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SWTOR Patch 3.1.2 Patch Notes

SWTOR Patch notes for Patch 3.1.2, scheduled to deploy on Tuesday April 7 after maintenance (5-9 AM PDT)

Game Update 3.1.2 Patch Notes


Revel in the arrival of Star Wars™ Celebration with a Double XP Week! Get twice the experience from April 16th at 11:00 PDT/18:00 GMT to April 22nd at 00:01 PDT/07:00 GMT!

Bounty Contract Week Returns! Hunt wanted criminals in this returning event! The event begins April 21st at 05:00 PDT/12:00 GMT and ends April 28th at 05:00 PST/12:00 GMT!


  • Frameworks from any Guild Bank tab can now be used to purchase Guild Flagship Room unlocks.

Cartel Market

  • Vehicles with the new “Flourish” functionality will be available in the Cartel Market soon!
  • Bright Yellow and Vibrant Green Eyes are now available for Cyborgs.
  • Short Wavy Hair no longer distorts on any body types.
  • The Bright Blue Eyes appearance has been fixed and is now available for Female Human and Cyborg characters.
  • The “Tempest Cutter” now correctly displays an icon and a Collection image.

Classes + Combat

Jedi Knight

  • Focused Defense now grants 12 charges (up from 10) and lasts for 15 seconds (up from 10).


  • Zealous Ward now properly heals when using Saber Ward.

Sith Warrior

  • Enraged Defense now grants 12 charges (up from 10) and lasts for 15 seconds (up from 10).

Jedi Consular

  • The range of Mind Crush has been reduced to 10 meters (down from 30 meters).


  • Force Reach now additionally increases the range of Mind Crush, Force in Balance, and Vanquish by 20 meters (from the base range of 10 meters).
  • Redesigned the Upheaval utility: Project gains a 25% chance to produce a second Project that deals 25% damage.
  • The damage dealt by Forcequake has been decreased.
  • Forcequake now consumes 60 Force (down from 120) over the duration of the channel (3 seconds, down from 6 seconds). Additionally, the snare on targets damaged by Forcequake has been removed.


  • Abilities affected by Telekinetic Momentum now have a 25% chance (down from 30%) to trigger a second telekinetic charge that deals 25% damage to a target.
  • Mental Momentum now grants a 25% chance for Mind Crush to tick twice (down from 30%). Additionally, Mental Momentum now grants Turbulence a 25% chance to produce a second blast that strikes the same target for 25% damage (both down from 30%, respectively).
  • The damage dealt by Telekinetic Gust has been increased. Additionally, the cooldown of Telekinetic Gust has been increased to 15 seconds (up from 12 seconds).
  • The damage dealt by Telekinetic Burst has been slightly decreased. Additionally, Telekinetic Burst now costs 33 Force (up from 30).
  • Fixed an issue that caused Tremors to apply Unshakable early, negating interrupts.


  • Mind Warp now increases the duration of Mind Crush and Vanquish by 3 seconds (up from 2 seconds).


  • Updated the Phase Walk tooltip for consistency with the Sith Assassin mirror.

Kinetic Combat

  • Force Break now increases the damage dealt by Combat Technique’s Force Breach and Slow Time by 40% (up from 30%).


  • Kinetic Field now increases damage reduction by 3% for 15 seconds (up from 2%) when dealing critical damage. This effect stacks up to 3 times.
  • Low Slash now has a 30 meter range (up from 4 meters), and the damage it deals has been reduced.


  • Force in Balance and Vanquish now have a maximum range of 10 meters (down from 30 meters).
  • The life redirected by Psychic Absorption for Sever Force and Force Technique’s Force Breach has been reduced to 10% of the damage dealt (down from 25%).
  • Serenity Strike no longer benefits from Mind Quell.
  • Targets can no longer suffer from the periodic effects of Mind Crush and Vanquish simultaneously.
  • Crush Spirit will no longer occur more than once every 15 seconds, as the tooltip states.

Sith Inquisitor

  • The range of Crushing Darkness has been reduced to 10 meters (down from 30 meters).


  • Transmission now additionally increases the range of Crushing Darkness, Death Field, and Demolish by 20 meters (from the base range of 10 meters).
  • Redesigned the Chain Shock utility: Shock gains a 25% chance to produce a second Shock that deals 25% damage.
  • The damage dealt by Force Storm has been decreased.
  • Force Storm now consumes 60 Force (down from 120) over the duration of the channel (3 seconds, down from 6 seconds). Additionally, the snare on targets damaged by Force Storm has been removed.


  • Abilities affected by Forked Lightning now have a 25% chance (down from 30%) to trigger a second arc of lightning that deals 25% damage to a target.
  • Forked Darkness now grants a 25% chance for Crushing Darkness to tick twice (down from 30%). Additionally, Forked Darkness now grants Thundering Blast a 25% chance to produce a second blast that strikes the same target for 25% damage (both down from 30%, respectively).
  • The damage dealt by Lightning Flash has been increased. Additionally, the cooldown of Lightning Flash has been increased to 15 seconds (up from 12 seconds).
  • The damage dealt by Lightning Bolt has been slightly decreased. Additionally, Lightning Bolt now costs 33 Force (up from 30).
  • Fixed an issue that caused Conduction to apply Unshakable early, negating interrupts.


  • Lingering Nightmares now increases the duration of Crushing Darkness and Demolish by 3 seconds (up from 2 seconds).


  • Mounting Darkness now increases the damage dealt by Dark Charge’s Discharge and Wither by 40% (up from 30%).


  • Entropic Field now increases damage reduction by 3% for 15 seconds (up from 2%) when dealing critical damage. This effect stacks up to 3 times.
  • Low Slash now has a 30 meter range (up from 4 meters), and the damage it deals has been reduced.


  • Death Field and Demolish now have a maximum range of 10 meters (down from 30 meters).
  • The life steal granted by Imbibe to Creeping Terror and Lightning Charge’s Discharge has been reduced to 10% of the damage dealt (down from 25%).
  • Leeching Strike no longer benefits from Dreadful Nightmares.
  • Targets can no longer suffer from the periodic effects of Crushing Darkness and Demolish simultaneously.


  • Adrenaline Rush now triggers when your health is reduced to 40% or less (up from 35%). Once triggered, Adrenaline Rush heals you to 40% (up from 35%) of your max health for 8 seconds, but will not exceed 40% (up from 35%) of your max health.

Assault Specialist

  • Incendiary Round and Serrated Bolt no longer benefit from Assault Trooper.
  • Degauss now increases defense chance by 35% (up from 25%) when activating Diversion. This effect lasts for 6 seconds.
  • Rapid Recharge no longer grants 2% alacrity.


  • Redesigned Decoy: Diversion grants 5 charges of Decoy. Each charge of Decoy intercepts and absorbs an incoming Force or tech attack. Each time you absorb a Force or tech attack in this manner, Decoy loses 1 charge. Lasts up to 10 seconds.
  • Curtain of Fire may now be triggered by activating Hail of Bolts, in addition to Grav Round.

Shield Specialist

  • Soldier’s Grit has been updated to match the changes to Adrenaline Rush, and now heals every second while above 40% of your maximum health (up from 35%).

Bounty Hunter

  • Kolto Overload now triggers when your health is reduced to 40% or less (up from 35%). Once triggered, Kolto Overload heals you to 40% (up from 35%) of your max health for 8 seconds, but will not exceed 40% (up from 35%) of your max health.

Innovative Ordnance

  • Incendiary Missile and Serrated Shot no longer benefit from Ordnance Expert.
  • Degauss now increases defense chance by 35% (up from 25%) when activating Chaff Flare. This effect lasts for 6 seconds.
  • Rapid Venting no longer grants 2% alacrity.


