GW2 Specializations

GW2 List of Core Specializations

GW2 List of upcoming Core Specializations.[toc]

How specializations work

After the upcoming trait revamp, each trait line is being reworked into a specialization. A max level character can equip 3 specialization lines, with all of them being core specializations or one of them being an elite specialization that will be introduced with Heart of Thorns expansion.

In each specialization line, you have the 3 minor traits that are unlocked automatically as you advance down the specialization. There are also three sets of Adept, Master, and Grandmaster traits you need to chose. In each set, you can pick one trait out of three possible choices.

Unlike trait lines in the past, you will be able to unlock all 3 specializations fully and have 3 Grandmaster traits. There are no more half builds like 6/6/2, instead it will all be 3/3/3.



Traits that are now baseline

  • Blasting Staff: Area attacks with staff are larger.

Elementalist – Fire Magic

Name Tier CD Description
Flame Barrier Minor   Gain Fire Aura for 3s when you attune to fire. 20% trigger chance.
Burning Precision Adept I 2 Critical hits have a 30% chance to cause burning and burning last 33% longer.
Conjurer Adept II   Gain a Fire Aura for 5s when an ally picks up a conjurer weapon or you use a signet; Conjure weapons have 10 more charges.
Power Overwhelming Adept III   Gain 7% condition damage based on your power.
Sunspot Minor   Inflict damage at your location when you attune to fire.
Pyromancer’s Training Master IV   Deal 10% more damage while attuned to fire. Reduce 20% recharge on all fire weapon skills.
One with Fire Master V   Fire Auras you apply last 33% longer and grant 2 stacks of Might when applied.
Burning Fire Master VI   Use Cleansing Fire automatically when you have 3 conditions on you. Cantrips grant you 3 stacks of might when used.
Burning Rage Minor   Deal 10% more damage to burning foes.
Persisting Flames GM VII 10 Blast finishers you execute on fire fields grant fury. Fire fields lasts 2 s longer. Create a Lava Font when you go down. 
Pyromancer’s Puissance GM VIII   Each skill you use while attuned to fire grants you might.
Blinding Ashes GM IX 3 Blind foes that you burn.

Elementalist – Air Magic

Name Tier CD Description
Zephyr’s Speed Minor   Move 10% faster while attuned to air.
Zephyr’s Boon Adept I   Auras grant fury and swiftness for 5s when applied.
One with Air Adept II   Gain superspeed when attuning to air.
Ferocious Winds Adept III   Gain 7% Ferocity based on a percent of Healing Power:
Electric Discharge Minor   Strike your target with a bolt of lightning when attuning to air.
Inscription Master IV   Grants a boon associated with your current attunement when you cast a glyph. Reduce Glyph Recharge by 20%
Aeromancer’s Training Master V   Gain 150 Ferocity while attuned to Air. Reduces recharge on all air weapon skills by 20%.
Tempest Defense Master VI   Surround yourself with a Shocking Aura when disabled. Deal 20% more damage to stunned or knocked-down foes.
Weak Spot Minor   60% Chance to cause 5s vulnerability on critical hits.
Bolt to the Heart GM VII   Deal 20% more damage when your foe’s health drops below 33% threshold.
Fresh Air GM VIII 5 Recharge air attunement on a critical hit.
Lightning Rod GM IX   Disabling an enemy causes them to be struck by a Lightning bolt.

Elementalist – Earth Magic

Name Tier CD Description
Stone Flesh Minor   Gain 120 toughness while attuned to earth.
Earth’s Embrace Adept I   Gain Armor of Earth when your health drops below the threshold (25%)
Serrated Stones Adept II   Bleeds you apply last 20% longer; deal 5% more damage to bleeding foes.
Elemental Shielding Adept III   Grant protection when applying an aura to yourself or an ally.
Earthen Blast Minor   Damage foes and cripple them for 3s when attuning to earth.
Strength of Stone Master IV   Gain 10% Condition damage based on your toughness
Rock Solid Master V   Grant stability to nearby allies when attuning to earth.
Geomancer’s Training Master VI   You recover from crippled, immobilized, and chilled 33% faster. Reduces 20% recharge on all earth weapon skills.
Geomancer’s Defense Minor   You take 20% less damage from foes within close range (600).
Diamond Skin GM VII   Conditions cannot be applied to you when your health is above the threshold (90%)
Written in Stone GM VIII   Maintain the passive effects of signets when you activate then. Reduces recharge of signets by 20%.
Stone Heart GM IX   You cannot be critically hit while attuned to earth.

Elementalist – Water Magic

Name Tier CD Description
Soothing Mist Minor   You and nearby allies regenerate health while you are attuned to water.
Soothing Ice Adept I 10 Gain regeneration and Frost Aura when critically hit.
Piercing Shards Adept II   While attuned to water, your spells deal 20% more damage to vulnerable foes. Vulnerability lasts 33% longer.
Stop, Drop and Roll Adept III 10 Dodge rolling removes burning and chilled
Healing Ripple Minor   Heal nearby allies when attuning to water
Soothing Disruption Master IV   Cantrips grant you regeneration and vigor; Reduce recharge on cantrips by 20%.
Cleansing Wave Master V   Remove a condition from you and your allies when attuning to water.
Aquamancer’s Training Master VI   Deal 10% extra damage when your health is above the threshold (90%). Reduces recharge on all water weapon skills by 20%.
Aquatic Benevolence Minor   Healing done to allies is increased by 25%
Cleansing Water GM VII   Remove a condition when granting regeneration to yourself or an ally.
Powerful Aura GM VIII   Auras you gain from weapon skills are also applied to nearby allies.
Bountiful Power GM IX   Deal 2% more damage for each boon on you.

Elementalist – Arcana

Name Tier CD Description
Arcane Fury Minor   Gain fury for 2s when you switch attunements.
Arcane Energy Adept I   Arcane skills restore 25 endurance when used and have 20% lower recharges
Renewing Stamina Adept II 5 Gain vigor for 5s when you deliver a critical hit.
Arcane Abatement Adept III   Take less damage from falling. Create a spell when you take falling damage, based on your attunement.
Lingering Elements Minor   Attunement bonuses linger for 5s after leaving that attunement
Arcane Resurrection Master IV   You have increased revive speed. When you revive an ally, you and the revived ally gain an aura based on your attunement.
Elemental Contingency Master V 10 Gain a boon when you are struck, based on your current attunement
Final Shielding Master VI   Create an Arcane Shield for 5s when your health drops below the threshold (25s)
Arcane Precision Minor   Skills have a 10% chance to apply a condition on critical hits. Attunements recharge 15% faster.
Evasive Arcane GM VII   Create an attunement-based spell at end of your dodge. Fire: Flame Burst. Water: Cleansing Wave. Air: Blinding Flash. Earth: Shockwave
Elemental Surge GM VIII   Based on your current attunement, arcane skills cause a condition to foes that they hit. Gain 150 more ferocity for 15s when you use an arcane skill.
Elemental Attunement GM IX   When attuning to an element, you and nearby allies gain a boon.


Traits that are now baseline

  • +1 Venom additional charges

Thief – Deadly Arts

Name Tier CD Description
Serpent’s Touch Minor   Stealing inflicts poison. Your attacks while in the downed state apply poison.
Dagger Training Adept I   Dagger damage is increased by 5% to poisoned foes.
Mug Adept II   Deal damage and gain life when stealing. This attack cannot critically hit enemies.
Trappers Respite Adept III 10 Drop a needle trap when you use a healing skill.
Lotus Poison Minor 10 Weaken targets when you poison them.
Resourceful Trapper Master IV   Stealing reduces cooldown of currently recharging traps by 10s
Panic Strike Master V 20 Striking a foe that is below the health threshold (50%) immobilize them
Revealed Training Master VI   Gain 200 extra power while you are revealed.
Exposed Weakness Minor   Deal 10% more damage if your target has a condition.
Potent Poison GM VII   Increased poison duration by 33%. Poison deals 50% increased damage.
Improvisation GM VIII   You can use stolen items twice. One random skill category is immediately recharged when you steal.
Executioner GM IX   Deal 20% extra damage when your target is below the health threshold (50%).

