Cantina Tour SWTOR

SWTOR Secret Teaser Image uncovered

The hidden teaser image included in the cantina tour flash drive was uncovered with some editing to reveal a throne room.

This picture also includes the #FallenEmpire hashtag which has a date of 6.15.15 assigned to it. For those curious how the new image was uncovered. The png was actually a zip file in disguise and you could change the file extension to zip and retrieve the new pic. There was actually nothing hidden inside the image itself.



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Dark Empire is everything I am thinking about since 3.0 – and I like to add it ended on Onderon (jungle, Queen Lina, a return of Jakarro, possibly Mandalorians, a hunting ground for the Slayers Three)

Looks like patch 3.3 is gonna be called “Fallen Empire”, and will be released on 15 June 2015. Possibly going to include an operation to kill The Emperor (based of the name “Fallen Empire”)

Maybe a livestream? Because that’s also pretty early for 3.3 after 3.2. Could be when they’re going to reveal it.

well they did mentioned two major updates will be coming later this year so maybe thats june and one later near the end of the year.

Could be, can’t recall that exactly but that he did mentioned two major updates. If it’s 3.2 they better add a whole lot more then what we have seen so far imo

I highly doubt that we will get an new ops with 3.3.. I really wish we did cause old players would stick but the way this is going…

If it is an Op, there will also be a solo mission. Otherwise, it would not fit in with the game’s more casual approach (solo fps/12xp/etc)

doubt the part of trying to kill The Emperor it looks like an advance civilization. Something that the travelers who did mentioned to return mumbled rumors about an advance civilization living there, advanced way beyond rep and emp. so who knows. definitely excited for June 15

Based on the date uncovered on reddit being the day before E3 starts, 15 June is most likely an announcement about the late 2015 expansion. So basically all the hoopla over the secret photo was an announcement of the announcement in true Bioware style.

Part of me feels like it could be a planet inside the Rishi Maze, because a lot of the storylines from SoR seem to point to something happening within the dwarf galaxy. Those ships don’t look like anything the Empire or Republic currently possess in their fleets, and the planet below you can see buildings as well as part of the landscape, however it is hard to make out whether or not it is a snow/ice planet or like a water planet. It does look like its snowing inside the throne room however that could be from the water that is running off.

what makes you say that? just wondering. if it’s about the appearance they ABY, they could easily made an appearance now.

that is the reason for this time era, nothing significant happened so the story writers could create there own history.
They were already mentioned in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, which means contact must have bee made at some point prior to its mention, there for they could make an appearance imo.

Unless there is something i am missing

Nicely done, can’t wait to see what it is. Looks like a secret empire that has been building up somewhat like the emperor did On DK. The question is, who is in the throne room, which planet is this. Sames more water on a larger scale. So excited. But first. Lets enjoy 3.2 coming up.

This is how the game ends. This final war will be about survival as a galaxy, not Republic or Sith. This isn’t the “end” of the game, only the beginning of a destroyed galaxy. The game will be about rebuilding after this encounter. Planets won’t change for obvious reasons, but this will see the introduction of new ways to play.

No cross server.

Cross faction gameplay.

Cross faction flashpoints (related to this of course not the other ones). Cross faction operation.
This was planned for SoR, but they could not implement due to running out of time.
Ranked PvP will become cross faction as will Huttball. Warzones will still occur because in this timeframe operations against Republic/Sith are still happening. New warzones on impacted planets because the factions will still want control of it.

Bullshit, Maybe if this was old Bioware… but you’re talking about EAware now. Highly doubt they can pull that off.

I went to the cantina event and someone showed Musco he already figured out the picture. Musco said be ready to survive. I think this mcnugget guy is onto something.

Unless it’s our earth from the past and the coalition will make peace and move down there to seed humanity throughout the world after they send all of the ships into the sun… 😛

Not Aliens exactly but super Beings and they were not Aliens at all they were living in Earth and still are.

