SWTOR CM weekly sales for April 7 – 14

SWTOR Cartel Market Update for the week of April 7-14.


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  • Murder Toys

    I don t understand BW reasoning for high 5400cc on the old packs. Not only do you have less chance to get the item you want from a specific cartel pack from that shipment , they also letting us know, what the next 6 weeks are going to be pack wise… . I would nt buy buy em if they were half price =(

    • Captain Obvious

      To keep the items rare.

    • Arby

      At least we can get some items that disappeared from gtn ages ago to complete those old armor sets. I’m thankful anyways.

    • Skyward

      It’s to allow people to fill the GTN back up with unopened packs. But if they allowed people to buy them individually, then the amount of people that bought them would be significantly higher, and the rarity of the packs would drop. As it is, they’re intend to bring the packs back while keeping them still somewhat rare and valuable.

      It’s manipulative I suppose, but it works.

      • Ben Fuller

        Yeah but cone on 5400cc for 6 packs is far to steep considering you get 24 packs for the newest hypercrate. Sorry but you’d have to be dumb to spend 5400cc on 6 packs

        • Zhen

          I thought the same thing at first but really what they mean by x6 is that you’re getting 6 of each pack within the shipment which adds up to 24 packs total. Still, poor advertising in my opinion.

          • Ben Fuller

            Ah I see. Makes it slightly better value then

  • michael furious

    I don’t understand why the Corsec Electrobaton’s blades can’t change color according to the crystal you put in them, but there you go.

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  • Indy

    So all the individual hair packs are still on sale? Cool.

    • Song

      Not the Elvis one !

      • ElvisLover01

        Lame, I was going to roll an Elvis toon for double xp.

        • ElvisMerc

          Me too man !
          Everybody has got to have one.
          Still thinking which outfit will match this style better.
          Write down if you have any suggestion.

      • Indy

        I just checked and the pompadour is still on sale. All of the individual hair has been 100 cc since last week.

  • AbnerDoon

    I am still waiting for the white/white dye to make a comeback in the store. I’m going to have to sleep on the carbonite chamber I have wanted one for awhile.

    I wonder why they didn’t put the Thorn gear and pet on sale last week.

    • Arby

      Because they’re jackasses, same reason Gree stuff was on sale the week after the event.

    • Bethefirsttocomment

      No white/white until they sold 3 mio pink dyes… I think that’s their strategy.

  • KShrike

    Lol, a thorn set, bwahahaha!

  • Pinkers

    What about the Pink mounts that we all want when they are coming up ?

  • Darth Voxe

    When will Black/Black dye be around again?

  • HArleyguys

    When are the Harley style mount going to show up ?
    Everybody seems to want one.

  • Guest

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