Thief – Critical Strikes

Name Tier CD Description
Keen Observer Minor   Critical-hit chance is increased by 5% 3while your health is above the threshold (90%)
Side Strike Adept I   Gain 7% bonus critical-hit chance when hitting a foe from behind or the side.
Signet of Power Adept II   Gain might when activating a signet. Signet recharge is reduced.
Combo Critical Chance Adept III   Duel wield skills have 5% increased critical-hit chance.
Unrelenting Strikes Minor 1 Critical hit damage is increased against foes whose health is below the threshold (33%)
Sundering Strikes Master IV   Critical hits have a 50% chance to cause vulnerability.
Practiced Tolerance Master V   Gain 10% vitality based on your precision.
Ankle Shots Master VI 10 Critical hits with pistols have a 60% chance to cripple foes. Pistol strikes deal 10% increased damage to crippled foes.
First Strikes Minor   Critical damage is increased by 10% while your current initiative is over the threshold (6).
Ricochet GM VII   Pistol shots have 50% chance to bounce to an additional target. Pistol range is increased by 150.
Hidden Killer GM VIII   Gain 100% bonus critical-hit chance while in stealth
Invigorating Precision GM IX   You are healed for 15% of outgoing critical hit damage.

Thief – Shadow Arts

Name Tier CD Description
Last Refuge Minor   Use Blinding Powder when your health reaches a certain threshold (25%)
Merciful Ambush Adept I   Stealth yourself and your target when reviving an ally. You revive allies 10% faster.
Concealed Defeat Adept II   Create a Smoke Screen when downed. Deception abilities recharge 20% faster.
Shadow’s Embrace Adept III   Remove 1 conditions periodically (3s) while in stealth.
Meld with Shadows Minor   Stealth skills last longer (1s)
Shadow Protector Master IV   When you grant stealth to an ally, they gain regeneration. This effect does not trigger if your ally already has regeneration.
Descent of Shadows Master V   Release a blinding powder when you steal or take falling damage. You take 50% less damage from falling.
Leeching Venoms Master VI   Gain might when activating a venom. Siphon life from your foe when triggering a venom. This can only occur once per strike.
Resilience of Shadows Minor   Stealth effects that you apply reduce incoming attack damage by 50%
Cloaked in Shadow GM VII   Gain stealth blinds nearby foes.
Shadow’s Rejuvenation GM VIII   Regenerate health and initiative while in stealth
Venomous Aura GM IX   When you use a venom skill, you apply the effects to all nearby allies as well. Venom recharges are reduced by 20%.

Thief – Acrobatics

Name Tier CD Description
Expeditious Dodger Minor   Gain swiftness upon dodging
Fleet Shadow Adept I   Move 50% faster while in stealth
Vigorous Recovery Adept II   Gain vigor when using a healing skill.
Pain Response Adept III 20 Gain regeneration and remove damaging conditions when struck while below the health threshold (75%).
Feline Grace Minor 3 Gain vigor upon successfully evading an attack.
Guarded Initiation Master IV 10 Gain resistance when striking an enemy while your health is full.
Swindler’s Equilibrium Master V 1 Successfully evading an attack while wielding a sword recharges steal by a static amount.
Hard to Catch Master VI 30 Break stun and refill endurance when you are disabled.
Endless Stamina Minor   The effects of vigor on you are enhanced by 20%.
Assassin’s Reward GM VII   Heal yourself whenever you use a skill that uses initiative. Heal yourself for each point of initiative spent.
Quick Pockets GM VIII   Gain initiative on swapping weapons while in combat.
Don’t Stop GM IX 5 Periodically evade projectile attacks while under effects of swiftness

Thief – Trickery

Name Tier CD Description
Kleptomaniac Minor   Stealing give you initiative.
Uncatchable Adept I   Leave behind Caltrops when you dodge.
Flanking Strikes Adept II   Gain haste when attacking a foe from behind or the side.
Thrill of the Crime Adept III   When you Steal, you and all nearby allies gain fury, might, and swiftness for 10 seconds.
Preparedness Minor   Increase maximum initiative by 3
Bountiful Theft Master IV   Stealing grants you and all nearby allies vigor. You rip boons from your target and grant them to nearby allies.
Trickster Master V   Reduces recharge on tricks by 20%. Tricks remove conditions.
Pressure Striking Master VI   Enemies you interrupt are inflicted with torment.
Lead Attacks Minor   Increases 1% damage per initiative. Steal recharges 15% faster.
Hastened Replenishment GM VII   You receive initiative when using a heal skill.
Sleight of Hand GM VIII   Stealing also dazes the target. Reduces the recharge of Steal.
Bewildering Ambush GM IX   Stealing also applies confusion.


Traits that are now baseline

  • Consecrated Ground (Consecration skills use ground targeting).
  • Elite duration increase
  • Improved Spirit weapon duration

Guardian – Zeal

Name Tier CD Description
Zealot’s Speed Minor   Create a Symbol of Wrath when you are struck while below the health threshold (50%)
Wrathful Spirit Adept I   Aegis give retaliation when it ends.
Fiery Wrath Adept II   Increases 10% damage against burning foes
Zealous Scepter Adept III   Gain might when your justice passive effect triggers, while wielding a scepter
Symbolic Exposure Minor   Symbols apply vulnerability to foes.
Binding Jeopardy Master IV   Immobilizing or blinding a foe also applies vulnerability to them.
Zealous Blade Master V   Attacks with your greatsword deal 5% extra damage and heal you. Greatsword abilities have reduced recharge.
Kindled Zeal Master VI   Gain 13% condition damage based on your power.
Symbolic Power Minor   Symbols have increased damage and a chance to burn enemies.
Expeditious Spirit GM VII   Spirit weapons burn foes they strike. Spirit weapons summon and command skills recharge 20% faster.
Shattered Aegis GM VIII   When an aegis you applied is removed, it damages nearby foes.
Symbolic Avenger GM IX   You deal 20% more damage to enemies standing in your symbols

Guardian – Radiance

Name Tier CD Description
Justice is Blind Minor   When activating Virtue of Justice, nearby foes are blinded
Healer’s Retribution Adept I   Gain retaliation when using a heal skill.
Inner Fire Adept II 10 Gain Fury when you strike a foe that has burning stacks over the threshold (3).
Right-Hand Strength Adept III   Critical-hit chane with one-handed weapon is increased by 15%. Sword skills recharge 20% faster. 
Renewed Justice Minor   Virtue of Justice is renewed when you kill a foe.
Wrath of Justice Master IV   Striking an enemy with Justice’s active effect triggers Signet of Wrath
Retribution Master V   Gain 10% increased damage while under the effects of retaliation
Radiant Fire Master VI 6 Gain Zealot’s Flame when you critically hit. Burning duration is increased 20%. Torch abilities recharge 20% faster.
Radiant Power Minor   Attacks against burning foes have an increased chance (25%) to critically hit.
Amplified Wrath GM VII   Burning damage is increased by 33%. Burn enemies whose attacks you block.
Perfect Inscriptions GM VIII   Gain light aura when activating a signet. Signets recharge 20% faster and have 20% improved passive effects.
Radiant Retaliation GM IX   Retaliation damage scales from condition damage instead of power.

Guardian – Valor

Name Tier CD Description
Valorous Defense Minor 45 Gain aegis when you are struck while below the health threshold (50%)
Strength of the Fallen Adept I   Lose conditions at a set time interval (10s). Health degenerates 33% slower while downed.
Smiter’s Boon Adept II   Smite Conditions when you use a healing ability.
Focus Mastery Adept III   Gain protection when using a focus ability. Focus abilities have 20% reduced recharge.
Courageous Return Minor 30 Virtue of Courage is recharged when you resurrect an ally or rally.
Stalwart Defender Master IV   Gain 180 additional toughness while wielding a shield. Shield ability recharge is reduced by 20%.
Strength in Numbers Master V   Nearby allies gain toughness based on your effective level.
Communal Defenses Master VI 20 Grant aegis to allies when you block an attack.
Might of the Protector Minor   Gain might when you block an attack.
Altruistic Healing GM VII   Applying a boon to allies heals you.
Monk’s Focus GM VIII   Using a meditation skill heals you and grant fury to allies in a radius. Meditation skills have reduced recharge.
Retributive Armor GM IX   Gain toughness for a period of time when blocking an attack. Gain 15% ferocity based on your toughness.

