SWTOR Epic Story Mission Bonus Remover on PTS

With the Epic Story Mission Bonus (12XP class missions) coming on May 4th, some of you may not want to participate in it. Luckily there is an item to remove that bonus.

There is a vendor on the Imperial/Fleet Combat training section that sells an item called White Acute Module which costs 0 credits and will remove the Epic Story Mission bonus without affecting other bonuses. This is a subscriber item as only subscribers get the Epic Story Mission boost anyways.

  • Oddly enough Bioware forgot to put this vendor on the Republic fleet on the PTS but no doubt we will see it on both fleet once it hits live.

There is a bug on the PTS that prevent us from using it but I would assume this item give you a permanent buff that you can click off to receive 12XP class missions boost again.


    Credit to VersaliusPrimus on the forums for finding this.

    By Dulfy

    MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

    156 replies on “SWTOR Epic Story Mission Bonus Remover on PTS”

    What is the point of your post? You say you haven’t seen the vendor then seem to tell Dulfy what it looks like and that its a Chevin.

    Dulfy originally called it a crocodile looking creature, then corrected herself.

    Also, Chevin are more elephant-like than crocodile-like.

    I’m guessing it will, though it’s just as much/maybe better xp to finish makeb first, you won’t even reach battle of rishi πŸ˜‰

    There was a very vocal group during the last 12x event and after it saying it ruined the game. I’m sure this will silence some of that crowd briefly.

    So true. Although I must say, this should fix the complaints on this issue.

    But unfortunately you’re right, the people who complain are simply going to find something else to complain about. Now, if they actually complained about something that mattered, I wouldn’t mind. I’m all for playing a better SWTOR. But it’s pretty annoying when complainers waste their time with bull**** like this. Complain about something that matters, like the Rishi docks bug which still hasn’t been fixed, even though it’s been three weeks since the Devs posted about it.

    Some don’t like it, because new subs don’t have enough time to learn their class (disagree myself, but this isn’t solved by the item)

    Why btw, is a visual bug, with near to no ‘real’ impact, more important than people feeling that their lvling experience is ruined?

    “Oddly enough Bioware forgot to put this vendor on the Republic fleet on the PTS but no doubt we will see it on both fleet once it hits live.”
    OMG, more fodder for the “devs hate reps” crowd. Was probably intentional and maybe it might get fixed for live… I mean they have almost a week to figure it out, right? mwahahahaha

    Um, yeah, because it’s true. This game has always been designed for Empire before Republic.

    “Designing the Dark Side” video came out before “Designing the Light Side” video. In fact, it was almost a year’s difference.

    “Deceived” came out before “Hope”

    Imperial abilities make more sense in terms of their existence and functionality, whereas Republic versions just seem tacked on (Force Lightning vs Telekinetic Throw, Laze Target vs Lucky Shots, Force Choke vs Force Stasis, Force Storm vs Forcequake, Flame Thrower vs Pulse Cannon, etc.)

    Imperial stories are better than Republic stories, including Class stories, Makeb, CZ-198, Forged Alliances, Shadow of Revan, etc.

    Republic classes, especially starting in 3.0, frequently do not follow the tooltips of their passive, active, and discipline-based traits. Imperial classes have no such issues.

    Developers streamed 3.0 classes starting with Imperial first, until the community finally made such a fuss that BW was like “Oh. Well um, ok, I guess we can do that. Wait, people play Republic? lololol”

    Not to mention this, where they forgot to even add a PTS change to the Republic side.

    There’s a reason people say BW favors Imperials. Because they DO.

    PS: And no, I’m not complaining, I’m a heavily-Imperial player. However, the imbalance is there, and from a Developer perspective, it’s sloppy as hell.

    Is that why Aim is the main stat for a Merc/PT and Cunning the main stat for a sniper/Op? Oh wait, it makes sense on the pub side with Aim being main stat for a Commando/Vanguard and cunning being main stat for scoundrel/gunslinger.

