Patch 3.2 patch notes SWTOR

SWTOR 3.2 PTS Patch Notes for April 2

SWTOR Patch 3.2 PTS Update Notes for April 2. This is the final round of PTS update before the patch hitting live.


  • The cooldown on the Quick Travel ability has been reduced. For Subscribers and Preferred players the cooldown is now 6 minutes, and for Free-To-Play players the cooldown is now 26 minutes.
  • The Legacy Travel I, II, and III unlocks now reduce the cooldown of the Quick Travel ability by 2 additional minutes each, down to 0.
  • The cooldown on the Emergency Fleet Pass ability has been reduced. For Subscribers and Preffered players the cooldown is now 90 minutes, and for Free-To-Play players the cooldown is now 180 minutes.
  • The Legacy Fleet Pass I, II, and III unlocks now reduce the cooldown of the Emergency Fleet Pass ability by 30 additional minutes each, down to 0.
  • Cooldowns have been removed from the following Legacy Perks:
    • Priority Transport: CZ-198
    • Priority Transport: Capital World
    • Priority Transport: Fleet Vanguard
    • Priority Transport: Oricon
    • Priority Transport: Outlaw’s Den
    • Priority Transport: Rishi
    • Priority Transport: The Black Hole
    • Priority Transport: Yavin 4
  • The speeder at the Ghost Cell Training Camp on Tatooine has been removed from the Taxi Network. Interacting with the Speeder now teleports players directly to Outpost Zaroche instead. The exhaustion zone separating the Ghost Cell Training Camp has been removed, allowing land access to the area. The camp may still be teleported to by using the crate in the first part of the "Assassin’s Fortress" quest.
  • The base cooldown on the Priority Transport: Personal Starship Legacy Perk has been reduced to 6 minutes. Each Improved Priority Transport: Personal Starship unlock will reduce that cooldown by an additional 2 minutes, down to 0.
  • The Planetary Modification and Equipment Vendors have gone through a large rework: The vendor’s stocks have been adjusted to have a better variety of Modifications at a lower Commendation cost. In addition, the title of the NPCs has been changed to reflect the level of the items they sell.
  • All Class Missions that previously rewarded 1 or 2 Basic Commendations now reward 8 Basic Commendations.
  • Group Finder Operations now require 8 Players instead of 16.
  • Level 55 Operations are now available through Group Finder at level 60. A new Operation will be available each day.
  • Group Finder rewards and associated Weekly Missions have had their Commendations adjusted:
    • Group Finder Story Mode Flashpoints:
      • Level 10-54: 20 Basic Commendations
    • Group Finder Tactical Flashpoints:
      • Level 10-54: 20 Basic Commendations
      • Level 55-59: 30 Basic Commendations
      • Level 60: 14 Elite Commendations
    • Group Finder Hard-Mode Flashpoints:
      • Level 50-55: 40 Basic Commendations
      • Level 55-59: 40 Basic Commendations
      • Level 60: 6 Ultimate Commendations
    • Group Finder Story Mode Operations:
      • Level 50: 16 Ultimate Commendations
      • Level 55: 16 Ultimate Commendations
      • Level 60: 16 Ultimate Commendations
    • Weekly Missions:
      • [WEEKLY] Tactical Flashpoints now grants 20 Elite and 10 Ultimate Commendations.
      • [WEEKLY] Galactic Conflicts now grants 20 Elite and 14 Ultimate Commendations.
  • Operations bosses and associated Weekly Missions have had their Commendations updated:
    • Level 50 Operations:
      • 8-Player Story Mode bosses now drop 4 Basic Commendations.
      • 8-Player Hard Mode bosses now drop 6 Basic and 4 Elite Commendations.
      • 8-Player Nightmare Mode bosses now drop 6 Basic and 4 Elite Commendations.
      • 16-Player Story Mode bosses now drop 4 Basic and 2 Elite Commendations.
      • 16-Player Hard Mode bosses now drop 8 Basic and 6 Elite Commendations.
      • 16-Player Nightmare Mode bosses now drop 8 Basic and 6 Elite Commendations.
    • Level 55 Operations:
    • Terror from Beyond + Scum and Villainy
      • 16-Player Story Mode bosses now drop 1 Ultimate Commendation.
      • 16-Player Hard Mode bosses now drop 2 Ultimate Commendations.
      • 16-Player Nightmare Mode bosses now drop 3 Ultimate Commendations.
    • Dread Fortress + Dread Palace
      • 16-Player Story Mode bosses now drop 1 Ultimate Commendation.
      • 16-Player Hard Mode bosses now drop 2 Ultimate Commendations.
    • Level 60 Operations:
      • 8-Player Story Mode bosses now drop 8 Elite Commendations.
      • 8-Player Hard Mode bosses now drop 10 Elite Commendations.
      • 16-Player Story Mode bosses now drop 10 Elite Commendations.
      • 16-Player Hard Mode bosses now drop 12 Elite Commendations.
    • Weekly Missions:
      • The Level 50 Operation Weekly Missions now grant 12 Elite and 6 Ultimate Commendations.
      • The Toborro’s Courtyard Weekly Mission now grants 12 Elite and 6 Ultimate Commendations.
      • The Level 55 Operation Weekly Missions now grant 18 Elite and 10 Ultimate Commendations.
      • The Level 60 Operation Weekly Missions now grant 24 Elite and 14 Ultimate Commendations.