Guardian – Honor

Name Tier CD Description
Vigorous Precision Minor 10 Gain vigor when you deliver a critical hit.
Invigorated Bulwark Adept I   Gain increased healing power for a period of time each time you block an attack while wielding a mace. Stacks up to 10 times. Mace abilities have reduced recharge.
Protective Reviver Adept II   Activate Shield of Absorption when you begin reviving an ally. When you successfully revive an ally, you both gain aegis, protection and regeneration.
Protector’s Impact Adept III   Create a Symbol of Protection when you take falling damage. You take 50% less damage when falling.
Selfless Daring Minor   The end of your dodge roll heals nearby allies.
Honorable Staff Master IV   Boon duration is increased while wielding a staff. Staff recharges are reduced by 20%.
Pure of Heart Master V   Aegis heals when it blocks an attack.
Empowering Might Master VI   You and nearby allies gain might when you land a critical hit.
Purity of Body Minor   Your Virtue of Resolve passive effect also regenerates endurance.
Pure of Voice GM VII   Allies affected by shouts have conditions converted to boons. Shout abilities have their recharge reduced by 20%.
Writ of Persistence GM VIII   Symbols last longer, are larger, and heal allies.
Force of Will GM IX   You have 300 increased vitality. Healing effectiveness to other allies is increased based on 10% of your vitality.

Guardian – Virtues

Name Tier CD Description
Inspired Virtue Minor   Virtues now also apply the following boons to allies when activate: Justice might. Resolve: regeneration. Courage: protection.
Unscathed Contender Adept I   Deal 20% more damage while under the effects of aegis.
Retaliatory Subconscious Adept II 30 Gain retaliation and aegis whenever you are disabled.
Master of Consecrations Adept III   Consecrations last 20% longer and have 20% reduced recharge.
Virtue of Retribution Minor   Gain retaliation when you activate a Virtue. Retaliation you apply also lasts longer. 
Supreme Justice Master IV   Virtue of Justice causes burning more frequently. When activating Virtue of Justice, the burn duration is increased.
Absolute Precision Master V   Activating Virtue of Resolve removes conditions from nearby allies. Virtue of Resolve’s passive effect is stronger.
Virtuous Mallet Master VI 10 Hammer attacks have a 33% chance to slow enemies. Hammer abilities have reduced recharge.
Power of the Virtuous Minor   Deal 1% extra damage for each boon you have. Virtues recharge 15% faster.
Permeating Wrath GM VII   Virtue of Justice’s passive effect no longer burns your target, but instead burns the area an area around you each time it activates.
Battle Presence GM VIII   Nearby allies gain Virtue of Resolve’s passive effect.
Indomitable Courage GM IX   Activating Virtue of Courage breaks stun and grants stability to affected allies. Virtue of Courage’s passive effect triggers more frequently.


Traits that are now baseline:

  • Reduced glamour recharge rate
  • Phantasmal damage boost
  • Manipulation range.
  • Illusionary Persona: Shattering illusions creates the shatter effect on you as well.
  • Illusionary Elasticity: Bouncing attacks have one additional bounce.
  • Protective Mantras: Gain extra armor when you cast a mantra

Mesmer – Domination

Name Tier CD Description
Illusion of Vulnerability Minor   Inflict vulnerability when you interrupt a foe.
Confounding Suggestions Adept I 5 100% Chance to inflict stun whenever you daze a target. Increased daze duration by 25%
Empowered Illusions Adept II   Illusions deal 15% more damage.
Rendering Shatter Adept III   Shattering illusions inflicts vulnerability on nearby foes.
Dazzling Minor   Dazing a foe also applies vulnerability
Shattered Concentration Master IV   Shatter skills also remove a boon on hit.
Blurred Inscriptions Master V   Activating a signet also grant you distortion and removes conditions. Signet recharge is also reduced by 20%.
Furious Interruption Master VI 5 Gain quickness when you interrupt a foe.
Fragility Minor   Deal 10% increased damage to vulnerable foes.
Greatsword Training GM VII   100 Increased power while wielding a greatsword. Reduce 2% recharge on greatsword skills whenever you or an illusion hits with Spatial Surge.
Mental Torment GM VIII   Shattered skills deal 25% more damage. This damage increase is doubled against foes that are not activating skills.
Power Block GM IX   Interrupts deal damage and inflicts weakness. Enemy skills that you interrupt have an increased cooldown.

Mesmer – Dueling

Name Tier CD Description
Critical Infusion Minor 10 Gain vigor when delivering a critical hit.
Phantasmal Fury Adept I   Your phantasms have fury.
Desperate Decoy Adept II   Cloak and leave a clone of yourself behind if you take damage while below health threshold (50%).
Duelist Discipline Adept III   Pistol attacks from you and your illusions have a chance to cause bleeding. Interrupting a foe recharges pistol skills by 50%.
Sharper Images Minor   Illusions inflict bleeding on critical hits.
Blinding Dissipation Master IV   Blind foes around you whenever you use a shatter skill.
Evasive Mirror Master V 1.5 Gain a barrier that reflects projectiles after a successful evasion.
Blade Training Master VI   Increased 50 precision while wielding a one-handed sword or spear. Reduces 20% recharge on sword and spear skills.
Confusing Combatants Minor   You and your illusions inflict confusion when you critical hit.
Harmonious Mantras GM VII   Mantras can be activated 3 times before needing to be channeled again. Activating a mantra give a 4% stacking ferocity bonus.
Mistrust GM VIII   Whenever you interrupt a foe inflict confusion in an area around them.
Deceptive Evasion GM IX   Create a clone at your current position when you dodge.

Mesmer – Chaos

Name Tier CD Description
Metaphysical Rejuvenation Minor 30 Gain regeneration when your health drops below the threshold (75%)
Descent into Madness Adept I   Create a chaos storm when you take falling damage. Take 50% less damage from falling.
Illusionary Defense Adept II   Take 3% reduced damage for each illusion you have in the world.
Master of Manipulation Adept III   When you use a manipulation skill, gain mirror for a short duration. Reduces recharge on manipulation skills by 20%.
Illusionary Membrane Minor 15 Gain protection when you gain regeneration
Mirror of Anguish Master IV 60 When disabled, you mirror the disabling effect back to its source.
Chaotic Transference Master V   Gain 10% condition damage based on your toughness.
Chaotic Dampening Master VI 0.5 Chaos Armor grants protection. Staff and trident skills recharge faster while you have chaos armor.
Chaotic Persistence Minor   Each boon on you increases the duration of outgoing boons and conditions.
Chaotic Interruption GM VII   When you interrupt a foe you immobilize them and gain Might. You then gain an additional random boon while your target gains a random condition.
Prismatic Understanding GM VIII   Increased stealth duration from mesmer skills. Gain random boons while you are stealthed.
Bountiful Disillusionment GM IX   When you use a shatter gain stability. Then you and all nearby allies gain a unique boon based on what shatter was used.

Mesmer – Inspiration

Name Tier CD Description
Persisting Images Minor   Phantasms have 20% increased health and spawn with retaliation.
Medic’s Feedback Adept I   Create a feedback bubble while reviving an ally. Your revive speed is increased by 10%.
Mender’s Purity Adept II   Cast Power Cleanse when you use a healing skill. Heal allies around you when you finish preparing a mantra.
Vigorous Revelation Adept III   Shattering illusions grants vigor to nearby allies.
Protected Phantasms Minor 10 Phantasms gain distortion briefly upon creation.
Warden’s Feedback Master IV   Focus weapon skills reflect projectiles. Reduces recharge on focus weapon skills by 20%.
Restorative Illusions Master V   Heal a small amount when you shatter illusions.
Compounding Celerity Master VI   Move 10% faster for each active illusion. Gain swiftness whenever an illusion shatters.
Phantasmal Healing Minor   Phantasms grant regeneration to nearby allies. Your healing power is increased by 100 for each illusion you control.
Shattered Conditions GM VII   Using a shatter skill removes a condition from you and allies around you.
Illusionary Inspiration GM VIII   Whenever you summon a phantasm, cast Signet of Inspiration.
Temporal Enchanter GM IX   Glamour skills last longer. When an ally enters or exits a glamour they gain super speed.

