GW2 New Hairstyles from Total Makeover Kits for April 14

Gallery of new GW2 hairstyles added on April 14 patch.[toc]


Human Female 1


Human Female 2


Human Female 3


Human Male 1


Human Male 2


Human Male 3



Norn Female 1


Norn Female 2


Norn Female 3


Norn Male 1


Norn Male 2


Norn Male 3



Sylvari Female 1


Sylvari Female 2


Sylvari Female 3


Sylvari Male 1


Sylvari Male 2


Sylvari Male 3



Asura Female 1


Asura Female 2


Asura Female 3


Asura Male 1


Asura Male 2


Asura Male 3



Charr Female 1


Charr Female 2


Charr Female 3


Charr Male 1


Charr Male 2


Charr Male 3


By Dulfy

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109 replies on “GW2 New Hairstyles from Total Makeover Kits for April 14”

Human Female 3 looks nice but that human male 2 looks like a bad harlequin romance novel cover.
Hmmm no charr or asura?

A cool, thorny female sylvari hairstyle <3 cheers Anet!! (and I'm sending all my love to you Dulfy, thanks!)

Thanks for getting these out so fast 😀
Sadly No good ones for Male sylvari :/
Female Sylvari 3 looks cute

Male Asura 2 as well

If you mean the outfit in the first screenshot that’s the male version of the upcomming Countess Anise Outfit. The one he’s wearing in the styling kit window is the Ancestral outfit.

c’est vrai qu’il y a une ressemblance Lucifer dc.
it is true that there a resemblance Lucifer dc.

MMOs are always racist and sexist and cater most to hetero Caucasian males; at least it’s not as bad as all the Korean games that force everyone to play naked lolicon females. Apparently ever since Cantha and Elona were alienated in GW2 Humans in Tyria are somehow all Caucasian now outside of the new NPC Marjory. They’re slowly delving back into GW1’s diversity due to popular demand so at least there’s something.

I can’t stop laughing at the Charr hairstyles.. it’s almost cringe-worthy albeit male Charr #1 looks the most.. acceptable. I guess ANet been watching too much Dragonball Z or something. I do like the Sylvari ones; been looking for something with thorns or what not in it that doesn’t look just ‘bald’.

Pfft, new Charr hairstyles on male are actually really good. The first one uses your accessory color though, so you need to have a good base, too. Whereas Dulfy’s is rather unfitting for it. #2 is quite metal too.

(Yay reference screenshots! Char: Azaron Steamclaw)

Human 1 on both male and female reminded me of Vikings aswell (Björn puts it in a tail though.) Already had Lagertha and Ragnar, someone surely enjoys Vikings.

Sylvari thorns, Asura female 3, Asura male 2, Charr male 1 and 3, freaking badass. The female Charr’s… I don’t even know how to respond to that? :/

I kinda wish the short Asura hair was available to Humans. I like normal short hair on my Humanz but they keep goin overly stylish and metro with human males.

Wow… whoever is in charge of female charr needs to grow up and take their job a little bit more seriously. Everyone else gets fabulous hair, but female charr get ridiculous hairstyles that make no sense at all, specially in anthropomorphic felines. It’s because of these terrible customizations that all my female charr will always be bald.

I dunno about you people but I sure feel fabolous now on my Charr <3

P.S. You guys cracked me up with the comments. Oh god :'D

Still no new normal short haircuts for human males. There’s not much to choose from if you don’t want to look like a raver or a glam rock star.

Those Charr hairstyles look like they belong in the gladium canton… The Asura ones are adorable though. FemSylvari and FemHuman #3 are pretty good too – not great, but better than the last hair kit. The Norn hairstyles are ok.

How fucking awesome is that show, I watch it on couchtuner or cucirca, dude 2 more episodes and this season is over ;_; I’m so curious what Ragnar is gonna do with Floki. Floki totally went off the rails because of his mushroom flashbacks, thinking it was a sign of the gods. I hope he doesn’t die. Floki is my favorite character. Ragnar was my favorite through season 1 and 2, but that was before all the morality and drama was written into the show(like that scene where Rollo is on mushrooms and he hacks up some random guy’s knee cause of the way it was bent…nonsense propaganda), now Floki is my favorite. Dude how fucking brutal was that blood eagle scene, when Ragnar opened up Jarl Borg’s back and pulled out his lungs and put them on his shoulders. I still watch it again on youtube sometimes.

That’s Lagertha’s hairstyle from Vikings. And Bjorn’s hairstyle. And Porunn’s hairstyle.

