SWTOR More Update on Sentinel and Marauders

SWTOR developers have released another update on sentinel and marauders regarding some of the feedback they received last time.

Update on Sentinel and Marauder | 04.08.2015, 07:21 PM

Hey folks,
I wanted to share our thoughts regarding some of the questions and feedback that we have seen in the thread.

Playstyle of Annihilation / Watchman
As many of you know, there were changes made to the playstyle of Annihilation and Watchman in 3.0. This definitely seems to be a contentious change for some Marauder/Sentinel players. The last thing we want to do is to put a Discipline’s playstyle in a place that makes its players unhappy. We will keep an eye on this and look into possible playstyle changes in the future. We don’t want you to think that this is feedback that we are ignoring; it is just not something we will change in the short term.

PvP Data
Our intent behind exposing win rates for Carnage/Combat and Annihilation/Watchman was not to suggest that they are our only data point for decision making. The goal was to express that, by looking at average win rates and overall performance, those Disciplines can be viable. Understanding, however, that in some of those cases it reflects only the best players in that class. Still, it does show that they can play at the top levels.

Now, you all brought up a really interesting fact, which is how frequently you see Marauders/Sentinels in the top of all overall ratings. It is true, in looking at that data point, that Marauders/Sentinels are definitely under-represented, we agree! However, we think the most important part of that data is not who is missing from the top, but who makes up the top. Looking at the top spread of players, almost all of them are spread across only three Advanced Classes: Powertech/Vanguard, Sorcerer/Sage, and Assassin/Shadow. That is the real problem that we are working on addressing right now. With those three Advanced Classes over-performing, all other Advanced Classes (including Marauders/Sentinels) are being pushed into a bad place. This is why you will see that we are actively working on toning down those classes specifically (like we did yesterday in 3.1.2).

We do want to avoid just buffing other classes up, and instead need to focus on bringing down the over-performing classes. If we concentrated on buffing all other classes to the status of over-performing classes, we would create a power bloat that would make PvE decisively too easy and PvP time-to-kill too short.

To reiterate what we said in the last post: We do acknowledge that there are issues with Marauders/Sentinels, especially around Utility and mobility, and we will be working to address these issues in future patches.

I do hope that this gives a little bit of perspective into our thoughts around Marauder/Sentinel balance and how it relates to other classes.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

124 replies on “SWTOR More Update on Sentinel and Marauders”

What you think they would take from their time to make a system that changes your stats, armor and skills to do different DMG and range from PVE to PVP ? Please if you think they would then you haven’t been playing this game long enough.
So yeah were at the mercy at the all mighty a-holes at Texas XD

My suggestion is to create a total new class for pvp only.

So all the pvpers will play 1 and only class and they will stop the constant whining that one has better abilities than the other sht

that’s okay, melee dps classes are becoming more obsolete in raids 🙁 Hopefully whatever this update does will help maras somehow.

if they make a few more classes obsolete in Pve then there would be none playing the game to even make a raid team.

Awesome, so they are going to screw Assassin/Shadow (again) to make up for the short-comings of a DPS class in a PvP environment, to also drastically affect PvE of the same class and abilities. Already neutered classes such as Sage/Sorc have already felt your wrath. PT/Vanguard, we see you. We’re coming for you (again).

Instead of coming out with more useless data-mining, perhaps come out with an announcement of separation of PvE and PvP abilities, by pulling your head out of your butt Bioware. The popping sound you hear, that will be your moment.

Fck these sht Man, I’m tired of all the Nerfs going on.

If I see 1 more Nerf it would be Game Over for me and I hope all the guys playing that class will quit the game out because they cant destroy the most playable class only for the stupidity of balancing pvp for the whiners.

Oh yeah because in the last month or so they are the only classes “pushed in a bad spot”…

I find it funny how when it no longer does top dps, they consider it dead, it just shows how elitist alot of the players have become.

I personally, do not like dual-wielding, so never rolled one, same with gunslinger and mercenary…..i can’t stand dual-wielding.

I will be playing Stardrive for a while when it launches tomorrow, so i will come back in 3.2 to roll a trooper.

And of course it doesn’t mean that because 10 or 15 Top players are on the Elite level and can perform very good that the rest of the players can even reach that scores.
Cant base nerfs on the few Top elite players.

They can perform as good with any class they play anyway.