Mesmer – Illusions

Name Tier CD Description
Illusionary Retribution Minor   All Shatter skills inflict confusion.
Compounding Power Adept I   Gain 3% increased damage for each of your active illusions.
Persistence of Memory Adept II   Shattering a phantasm recharges all phantasms by a small amount (2%)
The Pledge Adept III   Torch skills remove conditions. Torch skills recharge 1.5% faster while you are in stealth.
Illusionist’s Celerity Minor   Reduce recharge on illusion-summoning skills by 20%
Sum of All Fears Master IV 5 When you apply 5 or more stacks of confusion on a target you also apply torment.
Phantasmal Haste Master V   Phantasms attack more often (20% reduction on recharge)
Malicious Sorcery Master VI   Torment deals 50% increased damage to moving foes. Reduces 2% recharge on scepter skills when you inflict confusion.
Shattered Strength Minor   Shattering illusions grant you might per illusion. Shatters recharge 15% faster.
Blinding Befuddlement GM VII 5 Cause confusion when you blind a foe. Confusion lasts longer.
Master of Fragmentation GM VIII   Your shatter skills are improved
Maim the Disillusioned GM IX   Enemies hit by shatter skills are inflicted with torment.


Traits that are now baseline

  • Wells uses ground targeting
  • Minion recharge reduction
  • Focus weapon range increases

Necromancer – Spite

Name Tier CD Description
Spiteful Renewal Minor 5 Gain health and lose conditions when you strike a foe below the health threshold (25%)
Spiteful Talisman Adept I   Deal 5% increased damage to foes with no boons. Focus skills recharge 20% faster.
Reaper’s Might Adept II   Life Blast and Plague Blast grant might.
Bitter Chill Adept III   Chilling a foe inflicts vulnerability.
Death’s Embrace Minor 5 Inflict Vulnerability when you strike a foe below the health threshold (33%). Deal 25% more damage while downed.
Chill of Death Master IV   Cast Spinal Shivers on a foe when attacking them while their health is below the threshold (50%)
Death Shiver Master V   Constantly apply vulnerability to nearby foes while in death shroud.
Axe Training Master VI   Axe skills deal 10% increased damage to crippled foes. Striking with Rending Claws recharges your other axe skills by a small amount (2%).
Siphoned Power Minor 5 Gain might when you strike a foe below the health threshold (50%).
Signet Mastery GM VII   Activating Signet of Locust when struck while below the health threshold (50%). Reduces recharge on signets by 20%. Activating a signet grants might.
Close to Death GM VIII   Increases 20% damage to enemies below the health threshold (50%).
Spiteful Spirit GM IX   Cripple nearby foes and remove a boon. Gain retaliation for each foe you strike.

Necromancer – Curses

Name Tier CD Description
Barbed Precision Minor   Critical hits have a 66% chance to cause bleeding. Increases bleed duration by 20%.
Toxic Landing Adept I   Cast Corrosive Poison Cloud when you take falling damage. Reduce 50% fall damage and 20% Corruption recharge.
Weakened Shroud Adept II   Cast Enfeebling Blood when entering death shroud.
Chilling Darkness Adept III   Blinding a target will also apply chill.
Furious Demise Minor   Gain fury when entering death shroud.
Reaper’s Precision Master IV   You have a 33% chance to gain life force on critical hits.
Path of Corruption Master V   Dark Path now additionally convert boons into conditions.
Banshee’s Wail Master VI   Reduces recharge on warhorn skills by 20% and increases their effect durations by 50%.
Target the Weak Minor   Increases 2% critical hit chance for each condition on your foe.
Lingering Curse GM VII   While wielding a scepter your condition damage +150 and outgoing condition condition duration is increased by 100%.
Parasitic Contagion GM VIII   15% of your condition damage heals you.
Terror GM IX   Fear deals damage; it deals additional damage if the target is afflicted with another condition.

Necromancer – Death’s Magic

Name Tier CD Description
Armored Shroud Minor   Gain 180 toughness while in death shroud.
Flesh of the Master Adept I   Minions have 50% increased health. Gain 20 bonus toughness for each minion you control.
Shrouded Removal Adept II   Lose a condition when you enter death shroud.
Putrid Defense Adept III   Take 10% less damage from poisoned foes.
Soul Comprehension Minor   Your passive life-force generation from nearby deaths is increased by 20%
Greater Marks Master IV   Increases area of marks and marks become unblockable.
Reaper’s Protection Master V 60 When disabled, inflict fear on nearby foes.
Deadly Strength Master VI   Gain 7% power based on your toughness. Power gain doubles while in Death Shroud.
Beyond the Veil Minor   Whenever you leave Death Shroud you and your minions gain protection.
Death Nova GM VII   Minions explode in a cloud of poison when they die. This effect also triggers when you are downed. When you kill an enemy, summon a Jagged Horror minion to fight by your side. 
Necromantic Corruption GM VIII   Minions deal 25% more damage and take conditions from you. Whenever a minion attacks it transfer conditions to its target (10s cooldown per minion).
Unholy Sanctuary GM IX 30 Regenerate health while in death shroud. If your life force is above the threshold (10%), your death shroud will activate if you would take a lethal blow.

Necromancer – Blood Magic

Name Tier CD Description
Full of Life Minor 15 Gain regeneration when your health drops below the threshold (90%).
Ritual of Life Adept I   Create a Well of Blood when reviving an ally. Revive speed increased by 10%.
Bloodthirst Adept II   Siphoning health is 20% more effective.
Mark of Evasion Adept III   Leave a Mark of Blood when you dodge.
Vampiric Minor   Siphon health whenever you hit a foe. Minions siphon health and transfer it to you.
Quickening Thirst Master IV   Increases 25% movement speed while wielding a dagger. Dagger skills recharge 33% faster when activated above the health threshold.
Vampiric Precision Master V   Siphon health whenever you critically hit.
Transfusion Master VI   Life Transfer heals nearby allies.
Blood to Power Minor   Gain 300 additional healing power while your health is below the threshold (75%).
Vampiric Rituals GM VII   Wells siphon health every time they pulse and grant protection to allies when cast. Reduce recharge of wells by 20%.
Unholy Martyr GM VIII   Draw conditions from allies while in death shroud. Gaining life force each time a condition is drawn.
Deathly Invigoration GM IX   Heal in an area when you enter death shroud.

Necromancer – Soul Reaping

Name Tier CD Description
Gluttony Minor   Increase life force gain from skills by 10%.
Unyielding Blast Adept I   Life Blast and Plague Blast pierce and cause vulnerability.
Soul Marks Adept II   Marks generate 3% life force when triggered. Staff skills recharge 20% faster.
Speed of Shadows Adept III   Increase 25% movement speed while in death shroud. Reduces 30% recharge on death shroud.
Last Gasp Minor   Gain Spectral Armor when your health falls below the threshold (50%).
Spectral Mastery Master IV   Reduce recharge on spectral skills by 20%. Spectral skills last 50% longer and grant lifeforce on use.
Vital Persistence Master V   Life force drains 50% slower while in death shroud. Death shroud skills recharge 15% faster.
Master of Terror Master VI 90 Your fear effects have 50% increased duration. Inflict fear on foes when you are downed.
Strength of Undeath Minor   You do more damage while above the life-force threshold (50%). Max Life-force increased by 15%.
Foot in the Grave GM VII   Gain stability and break stuns when you enter death shroud.
Death Perception GM VIII   Increases 50% critical-hit chance while in death shroud.
Dhuumfire GM IX   Life Blast will inflict burning on your target.


