cartel market SWTOR Weekly CM Sales

SWTOR CM weekly sales for April 14 – 21

SWTOR Cartel Market Sales for the week of April 14-21.


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Aren’t two different Cargo Bay access thingamijigs for Strongholds going to be added to the Security Key vendor with 3.2?

I have, but that’s because I picked up the Collector’s Edition (relatively) cheap a couple of years back after a trial weekend, then… Never played until three weeks back. (Still only registered the Security Key so far, and not the game though).

Setting up a security key today is as easy as downloading an app to your smartphone. Because it’s literally just that.

Hey Dulfy, just thinking you might want to put “No Longer Discounted” instead of “No Longer On Sale” so it doesn’t confuse people. Just a suggestion. 🙂

He’s got a ‘no longer available’ as well as ‘no longer of sale’, so anyone who doesn’t cotton on deserves what they get.

and can you tell me what’s bugged now? After fix I haven’t seen any bug on Coratanni and I am doing it at least 3 times per week.

Sadly, the fight can still bug out. It’s just much less common. Last week we saw her start to run to the escape pod but then stopped and changed her mind, sitting there immune. Another pull we entered the pod to get into phase 2 and appeared back at phase 1 with her and the bird back up again. So, it can still bug out in 3.1.2 sadly.

She does that only when she senses quitters in the group to rough them up a bit and make them battle forged.
So it might be a good thing after all.

here’s a winner! This fight still bugs. or when ur in mid-rgar fight and screen blacks out and fight resets back to coratanni. oh I love that…..and no….there was no pets or revan or repair. it just plain reset

As far as I know, having a pet out still fucks up the fight. Might have fixed that though, not sure.

So kill the damn pets.
Big deal, God Helps us with these crazies.

The pet can stay alone for a while till the operation is over, then it can come out again and it will still be happy.

Agreed, it’s not a hard workaround. Still, be nice if they fixed it. Having an easy workaround doesn’t mean things should remain broken. That said, it should be a hobby for the devs, nothing more serious than that.

Well we have Ziost and the Outfit Designer, but Ziost is fairly short and the designer is only QoL, not playable content.

Ziost was on the PTS for a few weeks. I briefly checked it out and it didn’t seem to be much more than an Oricon-style daily area. The outfit “designer” is really an outfit selector, that enables you to save certain looks to your character.

I swear to the Emperor, if they spend the entire cantina on Saturday talking about Ziost and the outfit selector, I’ll lose my mind. They need to cover what’s coming for the rest of the year. What it is that they claim will make 2015 a great year for SWTOR. So far the additions have been lackluster as compared to 2012-2014.

Meh, so far cantina has been all about recap then reveal really. maybe one or two small new things and the rest is info about things we already know.

No. But they are livestreaming the developer panel from 8PM PDT – 9PM PDT at I have no idea what ESL is or why they are using that channel instead of the SWTOR one.

Lol yes then I’m guessing, a lot. In the sense of all that have been revealed. But like the other reply to your post said, it’s a orricon type of feel. Feel free to skim through some previous blogs from dulfy, can’t recall which one precisely, guessing now and Feb should be what you are looking for. Also YouTube has some vids. Be warned for spoilers. Cutscdnes for all classes are there. Haven’t watch so can’t tell if a few class specific ones are in it or not. Besides the normal hey title name mentions.

Any chance of a 3.2 rumor roundup page dulfy?
Pretty please?
Just want to know what we can expect, pics of Zoist, changes to comms drops etc.
I know it’s inbound next week, I would just like a wee taster 🙂

They showed up stuff from Ziost already officialy. You will never see ppl sharing pics from beta as it’s not legal way ton announce something

saw a picture of the world boss on ziost from darth-wicked for some wierd reason the picture was in black and white 😛

Pretty cool that they cycle through the older Shipments again, though i can’t wait to see what’s in these new Explorer packs!

The people had better go back to school for their maths…

Satele Shan’s Dual Saber
“Most Common Price: 375”

How can something that has never been sold at 375cc, and has indeed been sold at 500cc for 15 out of 17 weeks (I’m being charitable with the 2nd discount week) possibly be described as such…?

Also their graph is wrong.

Its an average. It’s usually either 500 or 250 so an average of 375 cc. Dumb logic on their part I know. Lol

Players: Any fixes, patches?
Players: Any news?
Players: Anything?

BioWare: Wanna buy stuff? Lookie lookie, nice stuff for you, come, buy stuff.

As long as we don’t see any more crazy Nerfing going on then the sales are fine.
A lot of people like them.

I still cannot imagine why someone would dump $54 on a hypercrate.
I get that it’s a crapton of cartel market exclusive stuff, but….. is the Cartel Market really just gonna be reduced to legalized gold buying? (via selling on GTN)

This was confirmed at the cantina (not that it needed to be.) One of the devs mentioned that the player base has proven they will spend $$ and it’s what keeps the game going. I have no problem with it.

Personally, i buy a few HC a month because I have the disposable income. Some ppl spend way more on alcohol, cigs, music, movies, etc. As long as you don’t impact your real life, who cares.

Czerka Cr-17 Incendia Speeder is no longer on sale, instead the new Vectron-WGF-Veteran is now available.

Yeah, frustrating 🙁 but that’s the way it goes. I was planning on buying one when i returned from the SW Celebration. I’m sure it will go on sale again sometime though.

The game is all but dead. Hard mode raiding you cannot have more than 1 or 2 melee. If you do you are gimping your entire raid. So no Jedi. THIS IS STAR WARS. There’s no changing the encounters. No updating them. No nerfing them no nothing. Hard mode raiding has nerfed the game for me. All they do is release CM stuff that’s reskinned or re-colored. Every now and then they will release something like the jet pack and everyone goes OOOO SHINY….

After the latest Nerfs on 2 of the most played classes we wont see and HM raids any time soon.
Totally recked the HM potential of those Melees.

Wrong. My guild clears ops regularly with me playing a Sentinel and other melee in the mix as well. The devs have also had their QA team play through the ops with melee only and have proven it’s possible (though that would really suck…lol).

The game is also quite healthy and turning a profit. So…far from dead. Take the Chicken Little routine to the Wildstar section of Dulfy that hasn’t been updated in months.

And what server faction you on? The ops you clear, are they hard mode our normal? We forwarded normal raids in under an hour. But HM progression came to a halt on Torque. IF YOU tell me you had no problems I’ll probably laugh and ask for video proof.

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