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SWTOR Anaheim Cantina Tour Livestream Notes

SWTOR Anaheim Cantina Tour livestream notes and Q&A.



State of the Galaxy

  • New trailer shown shown for Patch 3.2 (nothing new, just uses ingame cinematics from patch 3.2).
  • What are we focusing on?
    • People love the SWTOR story. SOR launched last year – “The story was excellent”
    • Game Update 3.2 – Rise of the Emperor

Coming soon to SWTOR

  • 3.2 Rise of the Emperor is the epilogue to SOR
    • Planet Ziost – everyone on the planet who arrived before you is possessed by the Emperor.
    • New creatures on Ziost – Monoliths
    • Introduction of Sixth Line Jedi Order – Military like Jedi Order (There is no contemplation, there is only duty)
    • New features: Outfit Designer
    • New features: Travel made easy – Bind points unlock automatically when you approach them without having to interact with them. All Taxi points unlocked as soon as you land on a planet. Quick travel cooldown reduced to 0 via legacy perks.
  • Epic story XP boost (pretty much 12XP for class missions) coming May 4th for every single subscriber. It is going to be around for so long we don’t even know when it will end.
    • M4-1S Astromech droid pet also given for subscribers.
  • Yavin 4 Stronghold
  • Appreciation for Zorz for being the first guild to defeat Revan. Sorvali and Smugglin from <Zorz> are presented on stage. Special plaque rewarded to Zorz.


  • Will Mandalore ever play a bigger role in the game?
    • Charles – I am a huge Mandalore fan. I don’t like to hand out spoilers but that would be pretty cool wouldn’t it?
  • Can we get more companion interactions and more character-companion stories?
    • Jesse – Companions are huge part of the game. I can’t give much details but we really want to bring companions back into the it.
  • For someone with zero MMO experience, what is your best advice?
    • Michael – Check out the Epic story XP boost on May 4th.
  • Costume option to alter our appearance other than the armor we wearing?
    • Jesse – It is definitely something we can look into like the agent story line where you wear a costume.
  • Any plans to add new companions?
    • Jesse – Treek was one of the more popular things we done, and I think you will see more like it in the future.
  • Any chance to add more hooks in strongholds?
    • Michael – I think it is a great idea. Some people want more hooks or hooks in other places. Yavin 4 have more hooks than usual, including larger hooks.
  • Wookies as a playable race?
    • Michael – There is a wall of crazy and this is on that list. We love the wookies. There is a race we are infact adding this year – Torgruta. Player VO for wookies is less compelling than other player VOs.
  • Will purebloods get more hair options?
    • Michael – Come find us after and talk. We would love to add more.
  • Are you going to make more items in the game stackable in your bag?
    • Michael – let us know what items and give us feedback. We are always looking for easy wins and if we can make your bag experience better we will definitely do it.
  • Can we get some Mando banners for housing?
    • Michael – Absolutely, we long Lucas love it and you guys love it.
  • Any plans for more items/perks for legacy level 50?
    • Eric asked how many people in the audience are legacy level 50? (pretty much everyone, he regret asking the question).
    • Definitely let us know what you are looking for.
  • Can we get costume items for wookies, rodians etc just for roleplaying and not for combat
    • Something we talked about, might do something in the future.
  • Any plan to redesign boss encounters to make them melee friendly?
    • Jesse – look for some improvements in 3.2 and we will be vigilant about it in the future. We made our QA group to beat all the bosses with all melee just to make sure it isn’t impossible.
  • Will the blocked off daily area/world boss in Ziost on PTS be part of 3.2 or later patch?
    • Michael – We saw the screenshots that have been floating around. The answer is yes, there is more to the 3.2 story than what is on the PTS. Yes but just no timing.
  • Any chance for huttball practice arena in guild ship or stronghold?
    • Michael – That is a good one, no plan for it right now. The licensing fee with the Hutts is too high but maybe that is something we could do.
  • Will we get see the Emperor in his original true body as a pureblood?
    • Jesse – Emperor is very powerful and can take on many forms. Stay tuned. What if trueblood form isn’t his real form?

Digital Flash Drive

  • Mount code from cantina can be shared with 5 friends and each of them get to share with 5 other friends and so on.
  • The secret teaser pic we shown, there is more to it.