    Those stats were definitely named with the pubs in mind as a Trooper would be more aim based while a smuggler is definitely cunning. Whereas a Bounty hunter to me would be more cunning and a imperial agent would be aim.

    It’s just semantics but don’t speak in absolute’s because all it shows is you are an absolute idiot.

    Me: *lists seven pieces of supporting evidence*
    You: *lists one piece of supporting evidence* “IM RITE!!1!”

    GG. For someone who cautions against speaking in absolutes, your absolute statement just made you look like a fool.

    PS: Stat names have never made sense, so it’s barely a valid point to make at all. Aim and Accuracy, in real-world terms, essentially mean the same thing. Willpower is akin to determination and technically has no relation to Force ability. Let’s not forget how Strength makes your Force Stasis deal more damage.

    “evidence” You both listed silly assumptions that don’t prove anything. If this was the court of law they’d throw out the case due to lack of evidence either way.

    No, you are a fucking retard if you think your one example outweighs everything the other guy said. And he was right, by the way. The dev favoritism has been extremely evident with everything in 3.0. Unless you’re too much of an “absolute idiot” to see it.

    Don’t see how aim/cunning are swapped around to you..
    For me it makes sense, an imperial intellegence agent, being more reliant on cunning, being sneaky/undercover, having to deal with politics (though, just like ingame, aim helps)
    And bounty hunters depend on playstyle.. the swtor ‘in your face’ hunter needs less cunning then hunters from the movie (who are a bit more stealthy)
    I could, without much trouble, reason why every stat ingame is weird.. so I won’t

    (btw, if you’re trying to reason/argue, you /should/ explain your arguments, instead of restating.
    Eg: saying ‘it just makes sense because it’s true’ is a bit weak.. you give no reason why rep names are actually logical..
    You can use absolute arguments, even if there is no absolute truth, like I tried here.. so stop calling people idiots, even if they ask for it ^^)

    My first 4 toons were pubs and the next 4 were imps. Apart from the fact that I prefer the aesthetics and the design of the imperial fleet vessels (which is a personal opinion), I have never ever felt that there is any kind of preference towards the imperial side by the developers.

    Most of what you said is based on how on the Public Test Server, they chose to start the changes on the imp side, and then went on to the pub side. This does not show preference, it just shows that they have to start somewhere. And yes, they can start from the imperial side EVERY SINGLE TIME, it’s the same as long as the update is complete in both sides.

    Telekinetic Throw doesn’t make sense for a Jedi? So Yoda, Kenobi, Luke and pretty much every Jedi ever shown in any SW medium (except Corran Horn) have been using telekinetic throws illegally?!?! Oh my. Lucky Shots doesn’t make sense for a smuggler? Have you EVER watched any Star Wars movie with Han Solo in it?

    One could argue with you, that every single freaking healing ability, makes a lot more sense in the pub side than the imp side, so it was developed as such, and then the devs found a mirror ability on the imp side, which seems a little bit over the top. How many ways can a Sith Sorcerer have to heal others, if any?

    Come on, if you want to claim something, start from the actual evidence, and get to a conclusion, not the other way around…

    There have been issues with 3.0 regarding favoritism to imps, one example off the top of my head is phase walk lasting 10 mins for imp toons, while for more than 3 months pub phase walk was glitched and was only lasting the original 5 mins

    I sense clueless whines here and nothing more than that.
    Get it over guys.

    Society is big mess, if you think that they Favor something in the game imagine the huge disappointment you will feel when you try to play the real Life game out there.

    I’ve always laughed how idiotic force stasis is.. it’s just too obviously a copypaste (&changing red effects to blue) from imps
    And quite a few abilities just look better on imps (nearly all sorc abilities, warrior leap, flyby being blasts instead of just another burn, death from above, flame thrower, flame sweep and more) obviously it’s oppinion, but I think most will agree

    Yay, now hopefully the idiots who don’t want to earn XP in an MMO will finally shut up. Well, at least the ones who matter enough to support the game. I’ve never cared about F2P/Pref whining before and I won’t start now >_<

    Erm, what ever you say.