  • Redesigned Decoy: Chaff Flare grants 5 charges of Decoy. Each charge of Decoy intercepts and absorbs an incoming Force or tech attack. Each time you absorb a Force or tech attack in this manner, Decoy loses 1 charge. Lasts up to 10 seconds.
  • Barrage may now be triggered by activating Sweeping Blasters, in addition to Tracer Missile.

Shield Tech

  • Coolant has been updated to match the changes to Kolto Overload, and now heals every second while above 40% of your maximum health (up from 35%).

Flashpoints + Operations


  • Solo Mode Forged Alliances and Shadow of Revan Flashpoints are now repeatable and can be picked up at any time from the access quest NPCs. Furthermore, any players who were unable to progress past the Forged Alliances Solo Arc due to having completed the solo mode Flashpoint prior should now be able to progress. The Mission “Torch’s Flame” will be reset by this change.
  • The XP and credits reward for Solo Mode Forged Alliances and Shadow of Revan Flashpoints have been adjusted as they are now repeatable.

Blood Hunt

  • Players can no longer get trapped inside of the beast cages during the Jos and Valk Beroya encounter in some cases.

Legacy of the Rakata

  • Republic Players are now able to enter the Flashpoint.

Depths of Manaan

  • Reduced the damage of Hard Mode M2-AUX Foreman Droid’s Logistics Enforcement Laser by 20%.
  • It is no longer possible to avoid damage from Demolition Probes by standing in a specific spot.

Items + Economy

  • The item “Stronghold Title: Chamber of Truth” can now be sold on the Galactic Trade Network.
  • The “Trophy Hunter’s Mask” available from the I.C.E. reputation vendor now unlocks in Collections.
  • Resurrected Relic of Focused Retribution is no longer triggered by healing and dealing damage separately.
  • The following Decorations now have more detailed Sources in the Decoration UI:
    • D5-Mantis Patrol Craft
    • X-70B Phantom
    • Defender-Class Light Corvette
    • Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor
    • XS Stock Light Freighter
    • BT-7 Thunderclap
    • Imperial Transport Shuttle
    • Ship Computer: Imperial (Full)
    • Ship Computer: Republic (Full)
  • The Gree Light Pillar (Blue) Decoration now correctly unlocks when the Decoration is used.
  • Using the Czerka Crate-O-Matic now hides equipped weapons.
  • Using the Holo-Shrub Disguise now hides equipped weapons.
  • The following vehicles will now unlock a Stronghold decoration if owned:
    • Ubrikkian Hunter
    • Rendili Watchmen
    • Longspur Recon
  • The “Holocall Kiosk” Decoration can now be listed on the Galactic Trade Network.
  • The following Stronghold Titles are now Bind on Pickup:
    • Stronghold Label: Imperial Sanctuary
    • Stronghold Label: Republic Sanctuary
    • Stronghold Label: Starfighter’s Lounge

Missions + NPCs

  • The guards on Yavin 4 now correctly count towards the “Yavin 4: Raiding the Republic” and “Yavin 4: Attacking the Empire” Conquest Objectives.
  • Jedi Knights now receive a message after their encounter with Captain Milenec as intended.
  • The Bioanalysis Mission “Fishing for Trouble” now provides Grade 11 Samples, and the Mission “Storms of Orleon” now provides Grade 11 Compounds.
  • The camera no longer shows an invalid camera angle during the Belsavis Mission “Inner Power.”
  • The follow-up messages for several Missions now reward Basic Commendations instead of Planetary Commendations.
  • Level 55 Hard Mode Flashpoints no longer count towards the Mission “[WEEKLY] Galactic Conflicts.”
  • Solo and Tactical Blood Hunt Flashpoint Missions are now fixed at Level 57. The Hard Mode version remains at Level 60.

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369 replies on “SWTOR Patch 3.1.2 Patch Notes”

Hah, no nerfs to blood hunt, despite the community constantly bailing every time it pops. Guess you guys better start learning to handle mechanics.
Also: “Low Slash now has a 30 meter range (up from 4 meters), and the damage it deals has been reduced.”
That’s a weird change. An interesting change.

I really want to get together with a tank and two DPS, and grab 186 comm or crafted gear, nothing better (for all of us, so basically all of us downgrade), and prove that it’s still doable.

I can’t tell if your being sarcastic or serious? Assassin/Shadow’s do need more “ranged-saber” tricks, in my opinion, so I’d be okay if this is serious. xD

I always wanted all Force-user classes to have saber throw, Force Push, Force Pull, and Force Choke and lightning for darksiders. I miss playing Jedi Outcast where you had all those. You actually felt like a Force user. In this game, you get a lightsaber and either a pull OR a push OR a choke OR lightning OR a saber throw, in some cases two of them… Why can’t my Sith Sorcerer, supposed to be a Force beast, throw his lightsaber? Why can’t my Sith Marauder push enemies away when the Sith Juggernaut can? I know the Marauder is melee and wouldn’t often want to push the enemy away, but if the enemy is standing on the edge of a cliff … pushing would be FUN. I miss that kind of Force-FUN in this game. :/

oh yea, lets make them non melee too while we’re at it. I mean being invulnerable for 30 freaking seconds isn’t too much though, right?

You complain too much.
Play more complain less, all classes have their powerful abilities.
Stop complaining and whining like a girl.
If for some reason you don’t like your class change it.

Naaah why nerf something if it makes our lives hell right? Because screw PUG groups I guess 😀

186 is reasonable but they claim its doable with 178 which is likely rubbish unless you have a very specifically curated group of classes to have enough DPS to deal with those 40second add pops on the first boss. I dps with a plasma tech and a concentration sent and at ~70k hp those adds are still a bugger for me to deal with having a mix of 186/192 gear. What I see most of the time is healers having a rough time coping with that first fight even when dps is properly avoiding everything that can be avoided.

Adding insult to injury is the low item-level gear drop you get if you even beat the encounter =/

Well if I knew an easy way to get 178s, I’d try to grab together a group of willing individuals who will do it to prove a point.
Guess they all have to be crafted, don’t they.

I just…don’t get some of the changes to the Hatred ‘Sins? We’re great as we are right now, especially in a PvE situation. For the PvP folks, yes Assassin’s are supposedly deadly, but any class can be deadly if you know what your doing. It seems like these changes are simply meant to cripple the Hatred Assassins? Leeching strike nerf, which is our main heal, and dropping the Imbibe HP return? We’re only in Light Armor, so some form of healing is required to get us through some of these melee-hating Raid fights and to make us viable in PvP when healer’s aren’t around.

I think the problem with hatred is that it has over powering dots and burst. It doesn’t rely on one it has one that is unbalanced, is it dots or is it burst. And yeah but you guys are immune to things and are extremely fast. (nef sonic the hedhgehog vanguards)

This is a total whiners answer.
It suppose to do that, its a damn MELEE class and Burst so YES it suppose to be like this.
Its not one classe’s fault that you are totally clueless in PVP and Under geared and these changes wont save your asss because you will keep on sucking on it.

Trying to blame their stupidity on someone else, quitters mentality, the same quitters all over they never change.

Well the dps decrease is very minor. The biggest hit is on assassin’s self heals. I don’t see a problem here, you are not a healer class to heal for so much.

Wow what an unconstructful answer. The fact that in pvp assasins are the most fucking overpowered classes of all time right now. And yeah you have no idea my skill in pvp. And no it shouldn’t both have op dots and burst it should be one type of spec not both.

What the fuck the developers are doing with a sorcerer? Nerf Force Storm now due to whining of that shitload of a pvp gimps with a hands growing from the ass, tomorrow nerf some another abilities… what do we sorcerers get in exchange? NOTHING. DAMN FUCKING NOTHING.

