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GW2 Claim your spot in the next Heart of Thorns beta

Starting on April 28, players can get a spot in the next Heart of Thorns beta by looting portals from Maguuma Waste zones (Silverwastes/Dry Top).

Starting tomorrow, April 28, heroes adventuring in the Maguuma Wastes have a chance to find a mysterious portal to the heart of the Maguuma Jungle. Looting one of these special trophy items grants you access to the next Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™ PvE closed beta event!

For a limited time only, rare portals will drop from enemies in Dry Top and the Silverwastes. Portals can’t be traded between players, so bring your friends along to hunt for their very own! Don’t worry if your portal gets misplaced in a sandstorm or devoured by a passing ravager; beta access will be flagged upon looting the item, and it’s not required to claim participation.



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28 replies on “GW2 Claim your spot in the next Heart of Thorns beta”

if the RNG odds on this portal thingy are as bad as they are for precursors I might as well not even bother fking trying, I’ve been playing since BWE1 and never seen a precursor neither as a drop or by trying at the fking toilet, which happily gobbles up 500g- 1000g from me. While other mfkers throw in 100g and get a fking precursor !!!

you know its very rare for someone to throw in 100g and get a PC, and you know… 500-1000g can get you any precusor… so do the right thing… buy them from the TP. lol 🙂

i think if they dont get enough people in, theyll adjust the drop rate accordingly. if everyone rushes to the maps to farm, they might decrease it.
they probably have some sort of goal for the number of players, so this is just a method for deciding instead of questionnaires or drawings like most games do.
honestly im not terribly disappointed with it, even if im not interested in doing it.

So, what about us who had access to the stress test – do we need to find those portals as well, or are we allready guaranteed a spot?

If anyone does get in I would be interested to here how you get notified? is there a drop etc. What should I be looking for?

Got one pretty quickly from a mob drop in the silverwastes.

You get a notification message in game when you pick it up, with the normal anet logo as the message icon, telling you that details will be forwarded to the email they have on record for the account when the time comes, so long as you’re subscribed to the HoT newsletter.

Other than that… Portal’s worth 25s to merchants. lol

I have yet to read when this event will actually be ending and I’m curious to know when it does.

do portals still drop in these area since tuesday update ?
Already got one, but question is for other guild members

I believe they said they would let it go one or two weeks and yesterday was the one week mark so perhaps. I’m sure they would announce when the are stopping the spawning of them.

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