SWTOR Stronghold Labels will become BoP with patch 3.1.2

Stronghold Labels sold by the Warzone Decoration vendors will become BoP tomorrow with patch 3.1.2. to prevent players from trading them for warzone commendations between characters.

PSA: Changes to Stronghold Titles Coming in 3.1.2 Tomorrow | 04.06.2015, 04:18 PM

Hey PvPers,
Heads up on a change that some of you spotted as being in Game Update 3.2 on PTS, it is actually a part of 3.1.2 which is coming tomorrow. The change is around three Stronghold titles, which some players are using to move around Warzone Commendations in a way we did not intend. Here are the changes:

The following Stronghold Titles are now Bind on Pickup:

  • Stronghold Label: Imperial Sanctuary
  • Stronghold Label: Republic Sanctuary
  • Stronghold Label: Starfighter’s Lounge

If you have any of these titles unbound, they will bind to you as of tomorrow.

  • ragequit

    is there any new mmo 2015 ? its time to move on and search a new game.

    • Skyforge, Crowfall, The Division

      • Unoshi

        The Divsion i have been eagerly waiting for since its mentions, but omg.. Skyforge seems to have potention. Star Citizen is also a nice one.

    • SpideyBry

      Quit SWTOR because of this? That’s kinda silly, isn’t it?

      • darkfather

        If all they do is PVP, yes, it’s a good reason to quit now with this change. You are “kinda silly” caring what someone else does.

        • SpideyBry

          Rereading my post… nope, didn’t say I care what they do. They’re free to do what they want. Just seems silly to me. It’s not that big of a deal to grind out first tier PVP gear.

        • Herr Mannelig

          Then he should have quitted even before that comm transfer was avaliable at all, like, at start.

  • anton

    star citizen

  • JedixJarf

    I geared out most of my toons with this lol. Sad to see it go.

  • lord potato

    No more exploiting the mechanics and transferring PVP COMS ? ;_; oh well at least they are fixing stuff that breaks the game right…oh wait

    • Dethis

      How is this a exploit. We earn those comms. It actually helps PvP by having this in the game. Less undergeared toons

      • lord potato

        People call it an exploit because you aren’t meant to transfer coms to make your life easy you have t spend a minimum for 12 hours a day earning coms on each character.

  • Dethis

    Cant believe they are doing this. I mean we earn those comms. Now the less frequent played toons will stayed ungeared. Love playing/seeing ungeared toons/alts in PvP Thanks BW for fucking up something good.

    • Vodorlo

      Then just -gasp- actually play the ungeared toons in pvp. Who gives a shit if people que for regs in pve gear? They have to get the gear somehow, right? Now, if ungeared people que for ranked, as we know, that’s a different story. But it is literally no harder to gear your alts then it was gearing your first pvp toon. Just suck it up and start playing.

      • darkfather

        And put up with people yelling at you and losing matches (and dying alot) because you have no (or not much) PVP gear yet? No. I’ll pass. The stronghold titles HELPED PVP. Lukily I got 5 toons geared using Stronghold title and lowbies coms, but once the next tier of gear comes out I will be done PVPing.

        • Unoshi

          i’m sorry i see no issue here, how did you expect to gear a toon otherwise. Before strongholds and titles came.. Wasn’t it the normal way, doing pvp getting coms buying gear, getting upgrades etc.. so why that this exploit which made it easier to gear alts now being corrected all the sudden it’s hard or not even possible to gear your alts?

          I dont see the issue if people want to nag about you not having pvp gear yet or the full set, just ignore. I don’t see there complaints decreasing the pvp rewards you earn..

          • Durdens Wrath

            I don’t recall having a comm cap back in the day, that’s for sure.

            • Unoshi

              yes, those were the days and when you could buy gear and what not way beyond your level:D

              • Durdens Wrath

                Yes, and I’d be just fine if they’d let me buy the 60 gear, because it STILL has the level requirement on it. Otherwise I’m just wasting time PvP before 60. Because unless I’m mistaken, there is absolutely nothing worth the wasting of comms prior to 60.