There are so many Earth style planets in the Universe so its one of these planets.
We are all children of God after all !

Did you honestly fucking bring Christianity/Catholicism and the other forms of this world’s multiple religions into this conversation about a sci-fi fantasy game set in, and I quote ” … in a galaxy far, far away.”

Barring the one “I’ll see you in hell!” comment from Han Solo in the OT, there has never, I repeat NEVER been the implication (other than “the Force”) of any god-like deity’s in the universe upon the series was set.

I think my mind is blown from the sheer stupidity. Don’t even get me started on the religious implications you just foisted upon us all as well.

I pity you, truly.

another so called überpower which must be destroyed by a coalition of reps and imps? no thanks.. I’d prefer large, star wars style battlegrounds where grand armies of imps and reps clash.

Many things on that pic. First it seems to be a station on orbit of a planet, you can see the curvature of the planet, continents and the seas.. But also look at the buildings, those seem to be massive and extremely high if they can be seen so clearly from orbit. Seems the kind of engineering what neither Republic or Empire can do yet.

Also, if you recall the sorcerer story from imp side, on Rishi, you had to fix some antennas and then use them and got in contact with “something” (spoiler alert I guess, but if you haven’t done it by now then who’s to blame). And those antennas were aimed towards the Rishi Maze, the dwarf galaxy. Also, seeing how Republic and the Empire pretty much cover all of the known galaxy, it seems a bit unlikely that some civilization like that can be in known galaxy and somehow everyone missed it. So again, Rishi Maze seems to be a possible target. Not to mention the talks about Rishi Maze which tell how hard it is to navigate, how most who go in never come out and those who do come out claim some silly things – advanced civilization can block off hyperlane routes, enable only those they control and control who and what travels along those.

It also mentions Fallen Empire and let’s be honest, the current “Empire” isn’t really any Empire at all. Just a title what some have prematurely claimed. The only known real Empire worth the name was the Infinite Empire, but it doesn’t mean that it was the only one. Maybe there was some other empire before them and they’ve survived. Maybe there was some other empire at the same time as the rakatan empire existed and they clashed and that other empire realized that they cannot match the rakatas, for example the rakatas may have been just too numerous (or they didn’t have that many who could use the Force). So they withdrew to some unknown place, a dwarf galaxy, and blocked off the direct access to it. And all the commotion going on recently and increased incursions into their areas have finally forces them to make a move. Who knows.

Or maybe those are the Infinite Empire remains who have been hiding in Rishi Maze and keeping low, still possessing the tech but lacking the Force, or at least having very limited amount of Force users. With the galaxy blossoming since the Infinite Empire fall and all the races forming their own alliances and empires and what not and the Force sensitives and Force users popping out among all of those races, they remained in their own secluded galaxy, living their lives and hoping that one day they’ll regain what they’ve lost. Maybe the recent actions occurring all across the Galaxy allowing them to gather more data on species and Force, all those incursions into their Rishi Maze galaxy, all the meddling done by Revan and Emperor and who and what not else (and all those class quests on Belsavis with rakatan machinery) have given to them the data they’ve been looking for all this time, allowing them to reclaim what they’ve lost once and thus given them a chance to restore what they were. Again, who knows.

Speculation, all of it 🙂

pretty good post. I too, think its the Rishi Maze, specially with the Sith Inquisitor class. Belsavis and Rishi. All assumption have valid points. Specially the part of people who do return claim about the advance civilization. Perhaps the Inq did send the sith lord with his fleet into the Rishi Maze and he will report back what they found. The species did seem to think your Inq was worthy of all that was to come, extending your life force by 4x solar cycle.

if there will be a claim that you could choose to not send your fleet into the Rishi Maze, your inq claims that maybe later he will send him after all this current events are over. So Maybe in the long run the fleet still went.

guess we will have to wait and see it on June 15. Pretty excited stuff, perhaps Ziost will have an indication at the end, or even Jakarro since he will be staying put for a while on Rishi

edit: For the buildings on the picture, the buildings aren’t just tall enough to be seen clearly from orbit, they are in orbit. Check the picture, at the bridge the right side you ca see a few exceeding orbit it self. Pretty sick

“spoiler alert I guess, but if you haven’t done it by now then who’s to blame”
You could have just said “spoilers” at the beginning of your post, instead of being needlessly passive-aggressive. This made me not finish reading it.

