SWTOR Maintenance April 9 for Patch 3.1.2a

SWTOR servers will be going down for maintenance on April 9 from 5 am to 7 am PST for patch 3.1.2a.

This patch is likely to fix the Low Slash bug that allow Shadows to perm stun someone in PvP.

Maintenance: 9 April 2015 | 04.08.2015, 09:19 PM

All servers will be unavailable on April 9th while we apply Game Update 3.1.2a.

Date: Thursday, April 9th, 2015
Time: 5:00AM PST (12:00 GMT) – 7:00AM PST (14:00 GMT)
Version: 3.1.2a

During maintenance, all updates and additional information will be posted on our Twitter account. Thank you for your patience as we maintain service for Star Warsβ„’: The Old Republicβ„’.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

161 replies on “SWTOR Maintenance April 9 for Patch 3.1.2a”

Havn’t had a chance to play since last patch but did I just read “Low Slash bug that allow Shadows to perm stun someone in PvP.” correctly??? How in the hell did that get past QA and bug testing

It didn’t do that in the PTS! I even used it. I don’t know how the bloody hell that’s happened but it was fine in testing.

PTS =/= Live server. You can test all you want but in the end it will always be a surprise what happens when something hits the live servers. It’s like two different buildings with different populations: just because it worked fine in one building doesn’t mean it automatically works exactly the same in the other building.

Thats totally unbelievable, they are going to make a patch servers down situation for a tiny change in a spec that no one is using since 3.0

No one will use this and 1 buggy ability wont really make any difference to a weak spec.

I’ve been playing Deception since launch, and will keep at it, no matter if BW shows some love for the class or not… Yes, it underperforms compared to other classes, but I get along just fine… Blame the players, not the class…

They can give people some superman abilities and make Hulk a new class, that maybe will be able to boost the pvp quitting zone a bit.

LOL I knew something was wrong wen I was getting stun , am just so just to getting stun that it took me a min to see what it was.

Wait, they need TIME now to break things? Wow, they must be improving.

Eearlier they did it instantly.

They’re going to sneak in nerfs to Vanguard/Powertech, Sage/Sorc and Shadow/Sin. Because only 50% of the players prefer those classes in ranked pvp. that’s like setting up your educational system based on your honor students.

And I’m just sitting here hoping for a fix regarding the lag spikes on EU servers. Can’t wait to see the new Outfit Designer in action, though. πŸ™‚

Funny, i came to see the disciplines calculator to see how the new slash works so i could abuse it on my sin…my Skank Tank Jugg was victim to this repeated low slash bug during PvP today; pity for the shadow though, still crushed her.

I killed a guy in Voidstar, and his corpse threw a double-bladed saber at me. Twice. Then he respawned and the problem was fixed.

Just remove Shadows and Assassins kompleteley from the game, and much more will be fixed!

I agree. No where in the Star Wars films is in hinted that Jedi or Sith can literally go invisible. They should only be able to cloud your mind or something like that.

well, remove all stealth from the game then because I don’t remember Han Solo having a stealth field generator either and he’s the apex Smuggler.

Wait…what is that sabrestaff throw ability you see at the start?
and what is its assassin counterpart/tree?

No at 0.23 seconds you throw your saberstaff up at an opponent on the platform above.
What’s that ability and what tree plz?

Low slash my dear sir. That WZ was a troll on my part to show that low slash 30m is bugged and with the extra utility to give it more duration, my shadow will repeat it endlessly.

Since Tuesday, low slash is a 30m ability. This was a 4m ability for 3 years. Skill tree: infiltraion as per the shadow technique I am using.

And a pretty much retarded buff for sins for pvp… Oh shit, he is gonna kill me, run awaaaaay, crap he is gonna finish me with unload/ambush/, not anymore, since even that im 25m away from him, being melee or mid range class however suits you, I can interupt him and mez for 1,5 seconds with low slash… Working as intended in BW since they really love sins/shadows…

The move is the same for deception assassins, and is exclusive to that class, and it’s pub counterpart. It used to have a 4 meter range and was a simple stun, but with the latest patch became a 30 meter ranged stun.

You must be joking for those who had a laugh in normals. Ranked, I did not touch with my shadow. I did two wz with the buggy spec. One alderaan and one Quesh Huttball. They should take away my comms?:)

They should throw you to the jail in a room full of whiners and complainers ……………………..

I think they’ll just pretend it never happened and move on. It’s one of their favorite responses, and for once I’d agree with it. In the future they should put more resources into quality. Given the specifics of this case, punishing people would just be petty.

