SWTOR More proposed class changes for 3.2.1

There are more class changes coming in the 3.2.1 patch on the PTS, some were not listed in the patch notes.



3.2.1 PTS Marauder/Sentinel Feedback Thread | 04.16.2015, 07:44 PM

Hey everyone,

Following our Marauder/Sentinel status update last week, we have made some changes for the class regarding outspoken concerns. One of the central initiatives of this PTS is improving Marauder/Sentinel Utilities and the Quality of Life of the Annihilation/Watchman rotation. Here are the present changes on PTS:

Sith Warrior

  • The Relentless Heroic Utility has been redesigned: Predation no longer requires or consumes Fury, but will go on cooldown for 30 seconds when activated.
  • Undying now additionally increases the duration of Undying Rage by 2 seconds.
  • Annihilation
    • Rupture now deals its internal damage over 9 seconds (down from 12 seconds) and Force Rend causes targets to bleed for internal damage over 15 seconds (down from 18 seconds).
    • The rage building effects of Hemorrhage and Bloodlust can now occur every 3 seconds (down from 4 seconds).

Jedi Knight

  • New Heroic Utility: Ardor. Transcendence no longer requires or consumes Centering, but will go on cooldown for 30 seconds when activated.
  • Enduring now additionally increases the duration of Guarded by the Force by 2 seconds.
  • Watchman
    • Cauterize now deals its elemental damage over 9 seconds (down from 12 seconds) and Force Melt causes targets to burn for elemental damage over 15 seconds (down from 18 seconds).
    • The focus building effects of Plasma Blades and Burning Focus can now occur every 3 seconds (down from 4 seconds).

For all Marauders/Sentinels, we have consolidated some of the top tier Utilities to create room for a new Utility that allows Predation/Transcendence to be removed from the Fury/Centering system and granted a 30 second cooldown. This has been implemented to improve mobility and the Marauder/Sentinel Quality of Life.

Concerning changes to Annihilation/Watchman, we have reduced the durations of Rupture/Cauterize and Force Rend/Force Melt to create a more burst-friendly rotation with shorter DoT durations. Additionally, changes to the rage/focus building effects of Hemorrhage/Plasma Blades and Bloodlust/Burning Focus will improve resource management and better sync with the new DoT durations.

Following these Annihilation/Watchman rotation changes, we realize that there is a slight loss in DPS potential and want to take this opportunity to give you all the chance to voice where you would like to see this DPS returned. We will survey these posts in the coming week to assess your perspectives, and implement a DPS buff in the next PTS patch based on your feedback. Take this time to voice your opinions and state your reasoning. You have a chance to affect the rotational evolution of your class.
We look forward to hearing from everyone!

Bodyguard/Combat Medic

3.2.1 PTS Bodyguard/Combat Medic Feedback Thread | 04.16.2015, 07:46 PM

Hey everyone,

While there are no changes presently available for Bodyguard Mercenaries/Combat Medic Commandos with the initial launch of this PTS, improvements to the Quality of Life and Utility of our healer Disciplines is the prime objective of this PTS initiative. We would like to use this thread to discuss Quality of Life and Utility concerning Bodyguard Mercenaries/Combat Medic Commandos, while outlining and explaining our changes with you all as the PTS progresses. To start things off, here’s a sample of changes to come:

Bounty Hunter

  • Rapid Scan is now available at level 10 to all Mercenaries. The healing provided by Rapid Scan has been reduced.
  • Healing Scan is now granted at level 10 to Bodyguard Mercenaries. The healing provided by Healing Scan has been increased.


  • Medical Probe is now available at level 10 to all Commands. The healing provided by Medical Probe has been reduced.
    Combat Medic
  • Advanced Medical Probe is now granted at level 10 to Combat Medic Commandos. The healing provided by Advanced Medical Probe has been increased.

