SWTOR More options for Outfit Designer in future releases

SWTOR will be improving the Outfit Designer and add in some of the requested features after 3.2.

Outfit designer still obeys class/armor restrictions | 03.25.2015, 04:02 PM

Hey everyone,
We think having the Outfit Designer ignore armor weight restrictions is a great idea! We are actively exploring changing this now, and I’ll let you know as soon as I know anything else.

I’ve also seen the mention of weapons and Companions being included in the Outfit Designer. Even though it may not seem like it, adding an Outfit Designer tab for Companions would effectively be creating a new system. Due to this we won’t be implementing one for 3.2, but will look into the option for a future release. Similarly, adding the ability to stamp weapons would require a lot of changes to the backend of the system that is currently in place, so it is unfortunately not feasible for a Game Update 3.2 release.

Outfit designer still obeys class/armor restrictions | 03.25.2015, 05:15 PM

Originally Posted by Jerba

Thanks for the response, much appreciated to know how you think about the suggestions!
However, you haven’t talked about one concern: Switching between multiple armor sets so that the stats change, not just the appearance (e.g. between the PvP and PvE set, or tank and DPS sets). What’s your stance on this, is this also an option for a future release or completely on the wall of crazy?

It’s something that would certainly be useful (and I personally would love something along those lines – right now all my other gear is worn by Xalek), but the way the Outfit Designer is entirely appearance-based, and the functionality of switching actual gear sets would require a huge amount of redoing. It’s not something we are against by any means but, similar to the Companion Outfit Tab, it would require designing and creating an entirely new system so it’s not going to be in 3.2 or the immediate future.

  • BluesLight

    Loosening up on the armor weight restrictions is fantastic. I was thrilled that my Juggernaut could wear whatever he pleased, but my Sage would like that same freedom since it is all just cosmetic, and any semblance of class visual identity went out the window with all the Cartel sets.

    • AbnerDoon


    • Ben Gimson

      Yup, I’m still praying that one day my Sorc will be able to don the chestpiece that Darth Decimus on Corellia wears 🙂

  • Edward

    And the dumbing of this game continues. Glad I left when I did.This game is a joke and a complete wastes of time.

    • Kelborn

      Yet you still follow the stuff. Quit bullsh***ing us and get off the crappy bandwagon of “Oooohhh Swtor is so stupid and sucks so bad, but I’m still going to follow everything.” People like you make me chuckle.

    • Guest

      How is a completely cosmetic element dumbing down the game? If anything it’s yet another system being introduced that makes things more complex, ie another thing that a new player has to learn and deal with.

      This only makes things more complicated. It’s moving in the opposite direction of streamlining.

    • Vendrimair

      We’re glad you left when you did as well (;

    • Ben Gimson

      Dumbing down the game by adding an a-tab? Sorry, but an a-tab is a pretty standard feature these days. Plenty of valid things to complain about with this game, this update is not one of them.

  • Placoderm

    I would be interested to know about other restrictions as well, and if they will be relaxed. For instance the Jedi Battlelord armor is heavy, but it is also specifically useable only by Jedi Guardians. There is also Legacy gear that is tied to specific classes as well. I am hopeful that these restrictions will be lifted as well, particularly because Sentinels and Marauders were cheated out of a set of class specific armor.

    There are also some older craftable PvP armors that make their way on the GTN every so often as well, though they also have Valor requirements to equip. Now, obviously, one could simply PvP a lot to meet that requirement, but for PvE players that’s a bit of a hassle just to get a new look. I’d rather they just remove the restriction.
    Finally, and I know it’s been asked about for years, but a hood toggle? The best I have right now is the Berserker’s headgear, which will over-write hoods, and still leaves your hair and most of your face visible. After all this time, an adaptive headpiece couldn’t be released that is completely invisible, but removes the hood? Not as good as having the “hood down” model replace the “hood up” model on toggle, but at least a step in the right direction. And while I’m living in a dream world, why not a toggle for capes on and off. Capes are cool… when you are looking at your character from the front. You spend 90% of the game with your camera behind your toon though, and staring at a black trapezoid for hours on end is pretty lame.