Wait, you get 5% reduction in proc’s pretty much across the whole rotation. Let’s also throw in some longer cd’s for one your base abilities. This is ridiculous.

Was the force storm/force quake necessary ? I mean why don’t you focus on less nerfing classes that don;t need nerfing stop powering classes that are already doing PRETTY DARN WELL IN PVP AND PVE and focus on fixing bugs as in I’ll give the most obvious example with FORCE QUAKE but why bother after the nerf no one will notice it any more so good job on that.
And why d I have the feeling that BioWare devs have a some rule of nerf/buff something that doesn’t need change at least once a month or NO MONEY FOR YOU ?

Well I liked how they nerfed force storm because now the fucking shitheads who only spam it will maybe learn their rotation instead. And yeah there are a lot of them. In my opinion I agree with you that there are no reason to nerf and buff certain classes. In my case commandos were doing awesome dps (lower it for assault) but I didn’t like how gunnery got a completely un-neccesary boost to defenses compared to assault. Not to mention shadows/sins keep on getting buffed when there is no reason to. Commandos have been crying out but when maruaders do it the devs rush to them. Juggs have way too many things making them impossible to kill at times.

Well it’s not like you can’t move slightly to the left then to the right and left again till you get close enough to beat the living sh*t out of the sorc/sage. All this changes seem just poorly thought out…

SHt heads will remain sht heads no matter what the changes are.
And there is no reason to mess up a class because of the few SHT heads that abuse 1 ability on the God Damn PvP environment.

Sht heads all over the place !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The class wasn’t even fucked up, I play the class and still do very well as do many other people. It wasn’t that much of a crippling nerf.

melee dps/tank doing an AOE 30m away. This change makes sense actually. It doesnt mean you’re not going to use it. You’re still going to use it like wild.

Unless you are a PVP only player its not hard to understand that this change fcks up the role of this class on the PVE environment.

Not everything revolves around the shty PVp.

“The Gree Light Pillar (Blue) Decoration now correctly unlocks when the Decoration is used.”

I hope I’ll get my already unlocked one back! But I’ll better expect it broken, because BioWare.

Errrm… and NO republic groupfinder daily fix in this patch?

Am I reading this right and Low Slash for Assassin is 30m? I thought the animation for it was cutting the opponent with saber, how is that even going to work now at 30m range? Or is it supposed to be 10m?

That’s an animaiton for a single bladed saber. The animation department is going cheaper with each update.

So Double XP week to level another alt to compensate for them breaking sorcerer dps without a compensation. Much GG bioware.

boo frickin hoo. someone gets nerf bat, someone else profits. the reason this happens is the same as other classes than yours feel it on other occasions: people bitch n moan. its your turn now, won’t be later. play one of your umpteen alts and quit crying like a hungry baby. try playing dps operative, they have only been uber once for a few months. other than that no love whatsoever and then they raped Orb.strike so hard that it is a joke now. feel free to scan back over forum to check my moaning on that issue and see how i generally whine.

I agree. I dont mind them tweaking the damage certain abilities do but changing channel times/cooldown times, removing abilities, and messing with resource management gets really really annoying having to change up rotations all the time. I have all advanced classes and like to play different toons for variety and as soon as I get used to something they go and screw it up. Memo to devs: its not all about balancing dps e-peen, sometimes its the enjoyment of the game you mess up with your constant meddling.

For example: powertech post 3.0 Never really played it but i leveling one during 12x and found pyrotech spec to be really fun with a repeatable 2 round rotation where you can just swap in flame sweep for AOE. Then in the next update they mess with the resource management. Memo#2 to DEVS: auto attack is boring as fuck, forcing us to use it more doesnt add any skill to the game, resource management was tight enough already where you paid the price if you got out of your rotation. We want to use our FUN abilities not limp little pew-pews.

Shorter channel to force storm is nothing but an annoyance. You want people to not be able to use it twice with recklessness and leave it out of single target rotation make it use 2 ticks per charge or take it off recklessness altogether. Or buff force lightning so it is actually usable in a LIGHTNING rotation.

I mean its not like you couldnt forsee that when you insterted the giant trash mobs you had to AOE down into the new ops that pvpers would cry about about the buffed aoe abilites necessary to mow down said mobs? I mean really?

And more fcked up kiddiots are going to dominate the arenas and cry all over because they will still keep on loosing games as they are totally clueless.

Quit the game all ready if you are a whiner.

“Low Slash now has a 30 meter range (up from 4 meters), and the damage it deals has been reduced.” wtf? a 30meter (melee) hard stun on a 15second CD? There haven’t been any of those since launch. even then they had a 45-1min cd. wtf are they thinking/smoking?

These guys are beyond fail. Seriously, I’ve seen some of the most horrendous decision making in a loooooong time.

right up the Telekentic Sages crack, nice job Biofail. Real nice. Let’s not worry about invulnerable Sin/Shadows, or 15k unloads by powertechs. LOL. What a joke.

They have fcked things up because of all the whiners and complainers.

When these cry baby Kiddiots are going to disappear once and for all ?

So bws solution to imbalance is to nerf everything. There loosing alot of people with constant and regular changes to classes that not only make some classes pointless in ops or pvp but also the constant changes to rotation to do it.

I’m starting to loose faith in bio wares ability to handle an mmo. I mean seriously no game is perfect with class balance but they amount they change classes abilities and damage is shocking. If they can’t get it right why bother I’m starting to think the unbalance in game is not a class issue it’s just a bio ware issue as they can’t make there minds up and just keep altering everything

WTF they reduce the range on Sorc’s abilities since this a Ranged class.
These damn Devs are totally clueless on what they are doing.

Sht have hit the fun with these new Nerfs !

Sorcerer: Transmission now additionally increases the range of Crushing Darkness, Death Field, and Demolish by 20 meters (from the base range of 10 meters).
They only reduced it for Assassins.

I don’t mind the changes as such but I do find it a bit weird that almost everything is explained with the percentages EXCEPT the nerf on Force Storm. C’mon guys…really just give us the number instead of trying to hide it.

Either you play a sorc either you don’t because if you play one is not hard to see the difference on the training dummy.

I’ve never found any use for the training dummy. I don’t know WTF I’m supposed to do with it. It just stays on 99-100%, so I can’t measure my damage output…

How Many times is bioware going to Nerf an already easy Depths of Manaan when HM Blood Hunt is still impossible? Our raid team has beat HM 8M & 16M Ravagers and SM 8M & 16M TOS, but our best 4 still can’t get by the first boss in HM Blood Hunt. It’s just plain stupid. And god forbid a PUG group; everyone just drops as soon as they see that one popped……

Really, I only did it once with some guildies cause the gear rewards were crap but we completed the whole FP without too much trouble. It wasn’t easy but still.

The first boss was the easiest… I don’t even… Does this mean I’m an awesome tank ready for Nightmare?

If you guys had trouble with the first boss, the challenges (not the second boss) are going to wreck you. The Second Boss will just eat you alive.

Damn these PvP nerfs again they will make the Assasin class totally useless in PVE.
And all these because of the stupid cry babies and the whiners.

Game fckin Over guys Game Over !!!!!!

Your a Assassin. Your are a a classical melee class. Yet in Hatred you had a ton of 30m abilities. Yes it was hella useful in PVE, specially with how bad melee have it in OPS right now, but those that didnt see this coming were dreamers at best.

Let’s see, less healing for overperforming life steal. A bit less damage for Leeching strike. And range decrease which is perfectly fine. I don’t see how assassin became useless.

