Star Wars Battlefront Trailer released

Once again another piece of news unrelated to SWTOR but if you enjoy Star Wars or Battlefield series of games you might like this.

The trailer for Star Wars Battlefront game coming out Nov 11 of this year has been released. It is not gameplay footage but everything was rendered via the ingame engine and it looks pretty impressive!


Some key details was revealed in the website linked at end of the trailer

  • Photorealistic visuals and authentic sound design from the talented team at DICE.
  • Wage epic muliplayer battles on Hoth, Endor, Tatooine and the previously unexplored planet, Sullust.
  • Seamlessly swap between 1st person  and 3rd person perspectives.
  • Partner up with a friend in online multiplayer, share unlocks and have each other’s backs on the battlefront.
  • Fight for the Empire or Republic offline, solo or with a friend, in carefully crafted missions.
  • Pilot nimble speeder bikes, massive AT-ATs, the Millennium Falcon, X-wings, TIE fighters.
  • Play as memorable characters including Darth Vader, Boba Fett and more.
  • Also encounter other beloved characters such as C-3PO and R2-D2.

It will be available on PC, Xbox One or PS4. You can pre-order it for PC/PS4 right now but Xbox One users will need to wait a little.

By Dulfy

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Seriously no single player? Then I’m out not wasting my money on just multilayer game. Rather it go towards another game or another tattoo lol

Taken from the website.

“Fight for the Empire or Republic offline, solo or with a friend, in carefully crafted missions.”

So yea, a single player, but no campaign.

Think they did say it was bots. Although, truthfully, don’t know the difference between bot and AI, assuming there is a difference. (Like Battlefront 2 AI) 😉

AI’s are just the behaviours while Bots are the actual enemies you see. Take it as: Bots are the car, AI are the motors. Or Bots are the person and AI are the brain.

I’m seeing single player and multi-player co-op, so you should have a choice.
What I don’t see is anything saying PvP, even if everyone is going on about how awesome it’s supposedly going to be.

Humm..ok but no Space battles (just in the atmosphere) and no single player mode…See you in STAR CITIZEN!

But other players wont. Original battlefronts were balanced. In our case, it will be the freaking battlefield in star wars setting.
Colonels 100 are incoming.

Battlefront was always Battlefield with Star Wars look. And now you get Battlefield 4 with Star Wars look. Why is that suprising you? It’s even the same developers.

Thanks for keeping track of all of the Celebration news, Dulfy, considering it’s not SWTOR!

As for the game, kinda sucks that it looks like we’ll have four-then-five planets, and no full-out space battles in space. Great that we can switch between 1st and 3rd pov, and we can fight against bots and do co-op. So I’m still up in the air…

Nick is absolutely right. Sandcrawlers were made by Czerka. When mining is complete, they leave them behind. The Jawas simply took them and made them their mobile homes. Czerka probably used sandcrawlers on other planets like Jakku where they are mining.

Unless there are sandcrawlers on Jakku, I doubt it…

Edit: Although I did see that crashed Star Destroyer from the trailer, so who knows?

But if Jakku ist identical with Tatooine, except the Name, why did the script writers need that new planet? Makes no sense.

Does everything have to take place on the same backwater desert planet? Tatooine is already over saturated in the movies and it doesn’t really seem a likely planet for major story threads anymore due to its location in the galaxy. Jakku could be closer to the core and thus more of a vantage point for either side.
Plus it does play into the scale of the galaxy, which, as far as the movies are concerned, consists of roughly 10 planets and Endor. Having more planets with little to differentiate one from the other is actually a smart move. We don’t want the planets to be in the form of The Desert Planet, The City Planet, The Jungle Planet or The Ice Planet.

J J Abrams…. “I takes ur shitz and makes it mine so I can pretend to be creative”

Seems like that’s the gist of it. Pity you can’t buy creativity, JJ could afford it :’)

Maybe because there’s a hundred billion stars in any given galaxy, and likely dozens of worlds around most of them, so it’d be a bit stupid if we ended up going to the same six planets for everything?

Agreed. Czerka used sandcrawlers to transport ore from mining sites, they are probably all over the galaxy.

If I can fly an X-Wing in space battles I’m sold, if not Star Citizen is the next MMO my friends are looking at, as the only one who plays GSF, Star Conflict and War Thunder I’m the default combat pilot.
Other friends enjoy the FPS more and one in particular like to flex his business muscles by playing the economy aspect of games.
Still, and X-Wing is an X-Wing XD

Multiple, lets all go there and start complaining and whining about classes balance and the usual sht.
Why not after all……………..

They say there is some offline play with carefully crafted missions. But no real campaign, no galactic conquest etc. It’s a Dice Game. You get Battlefield 4 with Star Wars Look. Nothing more and nothing less.

You left out some bullet-points! Found this on the Pre-Order page:

* Pilot nimble speeder bikes, massive AT-ATs, the Millennium Falcon, X-wings, TIE fighters.
*Play as memorable characters including Darth Vader, Boba Fett and more.
Also encounter other beloved characters such as C-3PO and R2-D2.