              • Unoshi

                Not really, unless you want to buy deco and collect the whole stack of each or sell them. Nothing no. I agree the req were there for a reason, all the sudden you cant buy them? That was lame. It is the same with trying to buy armor mods but you cant cause they are high level, but you can craft high level armoring and such even as a level 10.

                the titles made it easy to transfer coms around but you can still do it no with legacy, the only real use for it was to get rid of wz caps on low level. imo

        • Vodorlo

          The whole point of reg warzones is to get pvp gear, right? People can yell at you all they want, but if you really care about pvp in general, you wouldn’t stop pvping because you’re being forced into a gear grind. That’s stupid. How do you think people got their comms and gear before Strongholds?

          You can still transfer pvp mods with LB gear anyway, but if you want the top teir gear, you need to pvp on that toon anyway, for the shells.

        • Arby

          Probably much more fun to be that guy yelling at people trying to farm comms legit, amiright?

        • Mike

          But pve gear is almost as good as the pvp gear, and has full expertise with bolster. It’s not hard to gear yourself correctly while gaining that pvp gear.

          • relasine

            Except that Bolster is a complete mystery to people who haven’t actually done the research into it. And even then, it takes a lot of time to get it to work properly. Give me a 162 PVP set of gear that I can just buy from the PVP vendors for 100,000 credits and make Bolstering a more user-friendly experience, not something I have to read about on the damned forums to decipher.

            • exactlymythoughts

              give this man a medal.

  • I wasn’t even aware this could be done, and I still have no problem gearing my toons.

  • Who Cares..

    uh oh exploit..oh wait its PvP related so everything is fair game lol

  • Arby

    So…. PvP mods don’t fit in legacy gear?

    • They do but you need the shells to upgrade gear so it is easier to transfer comms vs labels instead.

      • Durdens Wrath

        Plus if you’re legit playing a character to level, there is nothing worth buying WZ comms for prior to 60.

    • Unoshi

      its so simple when they have an exploit and it get fixed people QQ. Doing an alt in WZ is all the sudden impossible… although nothing changed when gearing a alt or main in pvp or pve.

      And they seem to forget about legacy.

  • Jeg

    Well I wasted 2750 wz comms. FML.

  • HumorPrint

    I used this and it helped to give those new 60’s a bit of a boost and to help the dreadful ranked comms grind.. For a game that’s getting older with dwindling populations and less new things to do at 60 why take this away? It wasn’t hurting anyone. Comms should be BoL anyway. It’s stupid to have this awesome legacy and shared storage, yet we have so many limitations on how to use it. If my cousin BH wants to help his nephew sorc with his PvP gear or PvE gear then Uncle Fett should get to help, otherwise this legacy is a waste…

    • Sadriel_Fett

      I would be all for that!

  • EyesOfGehenna .

    I had read the patch notes so I knew what you meant but the title of this article is a bit misleading since only some of them will become BoP.

  • Unecessarychanges

    I don’t believe that this could damage the game in any way if it is left as it is.
    And the only people that do this anyway are the guys that are already experienced in Pvp and have nothing else to buy with their comms and want to use them to dress up an alt.

    Nothing bad or wrong with this.
    Don’t need to make moving around comms hard for us guy just leave it as it is.

    • Melini

      Or those of us who play Pubs and want to actually gear them so they can stand a chance in regular Warzones. Honestly, this change is taking away every reason I had for PvPing in any ladder.

  • Patrol

    I would prefer if the efforts of the developers and the support team would go on banning the guys that are scamming people that try to trade with them.

    They are putting the item on the trade box and wait for you to put the money and press ready then remove it fast and expect you to press ready when their trade side is empty so they can get your money and run away like monkeys.

    Keep your eyes open for these people guys and report them on sight.