Classes + Combat
Jedi Knight

  • Removed the Stagger Skillful Utility.
  • New Skillful Utility: Unremitting. Force Charge grants Unstoppable, granting immunity to interrupts and all controlling effects for 4 seconds.


  • Unremitting has been redesigned as Robust: While in Shien Form, Force Charge grants Robust, increasing damage reduction by 20% for 4 seconds.


  • Healing from Zealous Ward can now occur every second (down from 1.5 seconds) when attacked while Saber Ward is active.


  • Gravity Defiance has been redesigned as Gravity Vortex: Force Exhaustion grants Gravity Vortex, granting immunity to interrupts and all controlling effects for 6 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds. Additionally, Zealous Leap and Force Exhaustion each consume 1 less rage.

Sith Warrior

  • Removed the Stagger Skillful Utility.
  • New Skillful Utility: Unstoppable. Force Charge grants Unstoppable, granting immunity to interrupts and all controlling effects for 4 seconds.


  • Unstoppable has been redesigned as Brawn: While in Shien Form, Force Charge grants Brawn, increasing damage reduction by 20% for 4 seconds.


  • Healing from Blood Ward can now occur every second (down from 1.5 seconds) when attacked while Saber Ward is active.


  • Gravity Manipulation has been redesigned as Gravity Vortex: Force Crush grants Gravity Vortex, granting immunity to interrupts and all controlling effects for 6 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds. Additionally, Obliterate and Force Crush each consume 1 less rage.


  • Blasters Blazing now additionally increases the area damage of Thermal Grenade by 50%

Imperial Agent

  • Skirmisher now additionally increases the area damage of Fragmentation Grenade by 50%


  • Insulated Augs now increases elemental and internal damage reduction by 5% (up from 2%).

Bounty Hunter

  • Insulated Mats now increases elemental and internal damage reduction by 5% (up from 2%).

Missions + NPCs

  • [WEEKLY] Terror from Beyond, [WEEKLY] Scum and Villainy, [WEEKLY] Dread Fortress, and [WEEKLY] Dread Palace now require the final encounters in those Operations.
  • [WEEKLY] Czerka Dissolution and [WEEKLY] Czerka Takeover no longer require completion of the Czerka Flashpoints. Instead, a new Daily Heroic 2+ Mission has been added to the Mission Terminal on CZ-198. Progress on the Weekly Missions has been reset.

Unmentioned changes 

They updated the graphics for the movie like speeder seen earlier. It now has a fire like animation


Outfit Designer costs for putting in items have been reduced from 14k credits per item to 5k credits per item. You can now fill an entire outfit tab for 35k credits instead of close to 100k credits.

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229 replies on “SWTOR 3.2 PTS Patch Notes for April 2”

Wtf… Unstoppable as the Utility, not Discipline perk… and what shall we get in return? I would definitely like the death of one thousand whiners. Because of them we get only the stupid nerfs instead of additions.

If you read the notes, you would see that you get to keep 20% damage reduction after Force Leap. Defense Guardian’s have needed Unremitting’s immunity to controlling effects for a WHILE and all I can say is its about time.

Personally, I believe Unremitting’s Immunity should have been a baseline passive so as to avoid it being a mandatory utility point. It being in the utility selection just forces everyone to take it because, come on, who’s not going to take it?

The rework of the cooldowns and Commendations is a good thing I guess, at least for new players. On the other side, it’s a shame that the game gets even more easier; everything except the high level content no longer challenges the player, which I think decreases the experience and stuff. But that might just be my opinion.

And, of course, there might be more players who lack the proper understanding of their class required for the late content, because they can rush through the quests either way.

Having many many toons, I fully welcome anything that reduces the amount of grinding it takes to properly gear them. I’m glad BW doesn’t listen to people that cry about it “being too easy”

Well, I have many toons as well, though I’ve leveled them over a longer timeframe. I get your point that grinding is pointless and I agree with that; there is no point in making things taking more time than necessary (time is precious, after all).

But what I fear is that we get more and more players who don’t know how the game’s supposed to work. They don’t have to learn about their classes or class roles because they get through without knowing these things. Many of these new players are nice and understanding, but there are also many that aren’t.

No crying intended, just a bit concerned about more frustration in the Group Finder. 😛

I get where you’re coming from, you don’t want to make a game too easy cuz the newer players won’t learn how to play to the best of their ability by the time they reach cap where skill really shows. Keep in mind though that even with the changes to coms and QT the player still has to be smart enough to actually USE the resources. I’ve leveled A LOT of characters and I min and max my coms when I can so they’re as strong as they need to be, yet I still see new players running around without class buffs or even gear that they their class should be using! The other day I saw a merc who was lvl 20 with a green helm and basic common gear that BH start with, tell me how more coms will make him better when he doesn’t even use whats given to him? If BW wants to make things a little easier for people smart enough to use the resources let them, it shouldn’t change skill that much.

The fights will still just be as tough while leveling.