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217 replies on “SWTOR Anaheim Cantina Tour Livestream Notes”

This largely felt like a rehash of the March stream with the addition of the return of 12xp and a 60 second discussion of the Yavin-IV strongholds. Why did that take 60 minutes?

And they totally told us they had an announcement for the end… and then promptly didn’t announce it. Yup.

Disappointing, though TBH I expected them to pretty much rehash the March livestream since that content hasn’t been released yet.

BW needs to release a roadmap for the 2nd half of the year, and sooner rather than later. It should include a broad overview of the types of content and major changes we can expect, such as an update on megaservers and a rough estimate of implementation, when and how many new raids will be added by the end of the year, the next story expansion and how many planets it will include, if there is any new PVP content (warzones/gsf) slated for the year at all, any new events planned, etc.

we keep loosing great players to their lack of real pve (and pvp) content.. we cannot take this for much longer.. all fun and games for new players but I was legacy lvl 50 years ago and my guild members already have 12-16 lvl 60 chars. Nothing for us to do in the game and if experienced players keep leaving the game… I highly doubt that new ones will stick around for long..

Yep i left a few months ago & wont be coming back

In 3 years all i ever got from the devs is excuses for why the popular content requests cant be added & a constant stream of garbage added that noone asked for

Its always been the same problem, the engine is just poor

Really? Not even a scaled down version of 12x XP for Preferred? Of all the ways they could’ve done this, simply HANDING it to subs only? That maximizes neither access nor profits.

They want you to subscribe. Don’t expect F2P to get everything subs get. Never going to happen, nor should it. Why should I pay $10/mo. so everyone that doesn’t gets the same stuff? Just buy a time card on that famous auction site. There’s a German seller that sells 60 day time cards for $20 and they should work fine worldwide.

Sigh. I claimed neither that it should be the same reward nor that it should be free. A setup of 12/6/3x (arbitrary numbers, but you get the idea) for subs/pref/f2p, and costing 1000CC per toon, would’ve made a mint for BW, and made a much larger portion of players happy. You even could charge more for non-subs if you like, but spare me the entitlement nonsense, because plenty of people spend money on this game without a subscription.

Really? Complaining you aren’t getting more perks for being a freeloader? whats the incentive to sub if you get a only slightly watered down version of a incredible boost?

You get what you pay for. Be glad you get the 2XP weekends for free.

Not to mention any profit they made from us buying the CE was burned through Biowares morning coffee the week after launch.
Whereas subscribers pays Biowares salaries. Sorry, but playing that tired old card is just that: tired and old.

Did not say it did. But CE owners get fucked over nearly, if not more than Sins and sorcs do. CEs at the top, then subs, then f2p.

Sorry, sins get fucked over? When? Beta? :S

As for the original point; I’m a CE owner, but something like this shouldn’t be a CE exclusive. I do agree that the vendor should be updated a bit more frequently, however, as that was the promise we paid for.

Sins have been fucked over nearly ever patch since launch…you must have started playing in either 2.7 or more recently, and only play madness.

I agree this shouldn’t be CE exclusive, but CE owners get nothing. We all remember when they said the merchant would be updated etc etc etc…aaaaand it hasn’t. It has got what, 2 updates? With worse items than everyone else gets.

Obviously yet another example of Poe’s Law at work, can’t relate voice inflection in text messages so sarcasm is sometimes difficult to recognize.

It’s hyperbole…something the idiots here seemingly can’t understand. And it brings to light the issue of CE being fucked over.

I wouldn’t liked to see a Legacy lvl 50 12x XP perk for Preferreds. Or just a way to reset the class story. People don’t want quicker leveling because they want to level a character the first time, they generally want it to re-experience the awesome class stories, maybe with a few different dialogue options is all.

It would also solve gearing and talent acquisition issues, and with the unlocked speeder 3 let people travel quicker. And also being at a higher level, easily avoid mobs until near the end of the story.

The story is really amazing when you just play through it and experience it as it was meant to be experienced. It’s kind of obvious the class stories were all written to be continuous, and not separated by the planet quests and side stories as they are. I remember one 2XP week, I leveled up on KDY and left most of my class story. It was just absolutely glorious. Easily on par with a single player RPG.