    You are too stupid to accept that other people play the game a different style? Only you are right, right!?

    This only applies to subscriber, so what are you talking about people supporting the game?

    Ah yes, I forgot non-subs can post here. There’s no butthurt quite like freeloader butthurt.

    General rule: if you’re going to accuse someone of being stupid, you should put more effort into appearing literate.

    Speaking of stupidity, do you really think they’ll simply add this feature for this specific XP boost and be done with it? Don’t kid yourself. If they’ve created a way to negate the effects of event-based XP boosts (this is technically an event, we just don’t know when it will end, or if it will), they can just as easily make another item to affect 2x XP weeks/weekends as well.

    From a developer perspective, they *should* do this, now that the concept has already been put to code. It’s a small step to make a select few deranged “customers” happy. But, you know what they say, 1 is always better than 0.

    You still don’t get it, huh?

    Non-subs aren’t complaining about 12x can’t be turned off, because only subs get 12x.

    I’m a subscriber, fyi. But I think this doesn’t fit into your black and white world.

    I’m a subscriber and I enjoy leveling and I’ve been waiting for 12x to return ‘cus I’m tired of the stupid boring grind through planet quests I love the class story and that’s what I want to revisit multiple times with different options!!

    You still don’t get it, huh?

    There’s more to life than 12x XP. Back in my day, we had these things called “Double XP Weekends” and “Double XP Weeks” in which both subs and freeloaders alike could participate. You honestly think that this item will be the only instance of XP-Buff-Removal ever implemented into the game? LOL! Chances are, they will create similar items for other XP-Based events.

    You know, I did explain this in the post you replied to. However, since we’ve already established your limited understanding of the English language, I suppose I shouldn’t make a big deal about you completely ignoring the main point of my post.

    You are nothing more then a worthless whiner the only Freeloader here is you.
    Making freeloading comments all over.
    Quit already and go out to the park.

    deranged? really?

    1. newsflash. preffered players supported the game at least enough to be preffered. chances are they bought more than requisite minimum. just becasue people chose to pay on different terms doesn’t make them freeloaders, so maybe you might want to stop with assumptions, dearie?

    2. another newsflash. plenty of subscribers actualy “gasp” enjoy leveling experience in SWTOR. after all.. its one of its strongest points. who the hell are you to tell them that they are playing the game they subscribe to wrong?

    something that made xp boosts optional should have been in game the moment they started running xp boost events. not everyone wants to skip all the way to endgame, only to complain that there’s nothing to do.

    keep in mind the people who most want the 12x XP are people with multiple characters whom have already seen the story. Taris gets kinda boring the 15th time you’ve done it

    Thumbs up. Buying the expansions and/or spending other money on the game without a sub shouldn’t get you 12x XP, but I don’t think a lower boost (or at least better consumable boosts) is unreasonable, and it certainly isn’t freeloader status.

    And why should anyone care about your whines then ?
    Because thats the only thing you do so far…………………

    Can’t test it due to a bug on the PTS that prevent me from using it (says I am not subbed). But I assume it is a permanent duration buff you can click off.

    It could be, but even if it isn’t, it costs 0 credits. So if you’re one of those people who wants this, just grab a bunch of them and pop one when you lose the buff of the last.

    God I’m so glad this is being put into the game. I was seriously thinking about taking a break from the game because of this. I hate it when the xp boots are forced on players who don’t want to take part in the boosts, to this will be an extremely welcome feature.

    Well in my case, I play with my wife who isn’t currently subscribed with one of my toons. So it would skew our lvl difference too much.

    Valid point. I just meant that this is not going to be eternal, so there’s always other things to do besides leveling. Personally, I already have 9 toons at lvl 60 and I am tired of it. The only reason I will be leveling a 24 lvl toon that I have, is this epic boost which is coming

    I don’t “only” level toons, I’m a hard core raider, PvPer, and occasionally GSF, but My group only raids so much, and I like having alts, but I like to take my time while leveling as well.