Traits that are now baseline

  • Longbow velocity increase and range increase
  • 75% trigger rate on spirits
  • Grant fury on use of Survival skills

Ranger – Marksmanship

Name Tier CD Description
Opening Strike Minor   Cause vulnerability with your first strike when entering combat.
Enlargement Adept I   Use Signet of the Wild when your health drops below the threshold (25%).
Predator’s Instinct Adept II 30 Apply cripple to foes you hit while they are below the health threshold (50%)
Beastmaster’s Bond Adept III 30 Cast Call of the Wild when you swap pets
Alpha Training Minor   Pets have Opening Strike
Beastmaster’s Might Master IV   Activating a signet refreshes your opening strike and grant might to you and your pet. Signets recharge 20% faster.
Steady Focus Master V   Damage is increased by 10% while endurance is full. .
Moment of Clarity Master VI 5 Gain an attack of opportunity for you and your pet on interrupting a foe. Daze and stun durations that you inflict last 100% longer.
Precise Strike Minor   Opening Strike always critically hit.
Predator’s Onslaught GM VII   You and your pet deal 10% bonus damage to enemies suffering from movement-impeding conditions or are dazed
Remorseless GM VIII   Regain Opening Strike whenever you gain fury. Opening Strike deals 25% more damage.
Lead the Wind GM IX   While wielding a longbow, your attack speed is increased by 10% and your arrows pierce. Longbow skills recharge 20% faster.

Ranger – Skirmishing

Name Tier CD Description
Tail Wind Minor 9 Gain swiftness when swapping weapons in combat.
Sharpened Edges Adept I   You and your pet have a 66% chance to cause bleeding on critical hits.
Most Dangerous Game Adept II   While your health is below the threshold (50%) your attacks gain power.
Trapper’s Defense Adept III   Create a Spike Trap while reviving an ally.
Furious Grip Minor 9 Gain fury when swapping weapons in combat.
Primal Reflexes Master IV 10 When you successfully evade an attack gain vigor
Spotter Master V   Increases precision of nearby allies by 150.
Trapper’s Expertise Master VI   Conditions caused by traps last 100% longer. Your traps recharge 20% faster and affect a larger area.
Hunter’s Tactics Minor   Deal 10% more damage while attacking from behind or the side.
Quick Draw GM VII 9 When you swap weapons your next weapon skill used recharges 66% faster.
Light on your Feet GM VIII   Damage and condition duration is increased by 10% while moving. Shortbow skills recharge 20% faster and your arrows pierce.
Strider’s Defense GM IX   50% chance to destroy projectiles while executing a melee attack. Sword skills recharge 20% faster and you deal 10% more damage while wielding a sword.

Ranger – Wilderness Survival

Name Tier CD Description
Natural Vigor Minor   Increases 25% endurance regeneration.
Soften the Fall Adept I 25 Create Muddy Terrain when you take falling damage. You take 50% less damage from falling.
Ambidexterity Adept II   Gain 150 condition damage while wielding a torch or dagger. Torch and Dagger skills recharge 20% faster.
Expertise Training Adept III   Pets deal 350 extra condition damage and have their condition durations increased by 20%.
Companion’s Defense Minor   You and your pet gain protection when you dodge roll.
Oakheart Salve Master IV 10 Gain regeneration when you suffer from bleeding, poison or burning. While you have regeneration you take 5% reduced damage.
Peak Strength Master V   You and your pet deal 10% more damage while your health is above the threshold (90%).
Shared Anguish Master VI 60 Incoming disabling conditions are transferred to your pet instead.
Bark Skin Minor   You and your pet take 50% less damage while your health is above the threshold (90%).
Empathic Bond GM VII   Pets periodically take 3 condition from you (10s).
Wilderness Knowledge GM VIII   Use Sharpening Stone when you strike a foe below the health threshold (75%). Survival skills have 20% reduced recharge and remove 2 conditions.
Poison Master GM IX   After swapping pets, your pet’s first attack will inflict poison; your poison damage is increased by 50%.

Ranger – Nature Magic

Name Tier CD Description
Rejuvenation Minor 30 Gain regeneration when you health drops below the threshold (75%)
Bountiful Hunter Adept I   You and your pet deals 1% more damage per boon on you.
Nature’s Wrath Adept II   Gain 10% power based on your healing. Your pet gains extra stats.
Healer’s Celerity Adept III   Grant swiftness to yourself and your ally when you revive them. Increase revive sped by 10%,
Fortifying Bond Minor   Any boon you get is shared with your pet.
Evasive Purity Master IV 10 Dodging removes blindness, cripple, and poison from you
Vigorous Training Master V   Pets grant vigor to nearby allies when you swap pets.
Windborne Notes Master VI   Call of the Wild also grants Regeneration and Warhorn skills recharge 20% faster.
Lingering Magic Minor   Boons applied by your and your pets last longer.
Nature’s Vengeance GM VII   Activated skills of spirits are larger and trigger when the spirit is killed.
Protective Ward GM VIII 12 When you receive damage nearby foes are weakened and you gain protection
Invigorating Bond GM IX 20 Your pet heals allies in an area when executing a command [F2] ability.

Ranger – Beastmastery

Name Tier CD Description
Instinctual Bond Minor 50 When you are downed, your pet gains quickness
Companion’s Might Adept I   Your critical hits grant might to your pet.
Rending Attacks Adept II   Pets inflict bleeding when they critically hit with their basic attacks.
Resounding Timbre Adept III   Shouts apply regeneration and swiftness to allies. Reduces recharge on shouts by 20%.
Loud Whistle Minor   Reduce recharge on pet skills and swapping by 20%.
Wilting Strike Master IV   Activated attack abilities for pets cause weakness. This effect will only once on each target affected by abilities.
Two-handed Training Master V 10 Greatsword and spear damage is increased by 5% and those skills recharge 20% faster. Greatsword and spear attacks have a 50% chance to grant fury on hit.
Natural Healing Master VI   Your pet gains natural health regeneration and improved healing (+350)
Pet’s Prowess Minor   Pets move 30% faster and deal more damage on critical hits.
Beastly Warden GM VII 15 Your pet taunts foes near them when executing a command [F2] ability
Zephyr’s Speed GM VIII   You and your pet gain might and quickness when you swap pets.
Honed Axes GM IX   Gain 150 ferocity while wielding an axe in your main hand. Winter’s Bite is now AoE. Axe skills recharge 20% faster.


Warrior – Strength

Name Tier CD Description
Reckless Dodge Minor   Damage foes at end of a dodge roll.
Death from Above Adept I   Damage and launch foes when you take falling damage. Take 50% less damage from falling.
Restorative Strength Adept II   Using a heal skill remove conditions
Physical Training Adept III   Physical skills deal more damage based on how much adrenaline you have. Physical skills recharge 20% faster.
Building Momentum Minor   Burst skills restore 15 endurance on hit.
Body Blow Master IV   Stuns, Dazes, Knockbacks, Pull, Pushes and Launches inflict bleeding and weakness.
Forceful Greatsword Master V   Gain might on a critical hit with a greatsword or spear. Greatsword and spear skills deal 10% more damage and recharge 20% faster.
Great Fortitude Master VI   A 10% of power is given as a bonus to vitality.
Stick and Move Minor   Get a 10% damage bonus when endurance is not full.
Berserker’s Power GM VII   Gain a damage boost when you use a burst skill. Boost power increases based how much adrenaline you have built.
Distracting Strikes GM VIII   Gain might and cause confusion when you interrupt a foes skill.
Axe Mastery GM IX   Critical hits with an axe gain extra adrenaline. Gain +150 Ferocity for each axe you are wielding. Reduce recharge on axe skills by 20%.

