GW2 Specializations AMA Livestream Notes

GW2 Specialization AMA Livestream Notes with Isaiah Cartwright, Jon Peters, and other members of the design team.

Developers Present

  • Joshua Davis
  • Jon Peters

No elite specializations will be shown but the whole system and how they interact will be discussed

Specializations & UI with Jon Peter

  • New system will be easier and quicker to make builds. The previous trait unlocking system was not well liked either.
  • New system lock trait to tiers. You will understand why we did it when you see it. If we did this with old traits it would have been a terrible idea but we have revamped many of the traits.
  • Today someone mentioned on Reddit about saving traits so when you use it again the same trait selections are there. That is a really good idea we will take a look at.
  • Hero Points – You get some from leveling (400 pts). Old skill challenge will give you them as well (220 pts in total). You ned 465 to get everything so you just need to do 65 skill challenges to get all the core ones (not elite). Anyone who has world completion completed will have more than enough.
  • The core specializations changes are coming before HoT, elite will come with HoT.
  • Tempest is the name of the Elementalist elite specialization.
  • On the trait unlock panel, each trait unlock costs 5 hero points. Core lines will cost 60 points to unlock to full.
  • Unlocking all 5 core lines will cost you 300 hero points, this will give you 100 points remaining to spend on skills (assuming you havn’t done any hero challenges).
  • Every skill has been placed into a category. So when you into Cantrip training you will get all the Cantrips by spending an additional 35 points.
  • You get 10 points every 5 levels initially and then 20 points every 5 levels later during levelling.
  • First Elite Specialization will be announced next week and it is not Druid.
  • Poison and Burning will likely stack in intensity rather than duration.
  • New currency to replace skill points that will be in the wallet. You get them from champ bags and other sources. This currency allow you to buy crafting mats that used to require skill points.
  • Specialization window
    • First two specialization slots are for core traits. Third slot has a golden border and you could place an elite specialization there.

Elementalist with Karl

  • Water is already shown in the blog post.
  • Blasting Staff is now a default. That is just how staff works right now.
  • Evasive Arcana and Boon on attune. Those are very core to elementalists and that is why they need to be a choice. You will be either a dodge ele or a boon on attune ele. You going to make up for that by having an extra grandmaster in some line that compliments what you are really trying to do. Also now since you getting 3 full trait lnes you are getting alot power etc back from there to compensate what you lost.
  • Windborn Dagger – We are talking now if there are things we could do for dagger. We didn’t feel windborn dagger was super exciting and we might have to roll that into something. The windborn dagger and scepter one with endurance weren’t super exciting so we are going to give you something more exciting.
  • Icebow and Lightning hammer won’t be doing the damage they are doing right now when this ships. They are problematic and cheesy.
  • Bleeding stacks over 25 stacks during the Revenant beta weekends – we are testing that right now and they are just getting past the first base.

Thief with Karl

  • Deadly arts will now be much focused on poison and delivering deliberating conditions.
    • Regarding Dagger Training – the tooltip shown above is outdated. We rolled the 5% damage to baseline and your dagger attacks will now have a chance to inflict poison.
    • Lotus Poison CD cooldown reduced slightly so you can poison your enemies more frequently.
    • Exposed weakness is more general now.
  • We took away the damage portion of stolen items and will be doing some rebalancing on the stolen items themselves.
  • Quickness is now a boon and can be removed.
  • Ambush is now a Deception ability. Dagger Storm is now a Trick, Hide in Shadows is a Deception and Withdrawl is a Trick.

Guardian with Karl

  • Ground targeting (for Consecrations) has been made base, just like with necro wells
  • Glacial Heart trait was removed as Guardians doesn’t really do chill at all and remade into Virtuous Mallet.
  • Healing Breeze will become a Shout skill. Shelter needs a category and Tomes need a category.
  • Elite duration increase has been made baseline.
  • Improved Spirit Weapon duration has been made baseline.

Engineer with Matt

  • Grenade kit and Med kit got new graphics/animations.
  • Med Kit #1 skill now blast people in the face with a healing breeze. #2 now drops a buff pylon that buff allies nearby. #3 drops a glowing syringe on the ground.
  • Mortar Kit is now an kit like skill. You can run around with the Mortar kit and it will serve it as a long range solution with fields. Grenade kit distance will get reduced a bit to 900 and will do no more fields.
  • All elite skills now have #5 skill
    • Supply Crate will become a turret – you can overcharge/detonate it etc.
    • Elixir X now transform enemies in an area to Moas.
  • Grenadier trait no longer increase the range of grenade or add more grenades (has been made baseline) It now only increase the radius of the impact and velocity.
  • Accelerant Packed Turrets (only on detonate, not on kill), Forceful Explosives trait from Explosives has been made baseline.
  • Pistol 1 and Rift 5 skills become explosions (not blast finishers)
  • Firearms – Rifle/Speargun trait will reduce the recharge and increase crit chance on these two weapons.
  • Rifled Barrels and Coated Bullets from Firearms have been made baseline.
  • Inventions line got nuked and remade.

