cartel market SWTOR Weekly CM Sales

SWTOR CM weekly sales for April 28 – May 5

SWTOR Cartel Market weekly sales for the week of April 28 to May 5


New Items

  • Grand Nightlife Pack — 1000 CC — History of item
    • A pack of assorted goods from the previous Nightlife shipment. Contains two rare bonus items with one guaranteed Super Rare or better. Also contains 1 Fortuitous Dye Kit and a Major or Minor XP Boost item.
  • Unlock: Outfit Designer Slot — 120 CC — History of item

New Discounts

No Longer on Sale

Items No Longer Available

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16 replies on “SWTOR CM weekly sales for April 28 – May 5”

I know about the past nightlife pack, i just noticed the price on this pack and the fact it’s got the grand title, so i figured it may be something new.

1000 cc seems very steep. I wasn’t around when the Nightlife packs came out last time, does this pricing seem reasonable to anyone ?

Calm down people. The Grand Nightlife Pack is an assortment of the Nightlife packs, not a single pack from that shipment. In the Grand Nightlife Pack you’ll be guaranteed a rare item and the armors come in -full gear boxes-, not as single items or partial pieces.
The 1000 CC then seems fairly reasonable and it makes sense that they would make it an assortment pack rather than a grand shipment pack, as the Nightlife Shipment itself didn’t have that many to include like the other shipments before it.

Was do able before too, just not for the pugies and the undergeared players.

But much better now so that everyone will be able to complete this operation.

No you dont…you log into SWTOR lie and lie but we all know your full of bantha shite

So, I’ve spent way too much money on these things tonight, but I’ve gotten almost all the armor sets from them. Only 1 or 2 that I really care to keep trying for. It’s nice that you get an entire set at once. Got some nice mounts, too. Each pack comes with a guaranteed rare item, a dye pack, an xp booster, and another rare item that has a chance to be super rare.

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