This sample from our proposed changes is designed to improve the Quality of Life and Utility of all Mercenaries/Commandos. Providing Rapid Scan/Medical Probe to all Mercenary/Commando Disciplines will offer a burst self heal option for non-healer Disciplines at the expense of Heat/Energy Cells. Alternatively, bringing Healing Scan to the Bodyguard Mercenary/Combat Medic Commando Discipline path creates a very potent burst heal that is ideal for aggressive combat scenarios. Additionally, it should be noted that Rapid Scan will be buffed for the Bodyguard Mercenaries/Combat Medic Commandos through the Discipline path.

As a reminder, none of these changes are presently live on PTS. Bodyguard Mercenary/Combat Medic Commando updates will be available in the next PTS patch.

Prior to the Bodyguard Mercenary/Combat Medic Commando updates next week, we ask that you all take this time to share your opinions on Quality of Life and Utility changes. We look forward to hearing from everyone!



3.2.1 PTS Corruption/Seer Feedback Thread | 04.16.2015, 07:47 PM

Hey everyone,

While there are no changes presently available for Corruption Sorcerers/Seer Sages with the initial launch of this PTS, improvements to the Quality of Life and Utility of our healer Disciplines is the prime objective of this PTS initiative. We would like to use this thread to discuss Quality of Life concerning Corruption Sorcerers/Seer Sages, while outlining and explaining our changes with you all as the PTS progresses. To start things off, here’s a sample of changes to come:

Sith Inquisitor

  • Consumption has been redesigned. Consumption now consumes 10% of your maximum health to restore 200 Force.
  • Additionally, Consumption now has a 3 minute cooldown.

Jedi Consular

  • Noble Sacrifice has been redesigned. Noble Sacrifice now consumes 10% of your maximum health to restore 200 Force.
  • Additionally, Noble Sacrifice now has a 3 minute cooldown.

This sample from our proposed changes is designed to improve the Quality of Life of all Sorcerer/ Sage Disciplines concerning Consumption/Noble Sacrifice. To improve the dynamic healing of Corruption Sorcerers/Seer Sages, the upcoming cumulative changes will include increased healing resource costs with increased healing power. With the new design, Consumption/Noble Sacrifice offers a far more substantial boost to resources with for the price of a cooldown. For Corruption Sorcerers/Seer Sages, this will allow burst heals during stress points of conflicts. It should be noted that we are testing passives and Utilities that will allow Sorcerers/Sages to reduce this cooldown.

As a reminder, none of these changes are presently live on PTS. Corruption Sorcerer/Seer Sage updates will be available in the next PTS patch.

Prior to the Corruption Sorcerer/Seer Sage updates next week, we ask that you all take this time to share your opinions on Quality of Life changes. We look forward to hearing from everyone!



3.2.1 PTS Medicine/Sawbones Feedback Thread | 04.16.2015, 07:50 PM

Hey everyone,

While there are no changes presently available for Medicine Operatives/Sawbones Scoundrels with the initial launch of this PTS, improvements to the Quality of Life and Utility of our healer Disciplines is the prime objective of this PTS initiative. We would like to use this thread to discuss Quality of Life and Utility concerning Medicine Operatives/Sawbones Scoundrels, while outlining and explaining our changes with you all as the PTS progresses. To start things off, here’s a sample of changes to come:

Imperial Agent

  • Medicine
    • Surprise Surgery now additionally allows Diagnostic Scan to channel while moving.


  • Sawbones
    • Smuggled Med Delivery now additionally allows Diagnostic Scan to channel while moving.

This sample from our proposed changes is designed to improve the Quality of Life of Medicine Operatives/Sawbones Scoundrels through enhanced mobility.

As a reminder, none of these changes are presently live on PTS. Medicine Operative/Sawbones Scoundrel updates will be available in the next PTS patch.

Prior to the Medicine Operative/Sawbones Scoundrel updates next week, we ask that you all take this time to share your opinions on Quality of Life changes. We look forward to hearing from everyone!


