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SWTOR Core Worlds and Deep Core Explorer Pack Preview

SWTOR Core Worlds and Deep Core Explorer Packs preview. This pack was released on May 4th, 2015. Updated with ingame pica and video.[toc]


Rugged Infantry Armor Set



B-200 Cybernetic Armor Set



Tund Sorcerer Armor Set



Elegant Duelist Armor Set



Dark Legionnaire Armor Set



Underworld Instigator Armor Set




Video of all mounts


Koensayr Monocycle


Minas Iris


Twilight Vrake


Hyrotti YH-12


Meirm Skink


Morlinger NG-6


Ubrikki BR-47


Armored Coastal Varactyl



GR-4 ST Blaster


VL-25 XT Plasma Core Rifle


GT-23 Plasma Assault Cannon


PW-12 Plasma Core Sniper Rifle


Serenity’s Unsealed Lightsaber


Serenity’s Unsealed Saberstaff



Painted Akk Dog


Terentatek Hatchling



Blue-Cyan-Indigo Color Crystal


Green Empeth Crystal


Video of all emotes and regen


Emote: Yippee


Emote: Battle Plan


Regen: HY-G9 Vanity Chamber


Scorpio Customization 2


Vette Customization 10


Title: Deep Core Explorer

Title: Galactic Wanderer

Dye Module: Light Brown and Dark Brown

Dye Module: White and Dark Orange


Link to gallery view:

Arrangement: Throne of Enlightenment
Banner: Jedi Temple
Commemorative Statue of Satele Shan
Jedi Library
Jedi Small Council Table
Kel Dor Jedi Master
Meditation Chamber
Meditative Padawan (Female)
Temple Bed
Temple Ceiling Light
Temple Chair (Basic)
Temple Chair (Ornate)
Temple Clock
Temple Sconce

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

144 replies on “SWTOR Core Worlds and Deep Core Explorer Pack Preview”

the Tund and Dark Legionnaire sets look pretty good and colored well. Sadly more re-used assets with extra pointless “tech bits” glued on :/

First off, I want to say there is some really nice very star warsy looking NEW things in this pack….
…and some reskinned mounts tossed in so you feel that familiar sting of disappointment getting something nobody wants when you open your packs.

Exactly. I have 3/4 sections of my cargo bay filled with that kind of crap i am trying to sell and no one’s buying it, not even for 1k credits, because everyone got 10 boxes themselves and trying to get rid of that waste of inventory space too. So i put it on the gtn charging 500 credits only because i hate to delete something i paid real money for. That’s CM these days, shitty stuff drop rate is too high, good stuff drop is too low, we have a few 20-50 mil mounts on the gtn and a lot of other things no one wants being sold for 1-10k.

Matter of personal preference I guess. I personally like the cybernetic sets and think this is one of, if not the best one.

Yeah I think they can give it a rest with the cyborg crap already. It all looks like butt, and I have never seen anyone wearing it except maybe a couple RPers, and even then it was just one hand or one foot.

Yeah, I’m in several RP guilds on an RP server and I know exactly 1 person whose character is a full-on cyborg. I can see getting a glove or something – even Luke had a cybernetic hand – but not the head or chest. Too much is too much.

Very nice pack. Something for everyone in here. Like the fact that more blaster rifles have scopes on them now.

Wow, an assault cannon that looks cool and isn’t 80 FEET LONG. Might have to pick that one up.

That cybernetics set from this pack looks like he’d turn into a TIE fighter, if only you could figure out how to fold him just right…

I will get the Vrake on Cartel Market, why not…. the Monocycle would be nice as well, but I think it’ll be super rare, therefore expensive

Yay more Original Trilogy looking weapons. You know the kind that were based of real world war 2 style machine guns.