Maybe because you dont play one ?????????????
And let us know wft you play by the way …….

Fine for who ?
For the kiddiots that cry day and night on the forums because they cant win a single Pvp game.
Maybe if they played more than they do complaining in the forums it would help.

I mostly play rage juggernaut, concealment operative, saboteur gunslinger and sorc healer. My assassin/shadow are not 60 yet.

And about the healing nerf, there is no other dps spec that can heal for so much while just doing damage. I can imagine they decided to nerf it because of 1v1 strength of hatred sins.

What about PT’s and Operatives ?
Cant they heal as much ?

Jugger doesnt need any nerfs then ?
Because so far is the only class that hasn’t had any nerfs on them and are the new Power class.

Whats the point of decreasing the range of Mind crush anyway ?
Why this was a problem or something else ????????

Its a ranged class it suppose to have ranged abilities.
These people try to make all the population to quit the game and only some Kiddiots will be left playing it only and complain to each other.

Read pls
Transmission now additionally increases the range of Crushing Darkness,
Death Field, and Demolish by 20 meters (from the base range of 10

Yes but still is an unnecessary change how the fckin sht will the mellee class will be able to perform in the new Ops not to mention the new HM flashes.

Fckin the game cos of a few pvp whiners is not the solution.

They decreased it for assassin only. And it’s clear why as it’s a melee class. And it doesn’t affect the gameplay much.

Have you tried the new ops as a melee class ????
Then come and lets us know how it doesn’t affect the gameplay much……..

Oh right, so the only thing they need to focus on when balancing, are the 2 operations. You sound exactly like those pvp whiners who are the reason of many many class changes.

They felt Shadows and Assassin should be a melee class 100% of the time, and if they were Serenity/Hatred, they had a ton of 30m attacks. Now if they do something about their crazy CC immunity, they may not be the go-to AC in PvP anymore

Its not crazy and its part of the class as its suppose to be.
There should be only 1 cc per class no exceptions.
Stuns and cc’s mess up the pvp game too much.

The game is not only about Pvp sht but most of its part is Pve and the ranged abilities are very important on the new ops.

Then we all will start leveling powertechs as this is the new Power class and let the whiners and complainer whine again.

I never PvP for reference. Like never ever. Your reply has little to do with my message. Every Assassin will adapt. It will be okay.

Sages with Force Reach stll have 30 m range on Mind Crush, so effectively, it’s only Shadows that have it reduced. 🙂

I’m still don’t get it – why? WHY the hell they nerfed ALL Lightning instead of just ONE ability??
Thats just… Beyond stupid -_-”’
I can’t even imagine how this decision came to combat team “hive mind”.

focused defense needs 1.5s per charge, they finally add 5 seconds but they also add 2 more charges which will only be useful in case of getting hit by multiple targets

The only people crying is you and the other complaining and whining bitches that ask for Nerfs all the time.
You will still suck in Pvp as people like you cant play only whine.

Quiting is your best ability.

Your comment alone identifies the kind of Kiddiot you are.
And shows to everyone what kind of quitter mentality complex you have because you don’t seem able to win in Pvp and you think that the problem is not you but everything else around you.

You think it would be better if all the people that play Sins today decide to start playing another Power class tomorrow ?

You will still loose.

Enjoying a class being nerfed only loosers do that.
Because the Nerf box always changes day to day month by month.

Looser? lmfao. You call me a kiddiot but you don’t know how to spell. I can’t tell if your comment is even directed towards me because I literally never whined about any class. I just think it’s funny how people like you and the other guy are losing your shit and taking it out on me now because your class got nerfed. We’ve all felt the nerf bat, and Idk how you guys are surprised with these kind of changes.

Your stupid comment is more than enough.
You are happy because another class gets Nerfed ?
What do you think that makes you stronger now or less looser ?

And you don’t want to admit that you whine….
Your comment answers this for you not me.

And yes we are surprised to see that sht happening.
We don’t expect the Develpoers team to make Nerfs based on a few stupid clueless players, no matter what class gets Nerfed.

LOL YOU DID IT AGAIN! Looser lmao! You say I whine but that’s all you’re doing right now. I’m done with you boi!

Develpoers, lmao. The only stupid player here is you. Consider this the Game Over screen. Start over, and this time, make sure you include a dose of maturity amongst the baseless rage.

Achievement Unlocked: Laughing Stock

No, seriously, your illiterate rambling is *not* helping your case. If you want people to take you seriously, you should take yourself more seriously. As it stands, you don’t seem very interested in establishing yourself as a mature individual. More like an immature kid with anger issues and an undeserved connection to the internet.

I don’t main an assassin, i’ve played it for 2 weeks now a bit more seriously, and these changes will make them even more useless in any serious PVE content. Close to 0 defense, self heals was OK (nerfed to ground), DPS was OK for hatred (single target is nerfed as i can see demolish CT), range reduced…Was there anything good? Ah, the double proc bug for the relics, GJ BioFail, guess they want to compensate for that, they’ve just missed the sniper nerfs (kidding, stop fucking nerfing every fucking class).

IF you’re doing serious PVE content, there’s no reason to take ANY melee classes over ranged classes anyways to be honest.

And to be honest too this isn’t suppose to happen under any circumstance.
As ALL classes should be able to play ALL ops and HM flashes.

And to be more HONEST if your problem is PVP then change your damn class instead of whining for Nerfs for all other classes.
Or learn to play your sht

When did I ever whine for nerfs? All i said was that i think it’s funny how all the flavor of the month rerollers are angry… And PVE wise, yes melee can down 10/10 HM but there’s just no advantage to taking one over a ranged.

Probably you haven’t play one in the new ops then.
And as they say Mellee suppose to make more damage then ranged ones.
Which is not happening so far.

So I don’t know if you get the picture that the recent Nerfs are totally based upon stupidity (pvp whiners too) and hope they will change them again soon as they have done many times in the past.

Yes, I agree with you that the changes are based off of pvp complaints. But in PVE content, the only other melee class with a ranged advantage are AP PT’s. Now sins are just on the same level as juggs/maras/ops (not really though cause 10m is still more).

They had given these limited ranged abilities with the new Ops in mind.

So now either they have to upgrade the Mellee class’s damage a bit to make them equal with the ranged classes or give some ranged abilities back.

And why the Ap and Pt’s keep their ranged abilities and being the new Powerclasses in the game ?

Yeah perhaps very SLIGHT buffs to melee damage might help in PVE, but it’s hard to make those kinds of changes without messing up PVP. Annihilation marauders are on par (number wise) with the ranged classes and pyro PT’s used to be. And why AP PT’s aren’t being changed? only BW can answer that one…

” The damage dealt by Forcequake has been decreased.

Forcequake now consumes 60 Force (down from 120) over the duration
of the channel (3 seconds, down from 6 seconds). Additionally, the snare
on targets damaged by Forcequake has been removed.”


“Force in Balance and Vanquish now have a maximum range of 10 meters (down from 30 meters).

The life redirected by Psychic Absorption for Sever Force and Force
Technique’s Force Breach has been reduced to 10% of the damage dealt
(down from 25%).

Serenity Strike no longer benefits from Mind Quell.

Targets can no longer suffer from the periodic effects of Mind Crush and Vanquish simultaneously.

Crush Spirit will no longer occur more than once every 15 seconds, as the tooltip states.”

Double fuck.

Let me tell you with all the newbillies that fill the wazns these days that small changes wont change the situation by much.

As most people have 5 or 10 alts and they will start playing the New Power classes Mercs Juggers and Powertechs.

So the sht will hit the fan once again.
The only problem would be the Pve part of the game wich gets messed up once again because of the Pvp complainers.

LOL, 10 alts?