Mesmer with Robert

  • Mesmer back in GW1 was a very high skill based class, we are trying to bring that back.
  • Chaos Armor will be added to one of the Trident skills
  • The stealth duration increase on Prismatic Understanding from Chaos line is only on Mesmer stealth skills, not on stealth applied on the Mesmer by other classes.
  • Glamour all had their recharge rate reduced as a baseline
  • Traits that are made baseline: Illusionary Persona, Illusionary Elasticity, Protective Mantras (gain extra armor when you cast a mantra), Phantasmal damage boost traits,Manipulation range.
  • Alot of the retaliation traits in Mesmer got removed as we didn’t feel like you want people to hit you as a mesmer.
  • Signet of Inspiration may grant passive swiftness and one extra boon. We are trying that out right now.

Necro with Robert

  • Damage increase while a Necro is downed has been reduced.
  • Minion Master trait has been reduced since Minion recharge reduction is now baseline. Dark Armour (toughness while channeling skills) got removed as no one was using it. Spiteful Talisman trait got removed but all the focus range skills increases were made baseline.

Ranger with Roy

  • Troll Unguent will be made into a Survival skill. Heal as One and Rampage are placed into the Shout category.
  • Traps will now have an arming time once thrown down but they will be balanced around it
  • Velocity increase on longbow attacks have been made baseline.
  • In the Skirmishing line, they want to move Most Dangerous Game to Grandmaster and move Light on your Feet down to Adept.
  • Spirits cannot move anymore. We will buff up their passives.
  • 75% trigger rate is baseline for spirits now

Warrior with Roy

  • Physical skills have a new thing where if your endurance is above 50%, they are more effective (Stomp further, kick further for example). Rampage and Mending are now physical skills.
  • Healing Surge is becoming a Shout skill. No Elite shout.
  • Healing Signet regen is going to get lowered but you gain Resistance for 6s when you use it, making you immune to conditions.

General Questions

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

110 replies on “GW2 Specializations AMA Livestream Notes”

“Unlocking all 3 core lines will cost you 300 hero points”
I assume you mean all 5 core lines (5 x 60).

and, Where is the ele water picture?? In a blog, lol which one? New to dulfy site because my computer usually rejects it or freezes loading it.

At engi, the Mortar Kit is an elite skill already I think what you meant is that it will be a Kit skill type

“Traits that are made baseline: Illusionary Persona, Illusionary Elasticity, Protective Mantras (gain extra armor when you cast a mantra), Phantasmal damage boost traits,Manipulation range.”

If both Phantasmal damage traits are now baseline, does that mean that the one still in Domination is in addition to them?

yea. this is huge. The only field was the poison field though. However, it was the engineer’s only access to untraited 1200 range….

Rifled Barrels is now baseline so rifles are base 1200 range and pistols aren’t far behind at 1100. Mortar is likely going to be 1500 and it can be carrier around now. All in all I don’t think Engis are losing too much in the extreme range category.

Truthfully I’m a little bummed, though grenades have always been most effective at ~600 or less. Removing the capability to go >900 hurts in PvP modes and for tagging in PvE zergs, but those were more conveniences to me not the core strength of the kit.

true i missed the rifled barrels as baseline on the first (and apparently second) readthrough somehow. movement with mortar has long been needed and it looks like i will be getting more use out of pistols with these changes actually.Allowing poison and burn to stack is going to be good for engis. On a side note I actually suggested a rocket launcher that laid down lots of fields some time ago, will be interesting to see what they come up with. We also cant complain about engi’s too much just yet as that appears to be the least developed of the bunch.

Necromancer changes are trash. Who wants to play a minion build? Holy snap that’s even more boring than turret engi. Condition dmg secretly nerfed, no more downstate for fun and/or tactically using it, and Engis + mesmers get to MOA us 24/7 asap we go into lich form. Wtf is this

Dont bother with him. He read something and went blablabla. Clearly didn’t understand half of the changes. How can Condition Damage nerfed if Scepter now can give extra Condition Damage?!