Wasn’t there supposed to be a new Revanite-looking armor with these packs or no? I could be mistaken. ^_^;

I’ve seen the gear appear under the “Cartel Armor” section, so perhaps they’ll just add it to the market as a full outfit. 🙂

Omg!!!!!!!! Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg, those Decorations……..must……haven……..EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!

return of one of those packs u mean? or one decoration per pack? not sure what you mean by the last part of your sentence

Question for the lore junkies… Is there any lore connected to the Dark Legionnaire Armor Set? It’s by far one of the best looking “Trooper’esque” armors I’ve seen next to the Frontline Veteran’s. It has Imperial styling, so I’m not sure if I’d want to put it on my Commando given he’s such a ‘pub loyalist. 😀 If not, then I may have to give it a shot.

Only thing I know bout a legionair is a rep frigate Ship and battledroids nothing pointing to imps, and specially no special unit. So I would say go get it. The helmet is Darth Vader ish

Thanks, I’ll keep digging. In the meantime, I would like to know more about the frigate and battledroids though, sounds cool. Off to Wookiepedia!

Yeah, the mouth part and eyes are definitely similar. We already got a mount and now a helmet that are based on TFA. I’m waiting for TOR version of BB-8 😛

Scrolling and reaching the Core rifle got me excited for the sniper version, but then… :- . Not really close to the BL/WL awesomeness. Was expecting a much better one considering this theme going on (even the sabers look great).

Oh my god, I need that rifle and sniper. Maybe the pistol, but probably not the assault cannon. As usual, it’s the weirdest of the bunch. Those rifles, though… amazing.

Some really great mounts, cool pets, a couple of nice armor pieces, and Jedi-centric decos! I foresee hyper crates in my future…

Looks like one of the best packs in a while, except for the underworld instigator set that I could make myself in about 30 seconds.

I rather like the look of the underworld instigator set, how would you make it in 30 second (so I don’t have to waste money on it)?

Every piece already exists. Chest is 20’s level medium, legs are from LCL 60 BH armor, gloves from lvl 60 agent armor, I’m sure feet are not unique.

Thanks for the info…. I’m only 29 at the moment so it may have to wait a bit but I’ll keep it in mind

when will the damn ubrikki company be out of business with their mounts !!!!!!!!!!!
every pack a new one 🙁

Seriously, they don’t even look like they’re different colors. I think the one with the skull mounted on it is the only one that’s in the least bit different.

Well the first two packs are named Core Worlds and Deep Core. Tython is in the Deep Core so it makes sense for themed decorations to be all Jedi. I figure we’ll get a Sith theme in either Outer Rim or Wild Space.

Hm.. it all looks OK, though I will hold judgement until I can see the armours in game (twice recently I have “looked-forward” to something only for it not to look as nice as I thought and no longer liked them.
With the weapons I always wait until I can hear what they sound like as to whether or not they will be a potential “collections unlock”

Niiiice! Finally a Vrake mount! Ever wanted this beast to be a mount, since I saw those on Makeb for the first time. Awesome!
The only downside is the colour. Guess I’ll be waiting for a more colourful version of it, which will sure come sooner or later.

The Vrake turned out to be my favorite mount. The monocycle just looks goofy floating around. It needs a spinning animation.

First cybernetic armor set that actually looks decent imo….Dark legionaire is another good set, mounts arent bad, especially that monocycle, and that blaster is nice. All in all not bad of a pack…

Man, they knocked it out of the park with this one. I want every single decoration, four of those armor sets are cool (especially now that I have the appearance tab,) I’ll gladly take five of the mounts – this may be the time I finally take the plunge and spend some of those CC I’ve been hoarding on a couple hypercrates.

Say’s the guy/gal who works at ea austin. Realistically the items minus the decos are simply reskins and reworks. For example the Underworld Instigator is basically the original Agent legacy gear.

Not sure if you’re trolling or serious. If you like the armor and want it on a jugg, then who cares what others think as long as you like it. Personally I think that armor is more trooper then sith/jedi but that’s just me. In saying that though, I have seen people wear trooper style armors on their sith all the same so yeah if you like it, go for it.