    • Kelborn

      A lot of the Battlemaster gears already have adaptive versions that require no valor. And there is a [Rated] version of War Hero armor that does not require valor.

    • RumpYak

      That last part is specifically why my characters are female. I’d rather look at their cute little butts than some guy’s butt for hours at a time.

      • RumpYak

        There’s also something amusing about a skinny little female with pig tails and a skirt being main tank.

      • Dru Ilhares

        Well, there is that – but as for the gear weight issue, I hope it changes so I can take the med/heavy breather masks (Warlord’s Headgear comes immediately to mind) and put it on my Assassin. It would fit the character style. Still no light or adaptive version of that headgear anywhere. It should have been a part of the Sith Raider armor set.

  • Lifekeeper

    And yet Edward you follow the swtor changes closely. I like it that they make new things and listen more to the feedback

  • Raymond

    A thing i would love is if you could choose for the imperial vs republic version of armor that has a different appearance for the different factions such as the battlemaster armors

    • Luke Farmer

      Same here. I prefer the republic version of Section X armor.

      • SupRun

        The imp headpiece of that looks cooler IMO

        • MasterKast

          shark head? no way

          • SupRun

            Was just voicing my opinion, don’t jump all over me.

        • Luke Farmer

          In some circumstances, maybe. I prefer the clone trooper look of the Republic side

  • tenha

    People talk about
    Outfit Designer. All I want is armor like this

    • Kelborn

      Yes. Yes. Make this happen.

    • John Marc

      Isn’t there already an armor set like this in game?

      • asdf

        yes, there is, people just dont look

    • Kirillr

      Don’t forget about this one) and a belt with multiple lightsabers https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/6e/53/f7/6e53f78b2ad0e89512291beab8e2264a.jpg

    • Unoshi

      IDD my favorite outfit although there is a similar one, i want this.

    • Norkei

      They’ll somehow fuck up the boots like they do with most of ’em. Notice how the legs are close to the same thickness all around? That isn’t the case in the actual game, and it drives me bonkers when they butcher such gorgeous stuff as this with their super thin kneecaps and shins. Like seriously, if I wanted to wear socks, I would. I don’t want my trooper armor to look like I’m wearing armored socks. I want actual cool-looking boots, dammit! 😛

      • captainzor

        I’d love for their armor to have that kind of fidelity but it really is a crapshoot right now. Sometimes you get a Satele Shan’s boots and the rest of the time you get……bleh…..

        • Norkei


          I’d *love* to see more good boots. I mean, I don’t blame them for not wanting to change the style of their models (that would take a long-ass time), but they could do better with the looks of their footwear. 🙂

    • Fuzzypaw

      This looks cool

    • urblind

      that’s already in the game…

  • Sarigar

    The next quantum leap in SWTOR costuming I want to see is hats and caps that do not require you to shave your head completely bald to wear them.

    • Naq

      I look just terrible bald too, apparently the trade off for my freckles, are these odd bars of stubble on my head when bald.

  • Ravarah

    Just gimmie this, and I’ll be happy. Just sayin’.

  • Ghosters

    Not bad so far I want to be able to change outfits styles and look some times as a Pirate and others as Ghost so I m really happy about it so far.

    I hope that it wont has any negative effect in performance cos that would not be good at all.

  • RumpYak

    Why are we getting this at all? I don’t understand. We have a system for changing outfits already, and it’s been out since launch. Yeah, this new costume designer would be better, but I don’t think too many people have left because they didn’t have this feature.

    However, I know TONS of people that have left because we still don’t have a quick, easy dual-spec. A way to switch between our PvP and PVE gear and skill sets and back quickly and easily. Or switch from Tank to DPS and back quickly and easily.

