Patch 3.2 SWTOR

SWTOR Ziost Decorations on 3.2.1 PTS

SWTOR new decorations spotted on 3.2.1 PTS from Ziost and PvP Vendor.

Previously I reported some new decoration on the Starfighter/PvP vendors on the fleet available for warzone commendations and some new decorations available from the security key vendor coming with patch 3.2. Looks like there is more decorations that will be coming with 3.2 in addition to those. Most of these just say Ziost right now but some of them may be linked to more achievements.


Decoration Source
Makeb Pergola* Warzone/Starfighter vendor – 250 Warzone Commendations
Potted Plant: Blooming Bud Achievements (Ziost): Dead On
Potted Plant: Lifeless Bud Ziost
Ziost Rift Ziost
People’s Tower Holo Terminal Ziost
Worldbreaker Monolith Ziost

* Definitely check this out. It is a centerpiece décor and looks awesome.

By Dulfy

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54 replies on “SWTOR Ziost Decorations on 3.2.1 PTS”

I’m mainly interested in tech decorations. If I want a nice garden, I don’t need a fkcn Star Wars game!

I wish they’d give us unpotted plants, my freaking simulated forrest looks stupid with everything growing in pots.

Heard. Wicked mushroom arrangement, all in seperated pots. A toggle, or a Z axis slider would be amazing. Even if someone set everything in their home a foot off the ground, in swtor, its silly but believable.

I hope the new Makeb centrepiece doesn’t include the Statue of Eternal Grace shown in the pic. That statue is one of the few remaining perks left to owners of a Collector’s Edition copy of SWTOR.

Ah well, I’d just stare at my Darth Maglus statue, listen to my Swtor soundtrack, and read my leather bound collectors book to console myself.

Yes, you should do exactly those things. Listen to your music available on youtube, play with your oversized star wars figure, who cant even fit in your vintage ATAT, and read your book available in pdf. All of those things : )

Oh, it shouldnt I am just trying to add perspective on something purchased 3 years ago. As I said, I have deluxe, and honestly, its just another email when I log in a new toon, and 40 seconds added using and deleting items into collections. I think I used the flaregun last week in Athiss to show a late joiner where we all went, I’ve never thought of it as my ticket to feeling special.

Oh my god! I don’t know if I’m more shocked that you actually used the flare gun or the idea that you actually carry the thing around with you.

This guy was running around up top for like 4 minutes, unable to find us, I had enough time to find it in collections, spawn it into my inventory and position myself under the drop down point…the flare goes so crazy high, like any interior, even the fleet, it goes through the cieling. But, luckily he saw my flare and met up with the group, where he puled for the tank and challenged my healing as much as physically able.
Side note, its kinda pretty, It shoots waaaaaaaay up, then splits off into 3 flares that go a fair distance parallel to the ground. So even a derp shouldn’t miss it. 10/10 would flare again.

Why would I want a vintage At-At? And sure, I’ll take a poor quality pdf that I need to have an electronic device for, listen to poor quality versions of the music on youtube…plus the figure is solid metal-it weighs a ton.

Not a fan of the Walkers tbh. I prefer the fighters. Also, I’m a poor student who doesn’t have the money to spend on things from 30 years ago.

Think of all the money you would have saved going with a regular edition 😀 Why do I feel like some kind of debate ninja right now?

Anyway /thread I am out, this was fun.

That’s a shame, but it does look nice. Maybe CE owners will have some new things to look forward to in 3.2.

well, not really. its only part of the Centerpiece. Not like we can take that Grace statue and put it somewhere else. With that said, certain things need to stay unique and CE has have most of there items duplicated and altered, so, so much for CE i suppose. Although the copy of imperial guard armor doesn’t beat the original by any margin

I think in 3 years, I have never seen anyone say “so much for my digital deluxe”. Although this might be because I avoid the swtor forums like any sane traveler would avoid a trail marked “Land of Sorrow and Tears” I think those sinister folks at bioware poisoned the malgus statues with Entitlementium.

Deluxe don’t get much complaints since u can most of the time upgrade your standard to digital deluxe at any given time. While CE means to stand for exclusiveness and when that’s being ignored I myself think it’s appropriate to complain. Cause certain features and items rewarded from CE is the reason people bought it in the first place and to get it out like it means nothing might upset some people

Would definitely be happier if Makeb Pergola was floor large. I guess their plan is make everyone want enough centerpieces that they have to buy a ton of strongholds to place them all. Not going to work on this guy, just saves me a lot of money instead.