They were actually given a nice buff. Not ONLY MM available now, but MM actually being a viable build. It was very popular in GW1 (and if you haven’t noticed, quite a few gw1 devs finally back). It’s like warrior being expanded instead of like the mesmer being constricted.

GW1 MM was popular because you could choose what you summoned and how many. Plus you summoned undead monstrosities, not weird pokemon things. As it stands in GW2, no matter how powerful they make minions, I won’t touch it due to how silly the things look.

i used to play MM necro in spvp in the first year, it was pretty fun and not easy as people think <3

there is alot of good stuff also, and since we still didnt know about the elite specs, there is no point of whine ATM

IMHO classes like mesmer or engi that got buffed so much, will get a crappy elite specialization, and all the stuff "gone" from other classes could be the core of their elite spec as well.
for example, rangers spirit doesnt move anymore, i'm pretty sure that the Druid spec will boost allies better and without them, having spirit AND druid could be a waste of trait combinations

“Signet of inspiration will grant passive swiftness”- love that for my mes! I like the class changes and skill/trait system changes for this x-pac. Not sure about the one zone focus (even if it does have multiple “levels”). I am still curious about some things though… date of x-pac release, is there any changes to the world boss timer system (how many new world bosses?), any new dungeons/paths, price point?
@Angel- I actually think conds will be stronger after x-pac, based on what I have been reading.
Regardless of how anyone feels about individual changes, they are obviously putting a lot of thought into the system as a whole.
You have to remember though, beta and initial testing tends to favor skilled players. Most casual don’t do beta (or read websites/blogs on how to play their class) and the internal testing team has a great understanding of the game. Classes preform differently depending on player skill level. An “op” class amongst players that play 2-5 hours a week, might be an underpreforming class among players that play 10+ hours a week, and vice versa. That is why there is usually a disconnect between class changes and the player base.
Most of the player base is casual (including myself) and most class changes are designed to fix inequities that occur among players at a high skill level.

Okay… This stream’s change announcements are better then the two previous specializations postings. Overall the changes seem to be vary positive. Lots of classes will be stronger overall, but at the cost of destroying several widely loved builds among several classes. Most notable is the Engineer’s Grenades build options. And Engie has precious little build options to spare. Forget fracking mesmer, Engie should be GW2’s skill class. Also rather miffed that they didn’t mention Elixir R. Nobody reading this will have used Elixir R for anything serious since Sky Pirates of Tyria, period.

This is not including Elite Specalizations. Given the fact that a fourth slot is not allowed for them… You know what? I’m not even going to go there right now. Just saying that Elite Specializations seem a LOT like Elite skills atm.

Hum … couldn’t find any information about the skills channeling boosts for the Ele … did they just delete them ? cO

I’m really excited for all of this. (I admit the well buffs are just perfect) I’m no longer locked down by attribute selection, and that’s a good thing. It seems everyone is indeed getting stronger, it isn’t even arguable. I wonder what that means for existing content.

Of course you would. Your a dumb fanboi who doesn’t know any better. Try playing an actual MMO and you’ll see these “changes” you are drooling over are nothing more than a swift kick in the fuckin balls to people who liked how the game played before and found some way to feel relevant. Now, not so much. They are making drastic changes like Blizzard, but they don’t have the fanbase and intelligence, nor the reasoning to swing it. Good luck playing this pile of shit by yourself.

You’re really angry and vulgar. I think out of all you typed that I see your concern: they’re changing a class of yours and you’re raging over it. The majority of what you said is masked by curses and baseless arguments. If you want to say ANet doesn’t have the fanbase and intelligence to pull this off well, you can back that up, or not bother commenting. I’d start at the NPE.

Meh,this is again same all thing but with different looking ui.How is this specialisation of anything,atm is like select trait from left window,and in this examples is select one from three traits.And different traits are just another balance patch.Specialization is when u become better in one way of playing with more advanced skills..blabla..this is just balance patch and different ui.

That’s exactly what they did: balance so that you specialize in one style of play through the trees. It’s a more focused approach to the trait system, removing a lot of crap. It also has an attractive new and simplified UI.

I was hoping for something like advanced professions for each class with new skills….but i guess that will ruin game mechanic.Dont really care much about balance,i play with almost all classes and dont have problem with balance,some class are better for something, some for other…that is point of different classes.If something goes op,it will be nerf next update…so really it doesnt metter it will be same as always.