It’s about goddamned time subs got something other than lifted restrictions for forking out every month.

I believe that at this rate, it’s already too much effort to update the game’s engine. Just imagine all the story content we already have, they’d have to run multiple tests through all the content again to see if everything works.

I don’t think we will see an update of it in the near future.

This. Why do you think it took Blizzard over twelve years to update their engine? Wasn’t for a lack of resources, that’s for sure. The more content you create, the harder it will be to port to a new engine.

So just keep piling on stuff until it sinks then. Great plan. I am not asking for a complete redesign of the entire game just that they at least try and keep up with the technical development. DirectX 11 perhaps? 64-bit client? Functional SLI? Faster Loading times? Just some general performance fixes, things that would make it easier for me to enjoy future content.

Get a better computer. I am running a mid-range rig at 60+fps on Ultra with <10ms latency. 99% of performance issues can be traced to terrible hardware. Not Biowares' fault your system sucks.

Wow how did i not see that one coming. I base my comment on comparing SWTOR to countless other games that do just fine. My conclusion is that there are room for performance improvements. Things people like you don’t even want to discuss. Enjoy your Cartel packs.

Shitty is as shitty does. Of course your comment was ignored because you are placing the blame on the developer instead of your setup. You don’t want to fix the issues on your end, don’t expect them to fix it for you.

“Enjoy your Cartel packs”? Oh, what you meant to say was “Sorry I am a broke ass fool that I can’t afford a $50 clearance graphics card that can play TOR without any trouble” Pffff…. baddies will be bad

Nah, it’s been confirmed even by the devs themselves that there is an engine issue. That’s why Ilum got scrapped.

I personally just turn off shadows because the game runs much better with them off, and it doesn’t even look any better really with them on.

But the real problems are when there are lots of players in the same spot. That is why they shard the maps so much, and also why when they had GF 16 man Operations the game almost died, and Starcluster casino when set as a zone during the casino event also almost killed the servers.

Loading time is also still going to exist for the planets like Corelia. It is significantly reduced by an SSD but it’s still slow. This is server side as client side does load it quicker, and you can even move around a bit if you want and also mess around with alt-tab and a few other things before the server finally places you.

This game is pretty old at this point, and a lot of better looking games just run a lot better. The Hero engine Bioware chose to use was actually a prototype unfinished version that they then modified themselves, but has a lot of limitations.

Anyway I suspect you don’t actually care about any of what I wrote, and were busy just being a fanboy, but oh well 🙂

Its Biowares fault they implement mechanics (check Underlurker!!!) their engine cant do and everything is bugged as hell. Many of us have great or even top noch pcs and the game’s performance still sucks. Not to mention most servers lag terribly all the time and that has nothing to do with us. They are not even perforimng maintenances as often as needed…

They are trying to tweak it where they can, but they are limited by what is possible without complete redesign.
I would say invest in SSD, that cuts down loading times to minimum (or RAMdisk). Also remember that MMOs are pretty much CPU-limited, so SLI would not do much for you.

I really hope they are trying to do something about performance but hard to tell when they don’t really discuss that at all. I just like to see some talk about that. Already have SSD and it’s as fast as it gets but comparing to other titles i say it’s still too slow. Must be room there for improvements. I get a fair bit of performance boots using SLI but due to some bug the game stutters like crazy when nameplates are turned on. To me that is a clear place to do some improvements and fixes that would benefit the players.

They said that a lot of the people who worked on the engine before, during development are no longer with the project so trying to update the engine now with different people could pose some new challenges

Sad to hear and i am pretty sure that is true and all. Still, people are subscribing and paying for a service. Anything is possible but it all comes down to cost and prioritizing. I like new content but i also want to see some focus on the systems we all use to experience that content.

The asked ppl to write down questions and then “randomly” asked some and without “filtering” them. Year right.. Nothing important was even talked about.. nothing about pve ops, unviable classes, broken mechanics, pvp wasnt mentioned once etc…

The coding they have done the early engine must be terrible. I think they don’t dare to touch it.

But transfering the content to some propper engine would be the most important thing to do.