The large ship in the background looks like the shape of a super star destroyer! Hope it’s not a WOW style time portal to ‘Modern’ era to fit with new film launch!

An assembled fleet from Rishi Maze? Vowrawn is our next antagonist? Nooo. 🙁

There is only one Empire that fallen. The Rakata Empire.

would be nice, that the empire we know now, is not the same empire that was born within the republic from the movies but just like the current emperor did centuries ago and went in hiding, perhaps we do the same and later return to the known galaxy. But yes, rumors so far

I too want us to time travel to Clone Wars, Vader’s era, and ABY. Time travel is a basic part of scifi.

It’d be cool if it was Darth Jadus, since no matter what you do as the agent, Jadus runs off into the shadows and there is no closure.

ha! this is something to take in consideration. I do think this is in the Rishi Maze the way everything look so advance

doubt it, since they would love to involve Mandalore (character) some more, i doubt we will be seeing the planet before we see him more in action. But would love to have the planet for lore purpose

referring to the live stream they did when someone asked if we will see more of him.

No, the planet looks too advance, If it would be one of them landscape wise then Alderaan. But it’s none of those. None of the planet look so advance. No structure so far in the game exceeds a planet orbit as can be seen in the picture, at the right side of the bridge, can actually see how tall one is.

Well, they need to find a new enemy for both the Republic and Empire to fight so they can continue to only do one storyline for the new content.

Look at how /big/ the ships in the background are, though. Those are like Super Star Destroyers. I’m pretty sure Harrowers aren’t that big.

There’s also a Lucasfilm copyright at the bottom. How many TOR concept pictures have that?

My guess is that it’s something relating to the movie. No idea what, though.

Well, it could actually be Vitiate’s original body, since millennia ago he was a pure blooded sith. I haven’t followed the Ziost story, since I didn’t want any spoilers and don’t know what Vitiate is doing there, but I know from lore that the first sith left this planet using rakatan vessels to relocate to other planets.

By the time of the Great Hyperspace War, following the
Republic’s victory, the sith capital of Ziost was abandoned, the remaining sith following Vitiate into hyperspace. I do not know what Vitiate is looking for on Ziost, but it points that it’s something he forgot there a very long time ago. I believe many ancient and evil secrets remained on this place of great dark power. After all. It’s where the sith meditation spheres came from.

But I have a hunch that Vitiate knew of some forgotten hidden rakata tech and only Ziost could point the way towards it.

The bridge of this orbital station has the vastness, the transparent dome and the yellow lining that the Star Forge’s bridge had, not to mention the huge towers pointing around.The Star Forge was built by the Fallen Rakata Empire, which can explain the origins of this fleet and the title.

was thinking about the star forge too, could be a star forge survived and relocated into the Rishi Maze, could also be why the Rishi Maze has rumors of advance civilization, could also be why it has a massive super star destroyer ships surrounded.

But don’t think that’s emperor original body, it looks human to me. As far as I can see.

Vitiate showed interest to the original Star Forge, sending Revan and Malak to find it for him, not thinking they’ll choose to keep it.

And since the Star Forge, combined with the Force, could create an endless supply of ships, that could be the source of those huge ones. All that energy Vitiate gathered on Yavin 4 has to go somewhere.

Idd, and if I recall correctly, there were three star forge, perhaps even more of which we don’t know. Could also be a half star forge that wasn’t completely destroyed, repaired it self.

The power he claims is for himself, to feed on it. When he returned, they mentioned had revan been successful he would have been at full power ish.

