GW2 Weapon skins

GW2 Balthazar Weapon Skins Gallery

Gallery of Balthazar Weapon skins added with the GW2 April 28 patch. They are available from the Black Lion Weapon Specialist for 1 ticket each.

Video (alphabetical order)


Balthazar’s Dagger – [&C2MXAAA=]


Balthazar’s Scepter – [&C2IXAAA=]


Balthazar’s Greatsword – [&C2EXAAA=]


Balthazar’s Staff – [&C2AXAAA=]


Balthazar’s Warhorn – [&C18XAAA=]


Balthazar’s Shield – [&C14XAAA=]


Balthazar’s Torch – [&C10XAAA=]


Balthazar’s Short Bow – [&C1wXAAA=]


Balthazar’s Axe – [&C1oXAAA=]


Balthazar’s Focus – [&C1kXAAA=]


Balthazar’s Rifle – [&C1gXAAA=]


Balthazar’s Hammer – [&C1cXAAA=]


Balthazar’s Mace – [&C1YXAAA=]


Balthazar’s Pistol – [&C1QXAAA=]


Balthazar’s Sword – [&C1MXAAA=]


Balthazar’s Longbow – [&C1IXAAA=]


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55 replies on “GW2 Balthazar Weapon Skins Gallery”

Do any of the weapons have custom sounds? I like the Pistol that looks like a laser gun but till it pews like SAB there shall never be a greater pistol skin.

These are so vary underwhelming. They are lowering tormented and chaos sets to 1 ticket while these are 1 ticket, which leads me to believe that these will go largely ignored.

pretty much, i would agree, they dont match anything besides avatar of balthazaar outfit, but i do feel that their sword/dagger/gs is nice.

From the wording in today’s gemstore announcement, I think the Balthazar theme was a one-time deal to celebrate GW’s 10 year anniversary. Anyway, these pistols look amaaaazing… ~

Oh man, I would love that so much. Heck, all the gods would make some pretty nice stuff, as evidenced by the backpieces and such we already have. And while we’re at it, the Spirits of the Wild, The Dream, The Eternal Alchemy, and Charr technology could all have amazing themed skins.

I think in the Video where it is supposed to show the scepter, its showing the torch as the torch is also shown at the end, same weapon

Haven’t played GW 2 like couple of months that it came out. But this along with Balthazar outfit would be amazing.

I wish the people who design these weapons stop being lazy and make the Longbow and Shortbow the same skin but different size.

no i mean the designs of the models. A lot of the Sb & LB have the same designs. It just lacks creativity in my opinion

What you call a lack of creativity looks more to me like using a consistent design theme. If the two were any more different than they are now(and they are, look closer) it would just come across as schizophrenic.

They’re pretty different. The longbow has another half-shell on both sides over where the single one is on the shortbow. There’s a second set of longer “horns” on the inside to go with the shells, and there’s also a more slender and metalic bow frame into the string where the short bow rounds off into the string much harder as is typical with short bows and has a wooden color frame. It’s a pretty big difference, and a lot better than most bows in the same set.

Balthazar, the god of fire and war and they make some plastic pink
glossy toys for his weapon set and outfit. I’m sad to see this is the
way Anet sees the ancient human gods. They also look like they were made by the IRON LEGION, what kind of blasphemy is this!?

It’s glossy bronze/brass and bright red, mate. You sound like you need to fix your visuals or get your eyes checked.

What I liked: totally diggin’ the sword and dagger skins, hands down, no question. Greatsword was really… bland. it had a great overall basic design but it felt somewhat lacking. The rifle skin also felt ok, but that giant metal piece over the barrel was very unnecessarily huge. That same feature can be seen on the dagger and sword but they aren’t obnoxious. Pistol was also ‘meh’ to me; a little too much design-over-function for my taste. Everything else? Meh: warhorn, staff, axe, and scepter. Shit: w/e I didn’t mention.

I’m a picky person.

Lumiscent armor, mawdrey, ambrite weapons, personally dont like ambrite weapons but the other 2 are great.

oh wait, people dont know about those because it requires playing the game.

as well as fractal weapons, tonic and mystic forge weps such as spirit crafter collection
those are pretty cool imo

Luminiscent armor is the same shit as carapace one
Mawdrey is a fucking grindfest no one cares about
Ambrite weapons are so ugly no one uses them

and now please, count the amount of gem shop only stuff that has been added. But you won’t, because you are a good little Arenadrone.

