SWTOR April 28 Maintenance for Patch 3.2

SWTOR servers will be down from 3 AM PDT to 9 AM PDT for server maintenance in preparation for patch 3.2.

Scheduled Maintenance: 28 April 2015 | 04.24.2015, 05:51 PM

Hi everyone!
All servers will be unavailable on April 28th while we apply Game Update 3.2: Rise of the Emperor.

Date: Tuesday, 28 April 2015
Time: 3:00AM PDT (10:00 GMT) – 9:00AM PDT (16:00 GMT)
Version: 3.2

This update includes the planet Ziost with the continuation of the Shadow of Revan storyline, the Outfit Designer, travel improvements, updates to the Group Finder and related rewards, Class changes, and numerous bug fixes.

It also marks the end of Ranked Warzone Arena Season 4 and the beginning of Season 5!

During maintenance, all updates and additional information will be posted on our Twitter account. Thank you for your patience as we maintain service for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

106 replies on “SWTOR April 28 Maintenance for Patch 3.2”

Yeah, i just looked back at the livestream notes and realized i kinda jumped to conclusions.. Hopefully it will be on may the 4th though.

May 4th is only the week after 3.2. They’re going to try and fill 3.2 with as many bullet points as possible to get people interested in it. In other words if the Yavin SH was actually ready to go it would be part of 3.2.

All they’re doing for the 4th is turning on the XP boost and giving the pet reward.

Yeah figured that much too. Was hoping with 3.2 but I am guessing between May the 4th and June. Probably along with the Togruta specie

So damn a 6 hour patch. Ahwell.

I would not except to see the Togruta in June, more like August at the very earliest, but I would say between October-December is more likely.

They’ve mentioned nothing about the Togruta other than that they’re coming and at the Cantina Tour the devs up on stage couldn’t even remember if the race had been officially announced or not.

We’re not going to see the Togruta any time soon. I wish that wasn’t the case. I’d like to see them, make a Torgurta, etc, but it still seems like they’re a ways off.

yeah they there seems to be a lot of confusement going around lately between BW staff as what has been mentioned and what not

Why “already know”? If BW not talking about it, it not 100% that “Togruta are not part of 3.2.” IMHO

Um…Public Test Server, maybe? Not like 3.2 hasn’t been on it for like a month; and guess what? NO Tagruta

1) They’re not on the test server.

2) If they were part of 3.2 they would’ve promoted it. They want as much attention on 3.2 as possible. They’re not going to stealth release a new race.

3) If you watched the Cantina Tour you’d know that they said they were coming later this year, not in 3.2.

Seriously, get a clue.

Im waiting to see a dev running around as a togruta just to piss people off.. Its not like it takes long to make the skin..

The beginning of this page says what 3.2 includes, Togruta is not included, so we are 100% sure it is not included

no new ops or even any info about them? heck not even nim tr or tos?! guess they aren’t going to stay true to the whole new ops more than once a year. oh well. enjoy the dead servers, even during 12xp… they are trying to stack events to cover the fact that the game is dying and the active user base is shrinking fast. cheers to the slow death of swtor *loads other game that’s more enjoyable and actually has more than 1 major content update a year*

As bad as it sounds, it’s actually too early for them to start talking about new Ops.

Bioware Austin is in a horrible position where they have a team that’s way too small to handle what the game needs/requires. Anything new feature that they do basically takes forever given how small the team is combined with the fact that they have to work on such a terrible engine.

They’re constantly fighting this up hill battle that they can’t win because MMO development pulls you in too many different directions of trying to to satisfy too many different types of demands/people. For instance you have people constantly asking for new story content, new OPs, new FPs, new PVP maps, new races, more companion content, and/or whatever else but sadly they can generally only focus on one of those type of things at a time and by the time they get around to doing new OPs you then have a bunch of people complaining that instead of new OPs they should’ve done X,Y, and Z instead.