I…. don’t….. care…… about reduction….. If you don’t know why someone would want ZERO XP gains, I am not going to waste my time explaining it to you.

so then what would stop those same premades from going down to lowbies themselves, surely they have lower leveled alts.

But why would they? I can’t imagine they nuke pug teams because it’s fun, after all, so without endgame rewards to keep them satiated they wouldn’t play.

You’re assuming they are just in it for the rewards. Perhaps those people are just doing it for the the fun of it, or just like to win regardless of the bracket they are in.

No I think it is actually fun for them to pugstomp. Also they talk trash during and after the said stomping. These are not normal, well adjusted human beings we are talking about after all.

To premade in regs in the first place is….strange. This game is so casual and the PVP is such an afterthought it makes no sense to stack the odds so desperately in your favor for it. It’s primarily a PVE game.

On my server people that do pug-farming premades usually have alts in all PvP brackets. There’s no escape.

Don’t think turning of the 12xp = lowbie pvp forever although a lot of people like lowbie pvp better then end pvp.

Secondly he means it as wanting to level regularly without boost, going F2p as someone suggested would mean credit cap, restricted area for section x, no lock boxes, needing passes for ops, wz, short a lot of restriction to simply level regularly

No…. I did not mean that at all…. I said ZERO XP, not REDUCED XP…. God, have you people never heard of twinking? Google it.

Should have posted your comment in other terms. Should have started with twinking right away.

The way you said it till now, minus the twinking part still makes it seems you are asking if there would be away to eleminate 12x xp.

Although neroth did same to get it.

Still twinking, start with that next time lol.

It’s still correct to say XP is eliminated, but the math works out differently since you’re negating the boosted amount and working backwards. Frankly I have no idea any longer what that math is, but I knew it in high school once.

The idea is the same though, F2P/Preferred get less experience.

…Envisioning the already unforgiving-to-lowbies 30-59 bracket turning into nothing but speed-leveled, XP frozen 59’s in full 162 gear farming their comms to max. Yeah, that sounds like a fun time.

And what makes you think that is the only lowbie bracket around? For that matter, they are already fixing the disparity in that bracket in 3.2 on April 28th, so your concern is moot. Twinks don’t expect you to understand why they do it, they just expect you to fall under their heel.

I thought some kind of XP eliminator had been datamined. Most people aren’t going to be excited about that, they aren’t going to talk about it much, if it is even ready to talk about.

As a legacy level 50 I’m excited to hear 12xp will be making a comeback. However I’m not too excited to hear that all subscribers will get it, even if they’re brand new to TOR. I was hoping it would be limited to some legacy level and above, or maybe you’d have to have one of that base class to level 60 before you could then level others of that base class at 12xp speed.

Idd, I mean it is a great way for new players to catch up with old friends, but the lack of effort in learning to actually play, lore and what ever comes with it, it’s way beyond 0% meaning a cluster of fucks coming in.

Altho still glad for this,

Had to try and heal a tank in Boarding Party yesterday. No headpiece, no implants and no earpiece. Gear was about ten levels below what it should have been. Claimed it was because of double xp.

We’re all doomed 😛

Hahaha right, this happend even way before double xp, so definantly Doomed. I think tutorials should be forced, at least for new players. I my self would not like this but then again I’m someone who actually figures stuff out.

like people picking an advance class and then complain that they can’t switch back and that they should have been told so…


I’ve examined level 60’s on the fleet, recently, standing around in GREEN level 50 gear and NO off hand, and their on fleet chat trying to form ops groups. I’ve seen tanks with no shield generator, I’ve seen mercs with defense/absorb gear.

I mean OMG, WTF.

arby there is a known bug from beta that doesnt show offhands like shield or offhand blaster pistols/shotguns it could be he had a shield installed but it didnt show up due to that ancient bug.

5 minutes in and Boyd asks if the audience should applaud themselves. Everyone on the panel claps except Musco. He hates the SWTOR community.

They said nothing about anything. FUCK these assholes. All about RP crap and “look how cool we are”…. how about “look how fucked up we made the game for you”?!?!?! WTF, idiots????

This “cantina tour” shit is a scam. They get to go party away from the office for a couple days in exchange for a couple of hours of putting up with those goddamn players and all their goddamn questions and then charge it all to BW’s credit card.