Ziost will have some more mentions about it. To know exactly what he does with it.

I’m pretty sure it’s Nathema down there (city-like landscape). Looks like the next story arc is going to be about Emperor + 3rd Star forge + new ritual on Nathema, because he ordered to delete any information about this planet and hyperspace routes to it after discovering Dromund Kaas. A perfect place for a new galaxy-destroying move!

Nethema is void of life and the force though. And we already had 3 Star Forges the one in KOTOR 1, the Hammer Station, and The Foundry.

The Hammer Station is republic technology. It was built by the Republic, it’s just a big mass-driver battle station, nothing to do with rakatas and dark force

but he is correct, the 3 star forges have in deed been discovered, the starforge in kotor, the foundry and if people did the story on nar shadda imp side you discover the third one that can create life and sustain it 😛 and give it to the empire

The Nar Shaddaa one is not a star forge, it’s called the seed which is a part of a star forge. A wreckage that has been salvaged and like any other wreckage, it is self repairing and sustaining.

No it was a starforge Malgus says so in the Foundry mission. A giant battlestation that destroys continents (Hammer Station)

Nathema is a lifeless empty planet, like the weapon of mass destruction Revan ordered Meetra surik to do. Same effect, upon landing on the planet, it renders force users forceless, depending on there power. Also has a heavy weight hanging upon who stands on the planet.

Sort of being in a room that has almost no oxygen left. At least thats what I imagine it would feel like.

So doubt it would have any planet. Reason for removal from any records and hyper lanes is for his role on the planet to remain a secret. No one wants to follow a mad man down the road of consuming all life in galaxy while risking being consumed too.

Besides the imperial guards who are bound to the emperor to forever be loyal no one really, except fanatics.

Yes its dead, but its not destroyed, only the life and the force was consumed by Vitiate in Nathema. All the buildings, the vehicles, etc. are still there as well as oxygen if u have read the Revan book, its possible to be in that planet, but Force users are in trouble there since there are no Force left on Nathema.

Yes its dead, but its not destroyed, only the life was destroyed in Nathema, all the buildings, the vehicles etc are still there as well as oxygen if u have read the Revan book.

Although the character in the picture doesn’t look it, those ships seem quite Chiss-inspired to me judging from stuff seen before, I’ve been hoping for more Chiss since mourning the loss of the Thrawn Trilogy, so maybe this ‘Hidden Empire’ has been the Chiss building in the unknown?

“The Emperor erased Nathema from history in an attempt to ensure that his new Empire would remain loyal to him” – Wookieepedia

Yes as in, no one could truly know what transpired there to actually see the maddness of the Emperor. Would be hard to gain followers that way. But hey could be wrong. Might have some indication At the end of 3.2

What’s up with the “water” around the throne? Maybe mote, maybe not…and don’t those ships look like the mon calmari build?

the style kind of look like the agent’s ship. but larger. possibly an advanced stealth armada, like the ones malgus was building in the false emperor. say, i wonder that happened to that fleet…..

If I recall correctly, the stealth armada got blown into pieces when the Foundry self-destructed, together with parts of the Imperial and Republic fleet. Could be wrong though.

Guys, I’ve got a crazy theory, but hear me out. 6/15/15 is the day before E3 starts. As we all know, game companies like to announce new games shortly before E3 to build up hype before the show itself. So what if this isn’t an expansion, but rather a whole new game? What if 6/15/15 is the day they announce Knights of the Old Republic 3: The Fallen Empire?

I doubt it, they’re gonna continue with the mmo until it’s completely milked out. I don’t see them releasing SwKotOR 3, at least not any time soon.

Well, they could technically be announcing a remake of Kotor, same story, nothing slashed, upgraded for 2015 hardware, which means widescreen, dx11/12 and so on, that would be cool….the story would be the same, just the graphics would be upgraded.

Imagine, Kotor in the Hero Engine. 😉

I know, a waste of an engine, but can you imagine how fun it would be?