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141 replies on “SWTOR More proposed class changes for 3.2.1”

As a quality of life improvement for All Sages and Sorcerers we need to see some buffs up a bit on the unbelievable Nerfs done on the F.quake F. Storm AOE abilities because the way they are now, are completely useless with 1.5 to 2.1 max dps.

i am happy to see that u can speak for every1 and like most pve players u think pvp isnt a large part of the game… i can tell u 1 thing tho… without pvp this game would have been taken from life support and burried a long time ago…

Speaking as someone who plays Sage/Sorc regularly; no, we don’t. Quak/Storm is handy for dealing with trash, and interrupting objective captures in PvP. If you’re using it as part of your rotation at 60, you’re doing it wrong.

Pretty much this. Reminds of Commandos who use Mortar Volley as part of their single target rotation. Just because it was really awesome at level 10, doesn’t mean you should keep using it at level 60 on ops bosses.

Hm… Diagnostic Scan while moving. They should reduce the cooldown of legshot 🙂 to counter those healing rats!

If the change to sage/sorc heal comes true, then I feel really bad for who recently changed from lightning/tk dps to heal…
wtf is wrong with the game DEV

Additionally, Noble Sacrifice now has a 3 minute cooldown.” DA FUQ?

No, no, just no.

Do they know how this game works?

I’ve been defending thse guyse on the official forums, but I’m getting my ptchfork out and joining the mob.

No single resource gain in the game has 3minute cooldown, and no single resource gain has a health cost.

25% health is a very, very decent price to pay for cooldownless force.

Why? Because, if I play my Sage properly, I don’t run out of force, I do however run out of force i I’m an asset to my team and do things like offhealing or off-DPSing, or, ya’know, solo-healing a 16man.

If you want us to play all solo-like, give us an ops combat support droid or let our comps come in with us, and turn this into a single-player RPG with wonky PVP elements and an eEconomy.

so the rapid scan they ripped merc from in 3.0 is finaly back! about f*** time mercs selfheal was a joke compared to other healing classes that dps. Slowly but gradualy merc dps is on his way back to become a decent pvp class again hurray! dont understand why it took them 6 months to figure this out tho…

The Force is strong in this one. You just cant use it very well.

I agree, the Sage nerfs are getting bad. Really bad. Its like they want to remove Sages from the game and force everyone to play Knights. 3 minute cd? I can see giving them the 2 minute CD like every other class has. But 3? Crazy.

Wait, what do you mean “force everyone to play knights” when you’re talking about a Ranged DPS or Healer class, versus a tank or melee DPS class? There’s nothing similar here.

I think the point is that people seem to be moving away from the rolls that have been soured by the nerf torrent.

As a dps sorc I never really need to worry about using Consumption, but that 3-minute cooldown seems VERY overkill.

“The Relentless Heroic Utility has been redesigned: Predation no
longer requires or consumes Fury, but will go on cooldown for 30 seconds
when activated.”
I don’t think anyone realizes how freaking huge that is…….
I don’t want to hear a single marauder complain about defensive cooldowns or survivability ever again.
I’m a bit bothered by the cauterize change however…. the rotation for a watchman sentinel was very concrete (or at least I felt it was). Doesn’t this kind of muck up the rotation a bit?

um we can already do this we are capable of do predation more then once every 30 seconds and give everyone 30% boost to normal predation if we speed with said utility

So what exactly is and how is huge change let along broke.

The problem is by doing Predation at all we were making a decision to NOT zen (whatever the marauder equiv), and zen is required to do damage for combat and watchman.
Now it’s no longer a decision to forego damage. We can now be tanky and fast, make our raid tanky and fast, AND still do damage to kill a priority target.

Anyone that is even half-assed decent at managing their fury can easily pop it 2 or even 3 times in 30 seconds as it is now. You obviously are not aware of the current 1.5 second CD. This is a nerf, not a buff.

I’m very aware that it has no cooldown when you spend centering.
Yet think of what this does: I see maras all the time that don’t ever pop predation just because they want A LITTLE more damage.
Now Predation is like a free team defensive cooldown, that they will (and should) pop off cooldown.
I must ask you…. how many times did you pop this think in 8v8 pvp on average?
I popped it at least once every game for something. But now you’re gonna be popping it at least 16 times in an 8 minute game.
You’re lying to me if you say you’ve used predation more than 16 times in a single match.