    Devs, I love you guys, and I think it’s cool that you’re listening to us, but I’m confused about why you’re giving us these clever things that are neat but just not that beneficial to the actual gamers. Who was asking for the ability to mount up without stopping? Was it really THAT inconvenient to stop for a second?

    Strongholds are cool, but I wanted a guild hall. The capital ship makes a great guild hall, thank you, but I still have to go back to the fleet for the priority travel terminal. The rest of the strongholds and this new costume designer are making me feel that you’re steering us towards a Star Wars-based Sims game.

    Again, I appreciate this new costume designer because it will save me money when I want to change the look of a character. But on the other hand, I’m not here to play dolls.

    What’s the long term picture looking like? Where are you trying to take this game, and us? I want the stuff that we wanted way back at the guild leader’s conference that still hasn’t made it into the game.

    • Lumi

      It takes all of ten seconds to swap gear, and with field respec it takes shorter if not the same time to move the four or five skills around that are not shared by all specs. Sorry you think that takes too long, but in actuality the time lost is minuscule and frankly not worth mentioning.

      • Unoshi

        IDD it is over-rated, while outfit designer saves up credit and can just play between different outfits without ripping mods and augments every single time.

      • RumpYak

        The same can be said for changing your appearance. In my opinion, the cost was high so I just didn’t do it much. I tried to think it out and research. I’d grind to get the cash or mats to make augment kits.

        So your argument is to leave completely alone a tab system for quickly switching out gear for different specs because what we have is fast enough, and ignore the pages and pages and pages of requests for it because all those people are simply uninformed?

        When I read through the list of feature requests, I got to the point where I stopped reading all the requests for the quick changing of gear/skills. I think I recall reading a few where folks were asking for costumes that you could wear over armor or something along the same lines, but maybe 1 for every 10 of the other.

        I’ve also not met or spoken to anyone who has left the game due to not being able to wear multiple different outfits cheaply, but have spoken to so many from so many different guilds who have moved on to other games specifically because of this and other quality of life improvements that have been requested since day 1 and still aren’t on the map for the foreseeable future.

        • Lumi

          The same cannot be said about appearance. In order to change appearance and keep the same stats you must rip mods and refit them into new gear then reequip them. All this does is let you swap gear at will and keep the same appearance, or vice versa swap appearance and keep the same gear.
          My argument is that while it would be nice to swap gear at will, it is far more important in the short term to reduce mod ripping costs to almost nothing. Swapping gear and specs costs nothing to the player but a few seconds, while switching appearance costs far more credits than its worth.

    • leah

      do you do ops? do you run them on more than one character? mirror specs? quite a few of us do. this allows us to swap gear via legacy sets between multiple characters, reducing amount of time it takes to gear mirror spec alt (to basically zero) without looking horrible and half the characters looking identical since there are very few legacy sets in a game compared to non legacy sets, but with this each character can retain unique look. it also allows us to have the look of non moddable armors (and there are quite a few in game that look pretty awesome but wearing them means jeopardizing performance).
      last but not least, it allows role players to have extra flexibility in appearance without having to re-augment new sets constantly or go without stats. oh. wait, according to you all of the above are not actual gamers. what ARE actual gamers exactly? are they like “real Scotsmen” ?

      while SWTOR team has been making choices that left me contemplating whether I should continue subscribing – this particular feature – appearance tabs. specifically appearance tabs. has been repeatedly requested by multiple people for a long time.

      as for dual spec, for the love of, I play WoW and sometimes I HATE the way it influences language people use – we have triple spec for god’s sakes, why regress to dual? we already regressed to only having 3 spec options instead of multitude when they removed possibility of hybridization, lets not regress even further. yes, saving presets would be a great quality of life improvement. yes, they should add it already (though if we are going to talk WoW, it took them years to implement it and they did so by essentially copying the template of outfitter addon rather then having to write it from scratch). but it doesn’t mean that outfit designer is bad or useless. it was asked for. it was likely easier to implement that outfitter. at least they are still trying to implement player requests.