They are just reducing the amount of time between fighting areas and reducing costs since they switched to the Basic Comm system in 3.0.

Well, you get more Commendations now than before, and the costs of the gear will be reduced, thus making the overall gameplay much easier. That’s my point, sorry if I formulated it a bit confusing.

“They also updated the graphics for the movie like speeder seen earlier. It now has a fire like animation.”

Thank god, I was about to quit over that game-breaking horror!

YEAH! Why did they bother improving the game’s assets? Clearly the art team should be making balance changes!

And the balance team should be making community posts!

And the community team should get me some blankets, I’m cold.

Anything more useless than elite comms? Going back to 8 man Group finder ops is their answer to merging PVE servers. Legacy transport time removed for The Black Hole, that place has long since been abandoned along with Czerka on my server.

Nobody uses the GF to find groups for the ops anyway – 16-man or 8-man. I was in it continuously for a whole week and not a single pop. Very few people do SM level-55 ops and those that do them use the GF only after having a group already, in order to get the reward.

The whole GF thing needs a total rewrite. Not gonna happen, of course.

There has been a ton of Rav and ToS GF runs on Harbinger since beginning of February specially. Its the only way to get Ultimates outside of guild runs. Now with a 8-man setup on the GF, this will effectively kill pug GF runs as people are quite stricter about who and what they bring. RIP ultra farming for 13 toons

I think you missed his point. Group finder is not used as a real group finder for ops. The pug group is premade in gen chat, and then they use GF just to get the comms. I agree with Vess, GF is almost never used to find groups in Ops. That needs to be fixed.

I get why they said what they did. Pre-filling your Ops group for GF is the only safe way to do an GF Ops, and will still be the preferred method regardless.

If u dont like them then dont play for them.
Wtf is wrong with the complainers these days ??????????//

im sorry but i still know tons of people still going Czerka, The Black Hole even Section X. All dailies basically on a daily basis even.

it’s very nice that they raised the comms drop from ops and fps, but they also can raise the weekly cap on them aswell

To be fair you shouldn’t really get any ulti comms from old content…and even from SM current content it’s being generous..

Something is seriously wrong with Bioware.
The scoundrel’s blaster volley no longer consumes upper hand and thermal grenade is stronger?
No Nerfs? They must be having a good year.

So looking forward to this, no cd for QT is awesome.

I thought fleet pass was already 0 if you have the extra cds.

Its nice to see them trying to do something about no one doing the lower level ops, other than 2 man for decos, but I think it needs more, not many people use gf for ops.

I still won’t bother though, still takes way to long to get into anything past 186 gear.

None of of though makes up for their hypocrisy., nerf slot machines because it was tanking the market, then bring out out fit designer and kill the augment market.

Fleet Pass is at 0 with the legacy unlocks. Perhaps they forgot that they’ve included that already?

The fleet pass they just reworked. For subs with unlocks it makes no difference but is better for non subs now which I guess is fair enough.

“I thought fleet pass was already 0 if you have the extra cds.”

For subs it is. For non-subs, it just went from 3 hours to 1.5 hours cooldown. Also, the base cooldown for new players was reduced from 12 / 9 hour to 3 / 1.5 hour.

Nice QOL improvements, and the improved rewards will be a big help for alt armies and leveling folks.

Just what Guardians and Sentinals needed……stun immunities……………………..>.> Nice job bioware. Buffing classes that don’t need to be buffed while nerfing the ones that dont need to be nerfed.

Somebody doesn’t know how to kite. No wonder you are getting stomped by underpowered marauders.

Stop complaining already.
Its the Fckin Nerf box again !!!!!!!
We said a million times don’t open that fckin box, never ever.

People were going crazy asking for PvP nerfs cos they were clueless on how to play.
So now they buff whatever they feel like.
Suck it up.
I hope you were not asking for Nerfs because its your fault too they do these sht.

Sent’s are underpowered atm, but I have to agree with Guardians, they are definitely one of the OP classes in pvp atm. Also buffing PT’s a small amount, another class that is OP, doesn’t make any sense.

Why not have both 8 man and 16 man operation options on group finder… that’s just idiotic. The rest of the changes are welcome. It was already hard to find 16 man groups anyway, and now they’re removing the one main incentive about it. I personally enjoy 16 man operations more than 8 man :/

PuG groups are bad enough when there’s 8 people. This was a sensible change, and while I agree that having both would be nice, in reality this would just divide up the numbers between two queues and make pops less frequent.

I don’t know man, I’ve completed Ravagers every single time I joined a pug group of 16, and even ToS almost every time. These days people require an achievement anyway…. I understand what you’re saying about the queues, and it makes total sense unfortunately. It’s still annoying that no one in my guild wants to to 16m ops anymore.

Agreed. Best I can suggest is to either find another guild, or make more raider friends outside of your current guild. Perhaps have an alt in a different guild to expand your options? My guild sometimes teams up with other guilds the GM has friends in for 16m stuff. Connections are everything, imho.

Almost impossible to find 16 man groups these days.
Much better with 8 , more ops groups will start appearing these way daily on fleet.

I never talked about queues popping. I take it for granted that every group is and will always be premade. I would like to know if there is ANY server that has op queues popping, even in 8m!