Inifltration + utility point martial prowess. Scroll down and see my video on how that works πŸ™‚

Ofc I watched the video. It was like there was no CD on the skill. Was there more buggy effect or that was “all” (more than enough)?

What do you mean by ‘all’? Isn’t it constant cc and damage enough? Sorry I don’t understand your post. You had to be at 10m range for this bug to work as you may have seen I kept hitting from distance to make sure I show BW programming.

There was no cd on the skill. That’s the bug. You could spam stun in pvp until stun protection activated. I forget what that bar is called.

there is a cooldown on the ability, but due to the a bug in the utility it kept going off even if on coolown

though just for shadows

after the first hit it had infinite range, the shadow didn’t even need to be alive for it to reaply and dmg
(it was also strong as hell in pve, anything that was stunable you could permastun, as they don’t have resolve)

On a spec that no one plays any more !
Big fckin deal.
Whiners all over the place !@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A bug like this slips through because quality control is not high enough on their list of priorities. It’s a management decision really. They choose where to put their resources, and obviously testing and bug fixing are none too high in the list.

Another shining example of yet even more quality work from BIOWedonttestourshitARE. Truly, I shall not miss this shell of a game when my subscription expires in 3 days.

After the ridiculous amount of Nerfing they did on the 2 most preferred classes of the game I will follow this path too.

Since the launch people liked to PLAY these 2 classes more than any other.

And if you don’t like that either suck it up or change your class.
So simple.

One less Shadow/Sin is a good Shadow/Sin. Goodbye – maybe there are other game with other broken classes. (-: I hope so very much.

The loss of every single fotm exploiter improves this game a little bit.

Go quit you ridicoulous complainer and Nerf lover !

You are one of those sht heads that were whining like bitches for months in the Forums for Nerfs because they couldn’t handle their clueless pvp sht.

Quit it already, pvp is not for you, cant handle the other classes that kill you that quit the fck out already !

does this shitty ass group of devs do any testing before they release a so called “update” or do they just intend to keep breaking shit .. not fixing a damn thing.. and keep releasing broken content?

where are patch notes? they are not on the swtor website or anywhere i can find.. i guess they do not want us to know how much more stuff they broke? im still curious why people even still sub to this broken game

so no fix to the broken Kolto overload? its supposed to auto trigger below 40% it does not .. yay for broken patch notes!

Because a really unintentional buggy ability is just gonna stay so the PVE-ers don’t have to go through another change aw.

That’s a pointless skill, I don’t even have it on my toolbar. It’s a PvP skill,that’s who cried about it, PvPers. Could have left it broken for as much as it affected PvE, so yeah, pvedude wins this argument.

You’re an idiot or you’re using a tank companion then, I’m constantly using it whenever I need to get a maul in on an NPC. It’s a stun, it’s useful.

I don’t know why you are all complaining. This is improving the game. It is obviously a buggy ability that was exploited A LOT. With this patch it aims to improve. Not breaking anything. Also Bioware DOES play test it. They have a specific teams doing that as well as select few from the public.

Well, i don’t see the point i this discussion: if NO ONE is playing Infiltration, then NO ONE knew about the exploit… Unless… There are actually Infiltration Shadows out there! I play Deception since launch, and no matter how badly BW treat this class, i will continue, because it’s so much FUN! Pls blame the players, not the classes…

I’ve been playing Infiltration, and I won’t change it, mainly because I play this game for FUN, not to compete about who’s got the highest dps. And Infiltration is the most fun for me, so… why change it?

You separated fun from competing for top DPS spots. My point is that they don’t have to be separate. Fun is subjective.

Hatred is harder to play, so I don’t blame you. Deception is hit it and forget it, there’s no ramp up time and no deviation in your rotation, you don’t have to delay other abilities to make sure certain ones are used on cooldown, etc. But personally I like clearing content as quickly as possible, so if I’m playing a DPS role, I’ll pick whichever spec is best suited for that job.

Playing since launch, oviously I have a certain number of alts. You seem to equate us finding things fun because they’re easier, and that is not the case, in what concerns me at least. I play ALL Sin/Shadow available builds, and yes, Hatred out-performs Deception. I know how to play Hatred, and sure as hell you won’t find many Deception Sins in HM-NiM content. But it is not right for Hatred to out-Burst Deception… The Burst specc loool… And i certainly don’t find Hatred more difficult to play than Deception. I guess when you start playing the game with a Sentinel Watchman every other melee dps out there seems easy lol. Just wish they woul balance the speccs in-class, not necessarily nerf Hatred, but buff Deception! Show some love BW lol. In the meantime I’ll keep annoying people with my Deception Sin…

I didn’t separate them for everyone though, I was obviously (and literally, since I typed it) talking for myself and the style of play I like.

