Explorer Packs SWTOR

SWTOR Esstran Exports Explorer Packs Reputation Items

SWTOR Esstran Exports Explorer Packs Reputation vendor items. This is the reputation vendor for the upcoming Explorer Packs.


Everything is Bind on Pickup except the titles.

Legacy Titles


Reputation Legacy Title
Friend Importer
Legend Purveyor of Fine Goods


Secondary Deep Blue Dye Module – 20k credits


Secondary Deep Red Dye Module – 20k credits



Primary Deep Blue Dye Module – 30k credits


Primary Deep Red Dye Module – 30k credits


Basic Women’s Tank – 3 CM Certificates and 33k credits


Basic Women’s Tank– 3 CM Certificates and 33k credits


Basic Men’s Trunks – 3 CM Certificates and 33k credits



Coastal Thranta– Friend standing – 1 CM Certificates and 25k credits


Title: Transporter, Trusted Associate – 1 CM Certificates and 40k credits


Dread Master HK-51 Customization– Hero standing – 1 CM Certificates and 50k credits


Silent Ghost Armor Set – Hero standing – 3 CM Certificates and 100k credits



Plateshadow Devourer– Champion standing – 5 CM Certificates and 120k credits


Second Grand Statue of Mandalore – Champion standing – 2 CM Certificates and 75k credits

  • No preview image available yet but it is another Centerpiece statue


Fortitude – Blaster Pistol – Legend standing – 3 CM Certificates and 60k credits


Grit – Blaster Pistol – Legend standing – 3 CM Certificates and 60k credits


Gallantry– Assault Cannon– Legend standing – 3 CM Certificates and 60k credits


Prowess – Sniper Rifle– Legend standing – 3 CM Certificates and 60k credits


Valiance – Blaster Rifle– Legend standing – 3 CM Certificates and 60k credits


Valor – Lightsaber – Legend standing – 3 CM Certificates and 60k credits


Intrepidity – Double Bladed Lightsaber – Legend standing – 3 CM Certificates and 60k credits


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142 replies on “SWTOR Esstran Exports Explorer Packs Reputation Items”

The fact it’s now a rep item when it was on PTS back in 2.7? or when ever the dread war is, infuriates me. It would have been a great legend standing Oricon reward or something. But now that we’re onto Revan’s Story arc, a Dread Master item now? Is silly.

If you’re lucky that’s about 1 hypercrate more or less, unless they reduce the drop rate on purple rep items again.

damn it Bioware…. Now I have to spam packs so I can have that pistol and mai Mandalore Statues….curses.

Though it’s a about time we say a Primary Red and a Secondary Red. Now we need Primary Blue and Secondary Blue

Can I just take a moment to say that I appreciate the fact that we have “named” weapons on this vendor? I know they require Legend rep, but it’s nice all the same IMO.
Takes me back to pre-2.0 days, when Tionese/Columi/Rakata weapons had names like “The Medal Pinner”, “Soresu’s Razor”, “Crossfire Cara’s Little Helper”, and “Project STORM Cannon”.

Legend standing and 3 whooping certs? The Stronghold Defender’s weapons required hero standing and only 1 cert each. -.-

The problem with the slot machines has been the jawa scrap. Reputation was the purpose of that thing and certificates dropped very rarely. After they “fixed” it it drops no certs at all.

My bad, I misread and thought you were referring to rep when you said it didn’t drop often. I ended up with about 80 cartel certs before they killed the machine.

Silent Ghost Armor set? Really? Wasn’t that like the easiest set to complete out of the last run of packs?

That “second grand”Mandalore statue gives me hope that we are finally getting Mandalorian decos. It indicates that there is another one like the Yavin warrior statues.

not a cantina pack, he meant the cantina tour code. you can find one on or reddit type cantina sharing program or something and also on offical forums. Basicly u get a box in that box is a mount u see in the first link, and second reward is randomly from green quallity dyes to epic ones, to carbonite regen to First grand mandalore statue which is super rare.

all chars get a box even new ones thats being created

Thx for the info I didn’t know about that at all. You have proven that not everyone that plays this game is an ass.