Yeah, but I don’t believe anything has been said about it being free for subs, and I’d bet you it won’t be.

I was asking more about it being free for subs if that was a speculation. I know bout yavin being confirmed.

Maybe a same pre order or sub by certain month to get a few rooms. But doubt it

Yeah, there is no indication that it will be free. On the contrary, I believe it will be as much as Tat if not more. What I want to know is if they are still planing on allowing us to only have four strong holds. I haven’t fully opened up Coruscant because I don’t want to spend the cress just to lose them.

I think it will be a lot more then tat. But yeah they haven’t said anything yet. they made max 4/4 cause that’s all there was to SH. Musco did say that they aren’t sure if they will increase the cap or leave it as it is but I think they will increase it, presumably as the same way they increase maximum character slot per server.

But yeah if you boughth a Stronghold with CC you don’t need to pay a fee again to reactivate it after you deactivate a stronghold. If you bought it with Credits you will need to pay the same cost that was initially applied at purchase.

But you don’t lose any rooms, or any. Decorations. Everything remains the same. Unless the later has changed.

Unless you convert the starship hooks to centerpieces there aren’t that many. 11 for all the SH if I’m not mistaken.

I….or their plan is to make enough variety of centerpieces so that people with different ideas for their strongholds have things they can use. Every person is not expected to use every decoration, you know?

If you wanted to use every decoration you can’t. It kinda sucks I would like to have everyone but I can’t display them all so there is no point to get them all.

I do wish the previews were more of a large, full screen kind of thing. Or at least that they had better zoom and rotate options, maybe with a character in for scale.

But really, why would you want to use every decoration? Apart from the fact that some of them are kinda awful anyway, Decorating any personal space is about creating someplace that reflects -you- (or your character if you’re into role playing) out of the available places.

It’s like building something out of Lego bricks. You decide what you want to make, then put the pieces you -need- on it by using the many pieces you may have available.

More choices means more chances to personalize our spaces.

Wish Lego was a decent comparison, but it falls flat when you realise you’re only allowed to use a certain number of bricks. My Tat GSH is not even half finished, and yet I’ve discovered there’s a limit to how many of the hooks I can actually make use of. Quite a disappointing surprise :S

Most analogies break down at some point, but it serves the point. Running out of bricks is one thing, but if you finish building what you wanted to build, you don’t just keep adding bricks until it’s unrecognizable, just because you want to use all the bricks.

But… why not use every decoration if that’s your personal taste? I’m not clear on why you think it is not a valid choice or somehow not reflective of the person. I enjoy the challenge of collecting and utilizing one of each kind of decoration in my stronghold. I’m 77% complete and I will feel that I achieved something when I reach 100% someday. I also like the variety of seeing so many different things in my stronghold. This is part of my personality and I think it reflects me quite well…. I’m a collector.

The whole “collector” thing did occur to me, but I didn’t really touch on it. My initial post was mostly just commenting on the devs intentions: Like maybe not everything they do is part of some deliberate psychological warfare to part us from our cash.

Ah. I think I understand what you are saying. You are right, it would be impossible to showcase every decoration in a single stronghold and it was probably never the intention to ever do so. That’s why we (collectors) need to buy multiple strongholds as the game gets older as more decorations continue to become available.

You are missing the point. It’s like vampiredirt below said, if it’s my taste to use all of the decos it is a valid point. Just because it’s your taste to not do that doesn’t mean other people can’t display their taste that way. Being able to build something with all your Legos and not have it look like crap is a challenge. Why don’t you try to step up to the plate and quit telling others they are wrong. It’s my SH I can do with it as I want.

I think maybe I need to rephrase my point. I believe the system is designed and is being filled out by the developers with the intent that no one stronghold (or even possibly all four) can be filled up with every single decoration. I understand the collector impulse, the wish to have all the things and display them, but I don’t think that’s the intended use for the system. I’d also be frustrated if the devs limited the options they offer so that it would be possible for somebody to buy and display every decoration, so I suppose my own personal preference for the system runs contrary to yours.

Still, I’m not trying to tell you what you can or can’t do with your stronghold, I just want something different from the system than you do.

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