Again it’s an uphill battle that they can’t win. EA could easily give them more money to work with so that they could/can hire a bigger staff, but since the game is currently financially successful as is EA sees no reason to give the team any more money than they’ve currently been giving them.

pretty much this, and can hardly expect a NiM ToS or TR when current difficulty modes bugs aren’t even fixed

for what purpose? just wondering. Dont think that will fix the bugs that are still occurring. Wont lie, ever since i did TR i only witness the bug once.

True for some the bosses are easy. However tell that to a lot of the guilds and groups trying to down this new content who are struggling on SM. I mean I play on Bastion its a pvp server however a lot of people still do the ops and a lot of people can’t down the content. One group in particular even did the exploit in the beginning so many times they were able to get 198 mods/enhancements in all their gear and still couldn’t down it because they think that having that gear means they are competent enough to know their class (which they dont) and ignore the mechanics.

nerfing a boss is ridiculous, just as u stated they ignore mechanics as if it weren’t stated that to proceed you need to work with or around mechanics, avoid or make use of certain mechanics. Sorry to be blunt to whomever feels this is directed to. But nerving a boss won’t make you any less stupid.

Reasons for a boss to be nerfed is when the most moderate guilds or higher do everything right but still struggle. That’s reason for nerf.. not when people decide to act stupid thinking all is tank and spank.

The boss in ToR with the cross where u Need to stand in it is super easy really , specially for tanks. The only real trouble would be for healers. But yet I see tanks fail and not due lack of heals.

True but less than 20 guilds have actually downed the content completely. I havent down the content completely but i mean im getting it done and our groups know the mechanics, just small stuff i guess.

yeah there are legitimate reasons for not downing a content, small inconveniences and such like my self playing on a laptop that cant really completely handle it even on the lowest setting so if i would dps i would miss out on numbers completely but if im healing im good enough to pass.

But the majority of failure that happen are because people dont ask tactics, they dont listen or just dont care.

guess we will see how much it will effect progression after ops been nerfed.

It’s been 5 months since 3.0 was released. There’s still a lot of time to have “new ops more than once a year”. An August update would be ideal for new ops for example.

In other news, no one will mind if you stop playing SWTOR. In fact, some might be happier.

Oddly, I haven’t noticed any population decrease on Red Eclipse. Maybe everyone on your server transfered out to get away from you.

We are getting a single boss operation with this update, granted its not a real 5 boss operation its still a raid that will give us something to do…. calm your shit. Give the game some time its been five months since the xpac. DF and DP came out in September/october of 2013, and we didn’t get NiM until May/June for both of them the following year.

no lol its one of the giant creatures on Ziost whose name shall not be said…. I think its somewhere on this site anyways lol

Are you Nuts ?
People are having a hard time completing Temple in SM not to mention HM.

Who will play NiM, 10 people in the whole world ?

I personally find endgame rather dull, its pretty much full of kids that just want quick and fast runs and any problems, even a minor one, they have hissy fits and go off crying to mommy.

I lost interest in that crap, i just want more PvE story, endgame doesn’t matter to me, i would honestly prefer a Kotor 3-10 instead of a mmo.

I think it’s moreso a matter of them trying to reduce the stat increase with the raised level cap, which, in turn, has left the game in a sour state. Anyone who’s done the new raids has noticed that they’re significantly more challenging, which may not be all that bad if they’re compensating us with better gear (which they don’t seem to be doing). However, the problem now is that on top of that raised difficulty, they need leeway to nerf the classes to a reasonable level, which they really don’t have anymore.

I’m looking forward to Ziost but the update seems pretty small so I’ll be sticking to preferred status to check it out. I would have loved to be excited for Season 5 and re-sub but there’s no way I’m touching that again for a long time.

Everything else is fine and good except the new Nerfs that mess up the classes again.

God Help us before they destroy the game for the clueless pvp shty whiners………..

O like how since the last update I get error 9000 and kicked from server every 15-30 minets like clockwork.. Love how they treat their paying costumers..