I have a fury marauder for pvp and i can tell you this: between all the fighting and the abilities i can build the 30 stacks for predation easy under 30 secs and i ALWAYS pop predation. I only use beserk if i need a rage burst for some reason, but i keep frenzy on cal for that. 10% def chance plus speed burst? Its life, screw a ridiculous stacks that you get out of force crush anyway…. I hope i see non-fury maras and their sentinel counterparts pop predation/transcendence all the time, cuz now there is no reason to use the beserk excuse: we had trouble with roots and stuns and all that crap, but predation is helpfull, specially considering the unbound utility. No reason for people not to use predation now, period, but imo its an oportunity for fury to stand out, since we dont REALLY need to waste 1 utility on the new relentless: buy und. rage or blood ward, way smarter bet for QoL management.

Except now at the cost of a minor cooldown increase of predation for you, now you can beserk as well.
It’s just not possible to say this is overall a nerf. This is a buff, through and through.

i can make the 3 minute cool down work but still a stupid change. I guess its time to make sonic rebounder a 3 minute cool down…….

or lets give taunt a 40 second cooldown. Let’s face it these guys’ ideas are horrible. absolutely horrible. This shouldnt even be a discussion.

40,45,50 or even a whole minute cooldown is alright,…… no no….Noble Sacrifice needs 3 minutes.

It is overpowered.

Well taunt is overpowered too. Every 6 seconds and cooldown reduced if set bonus active?

Give taunt a 40 second cooldown. Whoever they hired to implement lass changes for 3.0 is an absolute moron.

Bioware is on a mission. The mission is clear. Kill the sage/sorc class. Torture it then kill it.

3 minute cooldown. They throw you a bone with “increased healing power” but a 3 MINUTE COOLDOWN and all youll get in return is 200 force.

And this change renders the sage set bonus useless. Resplendence stacks 3 times. Using noble sacrifice once will be all and it goes on cooldown.

I have no clue what the hell is happening with these people but it is NOT good at all.

Okay, my main is a Sorc healer, I run lightning spec in PvP, I have no issues with the recent nerfs, I had seen WAY too many lightning sorcs do nothing but spam Force Storm and not even bother to do a rotation or use Force Slow to Force Speed even when getting meleed…

This though, has me worried.

On one hand it could be great, depending on numbers healing could be accomplished without the need to use Consumption in damage heavy phases and you can go a head and keep it in between burst phases to replenish force. Making Sorcs’ life a lot better, since there’s no need to wait for stacks to use Consumption and the health hit was always a source of possible death to boot.

On the other hand, screw up the numbers eve a *little* and healing is now impossible, since we’ll have low cooldown skills without anyway to play catch up by cannibalizing health for Force and replenishing some of that health with Unnatural Preservation like we can now.

Also healing will be a lot less forgiving if you over heal a target, the safety net of: Consumption, Unnatural Preservation/any self healing would be gone.

It may be a great quality of life boon to sorcs or a complete disaster…

That isn’t the only thing that is affected either. Think about the Healing circles and healing trance. With this change, if they do not remove the buff from healing trance, sorcs and sages will burn through force like made as we are not noble sac/consuming to lower the stacks. They are literally changing the central mechanic of sorc/sage healing without giving any information on the new mechanic. Note in the patch note they say they are increasing the resource cost of our abis as well. This is a massive, massive change to a class, so much so that they may have to replace an ability or two to compensate for the new design. I don’t actually see them doing this one.