The rifle and Sniper rifle isn’t correct in your pictures Dulfy. If you preview them on normal servers, they have a strap that goes from the Stock to the Barrel.

That strap is only on the picture in the collections tabs. Its not visible when you actually preview the weapon

Busy day for Dulfy today. New daily area of Ziost, new ops boss, and new cartel pack! Thank you for all you do, Dulfy!

Same here. Anyone notice that it is Sebulba’s pod only blue? I guessing every HC will have this new pack in it. Kinda like being assured of getting an extra rare item.

Just curious if anyone gets a chance could you post the sounds from the new blasters (sniper, rifle, and pistol) I’ve been wanting to hear how they sound before I buy. Thanks 😀

Nope. Rancors didn’t decrease in price after Walkers were introduced. A different type of mount doesn’t affect other that much.

Incase it wasn’t already known, Collection armor unlocks have a 50% discount at the moment. Not sure how long it will last.

I saw the 50% discount sign when I unlocked my armor set and it’s not there on any of the other unlocks.

Anyone got this decoration “Meditation Chamber” on youtube how it works ? I really hope they will made in sith style (artifact or somthing) with nice dark side embrece around your character like a trainers

In a way you can, just not by name in the search field… I was able to locate it by searching for adaptive armor and listing by alphabetical order…

yea, definitely one of the nicer weapon sets. i just wish you could skin weapons like you can armors. i have all my weapons converted to legacy so other than unlocking weapons in collections just for the heck of it, i really dont get to use the cartel weapons except on some companions

3 hypercrates opened:
0 Temple Chair (Basic)
0 Armored Coastal Veractyl

And none of them on the GTN. No one I’ve asked has seen them. Are they not in the packs? Or are they crazy rare and/or not able to go on GTN?

I also didn’t get any legionares, Monocycle or Twilight Vrake, so that stuffs probably pretty rare but I’ve at least seen those on fleet being used or on GTN.

Sure it was the “(Basic)” chair? No one else seems to have gotten it.

There are two temple chairs listed. it’s the (basic) that no one seems to be finding (or at least no ones reporting they found it)

The monocycle has a flourish. :O I’ve had it since monday, and just found out about it today.

From now on, I guess we need to be careful to read the description of all mounts we get ^^

My 4 hypercrates’ yield:
super rare*

0 Scorpio Customization 2
3 Vette Customization 10
3 Advanced Blue-Cyan-Indigo Eviscerating Crystal*
3 Advanced Blue-Cyan-Indigo Indestructible Crystal*
3 Advanced Blue-Cyan-Indigo War Hero’s Crystal*
2 Advanced Blue-Cyan-Indigo Hawkeye Crystal*
0 Green Eviscerating Empeth Crystal*
0 Green Indestructible Empeth Crystal*
0 Green War Hero’s Empeth Crystal*
2 Green Hawkeye Empeth Crystal*
3 Hyrotti YH-12
2 Koensayr Monocycle*
4 Meirm Skink
1 Minas Iris*
1 Morlinger NG-9
4 Ubrikki BR-47
3 Coastal Armored Varactyl*
0 Twilight Vrake*
3 Painted Akk Dog
3 Terentatek Hatchling
4 Title: Deep Core Explorer*
1 Title: Galactic Wanderer*
3 HY-G9 Vanity Chamber*
4 Emote: Yippee
4 Emote: Battle Plan
4 GT-23 Plasma Assault Cannon
4 GR-4 ST Blaster
5 VL-25 XT Plasma Core Rifle
4 PW-12 Plasma Core Sniper Rifle
0 Serenity’s Unsealed Lightsaber
1 Serenity’s Unsealed Saberstaff

5 Rugged Infantry Helmet*
2 Rugged Infantry Breastplate*
2 Rugged Infantry Pants*
4 Rugged Infantry Gauntlets*
3 Rugged Infantry Boots*
1 Rugged Infantry Belt*
1 Rugged Infantry Bracers*