Warrior – Arms

Name Tier CD Description
Precise Strikes Minor   33% chance to cause bleeding on critical hits.
Berserker’s Fury Adept I   Gain adrenaline while in combat. Gain Fury when you strike a foe below a health threshold (25%).
Signet Mastery Adept II   Signets grant a stacking Precision buff on use and recharge 20% faster. Cast Signet of Might whenever you strike a foe below the health threshold (50%).
Deep Strike Adept III   Fury you apply also grants 150 condition damage.
Unsuspecting Foe Minor   Increased 50% critical-hit chance against stunned foes.
Rending Strikes Master IV   You have a 33% chance to cause vulnerability and gain swiftness on critical hits.
Opportunist Master V 10 Gain fury when you immobilize a target.
Blademaster Master VI   Increases sword critical chance by 10%. Effect doubled vs bleeding foes. Reduce recharge on sword skills by 20%.
Attack of Opportunity Minor   Increases 10% damage to bleeding foes and Bleeds you apply last 50% longer.
Burst Precision GM VII   Burst skills have 100% increased critical chance.
Furious GM VIII   Critical hits grant bonus adrenaline and gain a stacking condition damage buff.
Dual Wielding GM IX   Deal 5% more damage and your attack speed is increased by 15% when wielding a sword, axe or mace in your offhand.

Warrior – Defense

Name Tier CD Description
Thick Skin Minor   Gain extra armor while your health is above the threshold (90%).
Shield Master Adept I   Reflect missiles whenever you are blocking. Gain might when you block an attack. Shield skills recharge 20% faster.
Dogged March Adept II 10 Incoming movement-impeding conditions have their durations reduced. Gain regeneration when you are affected by one of these conditions.
Armored Attack Adept III   Gain 7% power based on your toughness.
Adrenal Health Minor   Regenerate health based on adrenaline level.
Last Stand Master IV   Activates Balanced Stance when you are dazed, knocked down, launched, pushed back, pulled, or stunned. increases stance duration by 25% and gain vigor when using a stance.
Cull the Weak Master V   Increases 5% damage to wakened foes. Striking a foe below the 25% health threshold inflicts weakness.
Cleansing Ire Master VI   Gain adrenaline when hit. Remove a condition for every bar of adrenaline spent when you hit with a burst skill.
Spiked Armor Minor 10 Gain retaliation when you block or are struck by a critical hit. Retaliation gives you 150 bonus toughness.
Sundering Mace GM VII   Mace skills deal 10% more damage and cause vulnerability to disabled foes. Reduces 20% recharge on mace skills.
Defy Pain GM VIII   Activate Endure Pain when you are struck while below the health threshold (25%)
Rousing Resilience GM IX   Gain toughness when you break out a stun.

Warrior – Tactics

Name Tier CD Description
Determined Revival Minor   Gain extra toughness per level while reviving.
Leg Specialist Adept I 5 Immobilize a target when you cripple them with a skill.
Quick Breathing Adept II   Reduce 20% recharge on warhorn skills. Warhorn skills convert conditions to boons.
Empowered Adept III   Increases 1% damage for every boon on you.
Reviver’s Might Minor   Grant might to nearby allies when you revive someone.
Shrug It Off Master IV   Use “Shake it Off” automatically when you have a number of conditions on you.
Burning Arrows Master V   Dual shot causes burning and Longbow skills recharge 20% faster.
Empower Allies Master VI   Increase power for nearby allies.
Inspiring Presence Minor   Boon duration and outgoing healing increased by 10%.
Powerful Synergy GM VII   When you activate a leap combo finisher it activates twice.
Vigorous Shouts GM VIII   Shouts heal allies and grant adrenaline. Shouts recharge 20% faster,
Phalanx Strength GM IX   When you grant yourself might, grant it to nearby allies as well.

Warrior – Discipline

Name Tier CD Description
Versatile Rage Minor   Gain 5 adrenaline on weapon swap.
Crack Shot Adept I   Rifle and harpoon gun shots pierce. Reduces recharge on rifle and harpoon gun skills by 20%.
Warrior’s Sprint Adept II   Run 25% faster while wielding melee weapons. Movement skills break immobilize.
Vengeful Return Adept III   Vengeance has a 100% increased chance to rally.
Fast Hands Minor   Weapon-swapping recharges 5s faster.
Inspiring Battle Standard Master IV   Banners also grant regeneration to allies.
Destruction of the Empowered Master V   Gain 3% bonus damage per boon on your target.
Brawler’s Recovery Master VI   Remove conditions when you swap weapons
Versatile Power Minor   Gain might on weapon swap. Burst skills recharge 15% faster.
Merciless Hammer GM VII   Hammer damage is increased by 20% when a foe is disabled. Reduces recharge by 20% on hammer skills.
Burst Mastery GM VIII   Burst skills deal 7% more damage and restore adrenaline on use.
Heightened Focus GM IX 15 Gain quickness when you strike a foe that is below the health threshold (50%).


Traits that are now baseline

  • Forceful Explosives (Bombs and mines have a larger explosion radius.)
  • Rifled Barrels (Improves rifle, pistol, harpoon gun, and elixir gun range) and Coated Bullets (Pistol shots pierce)
  • +1 Grenade on grenade skills

Engineer – Explosives

Name Tier CD Description
Evasive Powder Keg Minor   Creates a bomb when you dodge.
Grenadier Adept I   Increase grenade radius and velocity
Explosive Rocket Belt Adept II 10 Projectile on hit, 33% chance.
TBD Adept III    
Steel-Packed Powder Minor   Explosions cause vulnerability.
  Master IV   Increased damage vs targets with vulnerability.
Explosive Descent Master V   Release a barrage of grenades when you take falling damage. You take 50% less damage from falling.
Short Fuse Master VI   Reduces recharge and time to explode on bombs only.
Explosive Powder Minor   Improves damage from explosives by 10%
  GM VII   Mortar fields last longer. Skill 5 is a barrage or skill 1 becomes blast finisher
Shrapnel GM VIII   Explosions have a chance to cause bleeding and cripple.
  GM IX   Evasive Powder Keg become a blast finisher.

Engineer – Firearms

Name Tier CD Description
Sharpshooter Minor   Critical hits have a chance to cause bleeding.
  Adept I   New pistol trait that improves conditions
  Adept II   Increased crit chance at <600 range
  Adept III   You have a chance to cause vulnerability and gains swiftness on critical hits.
Target the Weak Minor   Critical-hit chance is increased against foes that are below the health threshold.
  Master IV   Rifle/speargun trait to reduce recharge and increase critical chance.
  Master V   Gain % of condition damage based on your critical chance.
  Master VI   Reduced cripple, immobilize, chill. Swiftness has a greater effect
Target the Maimed Minor   Damage is increased against bleeding foes.
Modified Ammunition GM VII   Increases damage for each condition on a foe.
Juggernaut GM VIII   Pulsing stability, 1 stack per 3 seconds.
Incendiary Powder + Napalm Specialist GM IX   Critical hits apply burning and burns you apply last longer.

Engineer – Inventions

Name Tier CD Description
  Minor   Using a heal skill remove a condition from allies.
  Adept I   Shield skills grant protection to nearby allies, recharge 20% faster.
  Adept II   Using a heal skill triggers a blast finisher at your location.
Autodefense Bomb Dispenser Adept III 30 Drop a smoke bomb whenever you are disabled
  Minor   Whenever you remove a condition you and allies gain regen
Experimental Turrets Master IV   Turrets apply boons to allies around them.
  Master V   Blast finishers heal
TBD Master VI    
  Minor   Healing power increased when under effect of regen
  GM VII   Bunker down give med kits
  GM VIII   Incoming heal heal allies for a % of that heal.
Fortified Turrets + Metal Plating GM IX   Your turrets are surrounded by a reflective shield when created and reduce damage dealt to turrets.

Engineer – Alchemy

Name Tier CD Description
Hidden Flask Minor   Drink an Elixir B when struck while below the health threshold.
Protection Injection Adept I 5 Gain protection whenever you are disabled.
  Adept II   Elixir Gun Trait + TBD
Invigorating Speed Adept III 5 When you gain swiftness, you also gain vigor.
Transmute Minor 15 Incoming conditions have a chance to convert into boons.
Backpack Regenerator Master IV   Regenerate health every second when using a kit.
  Master V   Med Kit Trait (TBD)
Self-Regulating Defenses Master VI   Drink an Elixir S when you are struck while below the health threshold.
TBD Minor    
HGH+ Fast-Acting Elixir GM VII   All elixirs give might. Reduce recharge on elixir skills.
Automated Response GM VIII   Condition durations are reduced by 50% while below the health threshold.