Yeah I know the feeling. I have been pushing it and pushing and pushing… All you ever got is orbital hug and a boot up your ass. Even when I get pummeled, and that happens a lot, I just keep pushing… and get pummeled again. However, it does have certain amount of joy when you completely demolish unsuspected sorc or sin… That doesnt happen a lot, so yeah, some love would be nice. Especially now with stupid lol slash, where you can demolish a sin to the point he has to run away, and you start casting buffed ambush… guess what, out of nowhere, lol slash with 4 second mezz… TROLOLOLO. On positive side, with little support from healer or tank it is playable, but thats something you dont expect in regs without friends… Even that I have every AC in game, I simply refuse to play the ones that I don’t find attractive (i.e. Sins) even they are OP…

I know what you mean, same shit with my marauder. If i don’t have a healer in my group, the match is 80% running back from respawn point. 😀 I could’ve rolled a guardian and been on top, earning free healing and protection points with 2 skills, but that class’ play style feels dumb to me, so i’ll rather struggle as marauder then derp as guardian.

Its always about what each one loves to play.
And by the Nerfs they do they just makes it more hard for people to keep playing their classes.

They already forced me to stop playing with my marauder, healer sage, healer scoundrel, and healer operative. Only my healer merc was somewhat useful although I was reduced to playing only tactical FPs. I wonder if the latest change will kill that character too…

My god trooper/merc healing is super-effective, that slight change really won’t cut it that bad lol. They didn’t only decrease medical probe, they also increased advanced medical probe so it should work out just fine.

And yet more changes that most classes don’t need thanks for nerfing the sorc’s energy regeneration because why not among all the other “well thought out changes” to improve “my ” “play style” o/

What non-existing balancing problems do they try to fix?

Are Scoundrel healer not mobile enought?

Is there any problem with the Sorcerers energy regeneration?

Why are they fixing what isn’t broken?

They need to destory something that is working in order to fix it…

…instead of fixing some of the other problems this game has.

Is this is new BW general rule? Patch without nerf is not patch?
WTF still nerfing sorcs/ sages while BH get another buff?
Finally some nerf for warriors/knights.
More mobility for operative really?
And they call it “BALANCING CLASSES” this is a f***** joke.

sorcs dmge output was twice the other classes could reach so that nerf was long overdue given the fact ur crying about it goes to show that u dont know ur class was op for almost a full year i hope u enjoyed it… time to move on now. roll a jug that is the op class atm…

Sience when sorcs was OP? In 3.0. was OP because of brainless FS spamers and trust me not all off sorcs players spam it.

you mean sorcs in swtor or do you mean another game because sorcs & sages in swtor are the lowest dps class in the game right now.

Given the fact that people like you bitched and moaned for months for Nerfs show how clueless you are and how desperate to win a few battles in pvp.

Calling AS op whatever other class except the one you play.
Wait the Nerf train is coming for you too !

Honestly, no tank was remotely able to keep aggro off a Sorc/Sage when they started their AoE rotation. NO TANK.
Giving tanks more threat didn’t help, since these classes could do around 20K DPS on a trash pack. Meaning 20K TPS as well.

Hence that nerf on FS/FQ was necessary. Did it have to be the way they did it ? Prolly not. But something had to be done to their burst, otherwise all tanking classes could have been considered utterly broken.

I’ve never argue with OP FS and as I have play my sorc sience very beginnig (even in beta) I really hate all those FS spamers.

Thank you BW for killing my sorc class. What are you smoking to make you think consumption needs a CD , especially with that little of a gain. I can deal with force storm nerf, since ppl cry enough about spammers you have to pander to each and every crowd, but c’mon. Waa , Waa , Waa don’t nerf consumption. There I cried and bitched so they’ll have to not do it.

The sorc/sage change is stupid for a single reason: once you have your 3rd set bonus, the health consumption is irrelevant. So whether it’s 10% or 50% makes zero difference as of that moment. I realize not everyone has the 3rd set bonus but for progression raiding this is mostly a given by now I would think. So I have to ask why? Why are they doing this? And guess what? The first thing I can think of is PvP. They probably want to stop sorcs standing around consuming their health and healing themselves for medals. But to be honest, when you stand at a cap point on your own just letting time tick away at least it was something to do. Now from my point of view sorcs will have more trouble burst healing if they can only afford it once every 3 minutes and sorcs don’t have the biggest heals, mercs do…but then I guess they are getting changed as well. I dunno, considering their own admission that most people haven’t done tos yet, I wonder what the pve need could be to make it harder for people to do this content…It’s not like there’s much else to do at level 60….

maybe the strategy is to force people out of the game at lvl 60 so bioware has not to worry about endgame anymore…

lol, who knows. I mean this is just all preliminary but so far it’s not making a whole lot of sense to me.