    • Holyfrog

      Anyone who is dumb enough to lose credits that way deserves it so that they can learn not to be stupid.

      • Patrolforyou

        You don’t understand what the guy is doing then.
        He puts the item in the trade box then you put the money and before you press ready just with the tiny server lag he removes the item from the tab but on your side the item is still there hasn’t been updated yet you press ready on your side and then you see the item missing.
        Because he removed it.
        But you have already pressed ready so he takes the money and goes.

        I don’t know if you play the same trick but especially for the guys that don’t know much about trading this is very easy to happen.
        That is an intentional and on purpose stealing and scamming action that needs ban for life

        • jsutsomeguy

          It’s your fault for pressing rdy before he does! learn how trades work.

  • Gankstalicious

    OK, fuckit.

    Only thing they need to do more is to tell me I’ve been “exploiting” for the past 5 months to make me even more happy.

    I dunno, you could do something for snipers, like giving purge back to Dodge, or give commandos a bit more defense, but noooooooo…..you’re saying I’m transferring comms “in a way that was not intented”.

    Fucks to you, BioWare.

    • Matt

      Sorry but it’s not Biowares fault you’ve been exploiting. Saying your’e not good enough in pvp is not an excuse.

      • Gankstalicious

        Translate that to logic thanks?

        Its BECAUSE I’m good in PVP I can afford to syphon comms from one set of characters to another, for, ya know, a second set of Dark Reaver?

        • Mashiro

          yeah, someone explain what will happen with toons with full ranked, what will we do with the comms?

          • Unoshi

            buy ranked gear for your alt and rip mods out and send them over?

          • jedixjarf

            We will spend our comms on medpacs. Lots and lots of medpacs. After your companion is in full 174 min maxed that is.

          • Gankstalicious

            Decos, I guess 🙂

            • Mashiro

              and if our strongholds are full? xD

              • Gankstalicious

                ‘Donate to guild” or “sell on GTN” will be the thing, I guess.

                Its embarrassing, but I’m already maxed on te decos from the PVP/GSF vendor as is.

      • Tholric

        Logic = Zero.

  • Haematopoiesis

    Finally … .

    Now get rid of all the other PvP related exploits and I’ll be happy.

    Complain about not being able to get (almost) full Exhumed gear without even playing a single WZ at lvl 60 anymore? Q.E.D – maybe you shouldn’t have overdone it that much. 😉

    It would be awesome though if Devs implemented something useful to do with the WZ Coms until you hit lvl 60, since the trading exploit was litterally the only useful thing you could do with it.

    • Neg Sani

      Buy/sell the new decos coming out in 3.2, end of April.

    • Mashiro

      it’s not exploit, we play the warzones and earn the medals after all

      • Unoshi

        Well it is, the way you send those WZ coms over, was not intended. Sending coms over through legacy gear, whether its pvp or pve, that is allowed.

      • Haematopoiesis

        It was a glitch that wasn’t intended by actual game design. It was “possible” and therefor people farmed the hell out of it. That’s the actual definition of an “Exploit” (in a Video game).

        I play a lot of PvP myself. I also used this exploit myself – don’t wanna be a hippokrit on this. But things went crazy when whole guilds started to farm low and mid lvl WZs with their lvl 19 and lvl 55-59 twinks to get WZ commendations the fastest and most easily way possible.

        It’s not that one or two guys figured it out and enjoyed a few extra WZ coms for their main characters, since they are useless pre 60 anyway (that’s an issue no doubt). Don’t flatter yourself on that. Yes you earned the coms. But not like you were indended to. So it was exploiting of flawed game mechanics. Nothing to discuss on this topic.

        • Durdens Wrath

          And what about those who legit played 10-59 and would have had comms maxed out in about two weeks?

          Fuck us, right?

          • Haematopoiesis

            Nope. And this is exactly the issue they should solve. If you pvp you get rewards and these rewards have to be useful and effective.

