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SWTOR Anaheim 2015 Cantina Tour Flash Drive Files

SWTOR Anaheim 2015 Cantina Tour Flash drive files. Interesting items includes Yavin Stronghold, upcoming Koensayr Monocycle and a teaser called Secret File.


Secret File

Inside the thumbdrive is this file named as secretfile. The tag line is Hidden Away in the Dark of the Galaxy, Remained a Secret. The hidden image has now been uncovered and posted alongside.


This may have to do with the #FallenEmpire bracelets people were wearing in the cantina with the 6.15.15 date.

Yavin 4 Stronghold


Cartel Market

Koensayr Monocycle


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Have to love the Koensayr monocycle. Wish it looked more like Darth Maul’s in Episode One. Too bad you couldn’t use the dyes on your vehicle. I hope it is a direct purchase and not in a pack so that I have to battle the rng gods… I always lose that battle….

You are right, Maul’s is a half circle. I haven’t watched episode one as much as I have watched the other movies, lol

It’s half grevious, his was more armored and weaponized but yes, It is. Love how people think southpark straight away lol. It was an actual concept before southpark ans star wars even came up with the idea. It’s based of the real real thing.

The Razalon speeders are the closest to Darth Maul’s speeder bike. From memory I think the Razalon FC-1 was coloured the closest to Darth Maul’s speeder bike. Good luck getting one though cos they’re rare and expensive on the GTN. And the pack it came in is I think Shipment 2 or 3.

Razalon FC-1 is from shipment 4 (Space Jockey’s Starfighter Pack), which will likely come to the Cartel Market in the upcomin week. 🙂
Lore, as Red Claw is saying, the Razalon speeders are early versions of Maul’s bike. His was a Razalon FC-20. ^^

Yavin stronghold looks sweet. Though I will be hoping for alderann in the future. (for insurance claims)

Oh, it looks lovely all right. If you like the idea of living in a half-ruined, tumbledown pile of moldy rocks. Looks like I’ll be staying at three strongholds for now, and reconsidering my subscription.

There’ll be a new SH soon enough. What’s up with one thing happening that someone doesn’t like and they quit the game. This will make OTHER players happy. They can’t always please you.

Called it on Yavin, lol.

And wait, what? Keonsyar and motorcycle? That’s an aximoron if I ever heard one.
They are notorious for the slowest craft around.

Keonsyar makes an aweful lot of stuff, not just Y-wings. their parts are in just about every spaceship made

Hmm dark outer reaches of the Galaxy huh. I would like to see the Yuuzhan Vong. We know from Canderous Ordo that they are scouting the Galaxy during this time. And since they are legend status now there’s no reason why Bioware can’t use them. I would like to see them invade the galaxy and unite the empire and republic against a common foe.

The Yuuzhan Vong is the worst thing that ever happened to Star Wars EU. In fact, I don’t mind that much the elimination of Jacen, Jaina, Anakin Solo and Ben Skywalker, along with the awesomeness of the Legacy Of The Force and the Fate of The Jedi series, from the EU, only because along with that, the entire NJO stuff got eliminated as well.

C’mon, YV gave SW something for adults for a change. Anything that moves away from the tame enemies they usually throw out is welcome, imho, and they looked plenty creepy.

But thanks for reminding me that all my favourite characters have been destroyed! :'(

Yes, but at the same time….

1. Lack of the Force and total absence in it
2. Tattoos, self-mutilation, sadism and mazochism
3. Terraforming of planets = Vongforming
4. Bio-engineered everything, hatred for anything mechanical

This is not Star Wars, it’s a cheap SYFY direct to tv movie, based on a really bad Stephen King script.

Honestly, as I was reading the NJO novels, as much as I loved everything that had to do with the legacy of our beloved protagonists, including their children, and the foundation of the New Jedi order, I just couldn’t follow the whole YV theme… it felt out of place.

Meh, guess it comes down to what Star Wars is to each person. I loved the Abeloth story too. Sith vs Jedi over and over gets boring for me.

Thats funny. I found the Force “God/Devil” story to be more out of place than the Yuuzhan Vong stories. But then again, I grew up with reading the Thrawn trilogy as my first novels as a child, and moved from that to the Yuuzhan Vong series (my public library had shall we say, a limited selection). Legacy of the Force was amazing because it was a culmination of the little machinations that occurred during the Yuuzhan Vong series. Fate of the Jedi is where they lost me though, the build up was fine, but the climax was just flat out retarded. A volcano on Coruscant?

I agree, YV made more sense than Abeloth. That said, I thought Abeloth was a genuinely good villain (which tied in with what GL and co had done in the Clone Wars) with a really sinister backstory and motivation. The fact that she was so warped and difficult to kill made her all the scarier. Though I agree the volcanoes on Coruscant was probably a bit much.

Darth Krayt’s cameo was a nice nod. Shame we don’t get any more of Vestara now 🙁

I agree with all of that, except from your first sentence. How do villains that do not exist in the Force make more sense than anything else in Star Wars? Vestara is one of my fav not_valid_anymore_EU characters….

Well, the YV were from another galaxy, so perhaps the Force doesn’t exist there? I’ve not actually finished the series, but didn’t Omni use some Vong thing to connect to the Force and manipulate the Vong leader? So perhaps something in their history resulted in them becoming detached from the Force somehow. Tbh I kinda liked that they were something even Jedi had a hard time against, made them more unusual and more of a perversion, which is, I think, perhaps what the authors were aiming for.