Or maybe there’s just a whole lot more to the game than doing 1-2 repeated Operations, so they don’t want to balance around just that?

Granted, my previous statement was probably a little more aggressively written than it should have been, but you really think the people who haven’t played through Operations enough to earn three set-bonus pieces are the “few”? I admit I haven’t polled the players or anything, but I suspect the number of characters who have to be concerned with that level of gear are probably in the minority. While they certainly need to keep everything balanced, focusing that balance around something that’s available to only the highest tier of players probably wouldn’t make a difference in a fashion as widespread as they’re looking to make it.

PvP = Weeee tiny itsy bitsy little part of this game
PvE = Vast majority of the game
Someone tell me why PvP should be the part that drives all the damn nerfing

Its the damn Pvp nerfing madness again.
When is all that SHT going to stop, I hope they realize what they do before the game die out completely.

who needs healing when you can just run off if your in trouble? the only time a sorc/con will die is if the player decides to lol.

Moron….No, you can’t, unless you want to reset the boss over and over again. Hence, like Ashla’s remark : You really don’t do (m)any operations….Or even play the game at all ….

he doesnt play it at all. He admitted this not to long ago, He only plays SWG and comes here to bash this game and praise a game that only has 400 people playing

Hello ewokingdead/darth angrul/bob/crx friend/insert future name here. Crx only comes here to troll and stalk people and show off how hardcore he is for tor blindly. I dont come here to bash tor i come here to discuss it. The prob is to many blind fanbois who defend bieng shit on buy ea and tor is the wowkiller and all this lol

nope none of those are me. You really cant wrap your head around the idea that people don’t like you and call you out on trolling.

Says the real troll ewokingdead/darth angrul/bob/you still havent caught on to ip adresss eh lol.

except i’m not any of those people and the real troll is you as you admitted you don’t play the game and you are only here to bash it.

Except you are lol. Ill post what i like here if you have a prob with it take it up dulfy. Jusr because someone has a different opinion doenst make them a troll. Not everyone has a viagra boner for tor here like you do.

Like crx said i havent played in awhile. Yes you can run in an insrance it resets it yes in some cases not that they need to lol

OMG, those morons are nerf sorcs again… AGAIN!!!!!

WTF is going on? Are they mage haters or something?
How can devs be SO clueless about their OWN game?!

Yes I used to main a sorc healer. I hate the consumption changes, I think it really take the uniqueness of the sorc class away. Consumption was a great tool that allow you to make on the fly decisions about resource management vs risks. If you knew the fight you know when it is safe to consume and use that to your advantage. Now it is just a boring 3 min long CD that is not only too long of a CD and crappy one at that.

Agreed. They turned it into that crappy cooldown mercs have to reduce heat. I hate it more because its just another moronic nerf repackaged as “Quality of life”. I don’t care how well the turd is polished, I don’t care how much it shimmers, a turd is a turd. Oddly just the other day I was saying how much I like that swtor doesn’t undergo the gameplay altering class changes of wow….I take it back.

I had enough with all this damn Nerfs, don’t know if I will sub ever again.

Let the complainers and quitters be the only ones that will be left to play with each other.

Who the fck asked you whiner ?
Like you never whine like a bitch and were always asking for nerfs in the forums since day 1 ?

you should have seen how bh’s were before we got an interupt it took george zoeller leaving for the bh’s to get one. I remember seeing bh’s fightinh sorcs/cons and bieng unable to interupt them and just heal after heal after heal.