2.0 was 2 years ago… on The Harbinger, even if you’re a tank or a healer, the operation queue NEVER pops, unless it’s to cover 1 or 2 last spots in a premade group.

Besides, the purpose of the group finder shouldn’t be to fill the last spot, but for anyone to be able to find a group. The other guy who posted above says he was on queue for a whole WEEK and it didn’t pop. Seriously, if you’re gonna write stuff that is inaccurate just for the sake of argument, at least come up with something believable :p

You will see for yourself in a month, that group finder will still be used as a bonus reward for groups that have already formed, and will just queue to get those comms.

See, I just call B.S. but then again, we’re on different servers. Granted, you’re on a much more populated server, but my experience still stands. Those queues always popped.

edit: By the way, I want to point out that calling someone’s experiences completely bogus is incredibly rude, but you probably don’t care.

I have never see the queue pop on the Harbinger (other than to try to fill that 1 spot). Most groups that use GF on the Harbinger (from my experience) are premade in Fleet chat.

The way I’ve seen it happen on Jung Ma was a mix. Far more premades looking to fill a spot, but also I remembered getting into full pug groups with one or two small groups of 2 or 3.
But I would also like to point out that was half a year ago, to a year ago.

Right on Go, I have been pissed off the whole time because it was hard to find ops groups doing the old stuff which I still like but we weren’t being rewarded like TOS and Ravagers. Good for them. I cannot wait to get back to OPS again.

I love the fact that they are making all operations relevant again. Good move. Group finder for ops will still serve no purpose though. It’s just an add on for pre-made groups.

This may be the step in the right direction my current guild so sorely needs. Guess I’m taking another shot at getting them going on ops again. Otherwise at least pugs should be more plentiful.

This is looking good I have to say. Lots of good things in this patch that I’d like to see on live.

when is patch 3.1.2 coming tho? i need haven’t seen the range of my assassin affected yet, and im kinda scared lol

Make a Sniper its the new Op, Superman and Spiderman together Class from May and for the summer of 2015.
Did I mention they will add Hulk like powers to Mara’s ?

Only terrible sins care that their typically point-blank skill got its range reduced to just beyond point blank. Not like they don’t have other skills they can use at 30m… Oh wait, they do…..what’s that? Melee being forced to melee?? Zomg, stop the presses!

BW confuses me. Changing GF to 16m ops was hailed as progress. That lasted a day until the servers broke. So we went back to 8m for months while they fixed the performance issues. Changed it back to 16m and now we’re going back to 8m. Huh?

They should rotate between 8m and 16m ops. Why decrease the incentive to do 16m ops? Putting 16m ops in the GF was about expanding pug opportunities to more people (casuals). In larger guilds this also brought more people into the ops fold that weren’t in a regular ops group. I enjoyed doing 16m raids with guilds that decided to open up their 8m raids to more people for fun (and comms).

In my experience The Ravagers and Temple of Sacrifice operations are doable with 8 pugs, but with 16M and possibly a full group of pugs it became much harder to complete, so people rarely bothered in favor of the more doable 8M. More recently there have been more 16M Ravager pugs, but I’ve only seen a dozen or so ToS runs advertised for 16 since it has been released which is where I find most people are missing set pieces, (Boots, Belt, and Legs) and need to complete.

I am actually glad they dropped it back to 8M because it gives a few more comms than what I (personally) get now, since I rarely have hours and hours of uninterrupted playtime to spend trying to successfully run a 16M pug.

Because 16m being tuned for 14 people and including Bolster on GF queue isn’t enough… >.<

I’ve got the exact opposite experience so far. 16m is more forgiving and 2-3 people can be somewhat carried through them, while in 8m ops everyone needs to know what to do. Apart from the fact that there is a freaking tight DPS check on STORY mode operations, which I think is ridiculous.

Honestly though, I think that DPS checks are all right, regardless of difficulty mode. I know these operations are being pugged in story mode, and most people think story mode and probably are subconsciously comparing these operations to how easy DF / DP got in the end. Remember though, when they were first introduced even story mode was considered hard and not pug-able.

I think that it will get easier once it is run more and people get more gear. Unfortunately, one of the only ways to do that at the moment is to just dive right in and hope you don’t drown. In my opinion anyways.

The Underlurker has a story mode DPS check? Where you have to have a tank switch to dps and even then everyone must have at least 2.8k dps on a motion heavy fight where damage comes from everywhere? I am sorry, but this is not a story mode equivalent fight… and it has nothing to do with gear. Even with top gear, asking from people to dps 2.8k means that the average player will have a tough time.

Much better on 8m almost impossible to find 16 M group with all these quitters around they quit faster than they blink.

I’m surprised they don’t let people have the option of “soloing” that stuff like they do with the Rishi+ content.

Its an op hasn’t ever happen in solo but maybe they can do it in the future with less rewards just for the fun of it.

Guilds can always split to 2 8M operations and still enjoy it better.
IF they have 16 people available at the same time, something very rare these days.

So far these updates look good an improve the quality of gaming by a lot !
Not bad so far not bad at all.

