SWTOR Season 4 Ranked PvP weapon rewards clarification

One of the SWTOR developers responded to some questions about the upcoming season 4 PvP weapon rewards.

Season 4 Weapon Rewards | 04.16.2015, 01:58 PM

Originally Posted by Jinre_the_Jedi

Two questions:
1)Will the weapons have particle effects like the S3 ones?
2) Will we get off hands too? Specifically vibroknives and generator/shields?

1) There aren’t any fire-esque visual effects on the Swashbuckling weapons but they do have visual effects that adjust to the color crystal attached. In the teaser blog you can see the circle/gears on the side of the blasters, those rotate and glow pretty fantastically. On the lightsabers the crystal glows at the base of the hilt and right above the guard. More extravagant visual effects are great and something we want to do more of for season rewards but creating ones that fit into the lore and aesthetic of the game is a delicate process. We would love to hear your ideas on visual effects and share with us what you would like to see in future seasons!

2) The Swashbuckling weapon set will only contain cosmetic weapon shells, no off-hands that aren’t displayed visually will be included. The weapon set is meant as a cosmetic reward. We understand the desire to have Legacy offhands available and are discussing options internally. Please share your feedback on what you would like to see.


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Legacy off-hand is actually available only from Gree-event. There is no other options at this moment, as I can say.

Seems like THORN vendor on NS for rakghoul DNA or BH vendor on fleet for completed contracts would be the ideal place to add some, imo.

the gree event doesn’t happen enough, maybe if Bio-ware made it a monthly event then it would be a viable option, but as it’s appr yearly they should make it a planetary daily thing that requires lots of basic or planetary comms to get.

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