I liked the Ysalamiri for a similar reason. They’re something that can bring the Jedi and Sith down a notch. The Force is used too much as the secret weapon. Like in SWTOR, the Emperor’s ritual thing is just bumping up the Force to new extremes. The Vong took a step in the other direction, which for me personally was a nice change of pace. No new super super super weapon, just technology that was foreign to the Republic and the Jedi.

Agreed with Vestara though. Love shades of grey rather than “idiotic good guy” or “insane lunatic bad guy”, and I’d love to know, even if it was just a question to the authors, if she and Ben were ever destined to end up together. RIP SW EU :'(

Alright, I see your perspective, and I respect a lot of that stuff. Another superweapon would definitely be boring. At least we can agree that all the non-YV stuff in the NJO series was very well written and interesting.

Indeed it was. It shall be missed. Fingers crossed we at LEAST get Mara Jade back in some form.

Abeloth was more like an extremely strong force user, than a Force “God/Devil”. Have you watched The Clone Wars? There is this trilogy of episodes with the Father, the Daughter and the Son, which actually reveals a great backstory for Abeloth, and these beings are not presented as deities of any kind.

I think we can all agree that Legacy Of The Force was amazing from book 1 to book 9. The rise of Darth Caedus made a lot of sense, as did Lumiya and Tahiri Veila, and Mara Jade and pretty much everything else.

With Fate Of The Jedi, while it was not as great as LOTF, it still had a great Luke and Ben Skywalker story, where they travelled to all the places that Jacen had been, and then, the whole revelation about the ancient Sith who were isolated, and the evolution of Vestara Khai alongside this brave new world for her, made these novels extremely interesting to me.

Contrary to the YV, I felt that Abeloth was a quite smart way to find a new villain who is not a Sith, and at the same time sticking with the Force concept. The climax could have been better, I’ll give you that, but that’s just half a book out of 9.

That is the opposite of what Star Wars is. The comics messed things up. Glad to have a direct timeline. They could use any of the comic characters in the new movies.

Not really, what SW ‘is’ isn’t the same for everyone. A lot of us prefer the more mature elements, rather than Ewoks and Jar Jar :/

The Vong were ridiculous. More like Star Trek kinda. I’m not saying that Star Wars is just for kids.

How were they ridiculous though? They were the first enemy force in SW that was actually scary.

They just didn’t fit Star Wars. I guess it’s a matter of opinion. A lot of what the comics did messed things up. Now they can still bring some characters from the comics but now it’s one definite timeline.

Suppose you’re right, since I loved the YV :’)

Sad thing is that that definite timeline is pretty much empty :/

Soon it won’t be. I understand that some of the content and maybe even most was pretty well written, but like in Chewbaccas death things went off. I’m glad he no longer dies…yet…

Chewbaccas death was great! It actually meant something. Disney are going to kill off the main cast in such predictably bland ways 🙁

Yeah but I mean, they will kill one of the original trilogy cast members at some point. There’s rumours Han dies in the new trilogy. I can’t imagine it’s going to be particularly inventive, if true.

Haha, it’s not that hard… I am a fan who appreciates the saga and the universe, and while Chewbacca is a favorite character, there are already SW movies without him which I love. I am mostly intrigued about watching a movie without Anakin/Vader for the first time ever… cause he is a much more pivotal character to the entire saga than Chewie 🙂

Yuuzhan vong would have been better as a bioware game instead of the 20-something novels

Not coming to swtor though

Rishi might be nice. Alderaan would have been beautiful. Corellia, Voss, Belsavis – even Hoth, there are arguments for why each of those might be nice.

But -Yavin-. Really.

Well for people who want a more darkish Sith feel yavin is ideal. So yess, pretty much A lot of people will be excited, me included

Exactly. All others, who aren’t satisfied with Yavin IV, just have patience, there’ll be some other SH that would fit your character.

….Yavin IV.

Jesus CHRIST, does Bioware even WANT to have subscribers?? I begin to think that the answer is a resounding NO.

Yeah, thank you Biohazard for taking it easy on my credits and CC. I won’t be buying that stronghold. No interest whatsoever.

My main is a sith sorcerer, he’d defo like to have a secluded residence hidden somewhere in the woods of Yavin IV where he could meditate on the dark side, that’s strong on that planet. So far i like the idea. I’ll even consider moving there with all my decorations used on DK, don’t want to collect another decos pool for another 6 month. 🙂

Is it just me or does anyone else see a flashing star in the upper-right hand corner of the secret file image? I only see it in in IE 11, not Chrome.

Yeaaaaaah yavin 4, called it baby. (Runs around in the house screaming, not sure if it’s joyful or painful screaming as I bumbed my pinky toe against the desk:(, none the les keep on screaming.) yeaaaaaaaaaah,mooaaaaaarrrree pictures

Damn it, as if yavin lag isn’t bad enough as it is.
Mount looks cool, no doubt it will be like the jetpack and so rare it cost several million credits.

If it is in a pack it will be rare. No doubt.
But maybe you can buy it directly from the Cartel Market?

I am sure I am in the minority here, but I think the Monocycle looks cool. I hope it’s a CC purchase as opposed to pack drop though.

loving that monocycle but knowing my luck ill never get it from a hypercrate. and that yevin strong hold i like the look of it but im worried about lag i still get bouts of sitting in my strong hold on nah shadda and getting drop outs

Doesn’t change the style. It is both Mad Max style and South Park style. In addition to the other styles it comes from.

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I’m going to get that bike, and then make a Sith Lord named Mis’terGarri’son. He shall be old, wear goggles….and his dye shall be green. His lightsaber, shall be as pink as possible. Thus, Darth Garrison is born.

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