“Cooldowns have been removed from the following Legacy Perks”
Here’s an idea: Have the so-called quick travel “Legacy Perks” be actual legacy perks, not character perks.

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?? Legacy Fleet Pass I,II,III are legacy perk, you buy it once and it works for all chars
Same with Legacy Travel I,II, III

The Priority Transport perks are character based.

They really aren’t needed except for the Capitol World one for about 10k cr: there are terminals that take you to the rest of them and your Stronghold can take you immediately to your ship. (Outlaw’s Den doesn’t have a terminal, but you don’t need to go there often.)

well, well, well, would you look at that… i approve a lot. This will make traveling so much easier and faster. Also love the idea of having lower ops available.

They need to add 5 generic purchasable companions, range and melee dps, healer, and ranged and melee tank. These companions in their basic states would be represented by simple human male or female body type 2’s. These companions can be reskinned though in many different ways, with animal, robot and varied race skins/body types, tying their already existing animations to their very generic attacks and abilities. So if you want to be a beastlord you have access to beasts, if you want to feel like an engineer you can have droids with you. This would be done in place of bug fixes to enrage whiners. Infact it would increase the frequency and scope of existing bugs, just to drive them mad.

But Jugs/Guardians and Vanguards/PT’s are OP so they need to just give them both a small buff instead. Bioware=clueless.

I think it’s stupid they are making it a utility instead of just leaving it as Unstoppable… as if Jugg/Guard didn’t have enough DCD’s.

Edit: Nvr mind. Unstoppable is technically still there read it wrong. But adding a new utility for being immune to interrupts is pretty stupid still.

Kwerty just outlined how Unload was inferior to every other PT skill. Sorry bud, but you are the delusional one here.

Delusional: maintaining fixed false beliefs even when confronted with facts. E.G.: You

Push harder. Push harder in the comments section of a news site that is run by a FAN, and not the actual game publishers…. Ooh yea, you so influential

Awwww, butthurt PT baddies are my favorite. Funny how for every random whining about how they want it back, is somebody with actual high-functioning intelligence explaining away why it was removed and should stay that way. Dee-Lousinal

Explain why removing an ability in an MMO is ever a great idea? And I don’t want to hear about how others were whining Unload was giving dps specs too much damage. At the very least, they should have nerfed it.

You can’t nerf a skill shared by two advanced classes when one of the advanced classes uses it as a primary part of the rotation and the other has it being a situational filler at best. If you’re tanking on a PT or VG using Unload/Full Auto regularly you’re playing your class wrong. And before you tell me I’m wrong, I’m not saying it’s unusable, I’m saying you’re wasting a GCD using it generally, as there are better fillers to use.

Though your answer is good (except for saying I’m playing my class wrong), I doubt that Bioware is unable to modify damage for each spec. Want to know why? Because they are fully able to modify cooldowns of abilities depending on your spec.

They modify cooldowns by giving an ability which shorts it down, and while surely it’s do-able, you’ve got to keep in mind that they make classes to have a certain feel to them, and the PTs and VGs are supposed to be close-combat classes. While I understand they have a blaster, they generally play up close and in your face. I don’t like how much they hate on Vigilance/Vengeance spec. but it’s their vision for it so I deal with it.

And regarding me saying you play your class wrong, I’m only saying that (as someone who regularly plays both Tank and DPS spec VGs and PTs) Unload/Full Auto is not the ideal ability to be used as filler; only in certain situations is it better than the alternatives. It was not a comment directed towards you. but the playstyle of the classes in general.

Yes, but Bioware is looking to nerf IO Mercs since they are parsing ridiculous numbers atm. This might be a way to do it.
One of my best friends mains an Assault Mando, and he admits it’s OP. Takes a lot of skill to play it right but if you do you completely melt face.

As someone who raids regularly with an almost BIS geared IO Merc, I know they’re OP as hell. The upgraded version of the skill for Arsenal is the highest damaging ability for the spec, and it’s generally around the 2nd for IO. I’m not a believer in nerfing classes though, I think BW should be buffing the other classes to do comparable damage.

I didn’t have to provide anything, the guy who WROTE the Powertech guide did. He has forgotten more about PTs than you probably ever knew. I know you plenty well, you pine over a change that will never be reversed because it was fundamentally hindering to the class and the CREATORS desired playstyle.

Keep making pointless assumptions. They are meaningless. Each player will naturally develop a play style, or they will try to conform to a popular play style. I chose to develop my own play style, I became very successful with it in PVP and PVE, and now Bioware has thrown a kink in it by removing Unload. I have every right to try to get it back.

I refer you to Whine Harders comment below, Delusional PowerTech Veranes

Lets see:

Shield Tech: Unload was replaced with AoE on energy blast and extra threat on energy blast. Also use flame burst

Advanced Prototype: Unload was replaced with Magnetic Blast. Use TSO on Energy Burst

Pyrotech: GL trying to fit unload in with the crap heat management it has now 😛
AKA Unload was replaced with Rapid Shots

I guess you never had to deal with the constant movement of PvP or HM Ops then. Cause you may as well have used missile blast.

Lowering the travel-related cool-down times is convenient.