Fuck this stupid game.

“We love the idea…” (but we won’t tell you anything)

“This would be a good idea…” (but we fail even in simpler tasks, so your good idea can’t be done by our team)

“We talked about that…” (but never came to the point to make a decision)

“It’s on the list of things that never can be done by this team of developer LOL”

Agreed, only two new things were the stronghold and 12x in terms of which strong hold it would be and when 12x would come. But that they would be coming was already known.

Is what I said time and time again, cantons shows us nothing new. They are more of a recap.

Talk about fluff questions. The sort of questions a SWTOR/Bioware White Knight would ask. No questions about any concerns raised time and time again on the forums. Good to see the Cantina was again another waste of time and waffle.

I will tell you this much, the questions asked to them were written on cards and then asked to them. I wrote down multiple questions on multiple cards (Here are a few I submitted: are there any plans to take action against credit farmers and the sellers spamming in fleet? Any plans to fix the state of world pvp? Why make a costume designer that changes gear appearance with the click of a button instead of a button that can swap out full armor sets for players who play multiple specs/roles?) None of the cards I wrote were asked to the panel. Obviously they wanted to control what questions were instead of putting the development team in a position to answer then.

That is exactly what I suspected. The questions asked appeared to be waaaaaaaaaaaay too directed towards what Bioware wanted (Pimping future stuff) without addressing anything current or past such as outstanding issues like lag, slot machines or many other things listed by the forum threads.

I would like to say it is pathetic of Bioware but at this point, I am no longer surprised of the cowards.

That could be the case yes, my only qeustion is why must there be action taken to credit farmers? This would result in the same pvp QQ nerf that screws pve all over.

I farm credits, doesn’t make me a seller, why should I be punished for making credits so I can spend them on items we want, or anyone else in such a case.

Tbh, can’t stop sellers without punishing honest farmers like m. Which will Result in a lot of rage

There is nothing wrong with manually grinding your credits. But if you use a bot program to play your account for you and farm credits while you are doing something else and not actively playing the game, that is wrong. That’s what credit farming is. It’s a “bot” that is gathering and collecting to generate credits which the credit selling sites then sell.

Now. If you are just manually doing dailies, controlling your character as you run around a planet slicing lockboxes and looting chests, there is nothing wrong with that as you are putting in the time and effort to do it. Being AFK while a program does it though is wrong. I know that each day I see at least a dozen level 53 snipers on Belsavis, and usually 99.9% of those 53 snipers are bot programs farming credits. Those are farmers. People who actually earn their credits honestly are not considered credit farmers.

ah, thats what you meant. Well the term credit farming is not really a bot related thing, thats why i asked. But yes botters in general, should be taken action against.

Of course the wanted to control the questions, they don’t want someone like me asking them all the questions I’d (most of us in fact) like answered. They want to answer the “look how cool we are” questions, not the “look at what tools we are” questions.

The Q&A was a bit of a joke. But it was nice that BW made a statement about 12x. And it was nice that they gave special recognition to the people that killed Revan 1st (I don’t care about pve but still). The event wasn’t a total loss to me. But BW really has to start talking about what they’re going to do re: dwindling server pops – sooner than later.

Travel made easy, nice about time.
Epic xp, sweet, think after 2x xp I will stop playing until May 4th.
I hope they do something with comps, and let us have Lana as a heal/dps comp.
At least the removal of ea twisted romance, you romance, get laid, talk of marriage and kids, get married, never have kids and never speak to each other again, EVER.

For someone with zero MMO experience, what is your best advice?
Michael – Check out the Epic story XP boost on May 4th.

So you can have a max level character, and still no MMO expierience.

Nice idea. Just skip learning your class, and the mechanics of the game…

Believe it or not, we tried to run the new Operation last time and had to explain our smuggler that he can take cover and use new skills then. No shit….

XP boosts are bad, you should have to have at least one level 60 of the same advanced class in your legacy before you can use them.

Dulfy didn’t post the latter part of the answer. They also said to ask people for help and check fan sites.

Sounds alright overall. Little disappointed that Yavin is the new GSH though, as it makes fuck all sense.