Nobody cares about your stupid lol PVP BioWare! (although its pretty clear that you gave up PVE content some time ago). Why you cant modify skills for all classes to behave in a different way for PVE or PVP? For some classes it is possible (BH fotm electro net wink wink) but you cant modify skills for others???!!! How about snare from force storm?! So bounty hunters have stun from Death from above but sorcs are fucked again. 3rd grade game designers! Thats what it is! Nobody with brain would treat classes in a different way!

They gave up PvP a long time ago too. When is the last time you saw a new PvP map ? I’m pretty sure Bioware has just given up on this game all together.

Sure, but then why do they always use it as an excuse for retarded nerfs if they don’t care?

Inigma wrapped around a riddle.

“Inigma wrapped around a riddle”

Perfect description of you two Dulfy Troll All-Stars commenting to each other.

Its not about the maps which I agree they should at least add 3 more maps to the game.

But all that crazy balancing – Nerfing sht that mess the game up

They have started messing up the Pve content only to please a few clueless Pvp whiners.

Which cant be pleased no matter what they do.
Unless they realize that, the game is gone sink deep in the bottom of the ocean.

New HM Op content is almost undoable with the latest Nerfs.

I play a watchmen sent as a main for hm ops and so far I have had no issue with dealing with most fights except for torque which I used my tk sage for. Currently I am only 7 out of 10 and could only parse at 4.95k dps on a dummy. As of now I think sents need a little more utility but the damage seems to be fine.

Blah blah blah, I tire of this 5h!t. From now on every time they hugely jack up a class or advanced class, I quit playing it. Once I run out of characters I’ll just be done for good, I figure I have about 8 months left.

I challenge everyone to join me, let’s see how long it takes them to figure why suddenly nobody is playing half the AC’s anymore actually do something to fix it.

Agree with that !

2 xp week is coming I’m gone level 1 more Last toon and if they messed this up too that would be it !
Game over for me then……………..

Yes, giving more healing to guardians / juggs and a longer duration will definitely see a shift back to FOTM guardian / jugg meta we saw a while back. What? was this a buff to the class for PVE? More healing isn’t the way to do it, especially not when you also increase the duration they can (or technically can NOT) get damaged for (without shooting yourself in the foot)

Meanwhile giving defenses to DPS mercs/commandos while not giving any to healing mercs/commandos is balance, even though the DPS specs weren’t really the biggest victim of a lack of anti focus on mercs at all.

no no, don’t cry all your tears yet…wait until every Immortal and Rage Jugg gets Unstoppable…THEN cry!

*licks tears from cheek*

I dont even PVP (not in months), this class buff is pretty much silly and uncalled for, for any problem it tries to adress. It does not adress any PVE melee viability and for PVP it does not help the class get rid of the million of stuns / snares, etc, that are plaguing melee DPS.

Totall Blsht thats my opinion !
We don’t want to see any more damn NERFS for any class !

Pve content cant get too easy by buffing a bit a few “underpowered classes” as people already straggling passing the second boss in the HM operations content and that was even before the latest ridiculous NERFS !

Cant destroy the game because of the pvp.
Or only the newbillies will be left playing it.

And that makes me sad.
Had to kill the last boss on Ravagers twice today because it buged after we killed it the first time and re appeared with full health in front of us.

Bioware,,,,I mean, BioFAIL.

QUIT CHANGING CLASSES FOR PVP! The majority of players do PvE, we get screwed every time you make a class change.

FFS, do things that help classes instead of listening to your PvWhiners and destroying the game.

I’m am just playing story’s from now on played several healer classes. And used to run pvp for gear. But, seems pvp isn’t poping. And you know what. Cool beans. Cause I’, not healing for pvp anymore. Gear suck cause of power vaccum. Sorc credit farming sucks not also. Cause a few pvpers. So intill issues are fix with game I’m not rage quitting. A I have subbed for a long time. Better yet,from now on. I will always respec for dps on healer types from now on on pvp que’s. So hope EA likes, one less class needed for a rounded group. No heals for you!

Sorc credit farming,sucks now also.*So intill issues are fixxed* As I have subbed for a long time* So steamed I get in a hurry to type!