            This does not legitimate exploiting (or in other words cheating) – eventhough litterally everyone did it.

            And it does not legimitate the crazy-azz low and mid pvp farming of some very, very special guilds.

            What’s the result of this change? You are pissed. Less people will play pre 60 WZ, you will need to actually pvp with your 60 twink to get him his pvp gear (which is seriously just a matter of one weekend or 2-3 weekly pvp missions, eventhough you might get vanquished; which doesnt change the amount of coms you get).
            Everyone else will simply have more fun, playing on equal terms. 😉

            Fine by me.

            • Durdens Wrath

              I did literally play with my 60 to get the gear. He was my second 60. But I’d have hit the cap several times before hitting 60. So tell me, what’s fair about that? About being forced to waste comms or sit on a cap?

              And you’re beyond insane if you think there are equal terms in PvP.

              So again, fuck me right?

              • Haematopoiesis

                Obviously you don’t understand me. Maybe you shouldn’t read this board in blind rage. So … whatever man.

                You being angry and BW offering no reward for pre 60 PvP won’t make a glitch a feature and exploiting it rightous. But whenever something like this (and there are a whole lot of other glitches and common exploits regarding pvp) gets popular you people just overdo it until devs get aware. The circle of yolo.

                I am glad they are even looking into this stuff and I hope they will fix a lot more. PvP should be fun even without exploiting the shit out of it. Which basically means: it should be fun for everyone. Not only for a bunch of evil, evil boys and gurls.

              • Spiderman

                The SHT you are writing are completely meaningless and only a whiner and constant complainer would say that.

                I guess you are one of the tardies that were complaining about the slot machine to get nerfed.

                Quit already, Pacman waits for you.

              • Haematopoiesis

                Really kid? 😀
                Trolled like a pro. Respect!

              • Durdens Wrath

                So, what you’re saying is, that it is completely cool that I should have to toss comms into a black hole as I level. Since I was playing, and it was fun. And no exploit was taken advantage of that effected anything that happened in the warzone.

                Just so long as I’m not doing something “Bioware didn’t intend”.

                And you DO realize this exploit didn’t actually effect gameplay right? That you still had to play to get the comms?

                And I guess that you’d rather I wasted 16,500 in comms rather than taking advantage of this little trick.

              • Haematopoiesis

                lmao. Yes. That’s exactly what I am trying so desperately to say.*facepalm*

                No – seriously. I don’t give a f… about your comms.
                The exploit effected the gameplay in the worst way possible, like many other exploits do.
                It actually is your kind of player that messes with game mechanics – the worst part is: you think you have any right to do so.

                Grow up kids. Exploits are exploits – considered cheating – and no special feature just for your sole experience. wtf. I can’t believe I am part of a discussion like that.

                The matter of missing content for wz comms pre 60 is a whole other topic.

                But well – I guess, as a matter of fact – yep: Fuck you. 🙂
                And you too spidyboy!

        • Mashiro

          first: dont call me kid, i bet im older than you
          second: stick your morality in your ass
          third: it’s not my problem if nerd people guilds cheat

          • Haematopoiesis

            It is.

            • Mashiro


    • Prayers

      Get read of all the Complainers the Whiners the cry babies The kiddiots and all the damn Quitters and I’ll be happy !

      “Thy Kingdome come” is probably coming faster before the above can happen.

  • relasine

    What bothers me about this is that Bolster is a complete enigma. We’ve all been told to just save our 162 gear that we collect during the Shadow of Revan storyline, but there are a few problems with that:

    1. It doesn’t work properly with a 162 Main-Hand/Off-Hand
    2. You don’t get a full set of 162 gear through these missions, specifically relics and implants

    Consequently, starting level 60 warzones is not an outsider-friendly experience unless you’ve actually sat down and down your research, which shouldn’t really be necessary in-so-much as nothing else in the game requires that much background knowledge.

