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SWTOR Upcoming Items from SWTOR PTS 3.2.1

A gallery of upcoming armor, weapons, mounts, color crystals, and emotes from SWTOR PTS Patch 3.2.1.






Wheel speeder is called Koensayr Monocycle


Color Crystals




Companion Customizations

Looks like HK Watchtower Customization is making a return, finally!


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116 replies on “SWTOR Upcoming Items from SWTOR PTS 3.2.1”

Yeah, sad to see it whored out on the cartel market. I mean, wasn’t it a part of the game as a drop originally? If so, that’s pretty fucking sad. But then again, Biowallet. *shrug*

Yes they were removed, Bioware didn’t state the reason. They never made it to the live servers and is the reason we have that 10 page thread on the general forums about it hehe. If I recall the silver one was from the rep vendor and the gold one we see now dropped off corruptor zero. You can see the silver one at bottom of this page:

Ahh finally, a gold SCORPIO! She’s been seductively insulting/demanding to be given gold electroplating for a while now.

Sure am glad they added a SEVA from STALKER in there. It’s actually a pretty brilliant reference, assuming it was intended. The E in STALKER stands for Explorer; and this is in the Explorer packs.

What, the SEVA? It’s a suit from the STALKER video game series. That one outfit in the new pack looks startlingly similar. The SEVA is used in exploration of dangerous places, and this new suit is in the Explorer packs. I thought it was a neat little coincidence, if it wasn’t meant to be inspired by that.

Ah, looked more to me like they took level 20-ish smuggler armor and slapped a shaved-down PvP helmet on it…. Oh no, that IS what they did, lazy bastards

so we see it happen the black yellow collor used
even tho this was the original pre-order only color

sad day 🙁

The new one seems to be a lighter yellow…

Well. The preoder crystal is worthless. Because you can get tons of +41 crystals, that dont require LVL50, for less credits at the GTN.

…People don’t choose crystals due to stats. They choose them due to colour-you can get a plain crystal with a +41 stat extremely easily from NPC Vendors.

How funny. The Force Awakens Trailer comes out and the next items are a Stormtrooper-esque armor, a Revan-ish Sith Lord armor, and something like a rebel scout would wear.


Just kidding, the armor is ok. Better than the final pack of this last series.

Good question.

Maybe the only special thing is: you don’t have to be a preorder player, you don’t need valor, … just buy them for hard real currency.

love the customizations for scorpio and HK would have rathered the plain sliver one more even if i had to buy it via the CM looove the mono cycle and im liking the yellow black red black color crystals

I am excited about the HK skin and the Koensayr Monocycle. Shame they are adding
the pre order crystal to the general product mix. I will miss the exclusivity.
They’ve never really respected early player loyalty, so no surprise here.

Eh, we’re 3+ years into the game. If you pre-ordered you got over 3 years to enjoy the exclusive crystal. And if you pre-ordered you should know more than anyone that nothing is really exclusive in the game even when it’s promoted as such. There’s ALWAYS a reskin coming at some point. It’s really not worth getting upset over.

If it’s anything like the other Black Core cartel market crystals it will look pale and hideous in comparison. So you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Really liking the blue/white armor. Looks like my old SWG Medic’s armor (blue/white Padded suit). Also like the assault cannon and rotary vehicle. Overall this set looks like a better set than I have seen in a long time from these guys.

I was about to post this earlier, but didn’t think people would know what I was talking about.

Definitely going to grab that for Scorpio because of this.

Yes, but she was still gold in real life. There are many color production stills. She was the inspiration behind C-3PO.

I like the helmet look on the Datamine 11 Armor. Because with a White/White Dye I could probably make a decent Stormtrooperesqe helmet. BUT I have a feeling the gray mouth guard area on the front doesn’t dye which will suck.

i like the 2nd armor with the mini cape .. and the trooper armor
that revanite armor gotta get that forsure!
wheel mount O_O

still waiting hk47 custom… -.-… but this one is cool

pass on the fugly saber crystals.

can we get proper level 10 blue crystal +41 kinda like mint green?

mint blue! hueheue

It’s not the Tsmeu-6 Personal Wheel Bike ( or the Gallis-Tech 48 Roller (, but, then, we don’t have any armed mounts. Reminds me a bit of the McLean Monowheel — and if you put ‘monowheel’ into a Google image search, you’ll find a variety of other riding wheel designs.

they had that grievous bike in swg i remember having it thats tor for you carebears and fanbois riding thier playschool wheels lol

Is it intended that the sniper picture is shown twice? Besides, two one-handed lightsabers in one pack? Or is the second one the first Starkiller-like lightsaber in SWTOR? Many questions. 🙂

I’m not complaining though, it looks like this one’s going to be one of the better packs. I just hope the straps on the rifles are not static, that would look horrible.

Based solely on BW’s track record, the straps will be static and clip with everything.
And also the guns will sound like robot farts

oh look the ball mount that general grievous used in episode 3 is coming in the game…..
and the hk watchtower custom they actually giving us it ? i do hope its not a Cartel market item that would be fucked up since it was on the oricon reputation vendor once

it wasnt live but it was on the PTS 😉 so therefore it was in the game on the oricon rep vendor if you look at it from a certain point of view

More then 2 years after False Emperor FP and ppl still begging for his armor, meh just get over with it….If the would add it, you will complain that it costs CC, meh.

It’s always been in the cartel market. It’s the sith raider armor (I think that’s the name) it just doesn’t have the cape.

Does not have the cape, cloak, correct textures, different shoulderpads and it is completely different armor. Yeah, they are really the same.

This is not about False Emperor FP, that guy is kinda equivalent to Satele Shan on Rep side, and we were given with her gear. Why not Malgus too? We have two Revan’s already….

And I would definitely not complain they cost CC. If they put it out of pack directly on cartel market, it is even easier to get it, so I would better applaud that decision.

This and the hood down battlelord set are the unicorns we will never get. And if one day I am proven wrong i will make a public apology, resign my post, and retire to Vermont to spend the rest of my days sipping Arnold Palmer Half and Half on my lakeside cottage house porch in a rocking chair with my old, but still very much in play, wife.

Am I really the only one who found black/yellow to be a grotesque and offensive color combination for a preorder exclusive and am now HAPPY to see it inflicted upon the general populace as a cartel pack trash item?

I can honestly say that since the introduction of crystals on the cm I have never seen anyone using the pre-order crystals. Someone’s being a bit dramatic methinks.

Yeah…to be honest the only one that remotely will interest me is the yellow one. Even if that, I would only use it for blasters.

FUCKING-A! Watch tower good god… anyhow top right and bottom left mount look oke enough. all four comp customization look great. golden IA comp, sort of 3CPO:D and the emotes. dont feel the rest

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I’m digging the weapons packs, this time around. Not too shabby. That big round speeder, though, makes me think of that South Park episode with the bikes like that. Hahaha.

Very happy the Oriconian HK customizations are back.

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