I doubt that, bioware didn’t even make kotor 2, but if they got permission to do so, then it would be awesome!!!

It didn’t, the story is pretty great imo, it’s just sad that it was incomplete. With the restored content mod however, it’s pretty good.

As awesome as that would be… how many games did Lucasarts remake? Yep, none. Disney even closed their current projects, like 1313, so… it’s probably just hinting of the summer expansion they promised.

Hardly, it may continue to build upon the story, however it has completely different mechanics, it’s a completely different game.

Interesting. Are you thinking maybe some kind of a tie in with the new movies?

I remember reading something some time ago that a dev at a cantina said something about a possible movie tie-in coming to swtor, in a very ‘off the cuff-loads of drink involved-not set in stone’ kind of way, but I cannot for the life of me find a link to where I read that.

Actually, EA has all the rights about Star Wars in game industry, but there is some time problems (little, just around 4 or 5k years between The Times of Old Republic and The Movie Saga), and ‘course it’s impossible to do some tie with new movie.

But, MAYBE, after the relise of the movie BioWare will give us Jakku (planet from trailer, much like Tatooine). Lol, I can imagine some farest corner of map… There is just sands, Jawa’s Sandcrawlers (they are everywhere) and a little spike under the horizon. The bridge of Star Destroyer-class warship.
Just as a Easter Egg.

Oh-h, and yes: we have the #FallenEmpire hash-tag, that tag was weard by the vizitors of the Cantina on hand-badges, and I think, it means Fall of the Sith Empire – the Emperor has lieves his nation, now he seaks death to all what remains from the Galaxy, and Empire is actually must be… Discouraged, At least. I think, it means something very big in the story arc of SoR.

You know they’ll just give stuff a slightly different look and name (like the popsicle speeder bike) and say “oh yeah, it’s possible they had something similar way back then”

Movie tie-ins are huge with SW games, they have to be. In SWG every time a new movie came out, which was 20+ years before the time-period of the game, there was a new expansion with planets/characters from that movie, and a flood of weapons and armor from that period. Hell, they even had armor from KTOR in that game… time line means nothing in marketing.

new bad guy in the movies looks like revan and some say he is literally inspired from him. so maybe they will somehow relate movies to the game?

Actually, when you look more closely at the costume from the movie, which was dispalyed at Celebration (I’ve only seen pictures, but still) it becomes quite clear, that the masks are not alike at all. The rest of the costume maybe, but the most iconic part is not at all similar to Revan.
And I doubt they will relate the movie to the game. IF (and I am pretty sure they will, because he already did from the movies and Rebels) they had Palpatine go in the same direction as he did in he Expanded Universe, he would have had everything destroyed related to the history of the Jedi Order. The only ones who would then know of Revan, would be the Sith. However, since the Sith Empire was destroyed many years after the game’s timeline, and the Order was pretty much reduced to a tiny group, after the time of Bane, Revan’s history will most like have been lost in those 3000+ years there are between the movies and this game.
It says Lucasfilm, because it is Lucasfilm Ltd. (owned by Disney of course) who owns the righs to the characters and the story of which the game is based on.

no wrong the jedi oeder would know of revan too so would the rebels did u not play kotor or kotor 2 or read novels ?????

Becase it is Lucasfilm Ltd. who who owns the rights to the characters, planets, races and everything else with a name related to Star Wars. Disney owns the Franchise, LucasArts is a subsidiary of Lucasfilm Ltd. and Bioware and EA makes the game itself. It’s a question of copyright, why it says Lucasfilm Ltd.

no its disney that own s the rights dude lucas film is owned by disney so are all games movies toys comics novels its all owned by disney lucas sold all rights to disney why theres no more lucas arets games its all ea now

It wouldn’t surprise me if the Emperor kept a whole separate Empire based on Ziost in his back pocket. Or at least, from the look of it, an entire hidden fleet.