I think they really need to retire the “Rise of the” titles for a while. This could have been called Return of the Emperor, or Revenge of the Emperor, and been just fine. Or even The Emperor Strikes Back. Well, maybe not that.

We won’t. At least not permanent if we get to do that.

Unless that’s random information, I doubt we will kill him.

On the comment, the title is correct, he died, and he rose back from the grave.

Imo, the return would mean to me that he is back as the emperor in favor of the empire.

Rise to me stands more out, he rose from the death and he rose as his true self, in terms, what hé really wants.

But it’s just a matter of perspective.

But as u suggested, can it truely be a rise if he dies in 3.2? No. But he won’t die, simply reasons. Shadow of revan. Is a story bout revan and the emperor. If we killed him in 3.2 that means the yet again redeemed or unified revan undid what his evil counterpart did. Means this xpac took about 7 months after a long one, two year of the same old opperations all over,

Would make you wonder what they did al those months.

We could argue rise of the hurt cartel ended on makeb. But the information from shroud revealed that it was truly the dread masters doing that made the hutt took makeb as a way to weaken both rep and empire.

Meaning, the real reason for everything in RoTHC was about dread master till the very end.

So with that said, I don’t think we will see the emperor’s end in 3.2, too for an end of an xpac. Might be push back of ziost since he isn’t at full power but still strong enough.

I’ll just point out we cannot truely kill the emperor. Otherwise he would not be in the original trilogy. It’s likely at some point point we will just kill his current form

Ah i thought it was same emperor. I thought he was immortal and never died just went into hiding to recover after being defeated.

Also “spoiler alert”

Does this story with emperor further the jk story or ruin the point of it in your opinions

I think it ruins it a little bit because killing the emporer made the jedi knight a god but now it kind of ruined it for me.

It isn’t as a Sith lord rising to the rank of emperor but more in the rise of the emperor, he is back, he died and now he rises up from the death again.

There are only two things on my wish list:

– Pazaak
– a female Twi’lek companion for all classes

And I know they will never do both.

I think they had Pazaak on their list since the game was released… i doubt we’ll ever see that. It’d be awesome though. I LOVED playing Pazaak in KOTOR. Playing it against friends online or even doing a tournament would be awesome.

I wish they’d give us a couple playable game tables like SWG had, I lost hours on those things and enjoyed every second.

Sadly i only got to play a couple of days before it closed down. I fear i don’t know what those were like.

I actually enjoyed the swoop racing they had in that f2p prequel-era Star Wars game (forget the name of it) on the SOE game network (forget the name of that too). I’d be super happy with something like that again.

There is a pazaak app for android on the Play Store too, I’ve wasted many an hour sitting in line waiting for appointments, etc on that.

12x xp on May 4th.. Kinda seems like a double etched sword to me, I’m looking forward to it but once I’m maxed on 60s it’s kinda like… Now what?

That’s why I don’t understand why people want x12 to come back regularly or as a CM item. They will play all classes in no time which will result in their complains that the game is boring because they have no more content to play. eh. Exp x12 seems to make people happy…which won’t last long after they realize they played everything.

I only like the class missions,raids and PvP and want to have 60’s on all servers but I have stuff to do so this is perfect for ppl like me

I like running a new character through the stories, but don’t care much for a lot of the boring sidequests. If I fill up all my slots with 60s I’ll just delete the ones I like the least and start over. Tis good for some people, and also an optional boost, so it’s a good idea imho.

Have one of every main class at 55-60, I enjoy going through the story on one cohesive playthrough, my memory isn’t so great anymore. Plus I love taking a 60 to low level places to farm or just be a general badass. You don’t really feel that powerful in this game unless you are 10 levels ahead of something. “You can cause lightning storms? Great, watch this street urchin rip your face off.” Thats not dignified for a sith.

Because it’s so difficult, and takes so long to grind a toon to 60, especially now that most class missions give complimentary XP boosts anyway, and only a fool grinds an non-rested toon. If it’s your third one of the same class I guess maybe it would feel repetitive, but there are too many that grind toon 1 and 2 like this and then have no freaking idea how to play them once they get to 60. Bad call, imo, I have 9 level 60’s and I don’t think it’s necessary.