    Personally, I’m waiting for the 12x’s return to continue leveling my lowbie alts rather than using this double xp week. Even though I don’t understand why other people didn’t want 12x to come back, this should keep them “happy” to have a way to opt out.

    I know some don’t like it, because new people don’t have time to learn their class, so this solves nothing for them..
    I don’t agree myself, moar xp ^^

    most new people arent subs there f2p so they wont get the 12x cp read the forums ppl its only for subs

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    I don’t know why you’d wanna remove the 12x’s xp… I want 12x’s forever! I hate leveling new toons in this game! I’ve done it too many times and the 12x’s is the best thing to happen! I hope they keep it forever!

    *shrug* some people might want to take their time enjoying the scenery … oh who am I kidding .. those people are crazy.

    no one is saying skip the content. go ahead and enjoy the storylines

    the question is this: if you are doing it for storyline, why do you even care what level you are? whats the point in forcing yourself to level slower?

    the game would stop giving you xp anyway once you over level an area, you are still free to play there and do all the story content for as long as you wanted

    gaining xp faster is never a bad thing in this game. being higher level does not stop you from staying on a planet and doing all the missions for as long as you want to

    its just pure ignorance on the part of the person leveling up: “oh no, i have gained a level, i must now stupidly choose to leave a planet i was enjoying to do higher level content”

    No actually, you didn’t need to skip anything just because you leveled up. You could stay right there and stop gaining XP while you finish all the story content your heart desires

    The change here is purely do you get the XP sooner or later? Which has absolutely nothing to do with whether you choose to do any story content at any level whatsoever

    Leveling up faster with 12x does not stop you from doing storyline content, ever. It does not stop you from doing side missions, ever.

    You are correct. However, some of us like to do all of the side missions and we want the fights to be at least a bit challenging. When you’re six levels ahead, fights are boring. Being able to turn off the 12xp bonus is for us.

    Yes some wanna level regularly. I would do that for one purpose only, companion approval and such with all the side quest.

    nothing stops you from doing those missions regardless of your level. you could already level at your own pace simply by doing the content you want to do. xp gain stops naturally if you over level an area. do the content anyway if thats what you want to experience.

    im not sure why people are scared to do content that is lower level than they are, they get all but hurt if they accidentally over level something. just stay on whatever planet you want for as long as you want regardless of your level

    I for one have more fun being rediculously underlvled (have often been so slowly lvl I couldn’t even attack some mobs, so lvl can in fact stop me doing missions :D)
    If gives me some needed challenge, and it gives me a nice warm ego ;p

    It does. They want to do both story line and planet mission at the same time.

    Don’t think they are scared doing missions they are overlevel’d for. It’s seeking a challenge. Some like to ve underleveld some like to do it without any type of boost.

    If all you see is doing missions regardless of level then you are missing the point.

    They want to do it as it was meant to be when any vanilla game comes out. Plain questing. Meaning both story line and planet missions with no advantage.

    I can understand someone new wanting to experience all the content (though the 12x bonus applies only to story missions anyway, apparently), but for those of us who have done it already, yeah, it’s a godsend. Playing through Belsavis once was enough.

    yes I should stop leveling in a game I pay for every month… I mean if you don’t want the 12xp that’s fine with me, but I will enjoy it πŸ˜›

    Kudos to BW for finally putting this in. While i enjoy 12x i can understand why some wouldn’t and it’s good to know that their playstyle isn’t getting messed up from this.

    Is there someplace to get news like this? Seems like I am the last to know there is going to be a 12x on May 4th. I don’t see anything on the SWTOR main page or in the forums about it…

    watch bioware swtor streams, reddit, the Twitter accounts of bw dev but just stay here at Dulfy and if you check in daily or a few days a week you will be informed if any new things occur

    Thanks Unoshi. I’ll start lurking in those places as well. What I’d really like to know is how long the 12x will linger for…

    No date has been given when it will end but the way they go about it, it will be around for a pretty long time I recon

    I think that probably means they intend it to be a permanent perk, unless they find some issue with it and decide it needs to be turned off, but giving no date they leave an out.