It’ll be interesting to see what becomes of the space around the Ghost Cell / Dune Sea area…. Hopefully something other than dead space.

…I guess either you have no clue as to what I’m talking about or you misread my “question”. There’s already priority transports within the game. You have to pay for them to be unlocked. I already bought the vast majority of them a long time ago. Now they’re removing them and replacing them with different legacy perks… get where I’m going with this? No? Not surprised/

ugh… buff for all jugg/guardian classes but specific nerf for vengeance/vigilance spec to waste 1 mastery point for the passive we always had…
oh well, at least when i swap to immortal it should help out a bit better

for vengeance spec juggs, the unstoppable granted both effects (20% dmg reduction & 4 sec cc immunity) on every force leap. Combining with warmonger utility, the cd on unstoppable was even lower depending every second you get attacked. So yeah, sort of a big dent to vengeance mechanics and the utility points vengeance juggs had to invest in. perhaps for PVE smurfs it don’t matter, but for PVP players this is actually a pretty hefty concern, considering vengeance spec needs to invest 1 utility point to ravage root for PVP settting.

viligance always since beta had the 20% damage reduction and immunity.
now all 3 trees are getting it and im not sure defence guardians need it

clear sign you dont even play the game if you dont even know that.

in terms of PVP, this is a very nice change for immortal/defense discipline.
this will make tank spec jugg/guardians more formidable defensive tank upon force charge/leap initiation. it was pain in the ass to force charge in for me and then just get cc’ed like an idiot…

my complaint is why the hell do vengeance/vigilance has to pay the price for this buff for two other disciplines? This makes vengeance/vigilance literally useless now that rage/focus discipline has dps increase with their passive changes. Sigh… i was gonna return to the game upon 3.2 but now i really don’t wanna come back to SWTOR at all…

Vengeance/Vigilance… is back to being a slightly useless as they were back in 1.2 now…. sigh

Seriously? They waited 3 years to do a 12x XP event and you think its going to happen again soon? I admire your positive thinking. Go ahead, hold your breath, I’m sure EA is implementing it as we speak. 😛

Maybe with the next pay-for expansion as a pre-order reward, sure, but not as a random buff or promo, nope

well they did stated in on of their streams that they might bring it back as a legacy thing but it is indeed something they considered doing.

Back in my day Fleet Travel had a cool down of 24 hours! You little whipper snappers don’t know how good you have it……..

So you get ultimate coms from 55 raids but get elite coms from 60 raids? That’s a weird decision. At the very least you should get at least what you got in value from the 55 raids + something to make it worth while.

its not a wierd decision what you see is that bioware upgraded the amount of elite comms lvl 60 raids are gonna give, ultimates comms have been left alone

“Group Finder Operations now require 8 Players instead of 16.”
And I will continue on my sub JUST because of that line. I guess they finally realized that on the low pop servers that the groupfinder was collecting dust.
And they also finally made it so that it’s worth it to queue in groupfinder for other things, such as HM FPs.
AND they added level 55 Ops back to the groupfinder.
Like…. what the heck took them so long to make these rational changes?

well bioware is just wierd regarding decision making and it shows :p
but 8 man idk how it will play out but i do know that i am looking forward to earning ulties again from lvl 55 ops with 15 other players and i also like the fact that weeklies now require last boss to be killed
and maybe you should be on a more populated server if you cant even get 15 people for ravager or tos my opinion offcourse 😛

I’m very much looking forward to guilds finding pugs to fill the slots and carry them through so the guild can get their ulties for the week.
This is how I got geared really freaking quick during the summer when I first hit 55. Every raid was group findered when it refreshed, giving four servings of ulties, plus the weekly for each.
Granted it’s different now. Much different. The rewards are different.
But the main takeaway is that pugs can now find guilds much easier, and vice versa, guilds will be able to find that one lone skilled player looking for a guild, or get frustrated and have to carry that tank who’s in DPS greens.

ah yeah i remember when my commando was in almost full 180 rated gear minmaxed a bit for 100% accuracy 😛 felt good and it was fun and now that fun is coming back

the rewards currently have been a bit out of whack and not for the good part sadly but bioware is taking baby steps in the right direction 🙂

yeah its much different now ever done bloodhunt hm? its really brutal and almost undoable cause you need 192-198 to beat first boss even though it says you only need 178 blues >.<

ooh im gonna relish the tank loving hp players 😛 ever seen a tank with 66k hp well i have haha

besides having roughly 10 ops to run for elites and ulties def makes the game alive so looking forward to it

and regarding the immunity to concentration sentinels (…..still a garbage name) yeah im with you on that one its a really wierd one where combat and watchman need some love

I will admit that I have not done bloodhunt HM.
But I will say that it’s quite possible in BiS 186’s, and possibly less.
My argument for this is that even in vendor 186’s, you can easily break 4k DPS (provided you’re good). So assuming you burn the ads before enrage, and no one steps in a void zone and forces the healer to fall behind, you should be able to do it.
The main problem is that people *don’t* avoid void zones, the healer always falls behind, and the group wipes (from what I’ve seen). The healer nerf they did in 3.0 made it so that healers absolutely can NOT make up for mistakes unless they are 198’d up.
Which is good design, it’s just punishing when you implement it on a bad (yes I went there) playerbase.
Every wipe that I have seen (on stream or by experience in Battle of Rishi HM) was void zone or mechanic related (therefore, skill related), not gear related.
Now I will admit that the tuning is pretty tight.

