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GW2 Mesmer Elite Specialization Teaser

Arenanet teased a pic of the upcoming Mesmer Elite Specialization on twitter today. Mesmer’s Elite Specialization will likely be revealed first this week.


The image shows a mesmer holding a rather unique shield skin, which mesmers can get with the elite specialization. There are some speculation that the elite specialziation will be similar to Chronomancer from Guild Wars 1.


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17 replies on “GW2 Mesmer Elite Specialization Teaser”

Yeah, pity that expansion with the Chronomancer was scrapped before we even saw a BETA weekend from it.

Might switch my main to mesmer if she can use the shield.. my FSP can finally shine… or ill keep it on my warrior since shield sounds OP just about now with specializations…

or i can hop back on my guardian…. playing guardian last night made me wonder why did i sw to warrior… but warrior is so fast OOC mobility.

Actually, Siegemaster Dulfy (in the Ascalon Fractal) uses a shield. And we all know that Dulfy is a mesmer. And she’s still around 250 years later, too. Coincidence?!?

Have been a mesmer main since the pre-launch. cant wait to see what the elite specialization will have >.<

i played gw1 from the very first beta and then many years, stopped 2 years or so before gw2 arrived. so whats a “chronomancer from guild wars 1”? never heard of such a thing or already forgot.

Anyone else notice the armor? She’s wearing relatively pedestrian Embroidered armor, but with an interesting and unmatched shoulder skin. It doesn’t look familiar to me.

Probably. It’s confirmed by AN that elite specs are going to have some unique armor pieces, but not whole armors. (I think shoulders have been mentioned as an example…)

I’m sad that the spec I’m least interested in outa all of them may be picked for discussion first. ;x
You silly slow Mesmerz.

could the shield be crafted from wathwork sprockets ?
Or is this shield a legendary skin ?

Do we know if they will one day introduce legendary armor ?

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