Me too, it’s one of my favorite AC’s. Apparently, however, a lot of players base their feeling of self worth based on “winning” at a video game.

It amuses me how suddenlfy after the patch litterally every Assassine roflpwns anyone in RBGs, when before you could just easily point your fingers at all dem fotm noobs and laugh… .
Way to go – considering a huge pve nerf for the sake of pvp balancing. πŸ˜€

Expect another wave of this disgusting crowd.

Don’t focus on one class because the Nerfing problem affects all of the classes the same.
Nerfing’s is never the solution but never.

Bio I have never posted on this wall ever! ( thats for the Trolls b4 they kill me with there comments) But I have been reading this wall for almost a year now. Why Dont you just make PVP gear.with there own sets of skills and abilities . You are killing PVE.. Look at how many times you have changed class abilities in the past year.. its getting ridiculous.

I think he meant pvp gear with pvp specific set bonuses, at least that’s how I read it. I do agree that one of the biggest mistakes pretty much every MMO makes is this need to mesh pvp and pve, even though they are completely different game elements. I mean, GSF has completely different gear with ships and upgrades. PvE and PvP are pretty much equally different as PvE and GSF. I didn’t think it rocket science that there is a huge difference between a boss with a gazillion hit points and timed mechanics and another player with 40k health that has no set timing. And realizing this, should make it easy to think that perhaps you should treat them as separate items. I mean for a boss with 6 million hp, your skill set needs to do very different things than a player. It’s like an impossible balance that these game developers just keep insisting on…and I can’t really think of a good reason for it.

It suppose to have no exact balance, otherwise whats the difference that everyone play a different class if all are the same at the end ?

And thats why all have the option to Choose what class they want to play from the beginning.
Even yet to raise an ALt if at any point they decide that they like another class better.

So my suggestion, don’t mess Pve and don’t listen to the Pvp whiners and never do Nerfs because of pvp.

Its a game of options and differences, let them all choose what they want to play and end of story.

Agreed. maybe I was a bit jumpy about the way I worded my 1st post. your so right on your comment. And the nerfs have got to stop. lol I’m running out of money changing my gear every other month.

I don’t think he mean ballance as all class same dmg but a seprate mechanic for pvp and pve from a skill as I just mentioned above.

Actually easily done. Lets take force storm since that the most talked bout nerf skill. How about force storm does x amount dmg on npc but reduced x amount dmg to players. How about force storm immobilize npc for 8 sec but against player a reduce to 5 sec and decreasing if it’s being spammed. Since skills act this way in A few mmos. and it’s the perfect setting for pvp and pve so once one side gets nerfed or buffed it doesn’t effect the other… But since bw can’t fix simple bugs or no time for it or simply doesn’t care for whatever said reasons. We will keep having these issues and solution like this will be at the bottom of the list, if it’s on the list at all….

I do not think having two separate results of skill for pvp and pve is good idea. We tanks already have it for guard and i have to explain how guard works differently for pve and pvp in almost every second fp. It is really annoying that people do not bother to read the tooltips. This would only make matters worse and confuse a lot of new players.
Better option would be to have separate skill tree/discipline for pve and pvp imho. For example Shield tech as pve tank, Pyrotech pve dps and Advanced prototype as pvp spec. Or they can introduce whole new skill tree altogether for pvp. In the end i think this would need much less tweaking to set the correct class balance.

Tbh that is the players own problem and fault. not trying to sound cocky or ignorant but who in the world doesn’t take a few minutes to read and search stuff up to know what is what.. almost every impatient player. With mine or your idea. A whole lot explenation will be needed.

Seeing How people get in the game and start asking why they can’t choose adv class when they are level 1, asking. Why they don’t have lightsaber as level one. Asking why they can’t tank as imperial agent.. etc… You get the point.

Like you said people don’t read. So having two of each for pvp or pve will confuse people as well specially the ones that ignore every lesson they get from better players explaining stuff, even tutorials are being ignored.

Sucks to be with them in the group but pvp/pve is not the problem. It is the players who are the problem.
So without trying to sound blunt. This about people not reading is invalid and Irrelevant.