They gave up on PVP!
They gave up on PVE!
They gave up on GSF!
They gave up on Space PVE!
They gave up on the game!
*quietly leaves*

the hatred nerf was long overdue! even if the majority of subs play pve, pvp is still a significant part of this game and without it most newbees will get bored 4 weeks after they reach lvl60, the long road into obtaining the highest tier of pvp gear is whats keeping players that favor pvp playing. the ravagers exploit and their lack off addressing it was rly bad form from bw.
3.0 was a major fail due to lack of testing and no matter how hard they try it will take some time for the game to recover from this 1.2 proves this as u founders all will remember. their effort to balance classes backfired a bit and now they r in dmge control mode.
the top of the leaderboard comment is due to a fail medal system which has been there since launch and which imo shd be deleted, going with kills would solve this and would also help players in pvp to care more about objectives than on earning medals. as far as ranked pvp goes its been rigged in so many different ways since launch that the only reason ppl still play the season ranked game is for the better players to get their name on the leaderboard and not because its fun, cause its not arena’s favor melee combat and are designed poorly for ranged chars.
I still think swtor is a great game with some flaws that need to be adressed its got potential and lets be honest and go back to the time u logged on for the 1rst time, mindblowing stuff as i recal it

The only people that wanted and whining and complaining and Asking for Nerfs were only the clueless quitters that cant even make o rotation properly and expect to win in Pvp.

Well go fck you cluless pvp complainers and stop your crazy whines already !

“We don’t want to buff other classes up”

So, if the class sucks balls now, lets just dumb down the classes that DON’T suck, so that everyone sucks equally, instead of improving the situationl.

Like, instead of kicking the developers of Internet Explorer in the balls for making such a stupid product, we should instead dumb down Chrome and Firefox to be as useless?

Brulliant logic!
2 + 2 = 268790

Thats totally crazy, they follow the logic that if 1 class sucks then lets make all classes suck.

Cant believe this is happening !

PVP is luv, PVP is lyf! PVP is the pinnacle of evolution! PVP is the way, and the truth, and the lyf!

1 Corinthians 13:13 says “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is PVP.”

Whining and complaining and asking for Nerfs all the time is not the way !
And neither is quitting wzns if you don’t like your pug group.

Excellent..bioware acknowledge marauder anni rotation is horrible now..
Sabers crossed it gets put back to the good olde days.
Was a pleasure to play anni pre3.0 but now meh meh and double meh

^This is exactly all I wanted.

I knew the change wouldn’t be done quickly, I know it’s unreasonable to expect them to just “undo” it.

I just wanted them to at least *acknowledge* it, so we don’t feel like we’re being ignored when we get canned PR response after canned PR response.

People like you are why it will take longer to get it put back to pre 3.0.
Check the SWTOR anni marauder forums…its full of people that hate the new set up..would even go to say the majority of anni maras dont like it.

not saying its harder before you go down that road..its just ugly and nowhere near as smooth and fluent as before…was a joy to play in the past…now meh just meh

Exactly, it just doesn’t flow. My 1st character was a Sentinel Watchman and I had to go Combat, ’cause it’s simply sucks right now. Hope they fix it…

Why don’t they separate PvP and PvE entirely? I mean, come on, they already have two entirely different sets of gear for them. Why not also introduce two entirely different sets of skill trees? That way they can tinker with each set of skill trees separately and not screw up the PvE while trying to fix the PvP or vice versa… Idiots.

Totally agree !!! I really wish they hadn’t copied the WoW model so closely, doing it that way means never ending nerfs and buffs, and the only way out of that is to make all classes exactly the same. Just because WoW is the biggest MMO in the western world doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best model to copy, WoW suffers from this same problem too.

I suggest to them so many times to make only 1 class for pvp so all will play the same.
No more whines that way.

It’s a noble goal to have one kind of class balancing that works in PvE and PvP.
But someone has to be a blancing expert to do so.
BioWare has problems to balance it at all, no matter if PvE or PvP.

In my opnion having a complete different set for PvE and PvP would be the lesser attractive way. But of course possible.

They already have differences in the abilities. Like smash.

One ability deals sligtly less damage in PvP, that ability does slightly less healing in PvP, and so on, could be a way. Just little adjustments. Not changing the playstyle between vs E and vs P.

Well the good news is with all these nerfs of late we’ll soon all be able to do EV and KP again and find it hard/challenging again and wipe like mad on them!
Lets go retro…

God damn, only the old school ops will save the day !
We wont be able to complete level 50 Sm ops with pug groups now.

You can’t balance classes based on stupid scripts people fight against…

If you can’t PvP or just don’t like it – well your problem, you miss most of the fun. Go on reading guides that tell you how to kill the boss and execute your rotation like a robot.