      • RumpYak

        I think you misunderstand my intent. I did not mean to imply that each character should only be capable of 2 specs as a definition for “dual-spec.” I was referring to a quick and easy tab-type (or some other quick and easy method) of changing to a different set of gear and skill loadout (and back again) for those that change roles from healing to DPS, or from tank to DPS, or from PvP to PvE, etc. That’s what I mean when I say “dual-spec.” Sorry for any confusion.

        I hate what achievements have done to finding parties. If I come back to this game after a long hiatus, what chance do I have of getting into a pickup group for ToS? I can’t link a fake achievement, can I? So many improvements can lead to negative influences on the in-game language.

        While the appearance of my character is important to me and I spend a great deal of credits (and real cash through cartel packs) to get the look I like, I don’t think the ability to quickly and cheaply swap that look makes an ounce of difference to whether or not I subscribe. I was fine working within the limits already prescribed. I could change the look any time I wanted as long as I was willing to grind away to get the credits for multiple sets of gear with the good armorings, mods, etc. and the storage to hold the outfits. But in general, I get the look I want and I stick with it. I don’t feel the need to change it up all the time.

        Yes, I can also change from Healing to DPS with a field respec, reassigning some skills, moving around my skill bars, switching to a different custom UI, and swapping out all my gear with different pieces that I carry around with me for just such an occasion. But I do this WAY more often than I change my outfit.

        So, of the two features requested, what I meant by “dual-spec” has been requested by more players more times and would certainly be more benefit to me and all the guilds who have lost players because the devs don’t seem to be paying enough attention to what the players are asking for most seems like it would do more good than this outfit designer feature.

        Again, I’m not saying the outfit designer is a bad thing. I welcome it and I will use it. But it’s not what I’ve been asking for, and it’s not what I need.

        • leah

          to give you a short answer. its not what YOU have been asking for, but its what other players have been asking for and it doesn’t make them any less actual players than you.

          a LOT of players have been asking for appearance tabs. a LOT of layers are very happy now that they can switch looks whenever they feel like without having to augment multiple sets of gear and either grind multiple upgrades or pull mods every time they go for a change. which can get bloody expensive.

          you may change your spec more often than you change outfits. other players, the ones this feature is made for? change their outfits a lot more often than they do specs. or even if they don’t, they swap between mirror characters often enough to want to see something ANYTHING other than legacy gear. these are the players that developers listened to at this time and created a feature for. these are also probably players that provide bioware higher profits with all the cartel market outfits they buy (or give incentive for others to buy packs to trade their cash for credits).

          sure, we didn’t get everything that we wanted and I understood exactly what you were referring to, however, dual spec is very much a wow term. even after regressing into discipline trees we have right now, at the minimum, it should be tipple spec. and yes, it makes a difference what you call this thing.

          as for linking achievements and getting into groups… what does that have to do with anything?

          • RumpYak

            You said, “I HATE the way it influences language people use” and I was agreeing with you by specifying how I hate the way some things added to the game influence the language people in the game use. That’s what I was saying about linking achievements.

            My argument was never that no one had asked for it, merely that it was nowhere near as asked for as “Fast Spec Switching” on the forums. I may be wrong, but I’ve seen the “Fast Spec Switching” asked for so many times that I simply skip over any posts that mention it in the requested features forums. I vaguely remember reading some posts where people were asking for less expensive ways of changing their armor, but they seem to number far fewer.

            So again, my argument was with the decision to implement a large feature that didn’t seem to be as high on the request list as so many others.

            Your argument about the ones requesting it being larger spenders of cartel coins is probably spot on, and one I hadn’t considered. If I had, I probably never would have posted anything at all. I think it effectively wins the debate and I will concede the point and match and shut up about it.