Nvm I looked it up. I had no idea they gave out stuff like that. Too bad I love the statues. I wish they would make small versions of all the grand ones. I’m still hopeing for Mandalorian stuff.

The Second Grand Staute of Mandalore. Someone is just looking at the pretty pictures and not reading 😉

I just can’t get behind all of these various reputations that you can only earn by spending cash on the cartel packs. Especially since so many of the items I see available for those reputations are things I’d really want.

I can, however, understand how Bioware might feel differently than I do about this.

I got something like 30 hypercrates in my bank, am a legend in all these “cartel market” rep …
And yet never spent any cash for it.

Cartel market is great.

Yeah, that’s a perfectly legit option. Except.

( Come on, you knew this was coming… )

If the player has a Preferred or F2P account, earning enough credits is going to be a lot harder – or impossible. Or you could be like me and have such bad luck with cartel packs that it’s probably a better idea to just not try getting rep from them.

Wait, can you buy cartel rep drops from the GTN? I’ve never tried…but I can imagine that even if you can there’s rarely any on it anyway.

Then I was right, and trying to earn rep by grinding for credits to buy packs on the GTN is either potentially impossible or just a gigantic time sink.

To say nothing of all the time spent selling ( or trying to sell ) all the bracers and belts and other garbage that someone with my kind of luck will get by the freighter full opening those things.

Nah, at this point I’m fine with just playing my toons through the storyline, and ignoring the raids and ops and other endgame content because the bother to get that gear is just too much. And frankly, most of the people who do that are way, way too uptight about it.

I’d rather spend money than credits for crates or packs, money is a lot easier for me to come by. Why do I want to spend all my time farming credits, rather than enjoying my time in-game, just to spend them all on CM stuff? I’d much rather buy packs until I get what I want and then sell the leftovers to guys like you, thanks for your creds btw.

What do you use your credits for then? There’s really nothing to spend on in this game except CM stuff, all good stuff, like new armor, weapons, vehicles, 95% of this all comes in the game through CM.

As a PvP / RP player, the only thing i need credits for apart from things that come from CM is augments and augmentation kits. Basically i’m spending about 3 millions on re-augmentation of my new outfits like once in a few months, and that happens only when some new armor set to my liking was added in CM, so it’s kind of tied to CM too. 🙂 I don’t need credits for no other purposes.
It’s probably different for PvE players since PvE gear can be crafted or bought, but i’m not sure.
What’s AME anyway?

Last time I spent “all my time” farming credits, I took me 1h a day and I made 100M in the week


If ppl hadn’t over QQ’d about the Contraband slot machine maybe we’d get more of them. It was a nice way for ppl who don’t want to spend money on CC to earn rep for the various factions.

It was all the damn whiners and complainers they same shts that are causing the Nerfing madness these days.

They Should all go quit massively and maybe this game will have a future without them around.

Because ruining the economy with an excess of purple mats was totally balanced
Because making a crew skill aspect of the game ineffecient was totally balanced.

people need to get their heads of their asses and look at it objectively it broke the game in several ways.

Ruin? No my friend, there’s a difference between ruining and Normalizing.

Ruining is what’s going on now, where I can get my Blue and Purple Mats for about 2,000-3,000 credits and turn around and sell them for nearly 100,000.

The Slots placed these mats at far more desirable price points, to the point where I felt I would most definitely sell anything I bought because people were in the position to buy. The only issue was people who had been dominating the markets in both Materials and Crafts not enjoying the new Competition and prices. The prices after the Slots became mainstreamed remained SOLID. They did not swing up or down no matter how much one individual tried to play the market.

Prices were stable, which was a good thing. People were buying — my first 20 Million in this game attests to that, people were leveling crafting characters to craft, people were still gathering, because it was still cheaper than buying the mats raw.