But wouldn’t the Elite specializations (coming in HoT) satisfy that? They change the way a class is played; as I understand, it’s through the class’s main mechanic. They even get new skills available to them.

well idk,i was commenting this part they call specialization which is mostly just different looking ui.I can already change traits for different style of playing,from “specialization” i was hoping for something more.I know its early to talk about anything specific,but like i said i was just commenting this part they show.

I think it’s a misunderstanding on Dulfy’s text. She is stating that projectile speed is going to be baseline, however, I still see the trait. I guess that the range is going to be baseline with the speed as a trait.

Yes it was said that the range will be worked into the baseline of the longbow (like with most +range traits). The rest got merged in one godly longbow trait.

they covered this in livestream. its being changed to give spike damage boosts on mantra use and combined witu the trait that gives mantras 3 charges

And you are completely wrong because you get panic strike executioner and mathematically unless you h ad permanent vigor before and a 30s CD on full endurance this is far superior dodging

Finally some more Mesmer swiftness, I’m also looking forward at what they’re gonna do with Illusionairy Persona.

Some Thief things / corrections:
– Dagger Training: Not exactly sure what they meant by this, since the 3rd dagger attack already poisons… They’re buffing dagger damage in general by 5% and this trait will give a % chance of all dagger attacks poisoning, right?
– Lotus Poison: Lotus Poison applies Weakness when you poison an enemy. They changed the Internal CD from 15 to 10, so you can Weaken enemies more.
– “Exposed weakness is more general now.” – EW works exactly the same on Live as it does in the tooltip they showed so you can remove that line. I think they got confused because of one iteration of the trait that they were experimenting with.

the only ranger i see “nerfed” is the spirit one that is already gone even in spvp
there is a lot cool stuff for ranger, and there is something “broken” that people still didnt noticed

Hehe, I’m pretty sure I know what you mean :p And I’ll be so hyped when it get’s through… My guess is that everyone will cry Ranger nerfs the first few days then they get rek’d by someone who actually tried stuff out and suddenly it’s Ranger op again…

Sooo~ same as every year, James.

I wasn’t even playing Meta ranger and it’s still fucked over. After being hated on in PvE they decided to kick rangers from the other game modes too. I’m wondering why they don’t delete the class from the game in the first place.

Um ranger out side of dungeons is like the strongest raw damage in the game and from 2k range. If the people you play with don’t recognize that then too bad for them. And running rangers in wvw and pvp is common now so please refrain from speaking until you know what your talking about.

good ranger was the most annoying class in the game and necro takes no skill glad they got destroyed later LOSER

Do any of the classes really take “skill” to play? From what I’ve noticed, most people just stick to 2-3 moves, and pwn face, regardless.

My main’s a necro, and while Im not fond of the changes, I’m optimistic. I’m going full GS, when the expansion hits, and the changes may adhere to it.

I also think you’re just mad that necros cant die. 😛

“Oh noes a class I play get’s changed I’ll leave the game! Testing the changes first you say? This build might work even better you say? No! I’ll stick to the class being broken!” – whiny kid 2015

That said, it’s sad enough you guys rant on Dulfy. If you have valid feedback go and post on the forums, otherwise kindly leave the discdiscussion here.
Goodbye, you’ll be mi- Actually you won’t…

actually i kinda like the nerco changes, ppl just need to realise with a whole new expansion coming that builds and playstyles WILL CHANGE

not necessarily, you have to understand that they’re releasing 1 new class and they’re changing all old classes, it’s easier to build 1 new into all old – rather than build all old into 1 new class; but it’s okay to be narrow minded in this day and age

Of course your not open to any change it took me about 5 minutes to find a stronger condi and power ranger spec after the changes, both melee and ranger power. Don be oblivious if you need help find a spec that’s one thing but don’t rage cause you don’t understand how the buff works.

Happy for you but you also didn’t see what I posted later after I found out what skills would be available. Be helpful not a bitch…thx.

Lol, supposed to write for what you say in the future…. and don’t throw around insults like they mean nothing. You said that you were quitting the game and your class got buffs lol. Your response is completely overkill and you sound like panoramic jerk to anyone that reads your post.

I have quit the game, don’t assume to know me and what I do. And responding to something I posted 2 months ago seems the you are the one looking to start something. But it’s all good.

Thief changes are amazing, except for Last Refuge looking the same. o.O
They managed to make Hard to Catch not garbage but forgot about the other broken one.