Bioware has hired incredibly stupid people to implement class changes. These dudes are so stupid they are going after healing and dps spec of the same class. And they call this “improving quality of life”

it really pisses me off when they pretend to care about this game.

why i quit playing. The consular/sorc are based on the emperor lol. These 2 classes should have never been implemented into swtor. They have done nothing but continue to make the class more OP then palpatine himself its why 95% of the people are sorcs/cons in tor. You have incompetent unqaulified people working on this. How do you think your food would be if these people were working at wendys? That really says it all about the dev team.

Sounds like a whiners keep asking for even more Nerfs because cant even win a single game in pvp as total newbillie that is.

Why the fuck do you care? What is it to you anyways? If you cant handle people having different opinions then you shouldnt be on here at all

I just wanted to confirm if i’m correct on this:
Additionally, Noble Sacrifice now has a 3 minute cooldown.
So if we use Noble Sacrifice & its on CD, & we so happens to heal till our force is low, there is no way to get our Force to regen to carry on healing correct?

So devs, here’s my question.. If you go ahead with the proposed consumption changes why leave it in the game AT ALL? At that point just remove it completely because it will NEVER be used again, not that it’s really ever needed/used now

“Alternatively, bringing Healing Scan to the Bodyguard Mercenary/Combat Medic Commando Discipline path creates a very potent burst heal that is ideal for aggressive combat scenarios. ”

this sentence alone proves that devs dont play rep. Had to look up to find out what was Healing Scan’s miror skill for republic.

Have you ever seen these guys on twitch or other livestreams? All they do is reference imp side. Always. At all times. Never fails. Did I say always? It is the very reason republic side Korriban Bonus Boss in HM has 3 times the HP that the imp version of the flashpoint has.

It is the very reason why world bosses are closer to imp bases than they are republic bases.

Everytime they talk about attacks or abilities for classes they will mention imp side first. As a matter of fact, when describing scoundrel pre-3.0 one of the devs actually forgot the ability’s name and instead said “whatever the republic version of this ability is”.

It’s things we know but they will never say

Anyone who will participate on the feedback of Sents/Maras please tell them developers, that shortening the CD on Force Melt will mean that we wont be able to hit the 3rd stack of “Using Merciless slash 3 times – i dont remember the name” and therefore force melt will be as 1 focus or dps lost..

And no suiciding with consumption/noble sacr? pff what will healers do between fights when i cant de-health myself on demand.. 🙂 😀

To everyone bitching about this; is this your first MMO? This is the name of the game, it is imposable to predict what 100,000s of players will do, or how the simulation will react to it; so it is ever changing and evolving. This is nothing new and it won’t change until humans learn to predict the future with 100% accuracy.

All the classes will go the rounds, each will get the flavor of the month status, each will get OP and each will get nerfed. Rinse and repeat. Hell WOW the undiputed king of MMOs is still changing things like this over 10 years later. It is the nature of the beast.

To be honest with you, the reason why games don’t improve sometimes is because of people like you.

People like you dont “whine or cry” you don’t voice your concerns. Instead, you take the corporate finger up your behind and accept everything and anything they throw at you.

The whole point of video games is based off demand. The gamers demand specific things in games and some, ONLY SOME creators provide that.

In your mind, Bioware could destroy 2 classes or possible remove 2 classes from the game. To you that would be okay. To you that would be “MMOs change”.

There’s no such thing as “nature of the beast”. All video games, I repeat, all video games are specifically tailored to suit specific/general audiences and when you say things like that you forgot one common factor across the human race…………..NO ONE LIKES CHANGE.

You fail to realize I don’t have any concerns about this. It is a video game nothing more. You play it you have fun. If you are not having fun play a different game. If that game isn’t fun try another. After all that if you still are not having fun, perhaps video games are not for you.

No I don’t whine or cry like you because it is a video game. I cry and whine with my wallet where it counts not on the internet where literally no one cares.

Change is inevitable in every part of life. Like it or not it will happen. You can adapt, overcome and survive the change; or you can not. But it can and will happen regardless of your personal feelings on the matter.