Not to mention the Rep and Certificate drops gave people access to items they would have had to spend money they often times didn’t have on hypercrates that were no longer in circulation.

You’re deluded if you think the Slots were a bad thing for this game.

Thats where you’re wrong. The slots promoted doing nothing but farming them, not only were you guaranteed more than 500 credits back on anything that wasn’t the green rep token you could sell the rep tokens for most of your money back. The calculations dont lie. Gathering for purples through crits from diplomacy and so forth was invalidated due to the efficiency of the slot machines. Thats really bad in terms of game design (having one aspect of your game ruined) and bioware caught onto that. It might have been overnerfed but it was super-duper efficient

So basically, what I’m seeing anyway, someone else was making money off of you and it pisses you off.

Oh no, I am self suffecient when it comes to mats, crafting etc etc. I don’t or rarely buy or sell materials (I have all crafting, gathering and mission skills at max level) and crafting is my primary means of income. (albeit it might not be the best way to grind credits I do like crafting)

I also abused the fuck outta those slot machines when they were still relevant (I owned 2, set them side by side and didn’t have to move from my spot to make money) but I am not a fool to see the downsides to it. Aside from rendering Crew skills useless (aside from crafting obviously) it caused massive deflation of the economy. (at least the material market.

The finished good market however had its prices remain stable, it seems that the crafters were the ones hoarding cheap materials and selling at the same price they always were. (altough ill admit that at least from guild mates and friends I had more people offering me materials instead of credits that amounted close to material costs)

One could argue that the increased popularity of crafting at that moment wouldve led to more people maxing out their crafting skills to 500 in order to benefit from the cheap materials to not only make stuff for themselves but also to sell it on, but this never happened as the slot machines were nerfed. (Right fully so, they were way too efficient compared to the methods that already existed in the game that were actually designed for material gathering)

As it stands the current ratio of

Time to money
Time to crafting

is pretty good and going up due to 3.2 (Quick travel CD mainly) and dailies are able to be finished at much faster rate (and higher credit amount) than before. (the main source of income in this game for most average players) This directly ties into the crafting market since as an example: It takes an average of 30 to 45 minutes to make a blue / purple lvl 56-60 item. In the same time a person can actually earn MORE than what that one item costs. (using an average of 60k to 150k using commonly bought items such as: Augment kit mk-10s/Armorings/Mods/Enhancements)

192 items not taken into account since they are expensive due to the fact that they need matter transubstantiators (I probably spelled that wrong) which you can only get from the operations. The current operations arent very casual friendly and arent as easily given away as the Grade 9 operation only mats (You got a few of those from TFB and SnV story for free for example.) Plus another problem with 192 items is that the gear you can transform them into is the gear that drops from the story mode missions.

before 3.0 when crafting recipes were messy, random and more often than not, not even streamlined (now all green recipes require 2/2/2 for example, pre 3.0 there was only one crafting class that could cheaply produce profitable mk-9s for example: cybertech sine they had a 2/2/2 droid part recipe they could RE for the components, shit like that isn’t around anymore for the grade 10 stuff)

If you people truly feel there is a need for a higher steady influx of purple materials it should be adressed at the source they have always come from: Mission skills.
2 ways:

– Reduced time on the missions
– Increased drop rate / drop amount of purples

Not from some gimmicky, super-duper efficient slot machine

which shouldve been a machine that allows you to break even most of the time with sometimes a big payout or a big loss. (instead of winning all the time, its supposed to be a gamble machine right?)

In the end most of you probably wont agree with me but there is one thing we can agree on

The slot machines were overnerfed.

Because crafters couldn’t get obscenely rich overnight once everyone knew the mats were plentifully available… that’s who cried and drove that particular nerf.

