SWTOR May 4th Promotion Details

SWTOR is having a May 4th promotion this year featuring Epic Story XP Boost and M4-1S Astromech Droid.



In honor of May the 4th, we are giving the M4-1S Astromech Droid to the entire Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ community!*

  • Log in by May 4th to claim your new Astromech Droid via in-game mail.
  • Join the battle by May 4th to to claim your new Astromech Droid.

* To qualify for the M4-1S Astromech Droid, you have to have logged in to your SWTOR account between April 4, 2015 at 12:01AM PDT // 7:01AM GMT and May 4, 2015 at 11:59PM PDT // May 5, 2015 at 6:59AM GMT. The M4-1S Astromech Droid will be delivered to you via in-game mail within 24 hours after the promotional period ends.



Inspired by the popularity of the 12x XP Boost, Subscribers can level faster while experiencing a deeper and more engaging story-telling experience. The Epic Story XP Boost includes reduced cool down on quick travel options and increased commendations to facilitate acquisition of the gear you need when you need it.

  • Level your characters from 1 – 55 at an accelerated rate
  • Now you have the ability to toggle on/off the Epic Story XP Boost once acquired
  • Act now, the Epic Story XP Boost ends this Fall

The Epic Story XP Boost applies to Class Missions in the core game and then the main "critical path" storyline of Rise of the Hutt Cartel. We are not putting the Epic Story XP Boost for Shadow of Revan (55-60) since it was already designed to be a much more streamlined and faster leveling experience.

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    112 replies on “SWTOR May 4th Promotion Details”

    I appreciate the 12x but wish they had done something more then another of these repainted trash cans.

    I am really hoping they are going to have a good sale or cut the price on unlocks again.

    Hahaha, tbh I don’t get bothered much by them. I accept mail, consume and never to be seen again.

    I understand for pet collectors they want a variation of different sort but there are also the ones that wants a whole bunch of droids.

    In any case. It’s a once in a year thing. Don’t think they will actually make something bigger or different unless the demand is huge enough for it.

    This makes it sound like the increased commendations from missions and faster quick travel options are dependant on the boost rather than standalone? Marketing doing it’s thing or what, i wonder.

    Two completely seperate awards. XP is just for the story line. Increased Comms are prermanent into the game, and the quick travel is permanent to legacy

    Well imo would make no sense to rush through that content when its fresh. And most boost when it comes to leveling like this particularly way, you mostly likely always will get boosted to the previous xpac level instead of current one.

    Besides imo, 55 to 60 is relatively fast compared from 50 to 55.

    You basically got from 55-60 anyway if you run the FA/SOR storylines. Might have to do one or two rounds of dailies on Yavin or Oricon. If you already have a 60 you can give your comp 192 gear at 55 which makes everything just that much faster/easier.

    a huge XP, over a view of ancient hypergates..
    why? it’s a story boost.. it has nothing to do with pvp

    just saying the promotional picture makes no sense, apart from looking nice (it’s a class story xp boost, and they used a pvp themed background)

    I would keep that xp as a permanent bonus. It’s hell leveling a new character to the top again and again, why not give subscribers that bonus on top of everything else? It’d be a big reason to subscribe, I might even consider it if it was permanent.

    fall is about when the new movie comes out, maybe they’re concerned it’d screw people over whom come to the game new with TFA

    Because people would sub for a couple months, run through the stories, complain there isn’t enough content and quit.

    I guess we’ll be able to test that theory because 12x *will* last for a couple months. Maybe everyone will threaten to quit if they take it away, then everybody loses! x.x

    Yeah, but that long process helps new players learn their rotations. The biggest drawback to 12x XP (and realize that I LOVE 12x XP) is that PUG’s get dumber and harder to complete Operations/HM FP’s with. Not everyone can pick up on how to best play their toon when they level that fast. I didn’t think it was an issue until after the last one. I was proven wrong, unfortunately.