I’ll be willing to bet that if I can find 3 other guys willing, we could do an experiment where we’d downgrade our gear to 186 BiS, and we’d prove it was clearable.
And it doesn’t help that every time it pops, they group quits without even trying, much to my frustration. They don’t even give it a TRY!

I’m on Jedi covenant, I regularly queu for all listings and I never get a pop on the daily ops runs, true I’m dps and we over populate the servers like mad, but given the difficulty I faced trying to group find ops so I could pug through and get boss mechs memorized, I welcome the change

I believe they didn’t want people upgrading their gear to fast. They basically force us to do the new OPS and wanted us to have to take months to get into level 192 gear and even longer to get into 198 gear. I think their reasoning is the new Zoist dailies will be a little tougher. This new patch also gave them time to make the older ops a little tougher too. I also believe they will once again be raising the level to 65 come November 2016 with another expansion like Hutta and SOR. Just a hunch.

Concentration: “Gravity Defiance has been redesigned as Gravity Vortex: Force
Exhaustion grants Gravity Vortex, granting immunity to interrupts and
all controlling effects for 6 seconds. This effect cannot occur more
than once every 30 seconds. Additionally, Zealous Leap and Force
Exhaustion each consume 1 less rage.”
Lol, concentration did not need an immunity buff. Combat did. But that’s ok. I’m gonna enjoy concentration in pvp even more now. 😀

i can assure you combat with immunity will be op as hell and will be nerfed hard:P and thats something i dont wanna see cause i love combat tree

besides watchman sentinels are the ones that need immunity since their ramp up time and time on target plus long ass dots well you get the picture 😛

Well, you’re right. Combat would be OP, and Watchman also needs some form of immunity.
But think about it: Does Concentration really need an immunity? That’s what baffles me. Concentration in PvP seems just fine to me.

overal good changes regarding operations
bad changes regarding guardians/juggernauts
and a wierd one for sentinels with a bug fix for a utility that is mostly useless anyway cause you need to take the other defenses

the czerka weekly change why???? because people dont like to group up to complete it? i did it 30 times thats one archievement being turned into a useless waste of time and why this change for old content? if bioware is changing this then they should change the 4 man herioc on section X aswell

and lastly the cooldown reduction on quicktravel and fleet pass awesome this benefits everyone
dont know the fury of the times QT was on cooldown and you are 3 km away from turning in quest

I can’t say I mind the Czerka change. At lvl 60, I have tried to queue for the Flashpoints many times, and it has never popped. Not a lot of people were interested in that weekly anymore I guess, and who can blame them? We got Rishi, Yavin and now Ziost for dailies, so no need to run Oricon and Czerka anymore. And if you DO want to run them, then you can just do the Heroic and get it over with. I agree with everything else you said

at level 60 in decent gear you can solo the CZ fp’s with a companion in sm which is all you needed for the weekly. It took a little longer to solo but it’s easily doable

well i actually still do black hole 😛 reall easy that one a quick 100k *including credits from mobs and crap that is vendor food*
but rishi i dont count rishi as a daillie planet it has what 4 daillies?., yavin yeah give you that one and ziost isnt out for another 4 weeks, 😛

still for me it has cheapend the archievement a bit cause doing the fp every week regarding the weekly and doing it 30 times took a long time to do hopefully you can understand me on that.

but with the herioc coming in 3.2 hopefully droid isnt that hard nor crowded seeing as it isnt instanced 🙁

CZ-198 Tacticals are not difficult for a lvl 60, just slightly time consuming. Having the appropriate companion in devoted allies gear is all you need. I use a tank for all trash (some of which you can avoid anyway) and a healer for bosses and have no problems. Kill adds in boss encounters or they’ll gang up on your comp, and haul ass when vigilant channels spin attack. IMO they’re easier than the Jedi and guardian droid bosses in KDY.

I like the Czerka change and you cant compare a flashpoint to a heroic. It actually took me longer to find a group for those two flashpoint then it does for the section x one and it took twice as long to run them

yeah but hardly anyone goes back to section x and f2p/prefered players has to buy that small area to acces it so thats why low population.
in all honestly you should only be asking guild for help regarding this one
its what i would do if i go back to that place

Maybe on your server but I daily see around 50 people on section x and I never needed guild help when general chat have people looking for that h4

Cuz it’s faster. And as far as I know this was the only weekly from a daily area that req fp. Now it can ve solo yes, at 55 possible but even longer. regardless I welcome the change to be done with it even faster

There was supposed to be a VG buff to Plasmatech increasing damage done by 25% and 2 stacks on Pulse Cannon, or something similar to that, but I don’t see it here. Maybe 3.2.1?

These new patch notes are in addition to the others, not a replacement. The VG/PT buffs are still there

It appears that some chatter on the PTS forums is saying that the comm vendor updates bring all under-50 modifications down to 2 comms (price drop for armorings, barrels, and hilts) but it has also made them all bind on pickup. So they aren’t ONLY closing the comm transfer loophole for warzone comms. They’re closing it for basic comms too.