Great choice to make the GF 8m again, it was a nightmare to find 16 people and complete an ops with them with all the Quitters and the Newbillies around.

Yeah, it was *really* terrible. I don’t like being “forced” to run with a massive group of obnoxious players just because they want us to do more together. I don’t blame them for wanting more group effort, but FFS, they’re not helping when they don’t give us a choice.

Not to mention the Lag was unbelievable too.
Was pressing an utility and it was happening in game like 3 mins later.

I adore how every time they tinker with class mechanics there’s an uproar as though millions of voices cried out in terror.

will be no way around it, Yavin 4 isnt faction based but on top of all that, you could always visit the enemy factions SH. Doubt BW would bring out one SH and decided it will be Rep of Emp only

I just hope that the Yavin stronghold is reasonably priced so that at least prefs can get it but I very much doubt it …

ye i know i will have to get a lot of CCs to unlock the whole stronghold. i just wish there was more info on it or more steams leaking info cause i want to be prepared for it myself.

I would rather see it extremly expensive. Full NS (without free rooms and free house) is worth 10.5 mln. So imo Yavin should cost around 12-16 mln?

that is true. as they can be under an NDA (non disclosure agreement) and if they said anything before getting the ok to, they could be banned and other stuff. I am sure they have it though.

She may be in the dark on the last part of the area like all of us (that’s purported to have the daily zone, world boss, etc.) since it was not accessible on PTS at all.

Yes I can not wait for this instant QT cd for me, and no more finishing a mission and realising you forgot to unlock the QT point.

We need a guide and a map for the New Planet Asap, also tips on the new Boss operation that would be there.

Dulfy we rely on you,Please give us the light on this one.

Well, you know, if he has to wait until the update is published and then read the guide, someone else might log in and just figure out the content for themselves while he’s reading. And if that happens doesn’t win the internet and a black how opens in his parent’s basement and sucks into an alternate universe where he’s actually expected to make the guides for everyone else. That would really suck man, obviously Dulfy is his only chance at surviving past Tuesday afternoon.

Speaking so negative about your fellow players on this game doesn’t make you better you know.

Maybe he will go to an alternate universe where all people are doing only positive comments and helping each other to be better.

There is very little hope for the current Universe after all to keep on going as it is.

Is Passive aggressive the new Trend around these days ?
Cos I have seen it in almost in everything I read on, twitter, Insta etc etc.

Well, as said below, Dulfy always posts guides and such on the day the update goes live.

If you’re so worried about it, you can always create a toon on PTS go make your own guide.

you can request but demanding one, passive aggressive much. And besides isn’t it fun to find out stuff as you go, what’s the point in playing when everything is handed to ya?

It is but not everything just a tiny bit.
And I can do it even without a guide but thinking of the little Pugies that will be lost for hours between the trees.

I’d say let them get lost and let them find their own way back.

Too much people need their hands held. Guides and information us nice for when you tried but failed to get the results you were looking for.

But having your hand held right at start they will never learn. It Will turn into an epidemic if a guide isn’t posted for once.

Even boss fights for the first time (not directing this post to you in general but to anyone who feel the need to demand a guide as if life is over without it) red circle.. red usually dangerous, now fire pops up where red circke use to be, fire is hot and destructive, fire is pain, incesive exposure to fire and pain results in death, real life and in game. Naw imma just keep standing there.

But then again people don’t read propperly so with guide they fail none the less.

What I’m trying to say is people need to try and explore, resolve, and find out things for themself first and if they don’t succeed or partially then head over to the internet to find the answer.

How about discovering the new content by yourself thus actually PLAYING this game?
Might be fun i suggest you try it.

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Heard is was going to be on Yavin 4. I am excited to deck it out nice. You can make it a sith temple if you want.

Well, considering it’s on Yavin IV, I would assume it’s going to be some kind of temple, since the Sith were there…

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