    I would only agree if you were grinding an advance class you’ve already ground to 60 on another character. We don’t need a bunch of pissed off ex-sorcs deciding to speed grind a bunch of of other classes just for something to do and bitching about how f*cked up those classes are simply because their lazy asses never learned how to play it properly.

    *disclaimer* this is not a sorc flame… I just threw that in because of all the negative feedback to the upcoming sorc nerfs. (But assassin is cooler ;-p )

    The XP boost worked previously on missions that were deemed class missions, so Ilum storyline and Makeb counted. If BW coded Rishi / Yavin missions as class missions, it would work. I’m guessing they didn’t code the missions that way.

    Boosted Makeb will probably get you to 60 anyways. Besides, Rishi / Yavin only take 3 hours anyways so your not gonna gain that much time if it did work. Still would be nice to only do like 3 missions on Rishi and call it a day, but not a deal breaker for me.

    First thing first, read my reply to Junna,

    Secondly , get the fuck outta here, honestly, I don’t go around cursing at people specially on internet but FFS…. Bitchc about getting free stuff cause it’s not enough no we want more free stuff to bitch again for more free stuff….. 12x is a reward we got for pre-ordering SoR, as it was highly popular amongs the player base of SWTOR, along with no credits for skill up. They decided to give it to us again not like we were entitled to it in anyway, yet here it is for us, the community cause we reqeusted It.

    Yet there are people like you who mannage to fucking whine about every single fucking thing…… Even if it’s for free yet you will whine.

    You get 12x boost which makes leveling to 55 easy in just 5/6 hours depending on your playstyle and class and if you solo or not. Now specially with legacy traveling perks, probably even faster, yet you mannage to whine, if it such a deal breaker for you why don’t you do us a favor and buy that fucking 12x elimination and level the old fashion way and get no where as fast in 5 hours as it would bring you with 12x, why don’t you do that since you find the need to bitch about something that was given to us which wasn’t a priority and mandatory in anyway.

    Actually, whether you get 12XP depends on the mission you’re doing, not your current level, so Makeb will certainly boost you past 55. The final Makeb mission is level 54 or 55, IIRC, so it’ll continue to give you XP up through 60. That XP will be affected by the 12 XP boost. It’s not like Makeb missions stop giving you XP when you hit 55.

    “Actually, whether you get 12XP depends on the mission you’re doing” I assume you are referring to the story part and not any side quest right?

    Cause the previously 12x only did the story part as the titles suggest so once thats completed you end up being 55. Now ofc that was our level cap back then but i dont think it will surpass 55 after the final Makeb story mission.

    Cause i know none class related story doesn’t give you an increase.

    How ever if your character was lets say 54 half ish and did not do any Makeb story at this point then yes, the XP will be reduced obv the higher you are but with 12x it wont be the reduced xp we are use to see, so this way it might jump you to 60 but not if you are level 50 coming new to Makeb, it will presumly stop you right at 55 maybe a bit xp over the top.

    I think both Rishi and Yavin are coded class just as Makeb even though it doesn’t show up as class. Reason for this as the reason for any other mmo. A boost mainly works til the previous xpac level cap and not current one.

    Secondly what do you mean boosted Makeb till 60? If you mean the 12x on Makeb it will really only bring you to 55 and stop right there, if you mean boosted after 55 with other xp boost, possibly but better to use those on Rishi and Yavin 4 along with legacy perks for flashpoint which might being you to level 58 half ish before you even reach Rishi meaning being level 60 before you reach Yavin, ofc depending on the model you are running with the xp reduce below sub, using XP boost, legacy perk boost, it is doable

    Because being simply subbed only gives you the first expansion. So unless Bioware gives away the second one for free too (which i doubt) new subs can only go to level 55

    Neither Rishi or Yavin 4 are that hard to level on. After the 4 Solo FP’s, you can almost do it all with just and XP boost and Story Missions anyway.

    Seriously, use your ‘complimentary XP boosts’ from your story mission rewards for 55-60, as if that’s a slow and tedious grind or something. I ran rested XP only and ran the three solo fp’s and just picked up the side quests as I went and I hit 60 long before I left Rishi.