Okay… so quit the game. You are getting mad at an.. optional game, an optional grind… and an opinion that doesn’t agree with yours. You are one smart and tough guy. I don’t care what’s added to the gem shop. I buy what I please… because I can afford it and it’s fine with me. I played the game to get Mawdrey and Lumi armor, and I like those items and I enjoyed the scavenger hunt style game play
.. that is also a grind to you. How about you be good and find me a game that is exactly what you want and move on? Oh wait.. bet you can’t because you are a good little hypocritical Arenanet hater. 🙂 /sarcasm

Grow up, accusing people of something is for immature Internet thugs.

If mawdrey is a grind.. then so is logging in everyday. So please stop grinding. I question why people like you express your distaste for something you chose. You sound like the guy that’ll buy a Mercedes and complain that it’s handling doesn’t match a BMW and it’s luxury cannot be compared to a Rolls Royce.

So please Mr. …uh… Non-arenadrone? I’m not good at name calling, please do us a favor and stop grinding GW2.

“Okay… so quit the game” is the excuse of a person who lost a discussion or has no valid answer to it. It’s at the same level as “U MAD?”

If you want to prove a point stop saying that. It completely nullifies your argument.

I gave him an option. If I’d like to say.. you mad bro? I’d a say it. According to his logics, there is nothing that is worth playing and everything is a grind… what can I say to that?

If I hate this game, I would quit, not complain.

If you can’t say anything to that you indirectly say he’s right about it. Saying “just quit” is giving an option by not answering the question/giving a real solution to the problem yet again admitting he is right and if he doesn’t like the state of the game (to which he is right) he should quit.

Get what i’m saying? I am not QQing what you said but if you want to help someone or give advice without seeming like the white-knight defending something that shouldn’t be defended then you should start explaining calmy. Ppl nowadays are way to easily aggressive towards the wrong things. If he does NOT agree with what you said that does not give you the right to attack him. Agreeing and denying are perfectly acceptable in a discussion till it gets violent. You could simply leave him alone and figure it out by himself. On the long run you did your job and tried to help.

The game is grindy as fuck however you look at it, even if you want to accept it or not and however much you might love the game. Proper way to solve this issue is list a set of activities that combined minimize the grinding FEELING…grinding will never stop…but the feeling can be toned down by doing things differently in a game. As to what those “things” are…it’s up to each one to find them out.

There’s also the matter of overplaying a game which results in boredom and the repetitive feeling of whatever you do. As long as you invest a ton of hours in a game it’s inevitable and you get burned out.

Wait, lets try this.

I gave some examples that some people including myself agrees with and followed with:
“oh wait, people don’t know about those because it requires playing the game.”

And its considered an attack.
Your reference for:
“If he does NOT agree with what you said that does not give you the right to attack him.”
He posted an opinion and I posted an opinion… but he does not AGREE with what I said so I attacked first…
Okay sorry, I actually didn’t know about how to get Mawdrey it until I read how its done since I generally just play WvW, I also knew nothing about the Ambrite collection (which I do not like). Its a grind, not play right, I am in the wrong here hence name calling is okay in his following response.

-1 Bearodactyl

so he responds with his opinion of how everything is shit/fucking something and follow with:
“and now please, count the amount of gem shop only stuff that has been added. But you won’t, because you are a good little *Arenadrone*.”

He’s right, I am wrong, he is *not* just dismissing my point and calling me names and has a huge, substantial, reason why Mawdrey and Lumi armor is shit and a fucking grind fest. And I am an Arenadrone for liking those items/methods of getting those items, I am such an idiot.

+1 Majmo and nadrian3k because… I attacked him first for not liking my opinion. (See what I am doing here? I am saying I attacked him for not liking my opinion, and its okay for him to call me an Arenadrone.)

I say, along with quite a lot of real life reasoning and retaliation for what I considered offensive, that won’t work on the internet:
“Okay… so quit the game. You are getting mad at an.. optional game, an optional grind… and an opinion that doesn’t agree with yours.” (I’d include more but you dismissed the rest of it after this line.)

My honest opinion (because I would if I didn’t like the way the game played, I quit D3, Boarderlands, and a few other games after thousands of hours of whining why ancient legendaries came out after I FINALLY got almost BiS items, I realized how much time I am wasting) + I stated he is mad because he decided to call me an Arenadrone, to me, that’s offensive, and unnecessary… but… I’m being unhelpful and trolling and killed my argument because… someone that wasn’t part of the discussion jumped in… You, the one who is right on the ‘net. If I were to attack him it be much more offensive.

-1 Bearodactyl

You say:
“If you want to prove a point stop saying that. It completely nullifies your argument.”

-1 Bearodactyl, no need to say more. Knowledge has been dropped….

I said:
“I gave him an option. If I’d like to say.. you mad bro? I’d a say it. According to his logics, there is nothing that is worth playing and everything is a grind… what can I say to that?”