1 B-200 Cybernetic Upper Body Armor (Breastplate, Gauntlets)
5 B-200 Cybernetic Lower Body Armor (Greaves, Boots)
3 B-200 Cybernetic Supplementary Body Armor (Helmet, Belt)

1 Tund Sorcerer Headgear*
3 Tund Sorcerer Upper Robe*
0 Tund Sorcerer Lower Robe*
0 Tund Sorcerer Gloves*
1 Tund Sorcerer Boots*
0 Tund Sorcerer Belt*
4 Tund Sorcerer Bracers*

1 Elegant Duelist Jacket*
4 Elegant Duelist Pants*
2 Elegant Duelist Boots*
0 Elegant Duelist Gloves*
3 Elegant Duelist Belt*
1 Elegant Duelist Bracers*

0 Dark Legionnaire Helmets*
0 Dark Legionnaire Breastplate*
1 Dark Legionnaire Greaves*
1 Dark Legionnaire Gauntlets*
1 Dark Legionnaire Boots*
3 Dark Legionnaire Belt*
2 Dark Legionnaire Bracers*

5 Underworld Instigator’s Upper Body Armor (Breastplate, Gauntlets)
5 Underworld Instigator’s Lower Body Armor (Greaves, Boots)
6 Underworld Instigator’s Supplementary Body Armor (Belt, Bracers)

4 Light Brown and Dark Brown Dye Module
1 White and Dark Orange Dye Module*
2 Credit Boom (44,579 + 58, 610)
2 Credit Explosion* (99,601 + 78,812)

2 Arrangement: Throne of Enlightenment*
6 Banner: Jedi Temple
3 Commemorative Statue of Satele Shan*
1 Jedi Library
6 Jedi Small Council Table*
2 Kel Dor Jedi Master*
3 Meditation Chamber*
4 Meditative Padawan (Female)
0 Temple Bed
5 Temple Ceiling Light*
0 Temple Chair (Basic)
1 Temple Chair (Ornate)
4 Temple Clock
5 Temple Sconce

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Is it me or was there less trash in these packs? Usually I open a hypercrate and I fill a bay. This one I barely filled a third of a bay. Didn’t end up with a lot of rep items either or the jawa peddler tokens.

No monocycle but I stuck to my guns and only purchased one crate. The only mount I did get was an ubrikki and can’t say I’m happy they brought these back. I did manage to get a full set of underworld instigator armor and most of the tund set. I ended up with two sniper rifles one assault cannon and 4 saberstaffs. I did however manage to trade for the weapons I didn’t get.

I did get one of each emote and the regen item. I spent Wednesday trading off and on to get the duelist set which was the armor I was going for. I also managed to get the skink and morlinger along with the companion customizations. The past day I’ve managed to get the rest of the tund set for dirt cheap and the blue crystals.

I think the best piece from my crate was the dark legion helmet. I didn’t care for the look of that set myself so I traded it for a command walker. I am pretty happy with my trades and have everything I want from this set minus the monocycle. But I am sure a repaint will be not too far down the road.

Every pack contains:
2 pack items (armor, mounts, pets, weapons, titles, emotes, toys, decorations, dyes, or credit booms)
1 reputation item
1 jawa material
1 boost
1 companion gift
So you got exactly as much reputation and jawa stuff as usual. 😉

Anyone know why the Motocycle doesn’t have lightning like in the youtube video? I have been using mine and not once have I seen it happen.

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1st pack, monocycle inside. FINALLY dont need to wait to purchase a hypercrate to get certain items i want lol

Freaking love the saber crystals. Seems a lot of ppl overlooked the Tund Sorc armor cause of the color and other items. Haven’t seen a single person in ops or fleet with it. Pop a black/gray dye for 50-70k on JC and boom!!! You got yourself a keeper of an outfit. Real nice especially with Satele Shan Hands. B-200 belt is killer too.

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