I have 40 characters between 4 servers, with 16 each on my two main servers and 4 each on the others.

I think I have the FOTM situation well covered. But I liked Sage Animations.

Nah, no-life would be if I had 330 maxed at 60.

You know, I was actually tempted to do that during 12x?

not sure what you’re complaining about, sages or shadows. Go and take a look at shadow rankings, top 40 shadows still does better than both top gunslingers and sentinels top player. Doesn’t that ring a bell that shadows maybe just a little OP? You’ll eventually adjust to new play style, just a little closer to danger, that’s all man.

lol i see many sins crying about pve stuff when really you know you are just hurt cuz your FOTM Sin will now be more challenging to play in pvp… i know many good sins that don’t even care about this “nerfs” but most of you only rolled one for the yolo ranked and you know it…

Who gives a sht about Pvp except a few whining bitches and a lot of complaining quitters ?
If you have played pvp recently you know that is the case in wzns these days.

And contrasting with what you imagine the whole world does not evolve around the Pvp quitters and it shouldn’t.

So as you were crying all these months for Nerfs now its their time to fck up the whole system until they are given back their ranged abilities or all other classes are Nerfed to the ground too.
So the game will sink to the bottom of the ocean once and for all.

Actually … this is not a Sin PvP Nerf. At all it’s even a slight buff. But I’ll let you experience this the hard way, I guess… 🙂

Stroll on ProjectSWG being finished and going fully live soon and sod BW’s cash-cow stupid game SWTOR… who cares about any other era other than the movies one ?

I fully agree…. KOTOR and 2 were awesome best story and style…… SWTOR is a space based game with no true space… I laugh in the face of the pre-release devs of SWTOR and say “You’re game is shyte”……..

Lol! They still working on that? ROFL. Poor bastards been trying to make swg emulators work since CU… Give it up, great game is gone now, and of course all jedi players want it to return because they were intentionally OP.

Yes they have had to change to Core 3 now as Core 2 was screwing them up with log-in. Yes it is more complete and will be finished one day soon.. can’t wait to be back playing a SW MMO that isn’t based on corporate greed and is far better in playability full stop… SWTOR can be dropped down the largest toilet and one flush please !….. Secretly hoping Disney get a good MMO running company to release SWG 2 one day once 7, 8 and 9 have been released, shutting SWTOR down so I can laugh at Bioware and EA for killing their money maker with stupid restrictions and super-greed……

IF it ever gets up and running and isn’t a bug fest, I will surely be in SWG emulator; but I have my doubts, tbh. Only problem with pre-CU SWG is that PvE content is far from complete. While I loved it, it would get boring, depends on what update they intend to start it from I guess.
As for SWG2… well, Disney has locked in a contract with EA for all SW related games, so even if they do come out with another one I doubt it will be much better than this one.

“Becouse… REASONS!!!!!!” (c) Mr. Torgue.
Get used to it, dude. Biofail will never explain why they destroying classes.

Because the were extremely stupid and gave sages/sorcs ridiculous higher damage that they wanted (maybe they kept failing at rng procs during tests and thought it was ok)

They destroy sorcs because of many many childrens of 12x XP whos never learn how to play this class and spaming force storms as primary dmg ability.


Well devs u may have screwed over my Sorc once again but im gonna still play him as my main. but thanks for making us one of the weakest class’s.

I blame for that mostly Childrens of 12x XP a.k.a FS/FQ spamers.
Lately I’ve start leveling my 4th sorc (I’m maniac of this class :D) and it was really terrifying when I have other sorcerers in my Group. They do nothing more like just spam FS. By now it’s normal on flashpoints, warzones and even on ops. As a sorc I must siad that this is really, really, REALLY annoying.
People have no idea how to play this class but the worst thing is that they even don’t try learn how to play it.
I belive this is answer why we get such hard nerf 🙁

While this is true … I guess it was too difficult to just implement a proper force management to prevent the brainless spamming of FS/FQ.

Just take a look at Gunslingers and Snipers. Their AoE is so hillariously overpowered – way, way, way topping FS/FQ. Yet it needs proper energy management to pull of right. I wonder when they are going to rape Gunslingers/Snipers regarding this little, so underestimated and obviously not enough complained on gimmick.

I’m pretty sure they will be next. Still snipers get nerf already on engi.
I’m wonder why they didn’t nerf merc most op class sience 3.0 lunch.

Tbf, FS is stupid useful atm. At lower levels, people should be spamming it, because it’s the best way to go about it.

High damage + instant cast of chain lightning. At lower levels, it IS the best way to play. PvP regularly on my 20ish Sorc and you’d have to be a moron to play any other way.

Take a look what most of low lvl sorcerers are doing. Most of them just spaming FS because they have no idea about sorc. I only wanna say it’s because of those spamers we get fuckin nerf.

Yeah, because at low level spamming FS is most effective way to play. Obviously as you get more abilities, that fact changes and a proper rotation starts to form, though I suspect a fair few dumbasses will keep spamming FS all the way to 60 thinking it’s the right thing to do.

At 60, there’s a rotation. In the lowest bracket, spamming FS is effective, for now.

I’m confused as to why PvE only players get so upset at “nerfs”…

is a scripted boss monster taking 30 seconds longer to kill really a big deal?

changes like these actually matter in PvP; so i can at least understand their whining.

Well since operation bosses have to be killed within a certain amount of time, it does matter. Some of the bosses like underlurker already have a very tight enrage timer. In case you wonder what that means. If a boss is not killed within this time limit he enrages which means he just wipes (kills) the whole party and you have to start over again. The reason why PvE’ ers are usually more upset is because often the reason for changes lie within PvP. One mistake all MMOs tend to make is give PvE and PvP the same skill sets, which really doesn’t make sense if you realize how different PvE and PvP fights are.

I confused why PvP only players get any Dev consideration at all, considering what a tiny and insignificant part of this game it actually is.

You just answer yourself… This Look like Devs want to force people to play more PvP. Sience only mercs will be able to farm PvE content rest weaker class or stop playing this game or start play PvP.
Biofail sucks

> is a scripted boss monster taking 30 seconds longer to kill really a big deal?

So you clearly have no idea about the concept of an enrage timer. 30 seconds more? That means, you would have to do 10% more damage on e.g. the Underlurker (~5mins Enrage Timer) in the same amount of time. That would need some serious upgrades on your gear, just to compensate this.

People have known about it for about a week and a half now. Its got a pretty sweet animation to go with it too.

We are talking about BioWares class balancing team.

What you read is ridiculous…
So, of course it is true. Sadly.

All these comments are simply hillarious. Every MMO, every patch – same comments with same exact words. Only difference being class names / company name. Get over yourselves people.

And your reply to them is the same reply we also see for every MMO, every patch. Well done.

And they give in to PvP’ers. PvP should be treated as an afterthought. A bonus. Not catered to. You want hardcore PvP, go play CoD, Halo, or BF. They tout this game as full of immersion and story-lines. What story does beating each other up in an arena time and time again offer? At least with PVE there’s some sort of story with FP and Ops. Even if it is the same things over and over again.

Wow. Your insight in how neglected PVP has been is so astounding that I would like to read your comment as sarcasm.

“Resurrected Relic of Focused Retribution is no longer triggered by healing and dealing damage separately.”

I’m a little confused. What’s the problem with this one?
What does this actuall mean? Did the buff trigger twice at the same time when using dmg and heal skills before?
Or did they change the relic so it only triggers on dmg skills now?

For the love of God, Bioware, stop jacking with abilities solely from a PvP perspective. One of the worst things they have ever done with this game is balance the same trees and abilities around PvE and PvP. They deserve their OWN SETS OF ABILITIES.