No campaign and no space doesn’t exactly sound like the sequel everyone’s been asking for for all these years…

So no Space battles? No Campaign? Couple of planets? No Prequel content? I knew from the start that this was going to be yet another Battlefield 3 Clone because its DICE which i would have bought but Dayum, will keep my money this time round.

It says ‘game engine footage’. It’s cinematic made on the game engine, nothing more, nothing less. People are interested in the actual gameplay. We have to wait for E3 to finally see the gameplay :/

game ENGINE footage. They prerendered a impressive looking cutscene using the engine. It’s not at all what the game will look like.

No campaign, no story, no space. No Sandcrawlers to pilot through the battlefield at a turtle rate… clearly an oversight…I am not sold! Bioware is at least trying EA… leave the Star Wars franchise to them.

A PvP-only MMO?! No, thanks. I don’t care about PvP and I’m fed up with MMOs. I want a game that I can buy, own, and it stays the same – not a game that the producers keep screwing up until they drive me out of the game, as Bioware is doing with SWtOR.

That kind of game is extinct. It will not return, because publisher like EA make more money if they trew out a half-finished game, that you subscibe for, with updates that never really fix the game, and new DLC you pay for over and over again.

Pay once and own some piece of software that you can use… no longer possible.

I am excited for this game but not as much as before. To be honest while the trailer for it looked amazing!!!! I am dissapointed. There won’t be an actual campaign or any space battles. There will be starfighter battles above the planets but it’s still not what we wanted. And they made some crap about being fans of the original trilogy so no clone wars. Honestly I am sick of that. While the prequels were not good movies at all, the other movies in general weren’t as amazing as everyone says. The clone wars has a lot to offer and to be honest DICE only revealed about 4 maps/planets. I am still excited for this game because I have been waiting for like ten years but to be honest I am dissapointed right now as the fourth planet is actually DLC. I’m sure there will be more and the trailer looked GREAT but the news of it made me just meh.

The same for me, if there is no single player campaign, i won’t bother with it, no matter how awesome it looks, i mean i have no interest at all in pvp, i find it hard to believe people still need to fight and kill each other for competition and the fact that they take it WAY too seriously, there is none of that ‘fun’ in the game, its just win, nothing else matters….that is so boooring.

There was no “campaign” in the the other Battlefront games either. And I suggest you read the text better next time ” “Fight for the Empire or Republic offline, solo or with a friend, in carefully crafted missions.” That means Single Player.

I however agree with the competition/multiplayer obsession in gaming now days, I am sick of it. I would love it if most all games were Single Player only and I never had to put up with or speak to another human again. People are overly social and competitive now days to the point of nausea and it disgusts me. People forgot to just set down, relax, and escape into their games…ALONE.

i feel the same way. way too much competition, not alot of solitude. in most games, sometimes the only way to can progress forward, you have to sign in to something, or you have to group up with some strangers.

at first, i did think that this was a solely a semi-multi-player game. they didn’t really put too much emphasis on the term ‘single player campaign’, but mostly focused on the multi-player, online aspect. there was a campaign mode in battlefront 2, where you were fighting with the 501st on planets ranging from geonosis and the starting of the clone wars, going on to fighting on kashyyk and utapau, implementing order 66 and purging the Jedi temple. on coruscant, the fighting in the death star over certain layouts plans of any structural weaknesses, then the battle afterward on yavin, and ultimately the battle of hoth. it was a really good campaign. tied everything together. there was some rumor going around the internet about a campaign mode that goes between the battle of endor to the beginning era of the force awakens. there might be more details to come at a later date though.

Yeah there wasn’t really much of a campaign in either battlefronts but the lack of instant action and galactic conquest is what hurts more to me.

i think the trailer they showed was mostly focused on the DICE game engine and graphics, and less about the functions of the game. and knowing EA/Bioware, they’re going to stay mum about the games actual concrete features for a long time. last time someone tried to spill the beans from any of their games, are now currently the newest addition to the Palm Springs Sarlacc resort, spa, and torture timeshare getaway. don’t listen to trivago, the stomach acid bath is seriously to die for. but no WiFi.

ok, i’m redacting that statement and any other statement i had about ” there being more to it than just the dice engine in game graphics”. just heard that the single player missions are few and far between, and that this game will be STRICTLY ONLINE PVP! well, i guess that’s money saved from not getting it. knocking on wood that just cause 3 will be better.

No I get what they means. Like you have those people that get REALLY good at the game to the point where it’s annoying to play against them, sorta like how PVP is in this game when you have those people who know how to work the system and run premades. You know, their killing everything left and right like those people you see on COD who make videos about them quick scoping people back to back. A good example are those Rank 100 Colonels on Battlefield. A lot of the time they dominate to the point where they might as well be using the Heroes from the first Battlefront where you can’t really kill them as much as avoid them. Or you have the exploiters who take you out of the feeling that your fighting a battle cuz they are trying to unlock shit.

they dont own star wars, they just have an exclusive contract/liscence to create star wars games and thats it
disney owns all of star wars

No way that it actually looks like that. Probably only on that footage recording pc with 4 GTX Titan X and 16 core 8 Ghz processors with 64 Gig Ram or so.

Still wondering how EA will screw it…DLCs? In game store for characters and items? Pay for round shot? …

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