    • 7tihaar

      SWTOR had a very good system for changing appearance. The only problem was: not every piece of armor was modable (like in the beta) and the cost for extracting was maybe a bit too high on endgame tier.

      That’s what they should have change. Copy cat some system from some other fantasy MMO over the much nicer old SWTOR armor system is just stupid and feeding the whiner who are to stupid to see the beauty of a new system, they do not alreadey know from the MMO they played before SWTOR…

    • Erik Reppen

      I would have preferred a costume set spec and PVP swapper were prioritized over this but this is still pretty huge for the very large portion of us who DO enjoy sinking time into appearance. Once this gets implemented, every single non-modifiable armor piece with no matching modifiable aesthetic in the game just became viable for playing dolls as you say. This basically opens a massive huge catalog of new items for endgame where appearances are concerned. It also keeps them from just rehashing old gear that wasn’t modifiable for new cartel offerings.

      I’m really surprised they did this to be honest. A typical EA view of the situation would be that they would be adding stuff that competes with their own cartel stuff. I don’t think that’s true enough to not do it but it’s this kind of thinking that made the aesthetic side of the game kind of weak until we finally got dye and body piece matching.

  • Herman

    The switching between armor sets i was thinking that if they made a TAB blad where you stick for example your PVP gear in, then the switch would be made by a macro, that should be programmable by BW not?
    Hit the button, the macro swaps the gear and done.

    • Przemysław Narbutt

      dualspec, people are asking for this since first first beta tests.

  • Khadan

    OMG I am going to be happy if I can finally use the Rakata Weaponmaster chest on my Jugg. I’ve wanted the hooded version, but sadly it is medium. I bought it back in the day in hopes that one day in the future they’d get rid of the weight and go all adaptive.

    • Purre

      If you can wear heavy armor you can pick the look from light to heavy.
      Medium armor then light and medium.
      Light armor then you can only pick the look from light armor

  • JMC

    I don’t care if my outfit is one pink square giant pixel. I would like a dual-spec option so that I don’t have to change my gear and more importantly key bindings every time I change from healer to DPS. But hey if people are happy for this, so am I..

    • Xzelsius

      You have to change your key-bindings? o_O

      I play all healers and also playing them in DPS spec and never had to change bindings.. just swap healing abilities with dps abilities.. and yay.. thats 5-6 abilities and not much effort

      effective key-bindings remain the same

      • Erik Reppen

        I found the restored abilities haven’t always dropped into the same slots when I respecced my gunslinger.

    • RumpYak

      I’m with you, man!

      But I also change my UI. As a healer, I want the portraits for the people I heal to be front and center, and their debuffs to be larger than their buffs. As a DPS, I mostly want to see the target and what it’s doing, and not have a cluttered view.

  • MasterKast

    WHAT ABOUT FIXESSSSSSSSSSSS? like trooper heal set bonus, or rishi floor disapearing? but no! more staff that you can buy with cartel coins. gg biofail. gg ea.

    • needsomemiracle

      I’d hazard a guess that appearance features and bug fixes are handled by entirely different dev people, so it’s not like they’re doing one at the expense of the other.

      • yellow-power ftw

        Change the ”Dev people” with a ”Dev person” and we will be OK.

        • needsomemiracle

          While I admit there might be only one person working on big features like OD, I don’t believe BioWare is so cheap as to keep the game that makes 100+ million $ annually from Cartel Coins alone so understaffed.
          Or rather, I don’t want to believe that. The cynical part of me says it’s totally plausible.

          • Darth-Robin

            well its EA after all and one thing they dont like is actuall spending money

            its painfully obvious when you look at all the sports games they release
            same shit every year with 1 or 2 new players added…..

            besides all the money bioware makes isnt going back into the game sadly its going into EA’s pocket. and all the share/stockholders pocket.

            then bills/lisence cost/food/coffee/breaks and all the other stuff also cost money.

            i too want to believe bioware has over 50+ people working on the game but as 3.0 showed me its not that many 🙁

            • Erik Reppen

              Oh they’ll spend money on sports. They just prefer to do that in big giant lump sums that eliminate competition and any hope of innovation for years to come.