For people like me who work 10+ hrs a day it is nice to enjoy the story lines and then focus on a character for the quests. It’s not to max out, but to enjoy the class stories.

Random question: Does 12x XP count for legacy XP? Not that keen on it for my characters, but for legacy, it’ll be nice.

Well some features are cool & hope an operation/pvp update will come soon. It is what the majority wants, so they need to bring news in 2015.

Btw, i saw some very valid comments below regarding game engine and i would also like to add the music/soundtrack aspect of it. As devs focusing on story aspect of game, wouldn’t be nice to also update -incorporate new music features and stuff like that? star wars universe is so well known about its music and sounds (just look at the trailers of episode 7) so perhaps provide some more of this? soundtrack of movies and previous games, is actually available, just choose & put it in the game, (make an option ‘on/off’, if some of us are not happy with hearing star wars music as they play)

While i like 12x coming back, i think it would be good to have 12x class xp weeks or weekends like with 2x

“While i like 12x coming back, I think it would be good to have 12x class xp weeks” What are you talking about? You just acknowledged 12x xp is coming back, and then said you want 12x xp back. Didn’t you read what it said? It will be around for a long time. why ask for a week when you might have 10?

I think he means weeks/weekends for everyone. Not a fan of that, personally. Incentive to sub beyond removing restrictions is a good thing, imho.

Dropping 12xp 3 weeks after 2xp? Ah well, at least I’ll have some comfort that I can finish whatever 2xp didn’t cover. I still have 4 toons to get to 60, and 2xp won’t be quite long enough to finish them all.

Is anyone else as excited/worried as I am about 12xp going on until “they don’t know when”?

As much as I’m looking forward to it, I’m a little bit puzzled by it too, because I’m not sure if it’s a bad sign or an indication of how many new accounts it generated last time they did it. Or if any of that matters?

Just curious, I suppose…

Its not bad to add more players level 60 to be ready for operations and wzns on Fleet.

As long as they are not quitters and whiners I’m in for it.

Will we get see the Emperor in his original true body as a pureblood?

Jesse – Emperor is very powerful and can take on many forms. Stay tuned. What if trueblood form isn’t his real form?

Where did this person get the idea that the emperor was a red skinned sith

Most likely from the books as much of the foundation of SWTOR and Revan is Drew Karpyshyn’s work. If you haven’t read any of the SWTOR books, I HIGHLY suggest you at least read/listen to “Star Wars The Old Republic: Revan”. This book covers Revan’s story just a few years after the original Knights of The Old Republic games. The book also introduces you to Lord Scourge and the Jedi Exile known as Meetra Surik. These characters all tie into the current game and you learn a great deal about the Emperor and the legends surrounding his rise to power. Here are some links for reference:

Hope this helps!

TL:DR – Tenebrae also known as Lord Vitiate, also known as “The Emperor” is a powerful Sith who was originally of the Sith species.

sides the idea of pureblood supremacy would be a little hard to explain if the emperor wasn’t one

Think the best way for the 12 xp boost is to make it optional like the current boost we all get after each class mission ends and lasts around 24 Hours or something like that.

So it will be on the players if they want to use it and when.

So with the 12x exp coming around again for the second time? I remember them saying something about how out leveling gear was a bad part about it, and i think they said something about improving that. Did they mention anything like that?

Maybe update the inheritance/birthright gear to scale with level to be good enough to get by in class missions because all those unassembled pieces do is take up space.

Will you have to be subscribed on May the 4th to get the class XP boost or will it suffice to subscribe any time while the boost is live?

Did any one ask if there ever going to be new classes not races need. A new class like creature handler or something

So they are adding a few new hours of gameplay and a bunch of features that should have been in the game years ago, as well as the 12x xp for subs, not really seeing anything to bring anyone back to the game, seems like they are just trying to grab new subs.

How about they give us another 50 legacy levels with decent perks, or a new class, maybe even some sort of leveling that happens at 60 that is account wide that gives you access to minor stat upgrades ? They need to stop living in the MMO world of 10 years ago if they want to get people to play the game for more than a few weeks at a time.

“maybe even some sort of leveling that happens at 60 that is account wide that gives you access to minor stat upgrades ?” you mean the legacy system? already exists

No that’s not at all what I meant, i’m talking about something that boosts our main stats or our crit damage or something like that, like ESO has implemented or like the paragon points in Diablo 3.