It broke the game for greedy people. I refuse to buy 1 purple mat for 60k or augments for 100k that I can make myself. It gave me a way to craft those augments without having to constantly be logging in and out of my gathering alts. Not to mention all the worthless mid grade mats I have to just leave in my cargo hold. They broke the game for me when they nerfed it. I spent 2 mil on that now worthless piece of crap. It’s like buying a Viper and then haveing Dodge say we are going to replace your engine with this one from this Caravan. I bought a product and then the product was changed.

I totally agree with this. They even said that they had plans to add more but then the nerf happened and now we probably won’t see anymore and if we do they will be totaly nerfed so that you can get the rep but no certs.

Yeah, I was really looking forward to there being more of those coming for the other reputations.

I really think too that completely nerfing the slots was an over-reaction of epic proportions. It couldn’t have been that hard to just adjust the odds to make the juicy drops just more rare.

Anyway, whatever.

I like the guns, I’m never going to spend the real money to get the rep to buy them, but I like them.

For me it depends on if there is anything in the actual packs I want, like the greatest looking jet pack ever imagined and a couple sets of much cooler armor than they’ve shown so far. But it would have to be something really so awesome I can’t live without it to make be buy enough packs to reach legend, and that hasn’t happened yet after all these years.

Usually they make the items available for preview a week prior to releasing the pack. So if they patch today and add that they will be available next week with the update, if not any time next month is a safe bet. I can’t remember them being in the habit of releasing major content and new packs in the same patch, though; and I’m way too lazy to do the research.

Not sure about a patch today no, but Bounty week is now I think so we will see. Just a month without any new pack seems odd, have that ever happened before?

There was like 6 or 7 weeks between the last 2 packs. I kinda figured the new one would be around April 28th when they said 3.2 would be out.

I was thinking the Master Shadow pack came out in April but you’re right, it came out March 24. So maybe the first Explorer pack later this week.

All the weapons have gross Jedi-sounding names… Will have to make up for that by shedding a lot of innocent blood with my new saber. 😛

What? Don’t you want to use your big metal Gallantry? It sounds like something an overcompensating pirate would name his gun 😛

I should have known… The best assault cannon I’ve ever seen in this game, and I’ll never get it. There’s no way I’m ranking up to legend by buying tons of packs.

Anther question… even if it did need a heat shield, why would you hold on to it? I mean, obviously that area is supposed to friggin’ hot, right?

Actual Star Wars weapons… but still not worth the MONEY… buying packs on the CM is a poor excuse for a grind.

This would be a great opportunity for another slot machine, just for the rep gain. We’ll see if they’re still so gun-shy when these packs are embargoed.

Even if they change their mind and do more slot machines I think they will work their way through the older reps first

Nice weapons. But i’e done the cartel pack grind once… and I will never do this again, no matter how much I like any item.

this may sound noobish but i dont recall the weapons or hk skin in the prior pack…i thought the rep vendors only had items from previous packs?

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?????? f

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Oh well I’m glad they didn’t put the dread master droid in the oriconian reputation vendor because that wold be just silly wouldn’t it …

hummm… here some rep item I won’t use but was wandering what the f… will be in the pack itself ? since rep item are hummm …. ?

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Wait… Why would they add items that look the underwear we have when we have no armor on? We already have the “covert” pieces that accomplish the same thing. Are they just slightly different?

You can dye the top/chest, which wasn’t possible for a female to change the top bikini portion using covert

Also there was no covert for the pants

So when are we getting a jock straps and thongs in the game so I can look like a fabuolus reinbow of sexy pixelness?

You have to be clever in your alt choices. I have a Sith pureblood that wears the relaxed vestments chest piece. I then found a pair of plain looking pants (can’t remember what) and I dyed them red. Unless you are really paying close attention it looks like he is truly going commando under those little flaps hanging down.

Yup, did something similar for my female Chiss operative. She wears the relaxed vestment chest and then one of the dancer bottoms with Thana Vesh’s boots.

Tbf there’s no reason they can’t add more normal underwear. Kotor era underwear has always been a little… odd, some nicer things (obviously nothing inappropriate) could prove popular with RPers, perverts and regular folks alike 😀

I previewed the Fortitude pistol on my BH. It looks really quite like a BH weapon should look. It’s basically a shortened version of the Valiance rifle.