Love it ! Looks fabulous ^_^

norn female 1 is definitely Porunn’s hair from season 3, but which one do you think is Lagertha’s? they gave us her season 2 hair in a previous makeover update (just like we’ve had 2 of Ragnar’s hair styles). and Norn male 2 does almost look like Bjorn’s season 3, but it needs to be shaved on the sides. still pretty cool that they actually look at the Vikings cast to give us their hair styles.

now if only they would update the tattoos available so we can get Ragnar’s new head tattoos and Rollo’s Norse myth body tattoos…

The only race that doesn’t get the floppy mohawk is Asura even though it can fit them just right. Plus my mesmer would look good with that haircut but sadly they are an asura.

WOW Charr hairstyles are getting more and more ridiculous! ever since Super Saian Charr hair was introduced, they’ve been trying to go bigger and badder. LOL at female 1’s dreadlocks braided beneath the chin.

Wow the second female charr one looks like something exploded in their hair XD
Anyway, love the half shaved norn one <3 and the human female ones look nice too, I love how they recreated the one with a bun. The asura hairstyles look completely adorable <3

WARNING! some state in official forums about how new hairstyles just don’t move with your character like the old hair styles, can some corroborate this? O_o

What I liked:
Human Female 2 and 3, Male 2(maybe(reluctantly) 3)
Norn Female 2(short ‘n sweet), Male (all ok I guess(they don’t particularly stand out at all))
All the Sylvari stuff checks out to me; its at liberty to be inherently different and cool at the same time.
All the Asura stuff checked out to me, until I saw Male 1… smh.
Charr got all fucked up. Male 1 is really the only ‘bright’ spot here. Reasons being it’s at least believable, doesn’t look like a bad joke, and it reminds me of Red XIII(FFVII).

I honestly can’t stand the Skrillex shaved head trend.

after refining metallurgy the charr invented metal, hairstyles are catching up to that, i mean, we did get a bass guitar last time…

The person who designed the charr hairstyles needs to take their job more seriously? They look like broccoli? They’re ridiculous and unnatural?? but the Norn are awesome because they look JUST LIKE VIKINGS OMG

some of you need to learn to appreciate something that isn’t white as hell

on a less perturbed note, the sylvari are rad as always and the shaved cuts are cute. Most excited about the asura, though—those pigtails are cute as hell.

“some of you need to learn to appreciate something that isn’t white as hell” excuse me but… Where the hell did that come from?! Seriously? Did you see ANYONE at all complain about charr hairstyles because they aren’t WHITE enough? Are you for real? People will make the craziest assumptions just to start sh*t. Read things properly before you subtly accuse people of being racists, geez.

I don’t think it’s an accusation of racism.. so much as an accusation of a lack of appreciation for ethnic hairstyles… which I can say is accurate in a lot of situations.

But it’s a f*cking fantasy game. We play giant cats, plant elf peoples, and tiny geniuses…

Her comment about hairstyles in GW2 being “white as hell” is the most racist hateful thing on this webpage. =/

Doubt. The fact that the majority of hairstyles for humans and norns which are most like human, are made almost exclusively for caucasian hair types. The majority of non-white peoples do not have the type of hair they offer. You knew this was true, you just didn’t like the way she said it, which is how you then turned it to racism, which you have also changed the definition of to fit your displeasure with how it was said.

It’s a typo… I think he or she meant to type “…something that isn’t white as well.” to bring diversity, which I don’t think is racist at all.

I actually love all the male Charr hairstyles. It’s making me rethink my trend of pretty much only female characters. XD

Personally, I think the beef is more with (at least in my case) execution than the actual style. I think Charr female 2 and 3 are awesome ideas, but the execution lacks precision. Unlike lovely hair in pics you provided (damn, I want hair like that!) hair on charr… doesn’t look like hair. They look more like felted wool, I’m afraid, at the top of the style 2 and the massive foundation of style 3. ._.’ But again, that might just be the limitation of the graphics. Ideas are lovely and cool. It just looks that it was made a bit badly.

But only the charr and asura females are getting them for the most part, and the charr looks more like a caricature. Usually GW2 rises above certain MMO tropes but here they are, assigning anything non white to the less human races in game almost exclusively. They need to give them to human and norn females, and design them more respectfully in general.

I can has first hairstyle in-game pls? I’d love to have that on a Norn or a human. Please listen to us, ANet! :O (Btw you have really pretty hair.)

Only the asuran and norn female styles are worth it (perhaps the charr female broccoli one too). The rest are not different enough to waste gems on; the sylvari ones are particularly disappointing.

guess its all personal opinion… i thought the sylvari ones looked rly cool… Im happy for these additions… think they add to the mix…. I think i might have finally found a good style for my female asura mesmer… 🙂

It’s as if they take hairstyles seriously when they feel like it. Some are good, some are great, some are bad, others are jokingly downright atrocious.

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Female chars again with the fucking dreadlock crap, fuck you gw2 hire some new designers ffs.

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