I know this feels like it should be connected to Ziost somehow possibly haha, but considering there was a battle of Ziost during the first war, it seems strange to have something so advanced within 13 years. Then again, Warren Sedoru fought on Yavin 4 during the war and didn’t notice any Imperial Guardsmen 😛

I have crazy idea. Have you noticed that symbols of the Sith Empire, Old Republic (prequels) and Galactic Empire are nearly the same? So maybe third party came, destroyed conflicted empire and republic, but then remnants of imperials and reps united to destroy that party? And after they won they founded new republic that we know from films?

that actually happens in similiar way when yuuzhan vong invades galaxie 20-30 years after episode 6. ofc its not cannon anymore. but why not? they can add it on swtor story line.

Especially considering the statue from the cantina packs and the lack of answer to the Mandalore question, seems likely to me

It wouldn’t surprise me if the Emperor kept a whole separate Empire based on Ziost in his back pocket. Or at least, from the look of it, an entire hidden fleet. —thank you for this, Yes he did he kept it on Medriass/nathema aka why he also errased it from exsistance altho it was to hide his dark secret*** that he stole all their life to become immortal which contuary to popular belief YES the Emperor is Truly immortal not trying to become immortal but he is immortal his whole galaxy quest thing was a trick but it also was to prove that he could never be defeated, NOW while he has that entire empire seperate in a hidden place he also has as we see the room of eternal life as its called in canon or The Emperors Eternal Throne room and those are superstardestroyer like sized ships back there as they are as big as parts of the planet and through that throne / throne room we can see the entire galaxy aka the Emperor is a true celestial unlike the ones who arnt fully celestial he is and he will never die but with the help of legendary weapons and people we can TRAP the emperor which is what happens he gets trapped and never dies conturarry to the uncanon darth plaugis books who never had a license and the typo about him dieing refers to plaugis’s master Darth Tenebrous similar name and look since Tenebrae also had black eyes and tenebrous had black eyes but thats a common misconception yes the emperor returns in 300.000.130.312 ABY after battle of yavin 4 aka episode 4 and he does consume 92 percent of all life in THIS galaxy and the dwarf galaxy which is a galaxy inside the one we exsist inn that has a wormhole like 4 dimensional connection, The emperor being a 7 dimensional being like God aka Omnipressent and omnipotent being everything and everywhere and anything and anywhere all at the same time he is like the Creater of the celestials aka the Star wars God but he is also A version of God in starwars himself as he never does end but can be contained

That’s not a galaxy below him… There is one off in the distance above him but below him is an advanced civilaztion’s metropolis with terrain similar to Alderaan… Nathema seems unlikely since when it was visited in the SWTOR Revan book it was the remnant (not physically destroyed, just empty) of a relatively primitive, agrarian society. Perhaps with the help of the Rakata’s or maybe even the Celestials’ technology the planet was transformed… A guess I haven’t seen thrown out yet is Rakata Prime but I don’t know how likely that is.

I am glad people like you exist. It’s awesome that there is a guy named “StarwarsCanonKeeper” who truly keeps the canon. Good work. Excellent observation. Some punctuation would be nice next time for the ease on the eyes, but I can dig it.

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im useing it as a wall paper right now the hashtag dosnt really matter it looks great as desktop paper all glory to the Immortal Emperor! God of star wars!

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FK yes, the Emperor. Hope there’s a choice where we can side with him in the final battle (if there is one) >.<

Well, if they stick with the emperor trying to exterminate all life in the galaxy, I highly doubt you’ll be able to side with him.

Here is my theory: The so called “Fallen Empire” is actually the fall of the Sith Empire. However, the Emperor had been building a bigger and stronger Empire to take its place, secretly, with the help of the Infinite Empire Remnants. The Emperor has their starforge and has created a fleet bigger than what the Sith Empire had. Also, returning to the fold, Sith Troopers. Thus ushering in the Second Galactic War.

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Please let us face the Emp in a epic fight and have malgus show up to help us so I can take my place at his side while he rules the empire proper!

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