GW2 Gemstore Update–Balthazar’s Outfit, Mini Red Panda and Moose

GW2 Gemstore received an update today, adding in the Balthazar’s Outfit, Mini Red Panda and Miniature Moose.


Balthazar’s Outfit – 700 gems



Dye pattern
















Mini Red Panda – 350 gems

Video (both Panda and Moose)



Miniature Moose – 350 gems


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57 replies on “GW2 Gemstore Update–Balthazar’s Outfit, Mini Red Panda and Moose”

I guess, from looking the screen shots, the armor is in 6 piece set? Can anyone confirm? this is really nice armor!

Thanks for your confirmation! I will buy it anyways, but could have been much better if this was in sets.

Outfit I fear looking at the dye screen, if Anet did release these as armour sets they would sell a lot more of them. I might be tempted if they release a Dwayna one

Bugger… was wondering about that fourth slot… Was tagging it with so many colors and asking “Why won’t you show?!?”

Definitely a skin worth having. Too bad it’s not an armor piece where you can combine it but even so one of the bestlooking ingame skins

The outfits keep getting better, butt I really have a problem with butt capes. I heard charr were the reason for them, and if so, I’d like regular, shoulder capes on the other races, butt capes or some shorter cape on charr. Also, I’d like to leave something for outfit haters. Gem store armours are 800, usable on only three classes, then cost Transmutation Charges. Outfits are 700, usable on any character at any time, no cost to change.

Well technically speaking there’s nothing that stops them from making armours work on all 3 armor types. Though, regardless: mixing and matching is worth a thousand downsides.
Outfits are okay though, better than nothing.

Actually, in defense of us ‘outfit haters’. People like to customize their character’s looks to be as unique as possible and not just have everyone look or feel the same. Also where did you hear that Charr were the reason for butt capes? Since I find that a little dubious and would say that Charrs look bad only with the helmets design for humans mostly… I blame our awesome horns and ears.

That said, ‘usable on only three class’? Clearly you never looked at the ‘Lawless’ gear pieces or the recent “Shadow Dragon’ pieces. Once unlocked, accessible to all classes. ANet just needs to make the old gear stuff accessible to the others should or if they want to. Though I doubt they’ll go through all that work and headache.

Finally, Transmutation Charges don’t need to cost anything. Just complete a map, heck a city map area with a cheap disposable toon with the idea of ‘rinse and repeat’. You get 1 FREE Transmutation Charge upon completing the map.

also… you get loads of transmutation charges in PVP reward treacks… ive got so many i dont know what to do with them lol… really no need to pay gems for them

Ahh interesting, I didn’t know about the PvP rewards since I rarely PvP to be honest. Thanks for the heads up on that.

For those interested in getting accurate colors to that of the GW1 model, I would say the horns (Ch. 2) could be colored midnight fire while the cape (Ch. 3) could be colored midnight gold.

I just want the backpack because fire/light source. I’d prefer mad memoirs complete but.. you know you cant get that now.

I knnnnnnoooooooowwwwwww I want the Exemplar/Anise outfit so bad, ever since the mesmer class video before launch. The wait is torturous now that I know it’s coming.

I think so far this was one of the few really good outfits I don’t mind getting for my Charr… Hahahahah a Charr donning the guise of the hated human’s god of war? Such irony. Anyway… Taking off the Helmet looks awkward for most of the races and those with hair styles going down the neck and shoulders.

*Shudders* Clipping in brutal effect. Though… seems the Asura presented in the video made a fine awesome exception of showing off the look without the helmet visible.

Where does the 4th dye channel on the balth outfit dye? I can’t see green in that screenshot anywhere.

For anyone interested in replicating the oufit’s accurate colors to that of the GW1 model; Ch. 2 is Midnight Fire while Ch. 3 is Midnight Gold.

Does the tail of a Charr still burn if you take of the helmet or do you need to have all items visible?

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I feel like this a missed opportunity to have the 4th dye channel have a subtle effect on the flame color. Doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to implement… I was disappointed after I bought it that 4 does nothing.

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