So again welcome to the beast that is life and the real world. I know it is a scary place. But trust me you will be alright billions before you did it just fine and billions after will do it as well. Welcome to the machine, where you are nothing more then a tiny cog like the rest of us. Don’t get butt hurt over it, just learn adapt and overcome.

I will leave you with this challenge. You think it can be done better? Get into the industry and prove it. Build the worlds first MMO that doesn’t requier daily tweaking based on 100,000 player’s unpredictable actions. Accomplish this and I will be your first subscriber.

Then I don’t expect to see you in the forums crying bitching whining and asking for more Nerfs because you cant win in pvp.
Cos if you do…………………….

I don’t understand the reason for sage healer nerf, my scoundrel (and even poorly geared operative) easily outheal my sage that used to be my main and their mobile healing is actually getting buffed a bit.

PVP is the reason. Sages in pvp can earn medals by using Noble Sacrifice and self healing indefinitely. So Bioware has simply said fuck PVE for the sake of pvp

Thank you for the explanation, hope Bioware finds another way to deal with it until patch goes live. Will go and get my commando healer to lvl 60 ,just in case.

There are a few ways for Bioware to better handle NS. One is self healing done in PVP does not count towards medals, only healing others. Another is keep is to give it a 45 CD while restoring 100 points of force. Another way would be keep it as is but tack on a 20% bonus to healing for thirty to forty five seconds.

They can. But even as PvP player I have to say: who cares? If somebody is stupid enough to do this while defending, hello, you give just the right moment to shoot you in the back and take over. Somebody who is healing and hurting himself does nothing useful to the game, if he is in the enemy team, go on, do it!

Sounds good in theory, but when I did a stint with pvp when I was a wee nooblet, I power leveled my sage this way. For about a dozen games, I only got caught with my pants down once. One game I even was at the top of the board doing nothing but self healing and “guarding” a objective.

They can earn those same metals in the first 10 seconds of the match. Healing medals in PvP have become a joke.

Unless they stop destroying classes for the pvp newbillies there will be less and less people each month left in the game.
I see only quitters in the fleet and totally clueless people around they were not able to complete Ravagers on story mode 2 of the groups I checked today.
And that was the only operations groups for the whole day.

This sorc healer Nerf is just showing how pathetic and stupid the dev team is… How are they so damn stupid to not know that this is an extremely awful change to an ability that was fine as is……….

God i realy want to disegree whit you but come on its like they just want us to get mad at them.

I completely agree sorc healing does not need a nerf nor did sin tanks need a nerf and bounty hunters did not need a buff every week for the last three months either. But hey like your said if you don’t have huge boner for bounty hunters you might as well quit

sentinels are NOT about having transdence not consuming centering
it’s about they are WEAK OMG
no CC on human, NO knock back, NO STUN,
and most important is that i am a huge fan of combat, it doesnt have enough burst compare to the sustain damage of watchman
i would strongly recommand that master strike can be used while moving for combat and give power/str bonus to combat’s offhand weapon
that’s would easily balance the class

But from the other side u wanna buff for your DPS?… I’m afraid u gonna start play Commando or Guardian :/
I’m really curious why BW(F) pushing so much to favor only those two classes? :/

Ok so why do they have to nerf sorc/sage more they already have nerfed healing and just because a bunch of pvp players are crying about it being op or something is no reason to nerf pvp players always cry about something. Just make it so consumption has a cool down in pvp only or something but don’t mess up the last class I enjoy playing

Yes, it sucks that they are putting a CD on NS, yes, it seems like whiny bitching pvp nooobs are ruining this game for everyone, but guess what guys, if we ALL don’t take a stand, nothing is going to change, so as moms used to say, no used crying over spilt milk.

“If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.”
Lots of MMO game face this very same issue of pve/pvp game play balance. Those who survived the “chaos of balancing” end up choose a path, (PVP or PVE) as their core. Bioware, which path you gonna choose? or you gonna walk the current chaos path and upset all your fans?

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There should be a heroic utility for sent/mara to grant immnity to all physics/pushback during transcendance like hydralic overide/hold the line in bh/trooper

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