    We should just be able to buy a properly-Bolstering PvP set at rating 162 from the PvP vendors to take the guess work and misunderstanding out of the equation. This way we don’t have to deal with teammates in Warzones in full 186 gear that are ship anchors for your team and we can quit messing around with our gear in order to make Bolster work properly.

    • Herr Mannelig

      Really? You speak of pvp ship anchors and then ask why pvp comms aren’t ok to transfer?

      • relasine

        Your point?

    • Unoshi

      “which some players are using to move around Warzone Commendations >>in a way<< we did not intend" It doesnt state that you arent allowed to send WZ coms over between alts, so before make false comments should read again.

      Last i check i can still buy pvp gear, rip mods out and send my alts, same way im doing it with Basic coms, elite and ultimate…

      nothing new here.

      The only difference with the stronghold labels was that you did not have to spend credits ripping the mods out.

      also, since it wasnt BoP , people use this way to sell WZ coms, which was also not intended and i dont see this happening with any other PVE coms

      • relasine

        A few things:

        First, using the Stronghold Titles to transfer Warzone Commendations was THE ONLY way to send your commendations between characters. You are correct in stating that you can buy PvP pieces, rip the mods and transfer them between characters, but you also really need the shell so that you can upgrade your Exhumed piece to Dark Reaver, so you’re still going to need to buy the original piece on the new character again. Granted, the Exhumed set grind is nothing compared to the Dark Reaver grind, you’ll still have to put in more time.

        Second, you can’t transfer five of your fourteen pieces, since they don’t use mods.

        Third, only level 60 characters can purchase Exhumed pieces. I used to be able to send my Warzone Commendations from my lower-level characters to my level 60s to help them get their Exhumed set. This reduces the volume of characters that we can use to bootstrap a new 60 into a proper PvP set.

        Fourth, this gave something for my low-level characters to do with their Warzone Commendations that hit the cap far earlier than they would with Basic Commendations.

        Fifth, a new level 60 character can theoretically buy an entire 186 PVE set the moment they strike 60 since they can effectively be holding onto 1297 comms. The cap on Warzone Commendations is 2750, roughly enough to buy between 2.5 and 4 pieces depending on what you go with. To top it off, there isn’t a whole lot to do with your Warzone Commendations before 60.

        Look, I’m okay with this change, but some others should be made to make the gearing process friendlier. Raise the Warzone Commendation cap to something resembling the Basic Commendations cap or give me an easy way to Bolster at level 60 that doesn’t require I spend 45 minutes on the forums BEFORE I’m level 60 to understand how to properly Bolster.

        • Unoshi

          at the first part:
          Unlike this temporary exploit since we are comparing pvp and pve. Pve never had, to the fullest of my knowledge, a way to send Basic coms directly over to another character, or any other pve related coms.

          Yes i do know about the original piece needed for ranked version. (suggestion: farm till you have full set of rank version then rip mods out and send over to alt or new level 60)

          Same go’s to PVE, you cant transfer five of the fourteen pieces to alts. and unlike PVP there isnt any good decent relic you can just buy with PVE coms.

          Same for Pve, only lv 60’s can buy those end game gear. So our alts sits with those coms, if we reached max coms that is, till we reach appropriate levels to start using the coms both pvp and pve

          One way around it, is buying items with the coms, pvp/pve both and return them to vendor before time runs out and re buy them and keep doing so, so you wont waste other coms that you receive as reward. This is pretty much a dead end since you might lose track of time and the time window expire, that you need to return them back for the coms.

