new faction vendors.

The PvP vendors already have plenty of decos, decos have certain drops from easy FPs that can be solo, and prefabs can easily be crafted…

“After the initial roll out” Meaning I am very much aware there is furniture on vendors in game, but they havent added anything near as much to those as they have to CCM

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Thank you for deleting that. Received two subscription emails from the game. Hope this doesn’t mess with my account.

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I know that this is a pvp post, but its also about decorations. There is a new, sick looking mount in the decorations which comes from the future Ziost operation.

Now that is kool BW with this Ziost (Granted i have only been on PTS for a few hours) has really done well imo.

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Im not that into strongholds, but where do i purchase these from? Deco vendors on fleet, or pvp vendor has em? Sorry for being noob-ish…..

I want to step in and support darkfather for his approach, as you can also read without being ignorant. In the days of Google searches and sites similar to Dulfy’s, finding answers to simple questions like this are very easy. Yes, we’re here to answer your questions, but if your question has already been answered 100 times, and you choose to ask again rather than put forth effort to find it first, then we’re all just wasting each other’s time. You make yourself better by taking the effort to find the answers, rather than asking the community to find it for you. Then the next time you have a similar question you already know where to look, and can save everyone else the time and effort to reply, and get into another debacle such as we have now.

It’s also the internet folks, there’s bound to be conflicts of opinion, and I’m OK with people thinking my opinion may be “insert their opinion”.

It’s also the internet folks, there’s bound to be conflicts of opinion,
and I’m OK with people thinking my opinion may be “so elitest”.

Thank you Dulfy for creating all these wonderful tutorials so I could teach myself how to fish. 😛

What a nice dream you have there. Create a good tutorial and you wind up with 500 noobs sitting around spamming the same question? “How do I fish?”

I agree with you and I thought the “teach a man to fish” thing before I scrolled down to your picture. However when you teach a man to fish you don’t have to say, “the worm goes on the hook this way, dumbass.”

Wow… Whatever happened to you that made people asking questions lead to you writing a huge paragraph that really only makes you sound like a condescending jerk…?

Any other non-sub get 500cc? Email came couple hours ago, “rewarding” me for my continued support. Lol!

sub rewards are given the month after they are earned, you are either still subbed or only recently cancelled and are getting last months reward

i am preferred. I got an email stating that I have 500cc as a reward for supporting game logged into my acct and yep I have 525cc.

I am nearing my one year aniv so mebbe thats it.

dulfy can i wear interstellar privateer armor on my merc? will it look good? im big into fashion and there aren’t many good looking armors in this game at all, and dying stuff always seems to make it look worse 🙁

i hated gw2, but i wish swtor would adapt gw2 wardrobe/dye syste. =|

clearly you’ve yet to meet Spruce…Vin the dumbass meet Spruce the mongoloid

Spruce has never made a joke in his comprehend the fact that your waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay wrong

If you couldn’t read that as a joke: you are either a troll or a complete moron. I don’t need to “know spruce” nor do I care what else he has posted.

I can however read in context and comprehend sarcasm; something you have failed at twice in the course of this conversation.

Please be aware I will never bother to respond to your small minded ignorance again. Show me you have two brain cells to rub together by doing the same.

Or show us all how stupid you are by trying to justify your ignorance with another malformed reply.

OMG your defending the troll !
I clearly understood the sarcasm but refused to acknowledge it.

What you clearly DONT understand is who Spruce is..he’s been trolling people here for months..gets off on arguing and sending abuse to people.

So get off your high horse of self righteous and realise that the only person that looks stupid here is you..the troll defender.

In future before you play the white knight, double check who your ‘victim’ actually is.
(this is what happens when you scan posts a month old and start playing hero….what a clown)

So you decided to show us how stupid you are by trying to justify your ignorance with another malformed reply?
Such a stupid predictable troll you are.

lol i like your name..
shame you missed the point and have your ‘lets just argue with this guy’ goggles on..
Dumb is what dumb does and your very dumb.

It’s Adaptive Armor, so: yes you can wear it on a Mercenary, or any other class.

Try to google (what is) Adaptive Armor

Will it look good? Depends on your taste, how would Dulfy know what you like?

Well it’s about time for a new Stronghold. All my bigger rooms are decorated and I don’t want to change them. But with these new decorations I have to build a Huttball themed room. Therefore I really need another new Stronghold with bigger rooms to do that.

we will get a new stronghold, just no release date, I hope its more then one, and Nar Shadaa fits perfect in a Hutt/Huttball theme imo

I think the prices are a bit high.

Ps It’s hypercrate on the table but it states as hypergate on the picture.

Not really. By now you should have gotten your main toon geared. Now, you make a choice…Deco….or….gear another toon. or shall i say….are u a Decorator or Warrior?

Not gonna lie, took me an embarrassingly long time for the “Hutt Potato Stand” pun to click. (Kept reading it as “Hutt. (full stop.) Potato-Stand”

Custom Huttball Stand 1/1
What? Why can I only own one of these things? Or is it possible to have more?

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