« You get some from leveling (400 pts). » // « You get 10 points every 5 levels initially and then 20 points every 5 levels later during levelling.»
How this can be possible ? Even if we gain 20pts every 5 levels since the begining, it’s only give 320pts… ( 80/5 = 16 16*20 = 320)

Its so awesome how they fuck the fans over. Even more awesome that this game actually has “fanbois”. rofl

I doubt you even read the entire post. Since it is pretty obvious that this is an overall improvement to the game.

Can somebody at Anet start drug testing Karl? I think he’s the only person I’ve ever met with marijuana-induced Syphilis. Nerfs meteornado and then proceeds to change the broken since-launch Arcana trait line two years after launch.

Bolt to the heart from minor to grandmaster and evasive/elemental attunement both as grandmasters? Are you serious?

Poor eles. There’s a slight chance they might not even be the top class in all game modes after this.

Very agreed. Wish ele could stay the top without rebalancing the game but since they can’t going goodbye cele dd builds for pvp.

Its amazing how ANet can appear to be making improvements all over the board while destroying more then half of the endgame builds worth a !@#$ at the same time.
Also, insulted they didn’t even footnote Elixer R. Nobody uses it for anything anymore, yet it used to be one of Engie’s vary few redeeming skills (in the distant past).

i used to love my Regeneration warrior. Then they nerf the time of the adrenaline (or what ever called) bar, now they nerf the healing signed. Too bad. it was really fun to play lazy on PvE.

at least we can play shout healer warrior or phalanx strenght one without people going mad for the dps loss from traits

i will totally use the shout healing skill on my main <3 and tbh i decided to get rid of that signet because when you get too much used with that, you have problems using the heal skill with other classes

so the trait for recharge/bigger area on banners is gone or did it become baseline without anyone mentioning it? just curious. not a big deal but i wonder.

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-All elite skills now have #5 skill
-Elixir X now transform enemies in an area to Moas.
It should be:
-All elite skills now have a toolbelt skill which is by default F5.
-Elixir X’s toolbelt skill transforms enemies in an area to Moas.

yup, plus they forgot about mortar kit’s f5, the megatermonuclearsatellitelaser thingy that maybe will become a barrage while traited with the trait they want to improve [the one that boost elite skills ATM]

i dont get it for rangers the grandmaster trait in the nature magic traitline survival of the fittest is gone will i still be able to have it or did they scrap it compleatly?

This orientation it’s very sad. The old system (first system, not this craps came with new leveling system) give possibility to player to TEST during their leveling. “What if I take that instead of that ?”. With actual system it’s already impossible. And they persist with that terrible idea.

All of this without mension some… strangeness in their count.

Like I say… 400 pts with leveling ? They say 10 points every 5 level first then 20 pts every 5 level next. But…. On 80lvl it’s not possible to gain 400 pts on that way….

Even if we gain 20pts every 5 level since begining, we only have 320pts at lvl 80…

And… “You ned 465 to get everything” but… with 300pts for all 5 core lines and 5pts for every skills and 15 for elite… it will make more than 465…
If somebody can help me to clarify that…

My guess is he said 400 instead of 300 and just went with it. So it means that we would get 300 points total at 80 but would need 365 for to get everything.

The Hero point will be necessary to unlock skill too.
300pts for all core “specialisation” (not elite) but then… we have almost skill (those we can unlock with skill point).

People are entitled to their opinion, you stupid twat. How about you adapt to people having opinions that are outside yours.

It’s above their elitist asshattry attatitude to view anyone else’s opinions. They are the typical “I have spoken therefore I am right, you need say nothing more.” Fuckem I don’t care GW2 is behind me. Moving on to better things. Thx for the support Highlux, but these asshats are everywhere.

Massive changes….and to early to say if they are good or bad. Can’t give a personal verdict till i actually try them.

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“Hero Points – You get some from leveling (400 pts). Old
skill challenge will give you them as well (220 pts in total). You ned
465 to get everything so you just need to do 65 skill challenges to get
all the core ones (not elite). Anyone who has world completion completed
will have more than enough.”

we still need some clarification upon that. will we be able to unlock everything on a single character with those points?

No, warrior is getting a fair bit stronger as long as your not hammer gsm and even then it’s not that bad.

Hum … couldn’t find any information about the skills channeling boosts
for the Ele … did they just delete them (Obsidian + Zephyr Focus) ?
cO *bis, guess my message went drowned :p) !

Oh, God ! Think the same … I had both and found them really usefull with Scepter (even Daggers) + Renewal heal skills :((

>tfw literally the only reason to play necro is that you like the aesthetic, and the disadvantages are literally beginning to become too much.

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