GW2 Upcoming Items from April 28 Patch

GW2 list and gallery of upcoming items from April 28 patch. Item codes and information taken from that_shaman’s post.

Outfit – Daydreamer’s Finery – [&DBUAAAA=]

  • It appears Asura females use the female version while Charr females use the male version



Elegant Fan – Focus Skin – [&C1UXAAA=]


Mini Fox Kit – [&AgEYEAEA]


Mini Bear Cub – [&AgEjEAEA]


Mini Blue Drake Hatchling – [&AgEaEAEA]


Mini Snow Cougar Cub – [&AgEoEAEA]


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26 replies on “GW2 Upcoming Items from April 28 Patch”

But only off hand, not mainhand. I kind of want this now, as I can then have a Norn mesmer with a bottle focus in one hand and the mug focus in the other.

It’s possible~ I’ve noticed that lately they been adding tons of Focus skins that look like melee weapons/fist weapons. The Balthazar skin they just added for example is like a mini version of Meng Huo’s wolf fist weapon from Dynasty Warriors.

Man, I really hope so. I avoid outfits like the plague. Sadly, it’s all about outfits these days 🙁

i’ve asked why we have outfits instead of armors
– outfits are faster to make
– armors need transmutations charges

They also kill customization. Case in point: The hundreds of Balthazars that you see everywhere. I understand the advantages of outfits but at least give us mix-and-matchers some armors every once in a while. I mean when was the last time we got a full set in the store – zodiac? That was ages ago.

Use outfits in dungeons and armors in open world, nothing in PvP because… option for enemies to see you as a standard model 😛

Real solution. Remove transmutation stones entirely. Make everything mix and match. Changing appearance is free. No more arguments, everyone is interested in everything.

Mann I just got the “Exemplar Attire” and it sits perfect on my Human Mesmer.
now this “Daydreamer’s Finery”…look also awsome on Mesmer…
hard choice…maybe both XD

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