Cantina Tour SWTOR

SWTOR Prinawe Congregate Speeder from Cantina Tour

Images and videos of the SWTOR  Prinawe Congregate speeder given out at Anaheim Cantina Tour.

Once you redeem the code from the Cantina Your, login to your account to redeem it. You will get a link to share the code to 5 other friends at (unfortunately this doesnโ€™t seem to work yet so we canโ€™t share the codes just yet). If you have a link to share, feel free to post it below.

You will get a mail on every character once you have redeemed the code. Inside it will be a box with the Prinawe speeder and a random item (I got random dyes from both boxes) but you can get dyes, XP boost, SP-RO Power Droid, carbonite chamber regen item, and First Grand Statue of Mandalore.


What does it look and sound like?



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I’m hearing rumors that the people you send codes to can then in turn send codes to their friends. Is there any chance whatsoever this is true? I suspect a ruse.

capslock disengaged now

You can in fact spread the love. I was at the cantina night. Say I give one of my links to dulfy. She can in turn give 1 to you, alongside 4 others to anyone else who doesn’t already have one.

Sure, I just got one from the SWTOR Reddit page (googled “SWTOR Cantina Speeder code”, clicked the SWTOR page for Reddit and it was the first on the list. My code is ๐Ÿ™‚ MTFBWY! If it gets used up just check Reddit for another code

I just got a centerpiece “First grand Statue of Mandalore” decoration from my box, with the speeder. – Kintosi of TEH.

Question for non USA people, have you got a code to work?.
I clicked every link every where and it either says not valid, or unknown error.
I suspect once again ea thinks the only country in the world is the USA.

The codes work for everyone. If it says the code is not valid it means that the code was already used 5 times.
Try codes that were recently posted.

It took an hour of clicking links even only a minute old before I finely got one.
I do not think EA thought this out though, I bet there are going to be lots and lots of suddenly new created toons, and deletes over the next few days, people desperate to get the mando statue.

Every time I click it says “An unknown error has been detected”. Do I have to subscripe on community events?

yes. Don’t know what the problem was, but I had to click nearly 7 times the same code to recieve confirmation.

LOL. Hahaha… to all those crying about cantina tour “exclusive content”, I say Thank God that I won’t accidentally get that ugly bastard in a cartel pack. To everybody in Anaheim: HAHAHAHAHA they got ya… enjoy your pinkness!!!! :-p

I happen to like this speeder. Thank god I won’t have to spend several million credits on the GTN for it!

Everybody knows, pink ist the color that everybody reminds of Star Wars. More important: BioWare knows it.

Smells like whiners.
Chill out its a nice mount after all and if you don’t like it you don’t have to use it.

So, I finally got a working code, but I didn’t get any other codes to hand out. Is there a limit to the number of layers that can be shared, or do I need to look somewhere to get the codes to share?

Go to your account on the website
Then go to “Code Redemption”.
There is a link to get your shareable link.

It may take some minutes till you get them after you claimed a code. Just wait a little bit and reload the site.

I went to bed, got up, read this, and its still saying You do not have any Community Event codes available. I guess I might try a ticket and see what’s up.

So I opened the pack across all of my 21 toons and created at least 20 or so new toons and opened the pack on those toons and still no fucking Mandalore statue. Drop rate must be as crazy as the super rares of the cartel packs. :'(

There is also another guy doing the same thing as me (creating new toon, open pack, no mandalore, delete toon, rinse repeat) and he has been doing it for over 3 hours and reports no statue for him either.

Yeah, I’ve been doing this to no avail as well. I’m thinking it doesn’t actually come in the mount pack, but rather a seperate code for doing the cantina pre-registration thing.

I have managed to get a Mandalore statue. It was one of the first 10 packs that I opened. I did pre-register, but it was inside the cantina pack. What I’m wondering is what the pre-registration bonus is. Because I pre-registered, attended the event, used a code, but all I have gotten is the cantina pack with the mount and random item.

Wow, I did just get a Black/Black dey in a pack for the first time in about 50 packs! I have hope for more rare items now. P.S. the dye is bound ๐Ÿ™

Of course items are bound because peasants wouldn’t stop making toons if they could sell stuff they get for free.

Just confirmed that the Mandalore statue can be gotten from a non-original code and from an account that did not pre-register for the event. A friend just got it. Everyone has a chance at it. Just seems to be really rare.

Wait a minute you all are actually getting different things with the speeder? All I got was the speeder and a green/white dye across every toon I have opened the crate on.

yea! ๐Ÿ™‚ got a dye and the statue but can place the statue cuz it neds big spot and places for big spot cost 350k+ and me (preff status has 350k cred cap) ๐Ÿ™ those room unlock cost should be lowered BW !!

im asking in general chat in my server on fleet, nothing so far, and watching here with refreshing

Any idea why I keep getting the messages ‘an unknown error has been detected’ or ‘this community event code is invalid’?

Usually you have to close the game completely and have only the web page open through your Browser only.

Also this code is for the first 5 guys that will use it.
After that it becomes unusable or invalid.
You just have to ask for some guy on the fleet that will have a fresh code to give it to you.
There gone be plenty of them around soon.