          Basic com cap is 1000 but to get back to the point, this is one of the few difference between pvp and pve, that you can indeed almost can buy a whole set. But to be real. If you level an alt, which will use the basic coms to gear up, by the time you reach end game level, you don’t have max basic coms to almost buy a full set.So you will be buying about 2,3 pieces, depending if you go for the cheapest ones first. Unless you use your other end game characters to transfer mods from basic gear over to make up for what your new 60 is lacking. Same can be done with a veteran pvp character to a new fresh 60′.

          the only other thing i can think of is buy decoration that req wz and sell those for credits or pvp stims and sell those. Regarding basic coms for lower levels, we do have our options to use basic coms, upgrading our existing gear. Can be done with pvp too but it was pretty much fruitile to be honest. So other then what i mentioned, no there isn’t much to do with WZ coms on low levels.

          Last thing i knew of bolster in pvp was that your gear should not have any expertise, in order to be bolstered. Not sure if there was any changed made over the course of time but if there wasn’t then there is no difference between pvp and pve bolstering. If there is, i don’t know of it.

          • relasine

            PVE does have a way to transfer Basic Commendations. You buy modifications from the Planetary Vendors, throw them in your Legacy Bank, have another character scoop them up, then sell them to get the Commendations.

            Yes, you can’t transfer those Implants, Relics, and Earpieces between characters, but you can transfer the Basic Commendations required to buy three of the five.

            On Relics, you can buy 186 Relics for cash for around 120,000 credits depending on your server or make them yourself if you the crafting skill. Can’t do that with the PVP Relics. Have to buy them from the Warzone Commendation Vendor.

            • Unoshi

              i wasnt aware that was possible, will check that out. Last i seen was that as soon as you try to do that, it became bound. And seems like a waste, just buy what you are missing on one toon with another and send it over.

              Yes regarding relics, buy them from GTN.

              But overal there seems to be a balance between pvp coms and pve… the only difference, at least with basic coms is, max basic com almost get you full set, max warzone coms dont. But then again, basic coms, elite, ultimate, none of these coms you use to buy gear give you bonus set unlike pvp gear, ranked or normal coms.

              in a way i dont see an issue with this exploit being fixed, all you need to do now is buy the gear you want, for an alt, and keep it and continue to upgrade it to ranked and then rip mods of and send over.

              • relasine

                Yep. You can buy Armorings for 10 Basic Commendations, Legacy Bank them, withdraw with another character, then sell it (provided you do so before the 2-hour bind timer ends) to get those 10 Basic Commendations on another character. Look into it.

                For Bolster to work properly, the maximum item rating has to be 162 except for your MH/OH which can’t be higher than 148/156. If your item rating on a piece is higher than that, it doesn’t benefit from Bolster. You can read about it on the PvP forums (when they go back up).

              • Unoshi

                The bolstering seems to be the real and only issue here, tbh. Unlike PVE it wasn’t properly explained. But gearing shouldn’t be a real problem here. and im guessing allot of people dont know about how to properly bolster in pvp,

                Ah this reminds me of what i heard a while ago, go naked in pvp to get bolstered.

              • relasine

                Agree 100%. This is my main problem. Commendation transferring was just a way to make the enigmatic Bolster system easier to get around. I’m fine with them taking this away, but Bioware, in turn, NEEDS to make Bolstering easier. It’s a large part of why PvP is so unattractive to people in this game.

              • Unoshi

                yes, Bolstering was a way to make getting as a freshly new end game level character, wheter it was pvp or pve, easier. But seems they messed pvp up with it, but have you tried going in naked? The way you described it, seems that, that seems to be the only way to properly go in to get bolster without the hassle of finding the right item rating

              • relasine

                Doesn’t work that way. The gear you wear gets Bolstered, not your character. If you are naked, you don’t benefit from Bolster.

              • Unoshi

                ah, that it has been changed.

              • Mario

                Too many quitters and clueless people around thats why its unattractive.

                Forget about bolster and get the first tier of basic pvp gear, until you get that you will suck no matter how bolster works.

        • Arby

          Sixth… it sounds like the dev team’s intent is for you to grind the gear on the toon you’re going to be using it on… just sayin’

          • relasine

            Totally fair. I think that would be ideal, if there were an easy way to walk into PvP properly geared to even start it. If you queue up a Warzone in your new 186 PVE set, you’re pretty much useless to your team since you get ZERO benefit from the Bolster system.