Exactly, pretty sad to read comments from people like him.
And thats the kind of people that quit 7 out of 10 wzns.

They want to be called Pvpers then………

Yeah. What I don’t get, is if PvE is so ‘easy’, then why do PvPers always wipe the raid constantly ANY time they try and PvE?

If pvp is so ‘easy’ why do pve-ers always queue up in pve gear, with zero experise gear, and whine about how they die in two hits? The whiners and quitters are pve-ers. Some of them, anyway.
Okay, you have to pvp to get gear. That’s fine. Just don’t break the first sap and blame your team for your own mistake.

Whiners hate what they don’t understand. You hate pvp because you don’t understand it. I hate pve because I don’t understand it.

What I hate is that in PvP it takes zero. Absolutely zero skill to get the best gear. You can die constantly without ever getting a single kill, without contributing in any way what do ever, but still eventually end up in the best gear available. Pve that is not possible unless the rest of your group agrees to hear you in which case they at least need to be competent. So yes technically you have to pvp to get gear but that doesn’t mean you understand it or are good at it. Pve you at least need a basic understanding of your character and the boss you are fighting. Those are facts. So please don’t try to make it look like pvpers have or need more skill to get gear guys.

In both pve and pvp, though, there’s a votekick feature. Idk if this is exactly relevant, but if somebody in a wz isn’t doing anything, they can get votekicked. Ranked arena trolls get banned… eventually. You do need to be competent enough to not get globaled, even in pve gear
Unless you’re win trading or doing in-guild kickball ranked 4s, you need to at least be competent.

If you don’t contribute “in any way what so ever” then you don’t get medals. No medals = no comms = no gear. I get what you’re saying, but the wording is off.

The only way I can think of to do almost nothing is if you’re defending a node for a whole civil war/novare, and you 0 damage 0 heals. Still counts as contributing imo

Because to buy PvP gear you need warzone comms, which means taking part in warzones in PvE gear. Also noobs are everywhere-not just in pvp.

And no, I don’t hyate PvP-I like it a lot (69 valor). I just don’t like it as much as PvE.

Most of the fun to play with Quitters and Under geared players that have no clue what to do in each wzn ???

Where is the fun in that, crazies ?

I suggest that, Nerf your asss, ban the quitters ignore the cry babies and maybe just maybe there is hope somewhere deep deep in the tunnel.

Go fish complainers and Nerf lovers go Fckin fishing !

u guys sadly sucked joy out of this game. i had such highs hopes at launch. it just gets worse and worse and ive run out of reasons to cling on. really disappointed bioware. u can make dragon age inquistion fun and great but swtor……its just an example of a dieing mmo now.

In other words: we will go on changing the balancing by random guessing. Then we will wait and watch the whining. After that we’ll buff shadow/assassins, jugger and powertech.

The logic behind this is check what Nerfs the most clueless whiners are asking for and then do them and fck up the classes.
Thats totall sht, thats all I can say.

Fck these sht.

I honestly wish BW would make seperate PvE and PvP disciplines, that way the classes wouldn’t be getting screwed in PvE because of PvP imbalances and vice versa.

Every class can be at the TOP with a TOP player who no-life it..

AND BTW: Maybe pvp is not the only pv* in the game.. (As VENDRIMAIR sais..)

If BW nerfs all the classes so they’re all equal we will be stuck with HM/NiM operations that very few our no guilds will clear due to enrage timers……

Can never achieve equality and they should never attempt that.

The only reason of having DifferenT classes in a any game is that all these classes can perform completely and totally in a different way from each other.

Otherwise have only 1 class like Counter strike or Cod and end of story.

How about this idea: Just make a debuff in PvP areas and when you engage in the reduces damage by say 25-30% (or even more). I’m kind of sure this exists in some form (world PvP gives you a debuff like this I believe), but the point is nerf everyone damage while in PvP and then keep existing spec where there are at (and readjust the recent changes) to keep PvE progression stable

My suggestion is that there will be only 1 class for Pvp so all will play the same class and wont wine any more for Nerfs that mess the whole game out.

How would the poor pvpers be able to cry about OP fotmers then? You’d ruin what is apparently the main point of pvp.

Apparently you haven’t played Diablo 3…Oh the amount of whining and bitching…Monk had a time when it was gimped and wizard just facerolled everything…and that came from PvErs like you. I’m sorry to say that QQing happens everywhere…and if you strip SWTOR of PvP…I can guarantee that the ‘main point’ in PvE will also reduce to crying about FOTMs also.