          • Kubrickian

            And you are getting your new cartel packs with methodical precision every 5-7 weeks. What cartel packs/coins do not buy is brainpower to create new operations/content. What we have is extremely fashionable people showing up in the same pvp warzones and ravagers/tos. The latter for a faceroll of discouragingly epic proportions.

      • Asrai86

        I often wonder how many people realise that different features are handled by different parts of the team. The fact that someone is working on the appearance designer doesn’t detract from the work being done by someone on bug fixes. Those bugs would take a lot longer to fix and require more effort, so it’ll take longer. Tis a fact of life in games dev, no matter the size of the studio.

        • Lafr

          I’m sorry but do you work at Bioware? Do you know this stuff as a fact? For me it’s more like a few people doing a lot of work that would explain why bugs take so long to be fixed, when they did.

          • AriesCZ

            It seems odd that BioWare would not follow the standard that is present in almost every software developement company (including game development).
            People are separated in teams, and while some teams may overlap, they are still mostly separate, as each is composed of people with different skills sets (aka, people who deal with textures are usually pretty bad at debugging server code)

          • Asrai86

            I don’t work for Bioware, but for a small 30-person studio in Melbourne. I’m not claiming I know their internal process, but as Aries said, people work in different teams and skill sets, doesn’t matter the size of the studio. All I’m saying is that very often, I see complaints about how new Cartel stuff is coming out when they should be fixing bugs, and I wonder if those people know that those two tasks would be handled by different groups within the studio. The bugs that get through usually do because they’re harder to fix and slip through the cracks in testing (generally). And from experience I can tell you, the bugs that everyone complains about on release will be there because they happened so rarely in the dev environment. Such a frustrating feeling!

            • Erik Reppen

              The game has had problems since launch that haven’t gone away or keep coming back. I realize an MMO is a big giant spaghetti mess of complexity especially with a stakeholder like EA driving priorities but 3-year-old bugs even if just minor cosmetic issues are obnoxious. But the sunken resource nodes thing… what is that? How hard is it to QA for that? Also, as a programmer, I just don’t get why they have some of the problems they do. Why don’t the cut scenes render you and your companion the same as they do in-game? I get that body piece color matching didn’t exist when the cuts were created but why on earth wouldn’t all the maps and meshes get pulled from the same source in the first place? Everything is another system even when the exact same thing needs to happen. They don’t seem overly cognizant of the DRY principle.

    • EyesOfGehenna .

      Bug fixes aren’t always introduced right away so I expect there will still be some bug fixes once the official 3.2 patch notes will be there. This is simply about the outfit designer as topic. I think it’s good that they are discussing things with us and are willing to explore things we are asking. Bug fixes…of course they’re needed, but that’s an entirely different topic.

      • RumpYak

        Agreed. And thank you for the positivity.

        I’ve actually seen some things get fixed recently that didn’t even get mentioned as a bug fix. I’m not sure if they simply didn’t mention it, or if they didn’t realize that a change somewhere else fixed this bug unintentionally, but I’ll take it either way.

        The bug fix I’m talking about…I have a black/black dye in my chest piece but not in my pants. I add a more powerful augment to the pants, now they are still color-matched to the chest piece. Not too long ago, they would have reverted to their original colors and I’ve have to check the box to match them to the chest piece again. Minor annoyance that I had learned to live with, but it’s apparently fixed now. Not a mention anywhere, though. At least not that I’ve found.

    • MasterKast

      then please tell me how they handle some bugs that didnt get fixed since 3.0 hit? you realise that its 4months ago right? and you are telling me there is an entire different department of incompetent ppl that has doing nothing. seriosly i cant even count how many shit is broken atm, and there is not even a mention of fix in forums. all they are “discussing” with ppl, are the things that will bring money to them. admit it, they care more about cartel market then game itself.

      unrelated edit: when you reply to someone, was it always like this upside down? its really exausting to read some long discussions, scroll down find oldest post and scroll up to find out newer ones etc..