            • Arby

              Next question, and excuse my ignorance as I couldn’t care less/know absolutely nothing about PvP in this game, but I am curious… Other than aesthetics is there a difference in the shells in PvP gear? Are there bonuses that are actually linked to the pieces, rather than to the mods like PvE gear? Or does everyone just want to get off on looking the same in ass-ugly armor?

              • relasine

                Sort of. If you buy the DPS Shadow piece, it’s called “Exhumed Stalker”. To purchase the upgraded “Dark Reaver Stalker” piece, you need the Exhumed Stalker shell in addition to the Ranked Commendations required. You can keep the mods from the Exhumed Stalker piece, actually; but you must have the shell to upgrade.

              • Arby

                OK, I finally understand what the complaining is about. But, basically it just means you have to transfer the mods from Exhumed gear you bought with another character, grind PvP to get enough comms to buy the another piece of Exhumed gear and then buy it, and then grind enough comms to buy the piece of Dark Reaver. While it sounds like a pain in the ass (a bit) you would be grinding all those comms one way or another, so in the end all it does it make you actually (eventually) use the toon you want the Dark Reaver piece for to grind out the comms to get it. Why not just buy the Dark Reaver gear on another toon and than ship those mods via legacy gear?

                I’m sorry but I really can’t sympathize here, people go on about how awesome PvP is and then bitch about earning the highest level gear. Seems to me that some people’s egos prevent them from going into a WZ without the most uber-leetz gear for fear of being treated the way they treat people that go into WZ without most uber-leetz gear.

              • relasine

                It’s not just about the Warzone Comms-thing; that’s merely a symptom of a larger problem, which is that Bolstering is extremely confusing and not user-friendly, which makes it really difficult for players to get into PvP at level 60 if they haven’t already been doing it.

              • Durdens Wrath

                That was never the issue for me. I had to transfer comms so I wouldn’t be stuck at an asinine cap.

          • Durdens Wrath

            So they also intend for me to waste PvP comms when I hit the cap several times prior to 60, when it won’t let me buy 60 gear?

            That’s asinine. There’s NOTHING to buy prior to 60. So I guess it’s cool to just hamper us and make us stay at 2750 comms?

            • Arby

              Jfc, you’re not using them so what difference does it make. Sell some deco on the gtn if it chaffs your cheaks so much. You won’t be the yhe first or last person to max out your comms….but obviously you don’t need them, right?

          • Mercifull

            Think a bit more before you write shty comments.

            What this guy is suppose to do when he has already fully dressed his main TOON and has so many extra wzn comms ?

            Throw them in the black hole ?

            • Arby

              Yep. Suck it up.

              • MN

                Quit the fck already form the game whining bitch !

        • Naq

          Definitely agree there should be some kind of intro to pvp set, easily bought at 60. This used to be a thing a long while back. The set was free too. All you had to do was talk to a vendor, bam free box with a blue quality pvp starter set, or a token for equivalent credits or pve folks.

      • Durdens Wrath

        This is the least flexible group of developers anywhere. It almost feels like they are personally butthurt when someone does something they didn’t intend, but is basically harmless.

    • Ghosts

      Get the first tier of Basic pvp gear, full set and forget about Bolster and sht it never works good and even if it does you will still be behind on damage and shielding against the 2018 expertise opponents.

  • Ben Gimson

    Dammit, didn’t even know this was a thing until now. I always find out about useful shit when they patch it out :/

  • Unbelivable

    That was a total unnecessary sht, didn’t hurt anyone to be left as it was.
    Was a way to spend your wzn comms to something useful instead of waste them around.

    So there is no point of queuing for pvp wzns with all the newbillies these days.