Trying to get a cantina code, promise to share with others and not sell them in Gen Chat like some I see ๐Ÿ™
Thanks in advance!

I know. I went to the link about 20 seconds after the post and it was already gone. Hopefully someone who got it will share 1 of the 5 that they got.

So i clicked the link once and got an error, then spam clicked it and got 5 errors and 1 successful redeem idk

I tried this and it did seem to make a difference but unfortunately instead of the error code it said that the code is now invalid

There are 2 kinds of errors, Invalid errors and Unknown errors, The unknown errors allow you to mash F5 to have it work, the invalid one not so much

lol Im over here refreshing several different sights now including the site that was made to submit and request codes.

everyone I know who has gotten a code has gotten the error saying that it was unsuccessful just spam the redeem button until it either says that you have gotten the code or that it is no longer available.

If you get “An unknown error has occurred” it doesn’t mean the code has been used up, just that the server is busy – hit Redeem again until either it works, or you get a “This Community Event code is not valid”.

Random drops are kinda annoying. Sat down for an hour yesterday making random characters in order to get the statue. Got loads of the droids, a couple of carbonite chambers and so many dyes and xp boosts…all bound to the character (Except for the droid which is legacy bound). No statue.

Oh well…more random character rolling then…

Not sure about F2P of pref., but every new character you make, and all existing ones will get the crate in the mail.

Just like all other account rewards, once you put in the code it will e-mail the reward to all your characters. And any time you create a new character it will e-mail it to them as well, I get like 25 e-mails every time I create a character, I start out with like 8 titles, a couple pets, a couple vehicles, a couple toys, 4 sets of armor… it’s freaking a bit retarded tbh.

We already have them.
Every time a code is shared, whoever got it gets 5 more codes, which can also be shared. Do some research-or better yet, just read the article you’re commenting on. =)

I think its worth saying that this is one of the better things they have done to build community in the game. I logged in to get my speeder, and it was pretty cool. Like a pink and purple version of the Normandy, that was shrunk down into a soap box racer!

Then a friend saw it, and I shared my code with them, we had a blast logging into all our alts together like kids on christmas, even if the random items werent the best ever, it was fun to see what we got! I gave one to our guild leader, they didnt seem to care, and I sort of shrugged it off.

So later last night, I see someone in general chat. They’ve had a rough go trying to find a code, and general has been cutting them up all day apparently, so I sent them my code. Apparently people had been sending him fake ones all day, they were very frustrated and when the code worked they were so happy they were in tears. And I realised, sure the mount is cool, or silly. It doesn’t matter really. The best part of this whole event is having something neat to share.

With either a good friend, someone who doesnt seem to give a crap, or just someone who is having a rough time, it was really neat to have something like this to share around the community. Thanks Bioware, keep coming up with stuff like this.

(the last 2 codes went to someone who sold me really cheap SH furniture a long time ago and asked me to pay it forward, and the last when to a guildy who thought they missed out on the whole thing))

Thats the Spirit and the Message of this event !

Spread the Love, Spread the Kindness, Help your fellow warriors !

I was able to use a code from someone on the forums and for that I thank you. my question is, how long after I redeem mine do I get codes to share? its been 10 hours. thanks for any info

weird glitch then. I got my speeder and several dyes but checked my email attached to my account and never received my ode to share.

enjoy and please share your code and help as many people get it!

Also keep an eye out on your in game mail.

I Literately spend hours clicking codes to no prevail.

Only messages i got was Error and invalid code which means it has been used up.

Came to the conclusion, you must be subbed.

Logged onto one of my chars and have a mail waiting for me saying Anaheim cantina reward

Which was a surprise to me since i never received a message about being successful at redeeming a code. Also checked my Community event tab when you log in to your account and saw no code waiting for me to share.

So with traffic being busy for swtor errors might occur so best way is to check your in game mail as well

Isn’t the statue only for those who pre registered for the event? If not what was the item for those who pre registered?

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Just login to the SWTOR website. Once you have done that click on the code it will take to the SWTOR website and give you a new code to share. Then just login to the game and it will be in you mailbox.

Why you don’t have any Friends ?

Maybe you play too much time and don’t get outside often ?
Everyone need some friends now and then to spread some love there too.

Gratz. I got several green white dyes lol. The only good thing I have gotten so far is the carbonite chamber.

If you haven’t got the statue by now, don’t bother. Reading on reddit that the statue is supposed to be rewarded to some and not others based on the code.

New codes coming soon for the guys that haven’t got this Lovely speeder yet.
Share the love people, Share the Speeders !

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???????? g g

Damn I love this speeder all my toons have it already !
The only thing that misses is a Turbo button that would give it 200% speed for 5 secs.

Got to do this Devs, people love turbo mounts !

Is it still possible to get this? I’m getting the Prinawe Junction instead from the San Diego tour… is there still a chance to get the statue of Mandalore?

So this fine person posts a code, max people use it and none of them share their codes apparently. And this is why we can’t have nice things!

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