    They might make it permanent but there is a end date just not stated as it will last so long that when it’s going to end is irrelevant

    would not mind if it’s perm though

    Ok, now I really am coming back.
    But solely because now I can level up new toons on the populated servers instead of spending a crapton of money to transfer over toons.

    in the livestream they said something like that it would last so long even they had no idea when it would end…make of that what you will…

    Booo. I still want my xp eliminated entirely. Twinking isn’t as bad as other games, what with Bolster in place. Give me zero gains already!

    No, you dont get to permanently stomp lowbiew on mid pvp bracket. Grow up and join the rest of us as 60, where we will really see what are you made of.

    Moron. The real twinks are in the 29 bracket, and the disparity in the 59 bracket will be resolved with the next patch. There is very little difference between full 29 artifact level gear and standard prototype. Should know what you are talking about before sticking your foot in your mouth.

    Since they like to copy WoW, if they added that feature they would probably make players using it queue into a separate WZ then those not using it. As WoW twinks can tell you, be careful what you wish for.

    Oh NO!! A choice other people can make that WILL NOT AFFECT MY GAME WHATSOEVER?!?!?!?! How dare they!

    Seriously, I love 12x XP. But I totally see there are tons of reasons to not want it. Some people want the challenge. Hell, I usually level up to 9 with just shell armor for the challenge. So for those who feel the need to berate others for not agreeing with you on the amount of XP they are (or are not) getting…. evolve already, FFS.

    For those who don’t like the 12x XP… go for it. You’re not hurting (or even affecting) the rest of us so ignore the real morons.

    But I also bought every account unlock there was and now the only thing that changes for me when I resub is that I get to keep more credits. (I don’t care about warzone & flashpoint limits)

    This has nothing to do with going through the story again with the same character. Its for people who want to level slower

    Eh, I’ll keep running it till I get what’s his name 4 more times (the Imperial Soldier boss). I don’t have a rep toon that has a healer comp good enough to solo the last boss of Kuat.

    with 12x XP it only applies to storyline missions and if you are trying to level up fast you shouldnt be doing KDY or any flashpoint at all you will just be slowing yourself down

    I had a group who kept wiping on the trooper boss of Kuat Drives. It was depressing. They got the loot too. That was even more depressing :/

    The only thing worse than a scrub in the group getting the KDY kit, is a scrub getting the decoration from it.
    As for 12x xp, last time on Makeb I did a mission that gave me 800k xp, so HELL YEAH BRING IT ON.

    59-level refuses of 60-level PvP farming pugs in 30-59 bracket 24/7. Just like they do now, but it will last forever. A dream come true!

    Does that mean the epic xp event is on pts atm or they just put that item there to show it can be disabled?

    Finally a good move. Give the players the options to play as they want – don’t force them to play the way you think they should. But, of course, in true Biofail fashion, it is buggy.

    Complain complain complain …next time you want to talk, contribute instead of showing off your ability to whine about nothing.

    Dulfy, i dont play SWTOR for like an year. Since i come to your site to see GW2 news, i aways see a lot of things going on on SWTOR. So how its game today? There is a new lvl cap and new “passives” in characters, the gameplay its much diferent now?

    The gameplay is the same and will never change. If you didn’t like the combat mechanics, you don’t need to bother to install it again.

    I’ll try to give you a more serious answer. The gameplay has changed since 3.0 and some new things have been added. We got strongholds, which is a form of player housing and the skill tree system has been completely redone. The level cap is 60 now and some new skills have been added and more planets and story and of course some new operations. The dailies on Yavin 4 also give higher level sets of gear for companions. Next week we will get new stuff again with a new planet and the continuation of the main story. We will also get a costume designer so we can finally change looks without having to swap mods or re-augment any gear. I guess those are the main topics as far as the game is concerned πŸ™‚

    I can’t remember the last time bioware added something that worked as intended the first time around. They need to fire the 2 amateur developers they have and hire some real talent. This is like an ongoing joke.