Engineer – Tools

Name Tier CD Description
Adrenaline Pump Minor   Using toolbelt skills partially restores endurance.
Static Discharge Adept I   Discharge a bolt of lightning whenever you use a tool belt skill.
Always Prepared Adept II   Drop bandages and oil slicks when downed. Downed damage is increased.
Power Wrench Adept III   Reduces recharge and improves damage for tool kit skills. Enhances turret-repairing skills.
Inertial Converter Minor 90 Your tool belt skills recharge when you are struck while below the health threshold.
Speedy Kits + Kit Reinfement Master IV   Gain swiftness whenever you equip a kit. Equipping a kit creates an attack or a spell.
Adrenal Implant Master V   Endurance regeneration is increased.
TBD Master VI    
  Minor   Decrease recharge on toolbelts
  GM VII   Gadget Trait (TBD)
Cleaning Formula 409 GM VIII   Throwing or consuming elixirs removes conditions from those affected.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

84 replies on “GW2 List of Core Specializations”

So does anyone know if Anet is going to increase the radius of elementalist staff skills as a replacement for blasting staff? Seems like a nerf to staff ele otherwise 🙁

quick statement, in elementalist arcana Master V, it is said ‘ based on your currency attunement’ I am assuming should be ‘current attunement’.

Not really liking the changes. It’s like they wanted all the skills to be useful, equally… so they made everything “meh”. Also don’t like how they pretty much ruined perfectly balanced builds by completely removing the options for em.

I’m ok with nerfing and buffing, but don’t completely remove build possibilities!

I think that it’s a long play. It will allow them to better balance the classes, and allow them to more easily add new specialisations later. Hope it works out

It will allow them to better dilute things so they have to spend less effort balancing classes, at the cost of everything being as bland as eating cardboard.

“class balance” is always claimed but never achieved…. right now this looks rather like a concentration on very narrow focus builds

I’m assuming that this trait revamp will eventually lead to build templates. It’s going to be really cool if they follow through with this.

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I just realized I hate my mesmer. With the exception of mantra charging to 3, literally there isn’t a single trait I’d like to use or see any good use of. Not deleting her for 2 reasons: she is sylvari. For me it is near impossible to delete a sylvari. The other is that she is 80, almost perfectly geared (except asc. armor / weapons, and I think a trinket is still missing), and I really do hope I can make a thief-like evasive melee rouge out of her with the shield specilization.

I am not sure why you dislike the new mesmer specializations. Shatter skills are improved, both phantasm-based specs and shatter-based specs will benefit from this new recharge reduction mechanism and there are a lot of utility traits in the reworked spec lines.

For me it’s an overall buff on every single side…maybe just pure direct dmg didn’t…but it receive the same treatment in almost all the other classes as i’ve seen.

With these changes,imo, they promoted a lot conditon dmg, support and tankyness instead of zerking around.

There are a lot of builds that are more viable for Mesmer now. Look at the possibility of Interupt, boonage, glamour, shatter con, shatter dps etc. etc. Positive thinking 🙂

You happen to have a poor judgement or brual elitism if you belive so.
GG spending over 500g for a 3 max 5% stat increase.

What’s the point of minor traits? In the old system you had to make a decision whether to spend 1 extra point to get them but now you automatically gain them all if you select that line.

That they’re not unlocked at first, at least for a new player…so it’s a fixed choice as you level up.

Looks like this new trait system will open up some interesting builds! Looking forward to trying it out. Right now Fire/Air/Water appears quite strong for Elementalists, Zeal/Radiance/Valor or Virtues is very interesting for Guardian.

Speaking as a twin dagger elementalist, I feel more like screaming… in pain that is !!!
Extra speed from daggers : gone, Extra damage from Earth … gone. Enlarged effect from staff for healing… gone.
Time to keep Sigil of Air up all the time and lose another cantrip/arcane. This is a serious nerf.
Guardians will go even further into total face-roll mode

Blasting Staff is becoming default for elementalists, it wouldn’t surprise me if the other former weapon traits (like Windborne Speed) were folded into their weapons’ basic functionality as well.

nothing about it.
Also : Rangers are losing Spot, mobile and improved spirits and have to wait until grand master for piercing arrows…..
And why do you think they will change the basic weapon powers ? Any source or just wishful thinking ?

Spotter moved to Skirmishing, it’s not lost. Piercing Arrows got folded into Lead the Wind, a good change for longbow users.

From the AMA Livestream notes, also posted on this site:

Blasting Staff is now a default. That is just how staff works right now.

Windborn Dagger – We are talking now if there are things we could do
for dagger. We didn’t feel windborn dagger was super exciting and we
might have to roll that into something. The windborn dagger and scepter
one with endurance weren’t super exciting so we are going to give you
something more exciting.

it’s lost from the tree it belonged to, marksmanship. So one actually had to put points into skirmishing
Piercing arrows, yeah quite nice if you use longbows, but actually would be more fun to be able to be used with shortbows as well.

And whatever anet calls “exciting” – dagger/dagger was one of the most exciting builds around (IMHO), with its focus on close-in work, rushing in and maneuvering around opponents all while madly avoiding damage and fields. Far more interesting than elementalist w. staff.
“Exciting” – yeah classic gaming studio blather….

why would you invest into marksmanship when using a shortbow anyway? skirmishing got some conditionstuff that go well with a shortbow.

also: wait for it, some dagger speed will return. just wait for it.

Yeah but… signets keep passives when used. That’s like, wow, my healing in PvP just got more stupid than it already is :p

They said in the VOD that the dagger speed didn’t cut it so it’s not in AT THE MOMENT. Don’t worry, they DO try to get it back in and if you want to make sure go to the official forums and tell em how much you like the extra speed. Don’t rant here – The devs will not see it and therefore will not change it.

Btw Necro has a movementtrait for daggers atm – That should tell you that those traits are not off the table.

I think they really need to ditch every last “falling damage” trait. Has anyone ever used these except by accident/ignorance? Even a minor trait that reduced falling damage by 50% would seem like a waste.

Honestly, I find them highly useful. If you ever do events where you have to cover a large space in a small time, or jumping puzzles, they’re good to toggle on to to reduce your chance of dying in the process, and the side effect they give is useful for slowing down mobs trying to engage you while your character is trying to return to a non-combat run speed.

jumping puzzles are the ONLY time ive used them. in that sense, they do have utility, but in combat or gameplay in general, they are useless.

Lol, you would make some of the WvW community rage so hard 😀 and map explorers too (i mean for map breaking)

Guardian shout cooldown reduction is gone and the survivability related trait lines have vital traits scattered across all three lines and a bunch of really bad traits in the same slots, so you have to take one… and three lines means no longbow access. Hurray, looks like there’s no long range weapon for the non-dps specs; not that anyone plays those anyway. /sigh

Actually the CD reduction is in Pure of voice trait. For longbow access, if they ever gave it, it would be in the “elite specialization” exclusive core trait line… why put a trait for a weapon that you can’t use unless you have the specialization active ?

You don’t even know how the survivability of the spec will look and yet you cry wolf because you can’t be a longbow tank (Which is by itself a horribly thing as seen with hambow warrior). People nowadays…

Just wait ffs, maybe the spec will give you the same survivability as another line. Maybe the whole playstyle will be focused on something not tank’y. No one knows that stuff yet and as such there’s zero reason to cry about it already.

Thanks for putting this section together, Dulfy. This’ll be a wonderful resource for my guildmates. I’m very intrigued to see how this works out when they push the patch.

im kind of mixed on the thief’s traits. there are some i use that i really like that theyve gotten rid of, but others i wish i couldve taken that replaced (relatively undesireable) minor traits.

i guess it balances out for me. the main ones i use are still there, so i shouldnt have too much trouble.