I specifically mentioned the legacy system when I said “How about they give us another 50 legacy levels with decent perks”, all the legacy stuff has is perks for your account, nothing directly affects your players stats or really gives you any reason to level it out other than quicker CD’s on travel or having a speeder at an earlier level.

True, having something decent to make higher legacy levels worth it would be cool, sadly I think the legacy levels are pretty much like the collector’s edition vendor, practically worthless.

also takes quit a time to actually get there, thats the reason Musco was so surprised when almost the whole cantina attendees had lv 50 legacy. Certain perks must meet certain requirement then just lv 50 so it could work. Time will tell

True, it can take time, some of us (like myself) have been legacy 50 since 4 months after the game launched lol, so that’s probably why my opinion of the legacy system is so low.

Ive been legacy level 50 for 2 years, with all the 2 times xp and the hit and miss boredom at endgame, you make new toons. You level them and the legacy xp is boosted with the 2x. I don’t see how he could be that surprised that people are legacy level 50, the games been out since the end of 2011. New perks to the legacy system with more levels would be something. Hoping that there’s at least quite a bit to do on Ziost.

Yeah, I had 26 toons that were 55, I didn’t bother to get all of them 60, only about 10 of them made it as I just got bored of the new content, so something that would interest players for the long term sure would be nice.

Sounds like whiners come back.
The best for the complainers is to stay away from the game and start doing something else on their time.

We have enough problems with the Nerfing shts that happen because of all the cluless people.

Man I was just coming up with some creative suggestions that might interest people that used to play but don’t really have any reason to play right now, and even if I was whining or complaining, I think my 6000+ hours in the game allows me to voice my opinion on the state of the game and their upcoming content.

We all know the devs aren’t perfect or even halfway decent most of the time, but I bet their “Nerfing shts” is to try and get more people interested in the game by making content more accessible.

I kinda doubt that….from a designer’s perspective, if you wanted to add 5 new abilities for the next expansion, but had to take away 4 existing abilities to make room: would you nerf players gradually to soften the blow while adding some new story and incentive to replay class quests, learn new rotations and get them prepared, or just take all the abilities away at once when the XPAC is released?

I get your point, but what does your comment have to do with anything I have said ? I haven’t suggested they remove skills or add new skills to the game, I didn’t even suggest they nerf anything, they are always changing skills but almost never removing or adding skills.

Did you have some sort of idea in mind to improve the game and simply didn’t say that it was your idea in regards to your comment ?

But most of the games out there are more or less the same.
So it all depends on what each one wants to play.

Also they only Nerfs they do is on the classes itself they downgrade the damage all the time thats why they need to Nerf the content too so it will be Viable for the new players.

I would have much preferred a chateau on Alderaan to a jungle stronghold on Yavin IV, but at least now I’ll have an appropriate place to put some Massassi guards.

yeah think so too, was just wondering since everything they mentioned coming with 3.2. Ah well guess have to wait a week to see. Thanks

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Yavin 4, Ziost, Korriban and Oricon these would be my all time fav for stronghold. At least one is getting a sh

My favorite SH would be a Manaan Stronghold … have more of a reason to be there than the one flashpoint.

True that, it is a beautiful place, the scenery is amazing. Tbh all planets should have a Sh if not multiples, Un the long run. Manaan should either be half above water and other half below or fully below built Sh. That would be amazing with the underwater view.

Dulfy, do you have the images of the Yavin SH, or do you need them? I didn’t see them yet on your blog and I just so happen to have gone to that Cantina Drive so I have the flashdrive files.

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“Wookies as a playable race?”
Why do ppl keep asking these stupid questions when they already know and been told numerous times that such features cannot be implemented?

true! plus it’s obvious they only add humanoid species that are cool as male and female, I dont see a female selkath, wookie or kel dor 😛

Any plan to redesign boss encounters to make them melee friendly?

Jesse – look for some improvements in 3.2 and we will be vigilant
about it in the future. We made our QA group to beat all the bosses with
all melee just to make sure it isn’t impossible.
I want to see a streaming feed of them trying his in in hm. so i can laugh

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