    Cant believe the fckin complains already started.

    Can you believe what kind of whiners are living amongst us all…………….

    So, 12xp time starts on 4 May, and will end on an unknown date. This only applies to class missions. I just want to confirm that all this is correct. If this is right, then I’m very happy!!!

    This is a brilliant idea, I already find I level up way too quickly and am often over levelled for much of the content I am up to meaning it is no longer fun! I tried to avoid the 12x events in the past, so this will make things easier.

    yea i’m the same way. i haven’t leveled a character in over 2 years so i just started a BH and leveling again seems like a whole new game. i don’t want to be level 60 and didn’t even start belsavis yet.

    If this item is on the fleet, would that mean that you would be stuck with 12x XP on the starter planets? Maybe you should look on the starter planets too.

    You can get to fleet at level 10; with or without the 12x XP boost the starter planets dont take very long. Also 12x XP is only for the story line missions. If it means that much to you, do the planets side missions first.

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    Quitters gonna quit no matter what! Ya but i agree that low skill shows up in PVP more than any other place…

    I meant, did they tell you a couple of months?

    The last 12x XP run was roughly two months (possibly take a few days), I do hope this one lasts longer than that.


    From the splash page about 12x Story boost

    ‘The Epic Story XP Boost includes reduced cool down on quick travel
    options and increased commendations to facilitate acquisition of the
    gear you need when you need it.’

    Bwah? These aren’t standalone?

    ‘Act now, the Epic Story XP Boost ends this Fall’

    So, they’re turning it off before next major expansion at a guess. Shoulda just made it permanent, imho.

    I thought the cool downs and comm increases were for 3.2 in April 28th, not ending when Epic XP ends.

    One does not simply ask to Dulfy twice. If he says it’s going to be a couple of months then it’s a couple of months you accept it and move on with your life because as you can see, the bonus is still going on so he indeed was right.

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    Thank God…I don’t want the boost. I want to play and do planetary and quest missions normally, the only thing I really skip is ay bonus series and I don’t always do all the heroics.

    The 12x XP allows for the perfect run of the Story Missions, avoiding all the bland and repetitive side missions, and let’s you actually accomplish capping your characters through the most interesting content, I really don’t understand why anyone would prefer to spend hours and hours of extra time running around. But even if you for some reason have a real hard-on for the mundane side quests, what’s stopping you from doing them anyways? I mean if you want to do them so badly that you will avoid using the 12XP from story missions than who cares what level you are at when you do them?

    Ever played KOTOR 1 or 2? That game was about immerse yourself in the
    many worlds of star wars doing side quests here and there not just the
    Main thing, there’s nothing wrong to enjoy the game the way it’s
    intended, bland and repetitive are just imo but it’s not a fact.
    Besides, all the planets have a Main Mission as well that you could
    easily enjoy alongside your own Story Class, of course, if you have like
    10 alts then it’s going to get old, but sure some people that are new
    in the game would enjoy it like i did back when the game was out and the
    cap was 50, it was a blast so yeah, you’re going to spend hours of
    hours anyways, it’s not like you’re getting paid and you are wasting
    your time for not accepting the 12 X thing.

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    Anyone checked to see if this item/vendor is present with 3.2 launch today or if it won’t show up until 5/4.

    12xp is only for subscribers so quit ur bitching assholes like seriously u dont liek it leave the game we dont need more cpomplainers in the game anyhow

    i been polaying for past 3 years and i never complained about anything minus stupid idiotic kids

    and stupid pvp only kids care about pvp most everyone else i lnmow is more aout pve and ops over stupid pvp pvp is just for braggers with no life

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