GW2 Upcoming Items from March 31 Patch

List and gallery of the upcoming GW2 items from March 31 patch. Info and chat links are taken from that_shaman.

Info and chatlinks are from that_shaman’s reddit post located here. These items are not yet released and may show up on the gemstore in the next few weeks. [toc]


Exemplar Attire – [&DBMAAAA=] – Also known as the Countess Anise Outfit





Balthazar’s Regalia – [&DBQAAAA=]





Miniature Moose – [&AgH1DwEAAA==]


Mini Red Panda – [&AgHZCwEAAA==]



Rainbow Unicorn Finisher!

Summon a rainbow-enhanced unicorn to celebrate your opponent’s defeat. This works in WvW and PvP. This is a permanent account unlock.


Misc Weapon Skins

 No idea where these are from but probably not from the gemstore

Sword [&C0UXAAA=]


Greatsword [&C0oXAAA=]


Longbow [&C0wXAAA=]


Fishing Rod [&C0cXAAA=]


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95 replies on “GW2 Upcoming Items from March 31 Patch”

Yay for female charr/asuran versions. Still disappointed Anet seems to have gone the outfit route rather than let us mix/match armor skins. Sure it makes it easier for us to change looks without transmute charges…but would be nice to have some flexibility with mix/match.

Maybe they don’t want to test out every part, to check for clipping errors? Idk, but I’d rather them take the time, and make actually armor sets, instead of outfits.

They still take their time to make actual armors, too. In the meantime, they also give us lots of outfits. Most of the armors are so detailed, they don’t lend themselves well to mixing and matching anyway.

I wonder if the owl/raven/parrot mail carriers will ever be available? Also, I would rather have armor sets and not outfits. I only like one or two pieces and want only those and not the rest. (example: I like the boots from the aetherblade med & light armor skins, and nothing else so I only use those.)

It’s not that they’re lazy or unskilled. It’s that they want everyone to enjoy these looks, regardless of armor class. From a business standpoint, why make it an armor set when only a 3rd of all professions can wear it?..

If they cared about that, they would have kept the town clothes system, which had that without sacrificing any and all customization.

In reality, they removed the town clothes and are making outfits instead of armor to streamline as cheap a manufacturing line as they can manage. Because flooding a market with low-investment supply is safer than trying to find buyers for higher quality work. Though you are right that it has nothing to do with the artists, its the investors who have to pay the artists more for the significantly larger amount of time it takes to make an armor set over an outfit, and aren’t willing to do that.

You couldn’t wear town clothes while fighting. Also, even the armor sets mostly can’t be mixed and matched. Everything is far too stylized. That’s why people still end up with a lot of similar looks even when mixing and matching, because most things don’t mix well.

I haven’t really had any issues. I can’t wear one of the helms that I like with a chest that I like, but that’s about it. I want this frikkin’ Balth helm on my warrior, but clearly that’s not gonna happen. That makes me a sad red panda.

the outfits seem to make more money because people don’t have to also buy transmutation stones so they can just switch out outfits like most other games as they please, and so they keep doing that instead. The Exemplar/Anise outfit was always one piece, though. The old code was full body and not broken up into separate slots.

All I know is that I refuse to buy outfits. I won’t support sets that can’t be customized by mixing them with other pieces. In the end I’m sure dollars will decide how this goes, so I’m speaking with mine as best I can.

And still no word on DA ears? But I do like the red Kat and panda. I just can’t see buying the outfits, just no customization for my toons.

Well I think the exemplar was once an armor set, if you watched the mesmer preview clip they did about two years ago the outfit is the same one you saw the human mesmer wore. I’ve been waiting for it for two years. >.<

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Me too but sadly outfits is the new thing and armors are in the past. Can’t remember the last time they gave us full armor set. Only outfits.

OMG so much good stuff! *nerd orgasm* I’m gonna buy the quggan aviator mail, the rainbow finisher and the balthazar regalia. Fucking insta buy all 3 of em. About time they put some good shit in the gem store again.

Hehe, that was my thought too. 🙂 I saw it and went “All those Anise outfit lovers have finally got their wish.”

oh. my. fucking. god. these things r so motherfucking cewt i am so fucking favoriting this shit. japan is now on my bucket list: find red pandas, feed the red pandas, cuddle and snuggle the red pandas, steal one and smuggle it back home <3

They can’t make armors like that as they have stated numerous times because armor peices have to conform to specific limitations.

Outfit (even though it looks great) = no buy from me. Not gonna encourage their lazy system. Are we getting full armor sets, like ever?

This comment would make more sense if not for carapace released in game, and all the armors that have been added to the store in the past year.

Going from Anet to Bioware is like working at a 5 star restaurant and transferring to McDonald

The moment I saw the Balthazar Regalia, I got the nostalgic feelings from Guild Wars 1. In my honest opinion, they should bring back the other 4 gods as regalia as well. Not only do they look and feel epic, but for player that played Guild Wars 1 and owned a copy of Nightfall. This brings us closer then ever to the Dervish classes, as the reglia are are taken from the avatar elites for the Dervish class.

Hey is there a way 2 keep the Balthazar’s Regalia on and sill have the stats from your armor with it? Coming bac rom a long break and restarting GW2. Wondering if I can keep the look of one of the the new outfits while still having my stats from my old armor on. Sorry or dumb question and any tips would be welcome.

I love the new Balthazar outfit. I will be getting this for my warrior for sure. There is only one draw back for me. I am using a black refractor. It would be nice if back pieces and weapons would change colors too when you use a refractor. I would love to be able to wear this outfit with the fires of balthazar back piece and have the weapons and the back piece match the outfit with the refractor. IMO this is probably an easy and much needed fix for Anet.

I bought arcane for my elementalist but after looking at it decided I could use it on my engineer too just by recoloring the robe to more closely match the rope belt since it has a leather bit. There are some other options that would work too, like the pirate with the helm turned off.

Seriously? More Outfits? I want some armor pieces again. That Balthazaar outfit I can totally tweak individually. But no, I am stuck with one-color-for-all dying palette.

Its not that bad. My Charr will pretend to be some kind of a new Imperator of the Flame Legion ^_^. Because its sure looks like one, with the Balthy outfit :D.

Hmmm nice roleplay idea. Though I guess my only gripe would be unable to take it apart and use it with my other gears for looks and fun customizing. Ah well, such is the sacrifice…


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as per the other outfits, will we at least be able to take off the Predator-esque helm on the balthazar outfit?

pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows …. (this has to tie with skrit under finishers I am tempted by)

Balthazar’s Regalia is out!!! I just bought my gems a few hours beforehand in anticipation of this horrendous gem spike that’s only going to get worse.

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