Star Wars The Force Awakens Official Teaser 2 Released

Not really SWTOR related but if you are a Star Wars fan, the second teaser of Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens has just been released. There are some cool new armor for the stormtroopers and the sith.


Below are some screen caps of some scenes show in the new trailer, don’t view them before the trailer!

Spoiler Inside Show

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To say i’m a little excited about this would be a gross understatement. Can i sleep until December please?!

I just hope the stupid saber never comes to the market or any fucking pack ever… that would be the last shit someone could do to end fucking up star wars…

Seriously, who the F cares about the armor. This trailer is freaking amazing. Can’t wait for December.

If you took the time to comment, obviously YOU care. It goes without saying that when I post something, it reflects my opinion about that something. One would expect that people understand this about the Internet by now.

I care about the armor. First, the Stormtrooper armor didn’t change in the old post-RotJ storyline. There were variants that weren’t seen in the movies, but the standard armor stayed the same. This is just someone saying “This needs to look different, because it just does.” instead of having an actual reason to change it. Secondly, it looks terrible. The visor component circles the entire face of the helmet, leaving a weird white plate just sitting in the center. It just doesn’t have the same appeal as the old Imperial helmets. The armor itself needed absolutely no change, but they did anyway, just because Abrams seems obsessed with changing things for no reason. Just look at all of the shit he changed in Star Trek, not one thing is the same in that movie.

I like change. I loved the new Star Trek movies. I like the aesthetics of the new SW movie as it appears on the trailer. New era, new armor, new imagery. Btw, it’s not the Empire anymore, it’s the First Order. Change is inevitable and not always bad. I also like the new X-Wing and the new Tie Fighter. People have to stop getting so emotionally attached with a “one true and proper way” when it comes to such things.

They should have, imho, added to the original Stomtrooper design rather than just outright bludgeoned it for the sake of change.

It looks so bad to me, as someone who preferred Star Wars before Disney got their hands on it. This looks to me like a reboot, nothing more. Throwing in some of the old characters won’t change that, as cool as it is to see Han returning to the Falcon.

That’s the only bad thing that can happen. JJA not telling something new and exiting, just making a fanboy reboot-like movie of the classic Star Wars movies. We’ll see.

Take a look at 1:08 / 1:09: the crossguard saber is there.

They brought out the actual ball droid used in the movies on stage. Its just didn’t make the trailer.

The ball droid is there at 1:08 running on the sand, just before the crossguard lightsaber appears. It can also be seen at 1:21, peaking behind a corner wall.

Not sure why people complain about the ball droid and the crossguard saber.

Also, why not Han and Leia children? If there is ONE thing that would make total sense in the new movies, is for Han and Leia to have kids, and maybe even Luke actually.

I dont care about the stupid droid even though I fucking hate Soccer, but the damn saber that’s what absolute, total, damn and motherfucking shit looks like…

rumors says they are like the seal team 6 of the empire, that hunts down jedis. Like the star wars rebels

Oh my god… this is so awesome. If this teaser is anything to go by I believe this movie has a serious chance at being great. Does anyone know if there will be just 1 more movie or a whole new trilogy? <3

You can bet your arms and legs that there will be both an episode 8 and 9. I know I would. There’s no way these movies won’t get a shitload of money. The amount of Star Wars fans has increased dramatically in the last few years, even more so after 2005 when the last SW movie was released. Hell, even the prequel haters will go to see the new one.

IIRC there will be a sequel trilogy in the old way (one every three years), but now with spinoff movies between trilogy films. Episodes VIII and IX will have different script writers and directors though.

Not only is this the first of a new trilogy, but each year between the trilogy entries will see a new stand-alone Star Wars movie. The first one is titled “Rogue One”. So basically we’ve got new Star Wars movies coming for at least the next five years. πŸ™‚


Yes, I am a fan of the EU.

And yes, X-Wing out of Water is the only thing I rallly liked.

Here’s a breif spoiler for the film: Leya becomes a Jedi, and Luke gets a Girlfreidn who has dark secret past with empire. Empire captures her, and somehow Han, but they all escape and blow shit up. With the help of the Mickey Mouse Squadron.

After this trailer I see a new Hope coming !
Lets all pray that it will be as good as each one of us imagines it.

Ahem… don’t count on me either… Disney always find a way to turn masterpieces into stupid and useless shit…

I HATE JJ Abrams, I HATE Disney, and I saw nothing in that trailer that makes me get over either. Abrams’ favorite thing, apparently, is getting his hands on someone else’s property and then fucking it all up. Shame on Cathleen Kennedy for hiring his jack ass.
Already he tossed out Lucas’ story treatment, fired the most qualified writer, re-wrote the whole story and purposely ignored all EU canon in the process. It’s Star Trek all over again. I hope you guys enjoy this, because the only way I’m going to watch it is if it ever comes on TV for free and I have absolutely nothing at all to do at that time.

I guarantee that all you butthurt hardcores that say you will never watch the movie will be the first to line up around the block for the first showing.

Luke always did everything wrong. He never listened to Yoda’s and Obi Wan’s teachings. No other Jedi ever was so close to fall to the dark side, because he was ignorant, too old, and unaware.

Luke must have fallen to the dark side.

Yeah it sucks :l I hate it like shit and you bet there will be stupid toys about it just to fuck us as soon the movie gets released…

Stupid Disney motherfuckers…

I just hope shit like that never comes to SWTOR or im fucking out…

There’s already a toy of it, and there will definitely be one in SWTOR. They just made the speeder from the first teaser available in game, so you might as well leave now.

Republic/Imperial fleet filled with dual wielding Jedi/sith with two crossguard light saber. The horror!

It’s not coming to SWTOR. The saber is bigger than normal and would cause problems with animations and such. It would also look weird on sents/maras, holding two huge sabers.

As far as I know there is no Revan in The Force Awakens.

But there must be a Cartel Market and this guy got that Revanite outfit out of his pack.

Rumor has it that Kylo Ren (Sith Lord) is a collector of Sith artifacts and as such has obtained Revan’s Mask, might also explain why Vader’s helmet is on what looks like a pedestal. JJ Abrams is famous for throwing in easter eggs for the fanboys out there, like in Star Trek, so it would make sense that he’d do the same thing for Star Wars.

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