So please, holier-than-thou attitude is pretty childish nowadays.

Sht happens everywhere and the main lesson for all of these is 1

BW stop listening the Nerfs lovers and the clueless complainers that come mostly from the pvp side.

Need I remind you that the single target dps nerf to Lightning sorc did not come from PvP complaining about it, but BW did it on their own volition? Seriously, if they want to mess things up, I’m sorry to say that PvE or PvP mean jack to them. =P
Even that jugg buff, no one asked for it, yet they still did it on their own.

Stop listening to PvPers won’t solve your problems, sadly. =P

There was a constant complain from the pvp community of whiners united.
The above will solve the stupid nerfs because I haven’t seen any whiner complain that he wants to Nerfs his pve class for any reason.

And the whines from the complainers were constant even on these forums here.
So its totally obvious who was the reason they started fckin things up.
Only one solution to save what is left from the game,

Stop Listening to the CLUEless whiners already !

Let me get this straight:
Whiners asked for (presumably) stupid nerfs, and BW granted them.
BW started fucking things up.
Therefore, it must be the case that any fuck-ups in the future must be because BW listened to whiners, because (by your reason) had BW not listened to them from the beginning, there would be no silly fuck-ups.

So you are saying that the current fuck-up is the result of whiners, who somehow scared BW into submission and therefore, even when whiners did not ask for it, still do it like a good little slave?

I am sorry, but only a child would fall for this fallacy. =P

I still find it funny that you’re blaming fellow players, who pay for the game as well, when it’s BWs fault…

Either you will have a lot of classes with imbalances which is very natural and fine but if you want absolute balance than that can be achieved only by all playing 1 and only class.

Reducing AoE damage dealt to players by players in addition to removing the snare would have worked to fix Storm/Quake and any other overperforming AoE effect without affecting PvE performance. But they won’t do it.

Hey Dulfy Since i’m basically a casual player but have all advance classes and played them in SM ops before 3.0 came out Right now my main is a arsenal merc and just started with a progression team ( have not really tried other classes in SM ops since 3.0 launched) Was wondering how much the nerf’s have affected The pve dps for ur progession team in all advanced classes? thanks

After the 3.0 patch bullcrap I took a break, hoping BioFail would come to their senses. Looks like I was overly optimistic. ‘It’s so hard, to say goodbye, to yesterday…’

I personally could care less for pvp. NOTHING wrong with it but i play an RPG to ummmm….play an RPG. Call me crazy. If i wanna kill other players, i’ll fire up COD or whatever. PVP/PVE will NEVER be able to live with the same set up! BW needs to stop trying to fit a square peg into the circle and split the two up already!! The nerfs to my hatred sin were OBVIOUSLY driven by pvp. The heal granted by Lighning Charge reduced from 25% to 10%! As if i weren’t squishy enough during the Underlurker battle. When behind a rock and looking for a quick heal but can’t reach the boss because Death Field is now reduced to 10M?!?!!! Now wtf do i do? Roll another imp DPS and wait for the idiots to nerf that one for the sake of pvp???!!! BW keeps screwing up classes for the sake of pvp at the expense of pve (and vice versa).Soon i will cancel my sub and move on! This is absolute nonsense….

The funny thing is that I, as a pvp’er, find the game completely unbalanced and BioWare takes FOREVER to adress class imbalance (like Hatred sins, EVERYONE that played one has tier 1 by now). So I stopped playing a while ago. They are making both PvE and PvP unhappy, so good job on them. xD

Your comment is totally ridiculous.

You don’t say what class you play and feel so weak ………
Tthen you try to blame your weakness on another class and don’t even think that its the players behind that class that make it shine and not the class by itself.

Totally agree on this !
The “game over” option keeps coming to my mind even more often now.

Either they should stop the crazy Nerfs or goodbye gaming.
Will start going to the gym again more often.

First of all, I think people should calm down. It’s just a game guys lol no reason to get s upset. BW ARE trying to balance the game, if they are going about it the right way or not… Well, i don’t like some of the things they’ve done, but hey… Give them time! It’s roughly 4 months into 3.0. I was here when Watcman was almost an off-healer, when Shadow/Sin tanks were cool, then they were awful, now they’re cool again…

The reason everyone is upset is that BW is going around these nerfs the wrong way and not listening to the community. The changes they are making are for PvPers, and are making classes weaker for the already difficult HM operations.