      • Squigglezz

        Don’t wipe on Ruugar, problem solved.

        • MasterKast

          brilliant idea 🙂

      • AriesCZ

        It appears you replied to your original post (title says MasterKast in reply to MasterKast), and it is the most recent reply, so it shows at the top.

  • klixo

    Well cartel market lead sw to the end, nothing new in content in fixes, really i can only say good job ea.

  • Dracfett

    so when i make a set of armor in the designer its only for that toon ? or can my legacy have access to it also ?

    • AriesCZ

      You need to have whatever armor you want to use in one of Outfit Designer’s tabs on the character, just like if you were to equip it.

  • Darth-Robin

    well there goes the small unique looking class/armor restricted gear that is still ingame. sad day seriously sad day if it goes through

    a fucking sorcerer should not look like a marauder/juggernaut or trooper period! and vice versa keep this shit for adaptive but actuall gear that is class restricted/valor rank restricted or armor restricted should not be touched ever. my opinion

    • Phoenometroid

      I don’t get it either, why the hell does it matter if you’re sorc can’t wear heavy armor? They shouldn’t be able to. Besides there’s enough CC adaptive gear that breaks that rule for you why do you need the outfitter to do it too for everything else? I really don’t understand these people.

      What pisses me off the most is that why the hell would Bioware not believe that we’d want companions added to this as well as our own? Stating that companions would requirement a completely different system meant that they weren’t even thinking we’d want this feature and didn’t even start on it. REALLY BIOWARE?

      • Darth-Robin

        they said themselves that it requires a bit more work for compagnions and aswell as weapons but then again i can think the following, they should have prepared themselves for that and looked how other games are doing it, after all they did copied the whole game of wow 😛

        • Phoenometroid

          The problem I’m sick of is this game had promise and I didn’t believe I’d like this game as much as I thought back before I got into the beta not even being a Star Wars freak but I believed it had promise if nothing else. Issue is that for everything we thought we’d have within 6-months to a year with this game has because 1 and a half years to 3+ and counting. It’s interesting of how much this game could(should) have by now and yet it still doesn’t. Granted I haven’t been subbed the entire life of this game but I like to come back every now and again so see where they are and it doesn’t get much easier to see their short progress bar. I’m just really hoping it’s not going to be another 6 months to a year just for companion outfitter now. This should have been thought up back when they decided to reward players Yavin 4 companion sets. I don’t even know how they thought ppl didn’t base nor compliment their outfits on their weapon either but honestly i’m not too broken up with that since I still dawn many of the weapons from the first cartel market series which I still believe were the best looking weapons. All I have to do is xerox different color crystal from my collections at worst I can just copy another weapon and aug that up too. Main/Off hand might not be in mind now but mod swapping and re-augging two items is still a hell of a lot better than 14 so I can kinda get over that is little more.

          • Noengrish

            I was really interested to what you had to say, but man it was so hard to understand the point you were trying to get across. It sounded like you were continuously raging…

            • Phoenometroid

              The point was that for every good thing they add to this game that the players all asked for from beta and beyond takes roughly 6 months to a year on average to get finally implemented based on their track record. With the exception to the super secret space project or GSF (15 months), guild ships which included player housing (34 months), and highlighted notifications of proc’d abilities (3 years). Now to be fair those were all rather large projects and of course they’ll take time which they’ll probably will never hint projects in large scale again since they’ve been bashed so hard on how long it takes them to deliver (if and when they do). I’m just hoping that the inclusion of the outfitter to the companions won’t take 6 months or more. And while we’re at it here’s hoping for that main/Off hand outfitter and swappable armor sets/class specs, right?

  • Guest

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