Who cares PvE? Doing your rotation like a robot, killing bosses step by step while reading the guide how to do that. That’s not playing a game!

Yeah, ’cause that’s all it is. Just because you like PvP doesn’t mean everybody else dislikes PvE, or does not care about it. Get your head out of your ass bro.

it’s kinda really all there is to it tbf.

same thing over and over and over so u can get better gear to do the same thing over and over and over ….

How about, since PvP is they tougher part to balance, they balance for PvP and the balance the PvE content to match?

It’s not like PvE content is hard anyways unless you try hard modes or harder, then it’s mostly don’t be stupid and play your build right.

You all act like these changes are going to keep you from doing PvE stuff.

The changes may well mean all sorcerers are now being dropped from their progression teams, yes, as you can’t progress on inferior dps. They’re understandably not looking forward to mastering and gearing a new dps class over the next month or two.

uhh…i think it’s the other way around.

PvE takes no skill…just read a guide or watch a youtube video.

For PvP you actually have to be good at your class.

I think PvE content that actually required not facerolling ur face on the keyboard was back in vanilla WoW 🙂 PvPers make you pvers non existent skill wise !

The dumbest thing though? We know they can nerf PvP without touching PvE, just look back at how they reworked Smash builds.
They could have done the proper coding to have all skills work differently in WZ, but no that requires too much work!
Why use a scalpel to do precise work when you can just do a half-a$$ed job with an axe…

mind crush down to 10m on sage(range) and low slash on shadow(melee) up to 30m. They must be on drugs certainly. Don;t have a problem with forcequake dmg decrease but to increase a melee attack to 30m and decrease a force attack to 10m is at least stupid even on papers.
Of course the same with imps.
Understand that have to reduce aoe damages but wth…

Read the rest of the patch-notes. Base class is now 10m to nerf Assassins, Sorcerers get 30m in a passive making their range completely unchanged.

Yeah, it’s weird. I suppose they want to make Assassins/Shadows only use Crushing Darkness/Mind Crush.

If you read the notes a little more, you’ll see that sage / sorc mind crush is still at 30 m. It’s the shadow/assassin only that get it reduced to 10m

It’s not just the decrease in the _damage_ for Force Quake and Force Storm, but the elimination of the snare effect; you will no longer be able to count on regular mobs being stuck in the area of effect until it finishes. Mobs that run out of the AoE will decrease the effective damage further.

Mind Warp now increases the duration of Mind Crush and Vanquish by 3 seconds (up from 2 seconds)”
RLY ? 1 SECOND MORE ???????

In our faces for sure.Turn in to pvp and nerf pve. At least fix the f****ng servers to be able to play without lag and fgs nerf that stupid speed hackers…

No rumor but reality. It is game engine but this is a priority to fix it and instead oof that they leave it as is and the same with game hackers.

Balancing team meeting at BioWare:

Develeoper #1: Assassins have all the utility that you can possibly have in this game! But we all hate other classes and love this one. What can we do? We have to make it more awesome, so that other classes look more shite compared to assassins and shadows!

Developer #2: Well they really don’t need a buff, but who cares. Well they could have another long range ability. Something like saber throw…

Developer #3: Oh yeah that’s great. Let’s do this. How about 30m…

Patch Notes 3.2…..saber strike range increased to 50m for shadows and turbulence goes down to 5m for sages 😛

I guess you skipped that part that says how the other long range abilities they have are now 10m?

Or how those abilities are still 30m for sages?

sages stil are on 30m. Only on shadows we have range decrease if you mean that. Only sever force in serenity is still at 30m

When they 1st made changes to Smash builds making them act differently in PvP then in PvE I thought this was going to be the new direction when balancing for PvP, boy was I wrong…
We *know* they can make skills fonction differently in WZs then in the world, why don’t they go the extra distance to stop nerfing PvE to balance PvP?
Why introduce a glimmer of hope to just dim it right away?

I’m seeing the same sort of progression that went through CoH — “We won’t make PvE changes for PvP reasons” became “We won’t make PvE changes exclusively for PvP reasons”, then became “We’ll try not to make PvE changes exclusively for PvP reasons”, and then the claim disappeared entirely, leaving us with such wonderful mechanics as ‘movement suppression’.

Servers are probably down for another couple of hours. Or at least, that is what the Twitter account says.

And on second thought, my game just gave me the bleeping sound that tells me I can log in. I do not know if the servers are up or not, or if you can play on any planet or are stuck on the starter planets, but I just completed the download of the new patch.

Okay, game finished downloading and I can log in, but all the servers remain offline so I cannot access them until they finish patching.

I’m seeing all servers online but keep getting ” logon server is unavailable” when I try to log in…. Wtf?

In my opion how about if BW stop nerfing the main chars, and trying to fix the game engine. For example replace the game motor complitly. OR quit the business, and give it to, that company who could actualy developing games….Or atleaset separet the stats between PVP and PVE on gear and leav the skills alone. Hard to deal with that? I don’t think so. I play as a sage and im not happy for this nerfs. And im sure the following subscribers numbers will be dropping… Good work.

“company who could actualy developing games”? Which company would that be in your opinion?? Ubisoft? Maybe EA?? Or SquareEnix? I wonder how FFXIV is doing actually. anyone playing it? And you have to admit, apart from all the bugs, Dragon Age was a pretty cool game! And don’t tell me you didn’t finish all the Mass Effect games… at least twice 😉

Mass effect was made by a different branch and completely different developers of Bioware. So yes, these guys (this group of devs and this particular branch of Bioware) have no clue on balancing the game.

As far as I know this is the only MMO BW ever made so I don’t think it makes sense to compare an MMO with a single player RPG. Having said that, I do think what they did for online play could be a good idea for pvp, that people have a set group of skills that are the same and diffferent from PvE builds. That way it’s much easier to balance PvP without ever causing issues for PvE.

He was suggesting Bioware as a whole company to quit the business, not just a single branch responsible for SWTOR. I though that was unfair considering ME and DA franchises…

I would give it to those who made Guild Wars 2, Or for the Blizzard. Yes they were good games, but this one is messed up.

Nope. They fixed the achievements not resetting on logout and made the data packets not junk items. However, the rock formation still bugs out and become unclickable

You do realize that the sage has been sickly overpowered in PvP right? Im glad theyre bringing it down, sages are litterally impossible to kill in PvP, i doubt you have any skills, as the sage is easy to play and again, really OP…

And again, here it goes, please nerf X class as it is too OP in PvP. Now it will be useless in PvE but who cares, right? (just an example, not saying that sages are useless now)

sages and sorcs ARE useless in HM PVE when they play madness/Balance. noone whants them. like fat kids never get chosen for sportsteam in school because the rest of the Team wants to WIN and kill the Boss. Ist not possible with Balance/Madness Sorcs/Sages.

yeah Madness is a sad spec. At least Lightning is playable, but if pvpers will whine more, we will soon play sorcs only as heals which are already not that great.

sages impossible to kill? I understand that healers can be really tough to kill but dps sages/sorcs are not hard to kill at all and they are not nerfing sage/sorc healing here. That bubble only works for 8 seconds and then that light armour is easy to go through.

You are a total ridiculous whiner.
Who gives a sht about Pvp ?

If you cant kill a sage in pvp then you better stop playing it altogether and start playing low level flashes and companion missions only.

So long as you’re admitting this change has everything to do with PvP but is still screwing over PvE.

Congratz Bioware my Guild announced today that they will stop organizing SWTOR related stuff due
to less players. With the announcement of patch 3.1.2 half of our last raid group decided to stop playing. All players since release. Very good Job Bioware ! Nicely done !

Cant believe this Nef lover is still complaining after all these Nerfs.