You can, but it makes things more cumbersome and cantankerous. The shell trade in required for the armor plates is the worst.

So no more buying mods on one toon, using ur legacy storage and transferring it to the took in need?

More failure from the devs. That legacy transfer was a life saver as well as a quality of life perk; with it eliminated, playing alts just became a whole lot more tedious.

You can still send over mods using legacy gear, so at the price of a few credits you can still send mods to alts, but don’t forget that at the same time all the mods have become cheaper to get, so you need a lot less commendations to get gear. I don’t think it will be that hard to gear up a new toon while leveling.

Will be easier. Lower cost mods and more comms for missions means you will almost be able to keep up without relying on other characters buying mods for them nearly as often. The thing that kills you now is buying armoring, hilts and barrels, tbh.

Yeh that’s why I advise people to get a cybertech for making armorings. That’s what I currently do, is just craft armorings and hilts/barrels but armorings is the big one…that way I just need to buy mods and enhancements with commendations but in the new system it seems to me it will be easier to keep your character geared while leveling. Maybe not fantastic for cybertechs but the earpieces are still quite useful to make.

All my new alts are cybertech. It was much less effort to level as cybertech and then switch to another craft when you get high enough to max out. The market was so flooded with anything a cybertech can make, I never found a decent niche. It was getting a bit silly. Although crafting in general has been a bit silly for a long time.

yes it does..”vendor’s stocks have been adjusted to have a better variety of Modifications at a lower Commendation cost” so more comm rewards to buy mods at lower cost..only your stupidity would see this as a bad thing

So yes, you will actually have to farm with your alt but you’ll get 40 comms for doing five dailies and they will go farther than they used to. If given the choice between this and handing all my main’s comms over to my other 6-7 less-than-50 alts, I’d take this since the comms they get just for story quests should be more than sufficient.

Good at WoW maybe but not at basic math or logic. Every dinky little one-comm award is now 8 and all items from the standard vendors cost 2. It only costs 50 comms to swap out an entire set’s worth of comms now. Most basic planet storylines have at least 6 comm quests. You should be able to swap all your comms out on every planet without actually farming at all. Do some bonus quests and you can stop dressing your companion in crappy greens. Heck, that’s probably what they want. To sell more cartel costumes through increased demand for companions.

sorry u have to actually play the damn game to get what u want why not send a ticket in and just ask for everything to be handed to u with out u ever lifting a finger part of the game either this one or any other mmo u have to FARM its sorta and understanding with all players its expected and if u dont then ur a bigger idiot than we all thought they are makeing it a lot easier to lv up enough said so what if u cant trade gear/coms anymore imo u didnt need it ur first toon u lved so why do u need it now since its 100x easier to get gear/mods lol ur just a cry baby that bitches when u dont get ur way lol

And here ladies and gentleman is a moron.
the devs have improved something and he still complains.
dumb is what dumb does and spruce is the lord of dumbass’s.

Don’t get drowned in a tea spoon people most of them are good changes, so chillers and relax, take it easy.

Read it a few times first.

Well my my. You sure seem to know what’s good for the system, in that very definitive explanation of how you were right.

IMO, what BOP mods really nerfs is the cash value of basic and wz comms.

When pvpers would complain about the credit making of pvp, I would point out that 80 wz is 2 bc which is one blue BoE mod that sold for 16,000 credits (if I recall the math.) Two WZ wins and two WZ losses per hour was over 70k credits per hour just from WZ comms. And even if you wanted med packs, you could buy them in trade cheaper; it was advantageous to use WZ credits to sell mods and use the resulting credits to buy WZ med packs from pvpers bad at arbitrage.

At the start of the expansion, you were getting over 8k per BC so four toons capped at 3000 BC could have made you eventually 100m credits. In order to sell in a hurry, you could divide that by 2 or 3 and still get decent money.

It looks like those days will soon be gone forever. I shall miss them. I have purple gear in B2L for each leveling range for alts so any remaining alts don’t need much that is sold for BC.

I would honestly like them to add 8 commendations to most, if not all the class quests on the Origin Worlds and the heroics on those worlds should get 3 commendations each.

I had go to the fleet at level 11 and i barely had enough to get 2 pieces of the level 7 moddable gear, which means i will have to wait longer before i can get the rest and THEN i got to upgrade them…..yeah, they need to add the commendations to the origin world class and heroic quests,

A majority of these patch notes, especially the groupfinder changes, are not in the notes. Are the changes scrapped?

By any chance do you know if the “Dead On” quest can be completed yet on PTS? or is it one you get after completing the planet when it goes live?

They’re not. They always had that ability in vengeance. Just making it a utility choice for the other spec to hand immunity to controlling effects. Kind of harmfyl, you have to spend a point now for something you always had. This was needed for rage spec, especially in pve.

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Yey! More comms! I swear, I was trying to get comms at lvl 11 and I just did FP’s and WZ’s and I didnt have enough for a full set until lvl 17. Very happy they revamped the system.

there is still ONE thing they have yet to fix…..they have yet to place a sort tab on the legacy storage bin….

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