Have you ever argued with someone that kept saying “I know you are but what am I?” Think about this for a second, I don’t recall ever saying I was right, but more along the lines of… there is something offered, and I even didn’t like some of the things they offered, but if you don’t like what you see, keep moving.

Yes, I suck at talking to people that doesn’t even debate reasonably. You know, I kind of admitted that, “fine I have nothing to say if everything is a grind anyway”, but I reinforced my original statement of stop doing what you do not like, but I’m wrong, again, well… I am sorry.
-1 Bearodactyl!

So you come back and say your post just now, oh…. I don’t think over grinding was part of the original discussion, and there is no arguing that (You are right, I am agreeing with you, seriously, don’t take this the wrong way. I have to reinforce my words here in case you nullify my comment), but lets stay on track.

He’s talking about buying stuff on gemstore rngesus (RM(ANET)T) vs actually getting items in game. (Am I wrong here too? Did I just miss his original post by a mile? If I did, I apologize, I will even send him one skin of his choice from this set if I am that far off target. This is a serious offer.)

Look, I am trying to point out a few things, Stop doing what you hate, you can’t stop the a business by participating, and okay, my opinion of some things are different than OP. Is it *unreasonable* for the OP to say something.. like “well you go enjoy your Mawdrey, I want some real substantial game play.” which then.. well I guess… yeah he’s right if he came about it that way instead of “everything you consider good is shit fucking grindy crap you Arenadrone.”

I hope this is not considered an attack, since its Arenadrone is dismissed.. dare I call you “Anti-Bearodactyl”. (Bringing more attention to the first strike, in case you haven’t noticed.) I am being very sarcastic yet serious here. I apologize to the OP if I come across too offensive, but you know it is hard to read the mood on the ‘net.

And only for you sir… Do you try to get involved in everything? I will read what you have to say, if you have something to say, but may not respond since I want to quit this silly discussion because.. well I don’t like it, but I will reply to OP if we engage in a less “shit fuck shit this” style conversation, and I will use less sarcasm.

Your local GW1 and GW2 player… because.. it’s kinda fun for me… it’s just an opinion…. okay, only anti-GW2 grinding opinion is right otherwise I am the ARENADRONE!!!!

Dude….i appreciate the time you took to write that but honestly i don’t have the patience to go through all of it 😀

“The game is grindy as fuck however”.
Dude, really? As been said game has grind option. Option! It is not p2w. That is all I care. And an advice to drop the game if u feel bad is pretty benevolent.

I didn’t say it’s p2w…

Look if you feel offended by what i said, i suggest you drop the game. It’s pretty benevolent of me considering it clearly effects you into seeing things that are not there…as in suggesting me saying it’s p2w.

Luminescent Armor might be the same skin as the carapace model, but in presenting the Carapace Armor for your argument you have given us a perfect example of a skin you can get by playing the game.

Also, I just put the first phase of Mawdrey together in a matter of days. If the food wasn’t time gated I’d have finished him in one. But I mean it’s SUCH A GRIND, right? I expect to have part 2 done next week. If you can’t be bothered to put in the minimum effort required to make it then that’s your problem. Also, Mawdrey is gonna look bitchin’ awesome on my mesmer.

Some of the Ambrite weapons are pretty cool. If you don’t like them, that’s your opinion. Don’t assume everybody else has the same taste as you.

And as for those ticket skins, I just started putting time back into GW2 for the first time in a few months (Warlords of Draenor took my attention for a while) and in about a week of running Silverwastes I’ve made about 300 gold. I could theoretically buy two skins with that money if I wasn’t saving up for a precursor.

Stop complaining that they aren’t just throwing free things at you. There are plenty of skins to get you do not need to pay for. If you don’t want to farm money or materials then fine, that’s your choice, but don’t turn around and complain to people that your unwillingness to work for something prevents you from getting the things you need to work for.


I dont like it very much either but it is what it is. Call it the side effect of no subscription. least we getting new weapons n stuff all the time, even if you have to buy them in the marketplace/gem store 95% of the time.

Axe, Hammer are good skins…The reset look generic as fuck. Swords are decent..but nothing worth buying.

I’m just looking for some good, detailed gun skins. The pistols here are all right, but they were the only ones that really stuck out as being any good. Hoping they bring back Aetherite ones for a limited time at some point.

I frickin love GW2 really i do but AGAIN!! They don’t give A F$^% about how they design short bows!!!! pistols and swords tend to always be copies of the rifle and GS but seriously!! Between that and Medium Armor the designers really don’t put any thought into anything medium class. At this point I’m absolutely sure it’s the last thing they do when new they come up with new content. Medium Class is also known as the Trenchcoat Class

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