Go quit and relieve us from your madness already.

In case anyone is interested, Solo Blood Hunt’s rewards are: 3 x basic comms, 1 x Exonium Ore (blue Rishi rep item), and 9,385 credits.
Obviously this is intended for fun, not for comm grinding; and in future a regular heroic +4 will have a much better comm payout.

Yes keep catering to the minority Pvper’s.Instead of worrying about continuing to improve on performance issues. How long till Harbringer crashes again 2-3 times and a busy sat. Oh that right you don’t need to focus on that. Your doing a great job. Driving other away. Good job.. on the crap,3.0 gear. Keep nerfing away. Now can you fix lag and bugs. Now that everyone not clogging up the server anymore?!

You were crying like a BITCH on the forums for months asking for these Nerfs to happen so don’t come and write here about who is crying.

You will still suck on pvp as people will change their classes very fast to the new Op ones but your skills will remain the same.

HAHA are you kidding? Me crying like a bitch on the forums? I do not give a shit about the nerf or never cared about the “over powered” classes… So get your facts straight and BITCH at the right people. It looks like you are the one who is mad about the nerf to the sorcs, and just taking your anger out on me hahhahhh

Holy hell, scrolling down on this page is awful. Just look at all they sage/sorcs crying soooo bad. “I’m going to leave the game!!!” “Half the people in my raid team left!” “PvPers should not be the only ones catered to in any situation!!!” Grow the hell up. I have literally never seen ANY other classes cry this much before. Not even ops or scoundrels.

I enjoy everything in the game. PvP, PvE, Operations, you name it. Oh, and while we’re at assumptions, you’re probably one of the whinyass sages/sorcs.

If you are one of the whiners that were crying like bitches asking for Nerfs then you are not welcome here.
Go do some level 30 flashes now that you are 60

I have seen other classes cry just as hard. Happens all the time in every game. Still useless crying though. I just wish they told us exactly how much force storm was reduced in damage so I know what the number is.

Never seen quite so many as this, though. That was what was initially strange to me. It is indeed useless crying.

Let me tell you what is UseLess, all the damn complainers that were filling the forums and were whining like bitches for months, asking the Devs to nerf these classes because they couldn’t play their dck while they were Pvping.

I’ll be checking as soon as my can on my lvl 60 healer sage, as quake/storm are a great deal more useful to me for sorc/sage healing specs than the dps ones.

If it’s truly calamitous, I guess I’ll have to use crushing darkness/mind crush alongside lightning strike/telekinetic throw.

I’ll work with the nerfs, naturally, I seriously doubt BW would actually kill a single spec for PvE; even with a PvP motivated set of changes, whatever I said earlier.

I generally agree with your comments but at the same time I do have to consider that BW have made dumb mistakes before…so I do allow for the possibility that they screwed this one up. Still it won’t affect my healing abilities as such.


Lightning/Telekinetics isn’t so bad, I just tested it in the Oricon heroic area, and Yavin for the dalies.

Do you have any idea what low slash at 30m is all about, what was so wrong with keeping it at 4m?

Tested in Oricon in a planet for Level 55 now that you are 60 ???
There is no salvation when I read comments like this.

The only way to test the changes is on a DPS dummy doll with a parsing tool to record what you do.

Ok, it’s just a guess, but I’d put the overall storm/quake dps reduction at about 25%.

Basically, my madness sorc tooltip before 3.1.2 read as 11K or so over 6 seconds, it’s now around 4.1K over 3 seconds, ergo 8.2K over 6 secs.

Its much less, its 1.2 to 2.5 average tick now.
And this in 192 gear.
Its a sht hole united.

They should all quit the game after these Nerfs, no reason to even use forc quake now in any operation environment.

And all of these because of a few pvp whiners that’s a total damn joke !!!!!!!!

Hey if you suck Biowares dick enough they might give you all of swtor just for you, stop being a cunt, it’s bad for your health.

indeed but after all a baddie class like sorcerer tends to attract alot of tears
they just mad they cant forcestorm those numbers anymore

who needs force storm ? i play balance and i need some seriuos buffs to be able to to hm. the 1 second shit is shit. its simply not enough. but i dont care anymore because in 10 days its time for gta 5 pc and i will close my sub. swtor wasnt fun in the last months but patch 3.1.2 is the deathstrike

Wait for your class to be nerfed and see how nice it would be.
And nobody gives a sht about numbers.
The game is not about fckin number but about completing Objectives.

Understand that and maybe you will be a better player already

LooK how many ridiculous whiners were crying for many months on the forums for these NERFS to happen then come and write here again who is crying…………………………

They are Nerfing a class because of a few Pvp damn whiners !

SO the people did very well to leave the game because Sorc’s was one of the most playable classes for years now and they fck it up because of all the Tards that want to be called pvp players.

I’m not quitting or crying. That my class got nerfed. I smell, WoW Cata all over again. The new sux balls.Stop caterine to the minority. And fix the isses with pvp. Leave everyone else out of it. Doubt I would quit after haveing spent a small fortune on subbing, and a collector box. So get over yor selves trolls. Fix the game. Again How long till Harbringer crashes under load. 3 times in one night?

The Sorc/Sage nerf isn’t even THAT significant, yet people are still whining about it. A nerf has been long overdue. It’s the most faceroll class in the game, so it shouldn’t be OP.

It deals less damage then before and now has a shorter channel. Checked my sorc healer’s Force Storm today, I had ~8k dmg on tooltip with 6 secs channel, now I have ~3k with 3 secs channel. If it wasn’t decreased, it would be 4k.

Its not more than 1.5-2.1k most of the times.
Totally unusable in the new HM or even SM ops.
Fcked up this class because of the sht heads.

66% less damage, damn thats a totally crazy huge Nerfs they did there.
Unbelievable they way they are thinking for making these changes.

Who’s gone use that ability now , none.

You are total newbillie to even write this sht.
Op is your stupidity and nothing else.

It cant perform in the OPerations environment now as the Fquake your asss ticks like its pacman waiting to eat the ghost and not real Operation ads and mobs.

I cannot seem to update to patch 3.1.2? … It just said unspecified error 🙁 does anyone have the same problem as me?

Let me tell you its a fck up out there.
They are TOTALLY destroying the game.

Because of a few Pvp fck up whiners……………………………….

Giving FOTM sin, an interupt (is 1.5sec mez still there as well?) that has range of 30m is fucking awesome… Great job Bioware, great job…

Lingering Nightmares now increases the duration of Crushing Darkness and Demolish by 3 seconds (up from 2 seconds).
This is a joke ? One Second more dmg ???

AKA 50% more duration on Crushing Darkness and Demolish from Lingering Nightmares effect, that might actually influence dmg quite a bit. Must try to see.

You’re right there, no arguing that. I tried parsing with my lightning sorc tonight, and I’m a bit hurt tbh. 🙂
Didn’t expect quite so big drop in dps.

The drop is crazy high, and if it shows so much in the training doll it’s gone be even more in real operations.

Go complain to the ice cream forums.
Cant believe these people !

They constantly ask for nerfs and complain like fcks instead of siting their asss down and learn to play their class.

Actual its you that sounds like you dont have any clue about sorcs. Are you engaged at Bioware in the “Class Blaance Team” aka “Team Holiday” ? The madness spec is by far the worst in PVE and its only a dirty joke to buff this spec with a one second more dmg window. Thats ridiculous.

You don’t understand what I’m saying.
I know that madness is a totally unplayable and weak spec as Decption is.

And they messed up these clases after the 3 patch.
Really hope to see them come back but I dont think they ever will after the latest ridiculous choices they made.