Even if you explained it as best as you can and tactics pvp or pve they will do what they want and put the blame totally at someone or something else. resulting in false feedback and unnecessary tweaking.

the idea I gave saw it in few mmos and it worked perfectly. but yours could work too. As long as the result endup in one buff or nerf for pvp doesn’t effect pve and pve doedst effect pvp.

I totally agree. Clueless players will always be clueless, if they
choose to ignore tutorials. It does not matter how good your tutorial is
if it would not be read.

What you are proposing is of course
viable solution to this endless cycle of class balance tweaking. I just
think your solution gives these clueless players too much room for

I have actually never played different mmo so i have no
idea how it works elsewhere. My opinion is based only on my own
experience with TOR.

Lets hope BW will implement some sort of change to address this endless issue. The amount of class balancing is getting annoying and there will always be some players dissatisfied with nerfs/buffs to their preferred class.

Agree for most part. From my experience in most mmo and irl. Does not matter how easy or hard you make. They will always remain clueless unless they choose otherwise.

The problem lies within them not reading. But the idea I suggested the information would indeed lie in the tooltip information About it’s effects as it is and what it is against players.

But what ever option they decide to use, if they will ever go another direction. we will always have the selected ones that remain clueless.

The only hope now is we don’t get grouped with them

read my post accordingly. I know PVP has its own gear. Maybe I should have said set skills and abilities thats not in there gear but what abilities they have for PVP only.. my bad

Post in the actual forums. Bioware doesn’t read comments on a fan site, and Dulfy is a fan site. There is nothing she can do about it.

Actually they have said before that they also read certain fan sites and it’s a good bet dulfy is one of them as it’s quite popular. However, I do agree it’s better to post this on the official forums, even if it’s just to bring the idea to more people.

As big as Bio/EA is ..I really think they read and see a lot more then you or I would even think of. Also to whom ever Dufly is .. your web page is amazing. It has helped me out countless times in the past ..Thank you.

That explains it. BW spends all their time reading forums. That’s why they have so little time left over for QC and bug fixes.

Ffs, bioware has nothing to do with this site, if you want to talk to them try using the official forums. Omg.

I’ve comment on that and the answer is: The BioWare team for SWTOR is Lazy and under paid…so basically “too much work”

This is the biggest problem so far, they have 2 options,
either leave stuff as is for Pvp and ignore all the ridiculous whiners that keep asking for Nerfs or make a new Pvp only class so all will play only 1 and the same class in pvp.

No other way.

I like how people seem to think that pve is more important then pvp and that when there is a class change it’s pvps fault. If you’ve seen the post from the combat team you’d know they made the changes because of pve discrepancies too.

But they’ve said multiple times ‘x was nerfed because of PvP’, which has a direct impact on PvE.

Totall bslhts if there were no whiners we wouldn’t had any problems.
I didnt see in any forums Bulo or Coratani complain and whine like bitches as many others did……….

Well technically on PvE servers PvE content is far more important than PvP.
If people want always make PvP they play this game on PvP servers coz warzones in PvE are just time breaker between another OPS or FP.

Tbh, you can’t make a seperate case about pve or pvp depending on which server. If that’s being done, the whole system fucks up. And if sad skill is too much op in pvp then it’s the same on all servers.

Note: I do not pvp.
It’s just a little fyi

Yea I know but theoretically it should be like that. And now mostly because of PvP people must suffer in PvE. This is madness.

Not sure what you mean they suffer in pve. If you mean skill buff and nerf. Lets say a lot of people in only pvp server complains we still will see a nerf or buff on all server. They can’t and won’t make a seperate skill setting depending on server types. They would get lost in all the coding which server needed buff/nerf and end up fucking things all over, probably ending up in completely screwing up everything and needs a shutdown to rewrite it back to the basic, skill wise and end up with a massive over time patch being applied to fix things.

Like I said I know a lot of people who join pvp server and have a heavily focus on pve but we enjoy the open world pvp as well. I always join pvp server and do a bit of both.

Im not on a pvp sever now simply cause my char list was full back at the time when we had max 8 and I wanted to try different class I hasn’t played I switched to the second English server pve and since I made the most out of it and raided I moved most char there. But doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy pvp. I just stopped doing cause too much I need to learn to play and listen people running around doing random stuff. And pops are the worst. Lol.

Anyhow the only real solution is Lets take force storm since that the most talked bout nerf skill. How about force storm does x amount dmg on npc but reduced x amount dmg to players. How about force storm immobilize npc for 8 sec but against player a reduce to 5 sec and decreasing if it’s being spammed

This way when said skill is too op in pvp or pve it doesn’t have to effect one another.