    • Haematopoiesis

      Guildgroups sync listing pre 60 Warzones to farm Comms regularly even more easily than on lvl 60 hurt anyone – don’t you agree?
      Unless you weren’t part of that, you shouldn’t miss anything out.

      • Sharesome Love

        I was not part of that but even if they did it so what ?
        Big deal.
        Eventually they gone go Level 60 so what ………
        What can they do with all these comms anyway buy a planet ???

        The worst they can do is dress up an alt so they can properly play pvp, dont see anything bad with it do you ?

      • Maestrig

        Its a pity that a lot of people on forums have a real issue with logic and open up unnecessary, pointless discussions. Guild group sync its a problem in itself, not related with transfer comms at all. The issue is why bioware lets groups of 4/8 ppl from the same guild able to queue and play against random ppl? Its just a terrible lost of time for those random ppl.

        • Haematopoiesis

          People don’t exploit the shit out of glitches without benefit. There’s your logic, retard.
          That’s they there are fotm classes, sync listing and alike. e.g.

          Expect a new wave of noob Assassines after the next 2x EPX Week as well.

          That’s how the internet works. And yes: 90% of all players are just simply full of shit and if anyone would behave like this in real life they wouldn’t live long enough to see through middle school. Sadly the internet doesn’t seperate.

          • QuitAlready

            You are the 90% by yourself alone.

  • Hollow

    So the real question is….what are we supposed to do when we max WZ comms at lvl 14?

    • Durdens Wrath

      Exactly. There is nothing at all worth buying unless you’ve never gotten the decos. And even then it’s not worth it after 1 of each. So there is nothing but junk available till 60.

      But fuck us right?

      • Haematopoiesis

        Nope. Only fuck you, Mr Durden.

        • Durdens Wrath

          My, you’re a hateful little shit.

        • Sudden death

          This is just a piece of sht talking so we will just massively ignore you.

          Solve your sht and you own problems without carrying them on the forums.

          • Haematopoiesis

            Like anyone gives a shit about anonymous random posters on dat precious internet. Get your things right kid. 🙂

    • jedixjarf

      Buy more medpacs

      • MountRoller

        Already have 3 cargo boxes full of them
        Cant store any more.

        Maybe they could give people some really cool and exclusive mounts.

    • Haematopoiesis

      That’s an other issue. I hope they implement something useful to spend comms effectively on, pre 60.

    • TheHarbingersKwerty

      Spend em on basic comms to get better gear as you level from the planetary-based comm vendors. Eventually, when you hit 40 valor, start turning em into ranked comms, then do the weapon juggle trop

  • Sad

    A total unnecessary thing to remove.
    Was so useful when people get fully geared at max their wzn comms.

  • maestrig

    Bioware, you screwed up again. You attract a lot of unnecessary frustration from a lot of players. I already didn’t care for the “line story” you are so “famous”. Do you really think that when I’ll see another game produce by you, I’m going to even try to install it?
    The right attitude in this case would have been: “We did a very good thing by accident, so let it be or lets even try to improve it”. Instead, your attitude was: “We did a very good thing by accident, we’re sorry, lets remove it”.

    • Haematopoiesis

      Being able to take profit in exploiting an obvious glitch only improves the game for yourself, while decreasing it for everyone else.
      As this goes for any glitch and for every exploit, regardless of how high the damage/profit is, I can only encourage you to stop playing online games. This alone will improve these games without Devs having to mess with balancing.

      sadly … that’s the internet and it won’t happen.

      So things need to be litterally bullet proof to your kind.

      • Bridge

        The real problem of this game and any other game is the whiner and complainer kind of people which you have adapted totally for yourself.

        Unnecessary complains all the time about the Vending machine that drops too many materials, now about this, etc etc etc……………..

        You call a glitch something that everyone could do (not only 1) and was the most useful thing to dress up an alt when you have fully dressed your main and have nothing else to spend wzn comms on.

        So do us all a favor and either stop complaining endless or quit the fck out !

  • Guest

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