So are there gonna be any other under wear model/types coming to the cartel market that every one could use not only people with cartel reputation ?

Those underwear looks can be achieved by useing the covert energy chest and leg pieces. I don’t get why they put those in.

I can solve that.
1) There isn’t a Covert Energy Greaves piece at all.
2) These pieces can all be dyed, so they have more versatility than just the bog-standard underwear for both genders and when the Covert Torso Energy Armor is used in the Outfit Designer for females.

Seems there isn’t a reputation item in every pack like it states on the pack description.

Are you sure about that? Note that Cartel Market Certificates are reputation items.

Yeah, nevermind, it was certificates… It’s just that I have so many that i started a second stack and didn’t notice.

So.. to be clear the Cartel Certificates would work on all the things requiring them in the Cartel Bazaar? These packs are going to drop them more than previous packs? I’ve gone through so many hypercrates and only gotten 1 certificate.. if theseare going to drop more it’s a much better investment!

Cartel certificates are cartel certificates. They are not different for bounty packs, stronghold packs, or explorer packs.

My “main” question was; are they going to be making the drop rates higher on these.. I can go through hypercrates and only get one certificate.

I have not read anything about higher drop rates of certificates. I’ve had the same experience as you — only one certificate from a hypercrate. My best experience getting them is from buying individual packs from the GTN. YMMV.

Searching things like ‘swtor gallantry’ or ‘swtor grit’ doesn’t show any of torfashion’s videos, might be why people are having a hard time.

2 things:
1) You have to let the ‘resale timer’ run out – if you can still get a refund from the vendor, then they don’t count it as unlocking (since you could unlock it, return the original for full refund and then just collect new copies off the Collections Menu).
2) If it is still not unlocking, then submit a ticket – I had this problem with the Cybernetic Armor off of one of the earlier reputations and Customer Service fixed it for me (in my case it was because my set was made up of some pieces that came originally from the packs and some pieces that came from the Rep Vendor).

No go. The CS confirmed that it is not intended to unlock, as it is not the same as the CM armor…. Pretty weird if you ask me.

It is possible that they changed the policy, but I would suspect they’re making a mistake on their end.

At the end of the day, CS reps are just people working from the information they have on hand and sometimes feeling that they have to give an answer on the fly – and sometimes that info they have is incomplete, outdated, or misremembered.

If you want to keep pursuing the matter, I’d put in another ticket (I assume the first one was closed when they gave you that answer), reference that original ticket number in the new message, politely ask that they double-check the info there (don’t be belligerent about it – if you turn it into an ‘us vs them’ situation you’ll be making things harder on yourself).

You should also reference the following SWTOR Forum Posts by Community Rep Tait Watson, who clarified that Reputation items are supposed to unlock (specifically talking about I.C.E. rep there, but there has been no news that the policy was changing with other reps): and

Well, I would have, but in the time since them, I got a new set from the GTN to unlock it.. Might have been stupid of me, but I neeeded several part over different charathers, so…. Next time it happens I will be inclined to pursue it further. And yeah, I know about the I.C.E vendor posts, that is why I was so suprised. Thanks for the advice though 🙂

UPDATE; I sent a new ticket, and while the answer I got was that is was not unlockable, I atleast got my purchase refunded 🙂

Amazing blasters based on E-11 Stormtrooper standard issue blaster (see episode IV, V, VI). Graphics are also based on Sterling submachine gun. Sound is also very blasterish. It’s woth the effort to get the reputation rank, especially for “Fortitude” blaster.

So this will seem like a silly question but as a returning player, if we want to get rep with the other cartel vendors outside of Contraband Resale and this Esstran, is that possible now?

I’m trying to find information on how rapidly you can accumulate information for this – for instance, how many packs I would expect to need to buy for the HK mod (ignoring the certificates for the time being).

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