I always toal agree with FS/ FQ stuff to nerf cΓ³ΕΌ it was ridiculous OP.
What is madness is nerfing single target dps.

Was not at all.
Ridiculous compared to what ?
Now its useless completely, so it was not done the right way.

Ridiculous because of 13k dmg without crit. Before 3.1.2 that looks something like that:
relics on proc + crit + proc from old set (5% alacrity) + recklessness + polarity shift it deals 17-30k dmg with 4.6s channel.
So if u use FS twice in this window consuming both charges of recklessness u were able to deal 34-60k dmg in 9.2s. That is why it was ridiculous OP.
Good thing happen to nerf it and I can understand that. The thing I can’t understand is why lightning get nerf in single target dps or why madness is so shity sience 3.0 start.
And most of all I don’t understand why the hell BW decided to make sorcs / sages most crap class in game.

Well whether pve is more important then pvp is debatable. But imo it is since mmos are about the story and progression of the story which is environmental which is pve. So it has the most importance to it.

Doesn’t really mean pvp should left behind. cause once you done with all the pve you maybe want to pvp I do/did bit of both in most mmo. leaning more towards pve always.

But the nerf have been cause by pvp complainers..there is no way around it. Read couple patches back or on forums and see where the complains come from. Even this current patch is a direct cause for that. Fleet chat, you will even see the complains how ppl are op in pvp. So yes it comes from them

Not Sure if pvp need new content at all if there would be any. Every single mmo that does pvp has a selective few pvp game style. Cap the flag /huttball . Voidstar, Which is basiclly destroy enemy base. A few others name different but the same style. Once these are added there is no new content for pvp at all, don’t think there ever could be. Besides map changes a few tweaking to an excisting game type. But doesn’t change the fact that is the same thing. While ops raids new bosses new mechanics, new attacks new layout.

I mean if ppl pvp they pvp to kill other players, the demand for new content whatever that might be after all game type for pvp has been added is over rated.

Yes if bugs exist it should be fixed but not at the exspensive of pve or what not.

So back to the post u did. No new map or what so ever doesn’t decrease the value of pvp. Not sure why there is such a demand for new content when there isn’t any yo deliver. Pve will always have the bigger role since that is the selling point of an mmo

Tbh most changes are clearly pvp changes, BW refused from the get go to make changes specific to pve and changes to pvp, instead going the easy-to-code route and cover both.

What we have are continual discrepancies every month and they just keep making it worse. I highly doubt they can make any form of balance to TOR now, has gone on too long – and lets face it, they’re not exactly capable either…

Still unanswered are the questions:
Why do we need Shadows and Assassins to root us from 30m away?
Was the class broken without? I don’t think so.
Was the class underpowered without? I don’t think so.
Don’t they have more important things to change? Yes they do!

Very good point, I don’t even have the ability in my Quickbar. For pve, I see no need to put it there, although I will, just to see if I can make something interesting out of it. For pvp I can see some uses for it, but it’s not a gamechanger. The class is somewhat underpowered, but Low Slash is not going to make a difference. Introduce a Force-regenerating power (maybe Maul to have a 30% chance to speed Force Regeneration?), and SLIGHTLY increase dps damage and i think all Deception players would be as happy as a pig in s***.

The other assasin dps had already a 30m root ability. It simply balanced the two spec a bit. Do not misunderstand me. It balanced the two assasin dps spec, not the assain and other classes.

As a matter of fact that spec of that particular class is still very underpowered and if you haven’t understand it already that was a bug.

So stop crying and complaining like a baby and let us know what class you play and feel weak ?

If u wrote the XiX comment then you can answer the:
Was the class underpowered without? I don’t think so. (Yes it was and STIll is) is the correct answer.

You don’t probably play that spec to know how it works.

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So what? You don’t want comments on slightly older posts or what is it that you wanted to achieve with that half-assed troll? πŸ™‚

I think the point is: what kind of jackass posts “servers are down” four days after the servers are actually down?

Heh, well I admit that I was a bit in a rush with my comment. I actually wanted to ask if anyone knows what’s going on there! Don’t know why that didn’t work out. πŸ˜€

No real reason on commenting a “servers down” event when its already done 7 days ago already.

Comments about the changes that happen in the patch yes but not comments about the servers down sht.

Save the blshts and post something useful for the community.

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