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SWTOR Vectron WGF Veteran Speeder now available

SWTOR has released the new Vectron EGF Veteran Speeder for 1800 CC. This is the first mount with a mount flourish ability.

This new mount will set you back 1800 CC and is the first mount with the mount flourish feature you can turn on/off with Ctrl + Z keybind by default. The flourish featured here will open the engine covers at the front and release a bit of smoke and engine fire. The smoke goes away quickly but the engine fire and crackling sound will remain until you turn off the mount flourish.




By Dulfy

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44 replies on “SWTOR Vectron WGF Veteran Speeder now available”

I like the pack on the side. Not enough to pay that steep of a price, of course. So I’m glad it’s not SUPER cool, actually, given the price gouging for the “first mount with flourish” going on here.

Anyone willing to pay this has much different priorities from me. Hats off to them. xD

i wish they would release weapons in this game from the new movie. do you know if they are doing that dulfy?

1800cc for a mount…”face palm”. That is like 17 bucks. FOR A MOUNT INSIDE A VIDEO GAME. People who actually pay that kind of real money for stuff inside a video game need some mental help. I’ll wait for a rep vendor version.

If it could bring a real version too in my garage then maybe I would buy it.
Don’t know now, will think about it.

I’d buy it , I have tons of money I don’t even care. Continue to collect your food stamps maybe in a month it’ll be half price.

Wow… If you bought the mount you obviously have bad taste and too much money. Even if you didn’t buy it you’re being a huge @ss

Blizzard charges $25-30 per mount in their store. And that’s a sub only game, and certainly one that doesn’t need any extra money. For as long as people are dumb enough to pay such high prices for digital items, companies will continue selling them.

You have a point.

But what is better sell 1 mount for $17 per 100 players or
sell 10 mounts for $5 per 100 players?

There are people whose entire job is researching sweet spots for pricing of products and services. The numbers you gave are likely far from reality.

everyone complaing that the mount cost 1800cc but all the mounts that come on the cartel market cost that

It is, but there’s no need to cry about it. Just sit back and let the people with too much money and/or not enough sense buy them and keep the game funded for the rest of us.

I make a pretty good living. 1800cc doesn’t represent a lot of money for me. I don’t do it to support the rest of you though, as I couldn’t give a rats ass about the ‘rest of you’. I do support the company though so they can keep making more stuff for me to enjoy. I guess a side benefit is that the rest of you can ride on my coattails.

1800 CC? Man, only people with jobs must be buying that stuff! That’s like almost the cost of 1 day’s worth of after work drinks!

But seriously, I like the flourish on that. Kind of a rat rod speeder. My gunslinger with his pompadour and mutton chops might need one.

Account unlock for the Vectron WGF Veteran Speeder is 600 CC.
And, yes, capes/cloaks still droop through. 🙁

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