    Seriously, people would whine even if they just let you create a character that was already level 60. F*ck!!! Just appreciate the freaking 92% of the grinding that does give you 12x XP already.

    Not really. It’s Kylo Ren and he wants to follow in Vader’s footsteps. On forum you have all the spoilers that are rather true.

    *spoiler alert*
    But according to the source he doesn’t die. It seems that everything leads to Luke encountering him in VII.

    I know, it just ticked me off then even these things that help greatly in the terms of leveling which takes me about 5 days or a week to get from 1 to 50 depending on my model, yet there will be people who will nag about stuff like this, and the funny part is, he is a hypocrite. Guaranteed he and like minded people will use the 12x till 55 and then still complain that its a deal breaker and total bullshit. but no where near the same opinion during the use of the 12x

    anyhow that raging was a one time deal. lol 😀 happy face here again

    I’m gonna level the bejeezuz out of a couple different legacies this summer, apparently.

    For someone who spends as much time playing solo as I do, this isn’t the worst news ever.

    “Act now, the Epic Story XP Boost ends this Fall”

    Liars! You said you didn’t know when it’ll end and that it’ll be on for “so long”. We’re only getting 4 months of it! That’s noot enough to max at 330!

    -50% Collections please for this 4th may. It would be really cool too. Thanks for the XP boost… *Re-subbing asap.

    I agree. I think 12x XP for more than one month is bad for the game while the boost occurs, and will leave a lasting negative effect for just about all players (f2p or subbed) when it ends.

    your proobly a noob us subs since the beta have no problem with 12xp its u f2p players thaty biotch on everyday basis lol learn to get subbed n shut up lllready n quit urt damn Q.Q sound like bunch emop scene punk ass faggits

    A whole 6 months of leveling madness !

    Don’t know if I can handle it though need a few multivitamin boxes and extra water for the road.
    Going to level everything possible to be leveled.

    For those of us in the rest of the world, fall is when?, and when is summer, I want that night life event again.
    As for the pet, isn’t it just a reskin of the blue droid they gave us last May 4th.

    It depends which hemisphere you are in.

    Up in the northern hemisphere I would probably say September-October. In the southern hemisphere of course, it is the complete opposite! I’m guessing April-May!

    First day of fall for east and west coast servers is September 23, 4:21 A.M. EDT. So expect the 12x Xp to go away sometime in September. I can’t belive people can’t google search for 10 seconds and find that out themselves.

    We never use that crappy new world shty search engine anyway, so many alternatives that are far more user friendly and not adds friendly.

    At the same time, What it says is that “the Epic Story XP Boost ends this Fall” Yes. The first day of Fall is September 23, which means sometime in September would be about 5 months or so. But, it doesn’t say that the boost ends at the start of this Fall. It doesn’t say when this Fall at all. It just says “this Fall”. Which could mean it could also last until the end of this Fall. And this Fall ends on the first day of Winter is December 21. So potentially It can end as early as sometime September, or it can last the rest of the year, which about 8 months time total until Mid/Late December.

    Well… I did say I’d be coming back if they reintroduced 12x…

    Guess it’s time to pay a 6 month subscription then….

    So wait… 12 XP is not only back, but now includes increased class mission comms, major story line arcs outside of class AND it’s here from May 4th until the fall?!

    Yep, until the fall! It just says “this Fall”. The first day of Fall is September 23, which means sometime in September would be about 5 months or so. And this Fall ends on the first day of Winter is December 21 which is about 8 months. So potentially It can end as early as sometime September giving us about 5 months; it can last the rest of the year, which about 8 months time total until Mid/Late December.

    *Does the XP Boost start at exactly 12:00 a.m or later in the Morning ? Sorry for the mistake 🙂

    I would love to know when it starts too. Especially being in EU, do we ghet it at 7am gmt or something like that?

    Will it go away completely or will it be a legacy perk you can buy forever after they remove it from the server in the fall?

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