Do you actually realize how much more damage that 1s is? On average for a ~192 geared sage 1 tick of mind crush deals 640 damage. You get this damage EVERY 15s since thats how often you will use it.

With a small rounding down its an increase of about 40 dps. not to bad for ‘Only 1 more second’ right?

If its enough to bring balance up to par I dont know. Just be aware the damage is more than you seem to think.

They have made sage’s aoe a totally unusable ability in any SM or HM operation environment or flash HM.

1.5-2.1k damage average is ridiculous in any op or level 60 mobs environment.

All sage they should either change class or quit this damn game madness.

cancelt my sub in december and happy with it. this mmo crap steals to many energy. summer is comming.

Agree with you, thinking of doing the same after the latest crazy Nerfs they did.
Gone swim and stay at the beach all day long.

Im sure they don’t like it, but anyone with half a brain knew FQ was going to be nerfed at some point.

Thats a crazy way to think, it was an aoe ability boosted by another skillfull utilities choice each player had to make.
And it supposed to be like this.
Otherwise what’s the reason for someone to select it.
No one was using it before and they will make it another useless ability now for no reason.

Cant even kill the level 30 mobs now.
Totally ridiculous what they did

No, if you have read any of my posts you would know my opinion on nerfs is pretty simple. Nobody likes things being taken away. You should always balance upwards. I was just trying to bring some levity, as I think we all saw this nerf coming from miles away.

With all this Nerf madness that goes around and as a results the most playable classes are being destroyed and thrown in the garbage.

Just to satisfy a few pvp complainers (and let me tell you a complainer is never satisfied no matter what you do its in their nature to complain unstoppable).

I suggest to all the classes that gets affected by these SHT to change their class to the new POWER classes which are Ptechs and Juggers (for the Pvp world) and let the pvp wzns be a total fck up.
Then let the complainers cry their assess out because they will still be dominated and loose every single pvp game they play.

Because their real reasons for complaining are their clueless and weak pvp skills.

Guys I’m already Leveling a PwerTech for pvp, fck that sht !

I’m going to chase the whiners and Nerf lovers to the end of the earth no matter how much they will whine for new Nerfs I will have the new Power class leveled and ready to let kick their assess out !

your new power class has the pants already down and is ready to bend over to welcome the greatness of bioware.

That will be the last chance I will give to B.ware before I quit the game for good.
If they mess and Nerf more classes thats it for me.

Game over man, game over………….

No one even cares about the double xp week coming next week? Everyone is focused on the (ridiculous indeed) nerfing of classes….

I’m so sad with all of these, don’t even have the energy to raise a new toon.

And I was prepared to make a new Powertech to avoid all this crazy Nerfs they are doing.

So…err…can we start with nerfing sin’s immunities? =P
Couldn’t care less about dem sorcs. And unnecessary jugg’s buff is unnecessary…

If you are a Nerfs lover quit the game already because probably you suck so much and expect that nerfing other classes will make you better.

Totally sad for you

I just don’t understand the reasoning for decreasing the range of mind crush, vanquish, FiB on shadows…. wth BW… there really wasn’t a need to do that, and yet… here we are.

They said in a thread on tor forums that they intend to limit melee classes to “melee range. . With looking at these changes and the range of force attacks and all but 1 saber throw on mara’s, looks like the consider that to be 10 meters.

that just seems like a bad idea…. why not offer a hybrid style melee with a few ranged skills… I’m talking for pve…

According to them each melee class has some kind of ranged abiliy, like pt’s missiles, mara’s double saber throw, etc; and supposedly that’s good enough for them. It was a dev reply in the thread when they announced pt’s were losing unload.

serenity shadow still has sever force at 30m and, oh boy, using force potency still increases range for kinetic combat rock throw ability and…. the channeled one, I can’t renenber the name.

maybe have it increase range for these abilities as well seeing as the 4 piece dps set bonus for current gear decreases FP cool down by a whole 15 seconds.

Damn I’d even be willing to use a skilful utility point to get this back… master even.

As it was at least was a bit viable for the Operations.
Cant play it now after the Nerfs.

Unbelievable the choices they make for Nerfing classes.

the shadow dot spread at 30m in pvp was a bit ridiculous… simple fix… in pvp warzones give a buff that nerfs range of the skill ONLY IN WARZONES!!! problem solved, pvp whiners can stfu and pve content remains viable, as it sits I’ll have one hell of a time on underlurker adds now, thanks for this bioware… I can’t even imagine HM let alone NiM operations

Limit to melee range but at least increase the Damn damage they do so they can be a preferred class for the HM ops not a class to avoid as it is.

What they did is totally ridiculous, these 2 ranged abilities didn’t really made any difference in Pvp and now the Pve Hm ops are totally out of reach for that class.

So disappointed with all that mess up !

on a side note, low slash for shadows with utility is broken
the ability keeps going off till target is whitebarred, in pve means mobs without boss immunity are constantly stunned 😛
pvp however yeah its broken, its broken so bad its unplayable
even if said shadow is dead the ability will go off, hell its even useable in stealth FFS……………..

without taking said shadow out of stealth…
yes i replied to my own comment to expand the broken ability with utility that plagues shadows

But its available only for the deception class which no one plays anyway because it even weaker than the Operatives.

Can somebody please explain why there is only asweet littly-tiny mini tinky-winklysugar buff in a fantastic ONE SECOND window for Balance sages ? Is their damage so high that they are rdy for HM Revan ?

Thats crazy man, they have messed up the game with all that sht.
Cant complete HM content now, not with an asassin melee at least, which was already under performing in most of the new ops.

Can someone explain me With the 3.1.2 patch nerf of “ordnance expert” for Merc/IO, what its the real loss of dps ?

30% less crit bonus on two low damage skills and their dot? Guess it depends on how much crit you stack, won’t mean much to me.

I dont know where or who to ask. Than i try it here. I want ask, if F2p´s get acces to Hutt Cartel content with some patch x.xx or we will always have only standard game no matter what content/patch/max level will by ? My English is bad but i hope you understand what i want know.

Only BW can answer that. For now the only ways to get the Hutt Cartel expansion is by subbing for a month or buy Shadows of Revan which includes Rise of the Hutt Cartel. However, you do not have to stay subbed to keep the content either way.

You have to buy with some way the expansion wich will give you access to hut cartel at the same time and make you a preferred status player and able to level to 60.
Which it worths it.

Unless they keep on Nerfing classes.

Yay Lightning/TK lost arround 10-15% dps 🙁 At this point on 192 gear is not much difference from madness. Is that suppose to look burst spec? OMFG on my mercenary in 186 commendation gear I gain more dps.
Good job Biofail.

exactly. this is the worst, most unlogic ridiculous patch ever.
i understand that fq has to be nerfed a little bit but this is rape for the TK spec.
the “one second more dmg window” for the madness spec – that is true hate from bioware and i think this is how they really think about sages & sorc players.

Lots of player told, they have higher server lag than since this patch.All of the playesr have higher? and when it will be the normal?

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Any updates from the servers LAG spikes guys still. happening like spikes mostly.
Dont know what causes it ………..

my friend found this about the higher server lags: Ok so with regards to this recent Latency it does seem to be related to
the fire in London effecting the Telia network, the backbone service for
connections from Europe to Ireland via London, after doing a bit of
research and forum hunting I found a program called Pingzapper, it’s a
free trial version and nothing shady about it, just download it, follow
it’s little setup instructions, easy done and then select the options
for Swtors profile and choose the manual settings and select “France1”
this reroutes your connection and seemingly avoids the damaged line, It
will increase your latency a little, depends where you are, for me it
was 60ms up for 50 normally, but it does seem to remove the delay caused
from Packet loss.

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