And I totally agree, that’s the danger of general nerfing, HM Ops will get progressively more difficult to do. As stated above, i don’t agree with that. But pvp is part of this game like it or not, just like Starfighter is (does anyone really play that?). My two mains are a Deception Assassin and an Engineering Sniper, and my Sniper has been nerfed many times in this game lol…And from what I’ve read, they’re preparing to nerf Scatter Bombs even further looool… Do I quit or cry? No, I get on with it and try to find a way over the nerf, if possible! Give them time to sort it out, and don’t commit to a class just because it’s FOTM and then come here winning and crying because you were inevitably nerfed…

The problem is that they should stop listening to any whiner and complainer that asks for Nerfs only because he doesn’t know how to play its class and expect them to nerf all other classes so he can win sometimes.

Thats the biggest problem so far and that should stop before the game gets totally wrecked.

preach! Personally I have absolutely no problems with the watchman rotation… it’s the simplest of the bunch. All you have to do is keep your three dots on your opponent at all time… not hard.

Who is the watchman a new class ?
Again you are focusing on pvp ignoring all the other players and part of the community.

Cool, that’s good to know. I never really played it myself, tried but it made me dizzy looool… Anyways, the more people playing this game the better for it’s longevity, if GSF gets you off more power to you, I meant no disrespect… Hey, people play it maybe because BW doesn’t nerf it looooooool…

Don’t like where the game is going… It’s the best Mmo for me, all the others that I tried just weren’t good enough. Always found some things that made me move to another one and after many Mmos tried I still come back to Swtor. But now… I am replaying Dragon Age series. Sucks to play solo as I really got used to being a part of community but.. I just can’t take the game right now. Hopefully they stop nerfing all my favourite classes and let me just enjoy the game.

If they don’t stop the Nerfing madness I don’t think anyone will be left to play the game except the quitters and the newbillies.

And good luck then to anyone that might want to do any operation or anything else with all that sht that will be the only option around.

ddaz . true that Patricia `s report is impossible… on wednesday I bought Saab 99 Turbo since I been making $8569 thiss month and also ten/k this past month

. it’s actualy my favourite-work I’ve had . I began this three months/ago and pretty much straight away was earning more than $75… p/h . you could try here HERE’S MORE DETAIL

I played some MMO’s before (DAoC, WAR) tested other (WoW, Aion, ESO) but never saw so much complaining about community members with just another focus ( PvE vs PvP)

(as a side note i see much more PvE Gamers QQ here than PvPers …)

I tested SWToR as it went f2p and soon afterwards got a sub, and played for several month. I never understood why they split PvE from PvP but obviously most people like the idea.

I just can’t understand why the PvP’ers are the problem for PvE, because PvP is the best way to identify class unbalances (even for PvE) or do want to hear that your DD class isnt’ the right one for raid just because another class is OP ?

even in this thread the whining starts before result is known.

i just re subbed, and yes the shadow/assasin is to good at PvP now, but it can be nerfed without touching the PvE effect.

In Fact he is only too good in PvP because he behaves different in PvP than in PvE – make DoTs cleanseble !

a totally different story is that it looks like BW does not know his own game very well and fails to understand how his changes effect the gameplay ( PvE and PvP)

In general hardcore PvP’ers and PvE’ers have more in common than they know. i just do not understand the hate. Both have to optimize the character, the equipment and the playstyle.

The problem is not the pvp verus Pve because no one says that.

The problem is 1 and only 1 all the damn complaining and whining clueless people that try to fck up the game by asking constant NERFS and nothing else than NERFS.
And all these whining comes from a few Pvp players and thats why the focus goes on the Pvp community mostly.

Thats the real problem identified and revealed.

Also assassin is currently CRAP on Pve opers and cant be played on HM operations after the latest sht they did.

BW has only 1 viable option, Ignore all the damn whiners and stop the Nerfs that ruin the Pve option of the classes.

The ones that whine and complain and ask for nerfs don’t know how to play anyway.

Why not tweak ONLY the pvp aspects of the classes then? I mean, sheesh, can’t you do something like:

If target.type = player then
‘insert pvp stuff here
‘insert pve stuff here
end if

The game isn’t simply PVP. If you want to balance out pvp, go for it. Just don’t make it mess up the PVE aspect at the same time. If there’s a legit reason to tweak a class in PVE, then fine. But it seems PVE class aspects getting getting whacked at the expense of PVP and there’s zero reason for it.

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