This new spec system is so terrible. Every single change Anet has made since day 1, including and especially this one, has been for the purpose of lowering the bar for newbies and the incompetent who don’t know how to play the game, railroading them into viability, all at the expense of advanced or clever players. Creativity and variety are discarded, everyone is forced into standardized peg shapes so they can fit into an ever-decreasing number of holes, all for the sake of making sure everyone is equally special. Every child gets a trophy, no one must be allowed to feel inferior because they don’t know how to build a character right. Who cares if people who want to spend the time and effort coming up with interesting gear, skill, rune, or trait combinations, forget them! Shun them! In this brave new MMO hugbox world, no one must be allowed to have an advantage over anyone else, even if it means watering down the experience until we are all playing cookie clicker.

I kinda agree on a side…yet that “amazing” building freedom was mostly apparent thanks to the fact that a LOT of those traits were half useless and absolutely never picked. At least if you wanted to put a good fight. Like Protected Mantras or Chaotic Revival or Disruptor’s Sustainment….and this are just some of the examples out of mesmer.
It dumbs stuff down a bit ? probably…mainly because now “specific role” traits are mostly gathered on a single line…so it gets a bit easier to put stuff you might need together.
But in the end it doesn’t change much…if you wanted to use X, you needed the Y trait as core…then get Z for second and put the uneeded rest somwhere else where it might get useful
And it doesn’t affect the equip and rune side at all. Hell, you have to balance better armor too now…since traits do now give stats anymore.
You even get access to one master and one GM traits more…this can change the way you build quite a bit.
Does it reduce the build aviable ? no…on the contrary.
I take mesmer again as an example…I want to build condi dmg…so as they’re shown here, i have to run Dueling and Illusions as main, but now I can choose a whole third line more ! want to build interrupter or hybrid dmg? Domination, tanky/survival/stealthtroll ? Chaos want to support my team ? Ispiration ! and that pretty much for every other classes. And you can still makes some tweaks in the build itself…condition with pistol ? you can. condition with torch ? you can again…condition with more focus on torment instead of confusion ? you still can…and this using only the main two lines we mentioned above.
Could even perfect some build that lacked dmg way too much before…or sturdiness.

“no one must be allowed to have an advantage over anyone else, even if it
means watering down the experience until we are all playing cookie

Wait…I thought being a better player was all the advantage that you needed. I guess some folks just need a crutch.

One of the other possible builds with those changes. I see at least 3 pretty darn strong ones.

Also, relying on a build to beat someone is bs. You need to step up as you can basically beat anyone with any build – They just play differently.

Rangers have 2 AoE weapon skills to their name. Stealth is not fun to fight without AoE. No amount of stepping it up can make me hit invisible opponents better by blind-firing arrows in random directions or lobbing axes into thin air.

Well its like I said in another article comment. The devs are moving towards more control of the classes (hps, dps, etc) through reduced variability. I don’t think its about helping newbies or people who don’t understand or don’t care to understand trait mechanics, as much eliminating statistical outliers. I think they definitely want people to only play certain ways for purposes of designing PvE content or PvP balancing.
That said, the new trait system has thankfully dropped stats, so you can customize your stats from gear alone ( ala WoW) instead of being somewhat forced down trait lines.
Also quickly going through those traits, they seem to have kept the more useful ones and integrated some others (Elementalist Blasting Staff, ground targeting, to name a couple).

Overall, though, I’m not happy about the changes. Its not impossible for a game to have presets to help newcomers or people who otherwise just don’t care, without removing the customization from players who are all about min/maxing. Rift for all its flaws does this sort of thing. Its ironic that even as they increase the aesthetic variability between players (new faces, hairstyles, dyes, outfits, etc), they are decreasing the functional variability between them.

Reducing build variability not so much. You can pretty much take a “role” for your build by focusing on two trait lines (some even one only) after this you still have one whole free line to choose from, want to go full dps ? hybrid dmg ? tanky ? support ? or have some dmg more since you’re pretty sturdy ? You can now

For example the guardian…first line focus on symbols dmg and 2h dmg, second one is on condition (kinda laughable) and 1h weapons and effects on burning/f1. Then you can run 3rd or 4th for resistance based on what you prefer…or you can go for 5th for powering up the f1 even more…or you can use it for tankiness support by powering up f2.
If guardian had a valid condi dmg it could increase even more the possibilities for every build.

Really? They will keep Binding Jeopardy (Guardian) and set this as Master trait? This is already useless…

I really hope on Mesmer those reduced recharge skills are a miss print, I mean 1.5% and 2% faster? everything else seems to be 20%. also I agree with the changes as far as getting rid of useless traits, and mes. had a lot, but I do wish/hope we can chose lower traits in master/grandmaster slots. THATS why, I feel, it seems so limiting, and why not let use choose all 3 adept skills if we want, we can now.

They take 2% every tick…for example the one reducing the cooldown of scepter every stack of confusion works so that every time you infict a stack of confusion on the enemy in any way, the scepter cooldowns gets reduced by 2%…in real time i mean.

“Traits that are now baseline
Longbow velocity increase and range increase
75% trigger rate on spirits”

Reading is hard I guess.

Since they explicitly stated they wouldn’t nerf the longbow range I guess they’ll be adjusted to be like eagel eye’d on live currently. That means the 1500 range you’re used to, except for the PBS but which ranger wud use that one for DPS anyway… (I’m looking at you random rangers ò.ó Quit giving us rangers a bad reputation!)

OMG you do have a chip on your shoulder “us random rangers”? “giving you a bd reputation”? get a life man this is a game just because you are an avid reader of everything GW2 does not make you a real life ranger you know.

Haha, look at you getting all worked up on a game comment. That’s cute. That aside, it’s common sense that you don’t push a mob back with a skill which has mediocre damage while melees are infront of the mob trying to get their dps done ^^

Also fun fact: I’ve been in a competetive bow club for some years now :p

Did you just say Rest in Peace in peace? ….. Dead-brained poster? There are plenty of viable Warrior builds that hit hard in WvW. Put some diversity in your life.

Wow…I see the Engineer is still the red headed step child as usual….”TBD, TBD, blah-blah + TBD”
…and is it just me or does the flamethrower get royally shafted !?

Yes flamethrower is fucked up no napalm and juggernaut at the same time anymore also juggernaut is changed to granting stability not sure if it get it’s mightboon anymore.

On the other Hand Rifle is nearly dead after this Pistol get all of it’s supertraits (range+piercing shot) from baseline also explosives become even stronger at least bombs do ^^ Grenades get a significant decrease in range from max 1500 to only 900 instead as they want the mortar as new longrange kit (and yes kit it will be not like it was before just the question if u can still change it like a normal kit the whole time or u get a bad ass Cooldown if u switch to another kit ^^)

Medikit at least gets the biggest buff of them all with a full traitline for healing the Engineer will become a strong healer allowing him to survive very long and do some nice groupheal. Explo-finisher grants healing, incoming healing heals allys nearby he gains regeneration for removing conditions, gets stonger under the effect of regeneration in healing, his healskills start an explo-finisher …… 😉

towers at least will do less damage as the damagetrait is gone now but they get theire defensetraits on one grandmastertrait. towerengineer also get the Healing traits on that line so u will have to handle weaker towers with a better healing engineer in PVP thats a bunker to get down XD

also there is a trait for bunker down granting med-kits thats like 1,500 heal per 2 sec 😉

oh nearly forget the new F5 skill for Elite-skills XD

Will it be possible to pick Adept traits (for example) in the Master slot, plz ? And when you say : “and have 3 Grandmaster traits”, you mean that we will have 3 GM traits, counting each line (3 lines x 1 GM trait = 3 ?) ! Ty in advance for the answer :p

I can’t believe they didn’t make Warrior Fast Hands, the most mandatory minor trait, inherent.. now a whole spec has to be wasted on Discipline instead of just 3 points. Now it’s no longer possible to have Fast Hands and, say, Quick Breathing or Leg Specialist from Tactics, and still dip into more than one other trait line. Fucking hell, I hate this Dumbification. “Traits are too complex for drooling newbs, let’s just make everything one-button-click-to-be-viable!”

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